List of all persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Wellington, for the year 1845, residing within the limits prescribed by the Ordinance, September 3, No. 11., passed the Legislative Council of the Colony of New Zealand 13th January, 1844, entitled An Ordinance to make Temporary Provision for the Constitution of Juries.

Police Office, Wellington, Feb. 1, 1845
I hereby give notice that I will sit at the Police Office, Wellington, on Monday, the 10th day of February, for the purpose of hearing objections to the above list.
Arthur E. McDonogh
Chief Police Magistrate.

New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Volume I, Issue 18, 8 February 1845, Page 1

ABBOTT Edward Tinakori road Clerk
ABBOTT William Thorndon flat Labourer
ADAM Alexander Percy Thorndon flat Settler
ADAMS John 3rd River Labourer
AITKIN James Waiwatu River Sawyer
ALLEN Eli Te Aro flat Labourer
ALLEN George Thorndon quay Boatbuilder
ALLEN William Hill street Seaman
ALLEN William Manners street Butcher
ALLINGTON Thomas Lambton quay Gardener
ANDERSON Archibald Thorndon quay Storekeeper
ANDERSON John Kai warra Carpenter
ANDERSON Samuel Lambton quay Mariner
ANDERSON Thomas Nairn street Labourer
ANDERSON William Lowry Bay Carpenter
ANGELL Joseph Wellington terrace Labourer
ANNEAR James Sydney street Carpenter
ARCOURT George River Hutt Agriculturalist
ARMSTRONG Robert Lambton quay Sadler
ARROWSMITH Henry George Thorndon flat Clerk
ASHBOLT Thomas Te Aro flat Labourer
ASHDOWN George Te Aro flat Storekeeper
ATKINSON Henry Bolton street Brushmaker
AVERY Thomas Hill street Labourer
BAIRD James Te Aro flat Carpenter
BAIRD John Te Aro flat Carpenter
BAKER George Farish street Wine merchant
BAKER George Wellington terrace Carpenter
BAKER Henry Willis street Butcher
BAKER John Porirua road Carpenter
BAKER Robert Farish street Wine merchant
BANKS John Pipitea Carpenter
BANNISTER John Thorndon flat Carter
BANNISTER William Lambton quay Settler
BANNISTER William (Jnr) Lambton quay Surveyor
BARB James Dixon street Labourer
BARBEN Thomas Thorndon flat Clerk
BARLETT George Bolton street Labourer
BARNES James Wade's town Labourer
BARNES Richard Barnes Willis street Settler
BARNES William Wade's town Labourer
BARNETT William Petoni beach Boatman
BARR John Lambton quay Warehouseman
BARRETT William Thorndon flat Painter
BARROW Charles Porirua road Labourer
BARROW James Porirua road Labourer
BARTLETT Nathaniel Porirua road Labourer
BARTON Richard River Hutt Agriculturalist
BASSETT William Petoni beach Shoe maker
BATTEN John Willis street Seaman
BEACHEN George Willis street Painter
BEAMISH Richard Lambton quay Storekeeper
BEE Francis Hobson street Baker
BELL James Wade's town Labourer
BELL John Wellington terrace Shoe maker
BELL Samuel Mulgrave street Publican
BELL William Wellington terrace Carpenter
BENGE David River Hutt Labourer
BENGE John Old Karori Road Labourer
BENGE Nicholas Old Karori Road Labourer
BENNETT George White Loury Bay Farmer
BENNETT John Thorndon flat Sawyer
BENNETT Thomas Evans Bay Labourer
BENTLEY Henry Karori Seaman
BENTLEY John Murphy street Miller
BENTON Timothy Karori Sawyer
BETHUNE Kenneth Wellington terrace Merchant
BETTS Henry Bolton row Labourer
BEVAN George Te Aro flat Ropemaker
BEVAN Thomas Te Aro flat Ropemaker
BIASS Daniel Ikin Murphy street Storekeeper
BICKNELL Joseph Murphy street Labourer
BIDMEAD Jonathan Porirua road Labourer
BILLS Frederick Tinakori road Labourer
BIRD John Dixon street Upholsterer
BIRD William Te Aro flat Labourer
BISHOP Joseph Dixon street Shoe maker
BLAKE George Henry Murphy street Settler
BLAKE Richard River Hutt Labourer
BLUETT William Lambton quay Blacksmith
BLYTH James Dixon street Cabinet maker
BODDINGTON James Porirua road Agriculturalist
BOLTON Frederick Karori road Bricklayer
BOOTH James Porirua road Shingler
BOULCOTT Almon River Hutt Agriculturalist
BOULCOTT Joseph Te Aro flat Merchant
BOULD Robert Tinakori road Shoe maker
BOWLER Charles Waiwatu River Agriculturalist
BOX John Thorndon quay Butcher
BOYD William Pipitea Sailmaker
BOYTON Henry Wellington terrace Engineer
BRADSHAW John Dixon street Basket maker
BRADY Francis Te Aro Gardener
BRAGG Richard Tinakori road Labourer
BREES Samuel Charles Hawkstone street Surveyor
BREWER William Tinakori road Printer
BRIGHTWELL Thomas Thorndon flat Sawyer
BROADBENT William Dixon street Smith
BRODERICK Creasy Wellington terrace Tailor
BRODIE James Thorndon flat Settler
BROME James Lambton quay Smith
BROOKS Stephen Pipitea Labourer
BROWN Charles Nairn street Bricklayer
BROWN George Karori Shoe maker
BROWN Henry Mulgrave street Butcher
BROWN James River Hutt Labourer
BROWN John Boulcott street Gentleman
BROWN John Willis street Butcher
BROWN Richard Hawkstone street Settler
BROWN William Lambton quay Currier
BROWN William Okiwi Farmer
BRUCE Peter Boulcott street Sawyer
BRYANT Edward Scott Lambton quay Merchant
BRYANT James Waiwatu River Gardener
BRYCE John River Hutt Carpenter
BUCK George Thorndon flat Storekeeper
BUCK Henry Thorndon flat Smith
BUCKRIDGE Robert Te Aro flat Limeburner
BUICK William Te Aro flat Carpenter
BURCHAM James Nelson River Hutt Publican
BURKE James Tinakori road Labourer
BURLING Henry Wade's town Labourer
BURNETT Samuel River Hutt Farmer
BURTON James Kai warra road Blacksmith
BURTON William Kai warra road Blacksmith
BUSH William Willis street Carpenter
BUTLER James Willis street Carpenter
BUTLER Thomas River Hutt Labourer
BUTLER Thomas Charles Te Aro flat Carpenter
BUXTON Henry Thorndon flat Gardener
BYRON George Lambton quay Musician
CABLE William Thorndon flat Shoe maker
CAMERON Allan Kai warra road Cow keeper
CAMERON Allan Kai warra road Labourer
CAMERON Angus Petoni road Labourer
CAMERON Charles Petoni road Labourer
CAMERON Donald Kai warra road Shoe maker
CAMERON Donald Kai warra warra Labourer
CAMERON Donald (Jnr) Kai warra road Labourer
CAMERON Dugald Kai warra warra Labourer
CAMERON Duncan Kai warra road Labourer
CAMERON Duncan Petoni road Labourer
CAMERON Hugh Kai warra road Tailor
CAMERON John Kai warra road Labourer
CAMERON John Petoni road Labourer
CAMERON John (Jnr) Petoni road Labourer
CAMERON Peter Pipitea Engineer
CAMERON Robert Thorndon flat Ropemaker
CAMPBELL James Thorndon flat Labourer
CAMPBELL John Karori Agriculturalist
CAMPBELL William River Hutt Sawyer
CANNON William Pipitea Labourer
CARPENTER Robert Wellington terrace Bookbinder
CASTLE John Thorndon flat Labourer
CATCHPOOL Edward Dixon street Merchant
CATTELL James Karori road Carpenter
CATTELL William Te Aro flat Carpenter
CAYLEY Thomas Tinakori road Shipwright
CHAMBERLAIN Thomas Park Vale, Karori Shoe maker
CHAMBERLAIN William River Hutt Agriculturalist
CHAPPELL James Wellington terrace Cabinet maker
CHARLTON Horace Hawkstone street Surveyor
CHITTENDEN Edward Tinakori road Labourer
CHRISTIAN William Frederick Lambton quay Storekeeper
CHRISTIESON Peter Willis street Baker
CLAPHAM Joseph Tinakori road Warehouseman
CLARK George Lambton quay Storekeeper
CLARK Peter Bolton row Boatman
CLARK Rice Owen Porirua road Agriculturalist
CLARKE William Jay Willis street Schoolmaster
CLARKSON William Lambton quay Boatman
CLIFTON Richard River Hutt Labourer
COCHRANE John Lambton quay Boatman
COCKING William River Hutt Sawyer
COLE John Waiwatu River Farmer
COLE Thomas Thorndon quay Labourer
COLEMAN Thomas Bolton street Labourer
COLEY Isaac River Hutt Labourer
COLLETT Henry Te Aro flat Carpenter
COLLIER George Karori Agriculturalist
COLLIER James Thorndon quay Bricklayer
COLLIER John Porirua road Farmer
COLLINS James Te Aro flat Cow keeper
COLLINS John Lambton quay Shoe maker
COLLIS Charles River Hutt Labourer
COMPTON George River Hutt Agriculturalist
CONACHER Daniel Thorndon flat Shoe maker
CONLAN Richard Thorndon flat Labourer
CONNELL Charles Dixon street Labourer
COOK John Lambton quay Tailor
COOK Matthew Petoni beach Shoe maker
COOPER Samuel Thorndon flat Tailor
COOPER William Anthony Te Aro flat Carpenter
COPELAND George Waiwatu River Farmer
CORBETT William Wade's town Gardener
CORY John River Hutt Labourer
COTTLE Charles Tinakori road Gardener
COUPER Peter Mulgrave street Servant
CRACKNELL John Nairn street Labourer
CRACKNELL William Nairn street Labourer
CRAIG Robert Thorndon flat Labourer
CRAIGHEAD William River Hutt Sawyer
CRAVEN Thomas Waiwatu River Sawyer
CRAWFORD George Willis street Clerk
CRIDLAND Henry John Wellington terrace Architect
CRITCHELL John River Hutt Labourer
CRONIN Patrick Karori road Labourer
CROSS William Karori road Sawyer
CROTTY Timothy Te Aro flat Labourer
CROWTHER Samuel Tinakori road Labourer
CROWTHER Thomas Willis street Tailor
CUMMERFIELD John Wellington terrace Labourer
CUMMING Thomas Wellington terrace Gardener
CUNDY Charles 2nd River Farmer
CURTIS George Tinakori road Turner
CYNOX William River Hutt Labourer
DASH John River Hutt Sawyer
DAVIS James Te Aro flat Boatman
DAVIS Rowland Robert Lambton quay Publican
DAY George Hawtry Bay Farmer
DAY Hendry Hale Dixon street Gentleman
DAY Robert Lambton quay Labourer
DEAN Jabez Lambton quay Plumber
DENNETT Matthew Park Vale, Karori Labourer
DETCHON Robert River Hutt Farmer
DEW Alexander Pipitea Smith
DEW William Karori Labourer
DIAMOND John Tinakori road Labourer
DICK David River Hutt Sawyer
DICKIE Robert Thorndon flat Labourer
DIXON Charles Karori Labourer
DIXON Joseph Thorndon flat Labourer
DIXON Michael Karori Labourer
DODGE William Karori Sawyer
DODS James Ghuznee street Carpenter
DODS Thomas Ghuznee street Carpenter
DOGHERTY Alexander Old Karori Road Labourer
DONALD William Lambton quay Baker
DONALD William Hogson Okiwi Farmer
DORIEN Peter River Hutt Sawyer
DORIEN Peter (Jnr) River Hutt Labourer
DORIEN Thomas River Hutt Sawyer
DOWNEY John Waiwatu River Sawyer
DRAKE Thomas John Wellington terrace Brewer
DRUMMOND Donald Evans Bay Dairyman
DUFFIELD George Berhampore farm Herdsman
DUNCAN Robert Willis street Carpenter
DUNN William Tinakori road Dyer
DURIE David Stark Loury Bay Agriculturalist
DUTHIE Alexander Willis street Sawyer
EADES William Te Aro flat Clerk
EAGER Richard Willis street Merchant
EARP William Lambton quay Groom
EBDON George River Hutt Labourer
EBDON Simon River Hutt Labourer
EBDON William Waiwatu River Labourer
EDWARDS George Hawkstone street Agriculturalist
EDWARDS John Old Karori Road Labourer
EDWARDS John (Jnr) Old Karori Road Labourer
EDWARDS Robert Thorndon flat Labourer
ESLICK John Te Aro flat Labourer
EVANS John Te Aro flat Labourer
EVANS Morgan Te Aro flat Clerk
EVERETT William Te Aro flat Printer
FAGAN Stephen Lambton quay Shoe maker
FAIRBRASS Thomas Nairn street Labourer
FAIRWEATHER Robert River Hutt Farmer
FARMER Alexander Lambton quay Shoe maker
FARMER Alexander Petoni Farmer
FARMER James Lambton quay Tailor
FARMER John Bolton row Labourer
FARR Samuel Porirua road Labourer
FELGATE George Lambton quay Gardener
FELL William Bolton row Baker
FELLINGHAM George Woolcomb street Printer
FERGUSON Donald Kai warra road Cartwright
FILL Robert Te Aro Labourer
FINNIMORE William Willis street Schoolmaster
FIRMINGER Samuel Te Aro Labourer
FIRTH James Thorndon flat Carpenter
FISHER Isaac River Hutt Labourer
FISHER James Thorndon flat Labourer
FISHER William Willis street Painter
FITCHET John Bolton street Labourer
FITZHERBERT William Te Aro Merchant
FLORENCE Thomas Karori road Brickmaker
FLYGER William Willis street Butcher
FOLEY John River Hutt Sawyer
FORD William Nairn street Sawyer
FORRESTER William Karori Labourer
FOSTER James Rumsey Willis street Clerk
FOSTER John River Hutt Boatman
FOWLER John Petoni Agriculturalist
FOX Edward Thomas Hill street Plumber
FRANCE Frederick John Karori Agriculturalist
FRANCIS John Wade's town Labourer
FRAZER Duncan Kai warra road Publican
FRAZER John Kai warra road Smith
FRAZER John Lambton quay Storekeeper
FRETHEY Thomas 2nd River Carpenter
FRY Joseph River Hutt Labourer
FULLER John Manners street Publican
FURNESS William Willis street Carpenter
GALAVIN Daniel River Hutt Sawyer
GALLOWAY David River Hutt Sawyer
GALPIN William Ohiro Farmer
GARRITT William Te Aro flat Settler
GASKIN Mathew River Hutt Labourer
GASKIN Samuel Wade's town Labourer
GATELEY Charles Wellington terrace Sawyer
GELL John Porirua road Carpenter
GIBBS James Bolton row Carpenter
GIBBS James Murphy street Labourer
GIDDINS Richard Mulgrave street Baker
GILL John Thorndon flat Labourer
GILL William Willis street Seaman
GILLESPIE Andrew Wellington terrace Carpenter
GILLIES Archibald Crawford's farm Dairyman
GLASGOW Robert Te Aro flat Millwright
GOLDER William River Hutt Labourer
GOODEN Lennard Wellington terrace Labourer
GOODER John Te Aro flat Milkman
GOUGH Timothy Willis street Labourer
GOWEN Phillip Henry River Hutt Settler
GOWER John Te Aro Labourer
GRACE Charles Karori Agriculturalist
GRANT Alexander Kai warra Labourer
GRIMALDI Joseph Te Aro Horse breaker
GUNN John Sydney street Cooper
GUTHRIE Thomas Te Aro Dairyman
HAEZLITT William Petoni beach Settler
HAIGH George Thorndon flat Labourer
HAIR James Karori Agriculturalist
HALES John Ingestre street Cabinet maker
HALL Emmanuel Old Karori Road Plasterer
HALL Henry Manners street Servant
HALL John Te Aro Carpenter
HALL William Jabez Wade's town Wheelwright
HALLETT James Porirua road Labourer
HAMMOND Matthew Porirua road Labourer
HAMMOND Richard Porirua road Labourer
HARDING John Lambton quay Turner
HARRIS Abram River Hutt Sawyer
HARRIS David Porirua road Labourer
HARRIS Luke Porirua road Labourer
HARRIS Charles Tinakori road Labourer
HARRISON Robert Wellington terrace Surveyor
HART Edward Nairn street Bricklayer
HART George Lambton quay Settler
HARVEY Charles Lambton quay Tailor
HARVEY Charles Thorndon flat Carpenter
HARVEY John Willis street Carpenter
HATTERSLEY George Willis street Carpenter
HAWKE William River Hutt Sawyer
HAWKINS George Willis street Boatman
HAY William Willis street Carpenter
HAYWARD Arthur Waiwatu River Sawyer
HAZLETT Edward Willis street Carter
HEAD Edward Nairn street Labourer
HENDERSON David Willis street Shipwright
HENDERSON William Te Aro Turner
HENDRY George Thorndon flat Gardener
HENDRY Thomas Willis street Carter
HERBERT George Te Aro Carpenter
HERBERT Joseph Thorndon quay Boatman
HERVEY John Lambton quay Currier
HERVEY Peter Morrison Lambton quay Merchant
HEWITT Alfred Lambton quay Currier
HIBBERLEY James Pipitea Boatman
HICKS John River Hutt Farmer
HICKSON William Ingestre street Merchant
HIGGIE Thomas Te Aro Labourer
HILL George Karori Sawyer
HILLDEN John Waiwatu Labourer
HINCHCLIFFE Charles Te Aro Schoolmaster
HOBBS Charles Thorndon flat Carpenter
HOBMAN James Thorndon flat Labourer
HODDER Walter Te Aro Dairyman
HODGES Charles Bolton row Sawyer
HODGES William Thorndon flat Sawyer
HOGG John Waiwatu River Carpenter
HOGGARD Thomas William Te Aro Merchant
HOLDER James Mulgrave street Labourer
HOLDER William Tinakori road Sawyer
HOLES Peter Ghuznee street Brickmaker
HOLLARD Charles Karori Sawyer
HOLLINGSWORTH Edward Wellington terrace Carpenter
HOLMES James Waiwatu River Labourer
HOLMES John Wellington terrace Carpenter
HOLMES William Wellington terrace Carpenter
HONEYMAN Thomas Sydney street Labourer
HOOD Augustus Lambton quay Storekeeper
HOOD Robert Te Aro Carpenter
HOOPER John River Hutt Sawyer
HOPTON Robert Te Aro Carpenter
HORNBROOK Alfred Mulgrave street Storekeeper
HORT Abram Te Aro Merchant
HORT Abram (Jnr) Te Aro Merchant
HOUGHTON John Willis street Boatman
HOUGHTON Nathaniel George Willis street Boatman
HOWE John Te Aro Brickmaker
HOWELL John Tinakori road Labourer
HOWELL Thomas Te Aro Plasterer
HUDSON William Wellington terrace Carpenter
HUGHES Thomas River Hutt Farmer
HUGHEY William Karori Agriculturalist
HUME Peter Te Aro Carter
HUNT Charles River Hutt Baker
HUNT George Nairn street Bricklayer
HUNT Thomas Thorndon flat Gardener
HUNT William Waiwatu River Labourer
HUNTER George Willis street Merchant
HURLEY Alexander Lambton quay Baker
HURLEY Joseph Kai warra saw mill Carpenter
HURST Sidney Thorndon flat Carpenter
HURST William Bolton street Gardener
INGLIS John Wellington terrace Clerk
IRVING Thomas Lambton quay Shoe maker
IRWIN Arthur Lambton quay Clerk
ISAACS David Lambton quay Shoe maker
JACKSON Henry Waiwatu Gardener
JACKSON James Lowry Bay Agriculturalist
JACKSON John Te Aro Labourer
JACKSON William Te Aro Labourer
JAMES John Wade's town Gardener
JAMES John Charles Manners street Labourer
JEFFERSON Benjamin River Hutt Labourer
JEFFS George River Hutt Labourer
JENKINS Robert Manners street Publican
JENNIS Nathaniel Te Aro Carpenter
JOHNSON David Bolton street Carpenter
JOHNSON Edward Lambton quay Merchant
JOHNSON John Lambton quay Tinman
JOHNSON William Manners street Carpenter
JOHNSTON David Willis street Clerk
JOHNSTON John Lambton quay Merchant
JONES Edward Lambton quay Labourer
JONES Francis Thorndon flat Tailor
JONES George Lambton quay Storekeeper
JONES George River Hutt Shoe maker
JONES Henry Karori Labourer
JONES James Thorndon flat Labourer
JUDD William River Hutt Labourer
JUDD William (Jnr) Loury Bay Labourer
KEBBLEWHITE John Te Aro Shoe maker
KELHAM James Tinakori road NZC's Accountant
KELLY Charles Lambton quay Storekeeper
KELLY Joseph Boulcott street Agriculturalist
KELT John Karori Carpenter
KEMBLE Robert Thorndon flat Baker
KEMPTON Thomas Ohiro Farmer
KENNEDY Thomas Te Aro Labourer
KEYS Charles River Hutt Carpenter
KILMISTER John Wellington terrace Cooper
KING William Waiwatu Labourer
KINNIBURG David Manners street Painter
KITSON John Te Aro Carpenter
KNIGHT William Waiwatu Labourer
KNOWLES Henry Samuel Wade's town Agriculturalist
LANDER Alfred Tinakori road Settler
LANDER Charles Tinakori road Butcher
LANDER David Tinakori road Settler
LANDER Frederick Tinakori road Butcher
LANGDON Robert Fitzherbert street Storekeeper
LANSDALE James Loury Bay Gardener
LAWSON Robert Te Aro Carter
LECKIE William Waiwatu Sawyer
LEIVER Charles Porirua road Labourer
LEVERTON John River Hutt Sawyer
LEVIN Nathaniel Tinakori road Merchant
LEVY Benjamin Mount Cook Carpenter
LEVY George Willis street Trader
LEVY Solomon Mount Cook Carpenter
LEWIS David Tinakori road Clerk
LILE Robert Tinakori road Sawyer
LINFOOT Richard Pipitea Carpenter
LINGARD John Bolton street Labourer
LINGARD John (Jnr) Bolton street Labourer
LISMORE George River Hutt Sawyer
LLOYD John Lambton quay Baker
LOADER James Karori Labourer
LOCKYER Thomas Thorndon flat Wheelwright
LODGE John Porirua road Agriculturalist
LONDON Henry Old Karori Road Sawyer
LOVELOCK Isaac Te Aro Labourer
LOWE Griffith Thorndon flat Labourer
LOWNDES Louis Kai warra saw mill Carpenter
LOXLEY William Smart Farish street Wine merchant
LUDLAM Alfred Manners street Agriculturalist
LUDWELL William Wellington terrace Painter
LUMSDEN William Wade's town Gardener
LUXFORD William Lambton quay Butcher
LYALL Alexander Lambton quay Baker
LYON William Willis street Merchant
MABEY Charles River Hutt Labourer
MABEY Job River Hutt Labourer
MACE George Te Aro Settler
MACKAY Alexander Lambton quay Watchmaker
MACKINTOSH Alexander Te Aro Carter
MADDAN Samuel Karori Sawyer
MANN John Thorndon flat Labourer
MANNERING John Old Karori Road Mason
MANSON Magnus Te Aro Shoe maker
MARRIOTT James Manners street Engraver
MARSHALL Henry Te Aro Carpenter
MARTIN Edward Willis street Labourer
MARTIN James Sydney street Sawyer
MARTIN John Willis street Carter
MARTIN Robert Willis street Labourer
MARTIN William Willis street Labourer
MASON Frederick Thorndon flat Seaman
MASON Henry near burial ground Cabinet maker
MASON Samuel Willis street Labourer
MASON Thomas River Hutt Agriculturalist
MASON William Willis street Labourer
MASTERS Arthur River Hutt Labourer
MASTERS Joseph Te Aro Brewer
MATTHEWS Charles Thorndon flat Shoe maker
MATTHIESON Kenneth Kai warra Ship builder
MAXTON Samuel Te Aro Baker
MAY James Te Aro Brewer
MAYO James Herbert street Plasterer
McBETH James Lambton quay Storekeeper
McBETH John Willis street Storekeeper
McCLATCHIE George River Hutt Labourer
McDONALD Alexander River Hutt Labourer
McDONALD Donald Kai warra Settler
McDOWALL William Petoni Labourer
McEWEN David River Hutt Sawyer
McEWEN James River Hutt Sawyer
McGENNIS Henry River Hutt Sawyer
McGREGOR Gregor Kai warra road Carpenter
McGREGOR Peter Kai warra road Labourer
McHARDY David River Hutt Sawyer
McKAIN James Buchanan Thorndon flat Shoe maker
McKAIN John Ward Kai warra saw mill Tailor
McKAY Donald Kai warra road Carpenter
McKAY John Kai warra road Labourer
McKENZIE Hugh Wade's town Labourer
McKENZIE Thomas Ghuznee street Printer
McKENZIE Thomas Wade's town Labourer
McLACHLAN Dugald Thorndon quay Labourer
McLAGGAN John Wellington terrace Carpenter
McLARREN James River Hutt Labourer
McLEAN Alexander Thorndon flat Cabinet maker
McLEOD Harrold Willis street Settler
McMASTERS Angus Evans Bay Farmer
McNALLY Thomas Lambton quay Butcher
McQUARRY John Kai warra road Carpenter
MEDHURST Charles Nairn street Labourer
MEECH Henry Thorndon quay Ship builder
MEECH William Thorndon quay Carpenter
MEMBURY William Bolton street Labourer
MEXTED George Porirua road Labourer
MILES Thomas Lambton quay Shopkeeper
MILLARD George Murphy street Shoe maker
MILLER Thomas Willis street Shoe maker
MILLER William Pipitea Labourer
MILLS Charles Lambton quay Carpenter
MILLS William Te Aro Carpenter
MILNER Richard Te Aro Labourer
MINIFIE John Lambton quay Painter
MINIFIE Joseph Lambton quay Painter
MINIFIE Thomas Lambton quay Painter
MITCHELL Francis Willis street Carter
MITCHELL James Nairn street Brickmaker
MITCHELL James Porirua road Labourer
MITCHELL James Wellington terrace Labourer
MITCHELL James Willis street Seaman
MITCHELL John Nairn street Brickmaker
MITCHELL William Nairn street Brickmaker
MOCATTA Solomon Thorndon flat Merchant
MONK John Porirua road Labourer
MOON Edmond Wellington terrace Clerk
MOORE George Lambton quay Merchant
MORGAN Samuel Tinakori road Shoe maker
MORRIS Samuel Pipitea Boatman
MORRISON Hugh Te Aro Labourer
MOUNSHER Charles Lambton quay Tailor
MUDFORD John Thorndon quay Sailmaker
MUDFORD John (Jnr) Thorndon quay Sailmaker
MUDGWAY Charles River Hutt Labourer
MUDGWAY George Nairn street Labourer
MUDGWAY Richard Nairn street Labourer
MUIR James Te Aro Printer
MURCH Phillip Manners street Baker
MURRAY John Tinakori road Sawyer
MURRAY Robert Sydney street Cooper
NASH James Henry Te Aro Ropemaker
NATION Charles River Hutt Labourer
NATTRASS John Battery hill Settler
NEAL William Lambton quay Watchmaker
NEAL William Tinakori road Sawyer
NEAL William (Jnr) Lambton quay Watchmaker
NEELE Robert River Hutt Sawyer
NICOL William Pipitea Labourer
NORGROVE William Lambton quay Painter
NORTHWOOD Thomas Wellington terrace Brewer
NOTT William Porirua road Labourer
O'LOUGHLIN Timothy Te Aro Dairyman
O'MEARA Timothy Tinakori road Builder
O'RAILLY Francis Frederick Lambton quay Tailor
OSBORN John Pipitea Ginger beer maker
OVEREND Henry Boulcott street Carpenter
OWEN William Parker Waiwatu River Sawyer
PAIN George Wellington terrace Bricklayer
PALFREY John Te Aro Carpenter
PARK Robert Wellington terrace Surveyor
PARKER James Tinakori road Settler
PARKER Samuel Charles Porirua road Sawyer
PARKER Thomas Waiwatu Labourer
PARNELL Samuel Duncan Karori Carpenter
PARTRIDGE Thomas Mitchel Murphy street Merchant
PATTEN Richard William Lambton quay Storekeeper
PATTERSON Robert Bolton street Labourer
PATTERSON Thomas River Hutt Sawyer
PAWSON John Karori Sawyer
PECK Charles Thorndon flat Labourer
PECK Daniel River Hutt Labourer
PECKHAM William Thorndon flat Labourer
PENFOLD Samuel Wellington terrace Carpenter
PENNY Charles Mouncey Te Aro flat Merchant
PERCY Joseph (Jnr) River Hutt Carpenter
PERCY Joseph Hewlet River Hutt Carpenter
PEREIRA Benjamin Murphy street Settler
PERKINS George Murphy street Baker
PETHERICK George Porirua road Carpenter
PETHERICK James Porirua road Agriculturalist
PHARYZYN Charles Johnson Kai warra road Settler
PHELPS George Thorndon quay Baker
PHILLIPS George Karori Labourer
PHILLIPS James Thorndon flat Shoe maker
PHILLIPS John Nairn street Brickmaker
PHILLIPS William Bolton street Labourer
PILCHER George Porirua road Labourer
PILCHER Stephen Te Aro Labourer
PIMBLE John Kai warra Publican
PIPER Charles Henry Te Aro Clerk
PIPER Thomas Tinakori road Bricklayer
PLIMMER John Ingestre street Plasterer
POAD Thomas River Hutt Smith
POLHILL Baker Te Aro Agriculturalist
POOL Nathaniel River Hutt Labourer
POPE George Tinakori road Carpenter
PORTER William Te Aro Sadler
POTTS Christopher River Hutt Farmer
POTTS Lawson River Hutt Farmer
POULTER Samuel Thorndon flat Shoe maker
PREBBLE James Karori Carpenter
PREBBLE Richard Karori Labourer
PROUSE Richard Porirua road Labourer
PUDNEY Joseph Tinakori road Brickmaker
QUIN Michael Dixon street Smith
RAE Thomas Willis street Carter
RAINE John Murphy street Clerk
RALPH Robert Thorndon flat Labourer
REA William Dixon street Gentleman
READ Henry Lambton quay Tinman
READING John Wellington terrace Carpenter
REED James Te Aro Carpenter
REEVES Charles River Hutt Sawyer
REID Adam Wade's town Agriculturalist
REID David River Hutt Boatman
REID John Willis street Labourer
REID Thomas River Hutt Farmer
REILLY James Thorndon flat Shoe maker
RENALL Alfred Waiwatu Carpenter
RENNINGTON John Thorndon flat Painter
RETTER Samuel Wade's town Labourer
REVANS Samuel Tinakori road Merchant
REYNOLDS George Boulcott street Cabinet maker
RHODES Richard Te Aro Carpenter
RHODES William Barnard Te Aro Merchant
RICHARDS Daniel River Hutt Millwright
RICHARDSON John Willis street Bricklayer
RICHMOND Robert Lambton quay Hotel keeper
RIDDIFORD Daniel River Hutt Agriculturalist
ROBERTS James Murphy street Storekeeper
ROBERTS Phillip Bolton row Labourer
ROBERTS William Te Aro Labourer
ROBERTSON Alexander Willis street Shoe maker
ROBERTSON David Sydney street Cooper
ROBERTSON Duncan River Hutt Sawyer
ROBERTSON George River Hutt Farmer
ROBERTSON James River Hutt Farmer
ROBINSON Francis Wellington terrace Gentleman
ROBINSON John Dixon street Carpenter
ROBINSON Joseph River Hutt Sawyer
ROE Edward Manners street Printer
ROE Edward (Jnr) Manners street Printer
ROE William River Hutt Labourer
ROOTS John Thorndon flat Ginger beer maker
ROSE Robert Te Aro Milkman
ROUT John Lambton quay Merchant
ROWE Samuel Waiwatu Labourer
ROWLANDS William Lambton quay Storekeeper
RUMBLE James River Hutt Sawyer
RUSH John River Hutt Sawyer
RUSH Richard River Hutt Carter
RUSSELL Edward River Hutt Labourer
RUSSELL Henry River Hutt Labourer
SAINT Thomas Lambton quay Tinman
SANDS James River Hutt Labourer
SANSON Robert Waiwatu Labourer
SAUNDERS Joseph Tinakori road Labourer
SAUNDERS William Porirua road Gardener
SAXBY William 2nd River Labourer
SAYWELL George River Hutt Carpenter
SCOTT Alexander River Hutt Farmer
SCOTT George Thorndon flat Carpenter
SCOTT George Willis street Carpenter
SCOTT Peter Kai warra Shipwright
SCOTT Robert River Hutt Farmer
SCOTT Walter Dugald Kai warra Carpenter
SCOTT William Te Aro Millwright
SEA James Lombard street Manager of the Bank
SEEAR William Karori Carpenter
SEED John Thorndon flat Carpenter
SEED Richard Porirua road Shoe maker
SELLARS James Dixon street Baker
SELLARS John Karori Labourer
SERGEANT Henry Wade's town Labourer
SHAND Archibald Watson Waiwatu Agriculturalist
SHARP Charles Wellington terrace Gentleman
SHELTON William Lambton quay Tailor
SHEPHERD William Boulcott street Slater
SHIRLEY Thomas River Hutt Sawyer
SHORT James Te Aro Limeburner
SIGNAL Samuel Thorndon flat Labourer
SIGNAL William Thorndon flat Labourer
SIMM James Te Aro Carpenter
SIMMONDS James Louis Karori Agriculturalist
SIMPSON James River Hutt Sawyer
SLARKS John River Hutt Labourer
SMALL Charles Dixon street Shoe maker
SMITH Abram Lambton quay Carpenter
SMITH Frederick Bolton street Bricklayer
SMITH George Tinakori road Settler
SMITH James Lambton quay Merchant
SMITH James Te Aro Labourer
SMITH James Wade's town Labourer
SMITH John Thorndon flat Carter
SMITH John Thorndon flat Seaman
SMITH Thomas Bolton street Bricklayer
SMITH William Kai warra Shipwright
SMITH William Nairn street Bricklayer
SOUTER Charles Thorndon flat Settler
SOUTHEE John Nairn street Millwright
SPARKS Amos Te Aro flat Shoe maker
SPECKMAN George River Hutt Labourer
SPEEDY David Kai warra road Labourer
SPEEDY William Thorndon quay Labourer
SPIERS James Karori Settler
SPINKS William Lambton quay Storekeeper
SPINNER Robert River Hutt Sawyer
SQUIBB Charles Henry Herbert street Tallow chandler
STACY James Murphy street Storekeeper
STAFFORD Edward Lambton quay Tailor
STAPLES John River Hutt Sawyer
STARTUP Robert Te Aro Labourer
STEPHENS Charles Thorndon flat Engineer
STEVENS John Thorndon flat Servant
STEWARD Richard Tinakori road Labourer
STOBO William Tinakori road Master mariner
STOCKBRIDGE Stephen Ohiro Gardener
STODDART James Dixon street Carpenter
STOKES Robert Woolcomb street Surveyor
STORER James River Hutt Sawyer
STRATFORD George Lambton quay Tap keeper
STRETTON Thomas Te Aro Labourer
STUTFIELD Charles Tinakori road Seaman
SUISTED Charles Lambton quay Hotel keeper
SUSANS Thomas Bolton row Shoe maker
SUTHERLAND Alexander Lyall's Bay Dairyman
SUTHERLAND Daniel Thorndon flat Sawyer
SUTHERLAND John River Hutt Sawyer
SUTHERLAND John Thorndon flat Carpenter
SUTHERLAND Nathaniel Thorndon flat Printer
SUTTON John Lambton quay Druggist
SWAFFORD William River Hutt Labourer
SWAN Stephen River Hutt Labourer
SYKES George Te Aro Carter
SYKES William 3rd River Agriculturalist
SYMONS James Ohiro Agriculturalist
TAINE James River Hutt Storekeeper
TANDY Levi Tinakori road Storekeeper
TANDY William River Hutt Labourer
TANKERSLEY Thomas William Lambton quay Publican
TANNAHILL William River Hutt Sawyer
TAVENER James River Hutt Farmer
TAYLOR George Lambton quay Warehouseman
TAYLOR George Porirua road Labourer
TAYLOR Henry Loury Bay Agriculturalist
TAYLOR James Matthew Lambton quay Merchant
TAYLOR William Porirua road Farmer
TAYLOR William Wellington terrace Carpenter
TAYLOR William Waring Herbert street Storekeeper
TELFORD John Petoni beach Settler
THOM George Sydney street Seaman
THOMAS William Waiwatu Labourer
THOMAS William Wellington terrace Carpenter
THOMPSON James Bolton row Labourer
THOMPSON William Petoni Labourer
THORBY Ezekiel Bolton street Carpenter
TICEHURST Edwin Thorndon flat Carpenter
TIFFIN Henry Wellington terrace Surveyor
TIMMINS Samuel Te Aro Settler
TODD William Lambton quay Labourer
TOLHURST Sam Wade's town Labourer
TOMKINS John Wellington terrace Bricklayer
TOMKINS Thomas Lambton quay Storekeeper
TOMKINS William Wellington terrace Bricklayer
TOMLIN John Thorndon flat Clerk of Market
TONKS William Lambton quay Brickmaker
TONY John Tinakori road Labourer
TORR Joseph Lambton quay Storekeeper
TOWNSHEND Chancy Henry Tinakori road Settler
TROTTER William River Hutt Farmer
TUCKER Josias River Hutt Farmer
TURNER John Pipitea Shoe maker
TURNER John Willis street Tailor
TYSER Robert Bailey Te Aro Settler
UDY Hart 2nd River Carter
UNDERDOWN William Wade's town Labourer
UNDERWOOD Thomas Boulcott street Settler
VALLER William Wade's town Labourer
VAUGHAN James Wellington terrace Plumber
VAVASOUR William Thorndon flat Gentleman
VENNAL Samuel Wade's town Painter
VINCENT William Edward Herbert street Printer
VOSS Samuel Waiwatu Sawyer
WADE John Te Aro Merchant
WAITT Robert Wellington terrace Merchant
WALKER James Thorndon flat Carpenter
WALKER James Thorndon quay Shipbuilder
WALKER Thomas Wade's town Labourer
WALL Anthony Porirua road Agriculturalist
WALLACE John Boulcott street Settler
WALLACE John Howard Lambton quay Merchant
WALLACE William Ellerslie Lambton quay Merchant
WALTON James River Hutt Schoolmaster
WARD James Te Aro Labourer
WATERS George Dixon street Painter
WATERS Thomas Tinakori road Clerk
WATERSON John River Hutt Carpenter
WATSON John Wellington terrace Printer
WATSON Thomas Thorndon flat Carpenter
WATT James River Hutt Agriculturalist
WATTS William Te Aro Labourer
WATTS William Thorndon flat Labourer
WEBB Charles Frederick Guildford terrace Bricklayer
WEBB George Lambton quay Shopkeeper
WEBB James River Hutt Sawyer
WEBSTER John Tinakori road Agriculturalist
WELCH William River Hutt Publican
WESTERN John Octavius Makara Agriculturalist
WESTON Samuel River Hutt Labourer
WHEBY Thomas Willis street Milkman
WHELCH Henry Mulgrave street Butcher
WHITE Charles 2nd River Labourer
WHITE Henry Bertram Loury Bay Agriculturalist
WHITE Joseph Wade's town Bootmaker
WHITHOUSE John Porirua road Labourer
WHITMAN George Waiwatu Sawyer
WILCOCK William Thorndon quay Shipwright
WILKIE Alexander River Hutt Sawyer
WILKIE George River Hutt Storekeeper
WILKINSON David Old Karori Road Nurseryman
WILKINSON John Willis street Cabinet maker
WILLIAMS James River Hutt Farmer
WILLIAMS Richard Waiwatu Sawyer
WILLIAMSON David Willis street Agriculturalist
WILLIAMSON Thomas River Hutt Sawyer
WILMORE Joseph Nairn street Labourer
WILMSHURST John Porirua road Labourer
WILSON James Manners street Builder
WILTON Robert Thorndon flat Labourer
WINTRINGHAM Henry Tinakori road Carter
WITT Benjamin Thorndon flat Carpenter
WITT Henry Thorndon flat Labourer
WOODMAN Thomas Bolton row Labourer
WOODWARD Samuel Porirua road Carpenter
WOOULDOM Henry Te Aro Labourer
WORSLEY Thomas Te Aro Labourer
WRIGHT William Pipitea Seaman
WYETH Robert Lambton quay Shopkeeper
WYLIE Andrew Hawkstone street Surveyor
WYLIE James Waiwatu Sawyer
YORK Thomas Lambton quay Butcher
YOUNG Arthur Te Aro flat Carpenter
YOUNG George Lambton quay Publican
YULE Alexander River Hutt Sawyer
YULE Moses Lambton quay Clerk
ZILLWOOD Joseph Hawkstone street Labourer

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