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Albert MARSDEN, born 17 February 1888 in Dunedin, died 10 January 1977 in Dunedin, buried at Andersons Bay Cemetery.
He enrolled under the name of James HUGHES, single, of Chevannes Hotel in Wanganui. He was on the Nominal Roll Volume 1, 7th Draft. He was a Gunner in the Field Artillery, No. 2/2158. He concealed his name change by using his sister, Mrs W H Russell of 35 Bay St in Petone as next of kin, although his mother was still alive. Regards Bill Marsden

In the Magistrate's Court to-day judgment was given in the adjourned cases of Max Adolph HARTMONT, formerly HIRSCHURG, and Richard Charles VERNON, formerly Richard Carl ZIMMERMAN, charged with a breach of the war regulations in that they,being for the purpose of the Act an alien enemy, did change their names contrary to the regulations. The magistrate (Mr Bishop) was assured that the change of name by the defendants was not made with any ulterior motive, and each defendant was fined 40s and costs.

Probably the first case of the kind in the dominion was heard in the Magistrate's Court to-day when Eric HARDY was charged that without the consent of the Minister of Internal Affairs, while a reservist, he changed his name to GAYTHORN. The accused pleaded guilty. The facts, as stated by the police, were that accused was drawn in the ballot. He failed to appear, and a warrant for his arrest was issued. He was apprehended locally, and when asked his name said it was Gaythorn. He produced a telegram containing that name. Later he admitted that his correct name was Hardy. The magistrate said the proper course was to imprison the accused, so that the military authorities could call on him at any time. He was sentenced to one month.

ABBOTT, William Warrener ABBOTT, William Warriner 4/1a
ABBOTT, William Warriner ABBOTT, William Warrener 4/1a
ABERCROMBIE, Clarence Gordon ABERCROMBIE, Gordon 11/509
ABERCROMBIE, Gordon ABERCROMBIE, Clarence Gordon 11/509
ADAM, Vivian James ADLAM, Vivian James 47660
ADAMS, Carroll Montague Thomas ADAMS, Carroll Thomas 24839
ADAMS, Carroll Thomas ADAMS, Carroll Montague Thomas 24839
ADAMS, Cecil Frederick DREW, Cecil Lancelot 6/3235
ADAMS, George Henry HARLOWE, George Henry 6/250
ADLAM, Vivian James ADAM, Vivian James 47660
AITKEN, Anne Catherine WESTOBY, Anne Catherine 22/269
AITKEN, Annie Catherine WESTOBY, Annie Catherine 22/269
AITKEN, Isabella BURT, Isabella 22/465
AITKEN, Stewart Alex AITKEN, Stewart Alexander 9/108
AITKEN, Stewart Alexander AITKEN, Stewart Alex 9/108
ALBERT, Hector WINDY, Hector 19840
ALDRED, John Reaves ALDRED, John Reeves 12/2929
ALDRED, John Reeves ALDRED, John Reaves 12/2929
ALEXANDER, Thomas McLEAN, Thomas Alexander 71034
ALLDAY, John William ALLDAY, William Edward 23/1318
ALLDAY, William Edward ALLDAY, John William 23/1318
ALLEN, William MOSS, William 65275
ALLEY, Francis Lignori ALLEY, Francis Liguori 10287
ALLEY, Francis Liguori ALLEY, Francis Lignori 10287
AMENDOLA, Andrew Charles JONES, Frederick David 6/3974
AMOS, Edmond AMOS, Edward 15460
AMOS, Edward AMOS, Edmond 15460
ANDERSON, Arthur GILES, March 26260
ANDERSON, Arthur Edward EVENSEN, Arthur Edward 39933
ANDERSON, Arthur Edward EVENSON, Arthur Edward 39933
ANDERSON, Bertie Thomas STEPHEN, Albert Thomas 30501
ANDERSON, Cora Beattie ROBERTSON, Cora Beattie 22/12
ANDERSON, Frederick STUBLEY, John James 85296
ANDERSON, Gladys Mary JOHNSTONE, Gladys Mary -
ANDERSON, Walter ANDERSON, Walter Cecil 65049
ANDERSON, Walter Cecil ANDERSON, Walter 65049
ANDREW, Hughey U'PRITCHARD, Hugh Andrew 35365
ANDREW, Phillip Oywalk ANDREWS, Phillip Oswald -
ANDREWS, Alexander REID, Alexander Dick 17/6
ANDREWS, Phillip Oswald ANDREW, Phillip Oywalk -
ANDREWS, William Henry ANNALS, William Henry 8/3467
ANNALS, William Henry ANDREWS, William Henry 8/3467
ANSENNE, Harold Montrose ANSENNE, Montie 38643
ANSENNE, Montie ANSENNE, Harold Montrose 38643
APANUI, Hori APIATA, Hori 16/946
APIATA, Hori APANUI, Hori 16/946
ARCHER, Ivan STANLEY, Thomas 10/1725
ARCHER, Thomas STANLEY, Thomas 10/1725
ARCUS, William Morton ARCUS, William Norton 4/520
ARCUS, William Norton ARCUS, William Morton 4/520
ARDEN, Charles Joseph HARDING, Charles 15897
ARDERN, Charles Joseph HARDING, Charles 15897
ARKINS, Harold Reginald Campbell CAMPBELL, Henry 77584
ARMIT, Roland Llewellyn ARMIT, Roland Llewlyn 26/49
ARMIT, Roland Llewlyn ARMIT, Roland Llewellyn 26/49
ARMITAGE, Frederick Augustus VANCE, Arthur 24526
ARMITAGE, James GREEN, William James 6/584
ARMITAGE, William James GREEN, William James 6/584
ARNOLD, Richard CROWE, Sydney Hubert 12/537, 26/1054
ARNST, Jack ARNST, John 51967
ARNST, John ARNST, Jack 51967
ARROWSMITH, Alfred BLYTHING, Alfred 50978
ASHER, Frederick Cook (Fred) BARRY, Frederick Cook (Fred) 23787
ASHLEY, Reginald Arthur Tunstall TUNSTALL-ASHLEY, Reginald Arthur 13/282
ASHTON, Barry ASHTON, Harry 24/36
ASHTON, Harry ASHTON, Barry 24/36
ASHTON-WARNER, Peter WARNER, Peter Ashton 2/1115
ASHWELL, Jeffrey BROWN, Jeffrey 18960
ASHWELL-JEFFERY, William John BROWN, William John 18960
ASTON, John Lee ROSE, Frank Jesse 19179
ATKINSON, Arthur Felton ATKINSON, Arthur Feltom 37960
ATKINSON, Arthur Feltom ATKINSON, Arthur Felton 37960
AUCKRAM, Thomas William Brady SIMMONDS, Thomas Wilfred 18129
AUSTIN, Frank DEAN, George 23502
BAGGSTROM, James Victor BAGGSTROM, Victor James 2/2959
BAGGSTROM, Victor James BAGGSTROM, James Victor 2/2959
BAGNALL, Horatio Nelson WALKER, Horatio Nelson 3/4336
BAILEY, Henry Irvine BAILEY, Henry Irwin 10073
BAILEY, Henry Irwin BAILEY, Henry Irvine 10073
BAIN, William GUNN, William 2/968
BAIRD, James Alexander Steenson BAIRD, Jas Alexander Steenson 29720
BAIRD, Jas Alexander Steenson BAIRD, James Alexander Steenson 29720
BAKER, Elizabeth Loosmore HILL, Elizabeth Loosmore 22/514
BALCK, James Faulkner MURCOTT, James Faulkner 8/3839
BALNEAVES, William Earnshaw BALNEAVES, William Earnslaw 9/665
BALNEAVES, William Earnslaw BALNEAVES, William Earnshaw 9/665
BANKS, Claude Rupert Lyal SMITH, Arthur Ruben Lionel -
BARCLAY, Jack CONNOLLY, Francis Patrick 18560
BARNARD-BROWN, Louise Elaine CODLING, Louise Elaine 22/279a
BARNES, Ethel SPEAR, Ethel 22/101
BARNES, Francis Walker BARNES, Francis Walter 9/6
BARNES, Francis Walter BARNES, Francis Walker 9/6
BARNETT, Henry Thomas BURNETT, Henry Thomas 6/411
BARR, Stella Grace WHITE, Stella Grace 22/392
BARRY, Frederick Cook (Fred) ASHER, Frederick Cook (Fred) 23787
BARRY, Garrett Peter BARRY, Peter 28012
BARRY, Laura ROOD, Laura 22/262
BARRY, Leonard COHEN, Leopold 2/1176a
BARRY, Peter BARRY, Garrett Peter 28012
BARTLETT, Ada Maud CARVER, Ada Maud 22/554
BARTLETT, Thomas BARTLEY, Thomas 80189
BARTLEY, Thomas BARTLETT, Thomas 80189
BARTON, Beatrice GUBBINS, Beatrice 22/428
BASHFORD, George Noah PARKER, Richard George 50562
BASHFORD, Herbert MARTIN, Alfred 72075
BAXTER, Oliver Jesse BAXTER, Olliver Jesse 29138
BAXTER, Olliver Jesse BAXTER, Oliver Jesse 29138
BEARD, James Henry EVANS, Frank Arthur 61896
BEATTIE, Emily Edwina ROSS, Emily Edwina 22/401
BEATTIE, John TRACEY, Dines 23/1854
BEAVEN, William Henry George BEVAN, William Henry George 24/690
BEER, Jessie Harriette Elsie PULLAN, Jessie Harriette Elsie 22/404
BEHRENT, Arthur Edward BRENT, Arthur 8/2405
BELL, Ethel HOOPER, Ethel 22/128
BELL, John KILLOCH, John 24/688
BENBOW, Leslie Herbert BENBOW, Reginald 6/1241
BENBOW, Reginald BENBOW, Leslie Herbert 6/1241
BENNETT, John Trewhilla BENNETT, John Trewhella 11/1772
BENNETT, Amy Elizabeth COPELAND, Amy Elizabeth 22/414
BENNETT, Arthur Bardsley SMITH, Peter 12/1102
BENNETT, John Trewhella BENNETT, John Trewhilla 11/1772
BENNETT, William BENNETT, William John 6/2086
BENNETT, William John BENNETT, William 6/2086
BENSON, Leonard Vernon BRANDON, Leonard Veron 45815
BENTLEY, Albert Henry BENTLEY, Alfred Henry -
BENTLEY, Alfred Henry BENTLEY, Albert Henry -
BERNARD, Arnold Stronghill BERNARD, Arnold Stroughill 8/2536
BERNARD, Arnold Stroughill BERNARD, Arnold Stronghill 8/2536
BERNSTEIN, Alfred BURFORD, Alfred 3/3083
BERTAUD, Harold Isaac BERTO, Harold Isaac 10/3188
BERTELSEN, Claudius BERTELSON, Claudius 12/3251
BERTELSON, Claudius BERTELSEN, Claudius 12/3251
BERTIE-WILLOUGHBY, Nathaniel Leonard LeybourneWILLOUGHBY, Nathaniel Leonard 38821
BERTO, Harold Isaac BERTAUD, Harold Isaac 10/3188
BEUTH, Henry Richard BURNS, John 5/1251a
BEVAN, William Henry George BEAVEN, William Henry George 24/690
BEVERIDGE, Joseph Bertie COVENTRY, Henry 4/1245
BEVINS, David** GREEN, David 28466
BIDEWELL, Ernest BIDWELL, Ernest 59589
BIDWELL, Ernest BIDEWELL, Ernest 59589
BILLETT, Charles BILLETT, Charlie 48316
BILLETT, Charlie BILLETT, Charles 48316
BILLING, Archibald BILLINGS, Archibald 12/1151
BILLING, Roy Given BILLING, Roy Gwen 31060
BILLING, Roy Gwen BILLING, Roy Given 31060
BILLINGS, Archibald BILLING, Archibald 12/1151
BIRD, George Roper WEEKS, George Roper 65835
BISHOP, William George James McLAUGHLAN, William George James 12/1476
BLACK, Harry WATSON, Harry 17751
BLACK, James Smart BLACK, James Stuart 12/2215
BLACK, James Stuart BLACK, James Smart 12/2215
BLACK, John William WATSON, Harry 17751
BLAKE, Edmund John Small LAKE, Edward John 23/476
BLAKE, Philip Manu BLAKE, Phillip 10/808
BLAKE, Phillip BLAKE, Philip Manu 10/808
BLAUBAUM, Eric BOWDEN, Eric 8/3495
BLOOMFIELD, Stanley SEED, Henry 12/1137
BLYTHING, Alfred ARROWSMITH, Alfred 50978
BODY, Frank BODY, George 48160
BODY, George BODY, Frank 48160
BONNIN, Arthur Edward BONNIN, Edward Arthur 3/102a
BONNIN, Edward Arthur BONNIN, Arthur Edward 3/102a
BOOTH, William BOOTH, Willie 10/3839
BOOTH, Willie BOOTH, William 10/3839
BOREHAM, Alfred Clifford BOREHAM, Bugler Alfred Clifford 12/509
BOREHAM, Bugler Alfred Clifford BOREHAM, Alfred Clifford 12/509
BORELL, James HOWARD, Tere 19990
BOSSWARD, Arthur George SHAW, Arthur George 9/792
BOURK, Edward Magnus BOURK, James 6/777
BOURK, James BOURK, Edward Magnus 6/777
BOURKE, Christopher Steven George BURKE, Christopher 18102
BOURNE, Edwin Stephen Johnstone BOURNE, Stephen Edwin Johnstone 6/2940
BOURNE, Stephen Edwin Johnstone BOURNE, Edwin Stephen Johnstone 6/2940
BOWDEN, Eric BLAUBAUM, Eric 8/3495
BOWLES, Edmond BOWLES, Edmund 10/2077
BOWLES, Edmund BOWLES, Edmond 10/2077
BOWN, Margaret Ethel Ramsay SMITH, Margaret Ethel Ramsay 22/597
BOYCE, Charles BOYES, Charles 21773
BOYCE, James Strachan BOYCE, James Strachen 6/187
BOYCE, James Strachen BOYCE, James Strachan 6/187
BOYD, Archibald Neil SIMPSON, James Collins 12/3476
BOYD, John BOYD, John Erwin 3/4084
BOYD, John Erwin BOYD, John 3/4084
BOYD, Leslie BOYD, Leslie Hanibal 23/1001
BOYD, Leslie Hanibal BOYD, Leslie 23/1001
BOYES, Charles BOYCE, Charles 21773
BRADLEY, Thomas Gilbert BRADLEY, Thos Gilbert 12/2957
BRADLEY, Thos Gilbert BRADLEY, Thomas Gilbert 12/2957
BRADSHAW, George BRADSHAW, Joy 50265
BRADSHAW, Joy BRADSHAW, George 50265
BRAITHWAITE, Jack Lister BRATHWAITE, Jack Lister 4/354
BRANDON, Leonard Veron BENSON, Leonard Vernon 45815
BRATHWAITE, Jack Lister BRAITHWAITE, Jack Lister 4/354
BRAVERY, William James * MURPHY, Michael Joseph 8/1706
BRAVERY, William James * MURPHY, William James 8/1706
BREE, Henry William BREEZE, William Henry 27732
BREEZE, William Henry BREE, Henry William 27732
BREMNER, Louis Horace JAMES, Louis Horace 66221
BRENNAN, Robert Patrick SKINNER, Robert Patrick 27063
BRENNAN, William Joseph James RENDALL, William Gardener 20089, 41735
BRENT, Arthur BEHRENT, Arthur Edward 8/2405
BRETT, James BRETT, James Proctor 25/1008
BRETT, James Proctor BRETT, James 25/1008
BRETT, James Proctor PROCTOR, James Proctor 25/1008
BREWER, Reuben Joseph BREWER, Ruben Joseph 9/1263
BREWER, Ruben Joseph BREWER, Reuben Joseph 9/1263
BRICE, Isla STEWART, Isla 22/45
BRIGHT, Richard John TAIT, John -
BRIGHTON, George MITCHELL, James 7/748
BRODRIBB, Fred James BRODRIBB, Frederick James 10/3201
BRODRIBB, Frederick James BRODRIBB, Fred James 10/3201
BRODRIBB, Frederick James BRODRICK, Frederick James 10/3201
BRODRICK, Frederick James BRODRIBB, Frederick James 10/3201
BROMLEY-SMITH, William Ewart SMITH, William Ewart Bromley 6/145
BROOKE-TAYLOR, Horace Reydon BROOKE-TAYLOR, Horace Roydon 10/948
BROOKE-TAYLOR, Horace Roydon BROOKE-TAYLOR, Horace Reydon 10/948
BROOKFIELD, Arthur Guyon Purchas BROOKFIELD, Arthur Guyton Purchas 12/3231
BROOKFIELD, Arthur Guyton Purchas BROOKFIELD, Arthur Guyon Purchas 12/3231
BROOK-LEES, Winifred THORPE, Winifred 22/181
BROOKS, Beatrice Elizabeth MITCHELL, Beatrice Elizabeth 22/322
BROOKS, Elyse Mary CURTIS, Elyse Mary 22/299
BROOKS, Henry BROOKS, William 10/2872
BROOKS, Robert TUFFEN, Arthur 42601
BROOKS, William BROOKS, Henry 10/2872
BROUGHAM, Arthur Frederick BROUGHAN, Arthur Frederick 10767
BROUGHAN, Arthur Frederick BROUGHAM, Arthur Frederick 10767
BROWN, Anne Duncan CAMPBELL, Anne Duncan 22/110
BROWN, Charles BROWN, Charles Frederick 15/202
BROWN, Charles Frederick BROWN, Charles 15/202
BROWN, Henry Leonard PRESS, Henry Leonard 10/2535
BROWN, Jeffrey ASHWELL, Jeffrey 18960
BROWN, Leonard HENNING, Leonard 11/2130
BROWN, Mary Chadwick COOPER, Mary Chadwick 22/495
BROWN, Walter John HARTNELL, Walter Charles 36945
BROWN, William Henry BROWN, Willie 7/1824
BROWN, William John ASHWELL-JEFFERY, William John 18960
BROWN, Willie BROWN, William Henry 7/1824
BROWNE, Percy Wilford BROWNE, Percy Wilfred 42274
BROWNE, Percy Wilfred BROWNE, Percy Wilford 42274
BRUNT, Leonard Lyle * MACKAY, Leonard Lyle 52236
BUCHANAN, Arthur Leonard BUCHANAN, Sydney Lewis 13/2732
BUCHANAN, Sydney Lewis BUCHANAN, Arthur Leonard 13/2732
BULLOCK, Walter Whiston BULLOCK, Walter Whitson 10/2876
BULLOCK, Walter Whitson BULLOCK, Walter Whiston 10/2876
BURFORD, Alfred BERNSTEIN, Alfred 3/3083
BURGESS, John Joseph WOODS, Joseph 7/218
BURGESS, Peter Mitford MITFORD-BURGESS, Peter 26/716
BURGESS, William WADE, William 12/2870
BURGESS, William WADE, William John 12/2870
BURKE, Charles Frederick Andrew BURKE-STANLEY, Charles Frederick Andrew 11/852
BURKE, Christopher BOURKE, Christopher Steven George 18102
BURKE, Ernest Charles SWEENEY, Ernest Charles 10/296
BURKE, Herbert John BURKE, Hubert John 6/3265
BURKE, Hubert John BURKE, Herbert John 6/3265
BURKE-STANLEY, Charles Frederick Andrew BURKE, Charles Frederick Andrew 11/852
BURKETT, George Percival BURKITT, George Percival 70233
BURKITT, George Percival BURKETT, George Percival 70233
BURNETT, Frederick William SOUTHWELL, Fred 11/707
BURNETT, Harold BURNETT, Harold John 13418
BURNETT, Harold John BURNETT, Harold 13418
BURNETT, Henry Thomas BARNETT, Henry Thomas 6/411
BURNEY, Thomas McCOLL, Thomas 30390
BURNS, Emmett BYRNE, Emmett 2/815
BURNS, John BEUTH, Henry Richard 5/1251a
BURNS, Reginald BURNS, Stanley 62499
BURNS, Stanley BURNS, Reginald 62499
BURR, Gordon BURR, Gordon Harvey 10/805
BURR, Gordon Harvey BURR, Gordon 10/805
BURRIDGE, Richard Stanley MITCHELL, Charles 10/1571
BURT, Charles NEIL, Charles 12/308, 12/1750
BURT, Isabella AITKEN, Isabella 22/465
BUSSELL, Charles BUSSELL, Charles Joseph 12010
BUSSELL, Charles Joseph BUSSELL, Charles 12010
BUTCHER, William Thomas CHASLAND, William Thomas 82761
BUTLER, Alexander Edward BUTLER, Lex 3/388
BUTLER, Laurence BUTLER, Lawrence Harvey 2/2968
BUTLER, Lawrence Harvey BUTLER, Laurence 2/2968
BUTLER, Lex BUTLER, Alexander Edward 3/388
BUTTERWORTH, John Thomas BUTTERWORTH, Thomas 45068
BUTTERWORTH, Thomas BUTTERWORTH, John Thomas 45068
BYRNE, Emmett BURNS, Emmett 2/815
BYRNE, John BYRNE, John Michael 23/2551
BYRNE, John Michael BYRNE, John 23/2551
BYRNE, Robert James BYRNES, Robert James 26/1085
BYRNES, Robert James BYRNE, Robert James 26/1085
CAIN, Charles COOK, Charles Henry 28087
CAIRNS, Peter Joseph KEIRNS, Edward Joseph 35757
CALAME, Paul Emil CALAMO, Paul Emil 12/914
CALAMO, Paul Emil CALAME, Paul Emil 12/914
CALVERT, Oswyne Newton RICHARDSON, Oswyne Newton 7/111
CAMERON, de Lacy CAMERON, John Peter de Lacey 21226
CAMERON, Dorothy Agnes PURDIE, Dorothy Agnes 22/492
CAMERON, George McTAGGART, Joseph Brown 15333
CAMERON, John Peter de Lacey CAMERON, de Lacy 21226
CAMERON, Mary WATT, Mary 22/169
CAMERON, Ronald Stuart CAMERON, Ross Stanley 10774
CAMERON, Ross Stanley CAMERON, Ronald Stuart 10774
CAMERON, Wallace McGREGOR, Wallace 10/1893
CAMMOCK, William Roland CAMMOCK, William Rowland 10/1060
CAMMOCK, William Rowland CAMMOCK, William Roland 10/1060
CAMPBELL, Anne Duncan BROWN, Anne Duncan 22/110
CAMPBELL, Finlay Angus CAMPBELL, Finlay Augustus 12/2971
CAMPBELL, Finlay Augustus CAMPBELL, Finlay Angus 12/2971
CAMPBELL, Frederick CAMPBELL, James 7/2369
CAMPBELL, Henry ARKINS, Harold Reginald Campbell 77584
CAMPBELL, James CAMPBELL, Frederick 7/2369
CAMPBELL, Kenny NGAWATI, Kenny 60469
CAMPBELL, Murdoch CAMPBELL, Murdock 9/911
CAMPBELL, Murdock CAMPBELL, Murdoch 9/911
CARDNO, William CARDNO, William Robertson 6/1256
CARDNO, William Robertson CARDNO, William 6/1256
CARKEEK, Stephen Munro CARKEEK, Steve 37912
CARKEEK, Steve CARKEEK, Stephen Munro 37912
CARMICHAEL, Fernley Miguel TAYLOR-CANNON, Louis Lear 13/260, 9/1410
CARMICHAEL, Furnley Miguel TAYLOR-CANNON, Lewis Lear 13/260, 9/1410
CARMICHAEL, Jeoffrey CARMICHAEL, Jeoffreys 42283
CARMICHAEL, Jeoffreys CARMICHAEL, Jeoffrey 42283
CARMODY, Daniel CARMODY, George Dore 26554
CARMODY, George Dore CARMODY, Daniel 26554
CARNEGIE, Maxwell CARNEGIE, Maxwell Rae 8/1717
CARNEGIE, Maxwell Rae CARNEGIE, Maxwell 8/1717
CARR, Raymond Reynolds ROLLETT, Raymond Reynolds Carr 13/438
CARR, Wilfred Gladstone CARR, Wilfrid Gladstone 3/1676
CARR, Wilfrid Gladstone CARR, Wilfred Gladstone 3/1676
CARROLL, Charles KELSALL, Charles 73264
CARR-ROLLETT, Derick ROLLETT, Derick 33515
CARR-ROLLETT, Norman ROLLETT, Norman 33516
CARR-ROLLETT, Raymond Reynolds ROLLETT, Raymond Reynoldss Carr 13/438
CARRUTH, Ethelwyn MOTION, Ethelwyn 22/370
CARRUTHERS, Hannah NASH, Hannah 22/297
CARSE, Harry Philip CARSE, Philip 46434
CARSE, Philip CARSE, Harry Philip 46434
CARSTON, Thomas CARSTON, Thomas Evenson 68477, 8/4101
CARSTON, Thomas Evenson CARSTON, Thomas 68477, 8/4101
CARTER, Charles HAUGHEY, Charles 24529
CARTER, George Edmund GARVEY, Patrick 49532
CARTER, Henry Sidney CARTER, Henry Sydney 10997
CARTER, Henry Sydney CARTER, Henry Sidney 10997
CARTWRIGHT, Frederick CARTWRIGHT, Frederick Manfred Allan 23528
CARTWRIGHT, Frederick Manfred Allan CARTWRIGHT, Frederick 23528
CARVER, Ada Maud BARTLETT, Ada Maud 22/554
CASAR, John Rudolph CASER, John Rudolph 23/1582
CASBEY, Edward John CASEBY, Edward John 12/985
CASEBY, Edward John CASBEY, Edward John 12/985
CASER, John Rudolph CASAR, John Rudolph 23/1582
CASEY, Daniel CASEY, Daniel Patrick 40297
CASEY, Daniel Patrick CASEY, Daniel 40297
CASEY, Ernest Mathew CASEY, Ernest Michael 21/43
CASEY, Ernest Michael CASEY, Ernest Mathew 21/43
CASEY, Michael JOHNSTONE, Terence John 33835
CATLEY, Harry CATTEY, Harry 6/2572
CATTERMOLE, William Walter WARDELL, William Walter 61057
CATTEY, Harry CATLEY, Harry 6/2572
CHALLIS, Ernest William CHALLIS, Frank Rowlands 86094
CHALLIS, Frank Rowlands CHALLIS, Ernest William 86094
CHALMERS, Frederick William CHAMBERS, Frederick William 21489
CHALMERS, Walter James CHAMBERS, Walter James 47404
CHAMBERS, Frederick William CHALMERS, Frederick William 21489
CHAMBERS, Reginald Courtenay CHAMBERS, Reginald Courtney 6/1804
CHAMBERS, Reginald Courtney CHAMBERS, Reginald Courtenay 6/1804
CHAMBERS, Walter James CHALMERS, Walter James 47404
CHAPMAN, Arthur William McPHERSON, William 8/1028
CHAPPELL, Edward Allan CHAPPELL, Everett Allan 49800
CHAPPELL, Everett Allan CHAPPELL, Edward Allan 49800
CHAPPELL, Neilsene Marie JENSEN, Neilsene Marie 22/396
CHARLES, Edward Heber CHARLES, Edward Herbert 10/1440
CHARLES, Edward Herbert CHARLES, Edward Heber 10/1440
CHASLAND, William Thomas BUTCHER, William Thomas 82761
CHESNEY, Ann Cameron MACKERCHAR, Ann Cameron 22/395
CHRISTIAN-JOHNSON, Henry Francis CHRISTIAN-JONSON, Henry Francis 6/660
CHRISTIAN-JONSON, Henry Francis CHRISTIAN-JOHNSON, Henry Francis 6/660
CHRISTIE, James JAMIESON, William Spence 8/159
CLARK, Bert CLARK, Herbert James 67618
CLARK, Edwin Michelson CLARK, Edwin Mitchelson 12/3920
CLARK, Edwin Mitchelson CLARK, Edwin Michelson 12/3920
CLARK, Eric Alexander SWANSON, Gerald 24/85
CLARK, Frank HOLBEN, James G 2/400
CLARK, Herbert James CLARK, Bert 67618
CLARK, Patrick James O'NEIL, James Patrick 13/2167
CLARKE, Francis Henry CLAYTON, Francis Henry 25662
CLARKE, George CLOKE, Charles Albert 8/4103, 9/503
CLARKE, John CLARKE, John Michael 9/436, 8/2873
CLARKE, John McLENNAN, Thomas 7/601
CLARKE, John Michael CLARKE, John 9/436, 8/2873
CLARKSON, Andrew MURPHY, Andrew 8/3370
CLARRY, Charles CLARRY, Charles Walter 6/1811
CLARRY, Charles Walter CLARRY, Charles 6/1811
CLAYTON, Alfred CLEGHORN, Alfred 4/538
CLAYTON, Francis Henry CLARKE, Francis Henry 25662
CLEAVER, Frederick CLEAVER, Robert 29737
CLEAVER, Robert CLEAVER, Frederick 29737
CLEGHORN, Alfred CLAYTON, Alfred 4/538
CLEMENS, Charles James Edward CLEMENS, Charlie 6/208
CLEMENS, Charlie CLEMENS, Charles James Edward 6/208
CLEMENT, George Hudson CLEMENTS, George Hudson 13/2311
CLEMENTS, George Hudson CLEMENT, George Hudson 13/2311
CLEMO, Alfred CLEMO, Arthur Stanley 50603
CLEMO, Arthur Stanley CLEMO, Alfred 50603
CLENDON TE NANA, Henare Poutawera CLENDON, Henry Pou 16/569
CLENDON, Henry Pou CLENDON TE NANA, Henare Poutawera 16/569
CLERK, Eric John CLERKE, Eric John Sinclair 12/2546
CLERKE, Eric John Sinclair CLERK, Eric John 12/2546
CLIFFORD, Leslie James CLIFFORD, Leslie Thomas James 33520
CLIFFORD, Leslie Thomas James CLIFFORD, Leslie James 33520
CLIFFORD, Walter CLIMO, James Robert 91521
CLIMO, James Robert CLIFFORD, Walter 91521
CLIVE, Bryce CLIVE, Bryce Gerven 25/600
CLIVE, Bryce Gerven CLIVE, Bryce 25/600
CLOKE, Charles Albert CLARKE, George 8/4103, 9/503
CLOUGH, Norman WILLIAMS, Thomas 2/471
CLOVER, William Leslie KING, Leslie 10613
CLOVER, William Leslie KING, William Leslie 10613
COATES, Mabel M ILLINGWORTH, Mabel M 22/355
COBAIN, D R J JOHNSTONE, Robert 9/1188
COBAIN, David Edward Robert Johnston JOHNSTONE, Robert 9/1188
COBURN, Albert Stewart COCKBURN, Albert Stewart 26/728
COBURN, Joseph Allan COCKBURN, Allan 66559
COCK, Frank Walter COCKS, Frank Walter 70444
COCKBURN, Albert Stewart COBURN, Albert Stewart 26/728
COCKBURN, Allan COBURN, Joseph Allan 66559
COCKS, Frank Walter COCK, Frank Walter 70444
CODLING, Louise Elaine BARNARD-BROWN, Louise Elaine 22/279a
CODYRE, Henry David RUSSELL, Kenneth 4/1644
COGLE, Robert COGLE, Robert John 6/1000
COGLE, Robert John COGLE, Robert 6/1000
COHEN, Ernest Henry Melmott DRUMMOND, Ernest 12/1048
COHEN, Ernest Henry Melmott DRUMMOND, Ernest 12/1048
COHEN, Ernest Henry Melmott DRUMMOND, Ernest Henry Melmott 12/1048
COHEN, Leopold BARRY, Leonard 2/1176a
COLBY, William COLBY, William John 69021
COLBY, William John COLBY, William 69021
COLE, William Edmund COLE, William Edward 12/1593
COLE, William Edward COLE, William Edmund 12/1593
COLEMAN, Jack COLEMAN, Thomas 10/42a
COLEMAN, Thomas COLEMAN, Jack 10/42a
COLES, Arthur COLES, Thomas 6/1490
COLES, Charles Henri COLES, Charles Henry 6/2108
COLES, Charles Henry COLES, Charles Henri 6/2108
COLES, Thomas COLES, Arthur 6/1490
COLEY, Leonard COLLINS, Leonard 21936
COLLINS, Denis COLLINS, Dennis 10218
COLLINS, Dennis COLLINS, Denis 10218
COLLINS, James GREEN, James 12/2307
COLLINS, Leonard COLEY, Leonard 21936
COLLINS-MORGAN, Charles Edward MORGAN, Charles Edwin Collins 10/1295
COLLYNS, Godfrey Blake COLLYNS, Godfrey Blake Shuckburgh 6/600
COLLYNS, Godfrey Blake Shuckburgh COLLYNS, Godfrey Blake 6/600
COLVILLE, Cecil Frederic COLVILLE, Cecil Frederick 24/1620
COLVILLE, Cecil Frederick COLVILLE, Cecil Frederic 24/1620
CONNELL, John Daniel HARRISON, John Kenrick 10/2174
CONNELL, William Moran O'CONNELL, William Moran 23/386
CONNELLY, Charles CONNELLY, Charley 6/4012
CONNELLY, Charley CONNELLY, Charles 6/4012
CONNOLLY, Edwin Tennyson CONOLLY, Edwin Tennyson 13/983a
CONNOLLY, Francis Patrick BARCLAY, Jack 18560
CONNOLLY, Robert Henry PATTERSON, Robert James 10/1948
CONNOR, Clemence CONNOR, Robert Clemence Henry 17968
CONNOR, Robert Clemence Henry CONNOR, Clemence 17968
CONOLLY, Edwin Tennyson CONNOLLY, Edwin Tennyson 13/983a
CONRAD, Robert Wallace O'ROURKE, Timothy Bartholomew 23/1352
CONWAY, David DRUMMOND, David 28979
COOK, Charles Henry CAIN, Charles 28087
COOK, Ernest Claud COOK, Ernest Claude 3/2615
COOK, Ernest Claude COOK, Ernest Claud 3/2615
COOK, Josef COOK, Joseph 8/1383
COOK, Joseph COOK, Josef 8/1383
COOK, Olivia Helen INGLES, Olivia Helen 22/242
COOK, Robert MATTHEW, Robert Cooke 24/1960
COOKSON, William Charles COUTTS, Richard Neave 24141
COONEY, Paddy COONEY, Patrick 19/375
COONEY, Patrick COONEY, Paddy 19/375
COOPER, Albert COOPER, Frank Albert 28022
COOPER, Frank Albert COOPER, Albert 28022
COOPER, Fred Axon COOPER, Frederick Axon 12/84
COOPER, Frederick Axon COOPER, Fred Axon 12/84
COOPER, Harry COOPER, Peter Henry 10/312
COOPER, Mary Chadwick BROWN, Mary Chadwick 22/495
COOPER, Peter Henry COOPER, Harry 10/312
COPELAND, Amy Elizabeth BENNETT, Amy Elizabeth 22/414
COPP, William John HASTINGS, William John 6/2487
CORBETT, Joseph YAPP, Joseph Corbett 4/198a
CORBETT, Thomas Anthony GROSHINSKI, Thomas Anthony 9/1810
CORK, Henry Rayment CORK, Henry Raymond 38353
CORK, Henry Raymond CORK, Henry Rayment 38353
CORLET, Arthur Braughten CORLET, Arthur Broughton 10/2562
CORLET, Arthur Broughton CORLET, Arthur Braughten 10/2562
CORMACK, Jean WILLIS, Jean 22/21
CORMEY, William John SOUTER, William John 6/732
CORNISH, Wilfred Arthur CORNISH, Wilfrid Arthur 67960
CORNISH, Wilfrid Arthur CORNISH, Wilfred Arthur 67960
CORNWALL, Francis Hugh McLean ROSANOSKI, Frank 43703
CORNWALL, George ROSANOSKI, George 48273
CORRIGAN, William Edward CORRLGAN, William Edward 24/1527
CORRLGAN, William Edward CORRIGAN, William Edward 24/1527
COSTELLO, Patrick COSTELLOE, Patrick 6/2495
COSTELLOE, Patrick COSTELLO, Patrick 6/2495
COTTERELL, Joseph Richard West COTTRELL, Joseph Richard West 9/126
COTTON-STAPLETON, George STAPLETON, George Cotton 4/213a
COTTRELL, Joseph Richard West COTTERELL, Joseph Richard West 9/126
COUPER, David COUPER, David Robert Henry 36562
COUPER, David Robert Henry COUPER, David 36562
COUSINS, William COUSINS, William James 11170
COUSINS, William James COUSINS, William 11170
COUTTS, Carl Theodore KUHTZE, Carl Theodore 10238
COUTTS, Eleanor POTVINE, Eleanor 22/483
COUTTS, Max Walter KUHTZE, Max Walter 3/2462
COUTTS, Richard Neave COOKSON, William Charles 24141
COVENTRY, Henry BEVERIDGE, Joseph Bertie 4/1245
COWAN, Douglas Keith CRAIG, Douglas Keith 23/107
COX, Edward Charles DUMPHY, Edward Charles 12/325
COX, John David DAVIS, John 47992
COX, Wilfred James COX, Wilfrid James 41180
COX, Wilfrid James COX, Wilfred James 41180
CRADWICK, Leonard James Gulliver GULLIVER-CRADWICK, Leonard James 6/53
CRAIG, Douglas Keith COWAN, Douglas Keith 23/107
CRAIG, Hughie CRAIG, Wesley Stewart Hugh 6/4225
CRAIG, Wesley Stewart Hugh CRAIG, Hughie 6/4225
CRAWFORD, Arthur Joseph CRAWFORD, Arthur Thomas Joseph 10/3868, 8/1221
CRAWFORD, Arthur Thomas Joseph CRAWFORD, Arthur Joseph 10/3868, 8/1221
CRAWFORD-WATSON, Lewis WATSON, Crawford Lewis 15/606a
CREAM, Thomas CREAN, Thomas 29224
CREAN, Henry EDWARDS, Henry 2/196
CREAN, Thomas CREAM, Thomas 29224
CRESSWELL, Benjamin CRESWELL, Benjamin 13/2176
CRESSWELL, Jack Tennison CRESSWELL, Jack Tennyson 44258
CRESSWELL, Jack Tennyson CRESSWELL, Jack Tennison 44258
CRESWELL, Benjamin CRESSWELL, Benjamin 13/2176
CRICHTON James Wilfred CRICHTON, James Wilfrid 53904
CRICHTON, James Wilfrid CRICHTON James Wilfred 53904
CRISP, Ernest Frederick Gordon CRISP, Fred Gordon 12/1184
CRISP, Fred Gordon CRISP, Ernest Frederick Gordon 12/1184
CROKER, Gavin Barnes CROKER, Gavin Burns 23/2169
CROKER, Gavin Burns CROKER, Gavin Barnes 23/2169
CRONIN, Thomas James CRONIN, Thomas John 27229
CRONIN, Thomas John CRONIN, Thomas James 27229
CROTHERS, Cleveland CROTHERS, Frederick Cleven 26998
CROTHERS, Frederick Cleven CROTHERS, Cleveland 26998
CROWE, Sydney Hubert ARNOLD, Richard 12/537, 26/1054
CROWTHER, Albert Stephen CROWTHER, Herbert Stephen 10/2390
CROWTHER, Herbert Stephen CROWTHER, Albert Stephen 10/2390
CRUDGE, Frederick Henry CRUDGE, Frederick William 40521
CRUDGE, Frederick William CRUDGE, Frederick Henry 40521
CRUICKSHANK, Agnes Kate STEPHENSON, Agnes Kate 22/187
CRULLER, Archibald Henri Basil CRULLER, Henry Archibald Basil 31401
CRULLER, Henry Archibald Basil CRULLER, Archibald Henri Basil 31401
CUFF, Jeremiah Nugent CUFF, Nugent 9/264
CUFF, Nugent CUFF, Jeremiah Nugent 9/264
CULLEN, Blair CULLEN, Blair McLeod 8/177
CULLEN, Blair McLeod CULLEN, Blair 8/177
CULVER, Richard John Seddon LEE, Charles Henry 63623
CUMMING, James Brechen CUMMING, James Brichin 6/2912
CUMMING, James Brichin CUMMING, James Brechen 6/2912
CURRY, James Henry CURRY, John Hugh 45834
CURRY, John Hugh CURRY, James Henry 45834
CURTIES, Emily WILSON, Emily 22/23
CURTIS, Elyse Mary BROOKS, Elyse Mary 22/299
CURTIS, Jack Orlando CURTIS, John 8/1225
CURTIS, John CURTIS, Jack Orlando 8/1225
CURTIS, Tame Pikikotuku PIKIKOTUKU, Tame 16/149
CURTIS, William HANNAN, Patrick 2/1306
CURTIS-HART, Gordon William HART, Gordon William 12397
CURTISS, Charles KJOSS, Karl 23145
CURTISS, Karl KJOSS, Karl 23145
CUTHBERTSON, William Ronald Macrae JONES, William 12/2566
DALTON, Henry KYLE, Henry Stanilaus 31976
DALTON, Henry KYLE, Henry Stanislaus 31976
DALTON, John DAVIDSON, John 8/1446
DAMENT, Ethel Maud THOMAS, Ethel Maud 22/54
DANBY, Wally Ernest DANBY, Walter Ernest 4/894
DANBY, Walter Ernest DANBY, Wally Ernest 4/894
DANGER, James TE MIHA, Hemi Hui 16/575
DANIEL, Robert Frank DANIEL, Robert Joseph 10/2398
DANIEL, Robert Joseph DANIEL, Robert Frank 10/2398
DANIELS, Henry TANIORA, Henare 19505
DAVIDSON, John DALTON, John 8/1446
DAVIES, George Everett DAVIS, George Everett 4/1645
DAVIES, George Frederick Samuel DAVIS, George Frederick Samuel 24984
DAVIS, Edward John NEILSEN, Edward Anton 44946
DAVIS, George Everett DAVIES, George Everett 4/1645
DAVIS, George Frederick Samuel DAVIES, George Frederick Samuel 24984
DAVIS, John COX, John David 47992
DAVIS, Lillian Phyllis WATSON, Lillian Phyllis 22/508
DAVIS, Prince REWETI, Wiremu Piriniha 16/1413
DAVIS, William MACKEY, Ralph Merrill 63573
DAVIS, William Ralph MACKEY, Ralph Merrill 63573
DAWES, Jack SAKEY, Frederick Oswald 32635
DAWSON, Benjamin Stephen James DAWSON, Stephen James 15701
DAWSON, Stephen James DAWSON, Benjamin Stephen James 15701
DAWSON, Sydney Theo DAWSON, Sydney Theodore 12/691
DAWSON, Sydney Theodore DAWSON, Sydney Theo 12/691
DAZZLER, John Richard SHEFFORD, James 10/3872
DE JAUNAY, Louise Ellen TILYARD, Louise Ellen 22/420
DE VANTIER, Alfred DE VANTIER, Alfred Abraham 12149
DE VANTIER, Alfred Abraham DE VANTIER, Alfred 12149
DEAN, George AUSTIN, Frank 23502
DEAN, John KIRBY, John 11051
DEANE, Bernard John DEANE, Bernard Reginald John 11/508
DEANE, Bernard Reginald John DEANE, Bernard John 11/508
DEARSLEY, Walter DEARSLY, Walter 5/579
DEARSLY, Walter DEARSLEY, Walter 5/579
DE-CORTE, Theodore Francis DECORTE, Theodore Franz 24/116
DECORTE, Theodore Franz DE-CORTE, Theodore Francis 24/116
DEED, Mervyn John SUCKLING, Mervyn John 78158
DELACEY, Edgar Bert DELACEY, Edgar Percy 12/956
DELACEY, Edgar Percy DELACEY, Edgar Bert 12/956
DELLER, Mildred Doris JACKSON, Mildred Doris 22/406
DENBY, Walter Henry HURLEY, Walter Henry 29/401
DENNEHY, Edmond James DENNEHY, Edward 2/817a
DENNEHY, Edmond James DENNY, Edward 2/817a
DENNEHY, Edward DENNEHY, Edmond James 2/817a
DENNY, Edward DENNEHY, Edmond James 2/817a
DENSEM, John DENSEN, John 24/736
DENSEN, John DENSEM, John 24/736
DES BARRES, Clifford Stuart DES BARRES, John Clifford Stuart 10747
DES BARRES, John Clifford Stuart DES BARRES, Clifford Stuart 10747
DEVON, Alfred Alexander DEVON, Arthur Alexander 9/27
DEVON, Arthur Alexander DEVON, Alfred Alexander 9/27
DEVRELL, Daniel Joseph DEVRELL, David Joseph 19/60, 8/4115
DEVRELL, David Joseph DEVRELL, Daniel Joseph 19/60, 8/4115
DEWHIRST, Edward DEWHURST, Edward 6/443
DEWHURST, Edward DEWHIRST, Edward 6/443
DICK, Edmond DICK, Ernest John Edmund 11845
DICK, Ernest John Edmund DICK, Edmond 11845
DICK, Mary Eleanor HOBBS, Mary Eleanor 22/126
DICKENSON, Alfred DICKINSON, Alfred 11/417
DICKINSON, Alfred DICKENSON, Alfred 11/417
DICKSON, Harry RIKIHANA, Rongoihaore 19699
DIGBY, William Harry DIGBY, William Henry 8/1728
DIGBY, William Henry DIGBY, William Harry 8/1728
DILLON, Thomas RYAN, Thomas 71509
DOBBS, Walter James SIMMS, Walter 25953
DODDS, Harold Bennie DODDS, Harold Binnie 23475
DODDS, Harold Binnie DODDS, Harold Bennie 23475
DODDS, Jane Curle DODDS, Jean Curle 22/25
DODDS, Jean Curle DODDS, Jane Curle 22/25
DODDS, Rosamond PUNTER, Rosamond 22/525
DODSON, Frederic Hugh DODSON, Frederick Hugh 12/683
DODSON, Frederick Hugh DODSON, Frederic Hugh 12/683
DOHERTY, Thomas Patrick RYAN, Thomas Paddy 39105
DOLAN, Arthur DOLAN, Arthur William Patrick 13/2758
DOLAN, Arthur William Patrick DOLAN, Arthur 13/2758
DON, Amelia Prior PEART, Amelia Prior 22/320
DONAGHY, Francis DONAGHY, Frank 12/3299
DONAGHY, Frank DONAGHY, Francis 12/3299
DONALD, Elsie Margaret KIDMAN, Elsie Margaret 22/228
DONALDSON, John GLANVILLE, Harold Bertie 23/1396, 10/1794
DONALDSON, Joseph DONALDSON, Joseph Francis 9/1280, 9/551
DONALDSON, Joseph Francis DONALDSON, Joseph 9/1280, 9/551
DONOVAN, Patrick Paul O'DONOVAN, Patrick Paul 2/2112
DOOLING, Cornelius SMITH, William 12/1797
DORE, Albert DORE, Albert Frederick Campbell 8/356
DORE, Albert Frederick Campbell DORE, Albert 8/356
DOUGLAS, John Reginald DOUGLASS, John Reginald 10032
DOUGLAS, John Sholto WATTS, John Sholto Douglas 15881
DOUGLASS, John Reginald DOUGLAS, John Reginald 10032
DOW John William DOW, John 32831
DOW, John DOW John William 32831
DOW, William DOW, William Drummond 35909
DOW, William Drummond DOW, William 35909
DOWD, Frank URE, Edwin Alexander 19/1796a
DOWIE, George Thomas WELLS, George Thomas 42775
DOWNES, Alexander DOWNES, Alexander Goldring 34822
DOWNES, Alexander Goldring DOWNES, Alexander 34822
DOWNES, William DOWNES, William Ivan 39193
DOWNES, William Ivan DOWNES, William 39193
DOWNEY, James DOWNEY, James Rupert 25/1193
DOWNEY, James Rupert DOWNEY, James 25/1193
DOWNEY, Percival James DOWNEY, Percy 39192
DOWNEY, Percy DOWNEY, Percival James 39192
DOYLE, Harry Joseph DOYLE, Joseph Henry 25/617
DOYLE, Joseph Henry DOYLE, Harry Joseph 25/617
D'OYLEY, Hadley Burnell D'OYLY, Hadley Burnell 2/1918
D'OYLEY, John Richard D'OYLY, John Richard 2/35
D'OYLY, Hadley Burnell D'OYLEY, Hadley Burnell 2/1918
D'OYLY, John Richard D'OYLEY, John Richard 2/35
DRAKE, Albert Charles RODING, Dick 11729
DRAPER, Annie MACKENZIE, Annie 22/417
DREW, Cecil Lancelot ADAMS, Cecil Frederick 6/3235
DRIVER, Thomas DRIVER, Thomas William 10/580
DRIVER, Thomas William DRIVER, Thomas 10/580
DRUMMOND, David CONWAY, David 28979
DRUMMOND, Dora Kathleen HOLMES, Dora Kathleen 22/302
DRUMMOND, Ernest COHEN, Ernest Henry Melmott 12/1048
DRUMMOND, Ernest COHEN, Ernest Henry Melmott 12/1048
DRUMMOND, Ernest Henry Melmott COHEN, Ernest Henry Melmott 12/1048
DUDFIELD, Arthur John Scobie DUDFIELD, Arthur John Scovie 45346
DUDFIELD, Arthur John Scovie DUDFIELD, Arthur John Scobie 45346
DUGGAN, Leonard DUGGAN, Leonard Herbert 7/1352
DUGGAN, Leonard Herbert DUGGAN, Leonard 7/1352
DUMPHY, Edward Charles COX, Edward Charles 12/325
DUNBAR, William David WILLIAMS, David 8/3434
DUNBAR, William David WILLIAMS, William David 8/3434
DUNCAN, Catherine Agnes MACINTYRE, Catherine Agnes 22/210
DUNCAN, Robert DUNCAN, Robert Ferguson 17282
DUNCAN, Robert Ferguson DUNCAN, Robert 17282
DUNKLEY, Eugene Francis Ambrose DUNKLEY, Francis Eugene 21389
DUNKLEY, Francis Eugene DUNKLEY, Eugene Francis Ambrose 21389
DUNLOP, Frank Craufurd DUNLOP, Frank Crawford 11/2086
DUNLOP, Frank Crawford DUNLOP, Frank Craufurd 11/2086
DUNLOP, James Thomson SCHULENBURG, James Thomson 3/33
DUNLOP, Samuel RATTRAY, Samuel 12/4129
DUNN, Edward Robert Towersley DUNN, Edwin Robert Towersey 24/408
DUNN, Edwin Robert Towersey DUNN, Edward Robert Towersley 24/408
DUNNETT, William DUNNETT, William Ross 24588
DUNNETT, William Ross DUNNETT, William 24588
DUNSMUIR, Kenneth DUNSMUIR, Walter Kirkwood 38909
DUNSMUIR, Walter Kirkwood DUNSMUIR, Kenneth 38909
DURRANT, Reginald DURRANT, Reginald Frank 52393
DURRANT, Reginald Frank DURRANT, Reginald 52393
DURWARD, Peter Calder DURWOOD, Peter Calder 2/1834
DURWOOD, Peter Calder DURWARD, Peter Calder 2/1834
DYER, Albert Cornelius DYER, Alfred Cornelius 85824
DYER, Alfred Cornelius DYER, Albert Cornelius 85824
DYER, Charles DYER, Charles Alexander 24/745
DYER, Charles Alexander DYER, Charles 24/745
DYSART, Jane MILLER, Jane 22/37
DYSON, Samuel Henry LE ROY-DYSON, Sydney Harold 10/2122
EARL, Agnes Ada FAGAN, Agnes Ada 22/482
EARNSHAW, Dick EARNSHAW, Lester Leonard 37514
EARNSHAW, Lester Leonard EARNSHAW, Dick 37514
EASTON, Allan EASTON, Bert 29674
EASTON, Bert EASTON, Allan 29674
EASTON, Harold Stewart Parnell EASTON, Harold Stuart Parnell 2/1343
EASTON, Harold Stuart Parnell EASTON, Harold Stewart Parnell 2/1343
EDE, John Pearce WHITE, Robert 23/2308
EDE, John Pearce WHITE, John Pearce 23/2308
EDGERLEY, Haidee Gwendoline Olivette HARRIS, Haidee Gwendoline Olivette 22/114
EDSALL, Douglas EDSALL, Douglas Leonard George 20515
EDSALL, Douglas Leonard George EDSALL, Douglas 20515
EDSER, William EDSER, William Christopher 41767
EDSER, William Christopher EDSER, William 41767
EDWARDS, Alfred MALLOY, Alfred Edward 23/1509
EDWARDS, Henry CREAN, H 2/196
EDWARDS, Herbert SMITH, Charles 15253
EHRMAN, Victor WENDEL, Victor 57936
ELDER, Robert Godfray ELDER, Robert Godfrey 81208
ELDER, Robert Godfrey ELDER, Robert Godfray 81208
ELLENBY, Harold James ELLERBY, Harold James 19/73
ELLERBY, Harold James ELLENBY, Harold James 19/73
ELLERY, Jack HARRIS, Jack 25/1077
ELLERY, Joseph ELLERY, Joseph Hamley 20514
ELLERY, Joseph Hamley ELLERY, Joseph 20514
ELLIOTTYSON, Henry TYSON, Albert Harry 25/1825
ELLIS, James MORTON, Charles Roland 10/3253
ELLIS, Mildred Jane SALT, Mildred Jane 22/116
ELLIS, William John HARVEY, William John 39636
ELLISON, Cecil Herbert MANN, Cyril Herbert 10/1565
ELLMERS, Robert ELMERS, Robert 24/746
ELMERS, Robert ELLMERS, Robert 24/746
EMMANUEL, George GOMEZ, Emmanuel 11015
EMMETT, William EMMETT, Willie 6/4602
EMMETT, Willie EMMETT, William 6/4602
ENGLAND, Harry John ENGLAND, Henry John 11853
ENGLAND, Henry John ENGLAND, Harry John 11853
ENGLISH, George ENGLISH, George Edward 6/627
ENGLISH, George Edward ENGLISH, George 6/627
ENOKA, Harry ENOKA, Tahere 19956
ENOKA, Tahere ENOKA, Harry 19956
ENTWISTLE, Thomas PETERSEN, John 9/742
ERICSON, Walter FISHER, Walter 55045
ESSELBORN, William Ruxton Leys ESSELBORN, William Ruxton Seys 22567
ESSELBORN, William Ruxton Seys ESSELBORN, William Ruxton Leys 22567
EUSTACE, Alfred EUSTACE, Alfred John 10/1805
EUSTACE, Alfred John EUSTACE, Alfred 10/1805
EVANS, Frances GILMOUR, Frances 22/235
EVANS, Frank Arthur BEARD, James Henry 61896
EVANS, Robert David JONES, Robert David 11678
EVENSEN, Arthur Edward ANDERSON, Arthur Edward 39933
EVENSON, Arthur Edward ANDERSEN, Arthur Edward 39933
EVERARD, Robert KAY, Robert 59916
EVERETT, Stewart Charles EVERETT, Stuart Charles 7/194
EVERETT, Stuart Charles EVERETT, Stewart Charles 7/194
EVERS-SWINDELL, Ernest Frederick EVERS-SWINDELL, Frederick 10/2597
EVERS-SWINDELL, Frederick EVERS-SWINDELL, Ernest Frederick 10/2597
EWINGTON-BELL, Henry John McCURDY, Henry John 58411
FACER, Frederick Charles FOSTER, Frederick Charles 4/27a
FACHE, Bert FACHE, Hugh Ethelbert 9/273
FACHE, Hugh Ethelbert FACHE, Bert 9/273
FAGAN, Agnes Ada EARL, Agnes Ada 22/482
FAGAN, John Alphege FAGAN, John Anthony * 12/1087
FAGAN, John Alphege JAMES, Arthur * 12/1087
FAGAN, John Anthony * FAGAN, John Alphege 12/1087
FAHEY, Bernie FAHEY, Bernir 4/1423
FAHEY, Bernir FAHEY, Bernie 4/1423
FAKE, John Alfred RALEIGH, John Alfred 4/1202a
FALCONER, Amy Julia METGE, Amy Julia 22/314
FALCONER, James Courtnay FALCONER, James Courtney 36828
FALCONER, James Courtney FALCONER, James Courtnay 36828
FALLOON, Roy FALLOON, Roy Cooper 20516
FALLOON, Roy Cooper FALLOON, Roy 20516
FALVEY, William Bartie FALVEY, William Bartie Mathias 3/2766
FALVEY, William Bartie Mathias FALVEY, William Bartie 3/2766
FARCH, Johan Frederick FARCH, Johan Frederik 14603
FARCH, Johan Frederik FARCH, Johan Frederick 14603
FARR, Jack FARR, John Sinclair 25161
FARR, John Sinclair FARR, Jack 25161
FARRAR, Thomas HALL, Albert Edward 11/763
FARRELL, Ernest FOWLER, Ernest 10/1816
FAULKNOR, John Dismore FAULKNOR, John Disnion 39973
FAULKNOR, John Disnion FAULKNOR, John Dismore 39973
FEGAN, Jack FEGAN, John Charles 12/3009
FEGAN, John Charles FEGAN, Jack 12/3009
FERGUS, Christina GIBBON, Christina 22/29
FERGUSON, John SMITH, John 6/3471
FERGUSON, John Robert FERGUSON, John Robert Clarke 25/1732, 13/332
FERGUSON, John Robert Clarke FERGUSON, John Robert 25/1732, 13/332
FERGUSON, William Bertram FERGUSON, William Bertram Ochiltree 3/854
FERGUSON, William Bertram Ochiltree FERGUSON, William Bertram 3/854
FIECKEN, George FIECKEN, Gustav Rudolph 43263
FIECKEN, Gustav Rudolph FIECKEN, George 43263
FIELD, Norman Lainson FIELD, Norman Samson 9/139
FIELD, Norman Samson FIELD, Norman Lainson 9/139
FIELDING, Frederick FIELDING, Walter Charles 36033
FIELDING, Walter Charles FIELDING, Frederick 36033
FILTNESS, Robert Dunstan FITNESS, Robert Dunstan 8/1976
FINDLAY, Elizabeth Mary GALLAGHER, Elizabeth Mary 22/274
FINLAYSON, May McGEE, May 22/399
FISCHER, Emil FISCHER, Oscar August Emil 74938
FISCHER, Oscar August Emil FISCHER, Emil 74938
FISHER, Boris William FISHER, Borris William 10804
FISHER, Borris William FISHER, Boris William 10804
FISHER, George FISHER, George Frederick 12/351
FISHER, George Frederick FISHER, George 12/351
FISHER, Walter ERICSON, Walter 55045
FISK, William FISK, William Calvert 12/2290
FISK, William Calvert FISK, William 12/2290
FITNESS, Robert Dunstan FILTNESS, Robert Dunstan 8/1976
FITNESS, Thornton FITNESS, Thornton Stevenson 5/163
FITNESS, Thornton Stevenson FITNESS, Thornton 5/163
FITTON, Charles Randal FITTON, Chas Randal 13/605
FITTON, Chas Randal FITTON, Charles Randal 13/605
FITZGERALD, Robert Stephenson Jordan FITZGERALD, Robert Stevenson Jordon 3/4251
FITZGERALD, Robert Stevenson Jordon FITZGERALD, Robert Stephenson Jordan 3/4251
FITZPATRICK, William Easter FITZPATRICK, William Faster 62536
FITZPATRICK, William Faster FITZPATRICK, William Easter 62536
FITZSIMMONS, William McGRATH, Edward 24/1137
FLANIGAN, Michael FLANNAGAN, Michael 18348
FLANNAGAN, Michael FLANIGAN, Michael 18348
FLEETWOOD, Joseph GRIGG, Joseph 8/1980
FLEMING, Furness John FLEMING, John Furness 12167
FLEMING, John Furness FLEMING, Furness John 12167
FLETCHER, Francis Jocelyn Johnstone JOHNSYN, Frederick 12/1856
FOLJAMBE, Harris John FULJAMES, Harris John Foljambe 22962
FOLJAMES, Harris John Foljambe FULJAMES, Harris John Foljambe 22962
FORBES, Thomas FORD, Thomas 15513
FORD, David WADE, David 10/1485
FORD, Jack WADE, David 10/1485
FORD, Thomas FORBES, Thomas 15513
FORD, William FORD, William Thomas 16540
FORD, William Thomas FORD, William 16540
FORREST, John FORREST, Joseph 8/1047
FORREST, Joseph FORREST, John 8/1047
FORRESTER, Bertha Louise TILLEY, Olive 22/232
FORSTER, William John FOSTER, William John 25223
FORSYTHE, Alexander Elder FORSYTHE, Alister Elder 6/228
FORSYTHE, Alister Elder FORSYTHE, Alexander Elder 6/228
FOSTER, Frederick Charles FACER, Frederick Charles 4/27a
FOSTER, Thomas FOSTER, Thomas George 6/2414
FOSTER, Thomas George FOSTER, Thomas 6/2414
FOSTER, William John FORSTER, William John 25223
FOTHERGIL, John Stewart FOTHERGILL, John Stewart 26/1090
FOTHERGILL, John Stewart FOTHERGIL, John Stewart 26/1090
FOWLER, Claude Robert FOWLER, John 34514
FOWLER, Ernest FARRELL, Ernest 10/1816
FOWLER, John FOWLER, Claude Robert 34514
FOX, Benjamin SMITH, Benjamin 14877
FRANCIS, James FREW, James 12/1627
FRANCIS, James Henry FREW, James 12/1627
FRANKS, Gertrude Amelia HOWELL, Gertrude Amelia 22/433
FRASER, David Thomas FRASER, David Thomson 8/198
FRASER, David Thomson FRASER, David Thomas 8/198
FRASER, James FRASER, James Cummings 61245
FRASER, James Cummings FRASER, James 61245
FRAZER, Joseph Livingston FRAZERHURST, Joseph Livingston 3/579
FRAZERHURST, Joseph Livingston FRAZER, Joseph Livingston 3/579
FREDERICKSEN, Charles Edward FREDERICKSON, Charles Edward 7/1844
FREDERICKSON, Charles Edward FREDERICKSEN, Charles Edward 7/1844
FREDRICKSON, Fredrik FREDRIKSEN, Fredrik 12/2295
FREDRIKSEN, Fredrik FREDRICKSON, Fredrik 12/2295
FREEN, Thomas William TREEN, Thomas William 10/71
FREW, James FRANCIS, James 12/1627
FREW, James FRANCIS, James Henry 12/1627
FRIDAY, Edward James FRYDAY, Edward James 10/1072
FROUD, Percival TAYLOR, Robert 26/373
FRYDAY, Edward James FRIDAY, Edward James 10/1072
FULJAMES, Harris John Foljambe FOLJAMBE, Harris John 22962
FULJAMES, Harris John Foljambe FOLJAMES, Harris John Foljambe 22962
FURZE, George FURZE, George Frederick Seymour 39793
FURZE, George Frederick Seymour FURZE, George 39793
GAFFNEY, Owen QUEENAN, John 6/1696
GAFFNEY, Owen QUEENAN, Owen 6/1696
GALLAGHER, Charles Raymond RAYMOND, Charles 6/531
GALLAGHER, Elizabeth Mary FINDLAY, Elizabeth Mary 22/274
GALLAGHER, Michael GALLAGHER, Michael James 7/718, 10421
GALLAGHER, Michael James GALLAGHER, Michael 7/718, 10421
GALLOWAY, Myrtle HUTSON, Myrtle 22/328
GALT, Robert GALT, Robert Abernethy 8/386
GALT, Robert Abernethy GALT, Robert 8/386
GAMBLING, James LAMPARD, James 10/3929
GARDINER, Archibald Herbert GARDINER, Arthur Herbert 18452
GARDINER, Arthur Herbert GARDINER, Archibald Herbert 18452
GARDINER, Herman JARDINE, Herman 7/478
GARDNER, Arthur Robert GASKIN, Arthur Robert 69345
GARDNER, Charlotte LE GALLAIS, Charlotte 22/137
GARLICK, Ada Royd ROYD-GARLICK, Ada 22/277
GARLICK, Herbert GARLICK, Herbert Henry 38149
GARLICK, Herbert Henry GARLICK, Herbert 38149
GARLICK, Joseph GARLICK, Joseph Augustine 21672
GARLICK, Joseph Augustine GARLICK, Joseph 21672
GARVEY, Patrick CARTER, George Edmund 49532
GARVIN, James GARVIN, Thomas James Jeremiah 10/1821
GARVIN, Thomas James Jeremiah GARVIN, James 10/1821
GASKIN, Arthur Robert GARDNER, Arthur Robert 69345
GEORGE, Allan Raymond REES, James Henry 22496
GEORGE, Sidney Thorne THORNE-GEORGE, Sidney 23/33
GIBBON, Christina FERGUS, Christina 22/29
GIBBS, Horace GIBBS, Horace Victor 25846
GIBBS, Horace Victor GIBBS, Horace 25846
GIBSON, Arthur Grey GRAY, Arthur 11862
GIBSON, Ronald GIBSON, Ronald Montgomery 32843
GIBSON, Ronald Montgomery GIBSON, Ronald 32843
GIBSON, Stanley GIBSON, Stanley James Geibel 48014
GIBSON, Stanley James Geibel GIBSON, Stanley 48014
GIBSON, William Ellesmere SMITH, William Elliott 24/285
GIFFORD, Herbert MISCHEWSKI, Bernard 11456
GILBERT-HAWKEN, Ada Gilbert HAWKEN, Ada Gilbert 22/123
GILCHRIST, Jack GILCHRIST, William Louis John 3/323
GILCHRIST, William Louis John GILCHRIST, Jack 3/323
GILES, March ANDERSON, Arthur 26260
GILLESPIE, George GILLESPIE, George Augustus 27676
GILLESPIE, George Augustus GILLESPIE, George 27676
GILLETT, John Brungess GILLETT, John Burgess 3/79
GILLETT, John Burgess GILLETT, John Brungess 3/79
GILLIES, Norman Archibald GILLIES, Thomas Archibald 6/3712
GILLIES, Thomas Archibald GILLIES, Norman Archibald 6/3712
GILLIES, Walter GILLIES, Ware Mako 38151
GILLIES, Ware Mako GILLIES, Walter 38151
GILLIGAN, Brandon GILLIGAN, Brendan 11/1796
GILLIGAN, Brendan GILLIGAN, Brandon 11/1796
GILMAN, John Robb ROBB, John 21466
GILMER, Jean McClure GILMER, Jean McLure 22/282
GILMER, Jean McLure GILMER, Jean McClure 22/282
GILMOUR, Frances EVANS, Frances 22/235
GILMOUR, James Goatham POTTER, James Goatham 2/1888
GLANVILLE, Harold Bertie DONALDSON, John 23/1396, 10/1794
GLAVIN, Patrick GLAVIN, Patrick Joseph 20988
GLAVIN, Patrick Joseph GLAVIN, Patrick 20988
GLENDINNING, Herbert GLENDINNING, Herbert Craig 35481
GLENDINNING, Herbert Craig GLENDINNING, Herbert 35481
GOALEY, Patrick GOALY, Patrick 77000
GOALY, Patrick GOALEY, Patrick 77000
GODFREY, Ernest Duncan GODPREY, Ernest Duncan 25509
GODKIN, Arthur George William GODKIN, George William 13/2972
GODKIN, George William GODKIN, Arthur George William 13/2972
GODPREY, Ernest Duncan GODFREY, Ernest Duncan 25509
GOLDSMITH, Elizabeth McBride NELSON, Elizabeth McBride 22/198
GOMEZ, Emmanuel EMMANUEL, George 11015
GOOD, John GOODE, John 7/201 (SA3368)
GOODE, John GOOD, John 7/201 (SA3368)
GOODWIN, Francis GOODWIN, Francis John 23/766
GOODWIN, Francis John GOODWIN, Francis 23/766
GORDON, Charles GORDON, Charles William 10337
GORDON, Charles William GORDON, Charles 10337
GORDON, Douglas GORDON, Douglas Gerald 8/3801, 8/1244
GORDON, Douglas Gerald GORDON, Douglas 8/3801, 8/1244
GORDON, Edgar Percy JORDAN, Edgar Percy 7/336
GOSPODNETICH, Francis John GOSS, Francis John 2/1299b
GOSS, Francis John GOSPODNETICH, Francis John 2/1299b
GRACE, George Henry GRACE, Henry George 23/1922
GRACE, Henry George GRACE, George Henry 23/1922
GRAHAM, David GRAHAM, John Gordon 28711
GRAHAM, John Gordon GRAHAM, David 28711
GRANT, Daniel HAWKINS, William 13/688
GRANT, Sutherland McDonald GRANT, Sutherland Murray McDonald 64777 (SA8848)
GRANT, Sutherland Murray McDonald GRANT, Sutherland McDonald 64777 (SA8848)
GRANT, William Goodwin GRANT, William Gordon 80769
GRANT, William Gordon GRANT, William Goodwin 80769
GRAY, Arthur GIBSON, Arthur Grey 11862
GRAY, Henry GRAY, Walter Henry 24/1525
GRAY, Mabel Gertrude McKAY, Mabel Gertrude 22/237
GRAY, Walter Henry GRAY, Henry 24/1525
GREEN, David** BEVINS, David 28466
GREEN, Ernest O'REILLY, Laurence 9/823
GREEN, James COLLINS, James 12/2307
GREEN, John Francis HAYES, John 16/1492
GREEN, Marcus John GREENE, Marcus John 72748
GREEN, William HEAD, Ernest Richard 49621
GREEN, William James ARMITAGE, James 6/584
GREEN, William James ARMITAGE, William James 6/584
GREENE, Marcus John GREEN, Marcus John 72748
GREENLEE, Alexander GREENLEES, Alexander 4/1928
GREENLEES, Alexander GREENLEE, Alexander 4/1928
GRENNELL, Richard P KELLY, Thomas 10/3315
GRIFFEN, Martin GRIFFIN, Martin 10/1504
GRIFFIN, Martin GRIFFEN, Martin 10/1504
GRIFFITH, Alfred Garfield GRIFFITH, George 20992
GRIFFITH, George GRIFFITH, Alfred Garfield 20992
GRIFFITH, Harry William GRIFFITH, Henry William 8/785
GRIFFITH, Henry William GRIFFITH, Harry William 8/785
GRIGG, Joseph FLEETWOOD, Joseph 8/1980
GROSHINSKI, Thomas Anthony CORBETT, Thomas Anthony 9/1810
GROVES, Wallace GROVES, William Charles Drysdale Wallace 1/487, 11/2650
GROVES, William Charles Drysdale Wallace GROVES, Wallace 1/487, 11/2650
GUBBINS, Beatrice BARTON, Beatrice 22/428
GUBBINS, Launcelot Russell LANCE, James 2/746
GULLIVER, Edward Leslie MITCHELL, Thomas Gilbert 36346
GULLIVER-CRADWICK, Leonard James CRADWICK, Leonard James Gulliver 6/53
GUNN, Davina Mertel HAY, Davina Mertel 22/239
GUNN, Hugh Alexander THOMPSON, Alexander 6/3894
GUNN, Hugh Alexander THOMPSON, Hugh Alexander 6/3894
GUNN, William BAIN, William 2/968
GUNTHER, John William Whittfield WHITTFIELD, John William 20053
GUTHRIE, Ernest E GUTHRIE, Ernest Evered Victor 9/1051
GUTHRIE, Ernest Evered Victor GUTHRIE, Ernest E 9/1051
HAERE, George HAERE, Hori 16/3
HAERE, Hori HAERE, George 16/3
HAGAN, William Henry HAGEN, William Henry 30579
HAGEN, William Henry HAGAN, William Henry 30579
HAGUE, George HAGUE, John George 2/1009
HAGUE, John George HAGUE, George 2/1009
HAIG, William HAIG, William Kerr 5/632a
HAIG, William Kerr HAIG, William 5/632a
HAINING, William McGOWAN, William 10/218
HAKIWAI, Hoani HAKIWAI, John 16/224
HAKIWAI, John HAKIWAI, Hoani 16/224
HAKOPA, Horopapera TE RAHAKOPA, Horopapera 6/1569
HALBERG, George HALBERG, George Louis 17860
HALBERG, George Louis HALBERG, George 17860
HALE, Frederic Joseph HALE, Frederick Joseph 2/1978
HALE, Frederick Joseph HALE, Frederic Joseph 2/1978
HALL, A T (Darkie) HALL, Tukua 16/1235
HALL, Albert Edward FARRAR, Thomas 11/763
HALL, Alfred Henry HALL, Arthur Henry 5/236
HALL, Amy Eleanor RAY, Amy Eleanor 22/439
HALL, Arthur HALL, William Arthur 6/1551
HALL, Arthur Henry HALL, Alfred Henry 5/236
HALL, Charles Walter HALL, Clarence Walter 12599
HALL, Clarence Walter HALL, Charles Walter 12599
HALL, Frank HALL, William Atlas Francis 9/1850
HALL, Jack HALL, John 6/245
HALL, John HALL, Jack 6/245
HALL, Tukua HALL, A T (Darkie) 16/1235
HALL, William Arthur HALL, Arthur 6/1551
HALL, William Atlas Francis HALL, Frank 9/1850
HALPIN, James McALPIN, James 8/3676
HAMILTON, Percy ROACH, Patrick 8/1489
HAMMOND, Ernest HAMMOND, Henry Ernest 21423, 19/103
HAMMOND, Henry Ernest HAMMOND, Ernest 21423, 19/103
HANDLEY, Edward Hepburn HANDLEY, Erle Hepburn 8/1748
HANDLEY, Erle Hepburn HANDLEY, Edward Hepburn 8/1748
HANMER , Frank HANNAM, Frank 10/2629 (1012629 on CWGC)
HANNAM, Frank HANMER , Frank 10/2629 (1012629 on CWGC)
HANNAN, Patrick CURTIS, William 2/1306
HANSEN, Arthur James McDONALD, Arthur 21059
HANSEN, Carl HANSEN, Carl Valderman 18659
HANSEN, Carl Emile HANSEN, Charles 10/73
HANSEN, Carl Valderman HANSEN, Carl 18659
HANSEN, Charles HANSEN, Carl Emile 10/73
HAPUKU, Manukea HAPUKU, Maukea 19351
HAPUKU, Maukea HAPUKU, Manukea 19351
HARDING, Charles ARDEN, Charles Joseph 15897
HARDING, Charles ARDERN, Charles Joseph 15897
HARDING, Stephen HARDING, Stephen Albert Ernest 4/578
HARDING, Stephen Albert Ernest HARDING, Stephen 4/578
HARDY, Lancelot HARDY, Wilberforce Whitaker 15716
HARDY, Wilberforce Whitaker HARDY, Lancelot 15716
HARGEST, Marie Henrietta WILKIE, Marie Henrietta 22/48
HARLOWE, George Henry ADAMS, George Henry 6/250
HARNEY, William KEARNEY, William 8/771
HARPER, Alfred Stewart HARPER. Alfred 25/923
HARPER. Alfred HARPER, Alfred Stewart 25/923
HARRINGTON, Wilfred Catlin HARRINGTON, Wilfred Cattin 12528
HARRINGTON, Wilfred Cattin HARRINGTON, Wilfred Catlin 12528
HARRIS, Albert Victor HARRISS, Albert Victor 44907
HARRIS, Edith Annie SMITH, Edith Annie 22/30
HARRIS, George Thomas THOMAS, George 34945
HARRIS, Haidee Gwendoline Olivette EDGERLEY, Haidee Gwendoline Olivette 22/114
HARRIS, Jack ELLERY, Jack 25/1077
HARRIS, John Harold O'HARA, John Harold 69768
HARRIS, William KENDALL, John William 12/1095
HARRISON, George WESTROPP, George William 15539
HARRISON, Henry HARRISON, Henry August 16/1351
HARRISON, Henry August HARRISON, Henry 16/1351
HARRISON, Henry Jackson Parore HARRISON, Henry John 29616
HARRISON, Henry John HARRISON, Henry Jackson Parore 29616
HARRISON, Jack HARRISON, John 11/2437
HARRISON, John McGEAHAN, John 28339
HARRISON, John HARRISON, Jack 11/2437
HARRISON, John Kenrick CONNELL, John Daniel 10/2174
HARRISON-WILKIE, Ernest Leonard WILKE, Ernest Leonard 43931
HARRISS, Albert Victor HARRIS, Albert Victor 44907
HART, Gordon William CURTIS-HART, Gordon William 12397
HART, William Harry Victor HART, William Henry Victor 23/1660
HART, William Henry Victor HART, William Harry Victor 23/1660
HARTNELL, Walter Charles BROWN, Walter John 36945
HARTREE, William HARTREE, William Hamilton 17/81
HARTREE, William Hamilton HARTREE, William 17/81
HARVEY, Albion HARVEY, Frank Albion 1/653
HARVEY, Frank Albion HARVEY, Albion 1/653
HARVEY, John Glenor HARVEY, Victor John 39807
HARVEY, Victor John HARVEY, John Glenor 39807
HARVEY, William John ELLIS, William John 39636
HARVEY-ASHLEY, Herbert Edward NORTON, Herbert Edward 75596
HASELL, Lemuel Bechri HASELL, Leonard B 38911
HASELL, Leonard B HASELL, Lemuel Bechri 38911
HASLETT, Frank Jones JONES, Frank Haslett 11/410
HASTE, Maud Wilkinson WEBSTER, Maud Wilkinson 22/122
HASTE, Maude Wilkinson WEBSTER, Maude Wilkinson 22/122
HASTINGS, William John COPP, William John 6/2487
HAUGHEY, Charles CARTER, Charles 24529
HAVARD, Fred George HAVARD, Frederick George 12/2322
HAVARD, Frederick George HAVARD, Fred George 12/2322
HAWKEN, Ada Gilbert GILBERT-HAWKEN, Ada Gilbert 22/123
HAWKES, Alfred Ernest HAWKS, Alfred Ernest 38385
HAWKINS, Rugby HAWKINS, Rugby Baillie 46027
HAWKINS, Rugby Baillie HAWKINS, Rugby 46027
HAWKINS, William GRANT, Daniel 13/688
HAWKS, Alfred Ernest HAWKES, Alfred Ernest 38385
HAWORTH, Phyllis Rona HUMPHREYS, Phyllis Rona 22/94
HAY, Davina Mertel GUNN, Davina Mertel 22/239
HAYDON, Augustus HAYSON, Joseph Augustus 14/40
HAYES, Henry Arthur Grey HAYES, Henry Reuben Grey 41793
HAYES, Henry Reuben Grey HAYES, Henry Arthur Grey 41793
HAYES, John GREEN, John Francis 16/1492
HAYNES, Henry William HYNES, Henry William 12/2576
HAYSON, Joseph Augustus HAYDON, Augustus 14/40
HAZEL, William HINSHELWOOD, William 78485
HAZEL, William Piri HEPBURN, Stanley 27892
HEAD, Ernest Richard GREEN, William 49621
HEALD, Arthur William HEALD, Arthur William Benjamin 7/345
HEALD, Arthur William Benjamin HEALD, Arthur William 7/345
HEARFIELD, Leslie William HEARFIELD, William Leslie 11662
HEARFIELD, William Leslie HEARFIELD, Leslie William 11662
HEATH, Jack Amos HEATH, Jack Amurie 78505
HEATH, Jack Amurie HEATH, Jack Amos 78505
HEATH, Nan WESTON, Nan 22/447
HEATH, Robert HIITI, Ropata 19789
HEATHER, Harry HEATHER, Henry Samuel 11/1002, 24/2376
HEATHER, Henry Samuel HEATHER, Harry 11/1002, 24/2376
HEATHER, James STANLEY, James 23/1822
HEENA, Commie HEENA, Cormick 11466
HEENA, Cormick HEENA, Commie 11466
HEENEY, Arthur HEENEY, Arthur James 10038
HEENEY, Arthur James HEENEY, Arthur 10038
HEKE, Charles HEKE, Charlie 16/1527
HEKE, Charlie HEKE, Charles 16/1527
HEKEWARU, Muru MURU, Charlie Hekewaru 84698
HEMMING, Mabel * WRIGHT, Mabel 22/92
HEMMINGS, Mabel * WRIGHT, Mabel 22/92
HENDERSON, Gordon HENDERSON, Thomas Gordon 24/175
HENDERSON, Neil Robertson ROBERTSON, Neil 23/2586
HENDERSON, Thomas Gordon HENDERSON, Gordon 24/175
HENDLE, Frederick HENDLE, Frederick Walter 25154
HENDLE, Frederick Walter HENDLE, Frederick 25154
HENDRY, Desmond HENDRY, Francis Desmond 35639
HENDRY, Francis Desmond HENDRY, Desmond 35639
HENNESEY, John HENNESSY, Joseph 23179
HENNESEY, Michael HENNESSY, Michael 23/1407
HENNESSEY, John MULHOLLAND, Henry Ormond 24/1682
HENNESSY, Joseph HENNESEY, John 23179
HENNESSY, Michael HENNESEY, Michael 23/1407
HENNING, Gladys SANDFORD, Gladys 87100
HENNING, Leonard BROWN, Leonard 11/2130
HENRY, William LIM, William 14426
HEPBURN, Stanley HAZEL, William Piri 27892
HERBERT, Margaret Emily WHITFIELD, Margaret Emily 22/381
HERBERTE, George TANSWELL, George Herbert 44480
HEWITT, Elizabeth Glendinning WATTERS, Elizabeth Glendinning 22/400
HICK, Arthur Goodwill HICK, Arthur Goodwin 44640
HICK, Arthur Goodwin HICK, Arthur Goodwill 44640
HICK, Francis Thomas HICKS, Francis Thomas 48718
HICKEY, James PRIMATE, James 8/1819
HICKS, Francis Thomas HICK, Francis Thomas 48718
HIGGENS, Albert Edward STOREY, Albert Edward 3/2850
HIGGIN, Arthur Peter HIGGINS, Arthur 27013
HIGGINS, Arthur HIGGIN, Arthur Peter 27013
HIGGINS, Cuthbert James HIGGINS, James Cuthbert 42331
HIGGINS, James Cuthbert HIGGINS, Cuthbert James 42331
HIITI, Ropata HEATH, Robert 19789
HIKO, Jack KING, Jack 31275, 53030
HILL, Cuthbert HILL, Cuthbert Wyett 6/1316
HILL, Cuthbert Wyett HILL, Cuthbert 6/1316
HILL, Elizabeth Loosmore BAKER, Elizabeth Loosmore 22/514
HILL, George HILL, John George 53859
HILL, George William Gladwin STEAD, George William Gladwin 26/107
HILL, Herbert Frederick STEAD, George William Gladwin 26/107
HILL, Horace Sydney HILL, Sydney 24/787
HILL, Hubert SAUNDERSON, Hubert 67981
HILL, John George HILL, George 53859
HILL, Reginald Bernard HILL, Reginald Inkerman 10/374
HILL, Reginald Inkerman HILL, Reginald Bernard 10/374
HILL, Sydney HILL, Horace Sydney 24/787
HILLIER, Frank KING, John 6/1598
HINE, Tu TUAHINE, Tu 19479
HINSHELWOOD, William HAZEL, William 78485
HIRT, Harry HIRT, Henri Arthur 5/547a
HIRT, Henri Arthur HIRT, Harry 5/547a
HOBBS, Mary Eleanor DICK, Mary Eleanor 22/126
HODGSON, Charles Frederick WILLS, Jack 3/1369
HOFT, Friedrich Wilhelm HOLT, William 37579
HOGFLESH, Peter Aramac OXLEY, Peter Aramac 12/2430
HOGG, Harold Glanville HOGG, Harold Manville 10347
HOGG, Harold Manville HOGG, Harold Glanville 10347
HOLBEN, James G CLARK, Frank 2/400
HOLDER, Arthur HOLDER, Arthur Frederick 25874
HOLDER, Arthur Frederick HOLDER, Arthur 25874
HOLLAND, William George WELSH, George Alfred Frederick 70676
HOLLAND, William Henry HOWARD, William Henry 8/3921
HOLLIS, Henry HOLLIS, Herbert Henry 9/588
HOLLIS, Herbert Henry HOLLIS, Henry 9/588
HOLLOWAY, Harold Elphinstone HOLLOWAY, Howard Elphinstone 11/269
HOLLOWAY, Howard Elphinstone HOLLOWAY, Harold Elphinstone 11/269
HOLMES, Alfred Leslie HOLMES, Robert Alfred Leslie 9/935
HOLMES, Dora Kathleen DRUMMOND, Dora Kathleen 22/302
HOLMES, Percy MURPHY, James Hamilton 10/4044
HOLMES, Richard Clarence LENIHAN, Richard Clarence 70763
HOLMES, Robert Alfred Leslie HOLMES, Alfred Leslie 9/935
HOLMWOOD, Aileen MIDWOOD, Aileen 22/127
HOLT, Robert HOLT, Robert Charles 8/2620
HOLT, Robert Charles HOLT, Robert 8/2620
HOLT, William HOFT, Friedrich Wilhelm 37579
HOLTON, Josephine MANNERING, Josephine 22/545
HOMERSHAM, Wilfred HOMERSHAM, Wilfred Rainsford 17190
HOMERSHAM, Wilfred Rainsford HOMERSHAM, Wilfred 17190
HONEYCOMBE, Norman HONEYCOMBE, Norman Keith 16/1376
HONEYCOMBE, Norman Keith HONEYCOMBE, Norman 16/1376
HOO TAI, Timoti HOTAI, Timothy -
HOOPER, Ethel BELL, Ethel 22/128
HORAN, Francis Thomas HORAN, Frank 77979
HORAN, Frank HORAN, Francis Thomas 77979
HORTON, Decima HORTON, Decima Constance 22/129
HORTON, Decima Constance HORTON, Decima 22/129
HORTON, George HORTON, Noel George 20349
HORTON, Noel George HORTON, George 20349
HOSKIN, Artileur HOSKIN, Artilner 11/1278
HOSKIN, Artilner HOSKIN, Artileur 11/1278
HOTAI, Timothy HOO TAI, Timoti -
HOVEY, Mary Fordyce Strachan MILNE, Mary Fordyce Strachan 22/346
HOWARD, Alan HOWARD, Allen Matapiro 11/281
HOWARD, Allen Matapiro HOWARD, Alan 11/281
HOWARD, Frank PRICE, Frank 7/1476
HOWARD, John HOWARD, John Alex 11/1713
HOWARD, John Alex HOWARD, John 11/1713
HOWARD, Tere BORELL, James 19990
HOWARD, William Henry HOLLAND, William Henry 8/3921
HOWARD, William W WOOD, Howard William Walter 6/1878
HOW-CHOW, Eng King HOW-CHOW, George 54750
HOW-CHOW, George HOW-CHOW, Eng King 54750
HOWDEN, Cecil HOWDEN, Cecil Ritchie 11/1443
HOWDEN, Cecil Ritchie HOWDEN, Cecil 11/1443
HOWELL, Gertrude Amelia FRANKS, Gertrude Amelia 22/433
HOWIG, Gustav SHELTON, George William 12/759
HUGHES, Arthur HUGHES, Arthur Hugo 5/336
HUGHES, Arthur Frederick Thomas HUGHES, Arthur Frederick Tom 46947
HUGHES, Arthur Frederick Tom HUGHES, Arthur Frederick Thomas 46947
HUGHES, Arthur Hugo HUGHES, Arthur 5/336
HUGHES, Evan Leslie HUGHES, Leslie Evan 31279
HUGHES, Fred HUGHES, Wilfred James 10/3602
HUGHES, George Henry SARSFIELD, George Henry 44376
HUGHES, Leslie Evan HUGHES, Evan Leslie 31279
HUGHES, Nora Leslie TOMBLESON, Nora Leslie 22/160a
HUGHES, Wilfred James HUGHES, Fred 10/3602
HULME, Harry HULME, Henry James 26/801, 12/171
HULME, Henry James HULME, Harry 26/801, 12/171
HULT, Charles HULTENBERG, Karl Folke 3/114
HULTENBERG, Karl Folke HULT, Charles 3/114
HUME, James STEELE, James Hume 23/2007
HUMPHREYS, Phyllis Rona HAWORTH, Phyllis Rona 22/94
HUMPHRIES, George Henry PICKETT, George Henry 8/86
HUNT, Albert HUNT, Albert Edward James 11287
HUNT, Albert Edward James HUNT, Albert 11287
HUNT, Edwin William WALKER, William 8/4499
HUNT, John HUNT, John Hudspith 2/1944
HUNT, John Hudspith HUNT, John 2/1944
HUNT, Klein HUNT, William Klien 10/32
HUNT. William Klien HUNT, Klein 10/32
HUNTER, James RAYNES, James A 8/1265
HUNTER, John MILLWARD, James Arthur 10/108
HUNTER, John Alexander LEGGAT, John Alexander 43547
HURIWAHA, George HURIWAKA, George 16/1238
HURIWAKA, George HURIWAHA, George 16/1238
HURLEY, Walter Henry DENBY, Walter Henry 29/401
HURLIMANN, Edward HURLIMANN, Edward Albert 11/2325
HURLIMANN, Edward Albert HURLIMANN, Edward 11/2325
HUTCHINSON, Harry George HUTCHINSON, Henry George 17075
HUTCHINSON, Henry George HUTCHINSON, Harry George 17075
HUTSON, Myrtle GALLOWAY, Myrtle 22/328
HUTTON, Charlie Cyrus HUTTON, Cyrus Charles 28485
HUTTON, Cyrus Charles HUTTON, Charlie Cyrus 28485
HUXTABLE, Henry HUXTABLE, Huxtable 12/4198
HUXTABLE, Huxtable HUXTABLE, Henry 12/4198
HYNES, Henry William HAYNES, Henry William 12/2576
HYSLOP, Ninian Steel HYSLOP, Vivian Steel 11/284
HYSLOP, Vivian Steel HYSLOP, Ninian Steel 11/284
ILLINGWORTH, Mabel M COATES, Mabel M 22/355
INGATU, Moeka MOEKAA 84545
INGLES, Olivia Helen COOK, Olivia Helen 22/242
INGLIS, Katherine Frances KITCHING, Katherine Frances 22/135
INGLIS, Tracey Russell TRACEY-INGLIS, Russell 3/745
INGRAM, Claude INGRAM, Stephen Claude 54512
INGRAM, Stephen Claude INGRAM, Claude 54512
IORANGI, Pitian IORANGI, Pitiau 19243
IORANGI, Pitiau IORANGI, Pitian 19243
IRVING, Frederick Albert VEAR, Frederick Albert 19191
ISAAC, Herbert Cyril ISAACS, Herbert Cyril 12/2185
ISAACS, Herbert Cyril ISAAC, Herbert Cyril 12/2185
JACK, Alexander Harry JACK, Alexander Henry 26/816
JACK, Alexander Henry JACK, Alexander Harry 26/816
JACK, Francis James JACK, Frank 72941
JACK, Frank JACK, Francis James 72941
JACKSON, Charles ROSE, Charles 8/4151
JACKSON, Frederick Garfield TILYARD, Frederick Garfield 23309
JACKSON, Mildred Doris DELLER, Mildred Doris 22/406
JACKWAYS, Cyril JACKWAYS, Cyril Adams 22036
JACKWAYS, Cyril Adams JACKWAYS, Cyril 22036
JACOBSEN, Oscar Mayor Lind JACOBSON, Oscar Mayor Lind 69600
JACOBSON, Oscar Mayor Lind JACOBSEN, Oscar Mayor Lind 69600
JAKES, Louis SMITH, James 28219
JAMES , Leonard LEONARD, James Joseph 40008
JAMES, Arthur * FAGAN, John Alphege 12/1087
JAMES, Cornelius NICHOLAS, James Cornelius 13/278
JAMES, Louis Horace BREMNER, Louis Horace 66221
JAMES, William McMINN, William Robert 6/790
JAMIESON, William Spence CHRISTIE, James 8/159
JANSEN, Frank Gordon JENSEN, Frank Gordon 15306
JANSEN, George James SMITH, George James 6/544
JARDINE, Herman GARDINER, Herman 7/478
JAY, Ralph Thomas JAY-AUSTIN, Ralph Thomas 23431, 12/1441a, 2/1441a
JAY-AUSTIN, Ralph Thomas JAY, Ralph Thomas 23431, 12/1441a, 2/1441a
JEFFERSON, Frank JEFFERSON, William 12/3695
JEFFERSON, William JEFFERSON, Frank 12/3695
JEFFERY, James JEFFREY, James 8/2628
JEFFREY, James JEFFERY, James 8/2628
JENKINS, Frank JENKINS, Frank Victor 25885
JENKINS, Frank Victor JENKINS, Frank 25885
JENKINS, George Edward JENKINS, George Ernest 40009
JENKINS, George Ernest JENKINS, George Edward 40009
JENNINGS, Edgar McIvor JENNINGS, Edward McIvor 10/136
JENNINGS, Edward McIvor JENNINGS, Edgar McIvor 10/136
JENSEN, Ernest JENSON, Ernest 39823
JENSEN, Ernest TENSEN, Ernest 39823
JENSEN, Frank Gordon JANSEN, Frank Gordon 15306
JENSEN, Neilsene Marie CHAPPELL, Neilsene Marie 22/396
JENSEN, William Frederick JENSON, William Frederick 27906
JENSON, Ernest JENSEN, Ernest 39823
JENSON, William Frederick JENSEN, William Frederick 27906
JENSSEN, Rose NEWDICK, Rose 22/84
JEPSEN, Otto JEPSON, Otto 22809
JEPSON, Otto JEPSEN, Otto 22809
JESSEP, Lilian KAY, Lilian 22/372
JOHANSEN, Anders Johan JOHNSON, Andrew John 38708
JOHANSEN, Carl Oscar JOHANSSON, Carl Oscar 12/1998
JOHANSON, Hock JOHANSON, Oscar Herman 12/2347
JOHANSON, Oscar Herman JOHANSON, Hock 12/2347
JOHANSSON, Carl Oscar JOHANSEN, Carl Oscar 12/1998
JOHNS, William JOHNS, William Thomas 25/551
JOHNS, William Thomas JOHNS, William 25/551
JOHNSON, Alexander JOHNSON, Alexander Porter Browning 34864
JOHNSON, Alexander Porter Browning JOHNSON, Alexander 34864
JOHNSON, Andrew John JOHANSEN, Anders Johan 38708
JOHNSON, Eric Le Roy LE ROY-JOHNSON, Eric 13/1055
JOHNSON, George Edward WOOLLEY, George Edward 2/1359
JOHNSON, John Walker JOHNSON, John Walter 13/2822
JOHNSON, John Walter JOHNSON, John Walker 13/2822
JOHNSON, Sam JOHNSON, Samuel 20359
JOHNSON, Samuel JOHNSON, Sam 20359
JOHNSON, Sidney Walter JOHNSON, Sydney Walter 12/1685
JOHNSON, Sydney Walter JOHNSON, Sidney Walter 12/1685
JOHNSON, Walter JOHNSTONE, Walter Palmerston 12/2748
JOHNSON, William JOHNSON, William Charles 8/408
JOHNSON, William Charles JOHNSON, William 8/408
JOHNSTON, Carlisle JOHNSTONE, Keith Carlyle 12/2350
JOHNSTON, Robert PAISLEY, Robert 8/3931
JOHNSTONE, Duncan JOHNSTONE, Duncan McPherson 9/507
JOHNSTONE, Duncan McPherson JOHNSTONE, Duncan 9/507
JOHNSTONE, Gladys Mary ANDERSON, Gladys Mary -
JOHNSTONE, Keith Carlyle JOHNSTON, Carlisle 12/2350
JOHNSTONE, Robert COBAIN, D R J 9/1188
JOHNSTONE, Robert COBAIN, David Edward Robert Johnston 9/1188
JOHNSTONE, Terence John CASEY, Michael 33835
JOHNSTONE, Walter Palmerston JOHNSON, Walter 12/2748
JOHNSYN, Frederick FLETCHER, Francis Jocelyn Johnstone 12/1856
JOLL, Harry Langden JOLL, Harry Langdon 11/892
JOLL, Harry Langdon JOLL, Harry Langden 11/892
JONES, Frank Haslett HASLETT, Frank Jones 11/410
JONES, Frederick David AMENDOLA, Andrew Charles 6/3974
JONES, James Henry JUNGE, Louis Alexander 35484
JONES, John JONES, John McNamara 7/1484, 11/67
JONES, John McNamara JONES, John 7/1484, 11/67
JONES, Percy JONES, Percy James 22993
JONES, Percy James JONES, Percy 22993
JONES, Robert David EVANS, Robert David 11678
JONES, William CUTHBERTSON, William Ronald Macrae 12/2566
JORDAN, Edgar Percy GORDON, Edgar Percy 7/336
JUNGE, Louis Alexander JONES, James Henry 35484
JURY, Len TURI, Rena 16/45

** - This is my Grandmothers half brother, Herbert Thomas TURNER who was brought up by Joseph Woodhouse BEVINS and his his mother Emma Fanny nee TURNER. He was born 19 March 1892 father unknown. Joe & Fanny married 5 Jan 1893. Herbert was known as Herbert or Bert Bevins!! I have never found out why he went under this name but found the two numbers each side of him 28465 & 28467 were both GREEN.....Allan Frederick & Wilmot Cornelius. (Coral)

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