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Albert MARSDEN, born 17 February 1888 in Dunedin, died 10 January 1977 in Dunedin, buried at Andersons Bay Cemetery.
He enrolled under the name of James HUGHES, single, of Chevannes Hotel in Wanganui. He was on the Nominal Roll Volume 1, 7th Draft. He was a Gunner in the Field Artillery, No. 2/2158. He concealed his name change by using his sister, Mrs W H Russell of 35 Bay St in Petone as next of kin, although his mother was still alive. Regards Bill Marsden

In the Magistrate's Court to-day judgment was given in the adjourned cases of Max Adolph HARTMONT, formerly HIRSCHURG, and Richard Charles VERNON, formerly Richard Carl ZIMMERMAN, charged with a breach of the war regulations in that they,being for the purpose of the Act an alien enemy, did change their names contrary to the regulations. The magistrate (Mr Bishop) was assured that the change of name by the defendants was not made with any ulterior motive, and each defendant was fined 40s and costs.

KAHAKI, Anaru Nganaia KAHAKI, Anaru Nganora 16/625
KAHAKI, Anaru Nganora KAHAKI, Anaru Nganaia 16/625
KAHUKORE, Charles KAHUKORE, Charlie 16/147
KAHUKORE, Charlie KAHUKORE, Charles 16/147
KANE, James Keir KANE, James Kerr 9/541
KANE, James Kerr KANE, James Keir 9/541
KAY, Lilian JESSEP, Lilian 22/372
KAY, Robert EVERARD, Robert 59916
KEAN, Richard Chambers KNOWLES, Richard Chambers 3/3010
KEARNEY, William HARNEY, William 8/771
KEATING, Edward Augustin KEATING, Horace Edward 48220
KEATING, Horace Edward KEATING, Edward Augustin 48220
KEEFE, Albert Henry KEFFE, Albert Henry 12/3698
KEEFE, Edgar Joseph KEEFFE, Edgar Joseph 7/857
KEEFFE, Edgar Joseph KEEFE, Edgar Joseph 7/857
KEENAN, Francis KEENAN, Frank 12410
KEENAN, Frank KEENAN, Francis 12410
KEFFE, Albert Henry KEEFE, Albert Henry 12/3698
KEIRNS, Edward Joseph CAIRNS, Peter Joseph 35757
KEISENBERG, Ernest Alexander VON KEISENBERG, Ernest Alexander 72068
KELLEHER, James KELLY, James 26/1631, 27650
KELLY, Charles KELLY, Charles Edward Robert 19/317, 24842
KELLY, Charles Edward Robert KELLY, Charles 19/317, 24842
KELLY, Denis KELLY, Dennis 23391
KELLY, Dennis KELLY, Denis 23391
KELLY, James KELLEHER, James 26/1631, 27650
KELLY, Percival John KELLY, Percy John 34087
KELLY, Percy John KELLY, Percival John 34087
KELLY, Thomas GRENNELL, Richard P 10/3315
KELSALL, Charles CARROLL, Charles 73264
KENDALL, John William HARRIS, William 12/1095
KENNEDY, Albert Sefton MONTEITH, Albert Sefton 6/2212
KENNEDY, Alfred Allan KENNEDY, Frederick Ainsley 22041
KENNEDY, Frederick Ainsley KENNEDY, Alfred Allan 22041
KENNEDY, George John KENNEDY, John George 13598
KENNEDY, Hugh Joseph LOCKE, John 7/1096
KENNEDY, Hugh Joseph LOCKE, Hugh Joseph 7/1096
KENNEDY, John George KENNEDY, George John 13598
KENNEDY, John William VALENTINE, Sidney Herbert 12/1447
KENNEDY, Thomas KENNEDY, Thomas Erroll Sheehan 1/28
KENNEDY, Thomas Erroll Sheehan KENNEDY, Thomas 1/28
KERI KORI, Kautuntabewa 84477
KERR, Alan Grainger KERR, Allen 11/957
KERR, Alfred William LYDDIARD, Alfred William 2/676
KERR, Allen KERR, Alan Grainger 11/957
KERRISK, James KERRISK, James Patrick 25166
KERRISK, James Patrick KERRISK, James 25166
KERSLAKE, William Henry THURLOW, William Henry 10/1545
KHAN, Jamal KHAN, Taj Mahomed 19482
KHAN, Taj Mahomed KHAN, Jamal 19482
KIDMAN, Elsie Margaret DONALD, Elsie Margaret 22/228
KILBRIDE, William Gregory KILLBRIDE, William Gregory 10/3622
KILLBRIDE, William Gregory KILBRIDE, William Gregory 10/3622
KILLOCH, John BELL, John 24/688
KILMISTER, Robert Winford KILMISTER, Winfred Robert 13/3094
KILMISTER, Winfred Robert KILMISTER, Robert Winford 13/3094
KING, George KING, George Robert Stuart 24/2015
KING, George Robert Stuart KING, George 24/2015
KING, Jack HIKO, Jack 31275, 53030
KING, Jack KING, John Ambrose 34089
KING, John HILLIER, Frank 6/1598
KING, John Ambrose KING, Jack 34089
KING, Leslie CLOVER, William Leslie 10613
KING, Richard KING, Richard John 68968
KING, Richard John KING, Richard 68968
KING, Roy KING, Thomas Lawrence Roy 4/1125
KING, Thomas Lawrence Roy KING, Roy 4/1125
KING, William Leslie CLOVER, William Leslie 10613
KINLOCH, Henry KINLOCK, Henry 58886
KINLOCK, Henry KINLOCH, Henry 58886
KIRBY, John DEAN, John 11051
KIRI KIRI, Naere KIRIKIRI, Naero 19253
KIRIKIRI, Henare KIRIKIRI, Henry 16/639
KIRIKIRI, Henry KIRIKIRI, Henare 16/639
KIRIKIRI, Naero KIRI KIRI, Naere 19253
KIRITAKAU, Taneao TANEAO 16/1201
KITCHING, Katherine Frances INGLIS, Katherine Frances 22/135
KITTELTY, Mabel Eliza Jane NORTH, Mabel Eliza Jane 22/136
KITTERIDGE, William Albert John RUSSELL, John William 51073
KJAER, Jim Andrew KJAR, Jens Andreas 6/666
KJAR, Jens Andreas KJAER, Jim Andrew 6/666
KJOSS, Karl CURTISS, Charles 23145
KJOSS, Karl CURTISS, Karl 23145
KLINK, Victor KLINK, Victor Onslow Alan 12612
KLINK, Victor Onslow Alan KLINK, Victor 12612
KNIGHT, Arthur KNIGHT, Arthur Roman 23193
KNIGHT, Arthur Roman KNIGHT, Arthur 23193
KNIGHT, Stanley KNIGHTS, Stanley 4/121
KNIGHTS, Stanley KNIGHT, Stanley 4/121
KNOWLES, Richard Chambers KEAN, Richard Chambers 3/3010
KNOWLES, William Charles KNOWLES, William Charles Bain 27520
KNOWLES, William Charles Bain KNOWLES, William Charles 27520
KORI, Kautuntabewa KERI 84477
KU, Sefa TUKUAHO 16/1144
KUHTZE, Carl Theodore COUTTS, Carl Theodore 10238
KUHTZE, Max Walter COUTTS, Max Walter 3/2462
KYLE, Henry Stanilaus DALTON, Henry 31976
KYLE, Henry Stanislaus DALTON, Henry 31976
LACEY, Horace LACEY, Horace Lindsay 11885
LACEY, Horace Lindsay LACEY, Horace 11885
LAIRD, Leonard Frank LAIRD, Leonard John 89005
LAIRD, Leonard John LAIRD, Leonard Frank 89005
LAKE, Edward John BLAKE, Edmund John Small 23/476
LAMBERT, Charles Tuhoe LAMBERT, Thomas 16/16
LAMBERT, Thomas LAMBERT, Charles Tuhoe 16/16
LAMONT, Leonard LAMONT, Wallace 82684
LAMONT, Wallace LAMONT, Leonard 82684
LAMPARD, James GAMBLING, James 10/3929
LANCE, James GUBBINS, Launcelot Russell 2/746
LANDYMORE, George LANDYMORE, George Edward 27774
LANDYMORE, George Edward LANDYMORE, George 27774
LANE, Philip Vaugh MONK, Philip Vaughan 75778
LARSEN, Fritjof LAWSON, Frederick 10/1557
LAUD, Edmund John LORD, Edmund John 13/827
LAUGESEN, Theodore Christian LAUGESEN, Thomas Christian 13/924
LAUGESEN, Thomas Christian LAUGESEN, Theodore Christian 13/924
LAUGESEN, Waldemar LAUGESEN, Walter William 16415
LAUGESEN, Walter William LAUGESEN, Waldemar 16415
LAURIE, Frank Hamilton Stobo LAWRIE, Frank Hamilton Stobo 8/3668
LAW, Jessie Rachel THOMSON, Jessie Rachel 22/544
LAW, Joseph LAW, Joseph Ormond 13/387
LAW, Joseph Ormond LAW, Joseph 13/387
LAWRIE, Frank Hamilton Stobo LAURIE, Frank Hamilton Stobo 8/3668
LAWSON, Frederick LARSEN, Fritjof 10/1557
LE COMPTE, David LE COMTE, David 4/1446
LE COMTE, David LE COMPTE, David 4/1446
LE COMTE, Onsvey De St Croix LIGHT, Onslow De St Croix 2/1721
LE CREN, Hubert Ernest LE'CREN, Hubert Ernest 1/691
LE GALLAIS, Charlotte GARDNER, Charlotte 22/137
LE LIEVRE, Cyril Eugene LELIEVRE, Cyril Eugene 26/353
LE LIEVRE, Maurice James LE-LIEVRE, Maurice James 7/1258
LE ROY-DYSON, Sydney Harold DYSON, Samuel Henry 10/2122
LE ROY-JOHNSON, Eric JOHNSON, Eric Le Roy 13/1055
LEACH, John LEACH, John Mason 20724
LEACH, John Mason LEACH, John 20724
LEADBEATER, William LEADBETTER, William Henry 25895
LEADBETTER, William Henry LEADBEATER, William 25895
LE'CREN, Hubert Ernest LE CREN, Hubert Ernest 1/691
LEE, Albert LEE, Albert Henry 10/2204
LEE, Albert Henry LEE, Albert 10/2204
LEE, Charles Henry CULVER, Richard John Seddon 63623
LEGGAT, John Alexander HUNTER, John Alexander 43547
LEITCH, Neil McKENZIE, Neil Leitch 24/1711
LELIEVRE, Cyril Eugene LE LIEVRE, Cyril Eugene 26/353
LE-LIEVRE, Maurice James LE LIEVRE, Maurice James 7/1258
LEMAN, John LEMON, John 12932
LEMON, John LEMAN, John 12932
LENIHAN, Richard Clarence HOLMES, Richard Clarence 70763
LENNIE, Wynnifred Maud STRONACH, Wynnifred Maud 22/177
LEONARD, James Joseph JAMES , Leonard 40008
LEVINGE, Marcus LEVINGE, Marcus Henry Tenison Tinte 12419
LEVINGE, Marcus LEVINGE, Marcus Henry Tenison Tuite 12419
LEVINGE, Marcus Henry Tenison Tinte LEVINGE, Marcus 12419
LEVINGE, Marcus Henry Tenison Tuite LEVINGE, Marcus 12419
LEWIS, Edith Hilda MACLEOD, Edith Hilda 22/535
LEWIS, Sidney LEWIS, Sydney 23/809
LEWIS, Sydney LEWIS, Sidney 23/809
LEWIS, Thomas James Henry SPARKS, Thomas 6/1724
LIFFITON, Christian Farquharson Garden MACLEAN, Christian Farquharson Garden 22/284
LIGHT, Onslow De St Croix LE COMTE, Onsvey De St Croix 2/1721
LIM, William HENRY, William 14426
LINCOLN, Reginald LINCOLN, Reginald Abe 12/4215
LINCOLN, Reginald Abe LINCOLN, Reginald 12/4215
LINDEGAR, William John LINDY, William John 8/2041
LINDSAY, Edwin James LINDSAY, James 6/4086
LINDSAY, James LINDSAY, Edwin James 6/4086
LINDY, William John LINDEGAR, William John 8/2041
LINLEY, Lewis LINLEY, Lewis Frederick 57905
LINLEY, Lewis Frederick LINLEY, Lewis 57905
LITTLE, Charles Frederick LITTLE, Frederick 4/1445
LITTLE, Frederick LITTLE, Charles Frederick 4/1445
LITTLE, Violet MCCOSH-SMITH, Violet 22/141
LITTLER, Edward William LITTLER, William Edmund 61689
LITTLER, William Edmund LITTLER, Edward William 61689
LIVINGSTON, Charles Murdoch LIVINGSTONE, Charles Murdock 9/1890
LIVINGSTONE, Charles Murdock LIVINGSTON, Charles Murdoch 9/1890
LOCKE, Hugh Joseph KENNEDY, Hugh Joseph 7/1096
LOCKE, John KENNEDY, Hugh Joseph 7/1096
LOCKSTONE, Reginald LOCKSTONE, Reginald Hunter Ward 10620
LOCKSTONE, Reginald Hunter Ward LOCKSTONE, Reginald 10620
LOGAN, Patrick LOGAN, William James 2/1363
LOGAN, William James LOGAN, Patrick 2/1363
LORD, Edmund John LAUD, Edmund John 13/827
LOUGHLIN, James Archibald McLOUGHLIN, James Archiblad 10/2696
LOVE, Albert Eric LOVE, Eric Albert 43042
LOVE, Eric Albert LOVE, Albert Eric 43042
LOVEGROVE, Robert STAFFORD, Robert 30245
LOVERING, William Lowe Lugg LOWE, William 34391
LOW, James LOWE, James 30956
LOW, Norman Wallace LOW, Norman Walles 2/2187
LOW, Norman Walles LOW, Norman Wallace 2/2187
LOW, Winifred Jane WILSON, Winifred Jane 22/472
LOWE, James LOW, James 30956
LOWE, William LOVERING, William Lowe Lugg 34391
LOWRY, Harry LOWRY, William Henry Dunn 23/197
LOWRY, William Henry Dunn LOWRY, Harry 23/197
LYDDIARD, Alfred William KERR, Alfred William 2/676
LYE, Wilkin Leonard Allen LYE, William Leonard Allen 26/838
LYE, William Leonard Allen LYE, Wilkin Leonard Allen 26/838
MABERLEY, Henrietta Barbara WARD, Henrietta Barbara 22/253
MABLEY, Leslie William Pearce MABLY, Leslie William Pearce 17308
MABLY, Leslie William Pearce MABLEY, Leslie William Pearce 17308
MACALLISTER, Douglas Walker-Smith McALLISTER, Douglas Walker-Smith 23/219
MACARTHUR, Francis Edward THORNTON, Frank 8/4496
MACDONALD, Kenneth McDONALD, Kenneth 10/1891
MACDONALD, Neil McDONALD, Neil 8/2519
MacDONALD, Robert McDONALD, Robert 8/1874
MACGREGOR, Katherine PEEK, Katherine 22/208
MACINTYRE, Catherine Agnes DUNCAN, Catherine Agnes 22/210
MACKAY, Frederick John Dawson PREBBLE, Frederick John Dawson 47454
MacKAY, George William McKAY, George 7/1877
MACKAY, John MACKI, Honi 19452
MACKAY, John McKAY, John 10/3012
MACKAY, Leonard Lyle BRUNT, Leonard Lyle * 52236
MACKAY, Leonard Lyle VAN BRUNT, Leonard Lyle * 52236
MACKENZIE, Alexander Fraser McKENZIE, Alexander Fraser 25/790
MACKENZIE, Annie DRAPER, Annie 22/417
MacKENZIE, Donald McKENZIE, Donald 8/2078
MacKENZIE, Ian Roy McKENZIE, Ian Roy 8/2990
MACKENZIE, Jack WILLIAMS, John Frederick 8/2991
MACKENZIE, John McKENZIE, John 32212
MacKENZIE, Walter Michael McKENZIE, Walter Michael 8/80
MACKENZIE, William John McKENZIE, William John 11/406
MACKERCHAR, Ann Cameron CHESNEY, Ann Cameron 22/395
MACKESSACK, James MACKESSACK, James Trotter Gilzean 13/409
MACKESSACK, James Trotter Gilzean MACKESSACK, James 13/409
MACKEY, Kirihona MAKI, Kirihona 16/867
MACKEY, Ralph Merrill DAVIS, William 63573
MACKEY, Ralph Merrill DAVIS, William Ralph 63573
MACKI, Honi MACKAY, John 19452
MACKINNON, James McKINNON, James 54147
MACKINNON, Wilfred Eugor Gibson McRAE, William John 12452
MACKMURDO, Hubert Ernest MacMURDO, Hubert Ernest 32687
MACLEAN, Christian Farquharson Garden LIFFITON, Christian Farquharson Garden 22/284
MacLEAN, Finlay McLEAN, Finlay 38200
MACLEOD, Edith Hilda LEWIS, Edith Hilda 22/535
MacLEOD, Louis McLEOD, Louis Augustine Bernard 31875
MACLEOD, William McLEOD, William 6/500
MACLEODSMITH, Gordon * SMITH, David 73527
MACLEOD-SMITH, Gordon * SMITH, David 73527
MacMILLAN, James McMILLAN, James 10/1592
MacMURDO, Hubert Ernest MACKMURDO, Hubert Ernest 32687
MACNAMARA, Thomas MACNAMARA, Thomas Francis 6/1664
MACNAMARA, Thomas Francis MACNAMARA, Thomas 6/1664
MACPHEE, Archibald McPHEE, Archibald 28287
MACPHERSON, William MACPHERSON, William Ross 2/1645
MACPHERSON, William Ross MACPHERSON, William 2/1645
MACRAE, Alexander McRAE, Alexander 38199
MacRAE, John McRAE, John 40831
MacRAE, Joseph William McRAE, Joseph William 2/2329
MACRAE, Samuel Angus McRAE, Samuel Angus 25/25
MACVICAR, Donald McVICAR, David 3/1058
MADDOCK, Charles MADDOCK, John Stephen 12/4050
MADDOCK, John Stephen MADDOCK, Charles 12/4050
MADIGAN, Edward Ernest MADIGAN, Ernest Edward McConnell 12/3754
MADIGAN, Ernest Edward McConnell MADIGAN, Edward Ernest 12/3754
MADSEN, Thorold MADSEN, Thorwald 38557
MADSEN, Thorwald MADSEN, Thorold 38557
MAGEE, Samuel Russell MCGEE, Samuel Russell -
MAHER, Andrew MARR, Andrew 4/1363
MAHOA NAHI, Mahoa 16/1212
MAHONEY, Edmund Lancelot George MAHONY, Edmund Lancelot George 13/1066
MAHONEY, Patrick Joseph MAHONY, Patrick Joseph 64544
MAHONY, Edmund Lancelot George MAHONEY, Edmund Lancelot George 13/1066
MAHONY, Patrick Joseph MAHONEY, Patrick Joseph 64544
MAKI, Kirihona MACKEY, Kirihona 16/867
MALCOLM, Olive TILLEY, Olive 22/252
MALCOLM-WINKELMANN, Arthur Charles Terrence WINKLEMANN, Arthur Charles Terrence 3/3480
MALLOY, Alfred Edward EDWARDS, Alfred 23/1509
MALONEY, Michael MOLONEY, Michael 23206
MANN, Cryil Herbert ELLISON, Cecil Herbert 10/1565
MANNERING, Josephine HOLTON, Josephine 22/545
MANNING, Joseph William Amesbury MANNING, William 43560
MANNING, William MANNING, Joseph William Amesbury 43560
MANTELL, Louis Watford WATSON, James 75713
MANUEL, Josiah MANUERA, Hohia 16/656, 1/194
MANUERA, Hohia MANUEL, Josiah 16/656, 1/194
MAPSTON, Walter Richard PARFITT, Walter Richard 36993
MARCHANT, John Allman MARTIN, John Allman 26/1043
MARKS, Henry Samuel MARKS, Sam 8/3341
MARKS, Sam MARKS, Henry Samuel 8/3341
MARR, Andrew MAHER, Andrew 4/1363
MARSH, Edward MARSH, Norman Eddystone 29817
MARSH, Norman Eddystone MARSH, Edward 29817
MARTIN, Alfred BASHFORD, Herbert 72075
MARTIN, Andrew Thomas MARTIN, Tom -
MARTIN, Frances THOMSON, Frances 22/337
MARTIN, Harold MARTIN, Thomas Henry 10/2004
MARTIN, John Allman MARCHANT, John Allman 26/1043
MARTIN, Michael Patrick MARTIN, Richard Lawrence 4/1447
MARTIN, Ranald Lindsay Henry MARTIN, Ronald Henry Lindsay 10/402
MARTIN, Ranald Lindsay Henry MARTIN, Ronald Lindsay Henry 10/402
MARTIN, Richard Lawrence MARTIN, Michael Patrick 4/1447
MARTIN, Ronald Henry Lindsay MARTIN, Ranald Lindsay Henry 10/402
MARTIN, Ronald Lindsay Henry MARTIN, Ranald Lindsay Henry 10/402
MARTIN, Thomas Henry MARTIN, Harold 10/2004
MARTIN, Thomas Henry THOMAS, Harold 10/2004
MARTIN, Tom MARTIN, Andrew Thomas -
MASON, John MASON, Victor Martin John 24/1112
MASON, Victor Martin John MASON, John 24/1112
MATAWHATI, Taiehu TUHAKARAINI, Taiehu Harry 84745
MATENGA, Opai MATENGA, Waata 60566
MATENGA, Waata MATENGA, Opai 60566
MATHER, Athal Byrt Wilfred MATHER, Athelbert Wilfred 10/1133
MATHER, Athelbert Wilfred MATHER, Athal Byrt Wilfred 10/1133
MATTHEW, Robert Cooke COOK, Robert 24/1960
MAUAHARA, Bill Taniwha TANIWHA, Mohi 60571
MAXFIELD, Bessie WEST, Bessie 22/421
MAXWELL, Henry Herbert MAZURE, Alphonse Henri 54408
MAYNE, Ronald Henry YEEND, Henry William 12/2029
MAZURE, Alphonse Henri MAXWELL, Henry Herbert 54408
McALLISTER, Douglas Walker-Smith MACALLISTER, Douglas Walker-Smith 23/219
McALPIN, James HALPIN, James 8/3676
McALPINE, Leslie Duncan McALPINE, Leslie George 12/2046
McALPINE, Leslie George McALPINE, Leslie Duncan 12/2046
McATEER, Charles Joseph McATEER, Michael Raymond 63474
McATEER, Michael Raymond McATEER, Charles Joseph 63474
McCABE, William John McCAIG, William John 12/2408
McCAIG, William John McCABE, William John 12/2408
McCLEAN, Thomas McLEAN, Thomas 50033
McCLUE, Alexander McCLUE, Robert 9/58, 15091
McCLUE, Robert McCLUE, Alexander 9/58, 15091
McCLURE, Bertie McCLURE, Jones Bertie 4/797
McCLURE, Jones Bertie McCLURE, Bertie 4/797
McCOLL, Thomas BURNEY, Thomas 30390
MCCOSH-SMITH, Violet LITTLE, Violet 22/141
McCOWAN, Hugh Stewart STEWART, Hugh 47092
McCRAE, James McGREGOR, John 36655
McCURDY, Henry John EWINGTON-BELL, Henry John 58411
McDERMOTT, Ernest McDERMOTT, Ernest Cowper 16175
McDERMOTT, Ernest Cowper McDERMOTT, Ernest 16175
McDONALD, Allan McDONALD, Allan Carson 82448
McDONALD, Allan Carson McDONALD, Allan 82448
McDONALD, Arthur HANSEN, Arthur James 21059
McDONALD, John McGOWAN, John 19/162
McDONALD, Joseph McDONALD, Joseph Brady 78620
McDONALD, Joseph Brady McDONALD, Joseph 78620
McDONALD, Kenneth MACDONALD, Kenneth 10/1891
McDONALD, Neil MACDONALD, Neil 8/2519
McDONALD, Robert MacDONALD, Robert 8/1874
McDONALD, Robert James McGLINN, Robert James 13/928
McDOUGALL, Donald SPALDING, Warner Cameron 2/1245
McEWEN, Duncan McEWEN, Duncan Fairfax 27557
McEWEN, Duncan Fairfax McEWEN, Duncan 27557
McEWEN, Frank McEWEN, Frank Victor 12/187
McEWEN, Frank Victor McEWEN, Frank 12/187
McFARLAND, Robert Roderick Crighton Corbett McFARLAND, Roderick Crighton 12811
McFARLAND, Roderick Crighton McFARLAND, Robert Roderick Crighton Corbett 12811
McFARLANE, Waldemer Julius McFARLANE, Walter 10280
McFARLANE, Walter McFARLANE, Waldemer Julius 10280
McFERRAN, John Alexander WALSH, George 7/1010
McGARICK, William John McGAVIN, William John 5/552
McGAVIN, William John McGARICK, William John 5/552
McGEAHAN, John HARRISON, John 28339
McGEE, May FINLAYSON, May 22/399
MCGEE, Samuel Russell MAGEE, Samuel Russell -
McGILLICUDDY, Patrick McGILLYCUDDY, Patrick 2/1932
McGILLYCUDDY, Patrick McGILLICUDDY, Patrick 2/1932
McGLINN, Robert James McDONALD, Robert James 13/928
McGOWAN, John McDONALD, John 19/162
McGOWAN, William HAINING, William 10/218
McGRATH, Edward FITZSIMMONS, William 24/1137
McGREGOR, John McCRAE, James 36655
McGREGOR, Wallace CAMERON, Wallace 10/1893
McHUGH, Christopher McKay McKAY, Christopher 16921
McILROY, Jack McILROY, John Henry Wilfred 8/1552
McILROY, John Henry Wilfred McILROY, Jack 8/1552
McKAY, Christopher McHUGH, Christopher McKay 16921
McKAY, George MacKAY, George William 7/1877
McKAY, John MACKAY, John 10/3012
McKAY, John McKIE, John 23224
McKAY, Mabel Gertrude GRAY, Mabel Gertrude 22/237
McKAY, Michael Henry McKEY, Michael Dominick 24671
McKENZIE, Alexander McLEOD, John 10/1898
McKENZIE, Alexander Fraser MACKENZIE, Alexander Fraser 25/790
McKENZIE, Donald MacKENZIE, Donald 8/2078
McKENZIE, Ian Roy MacKENZIE, Ian Roy 8/2990
McKENZIE, John MACKENZIE, John 32212
McKENZIE, Neil Leitch LEITCH, Neil 24/1711
McKENZIE, Walter Michael MacKENZIE, Walter Michael 8/80
McKENZIE, William John MACKENZIE, William John 11/406
McKEON, Joseph Richard POWER, Richard 5/1487a
McKEY, Michael Dominick McKAY, Michael Henry 24671
McKIE, John McKAY, John 23224
McKINDER, William Arthur McKINNER, William Arthur 24/1420
McKINLEY, James Mitchell MITCHELL, James McKinley 9/170
McKINNER, William Arthur McKINDER, William Arthur 24/1420
McKINNON, James MACKINNON, James 54147
McLACHLAN, Lewis McLACHLAN, Lou 25923
McLACHLAN, Lou McLACHLAN, Lewis 25923
McLAUGHLAN, William George James BISHOP, William George James 12/1476
McLEAN, Donald SHAW, Donald 6/1661
McLEAN, Finlay MacLEAN, Finlay 38200
McLEAN, Thomas McCLEAN, Thomas 50033
McLEAN, Thomas Alexander ALEXANDER, Thomas 71034
McLENNAN, Thomas CLARKE, John 7/601
McLEOD, Ernest William Walter McLEOD, William 10/892
McLEOD, James McLEOD, James Henry 12/940
McLEOD, James Henry McLEOD, James 12/940
McLEOD, John McKENZIE, Alexander 10/1898
McLEOD, Louis Augustine Bernard MacLEOD, Louis 31875
McLEOD, William MACLEOD, William 6/500
McLEOD, William McLEOD, Ernest William Walter 10/892
McLOUGHLIN, Hugh McLOUGHLIN, Hugh Hart 8/667
McLOUGHLIN, Hugh Hart McLOUGHLIN, Hugh 8/667
McLOUGHLIN, James Archiblad LOUGHLIN, James Archibald 10/2696
McMAHON, Florence May WINKLER, Florence May 22/258
McMANUS, Patrick WARRINGTON, Horace Eadley 8/2085
McMILLAN, James MacMILLAN, James 10/1592
McMILLAN, James McMILLAN, McAndrew James 3/133
McMILLAN, McAndrew James McMILLAN, James 3/133
McMINN, William Robert JAMES, William 6/790
McNAUGHTEN, James McNAUGHTON, James 13/574
McNAUGHTON, James McNAUGHTEN, James 13/574
McNEIL, William Miller McNEILL, William Miller 6/2200
McNEIL, William Miller MILLER, William 6/2200
McNEILL, William Miller McNEIL, William Miller 6/2200
McNICKEL, Jack H McNICKEL, John Hardie 12624
McNICKEL, John Hardie McNICKEL, Jack H 12624
McPHEE, Archibald MACPHEE, Archibald 28287
McPHERSON, William CHAPMAN, Arthur William 8/1028
McPIKE, Herbert William PEAKE, Herbert William 10/3681
McQUEEN, James MILLS, James 19/190
McQUILLAN, Hugh John McQUILLAN, John 24/865
McQUILLAN, John McQUILLAN, Hugh John 24/865
McRAE, Alexander MACRAE, Alexander 38199
McRAE, John MacRAE, John 40831
McRAE, Joseph William MacRAE, Joseph William 2/2329
McRAE, Samuel Angus MACRAE, Samuel Angus 25/25
McRAE, William John MACKINNON, Wilfred Eugor Gibson 12452
McTAGGART, Joseph Brown CAMERON, George 15333
McVICAR, David MACVICAR, Donald 3/1058
MEDNIS, Peter THOMSON, Edward Piter 54916
MEIGHAM, John MEIGHAN, John 15217
MEIGHAN, John MEIGHAM, John 15217
MEIN, Eric MEIN, George Frederick Coore 6/2389
MEIN, George Frederick Coore MEIN, Eric 6/2389
MELLISH, John MELLISH, Sidney John 51051
MELLISH, Sidney John MELLISH, John 51051
MENZIES, Douglas MENZIES, Douglas Grayson 9/1583
MENZIES, Douglas Grayson MENZIES, Douglas 9/1583
MERCER, Andrea Ravaglaite MERCER, Andrea Ravlaigaite 8/2054
MERCER, Andrea Ravlaigaite MERCER, Andrea Ravaglaite 8/2054
MERCER, Joseph MILLAR, James 37574
MEREMANE, Te Nuku MERRIMANA, Te Nuku 16/672
MERRIMANA, Te Nuku MEREMANE, Te Nuku 16/672
MERRY, John Buttle MURRAY, John Duncan SA9541, 25/209
METE, Hoani SMITH, John 19395
METGE, Amy Julia FALCONER, Amy Julia 22/314
MICHELL, Adolphus Edward MICHELL, Adolphus Edwin 26/1013, 6/1626, 2/1626a
MICHELL, Adolphus Edwin MICHELL, Adolphus Edward 26/1013, 6/1626, 2/1626a
MICHELL, Leslie MITCHELL, Leslie 2/435
MIDWOOD, Aileen HOLMWOOD, Aileen 22/127
MILES, Alexander MOORE, Alexander Hughes 20551
MILLAR, Dorothy WHEELER, Dorothy 22/359
MILLAR, James MERCER, Joseph 37574
MILLAR, John MILLAR, John Wilson 7/746
MILLAR, John Wilson MILLAR, John 7/746
MILLER, Dorothy WHEELER, Dorothy 22/389
MILLER, Jane DYSART, Jane 22/37
MILLER, William McNEIL, William Miller 6/2200
MILLS, James McQUEEN, James 19/190
MILLWARD, James Arthur HUNTER, John 10/108
MILNE, Mary Fordyce Strachan HOVEY, Mary Fordyce Strachan 22/346
MINNISS, Samuel Henry SAMUELS, Henry 7/117
MISCHEWSKI, Bernard GIFFORD, Herbert 11456
MITCHELL, Beatrice Elizabeth BROOKS, Beatrice Elizabeth 22/322
MITCHELL, Charles BURRIDGE, Richard Stanley 10/1571
MITCHELL, James BRIGHTON, George 7/748
MITCHELL, James McKinley McKINLEY, James Mitchell 9/170
MITCHELL, Leslie MICHELL, Leslie 2/435
MITCHELL, Thomas Gilbert GULLIVER, Edward Leslie 36346
MITFORD-BURGESS, Peter BURGESS, Peter Mitford 26/716
MOEKAA INGATU, Moeka 84545
MOLONEY, James Rodrick SHEEDY, James Rodrick 6/676
MOLONEY, Michael MALONEY, Michael 23206
MONK, Philip Vaughan LANE, Philip Vaugh 75778
MONTEITH, Albert Sefton KENNEDY, Albert Sefton 6/2212
MOORE, Alexander Hughes MILES, Alexander 20551
MOORE, Alfred Keetley MOORE, Alfred Kettley 41096
MOORE, Alfred Kettley MOORE, Alfred Keetley 41096
MOORE, David WHITE, Daniel Patrick 10/4144, 12/2039
MOORE, Dora PILCHER, Dora 22/249
MOORE, Joseph Ralph MOORE, Ralph Wraither 3/270
MOORE, Ralph Wraither MOORE, Joseph Ralph 3/270
MOORE, Ryder Henry Walter RYDER-MOORE, Henry Walter 13/251
MORAN, Joseph Michael MORRAN, John 55119, 24/1754
MORE, Colonel Whitmore WHITMORE, Colonel 23/830
MORGAN, Charles Edwin Collins COLLINS-MORGAN, Charles Edward 10/1295
MORGAN, Charles Matthew MORGAN, Harry Cross 11785, 10/3037
MORGAN, Edward John MORGANS, John Edward 6/510
MORGAN, George REIHANA, Whare 16/279
MORGAN, Harry Cross MORGAN, Charles Matthew 11785, 10/3037
MORGANS, John Edward MORGAN, Edward John 6/510
MORITZEN, Louis MORITZSON, Louis 4/462
MORITZSON, Louis MORITZEN, Louis 4/462
MORRAN, John MORAN, Joseph Michael 55119, 24/1754
MORRISON, William Cameron MORRISON, Wilson Cameron 11/1625, (SA N/N)
MORRISON, Wilson Cameron MORRISON, William Cameropn 11/1625, (SA N/N)
MORTON, Charles Roland ELLIS, James 10/3253
MOSCROFT, Harry MOSCROP, Harold Frederick 26/858
MOSCROFT, John MOSCROP, John 71769
MOSCROP, Harold Frederick MOSCROFT, Harry 26/858
MOSCROP, John MOSCROFT, John 71769
MOSS, William ALLEN, William 65275
MOTION, Ethelwyn CARRUTH, Ethelwyn 22/370
MOUNTREE, Edward Gilbert ROUNTREE, Edward Gilbert 4/51a, 4/510
MUIR, Jane YOUNG, Jane 22/149
MULHOLLAND, Albert Edward WILSON, Albert Edward 4/1484
MULHOLLAND, Henry Ormond HENNESSEY, John 24/1682
MULLANY, Edward Joseph MULLANY, Edwin Joseph 2/2208
MULLANY, Edwin Joseph MULLANY, Edward Joseph 2/2208
MURCOTT, James Faulkner BALCK, James Faulkner 8/3839
MURDOCH, Sidney MURDOCH, Sydney 10/435
MURDOCH, Sydney MURDOCH, Sidney 10/435
MURDOCH, Walter MURDOCK, Walter 69616
MURDOCH, William Henry MURDOCK, William Henry 11195
MURDOCK, Walter MURDOCH, Walter 69616
MURDOCK, William Henry MURDOCH, William Henry 11195
MURNANE, Laurence John MURNANE, Lawrence John 24/1760
MURNANE, Lawrence John MURNANE, Laurence John 24/1760
MURPHY, Andrew CLARKSON, Andrew 8/3370
MURPHY, James Hamilton HOLMES, Percy 10/4044
MURPHY, Michael Joseph BRAVERY, William James * 8/1706
MURPHY, Michael Joseph * MURPHY, William James 8/1706
MURPHY, William James BRAVERY, William James * 8/1706
MURPHY, William James MURPHY, Michael Joseph * 8/1706
MURRAY, John Duncan MERRY, John Buttle SA9541, 25/209
MURU, Charlie Hekewaru HEKEWARU, Muru 84698
MUSSELWHITE, Philip George WHITE, Philip George Mussel 45160
NAHI, Mahoa MAHOA 16/1212
NANKIVELL, Leslie NANKWELL, Leslie 25/898
NANKWELL, Leslie NANKIVELL, Leslie 25/898
NASH, Albert Ormond ORMOND, Albert 2/1813
NASH, Hannah CARRUTHERS, Hannah 22/297
NEIL, Charles BURT, Charles 12/308, 12/1750
NEILSEN, Edward Anton DAVIS, Edward John 44946
NEILSEN, Edward Anton NEILSON, Edward Auton 44946
NEILSEN, Peter NEILSSEN, Peter 10/3040
NEILSON, Edward Auton NEILSEN, Edward Anton 44946
NEILSON, John Peter NELSON, John Peter 34119
NEILSSEN, Peter NEILSEN, Peter 10/3040
NELSON, Elizabeth McBride GOLDSMITH, Elizabeth McBride 22/198
NELSON, John Peter NEILSON, John Peter 34119
NEWDICK, Rose JENSSEN, Rose 22/84
NGAMU, Hoani TAMIHANA, Hoani Ngamu
NGARIMO, Paki TUTAHI, Paki Paki 16/815
NGAWATI, Kenny CAMPBELL, Kenny 60469
NICHOL, Robert Stevenson NICOL, Robert Stevenson 21878
NICHOLAS, James Cornelius JAMES, Cornelius 13/278
NICHOLLS, Edward Francis NICKOLLS, George Edward Johnston 39637
NICHOLLS, George NICHOLSON, Rees 27684
NICHOLSON, Rees NICHOLLS, George 27684
NICKOLLS, George Edward Johnston NICHOLLS, Edward Francis 39637
NICOL, Alexander ROBERTSON, Alexander 49837
NICOL, Robert Stevenson NICHOL, Robert Stevenson 21878
NIELSEN-VOLD, Peter VOLD, Peter Nielsen 14702
NINNES, Thomas NINNESS, Thomas 6/316
NINNESS, Thomas NINNES, Thomas 6/316
NIVEN, Harry Johnston NIVEN, Henry Johnston 34905
NIVEN, Henry Johnston NIVEN, Harry Johnston 34905
NIXON, Elizabeth PLOWMAN, Elizabeth 22/6
NORGATE, William Henry WILLIAMS, George 4/1396
NORTH, Mabel Eliza Jane KITTELTY, Mabel Eliza Jane 22/136
NORTON, Herbert Edward HARVEY-ASHLEY, Herbert Edward 75596
O'CONNELL, William Moran CONNELL, William Moran 23/386
O'CONNOR, Augustus Bertram Alphonsus O'CONNOR, Bertram Augustus 23/540
O'CONNOR, Bernard O'CONNOR, Bernard Alphonsus 23721
O'CONNOR, Bernard Alphonsus O'CONNOR, Bernard 23721
O'CONNOR, Bertram Augustus O'CONNOR, Augustus Bertram Alphonsus 23/540
O'DONOVAN, Patrick Paul DONOVAN, Patrick Paul 2/2112
O'HARA, John Harold HARRIS, John Harold 69768
O'KANE, Robert Henry SLOAN, Robert Henry 23/1187
O'KEEFE, Francis Patrick O'KEEFE, Frank 62127
O'KEEFE, Frank O'KEEFE, Francis Patrick 62127
O'MALLEY, Albert Henry O'MALLEY, Bert 6/1123
O'MALLEY, Bert O'MALLEY, Albert Henry 6/1123
O'NEIL, James Patrick CLARK, Patrick James 13/2167
OPPENHEIM, Lancelot PERCY, Lancelot Charles 7/565, 48838
O'REILLY, Laurence GREEN, Ernest 9/823
ORMOND, Albert NASH, Albert Ormond 2/1813
O'ROURKE, Timothy Bartholomew CONRAD, Robert Wallace 23/1352
OWEN, Elsie Milsted OWEN-JOHNSTON, Elsie Milsted 22/82
OWEN, Emily Maria REYNOLDS, Emily Maria 22/162
OWEN-JOHNSTON, Elsie Milsted OWEN, Elsie Milsted 22/82
OXLEY, Peter Aramac HOGFLESH, Peter Aramac 12/2430
PA, Rima RIMA 16/1195
PAASKE, Peter Jorgen Jensen SMITH, Joseph 17/433
PAINTIN, Edgar Verner POINTON, Edgar Verner Herbert 6/3831
PAISLEY, Robert JOHNSTON, Robert 8/3931
PALMER, William Edmund PALMER, William Edwin 8/2694
PALMER, William Edwin PALMER, William Edmund 8/2694
PARA PAKI , Whetu PARA, Paki Whetu 16/346
PARA, Paki Whetu PARA PAKI , Whetu 16/346
PARFITT, Walter Richard MAPSTON, Walter Richard 36993
PARKER, Richard George BASHFORD, George Noah 50562
PARRY, John William STEPHENS, John 54984
PATERSON, George PATERSON, John 8/981
PATERSON, John PATERSON, George 8/981
PATMORE, Hedley Raymond SUTHERLAND, Hedley Raymond 7/550
PATMORE, Hedley Raymond SUTHERLAND, Joseph 7/550
PATRICK, Vincent PETRICEVICH, Vincent 26/1677
PATTERSON, Robert James CONNOLLY, Robert Henry 10/1948
PAUHUMOANA, Joe PAUHUMOANA, Roumeoana * 16/1307
PAUHUMOANA, Roumeoana * PAUHUMOANA, Joe 16/1307
PAUHUMOANA, Roumeoana * PAUHUMOANA, Six 16/1307
PAUHUMOANA, Six PAUHUMOANA, Roumeoana * 16/1307
PAVCH, Nicholas PAVSH, Nicholas 21633
PAVSH, Nicholas PAVCH, Nicholas 21633
PEAKE, Herbert William McPIKE, Herbert William 10/3681
PEARCE, John Walter PRICE, Joseph William 11/1480
PEART, Amelia Prior DON, Amelia Prior 22/320
PEEK, Jeanne SINCLAIR, Jeanne 22/88
PEEK, Katherine MACGREGOR, Katherine 22/208
PENNEY, Richard Beaumont PENNY, Richard Beaumont 43870
PENNY, Richard Beaumont PENNEY, Richard Beaumont 43870
PERCY, Lancelot Charles OPPENHEIM, Lancelot 7/565, 48838
PERETO, Pono PIRINI, Pono 16/105
PETERS, Andrew James SMITH, James 11/821
PETERS, Jack TRINDER, Arthur 71430
PETERSEN, John ENTWISTLE, Thomas 9/742
PETERSEN, Louise Frederikke ROWE, Louise Frederikke 22/273
PETHERBRIDGE, Alexander PETHERIDGE, Alexander 2/1078
PETHERIDGE, Alexander PETHERBRIDGE, Alexander 2/1078
PETRICEVICH, Vincent PATRICK, Vincent 26/1677
PHILPOTT, Frederick Henry POLLOCK, Frederick 51774
PICKETT, George Henry HUMPHRIES, George Henry 8/86
PIGON, Arthur Comyn PIGOU, Arthur Comyn 7/260
PIGOTT, Gabriel/Gilbert He definitely served with the NZEF but under what name? -
PIGOU, Arthur Comyn PIGON, Arthur Comyn 7/260
PIKIKOTUKU, Tame CURTIS, Tame Pikikotuku 16/149
PILCHER, Dora MOORE, Dora 22/249
PIRINI, Pono PERETO, Pono 16/105
PLAYTER, James SMITH, Frederick James 9/883
PLAYTER, James SMITH, James 9/883
PLOWMAN, Elizabeth NIXON, Elizabeth 22/6
POHATU, Tohana STONE, Dawson 16/706
POINTON, Edgar Verner Herbert PAINTIN, Edgar Verner 6/3831
POLLOCK, Frederick PHILPOTT, Frederick Henry 51774
POTTER, James Goatham GILMOUR, James Goatham 2/1888
POTVINE, Eleanor COUTTS, Eleanor 22/483
POWER, Richard McKEON, Joseph Richard 5/1487a
PREBBLE, Frederick John Dawson MACKAY, Frederick John Dawson 47454
PRESS, Henry Leonard BROWN, Henry Leonard 10/2535
PRESTON, Alan Hirst PRESTON, Allan Henry 10/910
PRESTON, Allan Henry PRESTON, Alan Hirst 10/910
PRICE, Frank HOWARD, Frank 7/1476
PRICE, Joseph William PEARCE, John Walter 11/1480
PRIMATE, James HICKEY, James 8/1819
PRIOR, Morton Cole SMITH, Morton Cole 10/93
PRITCHARD, Ethel Watkins TAYLOR, Ethel Watkins 22/47
PROCTER, Henry PROCTOR, Henry 12/837
PROCTOR, Henry PROCTER, Henry 12/837
PROCTOR, James BRETT, James Proctor 25/1008
PULLAN, Jessie Harriette Elsie BEER, Jessie Harriette Elsie 22/404
PUNTER, Rosamond DODDS, Rosamond 22/525
PURDIE, Dorothy Agnes CAMERON, Dorothy Agnes 22/492
PYE, John William WAYFIELD, George William 53454
QUEENAN, John GAFFNEY, Owen 6/1696
QUEENAN, Owen GAFFNEY, Owen 6/1696
QUIGLEY, John QUIGLEY, Nicholas 8/2704
QUIGLEY, Nicholas QUIGLEY, John 8/2704
QUIRKE, Martin SHEELEY, Thomas 54607
QUIRKE, Martin SHEELEY, Martin 54607
RADCLIFFE, Charles Edward RADCLIFFE, Charles Ernest 29077
RADCLIFFE, Charles Ernest RADCLIFFE, Charles Edward 29077
RALEIGH, John Alfred FAKE, John Alfred 4/1202a
RANAPIRI, Richard RANSFIELD, Richard 16/288
RANSFIELD, Richard RANAPIRI, Richard 16/288
RAPER, John Henry RAPER, Nathan 13/275
RAPER, Nathan RAPER, John Henry 13/275
RASMUSSEN, Christen Lauritz RASMUSSEN, Christian Loritz 7/2132
RASMUSSEN, Christian Loritz RASMUSSEN, Christen Lauritz 7/2132
RASMUSSEN, Jens Johannes RASMUSSEN, John James 30291
RASMUSSEN, John James RASMUSSEN, Jens Johannes 30291
RATETE, Whakarongotai ROGERS, Whakarongotai 20727
RATTRAY, Samuel DUNLOP, Samuel 12/4129
RAWHIRA, Hakopa RAWHIRA, Harry 20722
RAWHIRA, Harry RAWHIRA, Hakopa 20722
RAY, Amy Eleanor HALL, Amy Eleanor 22/439
RAYMOND, Charles GALLAGHER, Charles Raymond 6/531
RAYNES, James A HUNTER, James 8/1265
READ, George SAMWORTH, Charles Henry 25/1808
REAY, Lucy Elizabeth WHETTER, Lucy Elizabeth 22/380
REES, James Henry GEORGE, Allan Raymond 22496
REESE, Andrew Dalzeil REESE, Andrew Dalziel 36248
REESE, Andrew Dalziel REESE, Andrew Dalzeil 36248
REEVE, Henry REEVES, Henry 47079
REEVES, Henry REEVE, Henry 47079
REID, Alexander Dick ANDREWS, Alexander 17/6
REIHANA, Whare MORGAN, George 16/279
RENDALL, William Gardener BRENNAN, William Joseph James 20089, 41735
RENDLE, Charles Edmund Russell RUSSELL-RENDLE, Charles Edmund 3/4303
RENNIE, Campbell James RENNIE, James Campbell 31790
RENNIE, James Campbell RENNIE, Campbell James 31790
REUPENA, Aperahama RUPENE, Aperahama 16/1284a
REWETI, Wipahaka Paora REWITI, Wipahaka Paora 16/1379
REWETI, Wiremu Piriniha DAVIS, Prince 16/1413
REWITI, Wipahaka Paora REWETI, Wipahaka Paora 16/1379
REYNOLDS, Emily Maria OWEN, Emily Maria 22/162
RICHARDSON, Charles Karl RICHARDSON, Karl Clarence 7/2136
RICHARDSON, Karl Clarence RICHARDSON, Charles Karl 7/2136
RICHARDSON, Oswyne Newton CALVERT, Oswyne Newton 7/111
RICHIE, Thomas Alexander RITCHIE, Thomas 33016
RICHMOND, James Macdonald RICHMOND, James McDonald 2/311
RICHMOND, James McDonald RICHMOND, James Macdonald 2/311
RIKIHANA, Rongoihaore DICKSON, Harry 19699
RIMA PA, Rima 16/1195
RITCHIE, Thomas RICHIE, Thomas Alexander 33016
ROACH, Patrick HAMILTON, Percy 8/1489
ROBB, Benjamin ROBB, Ebenezer Gladstone 24707
ROBB, Ebenezer Gladstone ROBB, Benjamin 24707
ROBB, John GILMAN, John Robb 21466
ROBERTS, Sam ROBERTS, William Samuel 12261
ROBERTS, William Samuel ROBERTS, Sam 12261
ROBERTSON, Alex Murray ROBERTSON, Alexander Murray 16231
ROBERTSON, Alexander NICOL, Alexander 49837
ROBERTSON, Alexander Murray ROBERTSON, Alex Murray 16231
ROBERTSON, Cora Beattie ANDERSON, Cora Beattie 22/12
ROBERTSON, Duncan Alex ROBERTSON, Duncan Alexander 23934
ROBERTSON, Duncan Alexander ROBERTSON, Duncan Alex 23934
ROBERTSON, Edith Jean THOMSON, Edith Jean 22/448
ROBERTSON, Fred ROBINSON, Frederick Charles Cyril 12/3794
ROBERTSON, Frederick Edward ROBINSON, Frederick Edward 56848
ROBERTSON, Harry William Frank TALLKE, Harry William Frank 20580
ROBERTSON, Neil HENDERSON, Neil Robertson 23/2586
ROBERTSON, Ralph Wesley TALLKE, Ralph 20581
ROBINS, Arthur ROBINS, Henry James 13/1087
ROBINS, Henry James ROBINS, Arthur 13/1087
ROBINSON, Frederick Charles Cyril ROBERTSON, Fred 12/3794
ROBINSON, Frederick Edward ROBERTSON, Frederick Edward 56848
ROBINSON, George Henry Thomas THOMAS, George Henry 10401
ROBINSON, Richard Thomas Eric ROBINSON, Roy Everard Vincent 59457
ROBINSON, Roy Everard Vincent ROBINSON, Richard Thomas Eric 59457
RODING, Dick DRAKE, Albert Charles 11729
ROGERS, Edward WILKINSON, Edward Reservist
ROGERS, Harry ROGERS, Henry 8172 (SA6221)
ROGERS, Henry ROGERS, Harry 8172 (SA6221)
ROGERS, Whakarongotai RATETE, Whakarongotai 20727
ROLLETT, Derick CARR-ROLLETT, Derick 33515
ROLLETT, Norman CARR-ROLLETT, Norman 33516
ROLLETT, Raymond Reynolds Carr CARR, Raymond Reynolds 13/438
ROLLETT, Raymond Reynolds Carr CARR-ROLLETT, Raymond Reynolds 13/438
ROOD, Laura BARRY, Laura 22/262
ROPER, Arthur WRIGHT, Arthur Roper 13/255
ROSANOSKI, Frank CORNWALL, Francis Hugh McLean 43703
ROSANOSKI, George CORNWALL, George 48273
ROSE, Charles JACKSON, Charles 8/4151
ROSE, Frank Jesse ASTON, John Lee 19179
ROSS, Emily Edwina BEATTIE, Emily Edwina 22/401
ROSS, Katherine WYLIE, Katherine 22/463
ROUNTREE, Edward Gilbert MOUNTREE, Edward Gilbert 4/51a, 4/510
ROUSHAM, Robert Nesbit ROUSHANA, Robert Nesbit 5/1134a
ROUSHANA, Robert Nesbit ROUSHAM, Robert Nesbit 5/1134a
ROWE, Louise Frederikke PETERSEN, Louise Frederikke 22/273
ROWLAND, Vernon ROWLANDS, Vernon 26691
ROWLANDS, Vernon ROWLAND, Vernon 26691
ROY, Annie TODD, Ann 22/487
ROYD-GARLICK, Ada GARLICK, Ada Royd 22/277
RUAWAI, Tangi TANGI, Ruawai 19333
RUPEEN, Hoani RUPENE, Hoani 16/730
RUPENE, Aperahama REUPENA, Aperahama 16/1284a
RUPENE, Hoani RUPEEN, Hoani 16/730
RUSH, Michael Ward WARD, Joseph 6/2005
RUSSELL, Frederick Henry RUSSELL, Henry Hugh 8/274
RUSSELL, Henry Hugh RUSSELL, Frederick Henry 8/274
RUSSELL, John William KITTERIDGE, William Albert John 51073
RUSSELL, Kenneth CODYRE, Henry David 4/1644
RUSSELL-RENDLE, Charles Edmund RENDLE, Charles Edmund Russell 3/4303
RUSTERHOLZ, Phillip RUSTON, Phillip 10903
RUSTON, Phillip RUSTERHOLZ, Phillip 10903
RUTHERFORD, Thomas Wyville Leonard RUTHERFURD, Thomas Wyville Leonard 6/718
RUTHERFURD, Thomas Wyville Leonard RUTHERFORD, Thomas Wyville Leonard 6/718
RUTTER, Edward Arthur RUTTER, Ernest Arthur 12642
RUTTER, Ernest Arthur RUTTER, Edward Arthur 12642
RYAN, Albert WHITE, Albert Constant 4/1584
RYAN, Andrew Joseph RYAN, Joseph Andrew 24/2560
RYAN, Arthur RYAN, Leonard Joseph 52051
RYAN, Joseph Andrew RYAN, Andrew Joseph 24/2560
RYAN, Leonard Joseph RYAN, Arthur 52051
RYAN, Thomas DILLON, Thomas 71509
RYAN, Thomas Paddy DOHERTY, Thomas Patrick 39105
RYDER-MOORE, Henry Walter MOORE, Ryder Henry Walter 13/251
SADLER, Sidney Joseph SADLER, Sydney James 14491
SADLER, Sydney James SADLER, Sidney Joseph 14491
SAKEY, Frederick Oswald DAWES, Jack 32635
SALESI, Vosadrau VOSADRAU, Salesi 84485
SALT, Mildred Jane ELLIS, Mildred Jane 22/116
SAMSON, Margaret TANSWELL, Margaret 22/41
SAMUELS, Henry MINNISS, Samuel Henry 7/117
SAMWORTH, Charles Henry READ, George 25/1808
SANDFORD, Gladys HENNING, Gladys 87100
SARSFIELD, George Henry HUGHES, George Henry 44376
SAUNDERSON, Hubert HILL, Hubert 67981
SAVAGE, Dickson Cornelius TRAVIS, Richard Charles (Dick) V.C. 9/523
SCAMBARY, Norman William SCAMBURY, Norman William 2/2257
SCAMBURY, Norman William SCAMBARY, Norman William 2/2257
SCANLA, William Webber Wilson SCANLAN, William Webber Wilson 38074
SCANLAN, William Webber Wilson SCANLA, William Webber Wilson 38074
SCARLET, Leonard Cheirot SCARLETT, Leonard Cheviot 8/4013
SCARLETT, Leonard Cheviot SCARLET, Leonard Cheirot 8/4013
SCHEIDT, James SKEET, James 11/145
SCHOLTOCK, William SCOLTOCK, William 32391
SCHULENBURG, James Thomson DUNLOP, James Thomson 3/33
SCHWENKIE, Albert SWENKIE, Albert 19882
SCISSON, Herbert David SISSON, Herbert David 24/579
SCOLTOCK, William SCHOLTOCK, William 32391
SCORRINGE, Joseph SCORRINGI, Joseph 69304
SCORRINGI, Joseph SCORRINGE, Joseph 69304
SCOTT, Ada Jessie WHITTA, Ada Jessie 22/172
SCOWN, Roland SCOWN, Ronald 12/867
SCOWN, Ronald SCOWN, Roland 12/867
SCURRAH, George Aldred SCURRAH, George Alfred 60212
SCURRAH, George Alfred SCURRAH, George Aldred 60212
SEATON, John SMITH, Nimrod Bendigo Fred 51906
SEED, Henry BLOOMFIELD, Stanley 12/1137
SEEKUP, James Dennis SEUKUP, James Dennis 8/284
SENIOR, Joseph Edmond SENIOR, Joseph Edward 59060
SENIOR, Joseph Edward SENIOR, Joseph Edmond 59060
SERGENT, John Henry SHADBOLT-SERGENT, John Henry 43134
SEUKUP, James Dennis SEEKUP, James Dennis 8/284
SEXTON, Edward Rowan SEXTON, Edwin Rowan 11/456
SEXTON, Edwin Rowan SEXTON, Edward Rowan 11/456
SEYMOUR, Norman SIMMONS, Gordon 29873
SHADBOLT-SERGENT, John Henry SERGENT, John Henry 43134
SHALCOTT, Robert Henry SHAPCOTT, Robert Henry 8/1379
SHAPCOTT, Robert Henry SHALCOTT, Robert Henry 8/1379
SHARP, Ronald Gordon SHARP, William Campbell 12/3818
SHARP, William Campbell SHARP, Ronald Gordon 12/3818
SHAW, Arthur George BOSSWARD, Arthur George 9/792
SHAW, Donald McLEAN, Donald 6/1661
SHEEDY, James Rodrick MOLONEY, James Rodrick 6/676
SHEELEY, Martin QUIRKE, Martin 54607
SHEELEY, Thomas QUIRKE, Martin 54607
SHEFFORD, James DAZZLER, John Richard 10/3872
SHEILD, Bertie Preston SHIELD, Bertie Preston 8/3756
SHELTON, George William HOWIG, Gustav 12/759
SHEPHERD, Frederick Walter SHEPHERD, Frederick William 12/2467
SHEPHERD, Frederick William SHEPHERD, Frederick Walter 12/2467
SHIELD, Bertie Preston SHEILD, Bertie Preston 8/3756
SIMMONDS, Leslie Alfred SIMMONS, Leslie Alfred 12/1138
SIMMONDS, Thomas Wilfred AUCKRAM, Thomas William Brady 18129
SIMMONS, Gordon SEYMOUR, Norman 29873
SIMMONS, Leslie Alfred SIMMONDS, Leslie Alfred 12/1138
SIMMS, Walter DOBBS, Walter James 25953
SIMPSON, Frederick THOMPSON, Frederick Simpson 8/1893a
SIMPSON, Harold Reginald SIMPSON, Harold Rex 25035
SIMPSON, Harold Rex SIMPSON, Harold Reginald 25035
SIMPSON, James Collins BOYD, Archibald Neil 12/3476
SINCLAIR, Frederic George SINCLAIR, Frederick John 6/2754
SINCLAIR, Frederick John SINCLAIR, Frederic George 6/2754
SINCLAIR, Jeanne PEEK, Jeanne 22/88
SINCLAIR, William SINCLAIR, William Alexander 15/124, 5/56
SINCLAIR, William Alexander SINCLAIR, William 15/124, 5/56
SING, Albert SING, Herbert Stanley 12/1097
SING, Herbert Stanley SING, Albert 12/1097
SISSON, Herbert David SCISSON, Herbert David 24/579
SKEET, James SCHEIDT, James 11/145
SKINNER, Robert Patrick BRENNAN, Robert Patrick 27063
SLACK, Cyril Hamden SLACK, Cyril Harnden 2/2263
SLACK, Cyril Harnden SLACK, Cyril Hamden 2/2263
SLAYMAKER, Charles WALKER, Charles 25769
SLOAN, Robert Henry O'KANE, Robert Henry 23/1187
SMITH, Alexander Galbraith SMITH-GALBRAITH, Alexander 18269
SMITH, Arthur Ruben Lionel BANKS, Claude Rupert Lyal -
SMITH, Benjamin FOX, Benjamin 14877
SMITH, Charles EDWARDS, Herbert 15253
SMITH, Charles Lenard SMITH, Charles Leonard 27607
SMITH, Charles Leonard SMITH, Charles Lenard 27607
SMITH, David MACLEODSMITH, Gordon * 73527
SMITH, David MACLEOD-SMITH, Gordon * 73527
SMITH, Douglas SMITH, Thomas Douglas Dempster 10/698
SMITH, Edith Annie HARRIS, Edith Annie 22/30
SMITH, Francis James WALKER, Francis James -
SMITH, Frederick James PLAYTER, James 9/883
SMITH, George James JANSEN, George James 6/544
SMITH, Herbert Henry SNOW, Herbert Henry 44985
SMITH, James JAKES, Louis 28219
SMITH, James PETERS, Andrew James 11/821
SMITH, James PLAYTER, James 9/883
SMITH, John FERGUSON, John 6/3471
SMITH, John METE, Hoani 19395
SMITH, John Albert YOUNG, Richard Arthur 25036
SMITH, Joseph PAASKE, Peter Jorgen Jensen 17/433
SMITH, Margaret Amy WHITE, Margaret Amy 22/217
SMITH, Margaret Ethel Ramsay BOWN, Margaret Ethel Ramsay 22/597
SMITH, Morton Cole PRIOR, Morton Cole 10/93
SMITH, Nimrod Bendigo Fred SEATON, John 51906
SMITH, Percy Carl SMITH, William Henry 13241
SMITH, Peter BENNETT, Arthur Bardsley 12/1102
SMITH, Sidney WINTERS, Sidney 8/1365
SMITH, Thomas Douglas Dempster SMITH, Douglas 10/698
SMITH, Thomas Richard SMITH, William James 32743, 17/185
SMITH, William DOOLING, Cornelius 12/1797
SMITH, William Elliott GIBSON, William Ellesmere 24/285
SMITH, William Ewart Bromley BROMLEY-SMITH, William Ewart 6/145
SMITH, William Henry SMITH, Percy Carl 13241
SMITH, William James SMITH, Thomas Richard 32743, 17/185
SMITH-GALBRAITH, Alexander SMITH, Alexander Galbraith 18269
SMYTH, James Stewart SMYTH, Percy Huston 35224
SMYTH, Percy Huston SMYTH, James Stewart 35224
SNOW, Herbert Henry SMITH, Herbert Henry 44985
SOMMERFELD, Francis Lewis SOMMERFIELD, Francis Lewis 36888
SOMMERFIELD, Francis Lewis SOMMERFELD, Francis Lewis 36888
SOUTER, William John CORMEY, William John 6/732
SOUTHWELL, Fred BURNETT, Frederick William 11/707
SPALDING, Warner Cameron McDOUGALL, Donald 2/1245
SPARKS, Thomas LEWIS, Thomas James Henry 6/1724
SPARNES, Leslie Roy SPARNON, Leslie Schofield 33959
SPARNON, Leslie Schofield SPARNES, Leslie Roy 33959
SPEAR, Ethel BARNES, Ethel 22/101
SPENCER, Harry SPENCER, William Henry 12/1799
SPENCER, William Henry SPENCER, Harry 12/1799
STAFFORD, Robert LOVEGROVE, Robert 30245
STANAWAY, Harold William STANAWAY, John 86870
STANAWAY, John STANAWAY, Harold William 86870
STANLEY, George WILLIAMS, George 12/3159
STANLEY, James HEATHER, James 28/1822
STANLEY, Thomas ARCHER, Ivan 10/1725
STANLEY, Thomas ARCHER, Thomas 10/1725
STANTON, Cecil John Vincent VINCENT, John 2/2927
STAPLETON, George Cotton COTTON-STAPLETON, George 4/213a
STARR, William WILLIAMS, William 19/297
STEAD, George William Gladwin HILL, George William Gladwin 26/107
STEAD, George William Gladwin HILL, Herbert Frederick 26/107
STEEDS, Paul Meredith STEEDS, Paul Meredyth 12/4095
STEEDS, Paul Meredyth STEEDS, Paul Meredith 12/4095
STEEL, Thomas Robert STEELE, Thomas Robert 13113
STEELE, James Hume HUME, James 23/2007
STEELE, Thomas Robert STEEL, Thomas Robert 13113
STENE, Thors Hans Baard WILLIAMS, Sidney 13/970
STENE, Tors Hans Baard WILLIAMS, Sidney 13/970
STEPHEN, Albert Thomas ANDERSON, Bertie Thomas 30501
STEPHENS, Edward STEPHENS, Edward Charles 59476
STEPHENS, Edward Charles STEPHENS, Edward 59476
STEPHENS, John PARRY, John William 54984
STEPHENSON, Agnes Kate CRUICKSHANK, Agnes Kate 22/187
STEPHENSON, Philip Augustus STEPHENSON, Phillip Augustus 12/2854
STEPHENSON, Phillip Augustus STEPHENSON, Philip Augustus 12/2854
STEWART, Hugh McCOWAN, Hugh Stewart 47092
STEWART, Isla BRICE, Isla 22/45
STEWART, Thomas Black STUART, Thomas Black 29881
STILES, Robert STILES, Robert William Bell 6/3884
STILES, Robert William Bell STILES, Robert 6/3884
STILLS, Claude Francis STILLS, Francis Claude 15985
STILLS, Francis Claude STILLS, Claude Francis 15985
STIRLING, Edward Gordan STIRLING, Edward Gordon 61113
STIRLING, Edward Gordon STIRLING, Edward Gordan 61113
STONE, Dawson POHATU, Tohana 16/706
STONE, Frederick TEMPEST, Aidan Joseph 5/393
STOREY, Albert Edward HIGGENS, Albert Edward 3/2850
STREET, Darcy STREET, D'Arcy 40849
STREET, D'Arcy STREET, Darcy 40849
STRONACH, Wynnifred Maud LENNIE, Wynnifred Maud 22/177
STRONG, Thomas Whightmln STRONG, Thomas Wightmln 49120
STRONG, Thomas Wightmln STRONG, Thomas Whightmln 49120
STUART, Ernest TUCKEY, Ernest Stuart 5/142a
STUART, Francis John STUART, Frank 24241, 24221
STUART, Frank STUART, Francis John 24241, 24221
STUART, Thomas Black STEWART, Thomas Black 29881
STUBLEY, John James ANDERSON, Frederick 85296
SUCKLING, Mervyn John DEED, Mervyn John 78158
SUMMERS, George Julius WILSON, George 38243
SUTHERLAND, Hedley Raymond PATMORE, Hedley Raymond 7/550
SUTHERLAND, Joseph PATMORE, Hedley Raymond 7/550
SWANSON, Gerald CLARK, Eric Alexander 24/85
SWEENEY, Ernest Charles BURKE, Ernest Charles 10/296
SWENKIE, Albert SCHWENKIE, Albert 19882
SYMOND, Robert SYMONDS, Robert 40083
SYMONDS, Robert SYMOND, Robert 40083
TAHI, Rangi TAKEI, Rangi 16/1506
TAIT, Clifford TAIT, Gifford 16446
TAIT, Gifford TAIT, Clifford 16446
TAIT, John BRIGHT, Richard John -
TAKEI, Rangi TAHI, Rangi 16/1506
TALIAULI, Jione TALIAULI, John * 16/1335
TALIAULI, Jione TALIAULI, Sione * 16/1335
TALIAULI, John * TALIAULI, Jione 16/1335
TALIAULI, Sione * TALIAULI, Jione 16/1335
TALLKE, Harry William Frank ROBERTSON, Harry William Frank 20580
TALLKE, Ralph ROBERTSON, Ralph Wesley 20581
TAMIHANA, Hoani Ngamu NGAMU, Hoani
TANA, Tautahi TURNER, Richard 84875
TANEAO KIRITAKAU, Taneao 16/1201
TANGI, Ruawai RUAWAI, Tangi 19333
TANIORA, Henare DANIELS, Henry 19505
TANIWHA, Mohi MAUAHARA, Bill Taniwha 60571
TANSWELL, George Herbert HERBERTE, George 44480
TANSWELL, Margaret SAMSON, Margaret 22/41
TAPAT, Wiri TITOKO, Wiri 84771
TAWHAI, Hohepa Taupaki TAWHAI, Hohepa Tuapaki 16/1479
TAWHAI, Hohepa Tuapaki TAWHAI, Hohepa Taupaki 16/1479
TAYLOR, Alexander Norman TAYLOR, Alexandria Norman 10/611
TAYLOR, Alexandria Norman TAYLOR, Alexander Norman 10/611
TAYLOR, Charles Brian TAYLOR, Chas Brian 28007
TAYLOR, Chas Brian TAYLOR, Charles Brian 28007
TAYLOR, Edward Charks TAYLOR, Edward Charles 10/3755
TAYLOR, Edward Charles TAYLOR, Edward Charks 10/3755
TAYLOR, Ethel Watkins PRITCHARD, Ethel Watkins 22/47
TAYLOR, Henry Percy TAYLOR, Henry Perry 11/156
TAYLOR, Henry Perry TAYLOR, Henry Percy 11/156
TAYLOR, James TAYLOR, Joseph 6/1074
TAYLOR, Joseph TAYLOR, James 6/1074
TAYLOR, Robert FROUD, Percival 26/373
TAYLOR-CANNON, Lewis Lear CARMICHAEL, Furnley Miguel 13/260, 9/1410
TAYLOR-CANNON, Louis Lear CARMICHAEL, Fernley Miguel 13/260, 9/1410
TE HEU HEU, Martin TE HEU HEU, Matene 16/894a
TE HEU HEU, Matene TE HEU HEU, Martin 16/894a
TE MIHA, Hemi Hui DANGER, James 16/575
TE MONI, Mahahaere TE MONI, Matahaere 16/181
TE MONI, Matahaere TE MONI, Mahahaere 16/181
TE RAHAKOPA, Horopapera HAKOPA, Horopapera 6/1569
TE TUHI, Nikora TETUHI, Nikora 16/1390
TEMPEST, Aidan Joseph STONE, Frederick 5/393
TENSEN, Ernest JENSEN, Ernest 39823
TERLICH, Joseph TERLICK, Joseph 28235
TERLICK, Joseph TERLICH, Joseph 28235
TETUHI, Nikora TE TUHI, Nikora 16/1390
THOMAS, Clifford Bertram THORNE, Edward John 26/928
THOMAS, Ethel Maud DAMENT, Ethel Maud 22/54
THOMAS, George HARRIS, George Thomas 34945
THOMAS, George Henry ROBINSON, George Henry Thomas 10401
THOMAS, Harold MARTIN, Thomas Henry 10/2004
THOMPSON, Alexander GUNN, Hugh Alexander 6/3894
THOMPSON, Frederick Simpson SIMPSON, Frederick 8/1893a
THOMPSON, Hugh Alexander GUNN, Hugh Alexander 6/3894
THOMSON, Edith Jean ROBERTSON, Edith Jean 22/448
THOMSON, Edward Piter MEDNIS, Peter 54916
THOMSON, Frances MARTIN, Frances 22/337
THOMSON, Jessie Rachel LAW, Jessie Rachel 22/544
THORBURN, Thomas WOOD, Thomas 24833
THORNE, Edward John THOMAS, Clifford Bertram 26/928
THORNE-GEORGE, Sidney GEORGE, Sidney Thorne 23/33
THORNTON, Frank MACARTHUR, Francis Edward 8/4496
THORPE, Winifred BROOK-LEES, Winifred 22/181
THURLOW, William Henry KERSLAKE, William Henry 10/1545
TILLEY, Olive FORRESTER, Bertha Louise 22/232
TILLEY, Olive MALCOLM, Olive 22/252
TILYARD, Frederick Garfield JACKSON, Frederick Garfield 23309
TILYARD, Louise Ellen DE JAUNAY, Louise Ellen 22/420
TITOKO, Wiri TAPAT, Wiri 84771
TODD, Ann ROY, Annie 22/487
TODD, George Geddes WILSON, George 14713
TOMBLESON, Nora Leslie HUGHES, Nora Leslie 22/160a
TORRANCE, Mary Rose WALKER, Mary Rose 22/168
TOWNSON, George Harry Clifford TOWNSON, Harry 8/490
TOWNSON, Harry TOWNSON, George Harry Clifford 8/490
TRACEY, Dines BEATTIE, John 23/1854
TRACEY-INGLIS, Russell INGLIS, Tracey Russell 3/745
TRAFFORD, Arthur Raymon TRAFFORD, Arthur Raymond 8/2164
TRAFFORD, Arthur Raymond TRAFFORD, Arthur Raymon 8/2164
TRAVIS, Richard Charles (Dick) V.C. SAVAGE, Dickson Cornelius 9/523
TREEN, Thomas William FREEN, Thomas William 10/71
TRENNE, Frederick Charles TRENUE, Frederick Charles 13/747
TRENUE, Frederick Charles TRENNE, Frederick Charles 13/747
TRIGG, Jocelyn Boorman TRIGG, Jocelyn Bowman 12/1810
TRIGG, Jocelyn Boorman TRIGGS, Jocelyn Boorman 12/1810
TRIGG, Jocelyn Bowman TRIGGS, Jocelyn Bowman 12/1810
TRIGG, John TRIPP, John 32753
TRINDER, Arthur PETERS, Jack 71430
TRIPP, John TRIGG, John 32753
TRUSCOTT, Anthony TRUSCOTT, John 10/3139
TRUSCOTT, John TRUSCOTT, Anthony 10/3139
TUAHINE, Tu HINE, Tu 19479
TUARA TUARA, Tua 84564
TUARA, Tua TUARA 84564
TUCKEY, Ernest Stuart STUART, Ernest 5/142a
TUFFEN, Arthur BROOKS, Robert 42601
TUHAKARAINI, Taiehu Harry MATAWHATI, Taiehu 84745
TUKUAHO KU, Sefa 16/1144
TUNSTALL-ASHLEY, Reginald Arthur ASHLEY, Reginald Arthur Tunstall 13/282
TURI, Rena JURY, Len 16/45
TURNER, Richard TANA, Tautahi 84875
TURVEY, Clifford TURVEY, John 12/1814
TURVEY, John TURVEY, Clifford 12/1814
TUTAHI, Paki Paki NGARIMO, Paki 16/815
TUTAI, Paora TUTAI, Pora 19326
TUTAI, Pora TUTAI, Paora 19326
TWEED, Glenholme Francis TWEEDY, Glenhome Francis 36193
TWEEDY, Glenhome Francis TWEED, Glenholme Francis 36193
TYSON, Albert Harry ELLIOTTYSON, Henry 25/1825
U'PRITCHARD, Hugh Andrew ANDREW, Hughey 35365
URE, Edwin Alexander DOWD, Frank 19/1796a
VALENTINE, Sidney Herbert KENNEDY, John William 12/1447
VAN BRUNT, Leonard Lyle * MACKAY, Leonard Lyle 52236
VANCE, Arthur ARMITAGE, Frederick Augustus 24526
VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS, Shirley Wynn WILLIAMS, Shirley Wynn Vaughan 7/1930
VEAR, Frederick Albert IRVING, Frederick Albert 19191
VERNON, Thomas William WILLIAMS, Thomas Vernon 70758
VINCENT, John STANTON, Cecil John Vincent 2/2927
VIPOND, Joseph Alan VIPOND, Joseph Alon 25756
VIPOND, Joseph Alon VIPOND, Joseph Alan 25756
VOLD, Peter Nielsen NIELSEN-VOLD, Peter 14702
VON KEISENBERG, Ernest Alexander KEISENBERG, Ernest Alexander 72068
VOSADRAU, Salesi SALESI, Vosadrau 84485
VOWLESS, Sydney VOWLESS, Sydney Gordon 25/834
VOWLESS, Sydney Gordon VOWLESS, Sydney 25/834
WADE, David FORD, David 10/1485
WADE, David FORD, Jack 10/1485
WADE, William BURGESS, William 12/2870
WADE, William John BURGESS, William 12/2870
WAITE, George Ebington WAITE, George Ebingtori 8/1855
WAITE, George Ebingtori WAITE, George Ebington 8/1855
WAITE, George Henry WAITE, Harry 82799
WAITE, Harry WAITE, George Henry 82799
WAKARUA, Herewini WHAKARUA, Herewini 16/382
WAKELIN, Frederic Norman Guy WAKELIN, Norman 35814
WAKELIN, Norman WAKELIN, Frederic Norman Guy 35814
WALDEN, Harry WALDEN, Henry Alfred 26/482
WALDEN, Henry Alfred WALDEN, Harry 26/482
WALKER, Alexander Robert WALKER, Robert Alexander 31557
WALKER, Charles SLAYMAKER, Charles 25769
WALKER, Francis James SMITH, Francis James -
WALKER, Harry Sinclair WALKER, Henry Sinclair 44886
WALKER, Henry Sinclair WALKER, Harry Sinclair 44886
WALKER, Horatio Nelson BAGNALL, Horatio Nelson 3/4336
WALKER, Mary Rose TORRANCE, Mary Rose 22/168
WALKER, Robert Alexander WALKER, Alexander Robert 31557
WALKER, William HUNT, Edwin William 8/4499
WALLACE, Leo James WALLACE, Samuel 23/1498, 10/140
WALLACE, Samuel WALLACE, Leo James 23/1498, 10/140
WALSH, Edward George WELSH, Albert Thomas 26/646
WALSH, George McFERRAN, John Alexander 7/1010
WALSH, Laurence Michael WALSH, Lawrence Michael 57175
WALSH, Lawrence Michael WALSH, Laurence Michael 57175
WALSH, Thomas Patrick WELSH, Thomas Patrick 32916
WALTON, Carrie YOUNG, Carrie 22/50
WARD, Florin Vaughn Ancel Ryswick WARD, Frank Vaughan 49036
WARD, Frank Vaughan WARD, Florin Vaughn Ancel Ryswick 49036
WARD, Henrietta Barbara MABERLEY, Henrietta Barbara 22/253
WARD, Joseph RUSH, Michael Ward 6/2005
WARD, Reginald Alf James WARD, Reginald Alfred James 8/3784
WARD, Reginald Alfred James WARD, Reginald Alf James 8/3784
WARD, William Ruben WARD, William Rueben 10982
WARD, William Rueben WARD, William Ruben 10982
WARDELL, William Walter CATTERMOLE, William Walter 61057
WARDROP, Charles Laurence WARDROP, Charles Lawrence 23/12
WARDROP, Charles Lawrence WARDROP, Charles Laurence 23/12
WARNER, Frederic Arthur WARNER, Frederick 6/2006
WARNER, Frederick WARNER, Frederic Arthur 6/2006
WARNER, Peter Ashton ASHTON-WARNER, Peter 2/1115
WARRINGTON, Horace Eadley McMANUS, Patrick 8/2085
WATSON, Crawford Lewis CRAWFORD-WATSON, Lewis 15/606a
WATSON, Frederick WATSON, Godfrey William 11/2252
WATSON, Godfrey William WATSON, Frederick 11/2252
WATSON, Harry BLACK, Harry 17751
WATSON, Harry BLACK, John William 17751
WATSON, James MANTELL, Louis Watford 75713
WATSON, Lillian Phyllis DAVIS, Lillian Phyllis 22/508
WATT, Cyril WATTS, Cyril 24745
WATT, Mary CAMERON, Mary 22/169
WATTERS, Elizabeth Glendinning HEWITT, Elizabeth Glendinning 22/400
WATTS, Cyril WATT, Cyril 24745
WATTS, John Sholto Douglas DOUGLAS, John Sholto 15881
WAYFIELD, George William PYE, John William 53454
WEATHERALL, Francis John WETHERALL, Francis John 24/607
WEBB, John WHITBY, William Laird 59174
WEBSTER, Jack WEPIHA, Tiake 19604
WEBSTER, Maud Wilkinson HASTE, Maud Wilkinson 22/122
WEBSTER, Maude Wilkinson HASTE, Maude Wilkinson 22/122
WEEKES, Albert Edward WEEKS, Albert Edward 18014
WEEKS, Albert Edward WEEKES, Albert Edward 18014
WEEKS, George Roper BIRD, George Roper 65835
WEIR, Lindsay WEIR, Samuel Lindsay 39626
WEIR, Samuel Lindsay WEIR, Lindsay 39626
WELLS, Fred Bertie Arthur WELLS, Frederick Bertie Arthur 12/3865
WELLS, Frederick Bertie Arthur WELLS, Fred Bertie Arthur 12/3865
WELLS, George Thomas DOWIE, George Thomas 42775
WELSH, Albert Thomas WALSH, Edward George 26/646
WELSH, Alexander Clifford James WELSH, James 4/1115
WELSH, George Alfred Frederick HOLLAND, William George 70676
WELSH, James WELSH, Alexander Clifford James 4/1115
WELSH, Thomas Patrick WALSH, Thomas Patrick 32916
WENDEL, Victor EHRMAN, Victor 57936
WEPIHA, Tiake WEBSTER, Jack 19604
WEST, Bessie MAXFIELD, Bessie 22/421
WESTOBY, Anne Catherine AITKEN, Anne Catherine * 22/269
WESTOBY, Annie Catherine AITKEN, Annie Catherine * 22/269
WESTON, Nan HEATH, Nan 22/447
WESTROPP, George William HARRISON, George 15539
WETHERALL, Francis John WEATHERALL, Francis John 24/607
WHAKARUA, Herewini WAKARUA, Herewini 16/382
WHALE, Allen WHALE, Richard Allan 5/555a
WHALE, Richard Allan WHALE, Allen 5/555a
WHEELER, Dorothy MILLAR, Dorothy 22/359
WHEELER, Dorothy MILLER, Dorothy 22/389
WHETTER, Lucy Elizabeth REAY, Lucy Elizabeth 22/380
WHITBY, William Laird WEBB, John 59174
WHITE, Albert Constant RYAN, Albert 4/1584
WHITE, Daniel Patrick MOORE, David 10/4144, 12/2039
WHITE, Daniel Patrick MOORE, Daniel Patrick 10/4144
WHITE, John Pearce EDE, John Pearce 23/2308
WHITE, Margaret Amy SMITH, Margaret Amy 22/217
WHITE, Philip George Mussel MUSSELWHITE, Philip George 45160
WHITE, Robert EDE, John Pearce 23/2308
WHITE, Stella Grace BARR, Stella Grace 22/392
WHITFIELD, Margaret Emily HERBERT, Margaret Emily 22/381
WHITMORE, Colonel MORE, Colonel Whitmore 23/830
WHITTA, Ada Jessie SCOTT, Ada Jessie 22/172
WHITTFIELD, John William GUNTHER, John William Whittfield 20053
WHYTE, William Benge WHYTE, William Bruce 10/3124
WHYTE, William Bruce WHYTE, William Benge 10/3124
WICKENS, Frederick George WICKINS, Frederick George 37904
WICKINS, Frederick George WICKENS, Frederick George 37904
WICKLIFFE, Matataia Pararaki WIKIRIWHI, Matataia Pararaki 76108
WIKIRIWHI, Matataia Pararaki WICKLIFFE, Matataia Pararaki 76108
WILCE, Gamet WILCE, Garnet 24/1231
WILCE, Garnet WILCE, Gamet 24/1231
WILDE, James Nicolie WILDER, James Nicholas 3/3065, 45327
WILDER, James Nicholas WILDE, James Nicolie 3/3065, 45327
WILKE, Ernest Leonard HARRISON-WILKIE, Ernest Leonard 43931
WILKENS, Robert Leslie WILKINS, Robert Leslie 59775
WILKIE, Marie Henrietta HARGEST, Marie Henrietta 22/48
WILKINS, Robert Leslie WILKENS, Robert Leslie 59775
WILKINSON, Edward ROGERS, Edward Reservist
WILLIAM, John WILLIAM, John Fatiake 84852
WILLIAM, John Fatiake WILLIAM, John 84852
WILLIAMS, Agnes WOOD, Agnes * 22/49
WILLIAMS, Agnes WOODS, Agnes * 22/49
WILLIAMS, David DUNBAR, William David 8/3434
WILLIAMS, David Caradoc WILLIAMS, David Caradog 26/1750
WILLIAMS, David Caradog WILLIAMS, David Caradoc 26/1750
WILLIAMS, Frederick George WILLIAMS, Fredrick George 56395
WILLIAMS, Frederick John WILLIAMS, Fredrick John * 6/2326
WILLIAMS, Fredrick George WILLIAMS, Frederick George 56395
WILLIAMS, Fredrick John WILLIAMS, Frederick John * 6/2326
WILLIAMS, George NORGATE, William Henry 4/1396
WILLIAMS, George STANLEY, George 12/3159
WILLIAMS, John Frederick MACKENZIE, Jack 8/2991
WILLIAMS, Lionel Fitzherbert WILSON, Lionel 10/3782
WILLIAMS, Shirley Wynn Vaughan VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS, Shirley Wynn 7/1930
WILLIAMS, Sidney STENE, Thors Hans Baard 13/970
WILLIAMS, Sidney STENE, Tors Hans Baard 13/970
WILLIAMS, Thomas CLOUGH, Norman 2/471
WILLIAMS, Thomas Vernon VERNON, Thomas William 70758
WILLIAMS, William STARR, William 19/297
WILLIAMS, William David DUNBAR, William David 8/3434
WILLIS, Jean CORMACK, Jean 22/21
WILLOUGHBY, Nathaniel LeonardBERTIE-WILLOUGHBY, Nathaniel Leonard Leybourne 38821
WILLS, Jack HODGSON, Charles Frederick 3/1369
WILSON, Albert Edward MULHOLLAND, Albert Edward 4/1484
WILSON, Dave WILSON, David Johnstone 11/1092
WILSON, David Johnstone WILSON, Dave 11/1092
WILSON, Emily CURTIES, Emily 22/23
WILSON, Ernest Wray WILSON, Ewart Wray McKinney 13/2959
WILSON, Ewart Wray McKinney WILSON, Ernest Wray 13/2959
WILSON, George SUMMERS, George Julius 38243
WILSON, George TODD, George Geddes 14713
WILSON, George McFarland WILSON, George Merariand 42443
WILSON, George Merariand WILSON, George McFarland 42443
WILSON, Lionel WILLIAMS, Lionel Fitzherbert 10/3782
WILSON, Winifred Jane LOW, Winifred Jane 22/472
WINDY, Hector ALBERT, Hector 19840
WINKLEMANN, Arthur Charles Terrence MALCOLM-WINKELMANN, Arthur Charles Terrence 3/3480
WINKLER, Florence May McMAHON, Florence May 22/258
WINTERS, Sidney SMITH, Sidney 8/1365
WOOD, Agnes * WILLIAMS, Agnes 22/49
WOOD, Albert WOODS, Albert 41960
WOOD, Finlay Campbell WOOD, Finley Campbell 12525
WOOD, Finlay Campbell WOOD, Frimley Campbell 12525
WOOD, Finley Campbell WOOD, Finlay Campbell 12525
WOOD, Frimley Campbell WOOD, Finlay Campbell 12525
WOOD, Howard William Walter HOWARD, William W 6/1878
WOOD, Samuel George WOODS, Samuel George 13837
WOOD, Thomas THORBURN, Thomas 24833
WOODS, Agnes * WILLIAMS, Agnes 22/49
WOODS, Albert WOOD, Albert 41960
WOODS, Joseph BURGESS, John Joseph 7/218
WOODS, Samuel George WOOD, Samuel George 13837
WOOLLEY, George Edward JOHNSON, George Edward 2/1359
WRIGHT, Arthur Roper ROPER, Arthur 13/255
WRIGHT, Everard Noal WRIGHT, Everard Noel 46420
WRIGHT, Everard Noel WRIGHT, Everard Noal 46420
WRIGHT, Frederick Ballintine WRIGHT, Fredrick Ballintine 23/1248
WRIGHT, Fredrick Ballintine WRIGHT, Frederick Ballintine 23/1248
WRIGHT, Mabel HEMMING, Mabel * 22/92
WRIGHT, Mabel HEMMINGS, Mabel * 22/92
WYLIE, Katherine ROSS, Katherine 22/463
WYLLIE, James Bulloch WYLLIE, James Bullock 12/2162
WYLLIE, James Bullock WYLLIE, James Bulloch 12/2162
YAPP, Joseph Corbett CORBETT, Joseph 4/198a
YEEND, Henry William MAYNE, Ronald Henry 12/2029
YORK, Henry Maldrom YORK, Henry Maldron 17849
YORK, Henry Maldron YORK, Henry Maldrom 17849
YORK, Thomas Flint YORK, Thornas Flint 23/657
YORK, Thornas Flint YORK, Thomas Flint 23/657
YOUNG, Andrew James YOUNG, James Andrew 24/1874
YOUNG, Carrie WALTON, Carrie 22/50
YOUNG, Clifton Arthur Mervyn YOUNG, Clifton Arthur Murvan 46217
YOUNG, Clifton Arthur Murvan YOUNG, Clifton Arthur Mervyn 46217
YOUNG, James Alexander YOUNG, John Alexander 10/2476
YOUNG, James Andrew YOUNG, Andrew James 24/1874
YOUNG, Jane MUIR, Jane 22/149
YOUNG, John Alexander YOUNG, James Alexander 10/2476
YOUNG, Richard Arthur SMITH, John Albert 25036

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