Please note the second and third names on the list have illegible surnames. There were also many inquests on 'unknown man, found drowned' etc which I have not included. This book is a fascinating insight into early Auckland. Some of the inquests go into detail while others are very short. PLEASE NOTE - I do not have a copy of this book. Thanks to Robert I Phillips for finding two of the 'unknowns' on this list.

- Jacki of Sandwich Island (Hawaii). Seaman on the Queen Accidentally drowned 08Aug1860 289
- [COUSINS] Martin 26y. Ex 18th Regiment Excessive drinking 11Jan1864 [See Coroner's Inquest] 379
- [COMMINS] Thomas (Hairdresser) Suicide 20Aug1845 [See Coroner's Inquest] 36
ADAMSON John Accident 30Jul1847 52
ALEXANDER Mary 40y Visitation of God 17May1860 283
ANDERSON William Maungatawhiri Creek Accidentally drowned 31May1857 199
APPLEYARD John Accidentally drowned 24Jan1859 251
ARTHUR Joseph Child Run over by horse and omnibus 31Oct1863 377
BADLEY Wilfred 16m Run over by horse and cart 27Jul1858 234
BARNARD William Accidentally drowned 19Jun1857 206
BARR William Convulsions 19Sep1848 73
BARRETT James of Onehunga Rupture of gall bladder 05Aug1854 136
BARRETT Sarah Child Accidentally drowned 08Sep1857 213
BATES William Death by Suffocation and Drowning 29Mar1844 19
BEGG David Soldier Cut his throat - temporary insanity 08May1857 204
BELCHER Anne Effects of Intoxication 22Jul1844 26
BENNETT Hugh (Private) 65th Regiment Apoplexy 29Jun1854 135
BETTRIDGE Robert Child Accidental death 05Dec1857 219
BOULT William 3y. Of Cook St, Auckland Drowned 02Jan1861 298
BOURNE Catherine 70y Visitation of God 28Jun1862 336
BOURNE William Child Accidentally being run over by horse and cart 20Sep1846 42
BOWLES William of Onehunga Visitation of God 08Oct1860 292
BRADLEY John Arthur Natural Causes 20Apr1842 44
BRADY John Drowned 07Mar1856 173
BRENNAN Michael Military Pensioner. 55y Visitation of God 08Oct1861 316
BRODERICK John Apoplexy 08Nov1856 188
BROWN James Visitation of God 24Apr1860 282
BROWN Robert 44y. Labourer of Papatoitoi (sic) Accident - landed on by horse 04Apr1863 359
BRUCE James Steward - ship Rock City Not recorded 25Jun1855 153
BUCHANAN Robert Passenger on schooner Hawkhead Suffocation and drowning 18Nov1858 245
BUNN Benjamin Marks of violence upon body - no evidence of death 08Sep1863 373
BURKE Mary 49y Apoplexy 10Jul1863 364
BURN Joseph Accidental death 05Jun1857 205
BURNS Margaret 40-50y Suffocated and strangled - eating breakfast 19Sep1863 372
BURRELL William Child Visitation of God 05Dec1856 192
BURROWS Thomas Suicide 26Jul1860 285
BYCROFT Mary 14y Accident 01?Jan1861 300
CALLINAN Mary 3y9m Accidental death 02Dec1856 191
CALLNAN William Accidentally drowned 30May1859 265
CALWELL John Natural Causes 23Nov1847 59
CANE Charles Child Accidentally drowned 28Dec1848 77
CANNING Francis Visitation of God 12Mar1855 147
CAPPING Francis Died from gunshot wound - temporary insanity 13Feb1852 115
CAREY Jeremiah Excessive drinking 20Apr1859 260
CARTHY John Suffocation by fall of a bank of earth 01Jan1861 297
CHAMBERS Charles Natural Causes 04Feb1843 23
CHAPLIN Catherine Death from exhaustion 09Jul1856 182
CHERRINGTON William 4y Died from the effects of drinking intoxicating liquor 14Oct1861 317
CHURCHES Phoebe 6y Accident - thrown from bullock dray 12Apr1862 331
CLARK Andrew 56y. Tailor of Onehunga Drowned and suffocated 17Dec1862 349
CLARKE Samuel Accidentally drowned 16/20Jul1863 365
CLARKE William Accidentally drowned 16/20Jul1863 365
CLIFFORD David 35y. Of Howick Suicide 15Jan1862 321
COCHRAN William 50y Seized with a fit 17Jan1859 250
COLEMAN Joanna Mrs Causes unknown 02Nov1847 58
COLLINS Eliza Suffocated and strangled - large piece of meat 15May1862 332
COLLINS Samuel Fire in his premises - no deaths - 27Mar1860 280
CONDEN Laurence 2y Found drowned 04Apr1859 257
CONNOR John Apoplexy 10Sep1855 159
CONNORS David Soldier Visitation of God 09Mar1858 227
COOKE James Gunner, Royal Artillery Accident 26Jan1860 276
COOLAN Thomas Found drowned 12May1853 125
COOTE W H Natural Causes 17Feb1848 64
CRAIG (female infant) Visitation of God 1857 (date not recorded) 214
CRAIG Child of Joseph and Elizabeth Child No direct evidence 14Dec1844 31
CRAWFORD Ellen Mrs 32y Visitation of God 14May1851 103
CRAWFORD Hannah 8y Accidentally drowned 17Aug1859 269
CRAWFORD William Chief Mate of the brig Ann Sanderson Seized with a fit 14Nov1859 274
CROSS Henry Effects of Intoxication 24May1842 12
CROWLEY Margaret 3y Visitation of God 13Feb1864 382
CULBERTSON Alfred Fall over cliff 02Apr1856 176
CUNNINGHAM William Found drowned 09Sep1851 106
DALRYMPLE Robert Chief Mate of ship Harp Drowned 14Mar1856 175
DAVIS James of Onehunga Excessive drinking 30Jan1858 224
DAVIS John Rupture of a blood vessel 06Dec1850 94
DAY Samuel Newborn Given a poisonous dose of laudanum by Ann HART 15Sep1862 345
DEERING Michael Excessive drinking 04Oct1858 240
DENBY John Grant Fire in his premises - no deaths 15Jun1863 362
DICK Richard Effects of Intoxication 19Apr1842 10
DICKINSON John 9 or 10y. Freeman's Bay Accidentally drowned 07Feb1862 326
DIXON Charles of Onehunga Apoplexy 07Oct1851 109
DIXON John Died of wounds indlicted by William BOWDEN alias Isaac FRENCH 04Feb1852 116
DONOVAN Denis Natural Causes 08Mar1855 146
DONOVAN Eugene 36y. Former soldier 39th Regiment Labouring under grevious bodily disease… 18Nov1861 319
DRAKE John (Private) 65th Regiment Excessive drinking 30Jul1860 286
DRINKWATER John English Cholera 14Jan1854 130
DRISCOLL Florence (Male) Apoplexy 20Nov1855 167
DUCROS William Accidentally drowned 20May1859 264
DUNNE Agnes Apoplexy 06Oct1848 75
ELLIOTT George Carpenter - HMS Pelorous. 25y Accident - Fall from horse 02Oct1861 315
ELLIS Sarah 8y Accidentally burnt 11May1850 90
ERANGIAWIA - Death by Suffocation and Drowning 22Mar1845 32
EVANS Walter 27y Excessive drinking 06Nov1860 293
FAHY John 45y Drowned 04Jul1862 339
FALLON Michael of Onehunga Congestion of the brain 07Feb1854 133
FAY Ann of Wade Creek Killed by John WHITE 16May1856 178
FELLS William Apoplexy 13Jan1851 98
FINNERTY Michael Rupture of a blood vessel 04Feb1852 112
FINNIGAN James Apoplexy 08Jan1857 193
FISHER Dugald 50y Found drowned 13May1859 261
FORBES Robert of Onehunga Apoplexy 09Apr1849 81
FOSTER Charles 26y. Sawyer Accident - felling of tree 26Aug1862 342
FOWELL Isaac Visitation of God 28May1861 305
FRANCIS Emmanuel American seaman Found drowned 03Mar1857 197
FRASER Donald Mortal wounds and death by accident 20Mar1848 66
FRAZER Alexander Seized with a vomiting of blood 16Aug1844 27
FRAZER John Crew - Ida Zeigler Suffocated and drowned 13Sep1861 314
FRODSHAM John Apoplexy 02Jun1851 104
GARLICK George of Otahuhu Accidentally drowned 15Oct1855 164
GAVIN Thomas Accidentally killed 26Sep1854 138
GEALE Piers of Onehunga Accidentally drowned 20Oct1851 110
GEDDES Alexander of Onehunga Accident 30Apr1851 101
GILLINGHAM John (Private) 65th Regiment Accident - Fall from horse 07Sep1863 370
GILLINGHAM Robert Knocked down and run over by horse and cart 06Nov1856 189
GIMBEL Clement 20y Suffocation and drowning 18May1859 262
GOODFELLOW Euphemia 33y Accident - overturning of cart 26Dec1861 320
GOODWIN James Visitation of God 14Jun1861 307
GORYCH William Accident 15 Sep 1848 72
GREEN Alfred Gunner, Royal Artillery Drowned 09Jan1863 350
GREEN Frederick near Coromandel Accidentally drowned 14Apr1857 201
GREENWOOD William Visitation of God 20Jul1858 233
GRUT Emily Child Accidentally burnt 22Jul1857 207
HALL Hughman Accidentally drowned 04Feb1854 132
HAMILTON Joseph Soldier Accidental death 05Mar1855 145
HAMPTON Elizabeth Excessive drinking 09Apr1859 258
HAMPTON Mary Jane 9y Accidentally burnt 19Jan1863 352
HANAN John Accidentally drowned 03Feb1859 253
HANDLEY Norah 3y Fractured Skull 24Aug1841 2
HANSON James (Sergeant) 30y. Commissariat Staff Corps Seized with a fit 03Jul1862 340
HARPER Jane Alice Mrs Murdered by husband 17Jun1863 361
HARRIS William Death by Suffocation and Drowning 29Jan1848 62
HARTNITT Letitia Excessive drinking 28Jun1858 231
HAWKINS John 58th Regiment Accident 14Nov1859 273
HAYES Thomas of Howick Death by drowing 08Jul1856 181
HAYES Timothy Apoplexy 05Sep1854 137
HEDGE Thomas Seaman Found drowned 28Jan1863 353
HENRY Hugh 48y. Farmer of Titirangi Accident - cart overturned 17Nov1862 346
HERBERT James 25y. Of Onehunga Suicide 09Feb1859 254
HESLIN John of Otahuhu Murdered by Daniel BURKE 21Jan1862 324
HEWLETT female child of Edith (aged 20y) Newborn Died from neglect 30Jun1862 337
HILL Robert Prince Accidental causes 18Aug1848 69
HILLYER Thomas Means unknown 24Dec1841 8
HINN Hannah Natural Causes 06Oct1847 54
HISLING (Private) Natural Causes 31Jan1848 63
HOBBS William Accidental causes 08Aug1848 68
HORNE Robert Instantly drowned 01Nov1856 187
HOWELL John of Onehunga Accidentally drowned 09Jun1852 118
HUDGINS Edward Military Pensioner Accidental death 19Dec1848 76
HUGHES Mary Child Accidentally burnt 09Jan1854 or 19Jan? 131
HUIRUA 18-19y Visitation of God 17Nov1846 45
HUMPHRIES Giles 3y9m Found drowned 10Dec1860 295
HUTCHINSON Charles (Lieut) Royal Engineers Found drowned 16Jun1853 126
HUTHERWAY George NZ Fencible Visitation of God 17Aug1855 158
IRVINE Henry Found drowned 02Mar1857 196
JAMIESON Anne Mrs Apoplexy 23Dec1850 97
JESSOP John Death by Suffocation and Drowning 10Jun1842 13
JOHNSON John Death by Suffocation and Drowning 15Mar1847 49
JOHNSON Thomas Found drowned 15Jun1863 360
JOHNSTON Thomas 9y Fractured Skull 07May1850 89
JONES James Killed by person or persons unknown 20Jun1849 83
JONES Margaret Fell off wharf and drowned 05Mar1859 256
JONES William 25y. Labourer Visitation of God 20Jun1863 363
KANNIO - of Sandwich Island (Hawaii) Found drowned 07Feb1852 113
KELLY Thomas Apoplexy 18Jan1862 323
KEMMITH Charles 38y. Shoemaker Excessive drinking 17Nov1863. Also Daily Southern Cross 18Nov1863 378
KENNEDY William 55y. Shipwright and carpenter Fell while ascending a staircase 12Aug1863 367
KENNEY William Effects of Intoxication 11Sep1845 37
KERARA (female) Killed by Charles MARSDEN 12Nov1855 166
KILKENNY Nary 54y. Servant to HOULIHAN Visitation of God 10Mar1862 328
KILLAWAY Robert 65th Regiment Accidentally suffocated and drowned 21Dec1858 249
KING Isabella Mrs Not recorded (Murdered by husband John King?) 09Nov1846 48
KINGDON John Drowned 02Oct1855 161
KNUCKLEY Patrick Death by cutting his throat while temporary insane 28Sep1855 160
LAMB Euphemia 8y Concussion of the brain 07Sep1859 270
LAURIE William Child Suffocation and drowning 20Dec1858 248
LEECH Robert Visitation of God 12Oct1846 43
LEONARD James Accidentally drowned 11Jan1858 223
LORRIGAN Daniel Accidental fall from horse 29Dec1852 121
LOWDEN James Suicide 24May1858 230
LUNDIN Elizabeth Child Visitation of God 10Aug1858 235
MACAULEY Alexander of Onehunga Accidental death 01Dec1855 169
MACKIE Alexander Fire in his premises - no deaths 20Mar1862 329
MADDISON Thomas 28y. Seaman Accidentally drowned 03Jul1859 268
MAGEE James Suffocation in a swamp 21Jun1853 127
MAHON Michael 4y Eaten poisonous berries 06Mar1860 279
MAILIEU William Adam (Dr) Cut his throat - temporary insanity 15Mar1852 117
MAITHER James Accidentally drowned 07Feb1849 79
MALONE Michael 8y Accidentally poisoned 18Apr1857 202
MANN Charles In a state of mental derangement did kill himself 18Feb1848 65
MARRAT John Accidentally drowned 03May1859 263
MARTIN Adam Second mate of ship Avalanche Suffocation and drowning 06Oct1858 243
MARTIN Ann Child Act of God 09Mar1844 20
MASON Child of William Child Death by Suffocation and Drowning 13Sep1841 5
MAXWELL James Found dead 13Apr1857 200
MAXWELL Matilda 18m Accidentally burnt 13Aug1857 210
MAYHEW William 45y. Carpenter of Howick Excessive drinking 17Jun1862 333
McBRIDE Elizabeth Poisoning 07Aug1855 157
McCARTHEY Charlotte Act of God 28May1845 34
McCARTHY David 78th Regiment Supposed drowning 19Jun1861 310
McCARTHY Dennis Natural Causes 24Sep1851 107
McCOLL Duncan 38-40y. Suicide 25Nov1862 347
McDONALD Daniel Accidental Fall 16May1844 24
McDONALD Fanny 2-3yrs Natural Causes 02Feb1857 194
McEWEN Alexander of Howick Apoplexy 14Feb1849 80
McGLATHERY John No conclusion 18Dec1845 41
McINNES Samuel Accidentally drowned 14Dec1857 or 04Dec? 217
McINTOSH Catherine 4y Death by Suffocation and Drowning 01Dec1846 46
McINTOSH James Sudden yielding of a blood vessel 27Apr1857 203
McINTOSH John Death by Suffocation and Drowning 15Nov1842 16
McKAY Eliza Child Death by Suffocation and Drowning 10Nov1845 39
McKEE Catherine Mrs Cut her throat - patient of Lunatic Asylum 30Dec1854 143
McKEE Robert Apoplexy 20Dec1855 171
McKENZIE Norman 4y Kicked in head by a horse 27Sep1858 239
McKEOWAN Francis Mortal wound - killed by Corporal Francis BUTCHER 10Dec1850 95
McKINNON Bernard Soldier. Of Otahuhu Drowned 10Jan1863 351
McLEAN John Motutapu Island Drowned 07Jun1859 267
McLEARY Charles Gunner, Royal Artillery. 30y Excessive drinking 01Aug1861 311
McLOUGHLIN John (Private) 78th Regiment. 32y Excessive drinking 17May1861 304
McMAHON Mary Mother of 9 children Visitation of God 01Jun1859 266
McPHEE James 38y. Labourer Excessive drinking 09Feb1864 384
McPHERSON David 16y Accidentally drowned 06Oct1863 375
McSHANE Daniel Accidental death 10Apr1855 149
MEAD Daniel 50y. Carpenter of Onehunga Accidentally drowned 17Feb1863 355
MECH John Found drowned 07Dec1854 141
MENARY William Murdered by John CROGHAN 20Sep1858 238
MILLER Gerry Natural Causes 17Sep1841 6
MILLER William Drowned 24Dec1849 85
MILLS Emily 11y Death by Suffocation and Drowning 04Oct1847 53
MILNER John Accidentally drowned 03May1859 263
MOLONEY Ellen 5y Scorching and burning accidentally 01Jul1847 51
MONAGHAN Edward 33y Visitation of God 02Aug1860 287
MONTGOMERY George Child Accidentally drowned 06Sep1856 184
MOODY Silas Private Soldier Apoplexy 03Oct1851 108
MOORE Mary Child Death by Suffocation and Drowning 07Mar1844 18
MOORE William Prisoner Dysentry 02Jun1854 134
MOOREAN William 18y. Labourer of Howick No verdict 22Jan1862 325
MORRIS Catherine Excessive drinking 12Sep1859 271
MORRISON Charles 50-60y. Travelling tailor Apoplexy 08Sep1863 371
MORRISON Ewen 10y. Of PukeKohi (sic) Accident 13Feb1860 278
MOUDEN William Accidentally drowned 15Apr1858 229
MOWBRAY Robert Visitation of God 02Apr1855 148
MULLANY Michael 2y Accidentally drowned 30Dec1857 221
MURPHY Jerome Suicide 15Mar1861 301
MURPHY John Violent collision with a cart 18Oct1859 272
MURPHY Lawrence Accidentally drowned 06Feb1857 195
MURRAY Anne 3y Accidently and by misfortune caught on fire 09Sep1841 4
NEIL Margaret Apoplexy 27Nov1854 139
NEILL Patrick 44y. Of Onehunga Visitation of God 05Nov1858 244
NEILL William Soldier. 25y Accident 15Oct1861 318
NEILL William (Private) 58th Regiment Found drowned 30Mar1853 123
NICHOLAS Emily Accidentally drowned 14Nov1855 168
NOLAN John Visitation of God 07Jul1856 180
NUNAN John Natural Causes 01Jul1842 14
OCKRIM Mary 7y Accidental death 30Jul1856 183
ODLUM Thomas A fire in his house - no deaths - 10Apr1859 259
O'DONNELL Robert Suffocated and strangled - large piece of meat 21Jul1863 366
O'NEILL John Suffocation and drowning 20Dec1860 296
ORGANS James of Howick Death by drowing 08Jul1856 181
OWEN Roger Rupture of a blood vessel 06Aug1851 105
OWEN Sarah Child Drowned 25Nov1850 93
PAGAM Thomas Excessive drinking 08May1858 228
PALMER William at Waiheke Found drowned 08Dec1857 220
PARKER James 26y Seized with a fit 03Jan1861 299
PASCOE John Off HMS Orpheus Found drowned 03Feb1863 354
PATTERSON Michael 58th Regiment Accidentally drowned 01May1855 152
PEARCE David Bullock team driver Seized with a fit 06Sep1858 236
PEARCE Henry Drowned 30Jul1855 156
PEGUIN Bridget of Onehunga Died from exposure while intoxicated 09Nov1855 165
PENNEHAMINA Wilmot Child Accidentally drowned 09May1851 102
PERRY John 36y. Bushman Found drowned 30Jul1862 341
PERRY Joseph Rupture of a blood vessel 04Dec1849 84
PETERS Daniel Accidentally drowned 20Apr1848 or 49? 82
PIGON George Suicide 03May1855 151
POOLE W G Fire in his premises - no deaths - 30Jun1860 284
PORTER James 48y. Of Onehunga Visitation of God 11Oct1858 241
PROCTOR Mary Mrs Seized with a fit 29Aug1862 344
PULLMAN William Noble Apoplexy 17Feb1855 144
PURCHAS Arthur Guyon Child Accidentally drowned 19Apr1855 150
PURTLE William Rupture of a blood vessel 09Feb1852 114
RATHBONE Richard Brutally killed by person or persons unknown 30Apr1853 124
RAYNER Jane Self administered poison 20Sep1841 7
REDWOOD William near Coromandel Accidentally drowned 14Apr1857 201
REID Robert Rupture of a blood vessel 15Jul1852 120
ROBERTS Peter Fell off Queens Wharf and drowned 15Sep1856 186
ROBINSON Jamina (Jemina?) Child Death by Suffocation and Drowning 18Oct1842 15
ROBUS John Cut his throat - temporary insanity 11Feb1856 172
ROGAN William 20y Accidentally drowned 08Dec1860 294
ROWLING James Sailor HMS Calliope Accidentally drowned 05Sep1853 128
ROXTON M Sawyer Visitation of God 14Sep1858 237
RUSSELL John 50y Visitation of God 18Apr1860 281
SCHIORDER Alfred 35y. Sheep farmer Suicide 24Aug1860 290
SCHITTLER Ernst 16y Accidentally drowned 14Feb1862 327
SCOTT Isabella Excessive drinking 15Sep1856 185
SCOTT James 42y. Labourer Suicide 05Oct1863 374
SCOTT Janet 38y Excessive drinking 25Feb1859 255
SCOTT William Covey 73y. Farmer of Pukekohe Murdered by a man presently unknown 05Sep1863 369
SEXTON George 40y. 65th Regiment Found dead 17Jun1862 334
SHANAGHAN James 58th Regiment Apoplexy 02Jan1849 78
SHAW Mathew 55y Natural Causes 02Aug1848 70
SHAW Toby Visitation of God 20May1845 33
SHIPTON Richard Accidentally drowned 10Oct1850 92
SINCAIR Dudley Suicide 23Sep1844 29
SKEVINGTON John (Rev) Act of God 22Sep1845 38
SMALE David (Captain) of Onehunga Accidentally drowned 24Oct1851 111
SMART Thomas 8y. Of Papatoitoi (sic) Accidentally drowned 14Mar1863 358
SMITH Jane Apoplexy 04Jan1854 129
SMITH John Death by Suffocation and Drowning 03Nov1846 44
SMITH John 34y Accident - falling tree 18Feb1863 356
SMITH Thomas Suicide 27Mar1858 226
SMITH William Accidental discharge of firearm 15Nov1845 40
SMITH William of Howick Accidentally drowned 02Mar1858 225
SNOW Hannah Mrs Killed by person or persons unknown (later BURNS was hanged for this murder) 25Oct1847 57
SNOW Mary Killed by person or persons unknown (later BURNS was hanged for this murder) 25Oct1847 56
SNOW Robert (Lieut) HMS Dido Killed by person or persons unknown (later BURNS was hanged for this murder) 25Oct1847 55
SOAPER William Prisoner Visitation of God 11May1856 177
SOUTH Mary Mrs 35y. Wife of landlord of Settlers Hotel, Otahuhu Visitation of God 06Jan1864 380
SPARE Ann 50y Excessive drinking 02Dec1858 246
STACKPILE George Grocer, Wyndham St Fire in his premises - no deaths 14Aug1863 368
STAPLETON Martin Concussion of the brain 23Jun1852 119
STEWART Madeline 2-3yrs Accidentally swallowed strychnine 17Oct1863 376
SULLIVAN James 50-60y Drowned 10Dec1862 348
SUSTIUS Sophia 33y. Wife of George Sustius, later master of mission schooner The Southern Cross Visitation of God 10Apr1861 302
SUTHERLAND * Charles William 1st Waikato Militia, Drury Drowned 11Jan1864 Daily Southern Cross p2 -
SUTLIFF William of Howick Found drowned 05Dec1857 215
SYNDON Joseph Sawyer Accidental death 12Oct1855 163
TAMARAPA - Natural Causes 12Sep1848 71
TARAIWARU - Natural Causes 30Nov1854 140
TAVERNER Thomas 21y Accidentally drowned 27Aug1861 313
TAYLOR Douglas Death by Suffocation and Drowning 07Dec1844 30
TAYLOR Hugh Debility, caused by excessive drinking 14Jun1856 179
TAYLOR James 3y Death by Suffocation and Drowning 12Jan1843 22
TE RAKATAU 45y. Ngatihaua chief Visitation of God 29Feb1864 383
TEAGUE Samuel 16m Accidentally drowned 30Mar1857 198
THOMPSON John Apoplexy 22Feb1851 100
TIERNEY Michael 70th Regiment. 35y Excessive drinking 07Aug1861 312
TINGLEY Henry Fire in his premises - no deaths 15Mar1862 or 25Mar? 330
TINN Patrick Accident 07Feb1851 99
TRAINOR Charles ex Policeman Rupture of a blood vessel 18Feb1850 86
TUNIL Thomas Death by Suffocation and Drowning 05Jan1848 61
TURNER William 28y. Seaman Accidentally drowned 03Mar1863 357
TURTLEY Arthur Death by Suffocation and Drowning 27Jul1841 1
VAUGHAN Thomas Natural Causes 13Apr1844 21
VERNAN William George Visitation of God 06Jun1850 91
WALKER Alexander Apoplexy 08Jan1853 122
WALKER Charles Suicide 09Sep1844 28
WALKER Edward Accidentally drowned 29Apr1861 303
WALL Michael Coopers Bay Accidentally drowned 08Dec1858 247
WALLIS James Manslaughter 27Dec1854 142
WALSH Charles Fell from a cliff 02Feb1860 277
WALSH James Accident - thrown from cart 17Jan1862 322
WALSH Moses Apoplexy 04Aug1857 208
WALTERS William Able Seaman, HMS Pelorous Accident 30May1861 306
WATSON Charles 59y Seized with a fit 25Jan1859 252
WEBBER Francis Death by Suffocation and Drowning 06Sep1841 3
WEBBER Thomas Death from exhaustion 05Dec1855 170
WELLARD John William Drowned 26Apr1850 88
WHITE Philip Apoplexy 03Sep1857 211
WILD Joseph (Private) 3rd Waikato Regiment Visitation of God 21Jan1864 381
WILLIAMS John Seaman Found drowned 25Sep1848 73
WILLIAMS William Drowned 05May1857 209
WILSON John None recorded 01Dec1846 47
WILSON Julia Drowned 05May1857 209
WISHART William Aitken 15y Accident 03Aug1860 288
WOOD Thomas 59y Drowned 02Jul1862 338
WOODMAN John Death by Suffocation and Drowning 04May1844 25
WOODS John Accident 29Nov1847 60
WRIGHT James Death by Suffocation and Drowning 19Jan1844 17
YANDALE John Natural Causes 11Apr1842 9

* Not included in the book but found in the Daily Southern Cross while looking at one of the other inquests.

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