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The following are some of the names mentioned in the Cyclopedia of Auckland and Auckland Province which was printed in 1902. Many libraries have copies of these books and they are also available on CD from COLONIAL CD BOOKS. Please use the indexes at the front of the books/CDs to find the entry required. Some are mentioned under their place of residence as well as their occupation/trade.

These Cyclopedia's were published as a commercial venture and can contain quite long biographical details and often photos of those mentioned. Others unfortunately only get a few lines. As you paid for your entry some of the data given may be taken with "a grain of salt" as they were often embelished.

ABBOTT Frederick William Auckland
ABBOTT Henry Nathaneal (Late) Auckland
ABBOTT John Auckland
ABBOTT John (Late) Auckland
ABBOTT Robert Thompson Opotiki
ABEL R S Auckland
ABRAM John (Captain) SS Hawea
ABSOLUM Abraham Dargaville
ADAIR William Gisborne
ADAM Bros (Drapers) Karangahake
ADAM John Auckland
ADAMS Edward Waihi
ADAMS Ernest Feltus Thames
ADAMS James Stewart (Captain) SS Poherua
ADAMS Jessie M (Miss) Auckland
ADAMS Robert Taupo
ADAMS Thomas Gisborne
AHERN Joseph Loughlin (The (Rev)) Pukekohe
AHIER George Te Awamutu
AICKIN Graves Auckland
AITKEN Alexander Morrinsville
AITKEN William (Late) Auckland
ALDRIDGE George Auckland
ALEXANDER Dudley (Captain) Auckland
ALEXANDER Edward Beatty Auckland
ALEXANDER George Erskine Waihi
ALEXANDER Samuel Thames
ALISON Alexander Auckland
ALISON Ewen William Devonport
ALLAN Charles Auckland
ALLELY Margaret Jane (Miss) Marshmeadow
ALLEN Edward Pukekura
ALLEN Francis Bowen Thames
ALLEN John Waingaro
ALLEN William Shepherd Piako
ALLOM Albert James Auckland
ALLOM Henry Ogilvie Coromandel
ALLWILL Jared Cambridge
AMBRIDGE Charles Henry Gisborne
AMBURY Stephen James Auckland
ANDERSON James Pukerimu
ANDERSON John Te Awamutu
ANDERSON William Auckland
ANDREW Alexander Te Kopuru
ANDREWES Alfred Spry Opononi
ANGUS James Stark Newmarket
ANYON G Record Reign Hotel, Gisborne
APPLEBY William Maungatawhiri Valley
APPLETON John Opotiki
ARCHER George Henry Golden Cross
ARCHIBALD James Parkhurst
ARGALL Albert Edward Coromandel
ARGALL William Henry Auckland
ARIELL John Butterill (J.P) Paparoa
ARMSTRONG Matthew Watson Auckland
ARMSTRONG Walter Henry Auckland
ARNEY George (Hon) (Sir) Auckland
ARNOLD Charles William Cambridge
ARNOLD John Cambridge
ARNOLDSON Louis Auckland
ARTHUR H R Auckland
ASHER Asher Auckland
ASHFORD Thomas Henry Gordon
ASHTON Ernest Auckland
ASTLEY Elijah Auckland
ASTLEY John Edward Auckland
ATKIN Arthur Charles Auckland
ATKIN Charles Auckland
ATKIN Charles (Late) Auckland
ATKIN Edward Rogers Auckland
ATKIN William Henry Auckland
ATKINS Robert Patutahi
ATKINS Samuel John Royal Mail Hotel, Paeroa
ATKINSON William Pukerimu
ATTWOOD William Nicholas Gisborne
AUBIN Emile Dupont (Dr) Thames
AUDLEY Frederick Coromandel
AVERILL Edward Matamata
BABER James Tauranga
BACH Arthur Cambridge
BACH Thomas Auckland
BAGGOTT James Thames
BAGNALL Lemuel John (J.P) Auckland
BAGOT Walter Thomas Birkenhead
BAILEY Benjamin Te Aroha West
BAILEY Charles Auckland
BAILEY John Powell (J.P) Hamilton
BAILEY John William Taupiri
BAILEY Walter Auckland
BAILEY William Waiuku
BAIN David Robb Te Awamutu
BAINE Peter Te Aroha
BAKER Ida (Miss) Auckland
BAKER James Richard Dowers Kihikihi
BAKER Shirley Edward Wesley Auckland
BAKER William Thames
BAKER William Henry Thames
BAKER William Parr Auckland
BAKEWELL Robert Hall (Dr) Auckland
BALLIN Frederick Solomon Auckland
BALME George Paparata
BAMFORD Edwin Auckland
BANE William Thames
BANKS Edwin Gripper Waihi
BANKS Harry Cecil (Lieutenant) Auckland
BANKS J H (Lieutenant Colonel) Auckland
BANKS Norman Cambridge
BARBER Robert Auckland
BARKER Charles Te Awamutu
BARKER Emily Mrs Taupiri
BARLOW William John Gisborne
BARNES Thomas Kamo
BARRANCE Helen (Mrs) Auckland
BARRATT James Joseph Karangahake
BARRETT John Edward Whakarewarewa
BARRIBALL Alfred Martyn Waiuku
BARRIBALL Charles Thomas Waiuku
BARRON David Innes Rotorua
BARRY David John Gisborne
BARRY Hubert (J.P) Waihi
BARRY Hubert Percy Paeroa
BARRY Patrick Coromandel
BARSTOW Robert Clapham (Late) Auckland
BARSTOW Thomas Hulme Auckland
BARTLETT Alfred Auckland
BARTLETT Alfred Gregory Auckland
BARTLETT William Henry Auckland
BARTLEY Clement Birkenhead/Grey Lynn
BARTLEY Edward Auckland
BARTLEY Robert Auckland
BARTLEY Thomas Haughton Auckland
BARTON Charles John Wright Hamilton
BARTON William Alfred Gisborne
BARUGH Joseph Tamahere
BARUGH Joseph Johnson Tamahere
BASLEY George William Auckland
BASSETT Edward Aratapu
BASSETT Frederick Charles Auckland
BASTINGS Edwin Paeroa
BATES John James (Rev) Waihi
BATES Joseph (Rev) (Late) Auckland
BATES Stewart Opotiki
BATTENS Henry Coromandel
BATTLEY Frederick Auckland
BATTSON Francis Thames
BAULF Henry John Devonport
BAUME Frederick Ehrenfried Auckland
BAXENDALE (Lieutenant) Auckland
BAYLDON Thomas Cook (Captain) Thames
BAYNTUN Francis Thomas (Dr) Auckland
BEAL BURREL Dupair Edward Rotorua
BEALE Bernard Charles (Dr) Auckland
BEAMISH Richard Evanson Mercer
BEANGE Alexander Tauwhare
BEATTIE Robert Martin (Dr) Auckland
BECK Arthur James (Rev) Aratapu
BECKHAM Thomas Auckland
BECROFT Joseph Auckland
BEDFORD Robert (Dr) Auckland
BEERE Alexander Gerald Gisborne
BEERE Elijah Cambridge
BEGG John Whangaroa
BELL Andrew Auckland
BELL Edmund Auckland
BELL Henry Cambridge
BELL J Te Awamutu
BELL Robert Morr Rotorua
BELLAIRS Eugene Auckland
BELLAMY George Herbert Auckland
BELWORTHY William Thames
BENGE Alfred Waihi
BENNER Albert Waihi
BENNER Henry Waikino
BENNETT (Major) (Salvation Army) Auckland
BENNETT Charles Debenham Gisborne
BENNETT Francis Newmarket
BENNETT John Frederick Auckland
BENNETT Matthew John Auckland
BENNEY James Thames
BENT Robert Allen Waiuku
BENTON William Paterson Tirau
BERGHAN James (Late) Ahipara
BERGHAN James Mrs Ahipara
BERGHAN Thomas Mongonui
BERN William Rotorua
BERRY William Auckland
BERTIE John Waiorongomai
BEST Douglas Home Blackader (Dr) Auckland
BEST Edward (Rev) (Late) Auckland
BETTANY William Auckland
BETTIS William (Captain) SS Waimarie
BETTLEY John Hamilton
BEVIN John Auckland
BEVINS A Auckland
BEWES Edward Anstis (Dr) Otahuhu
BIGGS Robert O'Callaghan (Rev) (Late) Hamilton
BILHAM Thomas William Te Arai Bridge
BINDON John Waller Ohaeawai
BISHOPRICK Charles Te Puke
BISPHAM C Mrs Whangarei
BISS Cyril Holm Auckland
BISS Noel Leslie Holm Auckland
BISS Samuel Birt Auckland
BLACK John Kerikeri
BLACK Thomas (Late) Opotiki
BLACKMAN Lewis Hamilton
BLACKMORE John Smeaton Tamahere
BLACKWOOD James Pukekura
BLACKWOOD John Pukekura
BLACKWOOD Ludovic Auckland
BLACKWOOD William SS Clansman
BLADES Joseph Auckland
BLAIKIE James Barclay (Late) Auckland
BLAMIRES Henry Lawrence (Rev) (Late) Hamilton
BLAMPIED Philip Newmarket
BLOOMFIELD William Read Auckland
BOARDMAN Abraham Auckland
BOLD Edmund Henry (Late) Auckland
BOLER Robert Gooddine (Rev) Howick
BOLLARD John (MHR) Auckland
BOLTON Charles Frederick Waione
BOLTON Edwin Claude Makauri
BOND James Shiner Hamilton
BOND Joseph Henry (Dr) Thames
BOND Enoch Auckland
BOOKER William Tuakau
BOOTH Benjamin Bland Cambridge
BOOTH James (Late) Gisborne
BOOTH Thomas Grey Lynn
BOSANKO Richard (Late) Te Awamutu
BOSCAWEN Hugh Auckland
BOSWORTH John Thomas Auckland
BOSWORTH Tom Henry Auckland
BOTTELEY Claude Lester Hamilton
BOUCHER Ernest Woodward Te Puke
BOULT Arthur Auckland
BOWDEN Charles Augustus Te Awamutu
BOWLES George Edwin Auckland
BOWMAN John Ahipara
BOYCE John James Auckland
BRABANT Herbert William Auckland
BRACKEN James Hope Karangahake
BRADBURY Augustus McInnes (Rev) Ngaruawahia
BRADLEY Samuel Auckland
BRADY John Te Aroha
BRAIDWOOD Thomas SS Gairloch
BRAMLEY James Thwaytes Whangaroa
BRAMLEY Robert George Dargaville
BRAMLEY William Kaeo
BRASSEY Thomas James Auckland
BREE Helier Whangarata
BREMNER Alexander Morrinsville
BRENAN William Paeroa
BRENNAN Joseph Paeroa
BRENT Stephen Thomas Rotorua
BRETT Henry Auckland
BREWER Henry Clayton Auckland
BREWIN James Auckland
BREWIS Andrew Seymour (Dr) Hamilton
BRIDGEWATER Jessie E (Miss) Auckland
BRIGHAM James McCrea Auckland
BRIGHAM John Sylvester Auckland
BRIGHT John William Gisborne
BRIGHT William Hamilton Hotel, Hamilton
BRITTAIN Francis Henry (Lieutenant) Auckland
BROADY John Auckland
BROCK Adam Auckland
BRODIE (Rev Father) Waihi
BRODIE Walter Auckland
BROMWICH Edward Paeroa
BROOK Charles John Parnell
BROOKES Alfred Hatton Auckland
BROOKE-SMITH Edward Auckland
BROOKING Benjamin Waeranga-a-hika
BROOKING John Gisborne
BROOKS Frank Clement Gordon
BROOKS Frank Jefcoate Cambridge
BROUN Thomas (Captain) Auckland
BROWN A D Auckland
BROWN Alexander Auckland
BROWN Alexander Waeranga-a-hika
BROWN Alfred Nesbitt (Ven Arch) (Late) Tauranga
BROWN Bernard Whakatane
BROWN Charles Waihi
BROWN Charles Crisp (Rev) Rotorua
BROWN Frederick Douglas (Prof) Auckland
BROWN George Tuakau
BROWN James Gisborne
BROWN James (Jnr) Razorback
BROWN James (Snr) Pokeno
BROWN John Paeroa
BROWN John Anderson Waihi
BROWN Thomas George Auckland
BROWN William Totara North
BROWN William (MHR) Auckland
BROWN William Hoile Devonport
BROWN William John Dargaville
BROWN William Pain (Late) Bay of Islands
BROWNE Benjamin Matamata
BROWNE Ernest Waitekauri
BROWNE George Joseph Onehunga
BROWNE James Wakelin Auckland
BROWNE Joseph Auckland
BROWNE Samuel Clevedon
BROWNLIE James A Taupo
BRUCE Albert Thames
BRUCE Alexander Auckland
BRUCE Graham (Late) Auckland
BRUCE Wilfred Ewing Auckland
BRUNN Charles Te Aroha West
BRYANT Robert Eason Makaraka
BUCHANAN Archibald Auckland
BUCHANAN Arthur George Auckland
BUCHANAN Thomas George Okaihau
BUCHANAN William (Late) Auckland
BUCKLAND William Francis Cambridge
BUCKLEY Arthur Grey Heslerigge Dr Paeroa
BUCKLEY Roland Thames
BUCKWORTH Charles Marshall Whakatane
BUDDLE Thomas (Rev) (Late) Auckland
BUDDLE Thomas Auckland
BUGDEN Frederick Auckland
BULLEN Francis Thomas Hewitt Gisborne
BULLER James (Rev) (Late) Rawene
BULLER William Boyce Auckland
BUNNEY Joseph Waihi
BURCH William Henry Thames
BURGESS Edward William Auckland
BURGESS George Augustus Paeroa
BURGESS Isaac James (Captain) Auckland
BURGESS Robert Alfred Auckland
BURGOYNE William Mangatete
BURKE Edmund James Auckland
BURNETT Frederic Walton Walton
BURNS J H Auckland
BURNS John Auckland
BURR Henry Ernest Ngaruawahia
BURRA Robert Thames
BURROUGHS James Edward Whangarei
BURROUGHS William Henry Whangarei
BURROWS Arthur Washington Tauranga
BURROWS Robert (Rev) (Late) Auckland
BURTON Alfred Fordyce Te Aroha
BURTON Ernest William Auckland
BURTON Frank Percy Dargaville
BURTON Harding Hawken Te Awamutu
BURTON J Auckland
BUSH Robert Tobin Thames
BUSHNELL Herbert James Gisborne
BUTLER Martin Cambridge
BUTLER Percy Auckland
BUTTLE George (Rev) (Late) Otahuhu
BUTTON Charles Edward Auckland
BUXTON Robert Auckland
BYGRAVE Samuel Leonard Te Aroha
CADMAN Alfred Jerome (MLC) Auckland
CADMAN John Charles Huntly
CAESER Julius Adolphe Albert (JP) Ormond
CAFLER Edward Eugene (Late) Whangarei
CAIE William Paparata
CAIRNS Adam (J.P) (Late) Auckland
CALDER C M Auckland
CALDER William (Canon) Auckland
CALEY Thomas Lace Auckland
CALEY William Auckland
CALLAGHAN Laurence Okoroire
CALLAN Patrick (Dr) Thames
CAMERON Ewen Gisborne
CAMERON Richard Auckland
CAMMELL George Samuel Auckland
CAMPBELL Alexander Bulwer Auckland
CAMPBELL Daniel (J.P) Waihi
CAMPBELL Don Roderick Frank Morrinsville
CAMPBELL Hugh Parnell
CAMPBELL John Grey Lynn
CAMPBELL John Logan (Dr) Auckland
CAMPBELL Patrick (Late) Totara North
CAMPBELL Robert Whangaroa
CAMPBELL Sophia (Miss) Auckland
CANTLEY Thomas Thames
CARE George Tamahere
CAREY Charlotte Amy (Miss) Hamilton
CARLAW/CARLOW James Auckland
CARNACHAN Fox Maule Rotorua
CAROLAN James Frederick (J.P) Matakohe
CARPENTER Robert (Brigade Sergeant Major) Auckland
CARR J G Newmarket
CARR Robert Charles Auckland
CARROLL Thomas Coromandel
CARTER Arthur Morton Auckland
CARTER Charles Morton Auckland
CARTER G Mrs Frogmore House, Auckland
CARTER Robert Suxpitch Auckland
CARTER Samuel Thames
CARTER Thomas Edgar Auckland
CARTER William Hikurangi
CASEY Maurice Auckland
CASH Edward Auckland
CASSRELS Ascher Paeroa
CASTON John Randell Newmarket
CASTON William George (Late) Newmarket
CAUDWELL Heber Te Aroha West
CAUGHEY Andrew Clarke Auckland
CAVE Charles White Cambridge
CHAMBERLIN Henry (Hon) (Late) Drury
CHAMBERS (Madame) Auckland
CHAMBERS Charles Auckland
CHAMBERS John Auckland
CHAMBERS William Knox Gisborne
CHAPMAN Alexander Rawene/Hokianga
CHAPPEL Francis Thames
CHATFIELD Alfred William Auckland
CHEAL Peter Edward Auckland
CHEATOR A (Sergeant Major) Auckland
CHEPMELL William Philip Te Aroha
CHISSELL Charles Henry Whangarei
CHITTY Walter Hamilton
CHOYCE Henry Charles Auckland
CHRISP Edmund James Gisborne
CHRISP Thomas (J.P) Gisborne
CHRISTIAN Nathaniel Auckland
CHRISTIE James Auckland
CHRISTIE William Henry Waitekauri
CHURTON William Henry Auckland
CLARK Archibald Auckland
CLARK Archibald Hugh Waihi
CLARK George Edward Cambridge
CLARK James John Pokeno
CLARK James McCosh Auckland
CLARK John Angus Tauranga
CLARK John Potter Auckland
CLARK Joseph (Rev) Auckland
CLARK Major Hooper Makaraka
CLARK Matthew Anderson Auckland
CLARK Thomas William Thames
CLARK William Edward Newstead
CLARKE Andrew Thames
CLARKE Charles Augustus Tauranga
CLARKE Edward Bloomfield (Rev) Auckland
CLARKE George Witchell Coromandel
CLARKE Henry Tacy Waimate North
CLARKE Robert Waitekauri
CLARKE Thomas Plummer Waihi
CLARK-WALKER George Whangarei
CLAUDET Lionel Henry Awanui
CLAYTON Charles Edward Gisborne
CLAYTON Frederick Gisborne
CLAYTON Matthew Thomas Auckland
CLAYTON Walter Henry Gisborne
CLEMENS C Henry Auckland
CLEMENTS Archibald (J.P) Auckland
CLEMETT Alexander Dougal Mongonui
CLENDON Edwini John Thames
CLIFFE Robert Auckland
CLIFFORD Henry John Morrinsville
CLIFFORD John Miles Morrinsville
CLINKARD Cecil Henry Kaukapakapa
CLOSE James Kawakawa
CLOUGH Thomas Edward Te Aroha
CLOUSTON John (Dr) Waiuku
CLOW John Birkenhead
CLOW Laurence Mitchell Birkenhead
COATES A (Mrs) (nee MAUNSELL) Auckland
COATES Frederick William (Dr) Auckland
COATES Isaac Hamilton
COCHRAN Alexander Auckland
COCK Edward Stevens Karangahake
COCK Frederick Paeroa
COCKERLINE Robert Kihikihi
COLE Frederick Motumaoho, Morrinsville
COLE George William (Dr) Gisborne
COLE Herbert Eden Tuakau
COLE Robert Gisborne
COLE Walter Reginald Tuakau
COLEBOURNE John Henry Gisborne
COLEBROOK John Drew Coromandel
COLEMAN John Gisborne
COLEMAN William Auckland
COLES George Alexander Auckland
COLHOUN John Ohaupo
COLLEDGE William Onehunga
COLLEY John Gisborne
COLLIER Arthur Bertram Tuakau
COLLINGS Arthur Auckland
COLLINGS Charles (Jnr) Auckland
COLLINGS Charles Alexander Waitekauri
COLLINGS Charles James Waitekauri
COLLINS Archibald Henry (Rev) Auckland
COLLINS Augustus Charles Hugh Auckland
COLLINS William Huntly
COLSON Cyril Auckland
COMER Benjamin Pukekura
CONELLY William John Auckland
CONEY James Emilius Thames
CONNELLY - Auckland
CONNOLLY John D'Arcy Auckland
CONOLLY (Justice) Auckland
CONOLLY Edwin Tennyson Paeroa
CONRADI William Inglis Raglan
CONSTABLE Edward (Late) Waiuku
CONWAY John Tauranga
CONWAY Peter Karangahake
COOM Richard (Dr) Auckland
COOPER (Justice) Auckland
COOPER E Kersey Thames
COOPER Edward Auckland
COOPER Frederick J Auckland
COOPER George Paeroa
COOPER James Albert Auckland
COOPER Theophilus Auckland
COOPER William Auckland
COOPER William Gisborne
CORBETT Edward Man (Late) Waitekauri
CORBETT Roger John Mongonui
CORBETT William Henry Rotorua
CORBOY Francis Daniel Kihikihi
CORBOY Joseph Augustine Orakau
CORBOY William (Late) Kihikihi
CORCORAN Father Auckland
CORCORAN Michael Auckland
CORLETT Benjamin Stott Rotorua
CORNAGA Victor Cambridge
CORNES Clement Augustus Karangahake
CORNTHWAITE William Knowles Maungatawhiri Valley
COSGRAVE John Auckland
COTES Harry (Lieutenant) Auckland
COTTAM George Henry Huntly
COTTER Richard Joseph Waikino
COTTER Richard Joseph Waitekauri
COTTER Thomas Auckland
COTTLE Thomas Auckland
COTTON Henry E Auckland
COTTRELL James Rangiaohia
COULTAS John (J.P) Mercer
COULTAS Thomas Henry Mercer
COURT Alfred Thames
COURT John Auckland
COURTNEY Alfred Charles Whangarei
COURTNEY William James Auckland
COUSINS Herbert Waihou
COUTTS Alfred Auckland
COUTTS James Auckland
COWDELL Joseph T Whangarei
COWIE Edmund Mortlock (Rev) Auckland
COWIE William Garden (Bishop) Auckland
COWLEY Thomas Ohaupo
COWLING Samuel Hautapu
COX B S Gisborne
COX Edmund Blachford Taupiri
COX Edwin Auckland
COX Herbert Auckland
COX Hubert Te Aroha
COX James Thomas Gostick Taupiri
COX Noah Roper Hamilton
COX Robert George Auckland
COX Samuel Robert Mercer
COX William John Gisborne
COXHEAD Edward Routh Kaikohe
COYLE (Captain) Auckland
COYLE Thomas Whangarei
COZENS George Parnell
CRAIG Charles Cambridge
CRAIG David Auckland
CRAIG James Gisborne
CRAIG John Motutapu Island
CRAIG John (Dr) Gisborne
CRAIG Joseph James Auckland
CRAIG Robert Waiuku
CRAILL Robert Patutahi Hotel, Patutahi
CRANWELL Ruskin Burritt Waihi
CRAWFORD Thomas Fitzgerald Gisborne
CRAWFORD Thomas Henry Thames
CRAWFORD William Fitzgerald Gisborne
CRAWFORD Thomas A Auckland
CREIGHTON Robert James Auckland
CRISP Thomas Alfred Whangarei
CROCKER Benjamin Auckland
CROKE William James (Rev) Kihikihi
CROMBIE Robert Edward Te Aroha
CRONIN Bartholomew Auckland
CROSBY George Paeroa
CROSBY John Kirikiriroa
CROSS John Rotorua
CROWE R Auckland
CROWLE John Paeroa
CROWTHER Joseph Taupo
CROWTHER William (Late) Auckland
CROXFORD William Cambridge
CROZIER David Auckland
CRUICKSHANK William (Late) Auckland
CRUICKSHANK William (Mrs) Sonoma, Auckland
CUFF Arthur Francis Gisborne
CULLEN John Auckland
CULLEN George Thames
CULPAN William Auckland
CULPITT William Thames
CULVER William James Te Awamutu
CUMMINGS Herbert Kawakawa
CUMPSTON George Waihi
CURRIE John Grey Lynn
CURRIE William Makaraka
CURRIE William Waiuku
CURTIS Alfred Harper Auckland
CUSSEN Lawrence Carroll Auckland
DACRE (Captain) (Late) Auckland
DACRE Charles Craven Auckland
DACRE James Auckland
DALDY Edward Arthur Coromandel
DALDY William Crush (Captain) Auckland
DANCE Henry Waitekauri
DANCE Walter Waihi
DANDO Sydney Rotorua
DANN Frederick Thames
DARBY Joseph Croke (Rev) Hamilton
DARBY William John (Dr) Auckland
DARGAVILLE James McMullen Auckland
DARROW James Thames
DARROW John Waitekauri
DAVEY Edwin J Hamilton
DAVEY William Karangahake
DAVEY William Thames
DAVIDGE William Thomas Auckland
DAVIDSON Daniel Parua Bay
DAVIDSON John Alexander Murray Tauranga
DAVIDSON Robert Taheke
DAVIES Albert Andrew Auckland
DAVIES Charles Auckland
DAVIES John Kirikiriroa
DAVIES Richard Cambridge
DAVIES Richard Hutton Auckland
DAVIES Thomas Woodwall Ngaruawahia
DAVIS Ernest Auckland
DAVIS Jabez Auckland
DAVIS James Auckland
DAVIS Jessie F P (Miss) Pukerimu
DAVIS John King (Rev) Auckland
DAVIS Moss Auckland
DAVIS Silvester Hamilton
DAVY Henry Auckland
DAVYS Henry Edwin Cambridge
DAVYS L C Miss Cambridge
DAW Frederick Richard William Karangahake
DAWSON Frederick William Edmund (Dr) Auckland
DAWSON Thomas Opotiki
DAWSON Thomas Charles Gisborne
DAWSON William Kaukapakapa
DAY Albert William Tamahere
DAY Cornelius Tamahere
DAY Cornelius Gabriel Stafford Cambridge
DAY Frederick Friend Mangawhare
DAY H A (Captain) SS Paeroa
DAY Victor Grace Thames
DE CASTRO George Percival Paeroa
DE LATOUR Cecil Albert Gisborne
DE MONTALK E Potocki (Prof) (Late) Auckland
DEACON Thomas William Riverhead
DEAN Alfred Elliott Auckland
DEAN James Cambridge West
DEAN William Pokeno
DELANEY Matthew Paeroa Hotel, Paeroa
DELL Henry Pukekohe
DENBY George Thames
DERROM Richard James Auckland
DES BARRES Frederick Stuart Gisborne
DEVORE Albert Edward Tyrrell Auckland
DEWDNEY Arthur (Rev) Thames
DEWING Alfred Gisborne
DEWSBURY Henry Rohan (Rev) Auckland
DEXTER Reuben Arthur Auckland
DIBSELL William Te Aroha
DICK Alexander John Waihi
DICKENSON George Cambridge
DICKESON George Frederick Ngaruawahia
DICKEY Adam James (J.P) Mangere
DICKEY Nathaniel Paeroa
DICKINSON James Collett Auckland
DICKSON Richard Auckland
DICKSON Thomas Archibald Waikino
DIGNAN Patrick (Hon) Auckland
DIGNAN Richard Auckland
DIGNAN Peter Auckland
DILLINGHAM Frank Auckland
DILWORTH James Auckland
DIMERY Stanley Auckland
DINES (QMSergeant) Auckland
DINNEEN M Dalton Kihikihi
DIX Percy Reginald Auckland
DIXON Charles Henry Walter Gisborne
DIXON Clement Waihi
DIXON William Gray (Rev) Auckland
DOBSON Frank Barker (Rev) Bombay
DONAHOE Patrick Birkenhead
DONALD Alexander Grey Lynn
DONOVAN Thomas Thames
DOONIN Thomas William Auckland
DORMER George Jonathan Auckland
DORRICOTT Abraham Huntly
DOUGLAS E G Totara North
DOUGLAS Hugh (Dr) Hamilton
DOUGLAS William Muir Cambridge
DOW John Clevedon
DOWLING William Patrick Kawakawa
DOWNER William Helensville
DOWNS William (Late) Auckland
DOWNS William Henry Auckland
DRAFFIN Samuel Waitekauri
DRAFFIN William Henry Auckland
DRAKE Edward (Rev) Thames
DRINNAN James Kaukapakapa
DU MOULIN John Peter (Late) Auckland
DU RIEU W M (Rev) Auckland
DUDER Albert (Captain) Auckland
DUDER Richard Devonport
DUDER Robert H Devonport
DUDLEY Benjamin Thornton (Rev) Auckland
DUMERGUE Edward Percy (Late) Opotiki
DUNCAN Andrew Whangarei
DUNCAN William (J.P) Auckland
DUNLOP James (Late) Gisborne
DUNLOP James Charleston Gisborne
DUNLOP Thomas Aitken Thames
DUNNET George (Jnr) Auckland
DUTHIE David Whamond Auckland
DYE Frank Kaukapakapa
DYER Robert Coates Cambridge
DYER Robert William Hamilton
DYKES J Auckland
DYMOCK H Hamilton
EARL Frederick Auckland
EARL Edward Percy Auckland
EAST Alfred Harold Hautapu
EAST Charles James Gisborne
EAST James Gisborne
EDDOWES William Thames
EDGECUMBE George Hamilton
EDGECUMBE John Sloper Hamilton
EDGERLEY William Newmarket
EDMINSTON Philip Augustus Auckland
EDMONDS Henry Auckland
EDSON John Auckland
EDWARDS Alexander Watson Te Aroha
EDWARDS Alfred William Kaikohe
EDWARDS Charles Thomas Mercer
EDWARDS Edwin Paeroa
EDWARDS James Thomas Ohaupo
EDWARDS John Adams Whangarei
EDWARDS John Henry Cambridge
EDWARDS Joseph Mount Eden
EDWARDS William Waikino
EDWARDS William Henry Onehunga
EGAN Daniel Osmond (Rev) Auckland
EGERTON Charles William (Prof) Auckland
EHRENFRIED Louis (Late) Auckland
ELKIN Alfred Herbert Auckland
ELLERY Thomas Gisborne
ELLETT James (Late) Mangere
ELLIOTT George William Pokeno Valley
ELLIOTT Henry Edward Opotiki
ELLIOTT James Huntly
ELLIOTT Percival Cumming Waitekauri
ELLIS Alfred William Karangahake
ELLIS Charles Jackson Thames
ELLIS Henry (Late) Auckland
ELLIS Richard Henry Thames
ELLIS William Jackson Paeroa
ELLYETT Arthur John Auckland
ELMSLY Charles J Kihikihi
ELMSLY Frederick Owharoa
ELMSLY John George Kihikihi
EMPSON George Augustus Rotorua
ENDEAN John Auckland
ENDEAN John Albert Auckland
ENGLAND William John Auckland
ENTRICAN Andrew Jack Auckland
ENTRICAN James Cuthbertson Auckland
ENWRIGHT Thomas Ellerslie
ERICKSON Andrew Auckland
ERSON William Robert Close (Dr) Onehunga
ERWIN John (Rev) Cambridge
ESCOTT William Cambridge
EVANS Charles Te Arai Bridge
EVANS D F Auckland
EVANS David James Paeroa
EVANS Edward Parengarenga
EVANS George Lawrence Auckland
EVANS James Arthur Waihi
EVANS John Thomas Gisborne
EVANS Joseph Waipapakauri
EVANS Thomas Hamilton
EVANS W (Rev) Cambridge
EVANS William Samuel Huntly
EVERETT/EVERITT William Benjamin Auckland
EVERSHED T (Rev) Auckland
EWEN Charles Tamahere
EWING George Proudfoot Whangarata
FABIAN Joseph Francis Whangaroa
FAIRBURN Edwin Auckland
FAIRBURN Frederick Ernest Otoroa
FAIRS Mortimer Auckland
FALLON George Karangahake
FALLOONA John Waiotapu
FARMER Andrew Joseph Te Aroha
FARMER James (Hon) (MLC) -
FARMER John Ormond
FARQUHAR William (Captain) SS Clansman
FARRELL John Grey Lynn
FARRELL Robert Auckland
FARRELLY Robert Goodfellow Waitekauri
FARRER Matthew George Hamilton
FAULDER John Auckland
FAULDER Thomas Grey Lynn
FAULDER Thomas (Late) Auckland
FAULKNER James Patutahi
FAWCETT Robert Naval and Family Hotel, Auckland
FEATHERSTON Jacob (Rev) Waihi
FEATON E L Miss Te Aroha
FENN Ernest James Auckland
FENTON Francis Albert Auckland
FENTON Francis Dart (Hon) Auckland
FENTON William Albert Auckland
FERGUSON (Rev) Auckland
FERGUSON A H Horse Shoe Inn and Store, Matata
FERGUSON Hubert Auckland
FERGUSON John Cambridge
FERGUSON John Patutahi
FERGUSON William Thames
FERGUSSON Frederick Duncan Paeroa
FERRALL Robert Parkhurst
FERRIS Charles William Gisborne
FIELD Edward Thurlow Whangarei
FIELD John Henry (Jnr) Auckland
FIELD John Henry (Snr) (Late) Auckland
FINCH G Te Awamutu
FINDLAY William (Rev) Pukekohe
FINER Thomas William Auckland
FINN Hugh Joseph Gisborne
FINNERAN William Peter Gisborne
FIRTH Josiah Clifton Auckland
FISHER John Thames
FISHER John (Butcher) Te Awamutu
FISHER John (Councillor) Te Awamutu
FISHER Robert Pukekura
FITT John Parnell
FITZHERBERT William Lockhart Auckland
FITZPATRICK Edmond Ngaruawahia
FLAVELL Joseph Peria
FLAY William Bombay
FLEMING A Auckland
FLEMING Charles C (Late) Auckland
FLEMING Malcolm Auckland
FLEMING Thomas Booth Pukekohe
FLETCHER Henry James (Rev) Taupo
FLETT John Waihi
FLURSCHEIM Michael Auckland
FLYNN Daniel Auckland
FLYNN Michael Auckland
FOOTE Frederick Whangarei
FOOTE William Opuawhanga
FOOTE William Gibbons Whangarei
FORBES Arthur St George Paeroa
FORBES Forbes W Auckland
FORBES Francis Courtney Sutherland (Dr) Waihi
FORD Ernest George Robert Auckland
FORD Herbert Ernest Te Awamutu
FORDYCE Samuel Edgar Rotorua
FORREST William (J.P) Paeroa
FORSAITH Thomas Spencer Auckland
FORSMAN Axel Leonard Waharoa
FORSMAN Robert Axel Matamata
FORT Adam Clapperton Auckland
FOSTER A L Auckland
FOSTER James Auckland
FOSTER Robert Grey Lynn
FOUGHEY David Gordon
FOWLDS George Auckland
FOX Charles James Paeroa
FOX Harry James Rotorua
FOX John Elliott (Rev Canon) Waerenga-a-hika
FOY George Waihi
FOY James Joseph Thames
FOY Joseph Michael Thames
FRANCIS Claude Thames
FRANKLYN William Moore Gordon
FRASER George (Jnr) Auckland
FRASER George (Snr) Auckland
FRASER James Pukekohe
FRASER John Munro Auckland
FRASER Samuel Waikino
FRASER William Paeroa
FREEMAN Frederick Mercer
FREEMAN Richard Pukerimu
FREEMAN Thomas Lichfield
FRIAR Matthew Huntly
FRIAR William Ashwood Gisborne
FRIAR James Ormond
FRICK William Auckland
FRICKER Walter Auckland
FRIEND Arthur Pearson Parnell
FULLJAMES Thomas (Rev) Tuakau
FURZE Arthur Tamahere
GAGE-BROWN William Percy Shaftesbury
GALBRAITH David Ranken Shirreff Auckland
GALBRAITH John Cameron Te Puke
GALLAGHER Edward Te Aroha
GALLAGHER Joseph Taupo
GALLERY Michael Mercer
GANE Alfred William Hautapu
GANE Joseph Ohaupo
GARCIA James Paeroa
GARDINER Christopher P Herekino
GARDNER Robert Auckland
GARDNER Robert (Rev) Matawhero
GARLAND George Joseph Auckland
GARLAND Henry Nelson Auckland
GARLICK Jonathan Tonson (Late) Auckland
GARRATT Henry Thomas Auckland
GARTON William Mongonui
GATLAND Harold Gilberd Coromandel
GAUDIN Frederick Edward Norman Auckland
GAVIN Thomas (J.P) Te Aroha
GEARY James Francis Opotiki
GEDDES John McKail Auckland
GELLING William Mansfield Paeroa
GEMMILL Thomas Cambridge
GEORGE C S Auckland
GEORGE Henry Rees Auckland
GEORGE J R Auckland
GEORGE W H Auckland
GERARD Thomas SS Cornwall
GIBBES Samuel Osborne (Sir) (Late) Whangarei
GIBBONS Amy L (Miss) Fencourt
GIBBONS Arthur Fencourt
GIBBONS Frederick E Hamilton
GIBBONS Robert Huia (Captain) SS Rotomahana
GIBBS Richard Edward (Late) Kaeo
GIBSON Frank Robinson Te Awamutu
GIBSON John Nettleham Te Awamutu
GIBSON Samuel John (Rev) Cambridge
GILBERT Stephen Auckland
GILFILLAN Henry (Jnr) Auckland
GILFILLAN John Anderson (Hon) (MLC) Auckland
GILFILLAN John Boyd Auckland
GILLAM William Eugene (Dr) Auckland
GILLANDER Charles Ngaruawahia
GILLESPIE H Gibbons Thames
GILLESPIE Henry Cameron Thames
GILLIES Thomas Bannantyne Auckland
GILMAN Arthur Charles Tauranga
GILMER Benjamin Parnell
GILMORE John Tauranga
GILMOUR Hugh Kerr Howick
GILMOUR James Parnell
GILMOUR Thomas Waihi
GINDERS Alfred Dr (Late) Rotorua
GIRDLER George Toussaint (Dr) Auckland
GITTOS John William Auckland
GITTOS Marianne Mrs (nee HOBBS) Auckland
GITTOS William (Rev) Auckland
GIVEN Andrew Auckland
GLADDING Herbert F Auckland
GLEESON Charles Huntly
GLEESON Charles Taupiri
GLEESON Charles Matthew Taupiri
GLOVER Albert Edward Auckland
GLOVER George (J.P) Taheke
GOFFE Louis Clifford Waitangi Falls
GOING Henry Archibald Whangarei
GOLDIE Charles Frederick Auckland
GOLDIE David Auckland
GOLDIE William Auckland
GOLDIE William Herbert (Dr) Auckland
GOLDSBRO' Charles Field (Dr) Auckland
GOLDSBRO' George Selwyn Auckland
GOLDSTEIN Samuel Aaron (Rev) Auckland
GOLDSWORTHY Henry Karangahake
GOLDSWORTHY William Karangahake
GOOCH Richard Waihi
GOODALL William Whangarei
GOODFELLOW Hugh Te Awamutu
GOODFELLOW John Te Awamutu
GOODSON Frederick Rotorua
GOODWIN Daniel Pukekohe
GOODWIN David Tirau
GOOSEMAN Samuel Mangere
GORDON Angus W Auckland
GORDON Henry A Auckland
GORDON James Paeroa
GORDON James Alexander Waihi
GORDON John Kirikiriroa
GORDON John Paeroa
GORDON John Taupiri
GORDON John (J.P) Auckland
GORDON Laurence Thames
GORDON Thomas (Late) Waitekauri
GORING Forster Yelverton Auckland
GOULD Herbert Dargaville
GOULD James Baring Auckland
GOULDSTONE Henry Auckland
GOW James Burnham Opotiki
GOW John Totara North
GOWER Henry (Lieutenant) Auckland
GOWER Joseph Utakura Valley
GRAHAM Arthur Auckland
GRAHAM George (MHR) Auckland
GRAHAM James Auckland
GRAHAM John James Newstead
GRAHAM Richard Josiah Pukerimu
GRAHAM Robert Auckland
GRAHAM William Australia Hamilton
GRAINGER Alfred Henry Auckland
GRANDISON Archibald Auckland
GRANT George Gisborne
GRANT John Auckland
GRANT N McKay (Dr) Auckland
GRANT Norman K (Dr) Auckland
GRAVES George William Ngaruawahia
GRAY Charles Gisborne
GRAY Eliezer Birch Waiheke Island
GRAY George Henry Auckland
GRAY Henry B (Rev) Auckland
GRAY William Auckland
GRAY William Cambridge
GRAY William John Katikati
GREATBATCH Joseph Thomas Bevan Newmarket, Auckland
GREENHALG John Riverhead
GREENSLADE Henry James Glengariff, Pukerimu/Thames
GREENSLADE William (Rev) Paeroa
GREVILLE-SMITH Sydney Edward Hamilton
GREY Charles Auckland
GREY Charles Daniel Auckland
GREY George (Sir) Auckland
GREY John Auckland
GREY John (Snr) (Late) Auckland
GREY Walter Auckland
GRIBBIN Grace (Miss) Auckland
GRIERSON James Auckland
GRIERSON Mrs Geyser House Hotel, Wairakei
GRIFFIN Cornelius (Rev) Onehunga
GRIFFITH Samuel (Rev) Te Aroha
GRIFFITHS Charles Frederick Auckland
GRIFFITHS David Rotorua
GRIGG William Robert Kaitaia
GROSVENOR Charles Auckland
GUERIN Thomas Kaikohe
GUINNESS Wyndham Malan Grattan (Dr) Auckland
GUNSON William Auckland
HACKETT (Very Rev Dean) Paeroa
HADFIELD John Birkenhead
HADFIELD Tom Birkenhead
HAINES Humphry (Dr) Auckland
HALL Alan Whangarei
HALL Edwin Mangere
HALL Ernest Vivian Thames
HALL Frank Cooke Auckland
HALL Frederick Gisborne
HALL J A L Kawakawa
HALL John William Thames
HALL Matthew Matawhero
HALL Robert Grey Lynn
HALL Robert (J.P) Auckland
HALL Robert (Jnr) Te Rore
HALL Roy Mangere
HALL William Rotorua
HALLETT Henry John David Auckland
HALLETT James Edward Mercer
HALLIDAY George Whangarei
HALLIWELL Frederick Kohukohu
HALLIWELL George Edwin Kohukohu
HALLIWELL Herbert Kohukohu
HALLIWELL Luther (Late) Auckland
HALLY George Jacque Cambridge
HALLY James Cambridge
HAMILTON Alfred Gaspar Tokaanu
HAMILTON Harkness Auckland
HAMILTON Matthew Henry (J.P) Paeroa
HAMMOND Frederick James Auckland
HAMMOND Horace Aratapu
HAMMOND John Edwin Hamilton
HAMMOND William Thames
HAMPTON Charles Auckland
HAND James Helensville
HANDLEY Charles Auckland
HANDLEY William Devonport
HANNA A Auckland
HANNA John Robert Auckland
HANNA Samuel Dawson Auckland
HANNAN John Henry Auckland
HANSEN Carl Christian Auckland
HANSEN Peter Christian Thames
HARBUTT Thomas Jefcoate Auckland
HARDEN Robert Usher Whangarei
HARDING Alfred Ernest Aratapu
HARDING Frances (Miss) Auckland
HARDING John Alfred Gisborne
HARDING William Alfred Waitekauri
HARDY Edwin Henry Waiorongo
HARE Joseph (Jnr) Kaeo
HARE Joseph (Snr) Kaeo
HARE Joseph R (Late) Kaeo
HARE Wesley Kaeo
HARGREAVES Joseph (Late) Auckland
HARLEY Charles Waihi
HARP James George Rotorua
HARPER George Auckland
HARRIS A R East Tamaki
HARRIS Benjamin (Hon Major) Tuakau
HARRIS Frank Auckland
HARRIS Richard John Towai
HARRISON Colin Campbell (Rev) Auckland
HARRISON Edward Aratapu
HARRISON Edward James Patutahi
HARRISON J W Devonport
HARRISON John Helensville
HARRISON Jonathan (J.P) Huntly
HARRISON Mark Lichfield
HARRISON Richard Herbert Coromandel
HARRISON Samuel Te Awamutu
HARRY Noah Huntly
HARSTON G Loversidge Paeroa
HART E T Auckland
HART John Sanders Thames
HARTLEY John Whangarata
HARTLY Thomas Cambridge
HARTRIDGE Cecil Auckland
HARVEY Alexander Auckland
HARVEY William Henry Waihi
HARWOOD James Hamilton
HASELDEN John (Rev) Onehunga
HASLETT Hamilton McDowell Waihi
HASLETT James A Auckland
HASTIE Joseph Onehunga
HASTINGS Richard John Thames, Waihi
HATCHER George Auckland
HATFIELD Alexander J Auckland
HATRICK James Robert Ellison Hamilton
HAULTAIN Theodore Minet (Colonel) Auckland
HAY David A Remuera
HAY James Cameron Kirikiriroa
HAY John Auckland
HAY Joseph Dargaville
HAY William Matthew Thames
HAYES Thomas Kaeo
HAYLE Albert Mount Eden
HAYLE Frederick Mount Eden
HAYR Harry H Auckland
HAZARD William Peria
HEALE Theophilus Auckland
HEAPHY Charles (Late) Parnell
HEARD George St Clair Waihi
HEARN William Kerikeri
HEATH Thomas Morrinsville
HEATHER Arthur Auckland
HEATHER Arthur Burgoyne Pukerimu
HEDGE Robert Waitekauri
HEDLEY Anthony Opotiki
HEDLEY Joseph William Morrinsville
HEKE Hone (MHR) Rawene
HEMERY Clement William Auckland
HEMPHILL Edmond Waihou
HEMUS E Auckland
HENDERSON Adam Auckland
HENDERSON Everard Hannam Hick's Bay
HENDERSON Francis Mamaku
HENDERSON Frank Auckland
HENDERSON John Auckland
HENDERSON Robert Thomas Waihi
HENDERSON Thomas (Hon) Auckland
HENDRE William Auckland
HENDRY James Reid Mongonui
HENRY David Kirikiriroa
HEPBURN Duncan Gisborne
HERON Ralph Waitekauri
HERRIES William Herbert (MHR) Shaftesbury
HERROLD John (Lieutenant) Waiuku
HESCOTT George Auckland
HESKETH Charles Auckland
HESKETH Samuel Auckland
HETHERINGTON Joseph (Late) Te Puke
HEWSON John William Auckland
HICKLING Edward Auckland
HICKS Francis Pukekura
HICKS Hart Pukekura
HICKS Tobias William Pukekura
HICKSON James (Late) Auckland
HIGGINS Samuel Matamata
HIGHT James Auckland
HILL Alfred Ernest Harrisville
HILL C V Onehunga
HILL James (Rev) (Late) Auckland
HILL Roland Gisborne
HILL Thomas Millington Hamilton
HILL William Te Aroha
HILL William Wilfred Auckland
HILLS Joseph Edward Patutahi
HILL-TREVOR Charles Edward (Hon) Auckland
HILTON George Philip Auckland
HINGSTON Murray Patutahi
HIPKINS John Joseph Auckland
HIRST Henry Auckland
HIRST Samuel Luther Te Aroha
HISCOCKS Harry (Jnr) Auckland
HOAR (Sergeant Major) Auckland
HOBBS Arthur Edward Auckland
HOBBS Edward Gyles Kirikiriroa
HOBBS John (Rev) (Late) Auckland
HOBBS John Close Tauwhare
HOBBS Richard (J.P) Otahuhu, Auckland
HOBBS William Paeroa
HODGE Francis Coromandel
HODGE Gregor Alexander Mercury Bay
HODGE Henry Mercer
HODGSON Isaac Te Rore
HODGSON James Auckland
HODGSON Richard James Thames
HODGSON Thomas Auckland
HOEY Samuel Whangarei
HOGAN John Parnell
HOGAN Maurice Makaraka
HOGG Alexander Karangahake
HOGG Hubert Roughton Opotiki
HOGG William Newmarket
HOLDEN Andrew Grey Lynn
HOLDEN Thomas Gisborne
HOLDER Marion Constance Miss Hinuera
HOLDSHIP George Auckland
HOLLAND James Job Auckland
HOLLIS Edwin Wise Thames
HOLLIS George Edward Kaitaia
HOLLIS William Waihi
HOLLOWAY Henry Hamilton
HOLLOWAY Luke Hallam Auckland
HOLLYWOOD John Russell
HOLMES Robert Henry Waihi
HONISS Edward Thames
HOOD Thomas Gisborne
HOOKEY Alfred Tily Gisborne
HOOKEY W J Auckland
HOOPER A F Auckland
HOOPER John Henry (Dr) Auckland
HOOTON John Peter Auckland
HOPE Edward Auckland
HOPE John Sommerville Waitekauri
HOPKINS Charles (Captain) SS Waimana
HOPKINS Richard Harris Auckland
HOPKINS William Herbert Waihi
HORNE Jabez Thornton Hamilton
HORNIBROOKE Henry Pierce Coromandel
HORSLEY John Auckland
HORSNELL Charles Ohaupo
HORTON Alfred George Auckland
HORWOOD George Thomas Huntly
HOSKING Alfred Mount Eden
HOSKING Caleb Waiuku
HOSKING John (Rev) Hamilton
HOSSACK Arthur Aoroa
HOUGHTON Charles Vince Auckland
HOUSTON Robert Morrow (MHR) Mongonui
HOWARD Samuel Karangahake
HOWDEN Henry Herbert Hamilton
HOWDEN James Auckland
HOWE Bernard George Opononi
HOWELL Edward Huntly
HOWIE Robert Hikurangi
HOYE George Clevedon
HUBBARD Arthur Charles Paeroa
HUBBARD Frank Huntly
HUBBARD John Arthur Charles Paeroa
HUBBARD Percy Richard Paeroa
HUBBARD Walter Paeroa
HUDSON John Holmes Auckland
HUDSON John Holmes Awanui
HUDSON Robert Barlow Thames
HUGHES Albert Onehunga
HUGHES Henry Auckland
HUGHES Leonard (Dr) Gisborne
HULL John (J.P) Waiuku
HULL Miss Auckland
HUME James Auckland
HUME William Hamilton (Captain) Hamilton
HUNT John (Late) Walton
HUNT John Edwin Paeroa
HUNT R Leslie Auckland
HUNT Thomas William Waitekauri
HUNTER Matthew Mercer
HUNTER Scott Mercer
HUNTER Thomas Waitekauri
HUNTER William James Ohaupo
HURST W J Auckland
HUTCHISON Thomas Auckland
HUTCHISON William Karangahake
HUTCHISON William E Auckland
HUTT Henry Hector Paeroa
HUTTON B (Captain) (Late) Auckland
HUTTON George Bertram Auckland
HUTTON Howard (Captain) (J.P) (Late) Auckland
HYAUIASON David Auckland
HYDE Thomas Clevedon
HYDE William John Clevedon
HYLAND John Waerenga-a-hika
IMAGE Reginald Henry Matawhero
INDER Simeon Coromandel
INGLIS Tracy Russell (Dr) Auckland
INNES Charles Lewis Hamilton
INNES William Paeroa
IREDALE John (Captain) Auckland
IRELAND Barton Auckland
IRELAND Frederick Auckland
IRELAND George Auckland
IRVINE Hugh Te Awamutu
IRVINE John Mongonui
ISAACS Edward (Late) Auckland
ISAACS Henry Auckland
ISEMONGER Thomas Thames
JACKMAN W G H Auckland
JACKSON A E Okoroire
JACKSON George Joseph Onehunga
JACKSON Henry Cheetham Gisborne
JACKSON James Te Aroha
JACKSON John Dickenson Onehunga
JACKSON Joshua Auckland
JACKSON Miss Auckland
JACKSON Mrs (Nee HARDING) Auckland
JACKSON Samuel Auckland
JACKSON Thomas Auckland
JACKSON Thomas (J.P) (Captain) Razorback
JACKSON William M Paeroa
JAGGER Frank Auckland
JAMES George Hankins Onehunga
JAMES J W Auckland
JAMES Samuel Coromandel
JAMIESON Andrew N Coromandel
JAMIESON James Grey Lynn
JAMISON James Auckland
JANSEN John Marcus Waihi
JARDINE Edmund Ormond
JARRETT Charles Cambridge West
JARRETT John Cambridge West
JEFFERSON John Mitchell Auckland
JEFFRIES Henry Cambridge
JENKINS Charles Putaruru
JENKINS Richard Thames
JENNINGS Edward (Rev) Waerenga-a-hika
JENNINGS William Thomas (Hon) (MLC)
JERVIS H M Jnr Auckland
JERVIS Henry Mahon Auckland
JESSOP John Thames
JEX-BLACK Thomas Gisborne
JOBE James Sprang Thames
JOBSON William James Auckland
JOHANSEN Eduard Valdemar Auckland
JOHNS John Pukekohe
JOHNS Thomas Waihi
JOHNSON James Woodbine (Late) Muriwai
JOHNSON John Benjamin Te Aroha
JOHNSON John Charles (J.P) Whananaki
JOHNSTON Christopher Waitekauri
JOHNSTON George Auckland
JOHNSTON George Devonport
JOHNSTON George Waihi
JOHNSTON James Harvey Tamahere
JOHNSTON John Eric Golden Cross
JOHNSTON Robert (J.P) Gisborne
JOHNSTONE George John Alexander Gisborne
JOHNSTONE George M Auckland
JOHNSTONE James Brown Karangahake
JOHNSTONE Laurence Auckland
JONES Adam Onehunga
JONES Alexander Owen Pukerimu
JONES Edward Hamilton
JONES Edward Paeroa
JONES Frederick Alfred Waikino
JONES James May Kirikiriroa
JONES Richard David Karangahake
JONES Robert Noble Gisborne
JONES Stannus Auckland
JONES Wallace Te Awamutu
JONES William Hamilton
JORDAN Charles (Rev) Tauranga
JORDAN James Thames
JOWERS E Mrs Auckland
JOYCE Edward Patrick Gisborne
JOYCE Thomas Russell
JOYNT J W Auckland
JUDD Charles Thames Iron Works, Thames
JULIAN Thomas Auckland
KAIHAU Henare (MHR) Waiuku
KALLENDER George A Auckland
KANE Harold Gisborne
KAY Andrew Kihikihi
KAY John G Birkenhead
KAY Robert Newstead
KAY Robert Paterangi
KAY Roger Rangiaohia
KAY William Auckland
KEALS Edwin Auckland
KEALS Richard Auckland
KEALS Robert W Auckland
KEELEY Gyles Karapiro
KEESING Maurice Ralph Auckland
KEHOE Joseph ((Rev) Father) Parnell
KEHOE Thomas (Rev) Te Aroha
KEITH James Pokeno
KELLER Peter Paeroa
KELLS Isabella F R (Miss) Lichfield
KELLS Joseph Burton Gisborne
KELLY A M Auckland
KELLY F V Auckland
KELLY Hugh (Rev) Parnell
KELLY William (Hon) Auckland
KELSALL John Edmond Onehunga
KEMP Benjamin John (Major) Auckland
KEMPTHORNE Arthur Ormond
KENDERDINE Arthur George Auckland
KENDERDINE John Auckland
KENEALY Michael Joseph Te Puke
KENNEDY Alexander Francis Gisborne
KENNEDY John Newmarket
KENNEDY Joseph Bond (Captain) Gisborne
KENNEDY William Charles Waitekauri
KENNY George Geils Dr Rotorua
KENNY Nepean Paeroa
KENNY William Henry (Hon Colonel) -
KENRICK Arthur Tom Coromandel
KENSINGTON William Charles Auckland
KENT Bartholomew Auckland
KENWAY Philip Thornton Gisborne
KERR Agnes Graham (Miss) Tauwhare
KERR Henry Cambridge
KERR Robert Joseph Matamata Boardinghouse, Matamata
KEYES Alexander Birkenhead
KEYS John James Rotorua
KIDD Alfred Auckland
KIDD Alfred John Waiuku
KIDD Robert Boyd Waitekauri
KILGOUR James (Dr) (Late) Auckland
KILGOUR Richard Thames
KILLEN James Miller Whangarei
KINDER John (Rev) Auckland
KING Frederick William Robert John (J.P) Auckland
KING Harry Auckland
KING Jesse Auckland
KING John Gisborne
KING Robert Te Puke
KING Robert (Late) Opotiki
KING Thomas Auckland
KING William Te Karaka
KING William J Waiuku
KINGSFORD Violet (Miss) Parua Bay
KINLOCH Richard P Auckland
KIRKER James Auckland
KIRKPATRICK David Patutahi
KIRKWOOD John Auckland
KISSLING George Schwartz Auckland
KISSLING Theophilus Auckland
KITCHEN John (Late) Mongonui
KITCHING Edward James Karangahake
KNIGHT A Osborne (Dr) Auckland
KNIGHT Herbert Frames Auckland
KNIGHT John Isaac Auckland
KNIGHT John Tracy Waikino
KNIGHT John W Auckland
KNOCK William Henry Hot Springs Hotel, Te Aroha
KNOTT James Auckland
KNOX Charles (Late) Auckland
KNOX John Hamilton
KNOX Thomas Te Ahuahu
KNOX William Auckland
KOHERE Mokena (Hon)
KRIPPNER Annie (Miss) Ohinewai
KUSABS Andrew Ernest Rotorua
KUSABS Charles Edmund Rotorua
KUSABS Henry Ohaupo

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