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The following are some of the names mentioned in the Cyclopedia of Auckland and Auckland Province which was printed in 1902. Many libraries have copies of these books and they are also available on CD from COLONIAL CD BOOKS. Please use the indexes at the front of the books/CDs to find the entry required. Some are mentioned under their place of residence as well as their occupation/trade.

These Cyclopedia's were published as a commercial venture and can contain quite long biographical details and often photos of those mentioned. Others unfortunately only get a few lines. As you paid for your entry some of the data given may be taken with "a grain of salt" as they were often embelished.

LA ROCHE - Grafton, Auckland
LA ROCHE Charles Augustus Auckland
LAIRD William Auckland
LAISHLEY Richard Auckland
LAKE Edward Ohaupo
LAKIN John Henry Rotorua
LAMB Albert Spencer James Auckland
LAMB Alexander Thames
LAMB Peter Thames
LAMBERT William Auckland
LAMBOURNE Walter Auckland
LANE Thomas Major Totara North
LANG Frederick William (MHR) Hamilton
LANGFORD James Waihi
LANGGUTH Eugene Auckland
LAPRAIK George (Dr) Thames
LAPWOOD Alfred Octavius Tuakau
LARNEY Nicol Ashton Tatua
LARSEN Neils Fredrik Bern Auckland
LATIMER Emily Elizabeth Howe Miss Waharoa
LATIMER James Pukekohe
LAURIE Alexander Jack Pukekohe
LAURIE Charles George Auckland
LAURIE William Waihi
LAVER - Auckland
LAVERY James Napier Mamaku
LAW Alexander Paeroa
LAW Alice E (Miss) Auckland
LAWLOR Theodore Minet Coromandel
LAWN Frank Te Aroha
LAWN H A Mrs Te Aroha
LAWRENCE William Richard Totara North
LAWRY Frank (MHR) Auckland
LAWRY Henry H (Rev) Auckland
LAWRY Josiah Auckland
LAWRY Samuel (Rev) Onehunga
LAWSON John (J.P) Auckland
LAXON John M Newmarket
LAXON William Donald Whatawhata
LAYCOCK William (Rev) Auckland
LE BOUTILLIER Elias Whangarei
LE QUESNE Philip Hamilton
LE ROY Emelius (Captain Commandant) Auckland
LEARMOUTH William Thames
LEATHAM William Newland Auckland
LEE John Henry Mercer
LEECE Henry Stratford Thames
LEERS Moritz Samuel Auckland
LEES Edward Lowder Auckland
LEES Thomas Wade
LEGGE George Hart Coromandel
LEIGHTON Frank William Auckland
LEIGHTON James Francis Auckland
LELIEVRE Auguste Amand Auckland
LENIHAN George Michael (Bishop) Auckland
LENNOX James Marshall Auckland
LESTER Charles Bertram Rawene
LESTER Florence (Miss) Auckland
LESTER Robert Ernest Rawene/Kohukohu
LETHERIDGE Hannah King Mrs Russell
LEVER John Waikino
LEVIS Richard John Newstead
LEWIS Cecil Francis Gisborne
LEWIS Gabriel Auckland
LEWIS Henry Te Awamutu
LEWIS Henry (J.P) Gisborne
LEWIS Louis Auckland
LEWIS Thomas Hope (Dr) Auckland
LEWIS Thomas Morgan Opotiki
LEWIS Walter Auckland
LICHARDT A (Rev Dean) Rotorua
LILLINGTON Evan Richards Ellerslie
LINDLEY John Te Kopuru
LINDSAY Peter A (Dr) Auckland
LINDSEY William West Kiwitahi
LIPPIATT George Pokeno
LIPSCOMBE - Auckland
LIPSEY Charles Te Aroha
LITTLE Cornelius Auckland
LITTLE Robert Auckland
LITTLE Robert Mrs Auckland
LITTLE Walter Cambridge
LITTLEJOHN William Douglas Karangahake
LLOYD William Waihi
LODDER Stephen Cambridge
LOGAN Archibald Auckland
LOGAN John Auckland
LOGAN Robert Auckland
LONERGAN Thomas A Auckland
LONG Julian Francis Hamilton
LOUGHER Henry John Waerenga-a-hika
LOUGHLIN David John Thames
LOUGHLIN James McGowan Thames
LOUGHLIN Samuel Jameson Thames
LOVELL James Auckland
LOVELL R E Mrs Taupiri Hotel, Taupiri
LOW Benjamin Harris Thames
LOWE Edwin Wass Thames
LOWE William Auckland
LUCAS John Alexander Gisborne
LUCAS John Alexander Te Arai Bridge
LUCAS William Henry Thames
LUCK Francis Augustine ((Rev) Father) (Late) Kihikihi
LUCKIE Philip Auckland
LUDBROOK Henry Samuel Kawakawa/Ohaeawai
LUDBROOK William Williams Ohaeawai
LUKE Samuel (J.P) Otahuhu
LUKS E Mrs Thames Hotel, Thames
LUKS Renke Friedreich (Late) Auckland
LUMPKIN John Newmarket
LUNDON David (J.P) Tauranga
LUNDON John Raphael Auckland
LUPTON Roger Whangarei
LUSH William Edward (Rev) Auckland
LUSHER Randall Alexander Auckland
LUSK (Major) Auckland
LUSK Newall Butler Auckland
LUSK Robert Butler Auckland
LYONS Edmund Humphrey Auckland
LYSNAR William Douglas Gisborne
MacCORMICK Charles Edward Parnell
MacDONNELL Dennis Gilmore Auckland
MACE Charles Edward Waitekauri
MACFARLANE James (J.P) Gisborne
MACFARLANE Peter (Late) Makaraka
MACINDOE Alfred Everard PS Wakatere
MACINTOSH - Auckland
MACKAY P M Auckland
MACKAY Robert Takapuna
MACKENZIE Francis Kawakawa
MACKIE J Henry Auckland
MACKINDER George Te Awamutu
MACKLOW Thomas Auckland
MACKLOW Walter Joseph Auckland
MACKLOW William Charles Auckland
MACKRELL John William Gisborne
MACKY Joseph Cochrane Auckland
MACKY Samuel Cochrane Auckland
MacLACHLAN Hugh Kennedy (Dr) Huntly
MACLEAN Benjamin John Waitekauri
MACLEAN Every (Hon) (Late) Howick
MacLEOD Donald Hikurangi
MacLEOD Donald (Captain) (Late) Parua Bay
MacLEOD William James (Late) Parua Bay
MacLOUGHLIN Thomas James (Dr) Rotorua
MacMAHON James Alexander (Captain) (J.P) Parkhurst
MacMURRAY George (Rev) Parnell
MACNEIL John Auckland
MACNICOL Robert Ferguson (Rev) Auckland
MACREADY Thomas Auckland
MADILL Adam Tuakau
MADILL David Henry Tuakau
MAHER Fanny (Mrs) Auckland
MAHONEY Thomas Auckland
MAHONEY William Henry (Rev) Thames
MAHONY Edmund Auckland
MAIN Alfred Hautapu
MAIN Ambrose Hautapu
MAIN George Auckland
MAINGAY James Tenison Te Aroha
MAINLAND Arthur SS Gairloch
MAINWARING Roland Kihikihi
MAITLAND Arthur George (Dr) Auckland
MAJOR (Captain) Auckland
MAJOR Henry Dewsbury Alves (Rev) Hamilton
MAKGILL John (Captain) Waiuku
MAKGILL John Edward (Lieutenant) Waiuku
MALCOLM William Auckland
MALFROY Jean Michel Camille (Late) Rotorua
MALLABOND Joseph Whangarei
MANDENO James Lloyd Te Awamutu
MANDENO William Henry Te Awamutu
MANDER F Auckland
MANING Frederick Edward (Late) Rawene
MANN Edward H Gisborne
MANN George Joseph Hamilton
MANNING Arthur Wellesley (J.P) Waiuku
MANNING Edward Hamilton
MANSILL Charles Henry Mangawhare
MANSON William Rotorua
MARIA Nicholas Oruru
MARK Uchter John (Sir) Auckland
MARMION John Devere SS Ngapuhi
MARR William Gisborne
MARRINER William Arthur Mangawhare
MARRIOTT James William Auckland
MARSACK Arthur Ernest (Dr) Auckland
MARSDON William Henry Pasco Thames
MARSH William Paeroa
MARSHALL Francis Joseph Morrinsville
MARSHALL George Thomas (Rev) Pukekohe
MARSHALL John Matawhero
MARSHALL Leonard One Tree Hill Stud Stables, Newmarket
MARSHALL Patrick Auckland
MARTIN Adolphus (Captain) Ship Waiapu
MARTIN Albin Auckland
MARTIN Alfred Auckland
MARTIN George Rawene
MARTIN Henry Gisborne Hotel, Gisborne
MARTIN James Parnell
MARTIN John (Late) Rawene
MARTIN Joseph Auckland
MARTIN William Bowden Thames
MARTIN William Goodman Coromandel
MARTIN William Hurst (J.P) Auckland
MARTYN William Lyn (Late) Ohaupo
MASEFIELD Alexander Russell
MASEFIELD John Russell
MASEFIELD Thomas Taylor Auckland
MASON Frank E Devonport
MASON Harry (Rev) Ngaruawahia
MASON John Brooks Warwick Arms, Thames
MASON Robert Henry Gisborne
MASSEY William Ferguson (MHR) Otahuhu
MATTHEWS Alfred Forde Gisborne
MATTHEWS Frederick William Dargaville
MATTHEWS Richard Henry Kaitaia
MATTHEWS Seering Hall Auckland
MATTHEWSON George Gisborne
MAUD William Auckland
MAUNDER Thomas Willis Hamilton
MAXTED George Gisborne
MAXWELL Arthur Augustus Rotorua
MAXWELL John Tauranga
MAY Fred Auckland
MAY John Hautapu
MAY John William Te Aroha
MAY William John Parawai
MAYNARD John Gisborne
MAYS James Devonport
MAYS Oliver Auckland
McALISTER John Whakatane
McANDREW James Paeroa
McARTHUR Alexander Auckland
McARTHUR Duncan (Captain) Paeroa
McAULEY George Rotorua
McCABE John (J.P) Parnell
McCALLUM A M (Rev) (Late) Auckland
McCARTHY Thomas Waihi
McCAW John Matamata
McCHESNEY Priscilla (Mrs) Tamahere
McCLINTOCK Thomas Whangarei
McCLURE Agnes (Mrs) Waeranga-a-hika
McCLURE William David Waeranga-a-hika
McCOLL Alexander Mamaku
McCOLL John Laird Auckland
McCOMBIE John Auckland
McCONNELL Thomas Gisborne
McCONNELL Quentin Addison Auckland
McCONNOCHIE John Auckland
McCOOMB Robert Ormond
McCOSKRIE John Auckland
McCOSKRIE Samuel Auckland
McCOWEN Richard Pukekohe
McCREADY Hugh Karangahake
McCULLAGH George Fenton Cambridge
McCULLAGH John Gales Auckland
McCULLOUGH William Auckland
McCULLOUGH William (Hon)
McDONALD Charles (Late) Auckland
McDONALD James Morrinsville
McDONALD P (Late) Ngaruawahia
McDONALD Ronald Thames
McDONALD Thomas Morrinsville
McDONALD Walter (Monsignor) (Late) Auckland
McDONALD William Bramwell Thames
McDONNELL Edward (J.P) Thames
McELWAIN George Auckland
McELWAIN John (J.P) Parnell
McELWAIN John (J.P) Rocky Nook, Auckland
McENTEAR James Thames
McFADYEN James Morrison Waiuku
McFARLAND Edgar James (Rev) Te Aroha
McFARLANE Charles Auckland
McFARLANE Charles M Coromandel
McFARLANE Charles Thomas Te Awamutu
McFARLANE J B Auckland
McGARVEY Daniel Whakatane
McGILP Alexander Cambridge
McGLASHEN George Waihi
McGOWAN James (Hon) Thames
McGREGOR James Te Aroha
McGREGOR Malcolm Godfrey Auckland
McGREGOR Roderick Ross Thames
McGREGOR Thomas Makaraka
McGRUER George Norman Karangahake
McHARDY A (Lieutenant) Auckland
McHARDY Alexander Grey Lynn
McINDOE William Parnell
McINNES Malcolm Kirikiriroa
McINNES Murdoch Kamo
McINTOSH William N Onehunga
McINTYRE Peter Pokeno
McKAY Albert Gisborne
McKAY Alexander Fairburn
McKAY Henry Gisborne
McKEE James Gisborne
McKENNA James Alfred Waikino
McKENZIE (Captain) Auckland
McKENZIE Alexander Ormond
McKENZIE Donald Gisborne
McKENZIE Donald Hugh Mangere
McKEOWN Edward Auckland
McKINLEY Thomas Terrace Hotel, Taupo
McKINNEY Charles Stuart Holmes Auckland
McKINNON James Whangarei
McKNIGHT James Clevedon
McLAREN James Monteith Thames
McLEAN Charles Waihi
McLEAN James (Late) Thames
McLEAY Ernest Alexander Waihi
McLELLAN William Waitekauri
McLEOD Colin Onehunga
McLEOD Donald Murray Waipu
McLEOD Ernest Rawene
McLEOD Isaac Helensville
McLEOD James Rawene
McLEOD John SS Coromandel
McLEOD Norman Alexander Dargaville
McMAHON Samuel Whangarei
McMASTER Charles Grey Lynn
McMASTER Ida (Miss) Auckland
McMILLAN Charles Cookman Auckland
McMILLAN Duncan Ormond
McNAB - Auckland
McNAMARA John Ngawha
McNAUGHTEN John (J.P) Waiuku
McNAUGHTON David Golden Cross
McNEISH John Caldwell (Late) Pokeno
McNICOL John (Late) Hamilton
McNICOL Duncan (Late) Clevedon
McPHEE Archibald Te Awamutu
McPHERSON James Hamilton
McPHERSON James Pokeno
McRAE A Hamilton
McVEAGH James Paeroa
McWATTERS William John Paeroa
MEDDINGS William George Auckland
MELHOSE Louis Rudolph Wilhelm (Late) Thames
MELLARS George Frederick Taupiri
MENNIE James Milne Auckland
MENZIES John Auckland
MENZIES Robert Robertson Thames
MENZIES George Gardiner Rawene
MERRICK John William Cambridge
MERRIMAN Frederick Ward (MHR) Auckland
MIDDLETON Thomas Coromandel
MILLAR Ambrose Auckland
MILLAR Thomas Lumsden Rawene
MILLER David Auckland
MILLER Ernest Napier Thames
MILLER Henry & Co Auckland
MILLER James Armstrong Thames
MILLS James (J.P) Te Aroha
MILNE Alexander Tauwhare
MILNE Alexander Davidson Tamahere
MILNE Joseph Alexander Tamahere
MILNE Mary Jane Auckland
MILNER Henry Waihi
MILNES Edward James Thames
MINNITT Charles Goring Major Cambridge
MITCHELL Arthur (Rev) Coromandel
MITCHELL Henry Walker Rotorua
MITCHELSON Edwin (Hon) Auckland
MOFFITT Edmund John Ngaruawahia
MOIR James (Dr) Auckland
MOIR Peter (Dr) Auckland
MOLESWORTH Dover Nassau O'Doyer (Late) Totara North
MOLLOY Charles Joseph Waihi
MONK Richard (MHR) Helensville
MONRO Henry Alfred Home Auckland
MONTAGUE Bernard Gordon
MONTAGUE Moses Auckland
MONTGOMERY Alexander Thames
MONTGOMERY William Shaw Karangahake
MOODY Francis Rolfe Kihikihi
MOODY Thomas Pearson Hikurangi
MOORCRAFT Walter Coromandel
MOORE Curtis Whangaroa
MOORE George Auckland
MOORE Henry Paeroa
MOORE Henry William Waihi
MOORE Thomas Pukekohe
MOORE William Paeroa
MOORE-JONES S A M Mrs Auckland
MORESLY Tracy Archer Paeroa
MORGAN Evan Waihi
MORGAN Francis Traver Gisborne
MORGAN John Aratapu
MORGAN Percy Gates Waihi
MORGAN Robert Waihi
MORGAN William Gisborne
MORGAN William Razorback
MORLAND Joseph Edward Mamaku
MORRAN John Manners (J.P) Auckland
MORRELL William John Auckland
MORRIN Thomas Panmure
MORRIN William Somerville Waitekauri
MORRIS A H Auckland
MORRIS Antonio Opua
MORRIS Arthur Ngaruawahia
MORRIS George Bentham (MLC) Otahuhu
MORRIS George Charles Waudby Auckland
MORRIS Sydney Pukekohe
MORRIS Thomas Henry Winwood Whananaki
MORRISON - Auckland
MORRISON Archibald Te Aroha
MORRISON Arthur Holyoake Kaikohe
MORRISON James Gisborne
MORRISON Kenneth Ohaupo
MORRISON Thomas Gisborne
MORROW Arthur (Major) Auckland
MORTON J Auckland
MORTON John Carnduff Auckland
MOSS Edward George Britton Paeroa
MOSS Frederick Joseph Auckland
MOSS John Auckland
MOTION Ivan Aubrey Waiuku
MOTION William (Late) Maungatawhiri Valley
MOTION William (Late) Waiuku
MOTION William Claude Waiuku
MOWBRAY John Auckland
MOYLE Thomas Thames
MUELLER Frederick Henry Paeroa
MUELLER Gerhard Auckland
MUIR A L Gisborne
MUIR A R Gisborne
MUIR Alexander Waiuku
MUIR James Te Aroha
MUIR John Thames
MULVIHILL (Rev Father) Gisborne
MUNRO Murdoch Karangahake
MUNROE Joe Rotorua
MURCHIE Malcolm Auckland
MURDOCH Charles Primrose (J.P) Auckland
MURRAY Daniel James (Rev) Thames
MURRAY Edward Dudley Matamata
MURRAY G W Kaukapakapa
MURRAY George Patrick (Dr) Auckland
MURRAY John Waitekauri
MURRAY William (Late) Kaeo
MYERS Arthur M Auckland
NADEN Christopher Frederick Rotorua
NAPIER W J Auckland
NAPIER James Karangahake
NATHAN A H Auckland
NATHAN Joseph Paeroa
NATHAN Lawrence David Auckland
NATHAN Nathan Alfred Auckland
NAUJOKS Carl Auckland
NEAL George Jesse Cambridge
NEAVE Isabella Mrs Auckland
NEHUA Eruera Puhipuhi
NEILL John Onehunga
NELSON Charles Edwin Whakarewarewa
NELSON Charles Moseley (Rev) Auckland
NELSON Samuel John Paeroa
NEUMEGEN Walter Martin Auckland
NEW Benjamin Charles Aratapu
NEWDICK John Waihi
NEWPORT Edward Auckland
NEWTON Joseph Edward Gisborne
NEWTON Willia Henry Thames
NICCOL George Turnbull Auckland
NICCOL Malcolm (J.P) Auckland
NICHOLLS Reuben Auckland
NISBET Alexander Kaeo
NISBET William Arthur Kaeo
NOBLE William George Taupo
NOBLE Thomas Balfour Taupo
NOBLE-CAMPBELL Stuart A Gisborne
NODDER John Thames
NOLAN David Auckland
NOLAN James Wrey Gisborne
NORGROVE Charles Auckland
NORRIS Arthur Hayward Waitekauri
NORTH William (J.P) Te Awamutu
NORTHCROFT Ernest Tauranga
NORTHCROFT Henry William Hamilton
NORTON Frederick (J.P) Mangawhare
OATRIDGE Francis James Gisborne
O'BRIEN Loughlin Auckland
O'BRIEN Lucius Auckland
O'CALLAGHAN Thaddeus (Rev) Dr Thames
O'CARROLL (Rev Father) Auckland
O'CONNOR John Te Awamutu
O'CONNOR Patrick Te Awamutu
O'CONNOR William (Rev) Gisborne
OFFER W J Auckland
OGLE Charles Andrew Kihikihi
O'KEEFFE Michael Dineen Thames
OLDFIELD James Rotorua
OLDHAM Arthur Tuakau
OLDHAM George Henry Kihikihi
OLDHAM Herbert Pokeno
OLDHAM James William Hamilton
O'LEARY Denis Waihi
OLIPHANT Peter Auckland
O'MEAGHER Joseph Auckland
O'MEAGHER Patrick Te Aroha
O'NEILL Allan (Late) Auckland
O'NEILL James (Hon)
O'NEILL John Henry Auckland
O'NEILL Lewis Hamilton
O'NEILL William Campbell Mongonui
O'REILLY Patrick (Monsignor) Auckland
ORMOND John Henry Gisborne
O'RORKE George Maurice (Sir) (MHR) Onehunga
ORPEN Herbert (Dr) Auckland
ORR David Malcolm Gisborne
ORR James Te Karaka
OSBORNE Henry Hewlitt Manawaru
OTT Francis Karangahake
OTTER William Walter Thames
OUTHWAITE Thomas (Late) Auckland
OUTHWAITE William Eugene (Late) Auckland
OVENDEN Frederick Bohm Gisborne
OWEN Arthur Poroti
OWEN Hugh (Dr) Auckland
PADDY William James Ngaruawahia
PAGE John Auckland
PAGET James Strang Waharoa
PAIRMAN Adam Wyld Te Awamutu
PALMER Charles Edward Auckland
PALMER Jackson Auckland
PALMER John Whananaki
PALMER Thomas Ernest Waihi
PAQUE Guillame August Auckland
PARK Adolphus James Ngaruawahia
PARK James Thames
PARK James (Late) Onehunga
PARK William Grice Cambridge
PARKER - Auckland
PARKER Alfred Stephen Rotorua
PARKER Arthur James Grey Lynn
PARKER Christopher John Te Arai Bridge
PARKER Frederick Gisborne
PARKES William H (Dr) Auckland
PARKINSON Arthur J Opotiki
PARR Christopher James Auckland
PARR George Hamilton
PARR Robert Hamilton
PARRISH Mark Birkenhead/Northcote
PARSONS Alexander Ormond
PARSONS Edward Brendon Auckland
PARSONS Leonard Walter Thames
PARTRIDGE Alfred Arthur Auckland
PARTRIDGE William Paparata
PASLEY Edward William Gisborne
PASLEY Gilbert Kennedy Gisborne
PATERSON James Thames
PATERSON James Gillies (Rev) Gisborne
PATERSON James Muir Auckland
PATERSON Thomas Ngaruawahia
PATTERSON George Warren Shaw Auckland
PATTERSON James Thames
PATTERSON John (J.P) Auckland
PATTESON John Coleridge (Bishop) Auckland
PAUL James (Monsignor) Onehunga
PAUL Matthew Thames
PAVITT Francis (J.P) Te Aroha
PAYNE John Joseph Auckland
PEACE James Grieves Rotorua
PEACE Robert Auckland
PEACOCK Thomas Auckland
PEACOCKE Stephen Ponsonby (The Hon) (Colonel) Howick
PEARSE Herbert Auckland
PEARSON George S Hamilton
PEARSON Thomas Edward Rotorua
PEAT Robert Betts Kawakawa
PEEBLES Alexander Whakatane
PEET J Auckland
PEET William Auckland
PEIRCE James King Cambridge
PENNEY Benjamin Simpson Rotorua
PERCIVAL William Auckland
PERRY Arthur Mant Kihikihi
PETERSEN Rasmus Tamahere
PETFORD John Parnell
PHILIPS P A Auckland
PHILLIPPS Frank Auckland
PHILLIPPS James Martin Auckland
PHILLIPPS John Auckland
PHILLIPPS William Auckland
PHILLIPS Frank Auckland
PHILLIPS Henry Auckland
PHILLIPS John Paeroa
PHILLIPS Walter Paeroa
PHILLPOT James Henry Auckland
PHILSON Thomas Moore (Dr) (Late) Auckland
PHILSON William John Willmet Auckland
PICKERING Martin Herbert Hautapu
PICKETT William Charles Morrinsville
PICKMERE Arthur Randolph Whangarei
PIERCE George Nelson Auckland
PIERCE George Patrick (Late) Auckland
PIKE Reginald Hamilton
PILKINGTON Arthur George Auckland
PILLING Oswald Francis Waihou
PIRIE James (Major) Auckland
PIRRIT James Russell Whangarata
PIRRIT William Russell Pokeno
PLAYER Audrey A (Miss) Auckland
PLUMMER Charles Bernard Auckland
POLAND Hugh Paeroa
POLLEN (Hon) (Dr) Auckland
POLLOCK John Gisborne
POOLE Robert Shand Cambridge
POPPLE Frederick Cambridge
PORRITT Edmund William Paeroa
PORTER Albert Harding (Dr) Waihi
PORTER Alfred Auckland
PORTER Edward Auckland
PORTER Henry Roper Huntly
PORTER Herbert Musgrave Gisborne
PORTER W Field Auckland
POSSENNISKIE Henry Louis Auckland
POTTER Henry Roland Auckland
POTTER W H Auckland
POTTER William Smith (Rev) Auckland
POTTS David Carnegie Paeroa
POTTS William Henry Thames
POULGRAIN John William Thames
POWELL Robert William Thames
POWER Maurice Goggan Ohinemuri Hotel, Paeroa
POWLEY George Henry Auckland
PRICE Alfred Thames
PRICE Alfred Edwin Paeroa
PRICE George Thames
PRICE Henry Gaunt Gisborne
PRICE Thomas Edward (J.P) Tauranga
PRIEST William James Tuakau Family Hotel, Tuakau
PRIESTLY Maurice Kimihia
PRIME Frederick Lambert Auckland
PRIMROSE Andrew Hamilton
PRIMROSE George Watson Gisborne
PRIMROSE J Kirikiriroa
PRINN Robert William Taupo
PRISTON Harry Mackaytown
PRITT Lonsdale (Ven Archdeacon) (Late) Remuera
PROSSER Thomas Auckland
PUCKEY William George Kaitaia
PUHIPI (Busby) Timoti (Timothy) Parengarenga
PULLMAN Frank Tuakau
PURCELL William Kirwen Rotorua
PURCHAS Arthur Challinor (Dr) Auckland
PURCHAS Claude Waitekauri
PURDY James Kaikohe
PURTON (Rev Father) Auckland
PYNE Charles Stuart Thames
PYNE Francis William Pokeno
QUALTROUGH Thomas Hamilton
QUIGLEY James Gisborne
QUIGLEY William Gisborne
QUINN Edwin Bridge Hotel, Matawhero
RACKLEY Evan Te Aroha
RADFORD Samuel Waihi
RADFORD Thomas Thames
RAE Arthur Campbell Thames
RAE Herbert Lewis Thames
RAINFORTH Emma Margaret (Miss) Auckland
RALFE Henry Hawthorn Grant Auckland
RALPH John Guest Auckland
RALPH Robert Reilly Huntly
RAMSEY Andrew Tamahere
RANDELL Nathaniel Newmarket
RANDERSON Arthur Cyril Huntly
RANGER William Gisborne
RATHBONE Richard Ngaruawahia
RATJEN Charles Auckland
RAWNSLEY Samuel Whangarei
RAWSON Thomas (Captain) Helensville
RAY Frederick James Thames
RAYMOND William Theobald Tauranga
READ George Edward (Captain) (Late) Gisborne
READY William (Rev) Auckland
REDSTONE John Robert Gisborne
REDWOOD Daniel Kennedy Thames
REDWOOD John (Late) Thames
REED George McCullagh (Late) Auckland
REED John Ranken Auckland
REED Vernon Herbert Kawakawa
REES Arthur Westland Gisborne
REES William Joseph Auckland
REES William Lee Auckland
REES William Lincoln Lee Gisborne
REID Alexander (Rev) (Late) Auckland
REID George McGuffie Auckland
REID James Motutapu Island
REID James (Captain) Auckland
REID James Work (Late) Ahipara
REID John Maloney Waihopo
REID Martha W Mrs Parnell
REID Stuart Bathgate (Dr) Auckland
REID Thomas (Late) Waiuku
REID Thomas Dickson Waiuku
REID W D Thames
REID William Parnell
REID William Douglas (Captain) Auckland
REILLY John Coromandel
RENDELL James Hamilton
RENSHAW James Thames
RESTON George Sinclair Auckland
REYNOLDS Edward Gustavus Allen Gisborne
REYNOLDS Henry Tamahere
REYNOLDS John Joseph Helensville
REYNOLDS Richard Pukekura
REYNOLDS Richard James Gisborne
RHODES Edward Tamahere
RHODES George Auckland
RHODES Thomas William Coromandel
RICE Thomas Dominic Puhoi
RICE Vincent E Auckland
RICH Frank A Karangahake
RICHARDSON John Ramsay Stewart (Captain) Cambridge
RICKIT Joseph Taupo
RICKIT James Thames
RIGGS Andrew Cooper Grey Lynn
RILEY William Cambridge
RIMMER Alice (Miss) Auckland
RING Charles (J.P) Auckland
RING William Charles Te Aroha
RISHWORTH John Norman Onehunga
ROBERTON Ernest (Dr) Auckland
ROBERTS Edward Evan (Dr) Cambridge
ROBERTS Joseph Thames
ROBERTS Joseph Drayton Auckland
ROBERTS Stephen Waihi
ROBERTS Vernon Mercer
ROBERTS William Ascot Te Aroha
ROBERTS William Edwards Waihi
ROBERTSON Edwin Rotorua
ROBERTSON Henry S Takapuna
ROBERTSON John Auckland
ROBERTSON John Cambridge
ROBERTSON John (Captain) Auckland
ROBERTSON John (Captain) Onehunga
ROBERTSON Neil Taylor (Captain) SS Ohinemuri
ROBERTSON Robert Gisborne
ROBERTSON Thomas Frew (Rev) Auckland
ROBINS William Waihi
ROBINSON Albert Mangere
ROBINSON Charles Auckland
ROBINSON Reginald Deason Bland Gisborne
ROBINSON Thomas Edward Parua Bay
ROBINSON Thomas Joseph Rotorua
ROBINSON William Charles Auckland
ROBSON George Te Aroha
ROBSON James McGimpsey Paeroa
ROCHE Francis Hikutaia
ROCHE Henry Waihi
ROCHE Hungerford Ohaupo
ROCKLIFF Joseph Bullen (J.P) Coromandel
ROE Alfred William Mamaku
ROGERS Alfred Junction Hotel, Thames
ROGERS Henry Francis Golden Cross
ROGERS William Rotorua
ROGERS-HARRISON J H (Captain) (Late) Auckland
ROLLESTON James Central Hotel, Auckland
ROOKES Charles Cecil Paeroa
ROONEY Frank Waitekauri
ROOSE Elijah Pukekohe
ROPATA Wahawaha Robert Major (Late) Gisborne
ROSE Alexander Auckland
ROSE Frank Tirau
ROSE Robert (Late) Auckland
ROSKRUGE Thomas Francis Cambridge
ROSS Andrew Young Waihi
ROSS David Hamilton
ROSS George (J.P) Whangarei
ROSS James (J.P) Waharoa
ROSS James Joseph Mamaku
ROSSER Arthur Auckland
ROSSER John Grey Lynn
ROSSITER Samuel Thomas Waiuku
ROTHWELL Benjamin Francis (Rev) Gisborne
ROTHWELL Elizabeth Margaret (Miss) Hamilton
ROULSTON James Pukekohe
ROUNTREE John Te Kuiti
ROUT William (J.P) Cambridge
ROUTLY John Pukekohe
ROUTLY Moses Bone Pukekohe
ROWE Henry James Te Aroha West
ROWE John Te Aroha
ROWE John Thames
ROWE John (J.P) Onehunga
ROWE William Wesley Waitekauri
ROWLEY John C Mount Eden
ROWLEY Randolph Thomas (Hon) Tauranga
RULE Frank (Rev) Paeroa
RUNCIMAN David Williamson Auckland
RUNCIMAN James (Captain) (Late) Newstead
RUNCIMAN William Newstead
RUSSELL Alexander Stuart Auckland
RUSSELL Barry Taylor (Dr) Rotorua
RUSSELL Magdalen Laura Mrs Hukanui
RUSSELL William Hautapu
RUSSELL William M Waihi
RUST Alexander Mearns Whangarei Heads
RUTHERFORD James Gilling Bombay
RYAN John Taupo
RYAN William Earle Karangahake
RYBURN Ernest Stewart Waihi
RYBURN James Paterangi
RYBURN Robert Middleton (Rev) Gisborne
RYLANCE Gilbert Mervyn (Dr) Auckland
SAIES William Henry Totara North
SAINTY Cardinal (Captain) Auckland
SALMON Daniel Hamilton
SALMON John (Hon) Auckland
SALMON Robert Auckland
SALMON T B Auckland
SALMOND Mabel (Miss) Auckland
SAMPSON Gerard William Gisborne
SAMSON Thomas Rotorua
SAMUEL Edward (J.P) Tauranga
SANDAY William Waiuku
SANDERS Frederick James Waihi
SANDLANT Harry Gisborne
SANKEY Henry Auckland
SARNEY Horace Joseph Auckland
SAULBREY Thomas Lewis Cambridge
SAUNDERS Charles Judd Paeroa
SAVAGE Henry Charles Waihi
SAWYER Arthur Gisborne
SCELLEY Daniel Waharoa
SCHERFF Mrs Glenalvon, Auckland
SCHISCHKA John Auckland
SCHMIDT George Waeranga-a-hika
SCHMITT Aloys Clevedon
SCHMITT Carl (Prof) (Late) Auckland
SCHOFIELD & Son (Bootmakers) Auckland
SCHOFIELD Richard Edmund Thames
SCHOFIELD Robert James Walter Morrinsville
SCHOFIELD Samuel Charles Auckland
SCHOLLUM Wenzl Nottingham Castle Hotel, Morrinsville
SCHULTZE Alexander Grosvenor Hotel, Auckland
SCOTT Augustus Nixon Karangahake
SCOTT Edward John SS Wakatere
SCOTT John Waiuku
SCOTT John Lyons Parnell
SCOTT Robert Royal Mail Hotel, Auckland
SCOTT Robert Thames
SCOTT Thomas Sydney Paeroa
SCOTT William Te Awamutu
SCOTT William Thames
SCOTTER William Goodwin Gisborne
SEABORN John Mercer
SEABROOK Henry Hastings Auckland
SEAGER Charles Auckland
SEAGER George Auckland
SEAGER Henry Auckland
SEAGER William (Jnr) Auckland
SEAGER William (Snr) (Late) Auckland
SEARLE Henry Oakford Paeroa
SEARLE William James Paeroa
SECCOMBE Alfred Newmarket
SEDDON Frederick Richard Kirikiriroa
SEDDON Robert Tauranga
SEDDON Samuel Thomas Hamilton
SEDDON William Rotorua
SEEGNER Carl Auckland
SEGAR Henry Fowle Auckland
SEGAR Hugh William (Prof) Auckland
SELBY Arthur Auckland
SELBY William Hautapu
SELWYN (Bishop) Auckland
SEMADENI Casper Pukekohe
SENN Emil Victor Auckland
SEON Cornelius William Pellatt Rawene/Kohukohu
SETH-SMITH Hugh Garden Auckland
SEVERNE Francis Egerton Auckland
SEWELL Henry (Hon)
SEXTON Alfred Auckland
SEXTON Charles Henry Auckland
SEYMOUR Joseph Te Kopuru
SHALDRICK James Onehunga
SHANNON William Joseph Kaitaia
SHARLAND Frederick Caddy Auckland
SHARLAND William Auckland
SHARMAN Edward William (Dr) Auckland
SHARP John Cambridge
SHAW Andrew Clevedon
SHAW David John (Captain) Auckland
SHAW Frederick Auckland
SHAW Henry Auckland
SHAW William Paeroa
SHEAT James Te Aroha West
SHEEHAN John (Hon) (Late) Warkworth
SHEEN J Mrs Gisborne
SHEEN Thomas Waihi
SHEFFIELD Duncan Campbell Pokeno
SHELTON Frederick James Gisborne
SHEPHERD Alfred Katikati
SHEPHERD Henry Franklin Coromandel
SHEPHERD Henry George Whangaroa
SHEPHERD John Goodwin Whangaroa
SHERA John McEffer Auckland
SHERIDAN John Gisborne
SHERLEY James Putaruru
SHERLOCK George Te Aroha
SHERRATT Richard Gisborne
SHERRATT William Grice Gisborne
SHILLINGTON Edward F Auckland
SHINE Patrick Kaukapakapa
SHIPHERD Arthur Newmarket
SHOTBOLT Walter Waihi
SIBBALD William Auckland
SIDDELLS James Gisborne
SIEVWRIGHT William Gisborne
SIMMELHAG Emil Delta Hotel, Ngaruawahia
SIMMONDS Joseph H (Rev) Auckland
SIMMONDS Richard Coromandel
SIMMONDS William Waitekauri
SIMMONS Henry Latimer Waihi
SIMPKINS George Whakatane
SIMPSON David Waitekauri
SIMPSON Duncan McGregor Auckland
SIMPSON Thomas Wetherall Waitekauri
SIMS Charles Frederick Thames
SIMSON Horace Ian Auckland
SINCLAIR Robert (J.P) Kaukapakapa
SISSOMS Richard (Dr) (Late) Kamo
SKELLERN Richard Huntly
SKELTON Marcus Noble Pukete
SKINNER Louis Philip Auckland
SKINNER William Henry (Major) Auckland
SKIPWORTH Frederick Green Gisborne
SLADE Thomas Hamilton
SLANEY Walter Auckland
SLATTER John Helensville
SLEVIN Joseph Waihi
SLOANE Thomas Henry Rotorua
SLOMAN John Flashman Auckland
SMALLFIELD Percy Scott (Rev) Auckland
SMARDON Anna Rose Mrs Palace Hotel, Te Aroha
SMART David Lowson Tuakau
SMART James Auckland
SMIERS Caspar (Rev) Rotorua
SMITH Albert Totara North
SMITH Alfred Thames
SMITH Archibald Onehunga
SMITH F Wilson Auckland
SMITH Fred Katikati
SMITH George Waihi
SMITH Gilbert Thomas Dr Paeroa
SMITH Henry Rawlings Gisborne
SMITH Henry Walter Waiuku
SMITH J H & Co Paeroa
SMITH John Hague Thames
SMITH Joseph Waikino
SMITH Llewellyn Gisborne
SMITH Reginald Thames
SMITH Thomas Henry Auckland
SMITH Tilson Onehunga
SMITH Walter (Rev) Te Awamutu
SMITH William Alfred Waiuku
SMITH William Henry Auckland
SMITH William Wilkinson Patutahi
SMYTH Andrew Crawford Pukekohe
SNOW Harry Longueville Waitekauri
SNOW Thomas Waihi
SOMERVELL John Makauri
SOMERVILLE Joseph Edward Wilson (Dr) Auckland
SOMERVILLE Robert (Rev) Grey Lynn
SOPPET Frederick William Huntly
SOPPET James Hamilton
SOUTER Edwin Neville Cambridge
SOUTER Joseph William Cambridge
SPEER Samuel Thomas Governor Bowen Hotel, Thames
SPEIGHT William James Auckland
SPENCE Moses Tauranga
SPENCER Albert Auckland
SPENCER Robinson Rotorua
SPIERS Selwyn John Campden Gisborne
SPIERS William Archibald Dargaville
SPINLEY Charles Henry Helensville
SPINLEY Joseph Christopher Auckland
SPONG Mrs Thames
SPONG William Thames
SPOONER Charles Auckland
SPOONER George Tauranga
SPOONER Walter Tauranga
SPRAGG Wesley Auckland
SPRINGALL Sidney Swires Gisborne
SQUIRES Horace Lyne Parua Bay
SQUIRRELL George Auckland
STACEY Samuel Warkworth
STACKPOLE Robert Jnr Paeroa
STAFFORD Francis Gisborne
STAINES George Auckland
STANLEY James Rotorua
STANLEY Thomas Te Aroha West
STANTON Joseph Ohaeawai
STANYER Charles (Constable) Mercer
STAPLETON Richard Sergeant Hamilton
STEADMAN Thomas Herbert Whangarei
STEEDMAN James Bramwell Thames
STEEDMAN James Donaldson Thames
STEELE Duncan William Rotorua
STEELE Louis John Auckland
STEELE Samuel Ohaupo
STEELE William (Captain) (Late) Hamilton
STEER John Auckland
STEGGALL Robert Mayhew Matawhero
STEHR Walter N Coromandel
STENBECK Edward Alfred (Captain) Barque Empreza
STEPHENS Charles William Clevedon
STEPHENSON Frederick Karangahake
STEUART W Auckland
STEVEN Mary Ann Mrs Patutahi
STEVENS Percy E Hamilton
STEVENSON Alexander Pukekohe
STEVENSON Frederick Royal Hotel, Gisborne
STEVENSON George Waiohika
STEWART Daniel Helensville
STEWART Farquhar Waihi
STEWART George Vesey Katikati
STEWART J R M Auckland
STEWART James Auckland
STEWART John Stephen Auckland
STEWART John William Auckland
STEWART Matilda Miss Thames
STEWART R D Auckland
STEWART Robert Leslie Auckland
STICHBURY James Auckland
STONE Charles Burrell Auckland
STONE Samuel Auckland
STOREY Arthur James Hamilton
STOREY Charles James Te Awamutu
STOUPE John Onehunga
STRACHAN Malcolm Hovil Gisborne
STUART John D SS Aotea
STUBBING Benjamin Rotorua
STUBBS George (J.P) Gisborne
STURGEON John Paparata
STURGES William Pukerimu
STYAK William Silvester Thames
STYLES Forester William Auckland
SUBRITZKY Ludolph Anton Awanui
SUGGATE Chenery Auckland
SULLIVAN Walter Paeroa
SULLIVAN William (Captain) SS Taniwha
SUTHERLAND Donald Alexander Onehunga
SUTHERLAND William Auckland
SUTTON Alfred Waitekauri
SWAINSON William (Hon)
SWALES John Clemshaw Auckland
SWALES R Harry Auckland
SWANSON George Whatawhata
SWANSON William (Hon) (MLC) Auckland
SWARBRICK Arthur Hamilton
SWEET Geoffrey Bruton (Dr) Whangarei
SWEET Thomas Gisborne
SYKES Walter James Gisborne
SYMES Louis Thorley Gisborne
TAAFFE Thomas Redan Hotel, Kaitaia
TAITIMU Hemi (Late) Parengarenga
TANNER Henry Canning Newel Auckland
TANNER Thomas B Coromandel
TAPLIN Odard Holt Auckland
TAPPER Albert Henry Auckland
TAPPER C Parnell
TAPPER James Parnell
TARAWHITI Karaka Kereru Huntly
TATTERSALL James Te Aroha West
TAYLER Archdale Auckland
TAYLOR Allan Kerr (Late) Auckland
TAYLOR Charles Arthur Te Awamutu
TAYLOR Charles Henry Karangahake
TAYLOR Charles John (Hon) Auckland
TAYLOR George Auckland
TAYLOR Harry Percival Birkenhead
TAYLOR James Cambridge
TAYLOR James J Kamo
TAYLOR John (Auckland Harbour Board) Auckland
TAYLOR John (NZ Railways) Auckland
TAYLOR John Ede Waihi
TAYLOR John Edward Mangere
TAYLOR John Henry Thames
TAYLOR Richard (Rev) (Late) Waimate North
TAYLOR Thomas Waihou
TAYLOR Thomas SS Rotomahana
TAYLOR Thomas Matthew Auckland
TAYLOR William Taupiri
TAYLOR William Te Awamutu
TE HEUHEU Tureiti Taupo
TEAGUE John Walton
TEASDALE John Burgess Te Awamutu
TEAT Francis Joseph Gisborne
TEDDY John Ohaupo Hotel, Ohaupo
TEESDALE Alfred Gisborne
TEMPLER Francis Henry Grey Lynn
TENNENT Charles Fleetwood Emerson Waitekauri
TERNAHAN Robert Hibernian Hotel, Onehunga
TERRY Joseph William Karapiro
TETLEY Joshua William Karangahake
TETLEY William Paeroa
TEWSLEY Henry C Parnell
THOM David Meikle Whakatane
THOM Percival Rotorua
THOMAS Algernon Phillips Withiel (Prof) Auckland
THOMAS Benjamin Lewis (Rev) Devonport
THOMAS Henry William Earp Thames
THOMAS James Thames
THOMAS Rees Goring Auckland
THOMAS William Parnell
THOMAS William (Late) Auckland
THOMAS William A Coromandel
THOMAS William Edward (Prof) Auckland
THOMAS William Henry Hamilton
THOMPSON Alfred Auckland
THOMPSON Bros & Co Auckland
THOMPSON Erik Aratapu
THOMPSON Henry Havelock Mongonui
THOMPSON Mark Riverhead
THOMPSON Robert (MHR) Whangarei
THOMPSON Thomas (Hon) Auckland
THOMPSON William Birkenhead
THOMPSON William Frederick Victoria Valley
THOMPSON William John A Auckland
THOMSON Alexander (Captain) Gisborne
THOMSON Archibald Waihi
THOMSON Campbell Gisborne
THOMSON Charles Opotiki
THOMSON John Patutahi
THOMSON John (Late) Tauranga
THOMSON Percy M Auckland
THOMSON William Kihikihi
THOMSON William Shaftesbury
THORBURN Alexander Spiers Waitekauri
THORBURN William Lang Jnr Thames
THORBURN William Lang Snr Thames
THORLEY G E Auckland
THORNE William Auckland
THORNES Joseph Auckland
THORNTON William Cambridge
THORP Alfred Joshua Paeroa
THORP John Wullanora Paeroa
THORPE Herbert Paterangi
TIBBS James William Auckland
TICKELPENNY Samuel Tauwhare
TIERNEY Richard Thames
TIMS Thomas Henry Tauranga
TIPPIN Charles Hamilton
TOBIN Charles Edward O'Hara (Rev) Taupo
TODD Thomas John Marr Auckland
TOLE Joseph Augustus (Hon) Auckland
TOMBLESON John Gisborne
TONKS Benjamin Auckland
TORRENS Hugh Thomas Paeroa
TOUGH Lawrence Brown Waitekauri
TOWERS William John Paeroa
TOWNLEY John Gisborne
TOWSEY Arthur Auckland
TREGOWETH William Karangahake
TREMAIN John Auckland
TREMAINE George Kamo
TREMBATH Francis Thames
TRENWITH Alfred Auckland
TRENWITH John Auckland
TREVITHICK James Garland Auckland
TRIPHOOK John Robert Whangarei
TRISTRAM Henry Exford Hamilton
TRISTRAM James Quick Kihikihi
TROUNSON James Dargaville
TRUST John Isaac Morrinsville
TUBBS Henry Arnold Talbot (Prof) Auckland
TUCKER William Henry Gisborne
TUDEHOPE Robert Auckland
TURNBULL John Morrinsville
TURNER Alfred Huntly
TURNER Charles Barker Rotorua
TURNER Edward Auckland
TURNER George Robert (Late) Auckland
TURNER Joseph Hurst Auckland
TURNER Thomas Clues Auckland
TWENTYMAN Robert Thames
TYER A Auckland
TYLDEN Charles Ryland Auckland
TYLER (Adjutant) (Salvation Army) Auckland
TYNAN John Magee Waihopo
ULPH William Waihi
UPTON John Henry Auckland
USHER Thomas Grey Pukekohe
VAILE Percy Adolphus Auckland
VAILE Samuel Auckland
VAN DER HEYDE Gustav Auckland
VANT William Ngaruawahia
VANT William Paparata
VAUSE George Onehunga
VAUSE John Philip Te Awamutu
VERRALL A Hyder (Miss) Auckland
VIALOUX Frank Coromandel
VICKERMAN Alfred Herbert Auckland
VICKERMAN Charles Ranken Auckland
VICKERS E J Te Awamutu
VINE Edward Alfred Rotorua
VINSON Charles Walter Maungatawhiri Valley
VOGEL Julius Sir -
VOLKNER Carl Sylvius (Rev) (Late) Opotiki
VUGLAR George Karangahake
VUGLAR Thomas Percival Waihi
WADDEL William Richard Auckland
WADDELL David Gardner Karangahake
WADDINGTON Edward Dr Morrinsville
WADE H L Auckland
WADE Henry Greensmith (Late) Auckland
WAKE Charles Augustus Mongonui
WALKER Alex Howey Auckland
WALKER Henry (Dr) Auckland
WALKER John A Devonport
WALKER John Watson Te Aroha
WALKER Robert Waitekauri
WALKER Thomas Cambridge
WALKER Thomas Tuakau
WALKER Thornton Pukekura
WALKER William Robert Cooper Auckland
WALL Henry Hoyle (J.P) Waerenga-o-kuri
WALLACE Archibald Cambridge
WALLACE Archibald Glenside, Pukerimu
WALLACE David Brown Kohukohu
WALLACE David McLean Te Aroha
WALLACE James (Late) Mangere
WALLACE Robert Mangere
WALLACE William Birkenhead
WALLACE William (Lieut) Cambridge
WALLIS Ledra Clevedon
WALLIS Robert Martin Auckland
WALLIS W H Mrs Kaikohe
WALLIS James (Rev) Auckland
WALLS James Paeroa
WALLS Thomas (Rev) Te Aroha
WALMSLEY Francis John Paeroa
WALMSLEY Sherriff Benjamin Frederick Waihi
WALSH Henry (J.P) Clevedon
WALSH James Henry Thames
WALSH Martin Kaukapakapa
WALTER Thomas Hamilton
WALTERS George Karangahake
WALTERS James Robert Auckland
WALTON Henry (Late) Whangarei
WALTON Joseph Lewis Thames
WALTON Richard Auckland
WARBRICK Alfred Rotorua
WARD Frederic Thomas Auckland
WARD Henry Dudley Ossulston (Captain) Auckland
WARING Arthur Henry Taupiri
WARNER Horatio Nelson Auckland
WARNER James N Auckland
WARNOCK James Alexander Auckland
WARNOCK Robert Taylor Grey Lynn
WARREN George Auckland
WARREN Harold Gisborne
WARREN John Gisborne
WARREN Joseph Young Auckland
WARREN Young Auckland
WATERMAN John Sydney Thames
WATERS Alfred (Captain) Clevedon
WATKINS Kenneth Auckland
WATSON Augustus Bressan Waitekauri
WATSON Charles George (Dr) Auckland
WATSON George John Auckland
WATT George Hautapu
WATTS Albert Hamilton
WATTS Isaac Auckland
WATTS James William Onehunga
WAUGH Christopher (Late) Paparata
WAY George Tamahere
WAYMOUTH Ebenezer Parnell
WAYMOUTH John Auckland
WAYMOUTH Oliver Bryant Auckland
WEARNE Jaketh Eddy Waihi
WEARNE Jaketh Joseph Waihi
WEATHERALL David (Rev) Waihi
WEBB Anthony Spur (Rev Canon) Gisborne
WEBB George Kemp Auckland
WEBB Thomas (J.P) Aratapu
WEBB Thomas Henry Auckland
WEBB Thomas Stirrup Aratapu
WEBBER Alfred Grey Lynn
WEBBER Joseph William Rotorua
WEBSTER John Opononi
WEBSTER John Croom Devonport
WEBSTER Josiah Daniel Auckland
WEBSTER Robert Fellowes Pukekohe
WEBSTER William (Dr) Auckland
WEBSTER William Henry (Rev) Waiuku
WEIR Peter Thames
WELHAM Alfred Robert Aratapu
WELLS Charles Archer Te Kopuru
WELLS Henry Auckland
WELLS John Dunedin Waihi
WELLS Thomas Waihi
WELLS Thomas (J.P) Cambridge
WELLS Thomas George Thames
WELLS Thomas Umfrey Auckland
WEST John Thames
WESTENRA Richard Tauranga
WESTNEY William (Jnr) Mangere
WESTNEY William (Snr) Mangere
WESTON Stanley James SS Waiotahi
WETHERED Arnold Gisborne
WHEELER Aston Thomas Foxhall Hamilton/Tamahere
WHELAN Thomas Waihi
WHIMP Henry Opuawhanga
WHINRAY James Gisborne
WHITAKER Alfred Edward Auckland
WHITAKER Frederick (Sir) -
WHITAKER John Robert Helensville
WHITBURN Samuel Manawaru
WHITBY John Eugene Gisborne
WHITCOMBE George Henry Tauranga
WHITE Alfred Lovell Birkenhead
WHITE Cyril Muriwai
WHITE Edward James Birkenhead
WHITE Henry Auckland
WHITE James Opotiki
WHITE John (Late) Auckland
WHITE R W Grey Lynn
WHITE Robert Cameron Rotorua
WHITE Thomas Henry (J.P) Auckland
WHITE William Bagnell Auckland
WHITE Wilton James Auckland
WHITEHEAD Frederick Auckland
WHITEHEAD Matthias Thames
WHITEHOUSE Samuel Thomas Thames
WHITHAM Robert Currer Mount Albert
WHITLEY William Spencer Auckland
WHITNEY A C Auckland
WHITNEY Asa Norman (Captain) Auckland
WHITNEY John (Captain) Auckland
WHITTINGTON Alfred James Auckland
WHYTE John Blair (Hon) Hamilton
WICK Henry Christian Auckland
WIGG Thomas Auckland
WIGHT Albert Edward Karangahake
WIGHT Edward Septimus Huntly
WILDE Frederick A Te Aroha
WILDMAN Thomas Thames
WILDMAN Mrs Thames
WILKINS John (Dr) Auckland
WILKINSON George Oruru
WILKINSON Thomas (J.P) Pukekohe
WILKINSON William Oruru
WILLIAMS Edward Marsh Auckland
WILLIAMS Frank Auckland
WILLIAMS George Gisborne
WILLIAMS George L Te Awamutu
WILLIAMS Henry (Rev) Auckland
WILLIAMS Henry (The Hon) Ohaeawai
WILLIAMS John Te Aroha
WILLIAMS John Thames
WILLIAMS John (Late) Hikurangi
WILLIAMS Joseph Cornwell Kopu
WILLIAMS Lionel Fitzherbert Gisborne
WILLIAMS Norman T Auckland
WILLIAMS Thomas Auckland
WILLIAMS Thomas Owen (Dr) Auckland
WILLIAMS William Adams Rotorua
WILLIAMS William James (Rev) Auckland
WILLIAMSON Francis Herbert Auckland
WILLIAMSON James (Hon) Auckland
WILLIAMSON John Auckland
WILLIAMSON Sydney Patutahi
WILLIS William Newcombe De Laval (Ven Archdeacon) Cambridge
WILSON Alexander Auckland
WILSON Arthur P Auckland
WILSON Bishop Auckland
WILSON Charles Birkenhead
WILSON Daniel Cook Whangarei
WILSON Edward Auckland
WILSON George Thames
WILSON Henry William Auckland
WILSON Hugh Munro Auckland
WILSON J & Co Auckland
WILSON James Edward Clevedon
WILSON James T Warkworth
WILSON John Alexander Helensville
WILSON Joseph Liston Auckland
WILSON Jules George (Late) Auckland
WILSON Nathaniel Warkworth
WILSON P & Co Auckland
WILSON Ralph Auckland
WILSON Robert Thames
WILSON Thomas Auckland
WILSON Thomas Kihikihi
WILSON Tom Otahuhu
WILSON Walter Auckland
WILSON William Birkenhead
WILSON William Henry (Rev) Paeroa
WILSON William J Warkworth
WILSON William Scott Auckland
WINE H C Dr Auckland
WINKLEMANN Charles Peter Whirinaki
WINN William Auckland
WINSTONE Fred B Auckland
WINSTONE George Auckland
WINSTONE William Auckland
WISEMAN John Auckland
WITHERFORD Joseph H (MHR) Auckland
WITHEROW Joseph Te Puke
WITTY James William Gisborne
WOOD Enoch Auckland
WOOD Francis David Te Aroha
WOOD Reader G Auckland
WOOD Robert Thames
WOOD Theodore Thames
WOOD William Thames
WOODBURY John William Paeroa
WOODHOUSE James Henry Rotorua
WOODHOUSE John Auckland
WOODLEY Albert J Auckland
WOODS George Henry Ohaeawai
WOODWARD Alice (Miss) (Dr) Auckland
WOODWARD John Charles Patutahi
WOODWARD William Pacific Hotel, Thames
WOOLCOCK Mrs Langham House, Whangarei
WOOLCOTT Alfred Charles Auckland
WOOLLER Joseph Hikurangi
WOOTEN K Alma (Mrs) Auckland
WORDSWORTH William Te Kopuru
WORSLEY William Harold Hamilton
WREN Charles Thomas Onehunga
WRIGG Alfred Almena Auckland
WRIGG Harry Auckland
WRIGG Henry (Late) Auckland
WRIGHT Albert Kaikohe
WRIGHT Arthur Auckland
WRIGHT Arthur Parnell
WRIGHT Arthur Blundell Auckland
WRIGHT Charles Samuel Auckland
WRIGHT David Aitken Helensville
WRIGHT Frank Auckland
WRIGHT George William Auckland
WRIGHT Harry Lambert Thames
WRIGHT J (Late) Tauranga
WRIGHT Jacob Henry Pukekohe
WRIGHT Walter Harding Auckland
WRIGHT Walter Henry Te Aroha
WRIGLEY Edward Auckland
WRIGLEY George Tauranga
WRIGLEY James Marsden Waihi
WYLES Robet (J.P) Mongonui
WYLIE William Smyth Thames
WYLLIE Gavin Ralston Gisborne
WYNYARD James Gladwin Auckland
WYNYARD Robet Henry (General) Auckland
YARBOROUGH Alfred Cook Rawene
YATES Arthur Auckland
YATES Elizabeth Mrs Onehunga
YATES Ernest Auckland
YATES Michael (Captain) Onehunga
YATES Samuel Parengarenga
YATES Samuel Mrs Parengarenga
YEARBURY George Waikino
YOUNG James Cambridge
YOUNG James Alexander Hamilton
YOUNG Walter Auckland
YOUNG William John Whangarata
ZACHARIAH Adolphus Gisborne

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