01 January 1840 - 30 June 1881

The following are taken from the "Return of Names of Persons Drowned in New Zealand" from the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives, (commonly known as the AJHRs).

As I have been sent many other New Zealand drownings I have set them up as Miscellaneous New Zealand Drownings. If you have any names you would like to add or can put names to these initials I would love to hear from you.

The AJHR returns are as follows:

The * denotes the date the body was found. Please note that there are many rivers in New Zealand with the same name (Wai means water in Maori). Province's are no longer used in New Zealand so access to a good gazetteer is recommended or the book "Wises NZ Index to Every Place in New Zealand" be consulted.

For those marked # further information is on

From Sooty's Guestbook -2015 - James Souter b. 5th July 1855, Parents Robert Souter and Mary Taylor. Your record indicates that his body was found on 4th June 1878 at Wairoa, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. A number of his family, both Taylors and Souters, had emigrated from Aberdeen to Australia and New Zealand. Several of them drowned at sea (much the same is true of those who remained behind.) as their trade was sailing, for the most part.

1869Jul07 - "German Harry" Paroa Westland
1866Feb14 - "Jack" Waiho Westland
1865Dec07 - "Little Jack the Cockney" Teremakau Westland
1873Mar25 - "Sill" Taieri Otago
1876Feb25 - Awapouri Whakaruka Auckland
1864May02 - Charles Rakaia Canterbury
1869Dec01 - Female child Avon Canterbury
1869 - Female Infant (See Joseph HALL) Hape Auckland
1863Jul26 - Fred Bush Creek, Arrow Otago
1853May07 - Himiona Hutt Wellington
1875Mar30 - Karaipu Buller Nelson
1880Feb09 - Kurukuru Patea (Taranaki)
1880Nov01 - Manu O Tonore Stream at Otaki Wellington
1869Dec16 - Meti Opihi Canterbury
1862Sep16 - Peni Awapuri Hawke's Bay
1862Nov30 - Peter (a Prussian) Clutha Otago
1870May09* - Routana Waikato Auckland
1857Jun22 - Tanira Hutt Wellington
1850Aug07 - Unamed Native (Maori) Ferry at Wairarapa Lake Wellington
1866Feb24 - Unknown Arahura Westland
1867Feb14 - Unknown Arowhenua Canterbury
1868Mar00 - Unknown Buller Nelson
1862Dec04* - Unknown Clutha Otago
1862Dec04* - Unknown Clutha Otago
1872Jul15* - Unknown Creek at West Clive Otago
1866Dec19 - Unknown Grey Westland
1865Nov03 - Unknown Hokitika Westland
1868Oct22 - Unknown Little Grey Nelson
1858Dec00* - Unknown Matakana Auckland
1875Jan08* - Unknown Mataura Otago
1862Sep20 - Unknown Molyneux Otago
1863Apr03 - Unknown Molyneux Otago
1863May03* - Unknown Molyneux Otago
1863May06 - Unknown Molyneux Otago
1863Apr25 - Unknown Peninsula Bay Beach Otago
1863Nov07 - Unknown Rakaia Canterbury
1859Nov13* - Unknown Rangitikei Wellington
1866Jul20* - Unknown Saltwater Creek Westland
1863Aug10 - Unknown Shotover Otago
1865Oct07 - Unknown Taipo Westland
1865Nov04* - Unknown Teremakau Westland
1865Nov05 - Unknown Teremakau Westland
1866Apr02 - Unknown Waimakariri Canterbury
1870Sep12 - Unknown Clutha Otago
1853Aug09* - Unknown boy River not stated Howick, Auckland
1881May14 - Unknown man Abbott's Creek Wellington
1865Apr30* - Unknown man Arahura Westland
1869Nov08* - Unknown man Avon Canterbury
1877Oct13 - Unknown man Avon Canterbury
1868Feb05 - Unknown man Boulder Bank, Blenheim Marlborough
1869Aug13 - Unknown man Buller Nelson
1876Jun24 - Unknown man Buller Nelson
1877Feb25 - Unknown man Buller Nelson
1878Sep01* - Unknown man Buller (Nelson)
1864Dec16* - Unknown man Clutha Otago
1864Jan22 - Unknown man Clutha Otago
1865Aug12* - Unknown man Clutha Otago
1865Dec23 - Unknown man Clutha Otago
1868Feb28 - Unknown man Clutha Otago
1863Nov11 - Unknown man Creek near Rakaia Canterbury
1863Oct29* - Unknown man Day Creek, Waipori Otago
1872Jul24* - Unknown man Drury Creek Auckland
1868Nov30* - Unknown man Duffer's Creek Nelson
1869Sep30* - Unknown man Grey Westland
1865May01 - Unknown man Hokitika Westland
1865May01 - Unknown man Hokitika Westland
1866Dec18* - Unknown man Hokitika Westland
1867Jul08* - Unknown man Hokitika Westland
1865Mar30 - Unknown man Horatiu Auckland
1875Oct18* - Unknown man Hurunui Canterbury
1877Aug12 - Unknown man Hutt (Wellington)
1874Dec08* - Unknown man Inangahua Nelson
1863Aug28 - Unknown man Kawarau Otago
1864Sep06 - Unknown man Kawarau Otago
1879Sep11* - Unknown man Kawarau Otago
1881Feb15* - Unknown man Mangaone Hawke's Bay
1869Dec29* - Unknown man Mangawai Auckland
1864Dec06* - Unknown man Manuherikia Otago
1875Nov20* - Unknown man Matarua Otago
1878Aug15 - Unknown man Mataura Otago
1877Aug19 - Unknown man Mikonui Westland
1863Dec29* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1863Jan03 - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1863Jun18 - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1863Oct15* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1865Mar18* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1866Jan05* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1867Nov05* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1869Nov08 - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1870Jan13 - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1873Oct27* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1880Mar07* - Unknown man Molyneux Otago
1867Jul31 - Unknown man Motueka Nelson
1857Nov19* - Unknown man Near Wood's Island, Waitemata Auckland
1857Sep03* - Unknown man Near Wood's Island, Waitemata Auckland
1863Oct30* - Unknown man New River Southland
1869Sep22* - Unknown man Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1864Dec19 - Unknown man Oahonga Wellington
1873Mar04 - Unknown man Oamaru Otago
1871Dec30* - Unknown man Otira Westland
1878Jun17 - Unknown man Patea (Taranaki)
1875Aug05* - Unknown man Puhoi Auckland
1864Apr14 - Unknown man Rakaia Canterbury
1867Feb10 - Unknown man Rakaia Canterbury
1865Apr01 - Unknown man Rangitata Canterbury
1865Mar22 - Unknown man Rangitata Canterbury
1865Mar26* - Unknown man Rangitata Canterbury
1867Feb10 - Unknown man Rangitata Canterbury
1869Apr05* - Unknown man Ruamahanga Wellington
1868Jan04* - Unknown man Saltwater Creek Westland
1863Nov03 - Unknown man Shotover Otago
1863Oct04* - Unknown man Shotover Otago
1880Jul18 - Unknown man Slippery Creek Auckland
1880Aug11 - Unknown man Stanton River Nelson
1861Dec30 - Unknown man Taieri Otago
1868Jan18 - Unknown man Taieri Otago
1868May28* - Unknown man Taieri Otago
1865Oct03* - Unknown man Teremakau Westland
1865Sep20* - Unknown man Teremakau Westland
1880Nov26 - Unknown man Teremakau Westland
1864Sep16* - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1865Aug25 - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1865Feb22* - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1865Sep01* - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1866Dec10* - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1866Jan21* - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1866Oct26* - Unknown man Waikato Auckland
1877Aug04 - Unknown man Waikato (Auckland)
1875Jun26* - Unknown man Waipahi Otago
1875Aug12* - Unknown man Waipawa Hawke's Bay
1860May07* - Unknown man Wairau Marlborough
1860May28 - Unknown man Wairau Marlborough
1875Oct25 - Unknown man Waiwakaiho Taranaki
1869Mar28 - Unknown man Wanganui Wellington
1864Nov12* - Unknown man (Supposed GRIFFITHS) Waikato Auckland
1866Sep30 - Unknown native Cox's Creek Auckland
1866Sep01* - Unknown soldier Waikato Auckland
1873Nov15 - Whatarau Waiaua Auckland
1874May15 ABBOT Thomas Whareama Wellington
1863Jan29 ABEL Charles Aparima Southland
1868Dec01 ABER George Ohitea Nelson
1873Apr09 ABERNETHY William Wanganui Wellington
1868Aug27 A'COURT Zeckars Totara Westland
1880Feb29 ADAMS T Patea (Taranaki)
1876Mar19 ADAMSON Charles Wairoa Auckland
1847Jul00 ADAMSON John Tamaki Auckland
1863Sep01 AGNEW Thomas Tomaporaki Southland
1875Nov08 AH SAM - New River Westland
1870Aug27 AITKEN William Tokomairiro Otago
1878Sep24 AKERSTON F Moutere Nelson
1864Aug24 ALCOCK Isaac Mangapiko Auckland
1875Oct12 ALDRED Gertrude Creek at Queenstown Otago
1872Apr24 ALEXANDER Thomas Saltwater Lagoon, Paroa Westland
1860Oct00 ALLAN Hugh Pleasant Otago
1881May11 ALLEN A Creek near Masterton Wellington
1875Jul18 ALLEN David Takaka Nelson
1868Mar03 ALLEN James Hunter Wainui Lake Auckland
1865Apr30 ALLEN John Teremakau Westland
1880Sep08 ALLEN T Molyneux (Otago)
1865Jul31 ALLEN Thomas Grey Westland
1870Feb05 ALLEN William Pitipua Southland
1868Jun19 ALLEN William Totara Nelson
1880Aug13 ALLWRIGHT W H Wairoa Auckland
1865Feb17* ALMS Charles (Somebodys Darling - Grave) Clutha Otago
1862Jun24 ANDERSON George Taieri Otago
1867May28 ANDERSON Henry Ahaura Nelson
1880Dec20 ANDERSON J Avon Canterbury
1876Apr14 ANDERSON John Brigham's Creek Auckland
1870Apr03 ANDERSON John Totara Lagoon Westland
1867Dec15 ANDERSON Peter Nile Nelson
1867Sep09* ANDERSON Thomas Arowaiti Nelson
1857Mar28 ANDERSON William Maungatawhiri Auckland
1878Jul12 ANDREW W C Heathcote Canterbury
1865Nov07 ANDREWS William Waimea Westland
1881Mar29 ANNEAR W H Wairau Marlborough
1867Dec15 APPALL William Nile Nelson
1869Aug08 ARAMATA (and 5 other natives) Waikato Auckland
1880Sep01 ARMSTRONG A Akiteo, Wairarapa (Wellington)
1880Sep01 ARMSTRONG J Akiteo, Wairarapa (Wellington)
1861Feb03 ARMSTRONG William Henry Frederick Petane Hawke's Bay
1862Sep29 ARNOTT John Mill dam, Coromandel Auckland
1866Jun01 ASH Bartholomew Waipa Auckland
1855Aug11 ASKEW George Wairau Marlborough
1847Dec08 ASKEW John Riwaka Nelson
1855Jan28 ASTELL Charles Riwaka Nelson
1866Feb26 ATKINSON Robert Creek near Cam Canterbury
1867Dec11* ATWOOD Thomas Opawa Marlborough
1877Dec16 AUBERT J C Manawatu (Wellington)
1869Dec25* AUCKLAND John (Jed) - Nelson
1861Jul04 AUGARDE Henry A E Motueka Nelson
1869Oct07* AVERY Walter James John Maitai Nelson
1869Oct26 AZEVEDO Manuel Hokitika Westland
1869May16 BACKLAND Peter Waignawa (sic) Wellington
1868Jul04* BADELEY Edward Creek at Milton Otago
1872Nov11 BAIGENT Oswald Alfred Mill Lead, Wakefield Nelson
1871May06 BAIRD James Creek at Motupipi Nelson
1865May29 BAKER Charles Waimakariri Canterbury
1859Sep26 BALDWIN Duncan Kaipoanga Wellington
1869Dec10 BALFOUR George Tokomairiro Otago
1868Apr04 BALL George Creek at Blenheim Marlborough
1875May26 BALL Robert Pakuratahi Wellington
1872Aug02 BALSTON Edward Waimakariri Canterbury
1880Aug09 BARKER G Waipa Auckland
1859Aug31 BARKER Job Hutt Wellington
1866Mar30 BARON John Heathcote Canterbury
1880Jul13* BARR J Waikato (Auckland)
1865Nov21 BARR James Wakamarina Marlborough
1868Jun11 BARRETT John Creek at Collingwood Nelson
1863Jul29 BARSTOW Joseph Shotover Otago
1860Jun19 BARTLETT John Wairau Marlborough
1863Dec18 BARTLETT Joseph Wairau Marlborough
1875Nov30 BARTLETT William Waimea Creek -
1865Apr19 BARTON Benjamin Wairohia Auckland
1865Mar08 BARTON William Alex Waikato Auckland
1859Feb13 BASKETT James Mauku Auckland
1866Sep26 BASS Antonio (Giovanni) Waikato Auckland
1876Sep04 BASSETT Hanott Wairau Marlborough
1847Nov05 BASTON Henry River not stated Wellington
1869Feb14 BATCHELOR James Alfred Awitu Auckland
1855Oct01 BATES Henry Ruamahunga Wellington
1868May12 BATES John Jacob's River Southland
1872Jan20 BATT Samuel Edwin Manawatu Wellington
1871Nov09 BATY John Kaueranga Auckland
1874Nov21 BAXTER Joseph Taieri Otago
1881Mar11 BAYDEN T Creek near Masterton Wellington
1880Dec26 BAYLISS A E Mangapiko Auckland
1865Nov29 BAYLY Ascot Hangatahua Taranaki
1872Dec26 BEAN Silas Edwin Waimakariri Canterbury
1868Sep27 BEATTIE John Wairoa Hawke's Bay
1865Feb09 BEBB Joseph Hatea Auckland
1870Nov04 BECK Thomas Dam at the Hauhau Westland
1868Jul06 BECKMAN Frederick Adolph Whangarei Auckland
1854Dec00 BEECHLEMER John Elliot's Creek, Waitemata Auckland
1867Jan31 BELL Aaron Molyneux Otago
1874Aug23* BELL David Holmes Creek near Southbridge Canterbury
1866May21 BELL John Waireka Otago
1877Nov04 BELL T Buller (Nelson)
1865Oct27 BELSON John Waimea Westland
1877Sep05 BELTON E J Creek at Killinchy Canterbury
1874Feb08 BENJAMINI Albert Abraham Hokitika Westland
1875Nov26 BENNETT George Wanganui Wellington
1866Mar31 BENNETT William Hokitika Westland
1877Aug31 BENTLEY G Waikato (Auckland)
1873Jan11 BERKE Edwin Waimarina Marlborough
1873Sep27 BESLEY Francis B River not stated Marlborough
1871Oct18 BETHUNE John Rangitata Canterbury
1865Oct30 BETSON John Saltwater Creek Westland
1875May15* BETTS Joseph Avon Canterbury
1869Mar14 BEVAN Margaret Waikawa Wellington
1875Jan27 BIGGS William Motueka Nelson
1862Jun30 BILLS F Stream near Karori Rd Wellington
1855May28 BIRD George William Wairau Marlborough
1866Nov03 BISHOP Alfred Turnbull Puarua Otago
1877Jan22 BLACK Alexander Creek near Brown's Bridge, Ashley Canterbury
1877Jun16 BLACK John Geddes Waihemo Otago
1871Sep06* BLACK William John Red Jack's Creek Nelson
1864May03 BLACKHALL Jonas Wanganui Wellington
1875Aug10* BLAIR John Creek at Leeston Canterbury
1869Feb23 BLAKEY George Parau Lagoon Westland
1873May10 BLAND James Ashburton Canterbury
1867Dec28 BLAYMIRES Joseph Opawa Marlborough
1868Aug22 BLEW Archibald Taieri Otago
1866Oct15 BODIE Charles Buller Nelson
1867May23* BOLAND John Patea Wellington
1878Dec02 BONNER A Wanganui (Wellington)
1876Dec23 BOOKER John Rangitata Canterbury
1875Mar28* BOOKER William Ohinemuri Auckland
1878May16* BOOKING Ellen Avon Canterbury
1868Nov30* BORMAN Charles Aorere Nelson
1877Feb06 BORRIE Robert Taieri Otago
1879Apr25 BOULT E Waipawa Hawke's Bay
1871May18 BOURKE Patrick Orwall Creek, Ahaura Nelson
1867May17 BOURNE Harry Grey Westland
1869Aug02 BOWDEN John Wanganui Wellington
1865Nov13 BOWLER Edmund Lagoon at Clutha Otago
1864May17 BOYD Hugh Hurunui Canterbury
1865Mar08 BOYD Samuel Wanganui Wellington
1866Nov18 BOYLAN Edward Totara Westland
1876Aug26 BOYLE Alexander Ahaura Nelson
1879Dec15 BOYLE F Tukituki Hawke's Bay
1867Oct28 BOYLE Thomas Avon Canterbury
1868Feb28 BOYT Richard Hokitika Westland
1872Apr28 BRADFORD George Temuka Canterbury
1873Jul05 BRADSHAW Andrew Taieri Otago
1869Feb25 BRADSHAW Magna Bona Tyson Maitai Nelson
1866Oct01 BRADY James Tuangahua Nelson
1862Jul09 BRANDT Johannis Wairoa near Kaipara Auckland
1864Oct04 BRANING Thomas Paeroa Westland
1868Aug17 BRAY Charles Thames Auckland
1869Feb28 BRENDT Frederick William Mokihinui Nelson
1868Oct08 BRENT John Moonlight Nelson
1871Jan13 BREWER Harry Vincent, Molyneux Otago
1874May16 BRICKELL John Bennett Petane Hawke's Bay
1871Mar04 BRIDGES Edmund James Oakes Creek near Southbridge Canterbury
1866Sep16 BRIEN Michael Waikato Auckland
1868Jan02 BRIERLY George Arahura Lagoon Westland
1868Feb03 BRIGHT Richard Makikiki Canterbury
1862Nov04 BROADBY Samuel Aparima Southland
1866Oct25 BROCK Samuel Werrin Hurunui Canterbury
1872Sep28 BROCKLEY Charles Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1870Jan03* BRODIE William Wanganui Wellington
1868Sep05 BROOKES Charles Henry Oruawharo Auckland
1873Mar11* BROOKS Joseph Hokitika Westland
1867Aug09 BROUARD John Clutha Otago
1865Aug03 BROUGHTON Jesse Mai Mene Creek, Albertland Auckland
1865Aug03 BROUGHTON William Mai Mene Creek, Albertland Auckland
1863Jul26 BROUS (see BROWN) John Bush Creek, Arrow Otago
1875Nov09 BROWN Alfred Waikato Auckland
1879Oct17 BROWN E H Creek at Ohoka Canterbury
1876Jan05 BROWN Harriet Margaret Whau Auckland
1875Nov01 BROWN Henry Piako Auckland
1880Mar19 BROWN J Patea (Taranaki)
1868Oct03 BROWN James Otaki Wellington
1870Jul17 BROWN John Hokitika Westland
1867Sep25 BROWN John Karaka Auckland
1874Aug01 BROWN John Wanganui Wellington
1870Jul10 BROWN Joseph Grey Nelson
1866Jan21 BROWN Patrick M Grey Westland
1868Jan02 BROWN William Arahura Lagoon Westland
1869Oct23 BROWN William Parawai Auckland
1873Jul08 BROWN William Scamperdown Creek Hawke's Bay
1865Mar30 BROWN Martin Tamaki Auckland
1879Oct10 BROWN (alias EVERETT C) J Clutha Otago
1863Jul26 BROWN (see BROUS) John Bush Creek, Arrow Otago
1867Jan24 BRUCE J R Rangitata Canterbury
1870Feb06 BRUNTON Thomas Dam at Lawrence Otago
1873Dec22 BRYSON Jessie Karaka Auckland
1876Feb03 BUCHET Michael Creek at Sandspit Auckland
1853Feb17 BUCKLAND James W Waitara Taranaki
1866Jan28 BULL Alfred Major Eyre Canterbury
1868Jun20 BULL Benjamin Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1875Nov23 BULLOCK Philip Avon Canterbury
1872Apr02 BULLOT Eugene Isadore Waitara Taranaki
1858Sep28 BURCHAM Agnes Hutt Wellington
1864Sep04 BURGE Thomas Mangatawhiri Auckland
1866Nov15 BURGESS William Charles Ohoko Canterbury
1861Sep00 BURKE Michael Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1866Aug13 BURKE Thomas Waipa Auckland
1863Jul09 BURKE William Arrow Otago
1867Jan16 BURNELL Alexander Kowai Canterbury
1878Nov26* BURNES J Tauherinikau Wellington
1876Apr26 BURT Jemima Takaka Nelson
1871Jan17 BURTLAND Eliza Creek at Kanieri Westland
1862Feb06 BURTON John Stream at Gabriel's Gully Otago
1866Sep18 BUSK Wordsworth Lake Wairarapa Wellington
1872Jun16 BUTLER John Grey Westland
1873Oct29 BUTLER John Waioeka Auckland
1868Mar11 BUTLER Martha Mary Grey Nelson
1867Jan26 BUTTON Billy Omaiti Auckland
1868Aug27 BUXTON Harry Whareama Wellington
1869Dec30 BYRNE John Grey Westland
1868Oct14* CACICH John Buller Nelson
1868May15 CADMAN Thomas Karaka Auckland
1858Nov04 CALDER James Kaiwarawara Wellington
1864Mar28 CALDERWOOD Thomas Tokomairiro Otago
1866Dec23* CALLAGHAN Jeremiah Waipori Otago
1864Dec14 CALLAWAY Charlotte Kikowhakarire Auckland
1866Sep30 CALLER Simon Driving Creek, Coromandel Auckland
1878Mar10* CAMERON A (Allan) Turakina Wellington
1869May24 CAMERON Duncan Creek at Timaru Canterbury
1864Feb19 CAMERON James Kawarau Otago
1875Oct23* CAMERON James Rangitikei Wellington
1865Jan17 CAMERON John Mataura Southland
1863Nov03 CAMERON John Opihi Canterbury
1862Jul23 CAMERON John Whangerei Auckland
1860Oct15* CAMERON Mary Pleasant Otago
1867Feb24 CAMPBELL Alexander Deep Creek Westland
1864Oct03* CAMPBELL Alexander Wai-iti Nelson
1876Dec00 CAMPBELL Donald Hokitika Westland
1875Nov02 CAMPBELL Duncan Clutha Otago
1866May23 CAMPBELL F E A Pakiri Auckland
1872Jan25 CAMPBELL James Waipa Auckland
1869Dec12 CAMPBELL Michael Rangitikei Wellington
1872Apr12* CAMPBELL Peter Molyneux Otago
1870May27 CAMPBELL Robert Waimakariri Canterbury
1875Dec01 CAMPBELL Walter Waikato Auckland
1874Jul16* CAMPBELL Walter Lorne Tukituki Hawke's Bay
1866Mar19 CAMPION Thomas William River not stated (Porirua) Wellington
1877Dec16 CAREY J Saltwater Creek Canterbury
1876Jan11 CARLYLE Margaret Wanganui Wellington
1880Sep18 CARR J Hokitika (Westland)
1863Dec03 CARROL John New River Southland
1861May05 CARROLL Emma Stream at Featherston Wellington
1869Jan21 CARROLL John Taieri Otago
1871Jun29 CARRON William Lagoon near Bluff Otago
1874Jul18 CARRUTHERS Marianne Louise Buller Nelson
1877Dec29 CARSON L A Tokomairio Otago
1868Dec18 CARSON William Rakaia Canterbury
1865Nov21 CARTER John Avon Canterbury
1865May28 CARTER Thomas Hokitika Westland
1872Dec08 CASEY Levi Adolphus Coal Creek, Cobden Nelson
1872Nov10 CASEY William Tail Race, Gabriel's Gully Otago
1866Dec22 CASHMAN Patrick Totara Westland
1878Mar17 CASSIDY F Waimakariri Canterbury
1865Oct10 CASTE Francis Hokitika Westland
1870Dec12 CASTLES William Saltwater Creek, Okarito Westland
1853Jan05 CATTELL John J Creek near Pipitea Wellington
1871Apr02 CATTERMOLE Sarah Ashley Canterbury
1871Mar07* CATTLE James Lagoon near Blakestown Westland
1863Jan02 CHAMBERLAIN Charles Wanganui Wellington
1871Jun29 CHANDLER John Thames Auckland
1865Sep05 CHEYNER John New River Southland
1865Mar20 CHICKEN Joseph Ngarururo Hawke's Bay
1872Oct05 CHIPMAN George Water Race, Coromandel Auckland
1867Nov05 CHRISTIAN - Grey Nelson
1881Jan21 CHUM AH CHANG - Black Bull Creek Westland
1875Dec25 CHURSTAM (CHURSTAIN?) William Lake Wakatipu Otago
1869Aug27 CLARK Donald Creek at Lawrence Otago
1876Jan18 CLARK Frank Waikato Auckland
1869Mar26 CLARK John Hokitika Westland
1862Aug25 CLARK John Ruataniwho Nelson
1877Dec05 CLARK L Wanganui (Wellington)
1866Aug22 CLARK Robert Teremakau Westland
1876Jan28* CLARKE George Poutere Creek Hawke's Bay
1865Apr15 CLARKE John Hokianga Auckland
1860Mar19 CLARKE John Rocky Nelson
1866Jul03 CLARKE William James Hokitika Westland
1854Jan06 CLAYTON William Wanganui Wellington
1877Mar04 CLEARY James Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1870Mar11 CLEAVER Henry Charles Wairua Marlborough
1865Oct13 CLEGG Charles Waimakariri Canterbury
1860Dec05 CLEMENT James Hutt Wellington
1865Dec07 CLUNE Michael Teremakau Westland
1863Jan02 COAKBY John Wanganui Wellington
1868Dec11 COBB Frederick Takaka Nelson
1864Feb05 COBHAM William Waikato Auckland
1881May31 COCHRANE A Wanganui (Wellington)
1872Feb25 COCHRANE Thomas Selwyn Canterbury
1862Jul24 COCKROFT Richard Waimakariri Canterbury
1868Nov02 CODLING Sarah Deep Stream Otago
1868Jun10 CODY John (see Inquests) Saltwater Creek Westland
1869Mar01* COGAN - Waikato Auckland
1871Mar23 COGAN Margaret Dead-level Tailrace, Naseby Otago
1880Mar19 COLEMAN G Owake Otago
1872Feb10 COLEMAN Michael Manawatu Wellington
1879Sep24 COLLIER V A Creek near Geraldine Canterbury
1866May20 COLLINS Charles Heathcote Canterbury
1871Jul27 COLLIS William Waihopai Otago
1871Jul06 COLOMB John Baptiste Nelson Creek Nelson
1864Feb11 COLVILLE William Shotover Otago
1866Apr12* CONDY John Moonlight Nelson
1868Oct28 CONNARS James Waihinga Wellington
1863Oct18 CONNELL Thomas McGregor's Gully Otago
1869Mar16 CONNELLY John Hokitika Westland
1872Oct13 CONNERAN James Hokitika Westland
1874Jun17 CONNOLLY William Waikato Auckland
1850Mar03 CONNOR John River not stated Appleby, Nelson
1867Dec20 CONROY John Wanganui Wellington
1870Jul19 COOK John Shag River Otago
1865Sep18 COOK Alfred Manawatu Wellington
1865Jan28 COOKE Joseph Buller Nelson
1847Mar10 COOKE William Okatu Wellington
1878Nov02 CORBETT J Buller (Nelson)
1875May21 CORBETT William Notown Creek Nelson
1868Feb24 CORKALL Thomas Three Mile Creek Westland
1855Oct06 CORRIGAN James Creek in Wellington Wellington
1868Dec30 CORRIGAN John Duffers Nelson
1870Sep23 COSKELLY Patrick Ashley Canterbury
1860Mar25 COSTELLO Michael Waiau Creek, Coromandel Auckland
1864Dec24* COSTER Thomas Takaka Nelson
1865Mar23 COTTERELL James Hokitika Westland
1870May15 COUGHLIN James Tuangahua Nelson
1865Aug14 COULMAN Patrick Waipa Auckland
1870Jan14 COULTAR Mary Ann Whangamarino Auckland
1881Jan25 COUPLAN Barry Manuherikia Otago
1865Sep15 COUTTS William Waimakariri Canterbury
1879Dec06 COVELLY F Creek near Waiuku Auckland
1879Mar29 COVEY J Wairoa Auckland
1878Aug12 COWAN J Clutha (Otago)
1849Nov00 COWARD Richard Wairau Marlborough
1864Jul30 COWEN Isabella Creek at Woolshed Otago
1866Oct03 CRABB Thomas Driving Creek, Coromandel Auckland
1852Feb03 CRAN Elizabeth Waiwakaio Taranaki
1863Mar07 CRANWELL Charles Whare Hinu Auckland
1868Nov28* CRASK Edmund Wanganui Wellington
1852Mar31 CRAVEN Thomas Mitchell's Creek, Porirua Wellington
1870Nov01 CREESE Thomas Argyle Water Race Dam, Switzer's Otago
1863Oct29 CREIGHTON James Oreti Southland
1869Oct19 CREN Henry Waipa Auckland
1867Jul30 CRIDLAND James Saltwater Creek Westland
1878Sep29 CROFT A Arahura Westland
1867Oct29 CROKER James Anthony Hurunui Canterbury
1877Dec05 CROON A E Creek at Opotiki (Auckland)
1877Aug17 CROSS W Tamaki Auckland
1872Mar29 CROSSING Isabella Wanganui Wellington
1872Mar29 CROSSING Richard Wanganui Wellington
1847Aug02 CROSSWELL Jane Matai Nelson
1863Apr13 CROUCHER Joseph Wakatipu Lake Otago
1864Apr30* CROW (aka CREW) John Matakana Auckland
1867Aug24 CROWE Patrick Tinwald Creek Otago
1873Dec13 CRYSTAL William Wairoa, Kaipara Auckland
1865- CULLEN Simon River not stated (Coromandel) Auckland
1869Dec29 CUMMING Adam Totara Westland
1871Nov06 CUMMINGS John Teremakau Westland
1878Jul29 CUNNINGHAM G Waitaki (Otago)
1866Aug11 CUNNINGHAM Patrick Steam near Whangarei Auckland
1851Sep08 CUNNINGHAM William Stream near Tamaki Auckland
1866Feb17 CURLY Matthew Browning Canterbury
1869Aug09 CURREN James Mimi Taranaki
1871Sep25 CURRIE Netta Landelles Taieri Otago
1870Aug13 CURRY Richard Creek at Westmere, Wanganui Wellington
1874Dec27 CURTICE George Richard Quinn Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1874Dec27 CURTICE Henry James Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1854Oct02* CURTIS Daniel Wanganui Wellington
1870Nov11 CUTBUSH Mary Ann Hokitika Westland
1862Mar05 CUTTEN Philip Buller Nelson
1869Oct23 DAFFY Robert Wanganui Westland (sic)
1861Mar09 DANBY Frank Oamaru Otago
1871May28 DANIELS John (Jonathan) Thames Auckland
1877Nov24 DARROCH W Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1872Apr21 DAVEY Henry Ashburton Canterbury
1869Nov10 DAVIDSON James Para Para Nelson
1868Feb19 DAVIDSON John Heathcote Canterbury
1877Dec27 DAVIES E Stream at Kaeo Auckland
1868Jan04 DAVIES Jane E Stream at Matakana Auckland
1872Nov24 DAVIES Joseph Mataura Otago
1872Nov24 DAVIES Mary Ann Mataura Otago
1874Dec24 DAVIES William Tukituki Hawke's Bay
1871Feb09 DAVIS Edward H Ten Mile Creek Nelson
1868Jun17 DAVIS Jesse Paparoa Auckland
1865Nov07 DAVIS Susan Jane Motupipi Nelson
1850Jun00 DAVIS Thomas Henui Taranaki
1848Mar09 DAVIS Thomas Jnr Huatoki Taranaki
1863Jan03 DAVIS William Taieri Otago
1873Jul12 DAVOREN John Mangahako Creek Hawke's Bay
1878Apr22 DAY J Styx Canterbury
1866Nov16 DAY John Hokitika Westland
1872May14 DE CARLE Edward Buller Nelson
1867Apr10 DE LA HORNLERE John James Creek in Wellington Wellington
1862Mar24 DE LAINCEY Horatio Whangarei Auckland
1877Sep29 DE TOURETTE H Inangahua (Nelson)
1865Feb25 DEAN William C Creek at Arowhenua Canterbury
1866May04 DEIS Antonio Grey Westland
1867May28 DELANEY Michael Louisa Creek Hawke's Bay
1872Sep23 DEMALMAUCHE Joseph McMahon Stream at Robinson's Bay Canterbury
1881Jun29 DENNETH S Temuka Canterbury
1866Jan22 DENNETT John Tangituporo Hawke's Bay
1862Jan05 DEVINE Edward Creek at Tuapeka Otago
1863Nov06 DEW James Avon Canterbury
1860Apr23 DICKINSON Jane Stream at Waimea Nelson
1862Jul30 DICKSON James Waipawa Hawke's Bay
1859Aug00 DICKSON Jeremiah Onepoto Hawke's Bay
1853Apr16 DILLON Constantine Augustus Hon. Wairau Marlborough
1877Sep06 DILLON M C Creek at Hampden Hawke's Bay
1871Dec06 DIXON Alexander Coromandel Auckland
1845Feb02 DIXON J Stream near Korori Rd Wellington
1867Jun18 DIXON Joseph Kirkpatrick Hokitika Westland
1869Oct23 DIXON William Heathcote Canterbury
1868Dec07 DOBBLE William Three Mile Creek Westland
1869Jul00 DOBY William Rakaia Canterbury
1879Dec27 DODDS J Tauera Wellington
1876Nov30 DON William Mangapai Auckland
1870Jan30 DONAVAN Daniel Lagoon at Okarita Westland
1872Dec27 DONNELLY Charles Henry Oamaru Creek Otago
1874Jun09 DONOVAN James Manawatu Wellington
1868Feb24 DOOLAN Patrick Three Mile Creek Westland
1863Mar23 DOOLEY John Shotover Otago
1875Sep19 DOUGAN Robert Wairoa Auckland
1871Oct08 DOUGHTY William Godding Waiongona Taranaki
1868Sep28* DOUGLAS John Thames Auckland
1870Nov23 DOULL Robert Bruce Mill Lead, Kaeheku Otago
1876May06 DOWLING Thomas Waiau Nelson
1873May05 DOYLE Michael Wairoa, Kaipara Auckland
1868Feb04 DRAPER Edwin Tokomairiro Otago
1874Jan16 DRAPER Robert Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1874Oct03 DREW George Inangahua Nelson
1873Mar02 DREW John Kahumingi Wellington
1867Oct14 DREW Thomas Ruamahanga Wellington
1850Aug07 DRUMMOND Donald Ferry at Wairarapa Lake Wellington
1850Aug07 DRUMMOND John Ferry at Wairarapa Lake Wellington
1871May08 DUCKWORTH William Grey Nelson
1868Feb03 DUFF John Flood of the Timuka Canterbury
1862Sep18 DUNCAN Christina Waipori Otago
1865May28 DUNCAN John Wray Hokitika Westland
1869Nov19 DUNCAN William Oamaru Creek Otago
1873May13 DUNN Richard Waikato Auckland
1876Sep09 DUNSMORE Alexander Jacob's River Otago
1868Mar30 DURGAN Nathaniel Hokitika Westland
1860Jul23 DYKE James Wanganui Wellington
1880Feb04 DYMOND P Shotover Otago
1877Jan31 EAST Kate Waimakariri Canterbury
1862Oct28 EASTMAN James New River Southland
1880Jan15 EASTMAN N Arahura Westland
1877Jan22 EASTWOOD William Maitai Nelson
1869Dec16 EASY Walter Lagoon at Cobden Nelson
1863Oct02 EATON Jemima Ann Hurunui Canterbury
1863Oct02 EATON Mary Hurunui Canterbury
1869Nov05 ECKLEY Francis Ruamahunga Wellington
1868Mar31 EDELSTEN Katherine Motueka Nelson
1879Oct27 EDELSTON M E Creek at Moutere Nelson
1872Aug18 EDMONDSON James Buller Nelson
1872Apr15 EDMONDSON Joseph Clutha Otago
1868Dec18 EDMONSON John Hokitika Westland
1871Jan01 EGAN Dennis Owera Creek, Whangapoua Auckland
1877Nov15 EGHAR F G Creek near Temuka Canterbury
1863Jan02 EHLEN Johann Waimakariri Canterbury
1865May28 ELLIOTT Joseph Mangawai Auckland
1864Nov10 ELLIS George J Waikato Auckland
1868Jan02 ELLIS Solomon Wakatipu Otago
1869Jan07 ELLISON Mary Britton Tuki Tuki Hawke's Bay
1861Oct22 EMERSON Thomas Motueka Nelson
1873Nov02 ENRIGHT Michael Grey Nelson
1863Dec31 ERFINENN Henry Papakura Creek Auckland
1871Jan31 EVANS George Aparima Otago
1880Feb08 EVANS J A P Waimakariri Canterbury
1867Nov06 EVANS Thomas Upper Gardiner's Lagoon Nelson
1879Dec07 EVERITT J Wanganui (Wellington)
1876Sep27 EWINGS Thomas George Creek at Orari River Canterbury
1864Jan05 EYLES William Daniel Creek at Richmond Nelson
1874Oct07 FAGAN Frederick William Rakaia Canterbury
1866Aug27 FAICHNEY John Tuki Tuki Hawke's Bay
1878Jul20 FAIL J Stream at Rangitopuni Auckland
1872Aug02 FAIRE Bridget Lagoon at Windermere Otago
1875Jun11 FAIRHALL Francis Bishop Spring Creek Marlborough
1880Jan17 FAIRLEY A Waiomea Auckland
1876Dec27 FAIRLEY Robert River at Kawakawa Auckland
1875Dec12 FAIRLY Robert Creek at Flag Swamp Otago
1877Oct01 FAIRWEATHER M Creek at Silverstream Canterbury
1875Jan11 FALCK Claus Dam in Chappel Terrace, Stafford Westland
1867Jan04* FALTY Michael Sunnyside Creek Westland
1869Oct28 FANNING Jeremiah Driving Creek, Coromandel Auckland
1871Aug10 FARLEY John Clutha Otago
1876Jan20 FARRAR Rhoda Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1863Apr24 FARRELL Samuel Manuherikia Otago
1880Dec28 FARRIE A Wanganui (Wellington)
1861Aug23 FAWCETT Robert Matakana Auckland
1870Aug27 FAYAR William Stream at Spring Grove Nelson
1876Jan22 FEATHERSTON Stephen Turakina Wellington
1870Aug12 FEILDING Arthur New River, Paroa Westland
1869May16 FEIST Mary Waignawa (sic) Wellington
1871Aug16 FENAGHTY Sarah Waihopai Otago
1877Nov05 FERGUSON R (Robert) Ashburton (Canterbury)
1877Apr17 FERGUSON Thomas Wairoa Auckland
1866Feb04 FERRIS Bartholomew Silver Stream Otago
1862Jul06 FERRIS William Teremakau Westland
1874Apr25 FERRY Patrick Upper Buller Nelson
1863May12 FIELD Henry Creek near Molyneux Otago
1874Sep14 FIELD William Otara Auckland
1880Aug13 FIELDER J Wairoa Auckland
1861Oct00 FINN Richard Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1863May12 FINNELL James Molyneux Otago
1876Sep05 FIRBY Joseph Wairau Marlborough
1876Sep05 FIRBY Sarah Waiau Marlborough
1875Dec01 FIRMSTONE Isabella Romarke's Creek Nelson
1867Feb17 FIRTH Tom Makaka Creek Auckland
1873Mar15 FISHER Samuel McDowell Elliot Grey Westland
1868Oct10 FISHER Willliam Hokitika Westland
1869Feb13 FITZGERALD Denis Wairau Marlborough
1876May28 FITZGERALD Jeremiah Waipawa Hawke's Bay
1860May21 FITZGERALD Patrick Tuki Tuki Hawke's Bay
1863Jan31 FITZPATRICK John Heathcote Canterbury
1865Mar03 FLAHERTY Joseph Arahura Westland
1864Aug24* FLANNIGAN Patrick Waikato Auckland
1863Feb04 FLEETWOOD George at Havelock Hawke's Bay
1869May09 FLEMING Richard Waikato Auckland
1870Dec18 FLETCHER Deborah Hill Mill Dam, Pakawau Nelson
1866Mar03 FLLOYD William Grey Westland
1876Jan17 FLOCKHART William Grey Westland
1861Jun29 FLORENCE Athelston Mahurangi Auckland
1873Jan04 FLYNN Richard Kawakawa Auckland
1876Oct31 FODEN James Avon Canterbury
1869Dec22 FORD Elijah Grey Westland
1868Mar11 FORD Maria S Molyneux Otago
1868Mar19 FORD William Molyneux Otago
1866Jan06 FORDHAM Henry Waimakariri Canterbury
1873Aug29 FORESTER Charles Silverstream Otago
1879Oct06* FORREST T R Creek near Havelock Marlborough
1865Jan28 FOWLER Andrew Buller Nelson
1867Aug19 FOWLES Charles Avon Canterbury
1875Jul31 FOX Edward Burton, New River Westland
1877Jan20 FOX John A blind creek at Maheno Otago
1874Sep12 FREDERICK John Waikato Auckland
1869Aug13 FREEMAN Thomas Maungatawhiri Auckland
1878Jan30 FRIEL C Waihola Creek Otago
1873Feb14 FRIEND Henry Hokitika Westland
1845May15 FRIEND John Hutt Wellington
1879Jan26 FROGGETT J Kawakawa Auckland
1864Jan14* FROST Sergeant Waikato Auckland
1868Nov01* FRY Henry Wanganui Wellington
1871Dec21 FRYETT John Lake George, Riverton Otago
1865Dec25 FULTON Charles McDermott Omaka Marlborough
1877Feb06 FULTON Samuel John Rangitata Canterbury
1863Apr02 GAMLEN W W Jacob's River Southland
1866Dec07 GARDENER Thomas Grey Westland
1857Dec23 GARDINER Alice Stream at Hutt Wellington
1872Apr02 GARDINER Edmund Bell's River, Takaka Nelson
1862Aug24 GARDINER Robert Taieri Otago
1870Nov05 GARDNER James Buller Lagoon Nelson
1855Oct14* GARLICK George Tamaki Auckland
1881Jun06 GARNANT D Wairoa Auckland
1869Jan14 GARNER Tyrrell Wanganui Wellington
1853Apr07 GARNETT John Avon Marlborough (sic)
1874Jan06 GARR William Shotover Otago
1876Feb22 GARROWAY James Molyneux Otago
1865May26 GARTHWAITE Jos. Limestone Gorge Southland
1862Jul26 GATEHOUSE John Wanganui Wellington
1876Jun23 GEARY George Otaki Wellington
1869Nov05 GEDDES William Horatiu Auckland
1869Apr10 GEEGHAN P Grey Westland
1863Oct10 GERRARD John New River Southland
1867Mar02 GIBB Stewart Motanau Canterbury
1860May28 GIBBS Alfred Koputatea Auckland
1866Jan01 GIBSON Frederick Maitai Nelson
1869Oct04 GIBSON John Charles Lagoon at Westport Nelson
1863Oct05 GIFFORD Lewis Isaac Stream at Wairau Marlborough
1868Nov10 GILCHRIST William Waikouaiti Wellington
1869Mar29 GILES James Hokitika Westland
1868Dec03 GILES John Hohonui Westland
1861Nov10 GILL Sarah River not stated Marlborough
1863Oct26 GILLIGAN Thomas Puni Southland
1869Apr01* GILLOTT Joseph Creek near Waiuku Auckland
1868May06 GILMER Ebenezer Birch Uawa Auckland
1866Jun02 GILMOUR Henry Upper Waikato Auckland
1863Jul08 GLEESON Patrick Shotover Otago
1870Aug21 GLOVER James Para Para Nelson
1867Oct18 GOLDSMITH William Wairoa Hawke's Bay
1868Nov04 GOODE H P Wanganui Wellington
1879Sep07 GOODIN A R Stream at Waikaheke Wellington
1872Feb25 GOODWIN Henry Joseph Creek at Kaukapakapa Auckland
1879May15 GOODWIN J Avon Canterbury
1878Jun14* GORDON J Avon Canterbury
1873Dec05 GORDON James Cox's Creek Auckland
1869 GORDON Mary Moanataiari Auckland
1871Apr14 GORDON Peter Creek at Petane Hawke's Bay
1869 GORDON Robert Thomas Moanataiari Auckland
1866Mar21 GORDON William Cracroft Tutikuri Hawke's Bay
1872Mar14 GOUDIE William George Shag River Otago
1880May07* GOURLAY W Matarua Otago
1877May12 GOW William Hokianga Auckland
1879Oct20 GOWER E J Creek at Stokes Valley Wellington
1855Dec07 GRACE Alfred St Mary's Lake, Wanganui Wellington
1874Feb12 GRANGE John Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1878Feb18 GRANGER H Hokianga Auckland
1876Mar12 GRAPENGETR Emil Maungaraia Wellington
1865Jan05 GRAY James Waihopai Southland
1865Jan05 GRAY William Waihopai Southland
1877Oct02 GREAVES G Hokitika (Westland)
1873Aug16 GREAVES John Ruamahanga Wellington
1857Apr01 GREEN Frederick Waiho Creek Auckland
1867Nov28 GREEN William Grey Westland
1880Feb23* GREEN E Inangahua Nelson
1879Mar27* GREENAWAY J (James) Wakanui Canterbury
1866Apr12 GREGORY Jacob William George Grey Westland
1869Sep19 GREIG Margaret Kowai Canterbury
1867Feb18 GREVILLE Joseph Taipo Westland
1866Jul10 GREVILLE Joseph Taipoi Westland
1868Mar29* GREY Edward Baton Nelson
1861Jun16 GREY Samuel Henderson's Creek, Auckland Auckland
1881Mar23 GREY T Otameti Otago
1872Apr29 GRIFFIN Joseph Ashley Canterbury
1864May07 GRIFFITHS Edward Waiho Canterbury
1867Jun12 GRIGGS George Henry Hope Canterbury
1866Oct21 GRIMALDI Stacy Beaufort Molyneux Otago
1870Dec16 GROAT Adam H Manawatu Wellington
1862Feb22 GROOBY Lewis Motueka Nelson
1864Oct04* GROUNDSELL William Creek at Drury Auckland
1863Oct31 GROVES Moses Creek at Drury Auckland
1867Aug21* GUNN Peter Wanganui Wellington
1880Apr11 GURR E Kaikokopu Creek Wellington
1876May08* GUY Robert Burns New River Estuary Otago
1865Nov20* HACKE "Maori Jack" Otara Auckland
1868Aug30 HACKETT Cornelius Ashley Canterbury
1876Jan11 HACKETT Laura Wanganui Wellington
1873Jun05 HADDOCK Walter Buller Nelson
1858Jan18 HAGAN Charlotte Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1868Oct03 HALAWAY Thomas Otaki Wellington
1843Jan28 HALBERT Frederick Kororarika Auckland
1870Jul06 HALL Edward Rangitikei Wellington
1869Dec21 HALL Edward Henry Willis Waiwera Auckland
1871Aug14* HALL George Rowland Wairoa, Tauranga Auckland
1876Aug25 HALL Harry Otaua Creek Auckland
1871OCt16 HALL Horace Cobden Tidal Creek, Greymouth Westland
1875Nov25 HALL James Creek near Cambridge Auckland
1869 HALL Joseph Hape Auckland
1870Aug30 HALL William Grey Westland
1875Jan17 HALL William Mokihinui Nelson
1862Jul08 HALLEY William Tokomairiro Otago
1863Nov27 HALTO Peter Lake at Wairarapa Wellington
1864Feb04 HAMILTON Job Kawarau Otago
1851Sep22 HAMILTON Matthew Avon Canterbury
1873Apr01 HAMILTON William Ruamahanga Wellington
1869Dec21 HAMLIN Hannah Waiwera Auckland
1871Oct02 HAMMEL Isidore Opawa Marlborough
1864Jun04 HAMMOND Henry Charles Rakaia Canterbury
1865Sep18 HAMMOND Richard Awatere Marlborough
1863Aug23 HANLEY Edward Hutt Wellington
1876Jan03 HANNAH Robert Temuka Canterbury
1870Mar16 HANNAH Robert Charles Creek at Nelson Nelson
1870Jun20 HANNIGAN John Cox's Creek Auckland
1878Jan11 HANSEN J Tahaenui Stream Hawke's Bay
1877Sep16 HARDIMAN S Hokianga (Auckland)
1872Jul17 HARDING George Motueka Nelson
1865Dec07 HARDMAN Mathew Teremakau Westland
1861Jan23 HARDY John Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1870Aug17 HARGROVE Alfred Roe Mystery Creek, Ohaupo, Waikato Auckland
1877Sep10 HARPER Anne Creek at Oamaru (Otago)
1876Dec03 HARPER Frederick Red Rock Creek Auckland
1861Oct11 HARPER Samuel Creek at Coromandel Auckland
1867Feb25 HARRIS Barbara Avon Canterbury
1863Dec16 HARRIS Henry Waikato Auckland
1881Apr18 HARRIS J Creek near Cronadown Nelson
1876Jul21 HARRIS Lawrence Saltwater Creek Westland
1872Jun30 HARRISON Edward Red Jack's Creek, Camptown Nelson
1876Jun30 HARRISON Henry Ahaura -
1871Jan22 HARRISON John Fisher Manawatu Wellington
1872Dec10 HARRISON William Wairoa Auckland
1876Jan13 HARRON William Inangahua Nelson
1880Jan17 HARROP S J Waiomea Auckland
1876Dec14 HART Alfred Jacob's River Otago
1862Jun09 HART William Heathers Creek, Ngahinapouri Auckland
1864Dec05 HARTMAN Ernest Augustus Horatiu Auckland
1866Apr19 HARVEY Catherine Teremakau Westland
1872Dec19 HARVEY Elizabeth Kawarau Otago
1878Jan05 HARVEY S Waikato (Auckland)
1861Jan22 HARWOOD Darrell Clarence Marlborough
1862Jul01 HARWOOD Robert Wiongona (sic) Taranaki
1870Jan03 HASTIE James Taieri Otago
1877Dec16 HASTIE M J Waioeka Hawke's Bay
1877Dec16 HASTIE R Waioeka Hawke's Bay
1880Feb08 HATCLIFFE W Waikari Canterbury
1875Aug18 HAUGH John Locky Otago
1867Dec02 HAUGHTON Edward Otepopo Otago
1866Jun11 HAVAHAN John Molyneux Otago
1869May26 HAW John Buller Nelson
1868Nov23 HAWKE Samuel Waikato Auckland
1878Jul24 HAWKINGS W Ruamahanga Wellington
1862Jul31 HAWKINS George Grey Westland
1856Aug13 HAWKINS Georgina Lake at Wanganui Wellington
1864Dec10 HAY Thomas Molyneux Otago
1868May12 HAYES John St John Lawlor Jacob's River Southland
1868May09 HAYES Thomas Thames Auckland
1868Dec06 HAYNES (HEAYNS) John Waiwetu Wellington
1872Dec30 HEALEY Frank Porangahau Hawke's Bay
1866Dec22 HEANY William James Totara Westland
1868Aug17 HEARD John Hokitika Westland
1865Jul31 HEARN Henry Grey Westland
1860Dec23 HEATH James Onga Onga Hawke's Bay
1865Mar13 HEATON Samuel Creek near Mt Albert Auckland
1864Aug30 HEESE Albert Creek at Hutt Wellington
1866Dec16 HEIE Godfrey Manawatu Wellington
1871Dec09 HELLIER John George Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1865Apr25 HENBROCKE John Hokitika Westland
1861Apr29 HENDERSON Agnes Taieri Otago
1871Apr02 HENDERSON Dugald Manawatu Wellington
1878Dec23 HENDERSON E Holt's Creek Canterbury
1874Jan23 HENDERSON Hannah Hokitika Westland
1867Nov08 HENDERSON Henry Taieri Otago
1864Dec18 HENNESSEY James Taieri Otago
1878Dec22 HENNESSY J Opotiki Auckland
1877Nov16 HEWITT A Wanganui (Wellington)
1874Jun28 HIBBETT Henry Ruamahanga Wellington
1867Nov18 HICKMARE Thomas Okarita Westland
1876Feb27* HICKMOTT - Opawa Hawke's Bay
1866Nov14 HICKS Anthony Rangitata Canterbury
1864Nov23 HIGGINS Frederick Horatiu Auckland
1874Dec24 HIGGINS Henry Compton Taieri Otago
1876Jul08 HIGHT Herbert Albert Waimakariri Canterbury
1872Jul29 HILDERBRAND Henry Inangahua Nelson
1863Aug09 HILL Jabez Samuel Stream at Spring Grove Nelson
1866Nov23 HILL John Creek at the Grove Marlborough
1879Nov03* HILLS A M Creek at Awhitu Auckland
1871Dec21 HINCE Thomas Lake George, Riverton Otago
1876Oct31 HINES James Jnr Heathcote Canterbury
1844Nov00 HIPPESBY - River not stated Nelson
1872Feb25 HODGKINSON Elijah Makarewa Otago
1864Dec30 HOHNAN Ellen Catherine Whangarei Auckland
1867Feb05* HOLLOWAY William Ngapuke Wellington
1847Jul00 HOLMES James River not stated Wellington
1852Dec08 HOLMES Mary Ann Waiwetu Wellington
1872Mar06 HOLROYD Robert Wairoa Auckland
1871Nov19 HOLT James Wilberforce Canterbury
1877Mar18* HOOD James Jacob's River Otago
1863Jan02 HOOPER Frederick George Waimakariri Canterbury
1865Dec25 HOPKINS Hugh Mahurangi Auckland
1866Mar23 HOPKINS William Lagoon at Leithfield Canterbury
1868Dec31 HOPPER Arthur Otira Westland
1840Sep17 HOPPER E B Hutt Wellington
1874Jul02 HOPPER Henrick Tutaekura Hawke's Bay
1868Dec28 HORMAN Philip Puata Auckland
1867Jan18 HORNBY Thomas Opawa Marlborough
1857Oct28 HORNE Robert Mahurangi Auckland
1865Jan17 HOSSACK Donald Teremakau Westland
1868Feb22 HOWARD James Saltwater Creek Westland
1881Jan13 HOWARD W Aratapu Creek Auckland
1864May23 HOWCROFT John River not stated Marlborough
1872Jan07 HOWORTH Richard Molyneux Otago
1871Oct30 HOWROYD Martha Avon Canterbury
1868Nov09* HOXTON Thomas Patea Wellington
1874Jan11 HUDSON Thomas Backwater, Papawai Wellington
1861Jan30 HUGHES Alfred Tuki Tuki Hawke's Bay
1870May19 HUGHES Harriet Wai-iti Nelson
1880Jun08 HUGHES R Manawatu (Wellington)
1870Sep19 HUGILL John Hokitika Westland
1867Nov23 HUME William Orawaiti Nelson
1864Jun25 HUMM George Avon Canterbury
1875Feb04 HUNT Catherine Rangitata Canterbury
1873Oct12 HUNT Devere Wanganui Wellington
1875Feb04 HUNT Francis Leigh Rangitata Canterbury
1862Sep10 HUNT John R Creek at Wakefield Nelson
1879Jan18 HUNT S J Creek at Coromandel Auckland
1864Jun27 HUNTER John Waikato Auckland
1864Nov23 HUNTER William Oreti Southland
1880Nov13 HURLEY J (John) Wakanui Canterbury
1868Feb26 HURLEY John Waiho Westland
1865Feb11 HURRELL Herbert Edward Rangiora Drain Canterbury
1876Jun15* HURST Annie Lucy Avon Canterbury
1848Mar07 HUTT Joseph Awamotu Wellington
1864Nov04 HUTTON George Shotover Otago
1872Jul07 HUTTON Thomas Kawarau Otago
1873Nov17 HYAM George Kaueranga Auckland
1871Jan04 HYDE James Wairoa Nelson
1870Aug02 HYNES Stephen Tararu Creek Auckland
1847Jan19 IBBETSON Mary J S River not stated Taranaki
1868Mar31* ILES William Wairoa Hawke's Bay
1861Jan26 INGRAM William Taieri Otago
1868Jan18 IRVING Robert Waioeka Auckland
1880Aug21 IZON W H Broken River Canterbury
1866Apr27 JABBIN Charles William Okarito Westland
1869Sep14* JACK David Wanganui Wellington
1865Jan05 JACK Francis Waihopai Southland
1880May25 JACKSON F Waikato (Auckland)
1878Jun07 JACKSON J Manawatu Wellington
1866Sep14* JACKSON J R Creek at Wanganui Wellington
1877Mar16 JACKSON John Awaroa Creek Auckland
1858Aug02 JACKSON John Wanganui Wellington
1877Aug11 JACKSON T Saltwater Creek Canterbury
1866Nov05 JAMES George Waimea Westland
1868May14 JAMIESON James New River Southland
1874Jan22 JAMIESON Jonathan Whyndham Otago
1872Apr07 JANVERIN Thomas Frederic Wickliffe Bay Otago
1867Dec11 JEFFERSON Jacob Shotover Otago
1875Aug23 JEFFREY Alexander Leith Otago
1870Feb01 JEFFRIES Sarah Ann Omaka Marlborough
1880Dec13 JENKINS S Mackley Creek Nelson
1861Sep06 JENNINGS Walter Morley Slate Nelson
1875Jan17 JOHANSON Pendar Waitemata Auckland
1861Jan24 JOHNSON Amelia Catherine Tipi Tipi Auckland
1868Feb12 JOHNSON Charles Whitui Nelson
1863Sep09 JOHNSON Henry Awa-o-manawaroa Auckland
1872Aug19 JOHNSON Henry Creek at Aratapu Auckland
1866Mar25 JOHNSON John Wanganui Wellington
1866Feb28 JOHNSON John Stamford Grey Westland
1870Sep10 JOHNSTON Margaret Waipori Otago
1876Dec07 JOHNSTON Sydney Ararima Creek Auckland
1876Sep01 JOHNSTON John Avon Canterbury
1867Jul27 JOHNSTON Gustavus Hutt Wellington
1866Nov04* JOHNSTON James Waikato Auckland
1875Oct16 JOHNSTONE Neil Inangahua Nelson
1865Aug08 JOHNSTONE William Hokitika Westland
1871Aug07 JOHNSTONE William Thomas Lake near Cambridge Auckland
1877Feb17 # JONES # Edward Percy Totara Creek (Timaru) Canterbury
1869Jun14* JONES Henry Wanganui Wellington
1866Dec14 JONES John Grey Westland
1868Oct01 JONES John Grey Nelson
1865Oct16 JONES John Hokitika Westland
1870Jan11 JONES John Omaka Marlborough
1862Sep15 JONES Martha Avon Canterbury
1866May21 JONES Robert Grey Westland
1868Jan09 JONES Samuel David Motueka Nelson
1869Apr04 JONES Thomas Wanganui Wellington
1871Mar03 JONES Timothy Wairoa Hawke's Bay
1871Sep09 JONES William Nelson Creek Nelson
1867Jun03 JORDAN Alexander Waimakariri Canterbury
1863Sep24 JORDAN John Waimea Nelson
1868Jun10 JOYCE - (Matthew Lee) (See inquests) Saltwater Creek Westland
1880Mar30 JUCKES C P Waikato (Auckland)
1866Jun27 JUDGE Helen Stream at Porirua Wellington
1863Dec18 JURY Frederick William Cam Canterbury
1862Apr03 JURY Henry Mill lead at Waimea South Nelson
1871May31 KANE Patrick Waipa Auckland
1876Feb25 KAWHA Hana Waikato Auckland
1866Nov22 KEALY Mary Waignora (sic) Nelson
1867Feb24 KEAN John Deep Creek Westland
1878Feb07 KEANE J Kaipara Auckland
1874Sep30 KEARNEY Charles Arai Auckland
1864Feb25 KEARNEY Francis Rangitata Canterbury
1876Apr19 KEARNEY James Avon Canterbury
1855Oct20 KEATING Thomas Kaiwarawara Wellington
1864Jan23 KEEFE Richard Wanganui Wellington
1863Nov09 KEITH Alexander Molyneux Otago
1875Aug11 KELLY Cornelius Waipa Auckland
1867Aug25 KELLY John Opotiki Auckland
1861Sep00 KELLY John Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1880Oct09 KELLY Kate Ahaura Nelson
1870Jul08 KELLY Martin Thames Auckland
1872Mar20 KELLY Martin Henry Lagoon near Hokitika Westland
1876Apr28 KELLY Patrick Joseph Whakatane Auckland
1874Dec12 KELLY William John Wanganui Wellington
1864Nov23 KELSO William Waimakariri Canterbury
1865Nov22 KELSO William Waimakariri Canterbury
1861Jan22 KEMPTHORNE Thomas Clarence Marlborough
1862May23 KENDALL Charles Matakana Auckland
1869Jan18 KENDALL George Patea Wellington
1869Sep20 KENNEDY Arthur Clutha Otago
1868Feb03 KENNEDY Robert Flood of the Timuka Canterbury
1871Feb20 KENT Henry Thames Auckland
1876Jan17 KENZETT Arthur Frederick Creek near Spring Creek Marlborough
1868Feb24 KERR Caleb Grey Nelson
1868May12 KERR John Jacob's River Southland
1868Jun10 KING - Saltwater Creek Westland
1877JUl16 KING D Mangaehu Taranaki
1867Apr23 KING Henry Ross Westland
1879Feb01 KING J Rangitata Canterbury
1861Mar23* KING Knowles Arai at Turanga Auckland
1870Feb21 KING William Ruamahanga Wellington
1861Feb03 KING John Rangitikei Wellington
1855Oct01* KINGDON John Oera Creek Auckland
1874Dec14 KINGSTON Langley Waikeri Auckland
1880Nov07 KINGSWORTH G Waiauau Nelson
1868Oct18 KINSEY Arthur Wairau Marlborough
1868Jun17* KIRK George Paparoa Auckland
1873Feb17 KIRK John Brown Taieri Otago
1869May25 KIRWAN Douglas Backwater Creek Wellington
1867Dec10 KI-YAU - Clutha Otago
1869Jun29 KLOCK William Creek at Ashley Downs Canterbury
1877Oct27 KNIGHT J F Orongo Creek Auckland
1871Jul23 KNIGHT John Mangotuku Taranaki
1858Jul21 KNIGHT William Wanganui Wellington
1867Jul16 KNYVETT Charles Ferries Rakaia Canterbury
1876Mar28 KOLLER Robert Frederick River at Tauranga Auckland
1864Mar13* KRAMER Henry Tuapeka Otago
1800May27 KRUSE J Waimea Nelson
1869May24 KYNE Robert Fox's River Nelson
1867Jul01 LAFFHAGEN Henry Ashley Canterbury
1868Jan17 LAINE George Waimakariri Canterbury
1879Jan31 LAKIN F Creek at Wakefield Nelson
1864Dec20 LAMB James Waipa Auckland
1869Aug21 LAMBERT William Whenuakura Wellington
1869Jan30 LAMOND Donald Kawa Kawa Auckland
1869Feb20 LANG Andrew Kaiwarrawarra Wellington
1870Feb14* LANG Peter Dove Nelson
1880Jan06 LASH H D Rangitawa Stream Wellington
1877Nov08 LAVENDER J Lindis Otago
1876Nov18 LAVERTY Owen Taieri Otago
1874Dec27 LAVERY Edward Anthony Milford Creek Canterbury
1869May04* LAW Robert Waitotara Wellington
1871Jun03 LAWRENCE Edward Manawatu Wellington
1875Feb16 LAWRENCE Ellen Mongoroa Wellington
1865Sep13* LAWRENCE Laurencine Horatiu Auckland
1866Feb17 LAWRIE Walter D K River not stated Hawke's Bay
1879May31* LAWSON J Oreti Otago
1870May05 LAWSON Thomas Taieri Otago
1866Aug07 LAWSON William Hutt Wellington
1868Apr03 LAYCOCK Burdett Totara Westland
1863Apr19 LE METRE (aka MASTERS) Samuel Aparima Southland
1864Dec04 LEABETTER Frank Grey Westland
1871May28 LEAN Alexander Thames Auckland
1876Nov05 LEARY Joseph Grey Nelson
1861Jun23 LEARY Patrick Waipori Otago
1873May05 LEARY Peter Wairoa, Kaipara Auckland
1871Sep14 LEAVER Annie Boulder Bank Nelson
1868Apr20 LEE Charles Hokianga Auckland
1877Dec26 LEE M Waimakariri Canterbury
1880Aug24 LEE W Wilberforce Canterbury
1871Dec31 LEHRKE Conrad Totara Westland
1866Jun28 LEIGHAM Thomas Waikato Auckland
1878Apr04 LERAME A Waikato (Auckland)
1864Dec19 LEWIS Edwin George Kawarau Otago
1864Mar25 LEWIS Richard Waikato Auckland
1875Nov05 LIDDY Thomas Pahaua Wellington
1874Oct11* LILLIE Jonathan Heathcote Canterbury
1875Feb20 LILLIQUEST Thomas Dam, Ballarat Hill, Stafford Westland
1881Jan16 LINDEN T Hikurangi Auckland
1847Dec25 LINE Benjamin River not stated Wakefield, Nelson
1876Dec31 LINE Martin Jnr Woolshed Gully Creek, Makikihi Canterbury
1859May12 LINES Thomas H Wairoa Nelson
1861Sep11 LINGARD Joseph Petane Hawke's Bay
1878Oct29 LISTER C J Arrow Otago
1876Sep24 LITTLE Robert George Mandamus Canterbury
1879Jan15 LITTLECHILD J Waitemata Auckland
1865Oct16 LIVINGSTONE Richard Hokitika Westland
1878Nov06 LOCK Ah Soon Moonlight Creek Westland
1862Dec22 LOCKE George H Creek at Kaiapoi Canterbury
1856Oct06 LONG Richard Lloyd Creek at East Taieri Otago
1866Oct19 LONG William River not stated Hawke's Bay
1878Aug17 LONZE A Wairoa Auckland
1866Dec13 LOOMS Edward Pelorous Marlborough
1868Jan02 LOPDALL Frances M Arahura Lagoon Westland
1867Nov14 LORRIMER James Waimakariri Canterbury
1868Feb03 LOUDEN Robert Flood of the Waireha Creek Otago
1873Feb03* LOWE Catherine Ann Heathcote Canterbury
1869Feb18* LOWE John Newmarket Creek Auckland
1868Dec14 LUAWIG Martin New River Southland
1873Jun03 LUCAS George Four-mile River Nelson
1868Dec08 LUMGAIR William Kakanui Otago
1877Oct03 LUND J Manawatu (Wellington)
1866Nov25 LUNNIER George Okarita Westland
1871Nov04 LUSCOMB John Barton Water Race, Carrick Ranges Otago
1866Oct14 LYNCH John Kapanga Auckland
1863Mar17 LYNCH Peter Opitonui Auckland
1866Sep20 LYONS Michael Waitara Taranaki
1868Jul02 MABBETT Charles Grey Westland
1865Mar01 MACAULAY Andrew Teremakau Westland
1875Aug19* MACDONALD Archibald Waimakariri Canterbury
1862Jun09 MACDONALD Alexander Rakaia Canterbury
1861Aug23 MACDONALD (aka BOYCE) Thomas Matakana Auckland
1869May30 MACGUIRE John Kawaeranga Auckland
1874Dec29 MACKAY David Ahaura Nelson
1877Jul29 MACKAY J Hikutaia, Thames (Auckland)
1864Jan04 MACKAY John Puni Southland
1866Sep24 MACKAY Murdoch Thames Auckland
1865Nov25 MACKAY William Poulter Canterbury
1861Mar23 MACKENZIE William John Taieri Otago
1879Dec02 MACKERSEY A Tukituki Hawke's Bay
1862Jul31 MACKINTOSH John Grey Westland
1877Apr17 MACMANUS James Wairoa Auckland
1853Jun20 MAGEE James River not stated Remuera, Auckland
1864Dec13 MAGUIRE James Kawarau Otago
1866Jan07 MAHER Catherine Avon Canterbury
1861Jun06* MAHER Patrick Mud Banks, Napier Hawke's Bay
1875Sep04* MAINE James Waipawa Hawke's Bay
1863May15 MAISON Captain New River Southland
1866Oct23 MAMICKS Paul Tuangahua Nelson
1865May21* MANN John Waikato Auckland
1863Nov01 MANN Thomas New River Southland
1872Feb11 MANNING Frank Taieri Otago
1874Aug06 MARETT Alfred John Opawa Marlborough
1866Jan06 MARHSAL Ellen Ethel Rangitata Canterbury
1864Nov25 MARHSALL Edward Creek at Johnsonville Wellington
1861Oct15 MARIA Jose Waitangi Auckland
1870Feb23 MARKEY Patrick Waimakariri Canterbury
1875Sep19 MARKS Thomas Huia Auckland
1876Jan13 MARRINER Cecil Norton Cozens Wairoa Auckland
1877Feb02 MARRINER George Papa Creek Auckland
1877Oct02 MARSHALL A Matukituki Otago
1870Sep22 MARSHALL George Kaunanga Auckland
1880Feb10 MARSHALL W Aorere Nelson
1868Feb03 MARTIN Peter Flood of the Timuka Canterbury
1869Mar28* MARTIN Thomas Fox's River Nelson
1879Apr01 MARTIN W Washdyke Creek Canterbury
1866Jan16 MARTIN William Elephant Creek Canterbury
1866Dec07 MARTIN William Hokitika Westland
1873Apr23 MARTYN William Kaipara Auckland
1867Dec26 MATTHESON William Robert Okowanga Auckland
1875Jan04 MATTHIESON Angus Buller Nelson
1876Apr07 MATUA John Hurunui Nelson
1866Feb05 MAY Charles William Wakaia Otago
1873Sep27 MAYNE David River not stated Marlborough
1867Mar21 MAZEY Josiah Avon Canterbury
1862Jul27 McANNANY James Judea Stream near Tauranga Auckland
1866Dec13 McARGLE Bernard Opawa Marlborough
1879Mar30 McAULEY R A Waikato (Auckland)
1865Sep20 McAUSLAND John Reid Waikato Auckland
1876Jan18 McBEATH David Francis Maitai Nelson
1870Aug25 McBRIDE Allan Shag River Otago
1867Feb12* McBRIDE George Waikato Auckland
1865Aug18* McCANLEY William Otomaetoe Auckland
1866Jun16 McCANN Peter Waikato Auckland
1865May28 McCANN Thomas Hokitika Westland
1874Nov13 McCANN William Waikato Auckland
1866Nov12 McCARTHY John Waiocka (sic) Auckland
1862Aug28* McCLAY Thomas Lagoon at Hawksbury Otago
1866Oct19 McCLELLAND Hugh Grey Westland
1879May31 McCORNISH P Wanganui (Wellington)
1876Apr11 McCOWAN William Aratapu Creek Auckland
1868Oct05 McCRAE Margaret Arowhenua Canterbury
1857Dec21 McCREE William Hutt Wellington
1865Jan28 McCULLOCH John Buller Nelson
1861Oct24 McCULLUM James New River Southland
1870Jun18 McDONALD Alexander Anatoki (sic) Nelson
1881Apr09 McDONALD C E Waikato (Wellington)
1861Jan22 McDONALD J Campbell D Petane Hawke's Bay
1865Dec03 McDONALD James Teremakau Westland
1872Oct15 McDONALD John Nevis Otago
1873Aug21 McDONALD John Waikato Auckland
1872Nov13 McDONALD John Waipawa Hawke's Bay
1876May04 McDONALD Peter Waiau Nelson
1867May22 McDONALD Thomas Maungatawhiri Auckland
1877May30 McDONAUGH James Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1873Nov07 McDOUGALL John Wairoa Hawke's Bay
1874Nov27* McDOWALL William Charles Little Grey Nelson
1863Oct29 McELWAIN John William Wanganui Wellington
1877Jun27 McENANEY Margaret Grey Westland
1863Nov28 McFARLANE Frederick Graham Creek at Rangiora Canterbury
1861Jun09 McFARLANE John Silver Stream, Taieri Otago
1870Nov24 McFETRIDGE William Takapuna Creek Auckland
1865Aug14 McGAHEY William Uatoki Taranaki
1855Nov02 McGILL George Brown Mill Stream Otago
1878Jul24 McGOVERIN J Ruamahanga Wellington
1872Jul04 McGUINNESS Mary Margaret Jane Stoney Creek, Southbridge Canterbury
1877Dec20 McHUTCHISON R M Opawa Marlborough
1880Dec08 McILROY R Grey (Westland)
1877Jun25 McINERNAY Thomas Owen Grey Nelson
1872Feb23 McINTOSH - Grey Nelson
1862Jul23 McINTOSH Donald Whangerei Auckland
1880Mar20 McINTOSH H A (Buried as Henry Albert F F McINTOSH - actual name Frederick Joseph Plimmer McINTOSH)(Bruce Herald 30/3/1880, Taranaki Herald 22/3/1880 as McINTYRE) Hutt Wellington
1880Sep08 McINTYRE T D Anatoki Nelson
1874Feb06 McINTYRE William Opihi Canterbury
1871Mar12 McIVER Duncan Waitapeka Creek Otago
1878Aug31 McKAY J Turakina Wellington
1872Nov08 McKAY John Lagoon at Whareroa Wellington
1873Sep15 McKENZIE Annie Waihi Canterbury
1871Aug02* McKENZIE Isabella Katherine Creek near Havelock Hawke's Bay
1869Dec11 McKENZIE William Waimakariri Canterbury
1863Jan08 McKIERNAN Bernard Tamaki Auckland
1869May09 McKINLEY John Buller Nelson
1870May09 McKINLEY John Buller Nelson
1863Feb14 McKINNON William Clutha Otago
1867Dec11 McKINTY Patrick Grey Westland
1860Jul31 McKOY Elliott Wanganui Wellington
1874Feb28 McLAGGAN Alice Hutt Wellington
1881Jun06* McLAREN J Kawakawa Auckland
1875Dec20 McLAUGHLAN Robert Wairau Marlborough
1880Nov15 McLEAN A Waipaoa Auckland
1876Jul18 McLEAN Alexander Kawakawa Auckland
1865Jan20 McLEAN Elizabeth Nokomai Otago
1865Jan20 McLEAN Flora Nokomai Otago
1872Nov21 McLEAN Murdoch Washdyke Creek Canterbury
1877Jun24 McLELLAN Hugh Rakaia Canterbury
1876Aug27 McLENNAN Neil Pomahaka Otago
1876Aug22 McLEOD Ann Isabella Creek near Drury Auckland
1869 McLEOD John Moanataiari Auckland
1871Mar07 McLEOD John Waiwera Auckland
1873Jul21 McLEOD John Water of Leith River Otago
1866Dec20 McLEOD Kenneth Fox's River Nelson
1874Dec12 McMAHON John Thomas Wanganui Wellington
1867Dec23 McMENY Francis Waipori Otago
1873Aug09 McMULLEN Alexander Larry's Creek Nelson
1869Mar07 McNAB John Porangahau Hawke's Bay
1872Dec26 McNAIR Peter Opihi Canterbury
1869Sep21 McNAMARA James Manawatu Wellington
1862Jan31 McNAMARA John Waipori Otago
1866Sep03 McNAMEE Denis Shotover Otago
1870Aug01 McNAY Mary Alison Waimatuku Otago
1865Oct16 McNEILAGE James Hokitika Westland
1873Jul28 McOLROY Thomas Cook's Westland
1877Jul20 McPADDEN M Buller (Nelson)
1880Dec28 McPASLAND C Grey (Westland)
1873Jan08 McPHERSON Ewen Waikaka Otago
1859Feb05 McQUAINE Agnew Petane Hawke's Bay
1866Dec20 McQUAY Thomas Ihumatao Creek Auckland
1867Nov01 McRAE John Tommy's Creek Canterbury
1872May15 McRAE Nehemiah Awatere Marlborough
1877Nov02 McTAGUE M Creek near Ashburton (Canterbury)
1866Dec18 MEIERS John Little Wanganui Westland
1868Dec01 MELLON William Waihopai Southland
1872Nov29 MELLOR Thomas Water race at Drybread Otago
1868Mar26 MELVILLE Joseph Hokitika Westland
1869Aug03 MENG Helen Barbara Creek at Woodend Canterbury
1852Apr11 MENY James Okiwi Wellington
1864Jul02 MEREDITH Richard Wanganui Wellington
1865Dec05 MERRY Catherine Avon Canterbury
1869Dec25 MEYERS James Grey Westland
1873Jun28 MEYRICK George Whareama Wellington
1851Jul00 MICKLE William Creek at Riwaka Nelson
1864Dec24 MIDDLETON Corporal Waikato Auckland
1869Jun14 MIDDLETON Thomas Gully near McCrae's Flat Otago
1871Feb22 MILLAR Alexander Grey Westland
1874Mar02 MILLAR William Frederick Molyneux Otago
1861Jan22 MILLER - Clarence Marlborough
1864Jan19 MILLER Elizabeth Creek at Horokiwi Wellington
1841Mar27 MILLER James River not stated Wellington
1867Mar20 MILLER Thomas Waipu Auckland
1875Jan17 MILLER William Mokihinui Nelson
1869May13 MILLER William Puerua Otago
1876Nov13 MILLIGAN Robert McLatchie Oamaru Otago
1870Sep24 MILLS Joseph Stream at West Taieri Otago
1866Nov18 MILLS Sydney Lagoon at Arahura Westland
1862Dec11 MILLS Thomas Molyneux Otago
1873Jan02* MILNE Joseph Kirikiri Creek Auckland
1868Jan09 MILNE Peter Taieri Otago
1866 MILNER John William Horatiu Auckland
1866Jan25 MINCHIN Henry Mangapiko Auckland
1862Jun15 MITCHELL Alexander Waimea Westland
1867Oct08 MITCHELL Edward Opotiki Auckland
1878Oct01 MITCHELL J Waitaki (Otago)
1869Jun03* MITCHELL James Molyneux Otago
1869Jan26 MITCHELL James Ohinemuri Auckland
1865Mar02 MITCHELL Margaret Ann Ruamahunga Wellington
1879Aug24 MOASE W Waihoa Auckland
1872Jan20 MOIR Robert Manawatu Wellington
1860Oct30 MOLYNEUX William Tuki Tuki Hawke's Bay
1868Dec02* MONCRIEFF Thomas Avon Canterbury
1856Sep05 MONTGOMERY Edmund George Lucas's Creek Auckland
1863Dec11 MONTGOMERY James Creek at Drury Auckland
1867Dec24 MOON Ashwell Para Para Nelson
1881Feb13 MOORE E J Avon Canterbury
1870Nov12 MOORE George Kaunanga Auckland
1879Sep16 MOORE T Awaroa Creek Auckland
1870Apr17 MOORHEAD Robert Grey Nelson
1869Jan31 MORAN John Kawa Kawa Auckland
1876Jun22 MORGAN Harry Upper Buller Nelson
1873Aug29 MORGAN Peter Henry Wairoa, Kaipara Auckland
1870Jul01 MORI Delta Caroline Creek at Waipuna Nelson
1846May00 MORLEY Henry C River not stated Nelson
1873Aug12 MORRICE James Hokitika Westland
1880Jun07 MORRIS E A Opihi Canterbury
1878Sep27 MORRIS J E Creek near Greytown Wellington
1871May16 MORRIS John Kai Iwi, Wanganui Wellington
1865Nov21 MORRIS John Wakamarina Marlborough
1867Aug10 MORRIS William Ruamahanga Wellington
1867Nov19 MORROW John Lake Wakatipu Otago
1863Feb11 MORROW Samuel Molyneux Otago
1874Aug06 MORTENSEN Morten Walderman Tukituki Hawke's Bay
1866Jan16 MORTIMER (or HARRIS) Rosina Elizabeth Rigby Teviot Otago
1869Dec25 MORTON Eugene Paul Waimakariri Canterbury
1874Nov13 MORTON John Matau Otago
1871Sep30 MORTON Thomas Lagoon at Paroa Westland
1868Oct08 MOULD Eliza Ann Avon Canterbury
1846Jul26* MUAT Lewis Akaroa Canterbury
1867Jul27 MUDGWAY Eliza Hutt Wellington
1870Jul17 MUELLER Henry Hokitika Westland
1862Sep11 MUIRHEAD Andrew Molyneux Otago
1862Jul29 MULHOLLAN William Grey Westland
1862Jun19 MULLHOLLAND James Waipa Auckland
1869Feb21 MULLINS Charles Teremakau Westland
1869Aug27 MULLIONS Joseph Waikato Auckland
1877Sep16 MULQUEENY A Kapanga Creek Auckland
1864Oct07* MULRIN Bernard Molyneux Otago
1872Apr04 MULVENA Edward Grey Westland
1861Apr13 MUNN Letitia Creek at Rangiora Canterbury
1868Mar15 MUNRO Alexander Kelcher's Creek Auckland
1867Oct27 MUNRO Thomas Nukumuku Auckland
1876Jun07 MUNT James Wanganui Wellington
1862Jan01 MUNTRE Robert Waipori Otago
1868Jun18* MURPHY Mary Waimatuku Southland
1867Dec30 MURPHY Rupert Timuka Canterbury
1862Oct18 MURPHY Thomas Mill dam, Coromandel Auckland
1866Oct20 MURPHY Thomas Okuku Canterbury
1879Dec13 MURRAY B Makarau Auckland
1862Dec13 MURRAY Matthew Clutha Otago
1870Jun12 MUSSELBROKE George Lagoon near Okarita Westland
1878Nov21 MUTTON J Waiau -
1867Apr21 NAIRN James Grey Westland
1875Dec25 NEALE W Edmond Manawatu Wellington
1865Jan10 NEILL Samuel Alexander Wanganui Wellington
1876Nov18 NEILSEN William Waikato Auckland
1876Nov06 NEILSON Janet Wanganui Wellington
1866Jul03 NEIRINCK Joseph Grey Nelson
1867Aug19 NELSON Hannah Waitara Taranaki
1875Sep30 NELSON James Wanganui Wellington
1876Jan03 NEOFF Harry Molyneux Otago
1881Feb05 NEPPEAT F C T Kaihu Creek Auckland
1870Dec26 NESBITT William Waikato Auckland
1877Jul19 NEWBEGIN R Waitara (Taranaki)
1862Jan15 NEWTON Thomas Taieri Otago
1876Jun20 NICHOLAS Francis Walter Omaku Marlborough
1872Sep07 NICOLS John Waikanae Wellington
1868Apr15 NILES David Stewart Ngunguru Auckland
1876Aug09 NILSON Johannis Ruamahanga Wellington
1871Feb19 NOCK Richard Henry Creek near Selwyn River Canterbury
1867Oct31* NOLAN Harry Wakamarina Marlborough
1868Apr11 NOLAN John Waiwakarunga Auckland
1872Jan28 NOLAN Michael Waikato Auckland
1880Mar02 NORCROSS A Wanganui (Wellington)
1872Mar04 NORFOLK William Waimakariri Canterbury
1881Feb06 NORMAN C Kanieri Westland
1876Apr07 NORRIE Annie Cam Canterbury
1871Jul31 NORRIS Henry Selwyn Canterbury
1864Dec04 O'BRIEN James Nokomai Otago
1863Sep04 O'BRIEN John Wareroa Auckland
1878Feb01 O'BRIEN M Molyneux Otago
1865Jan03 O'BRIEN Owen Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1870Sep13 O'BRIEN William Raglan Auckland
1862Dec25 OCHL Peter Kawarau Otago
1867Jan01 O'CONNOR Jas. Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1866Jan21 O'CONNOR Michael Lagoon near Okarita Westland
1862Jan10 OGREEZ Antonio Francis Creek at Cabbage Bay Auckland
1871Jun12 O'HAGEN Thomas Fox's River, Brighton Nelson
1877Nov04 O'HALLORAN M Okuku Canterbury
1872Feb11 O'HALLORAN R Rangitata Canterbury
1876May27 O'HANLON William Wanganui Wellington
1878Oct23* O'KANE S Waikouaiti Otago
1863Dec23 O'KEEFE Cornelius Lagoon at Bell Block Taranaki
1875Apr28 OLDEN Corna Margretha Pourangahau Creek Hawke's Bay
1867Apr26 OLDHAM Percival McLean Jacob's River Southland
1860Mar27 O'LEARY John Opawa Marlborough
1868Dec25 OLIVER Ann Stream at New Plymouth Taranaki
1863Aug02 OLLIVER James Avon Canterbury
1863Nov27 O'MALLEY John Creek near Papakura Auckland
1875Aug17 O'NEIL Hugh Waihou Auckland
1863Nov14 O'NEILL John Creek at Drury Auckland
1865Sep21 ORDISH Christopher Alfred Waiohine Wellington
1866Oct26 O'REILLY Henry Arahura Westland
1864Mar03 O'ROURKE William Waikato Auckland
1865Jan26 ORR John The Narrows Auckland
1868Feb13 ORTON James Heathcote Canterbury
1868Mar26 OSBORNE Mary Jane Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1872May27 OSTERLAND Charles Orawaiti, Westport Nelson
1880Aug08* O'SULLIVAN T Stream at Blenheim (Marlborough)
1854Oct19 OTTERSON Francis Wairau Marlborough
1866Oct02 OWEN Henry Grey Westland
1851Jan12 PACKER Peter Gully near Howick Auckland
1878Oct07 PAEURA H Wahi (sic) Auckland
1876Dec16 PAGE Frederick Wanganui Wellington
1867Dec10 PAGE William Otaio Canterbury
1870Feb10 PAHEMATA - Manawatu Wellington
1871May17 PAINTER Thomas Creek at Millars Flat, Tokomairiro Otago
1875Dec24 PALETHORPE Thomas Otara Auckland
1876Jan01* PALMER Corrie Wairoa Auckland
1867Sep19 PARKER - Otaki Wellington
1879Jun11 PARKER E M Creek at Tolaga Bay Auckland
1869Dec30 PARKER John Manawatu Wellington
1876Jan27 PARKINSON Thomas Avon Canterbury
1873Apr26 PARSONS Charles Ruamahanga Wellington
1866Jan14 PARTISS John David Lake Wakatipu Otago
1875Mar24 PASLEY Frederick Kaihu Creek Auckland
1869Dec15 PATERSON # Thomas Kakanui Otago
1852Nov08 PATINI Hori Hutt Wellington
1873Oct02 PATON John Taieri Otago
1870Oct01 PATON Robert Torrie Otara Auckland
1871Jul15 PATRICK Margaret Jane Avon Canterbury
1880Dec06 PATRICK W Kakahu Canterbury
1868May28 PATTEN Peter Mataura Otago
1867Jan06 PATTERSON George Hairini Ford, Tauranga Auckland
1864Dec00 PAYNE Thomas Waikato Auckland
1874Sep28 PEACHEY William Wanganui Wellington
1877Feb01 PEARSON Isabella Wangaehu Wellington
1866Jan14 PEARSON Samuel Waiorohia, Whangerei Auckland
1860Jun28 PECK Charles Makirikiri Wellington
1868Apr25 PECK William Hape Creek Auckland
1872Dec21 PENNEY Prudence Elizabeth Edith Saunders Ryder's Creek, Taipa Auckland
1862Dec24 PENNY Maria Oruru Auckland
1865Nov20 PEPPER William Manawatu Wellington
1874Jan20 PERRIN Alonzo Vincent Waimakariri Canterbury
1862Jul28 PERRY John Creek at Dundee Mills Auckland
1875May13 PETERSEN Andrew Kaueranga Auckland
1874Feb02 PETERSON John Arnold Westland
1858Dec15 PETTIPHER Thomas Poura Pora Nelson
1864Jun30 PICKLES Abraham Lum Oruawharo Auckland
1866Mar15 PIERCE (alias SEABORN THOMSON) William Teremakau Westland
1875Aug17 PILKINGTON John Stapleton Mahurangi Auckland
1879Mar30 PITT W Arahura Westland
1868Jul04 PLETHERBRIDGE Aaron Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1871Jun10 PLOUGHMAN William George Stoney Creek, Waiuku Auckland
1865Apr05 PLOUGHWRIGHT William Kaipatiki Auckland
1866Nov18 POAD Thomas Manawatu Wellington
1865Oct01 POLL John Tauranga Ferry Auckland
1868Apr16 POLLOCK Andrew Dr Totara Westland
1865Jan02 POLLOCK Thomas Creek at Drury Auckland
1872Oct04 POOLE Thomas Mataura Otago
1866Feb13 POPPLEWELL Matthew Grey Westland
1875Mar09 PORTER (or POTTER) Alfred Thames Auckland
1868Oct25 POWELL Charles Maitai Nelson
1879May28 POWELL J Whakapai Auckland
1880May15 POWELL R German Creek Otago
1864Nov17 PRANKHURST George Idaburn Otago
1867Aug22* PRENDERVILLE Thomas Wanganui Wellington
1867Jul08 PRESTON Charles Thomas Forest River Nelson
1876Mar18 PRICE Jacob Kennedy Wanganui Wellington
1873Nov24 PRICE James Waianiwaaniwa Canterbury
1857Dec02 PRICE John Turakina Wellington
1858Jan18 PRICE Sarah Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1865Dec03 PRIEST Thomas Teremakau Westland
1867Mar10 PRINCE William Hokitika Westland
1866Mar31 PRITCHARD John William Wakatipu Otago
1878May30 PROUSE W Otaki Wellington
1868Feb28 PROUT Daniel Hokitika Westland
1858Mar05 PROWSE George Creek at Wainuiomata Wellington
1877Mar23 PRUE Samuel Creed Gorge Creek near Waimate Canterbury
1863Feb11 PUDDY Henry Molyneux Otago
1868Jan02 PUGH Louis Arahura Lagoon Westland
1871Mar17* PURCELL Tobias Avon Canterbury
1855Apr19 PURCHAS Arthur Guyon Big Muddy Creek Auckland
1868Aug06 PURDON David Watson Hokitika Westland
1874Dec30 PURVIS Jessie Mill dam, Rangiora Canterbury
1852Feb11 QUAIFE Mary Ann C Avon Canterbury
1865Mar18 QUIGLEY Catherine Ararimu Auckland
1872Sep02 QUINN William Stormwater Channel, Ross Westland
1875Jan17 RACICH Hija Mokihinui Nelson
1880Nov24 RADDON L R Opihi Canterbury
1866Feb02 RADII Nicholas Awatere Marlborough
1867Mar06 RAE William Hokitika Westland
1868Jan07 RAE William Rangitata Canterbury
1866Nov01 RAINHAM Elizabeth Jane Creek at Hamilton Otago
1865Oct29 RAMSEY Samuel Taieri Otago
1868Jun12 RASS James Waimakariri Canterbury
1864Oct03 RATHGEN Johann Clutha Otago
1875Mar22 RATU John Waiau Nelson
1850Aug03 RAYNER Alfred Howell Hutt Wellington
1872Dec30 READ Henry Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1864Jun27 REALY James Takaka Nelson
1875Nov27 REARCH Annie Lagoon at Greymouth Westland
1872Oct23 REARDON Patrick Wairoa Auckland
1863Nov08 REDWOOD Bryan Wakatipu Lake Otago
1857Apr01 REDWOOD William Waiho Creek Auckland
1864Oct07 REENEY William Wanganui Wellington
1876Dec27 REGATTI George Upper Buller Nelson
1874Jan06 REID Mary Molyneux Otago
1874Oct02 REID Samuel Awatere Marlborough
1866Jul19 REID William Avon Canterbury
1874Nov16 RENDALL George Waipori Otago
1865Apr30 RENNELL Joseph Motueka Nelson
1863Dec23 RENTMORE John Ashley Canterbury
1868Mar18 REYNOLDS John Waiohine Wellington
1875Nov26 REYNOLDS Richard Wanganui Wellington
1864Jan22 RIARDON Cornelius Shotover Otago
1869Nov29 RICE Stephen Daniel Kiwaka Auckland
1864Dec08 RICE William Waipori Otago
1865Dec12 RICH Mabel Creek at Clutha Otago
1868Jan02 RICHARD John Arahura Lagoon Westland
1847Jun30 RICHARDS Robert Wanganui Wellington
1869Jan08* RICHARDSON Charles Clutha Otago
1878Mar24* RIDDICK A Thames (Auckland)
1873Mar02* RIDLEY John Creek in Christchurch Canterbury
1854Mar21 RIDLEY Martin Maungaroa Wellington
1874Dec16 RILEY Matthew Wanganui Wellington
1874Feb04 RITSON Henry Taieri Otago
1872Mar28 ROBB William Nelson Creek Nelson
1856Dec28 ROBERT Edward Mill pond at Wanganui Wellington
1864Nov06 ROBERTS Richard Awatere Marlborough
1851Nov23 ROBERTS William Avon Canterbury
1866Mar25 ROBERTS William Henry Wanganui Wellington
1875Aug25 ROBERTS Charles Stream at Huirangi Taranaki
1875Nov07 ROBERTSON David Buller Nelson
1880Nov01 ROBERTSON J C Wanganui (Wellington)
1865Dec31 ROBERTSON Montgomery Gordon Waimakariri Canterbury
1879Jun28 ROBERTSON R Taueru Wellington
1862Dec25 ROBERTSON Robert Manuherikia Otago
1863Jan16 ROBERTSON William George Manuherikia Otago
1872Nov10 ROBERTSON William Pringle Bell's Dam, Waihemo Otago
1878Dec19 ROBINSON A J Stream at Wakapuaka Nelson
1868Aug08 ROBINSON Albert Wairoa Nelson
1865Aug09* ROBINSON Charles Wanganui Wellington
1865Jan28 ROBINSON John Perry Buller Nelson
1880Jan15 ROBINSON P Wanganui (Wellington)
1881Jun05 ROBINSON W Mangamuka Auckland
1862Dec11* ROBSON John Molyneux Otago
1877Feb04 RODDEN John Buller Nelson
1872Jun15 RODGERSON Edward Waikato Auckland
1875Nov25 RODGERSON Matthew Moke Creek Otago
1866Feb10 ROGERS Adam Jacob's River Southland
1867Apr23 ROGERS Alice Kanieri Westland
1877Jul18 ROLLO J Selwyn Canterbury
1868Jun02 ROLOPPE John Grey Westland
1868Nov22 ROSE Henrietta Ellen Ashburton Canterbury
1874Mar16 ROSIEUR Henry Creek running into Totara River Auckland
1880Oct12 ROSS A Mikonui Westland
1869Dec15 ROSS Elizabeth Kakanui Otago
1869Jul20 ROSS George Turanganui Auckland
1864May12 ROSS Hugh Water race at Clutha Otago
1876Jan19 ROSS William Waipoa Auckland
1865Oct15 ROSSITER James Totara Westland
1864Dec21* ROTHWELL Mary Manuherikia Otago
1878Feb01 ROUSE C Hutt Wellington
1869May03* ROUTT Frank Wangaehu Wellington
1866Oct29 ROWLEY Sarah H Maitai Nelson
1861Jan22 ROY John Clarence Marlborough
1871Jul31 RUDGE Alfred Selwyn Canterbury
1875Jan17 RUNDLETT Benjamin Mokihinui Nelson
1868Oct09 RUSHFORD Joseph Ruamahanga Wellington
1881Apr05 RUSSEL J Molyneux Otago
1868Jun19 RUSSELL George Hutt Wellington
1874Nov28 RUSSELL George Opawa Marlborough
1865Feb09 RUSSELL Robert Purvis Creek at Wangaimoana Wellington
1872Jul28 RUSSELL Thomas Lake Wakatipu Otago
1858Feb00 RUSSELL Thomas River not stated Wellington
1873Oct30 RUTHERFORD William Creek at Manuka Flat Otago
1864Jan00* RYAN Corporal Waikato Auckland
1867Dec16 RYAN James Otepua, Timaru Canterbury
1873Feb15 RYAN Michael Rangitikei Wellington
1865Apr24 RYMILL Robert Teremakau Westland
1879Jun02 SALIN J Mataikuna Wellington
1871Apr02 SALT Anna Mary Ashley Canterbury
1868Feb03 SALTER # Elizabeth Mary Ann (4yrs 9 mnths) Flood of the Opihi Canterbury
1868Feb03 SALTER # Frances Patience Mrs Flood of the Opihi Canterbury
1868Feb03 SALTER # John Edwin (2yrs 6 mnths) Flood of the Opihi Canterbury
1862Jul31 SAMPSON Edward Grey Westland
1870May26 SAMPSON Isaac Totara Westland
1879May28* SANDERS J Aparima Otago
1878Dec30 SANDERSON A Waikato (Auckland)
1873Jan15 (or Feb) SANSON Agnes Paramanui, Rangitikei Wellington
1866Apr23 SANSON Alfred Hutt Wellington
1873Feb15 (or Jan) SANSON Thomas Alfred (Infant) Paramanui, Rangitikei Wellington
1862Dec28 SAUNDERS James Waitaki Otago
1865- SAVILL John Horatiu Auckland
1865Aug02 SAWYER John Grey Westland
1867Sep10 SCANLAN Garrett Little Wanganui Westland
1873Apr21 SCHAFER Wilhelm Parapara Nelson
1866Jun18 SCHIERKOWSKI Adolphe River not stated Hawke's Bay
1875Jul28 SCHILDHOWER Henry Takaka Nelson
1870Aug03 SCOTI James Clutha Otago
1863Jan02 SCOTLAND Seth Waimakariri Canterbury
1873Sep05 SCOTT Charlotte Waihi Canterbury
1870Jun25 SCOTT James Clutha Otago
1875Jul08 SCOTT Sinclair Mataura Otago
1863Oct29 SCOTT Walter Kinnard Waitaki Otago
1866Jul16 SCOTT William Totara Westland
1865Oct12 SCOTT William Waikato Auckland
1867Mar30 SCOTT William Rae Stream near Saltwater Creek Canterbury
1876May09 SCRIMSHAW Patrick Hector Hutt Wellington
1863Jun24 SEALY Alfred Christopher Waimea Nelson
1875Jun27 SEATLE Joseph Wairoa, Poverty Bay Auckland
1873Feb24 SEDCOLD William Wairau Marlborough
1866Jan04 SELF Alexander Avon Canterbury
1858Jan18 SELLARS Charles Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1858Jan18 SELLARS Mary Ann Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1867Nov04 SEYMOUR Amelia Wairoa Nelson
1867Apr10 SEYMOUR William Mangawai Auckland
1866Apr09 SHANLEY Robert Walter Avon Canterbury
1867May26 SHANLEY Thomas Kawarau Otago
1876Oct30 SHANNAHAN James Creek at White Cliffs, Coalgate Canterbury
1866Sep13 SHANNAHAN Michael Arahura Westland
1870Nov26 SHARP George Rakaia Canterbury
1876Feb05 SHAW William Waikawau Creek Auckland
1881Feb10* SHEARER R Wanganui (Wellington)
1866Mar16 SHEEHAN Patrick Wanganui Wellington
1858Sep08 SHELDON Stephen River not stated Hawke's Bay
1878Dec05 SHEPHERD A C Tauranga Creek Auckland
1877Aug11 SHEPHERD C Saltwater Creek Canterbury
1863Nov03 SHERIDAN Henry Creek not named Taranaki
1872Mar08 SHERIDAN John Inangahua Nelson
1863Aug28 SHERMAN William Jacob's River Southland
1864Sep04 SHERWOOD William Wakatipu Lake Otago
1866Jan27* SHIELS John Creek at Molyneux Otago
1864Dec02 SHILLINGFORD Charles Hohonu Westland
1874Nov27 SHIRLAW William Lorimer Swift Creek, Spylaw Otago
1869Jan02 SHORT John Hercules Mahurangi Auckland
1869Jan02 SHORT William Benjamin Mahurangi Auckland
1870Nov01 SIGNAL Henry Wanganui Wellington
1872Jul27 SIM David Hutt Westland (sic)
1876Jan20 SIMMONDS Mary Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1861Jan04* SIMMS James Caspar Jacob's River Southland
1863Dec14 SIMONS John Creek at Kakamatua Auckland
1852Sep12 SIMPSON George Waiautoa Nelson
1875Dec10 SIMPSON Herbert Papakura Stream Auckland
1863Dec31 SIMPSON James Papakura Creek Auckland
1866Oct19 SIMPSON Richard Rangitikei Wellington
1880Sep05 SIMPSON W Wanganui (Wellington)
1873Aug21 SIMPSON William Hokianga Auckland
1876Nov30 SIMPSON William Mangapai Auckland
1861Mar26 SINCLAIR Andrew Dr Rangitata Canterbury
1872Nov26 SINGLE Thomas Mill Dam, Wainuiomata Wellington
1880Feb08 SINGLETON J Waikato (Auckland)
1873May10 SINNETT John Kaipara Auckland
1879Jan18 SKAE G (George) Rakaia Canterbury
1876Oct19 SKOW Anders Jensen Ruamahanga Wellington
1860Jul05 SLOSS James Waiti Nelson
1872Feb03 SMAIL Mary Jane Stream at East Taieri Otago
1851Oct24 SMALE David Whau Auckland
1870Apr24 SMITH - River not stated Hawke's Bay
1873Jul27 SMITH Alexander Opotiki Auckland
1870Mar11 SMITH Charles Creek at Hastings Auckland (sic)
1864Nov04 SMITH Edward Patrick Creek near Pokeno Auckland
1870Jan22 SMITH Elijah Creek at Arahura Westland
1865Oct21 SMITH Francis Brissoe Teremakau Westland
1853Jan22 SMITH Frederick Hutt Wellington
1866Oct26 SMITH George Gustavus Avon Canterbury
1877Mar22 SMITH Harry Wanganui Wellington
1881Apr15* SMITH J H Aorere Nelson
1864May26* SMITH James Matakana Auckland
1864May06 SMITH James Rangitikei Wellington
1865Oct27 SMITH James Saltwater Creek Westland
1867Jan05 SMITH James Dignan Avon Canterbury
1869Mar17 SMITH John Clarence Marlborough
1876Mar03 SMITH John Creek near Bendimere Marlborough
1860Apr00 SMITH John Pakuratahi Wellington
1871Aug08 SMITH John Tukituki Hawke's Bay
1865Aug27 SMITH Margaret Perawa Southland
1875Mar28 SMITH Philip Waitangi Canterbury
1879Feb07 SMITH T Arahura Nelson
1872Dec22 SMITH Thomas Avon Canterbury
1869 SMITH Thomas Francis Karaka Auckland
1878Dec28 SMITH W Tua Marina Marlborough
1869Jun12 SMITH William Buller Nelson
1876Mar23 SMITH William Flaxbourne Marlborough
1875May08 SMITH William Stony Creek Westland
1863Sep03 SMITH William Taieri Otago
1877Feb01 SMITH William Charles Creek at Lagmore Station Canterbury
1865Mar24 SMITH # William Rangitata Canterbury
1863Aug04 SMITH (aka PACKWOOD) Thomas Waikeri Canterbury
1865Apr16 SMITHERS John Creek at Porirua Wellington
1862Jan03 SMRIE George Creek at Petane Valley Hawke's Bay
1877Feb02 SNODGRASS John Moore Stream between Okuru and Haast Rivers Westland
1869May28 SNOW Christina Creek at Rangitikei Wellington
1876Mar08 SNOWSILL Herbert Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1879Mar24 SORREL A Kawakawa Auckland
1878Jun04* SOUTER J [See message at end of page] Wairoa Hawke's Bay
1865Mar12 SPENCER S Grey Westland
1880Sep05 SPENCER S Hokitika (Westland)
1858Jun01 SPRING William Wanganui Wellington
1878Sep23 SPURDLE W Waitara Taranaki
1874Apr05 STANDING Charles Heathcote Canterbury
1874Sep30 STANDING Edmund Waiareka Otago
1872Aug18 STANLEY Thomas Oruawharo Auckland
1858Jan18 STANNAWAY Eliza Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1858Jan18 STANNAWAY Richard Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1858Jan18 STANNAWAY Sarah (x2) Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1858Jan18 STANNAWAY Thomas Hutt (Flood) Wellington
1879Jul18* STANTON T Wairoa Auckland
1871Mar10 STENHOUSE James Lake Wakatipu Otago
1867May29 STEPHEN John W Waikare Lake Auckland
1868Oct03 STEPHENS James Waikato Auckland
1865Aug25 STEPHENS Richard Ahaura Westland
1860May09 STEPHENSON James Wairau Marlborough
1878Jun19 STEPHENSON R Upper Kaikorai Otago
1869Dec02 STEWARD Peter Grey Westland
1862Feb27 STEWART Hamilton New River Southland
1876Oct09 STEWART William Avon Canterbury
1862Jan11 STEWART William Ngaruroro Hawke's Bay
1869Oct20 STONYER Richard Arowhenua Canterbury
1860Dec11 STOPPLE George Koutaka Canterbury
1867Nov27 STRONGER Mary Waimakariri Canterbury
1866Aug08 STUART Charles Edward Maungatawhiri Auckland
1873Apr01 STUART Robert Molyneux Otago
1863Sep07 STUBBS Abraham Avon Canterbury
1865Oct10 STUCK Edmond New River Southland
1867Apr10 STURCH John Mangawai Auckland
1876Jan26* SULLIVAN John Wanganui -
1869Dec07 SUMMERS Joseph Creek at Hamilton Otago (sic)
1859Feb22 SURMAN Henry River not stated Hawke's Bay
1864Jan07 SUTHERLAND Charles William Creek at Drury Auckland
1874Dec29 SUTHERLAND Henry Taieri Otago
1868Apr19 SUTHERLAND John Hokitika Westland
1872Dec29 SUTHERLAND William Waitangi Creek Auckland
1868Aug20 SUTHERWAITE Annie Waimea Westland
1862Mar05 SWAN Ellen Stream at Hutt Wellington
1865Oct25 SWAN Patrick River not stated Auckland
1866Feb21 SYLVESTER John Grey Nelson
1873May28 SYMMONS Elizabeth Kaueranga Creek Auckland
1869Jul28 SYMONS James Hutt Wellington
1869Jul28 SYMONS Matilda Hutt Wellington
1876Nov21 TABIN Alfred Hurdis Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1877Nov16 TAIT E P Waikato (Auckland)
1862Jun09 TALACKE Joseph Waikato Auckland
1845May15 TANDY Charles Hutt Wellington
1875Nov15* TAVERNER Charles Kaueranga Auckland
1875Feb20 TAYLOR Agnes P Baton, Motueka Nelson
1867Oct02 TAYLOR Henry Wainui Westland
1848Dec08 TAYLOR Henry Stephen River not stated Porirua, Wellington
1869May29 TAYLOR John Waimakariri Canterbury
1865Apr25 TAYLOR Robert Wai-iti Nelson
1857Dec23 TAYLOR Samuel Hutt Wellington
1862Jul23 TAYLOR Tom Whangerei Auckland
1875Sep10 TAYLOR William Oreti Otago
1868Feb15 TAYLOR Wilson Avon Canterbury
1869Apr14 TE WHARE Huhe Paranoe Hokitika Westland
1872Nov12 TEER William Hokitika Westland
1878Feb10* TEITCHEN A Wairau Marlborough
1880Dec20 TELFAR D Waitara (Taranaki)
1881Apr13 TEMPLETON C Waimakariri Canterbury
1868Dec07 THOMAS Marian Rangitikei Wellington
1862Jul31 THOMPSON - Grey Westland
1874Feb20 THOMPSON Henry Junction Opawa and Maka Rivers Marlborough
1875Jul08 THOMPSTONE Annie Halswell Canterbury
1871Dec31 THOMSON Robert Lagoon at Arahura Westland
1880Jan11* THOMSON T Rangitata Canterbury
1861Nov03* THOMSON William Wanganui Wellington
1879Dec21 THORN C T Waikato (Auckland)
1876Apr19 THORNE Amy Heathcote Canterbury
1869Dec09 TIN GUNG - Bucklerburn Otago
1869Dec21 TITFORD James Waiwera Auckland
1878Jul16 TOETOENI (alias NICHOLS) G Mohikinui Nelson
1860Jan30 TOOLE Henry Wanganui Wellington
1871Mar09 TRAHEY Edmond New River Westland
1863Dec11 TRAINER Bernard Molyneux Otago
1866Apr09 TRAVERS Joseph Puhoi Auckland
1874Jun25 TREANOR John Irvine's Creek near Temuka Canterbury
1871Jun07 TREAVELIN (or TRELEAVIN) Charles Thomas Thames Auckland
1863Nov09 TRESHAM Edward Herbert Mungamungaroa Auckland
1846Feb00 TRIGGLE William Vaughan Waimea Nelson
1866Feb17 TRIVINE George Whakamarina Marlborough
1872Oct22 TROWNSELL John Kohunui Stream, Wairarapa Wellington
1873Mar30 TRUMBLE William Henry Oreti Otago
1878Dec12 TUBBS T Mangahouhou Hawke's Bay
1877Jan07 TULLOCH Elizabeth Huangarua Wellington
1872Dec20 TUNNICLIFFE Walter Thomas Waiiti Nelson
1862Dec27 TURNAGE Edward Creek at Waikato Auckland
1872Nov27 TURNBULL Thomas Makanui Westland
1874Feb09 TURNELL Henry Widowson Takaka Nelson
1870May27 TURNER David W Waimakariri Canterbury
1864Jul13 TURNER H Fysh Creek near Tokomairiro Otago
1878Dec29 TURNER J Buller (Nelson)
1862Jul31 TURNER Robert Grey Grey Westland
1863Dec26 TURNER Thomas Jauncey Ashley Canterbury
1865Jun02 TURTON Thomas Hokitika Westland
1865Dec14* TWEED James Grey Westland
1877May14 UREN Richard Gorge Creek near Waimate Canterbury
1866Jan05 URQUHART John Manuherikia Otago
1856Mar13 VAHONAN Matthew Wanganui Wellington
1867Aug02 VALENTINE - Rangitikei Wellington
1870Jan11 VALENTINE Peter Lang Hutt Wellington
1868Jun21 VANT Harry Wairua Marlborough
1879Jun06 VAUGHAN W F Mangakahia Auckland
1878Jul28 VERNAZONI S Hokitika (Westland)
1872Jan16 VERRAN Thomas Creek at Cambridge Auckland
1864Jun01 VERRY Charles Wai-iti, Waimea Nelson
1875Jan17 VERTEN Jennie Waitangi Otago
1864Mar14 VIALOU Beauchamp Waikato Auckland
1881Jan13 VOELTZ T Mangawhero Wellington
1880Dec13 WADDELL A Mackley Creek Nelson
1877Oct07 WAGNER C Teremakau -
1867Dec09 WAGSHAW Jessie Creek at Kanieri Westland
1865Jan18 WAKEFIELD John Tamaki Auckland
1870Dec18 WAKEFIELD John Wairua Marlborough
1877Nov05 WALKER J Ruamahanga Wellington
1874Jan01 WALKER John Inangahua Nelson
1861Dec12 WALKER Joseph Wairau Marlborough
1876Dec25 WALKER William Wairoa Auckland
1874Mar17 WALLACE David Inangahua Nelson
1878Mar24 WALLACE J Avon Canterbury
1869Jul05 WALLIS Jabez Ohete Auckland
1879Mar16* WALSH J Wanganui (Wellington)
1863Feb08 WALSH John Lagoon at Bell Block Taranaki
1867Jun29 WALSH Michael George River, Opotiki Auckland
1868Jul01 WALSH Michael Waioeka Auckland
1863Dec18 WARD John Wairau Marlborough
1860Jun07 WARD Theresa Isabella Stream at Wairau Marlborough
1865Dec04 WARMINGTON Louisa Waikoukou Auckland
1866Aug15 WARREN Mary Janet Waihi Canterbury
1870Jan12 WATERS George Patea Wellington
1879Dec18 WATKINS L Maitai Nelson
1874Dec14 WATSON Henry Thames Auckland
1880Jun06 WATSON M B Avon Canterbury
1871Nov28 WATSON Robert Wairau Marlborough
1868Jul21 WATTS Arthur Avon Canterbury
1862Jan14 WATTS J W A Waiau Nelson
1866Mar05 WATTS William Grey Westland
1863OCt27 WAXMAN Mark Ashburton Canterbury
1878Sep20 WEAVER W Waitara Taranaki
1866Jan05 WEAVERS Charles Creek Port Chalmers Rd Otago
1866Apr12 WEBB John Hokitika Westland
1870Jun02* WEBB John Rakaia Canterbury
1871Sep14 WEBBER William Boulder Bank Nelson
1877Jan31 WEBSTER Mark Patea Taranaki
1875May07 WEDGE Charles Creek in Christchurch Canterbury
1863Jul26 WEIR Robert Shotover Otago
1841Jan14 WELLER John J River not stated Wellington
1861Jan29 WELLS John Wairau Marlborough
1878Apr22 WELSH C Little Grey Nelson
1864Oct05 WELSH John Shotover Otago
1876Aug31 WESTERN George Edward Stream at Waitohi Valley Marlborough
1869Apr04 WESTON Henry Wanganui Wellington
1870Feb07 WESTON John Rakaia Canterbury
1868Jan24 WESTON Thomas Mataktaki Nelson
1876Jan17 WESTWOOD Edward James Otamatea Auckland
1879May12 WHEELER J A Tutaekuri Hawke's Bay
1865Jan14 WHEELER Peter New River Southland
1866Apr13 WHELAN William Three Mile Creek Westland
1877Jan29 WHITE Edward Horn Creek Otago
1873Sep11 WHITE Richard Weiti Auckland
1870Mar11 WHITE Thomas Winsbury Wairau Marlborough
1865Feb21 WHITE John Teremakau Westland
1881Jan08 WHITE (alias MOLONEY M) J Henderson's Creek Auckland
1862Dec08 WHITEHOUSE Jos. Beaumont Otago
1869Nov29 WHITELEY George Kiwaka Auckland
1861Nov23 WHITING Mary Jane Matai Nelson
1867Mar03 WHITMORE Henry Jas. Waimakariri Canterbury
1877Dec30 WHITWORTH H E Wanganui (Wellington)
1877Mar18 WI PITI (aka TOTO) - Motueka Nelson
1879Jan22 WICKS L Clutha (Otago)
1867Nov18 WIGGINS Henry Okarita Westland
1858Jun26 WIGTON Thomas Wanganui Wellington
1865May19 WILD William Mangapiko Auckland
1845Sep03 WILEY John Creek at Hutt Wellington
1873May05 WILKES Thomas Wairoa, Kaipara Auckland
1868Feb04 WILKINSON Isabella Flood of Rangiora Canterbury
1868Feb04 WILKINSON Margaret Flood of Rangiora Canterbury
1875Oct07 WILLESFORD William Waiwera Otago
1871Sep14 WILLIAMS Arthur Whangarei Auckland
1876Feb20 WILLIAMS Ethel Phillis Opawa Hawke's Bay
1864Oct24 WILLIAMS George Oketi Fall, Raglan Auckland
1875Nov05 WILLIAMS James Pahaua Wellington
1874Sep27 WILLIAMS John Waikato Auckland
1870Nov04 WILLIAMS Thomas Oakura Auckland
1878Dec30 WILLIAMS W Rangitata Canterbury
1874Sep06 WILLIAMS William Wairoa Auckland
1873Dec31 WILLIAMSON Lawrence Waimakariri Canterbury
1864Oct27* WILLIAMSON William Tuki Tuki Hawke's Bay
1865Mar21 WILLISCROFT Joseph William Hutt Wellington
1863Apr06 WILLOUGHBY John New River Southland
1862Aug08 WILLS William Creek at Waipori Otago
1862Nov30 WILSON Alfred Kay Paparoa Creek Auckland
1871Feb23 WILSON Frank Harataunga Creek Auckland
1865Oct18 WILSON George Waikato Auckland
1872Jun21 WILSON John Hokitika Westland
1864Jun30 WILSON John Mangaone Hawke's Bay
1858Nov27 WILSON John Aitkin Paihou Wellington
1866Dec02 WILSON Robert Creek at Maniototo Otago
1870Oct30 (or 20) WILSON Robert Dog Creek, Lyndon Nelson
1880Aug13 WILSON T Wairoa Auckland
1868Jul12 WILSON Walter Munroe Waipatukahu Auckland
1865May01 WILSON William Avon Canterbury
1865Oct12 WILSON William Waiongona Taranaki
1870Aug07 WINDER John Thames Auckland
1863Dec29 WINLOCK Rufus P Lake Wakatipu Otago
1875Nov15 WINTER Joseph Kaueranga Auckland
1876Jun00 WITHELL Edith Creek near Brookside Canterbury
1870Dec27 WOGAN Samuel Grey Westland
1865Mar24 WOOD John Hokitika Westland
1871Dec25 WOODCOCK Pelham Hotea, Port Albert Auckland
1873Dec23 WOODEN John Larry's Creek Nelson
1871Feb17 WOODLOCK John Thames Auckland
1868Nov13 WOODS Charles Turakina Wellington
1880Mar20 WOODS R Teremakau Westland
1876May15 WOODS Samuel Wairoa Auckland
1856Nov03 WOULDHAM Henry Wanganui Wellington
1867Aug13 WREFORD George Wakaia Otago
1862Jul29 WRIGHT Benjamin Grey Westland
1867Dec28 WRIGHT Henry Brohan Waimea Westland
1878Feb09 WYCLIFFE - Wairau Marlborough
1867Feb21 WYLIE James Waimakariri Canterbury
1866Feb12 YEOMAN James Waikato Auckland
1876Jun14* YORK John Grey Westland
1872Aug18 ZALA Romario Buller Nelson
1860Nov17 ZEALANDT Frederick Pelorous Marlborough
1864Dec23 ZIMMERMAN Peter Ashburton Canterbury

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