1899 - 1902

From the Embarkation Rolls in the Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives and from the files on Archives New Zealand - Archway. There are numerous alternative spellings and numbers used. Its a long list so Ctrl-F may help with a search.

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NZ Contingents in South Africa 1899 - 1902

Surname Forenames Rank Alias Contingent Enlisted 2nd Contingent 3rd Contingent 4th Contingent ServiceNumbers-1st 2nd Number 3rd Number Other
Abbott Frederick William Captain/Lieutenant-Colonel Fifth Auckland N/N
Abbott Harold Louis Shoeing Smith/Farrier Sergeant Fifth Manukau Eighth 2342 5297
Abel-Smith [Smith] Geoffrey Samuel Lieutenant Geoffrey Samuel SMITH Ninth Vincent N/N
Absolom James Lewis Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 818
Aburn Frank George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7858
Acland Leopold George Dyke Trooper Third McKenzie 620
A'Court Sydney Charles Farrier-Sergeant/Farrier QM Sergeant Fifth Christchurch Tenth 2570 9103
A'Court William Henry Dispenser Corporal Tenth Christchurch 9108
Acton Francis Trooper Eighth Levels 5625
Adair John William Ashman Bugler Tenth Wellington 8901
Adam Alexander Lance-Corporal Ninth Clutha 7987
Adam Leonard Bruce Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9140
Adam William Challoner Trooper Fifth Clutha 1601
Adams Albert Trooper Ninth Wellington 7405
Adams Arthur Trooper Ninth Mackenzie 7725 Does not appear on embarkation roll
Adams Edmund Alfred Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4381
Adams John Trooper Ninth McKenzie 7601
Adams Robert Allen Trooper Eighth Masterton 5181
Adams Robert Stafford Shoeing Smith Eighth Oroua 5175
Adams William John Trooper Eighth (Details) Oroua 6311 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th (SA file missing on Archway)
Adamson George Townsend Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Westland Ninth 2446 7989
Adamson Percy Lorenzo Trooper Tenth Wellington 8629
Aekins [Ackins] William Richard Barry Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9484
Aitken Alexander Hugh (Hugh Alexander) Veterinary Dispenser Corporal Tenth Westland 8518
Aitken George Trooper Fifth Bruce 1602
Aitken George Trooper Seventh Southland 4258
Aitken Robert Trooper Fifth Southland 1603
Aitken William Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7262
Aitken William Scott Trooper Second Ashley 502
Aitken [Aiken] James (James Andrew) Trooper First Southland 113
Aitken-Connell Arnold Douglas Lieutenant Seventh Manukau N/N
Aitken-Connell [Connell] John Vaille Douglas Trooper CONNELL First Manukau 119
Alderdice Walter Trooper Ninth Manukau 7135
Aldred Alfred Trooper Fourth Auckland 1413 Does not appear on embarkation roll for the 4ths
Aldridge William Henry Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5182
Aldworth Robert Hooper Trooper Second Rangitikei 357
Alexander James Taylor Trooper Fourth Southland 1133
Alexander John Trooper Sixth Levels 3580
Alexander John Edward Corporal/QM Sergeant Fourth Auckland Tenth 1408 8514
Alexander William Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5889
Alexandre [Alexander] Arthur Herbert Trooper Sixth Eden 3204
Alford Edward Henry Micklethwaite Dispenser Corporal Ninth Auckland 7548
Alger Edward Ambrose Trooper Fourth Grey 1517 1051
Algie John Alexander Lieutenant Ninth Lake N/N 4058
Allan Alexander Trooper Eighth Ashley 5624
Allan Alexander James - Ninth Hawera N/N Did not embark
Allan Daniel Trooper Fifth Ohinemuri 2339
Allan John Farrier Third Waipawa 819
Allan Richard Trooper Sixth McKenzie Ninth 3827 8310 3287
Allan Robert Alexander Trooper Eighth Christchurch 9626 Not on Embarkation Rolls - sailed with 10th
Allan William Corporal Fourth Southland 1008
Allan William Kirk Trooper Eighth Taranaki 5183
Allardice George Henry Frederick Corporal Eighth (Details) Waipawa 6309
Allardice [Allardyce] Albert William Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7401
Allen Arthur Arnold Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Auckland Eighth 2340 5438
Allen Eustace Frank Trooper Sixth Tuapeka 3702
Allen George Isaac Trooper Ninth Otamatea 7003 Did not embark
Allen Oswald Gunner Second Cook 543 Hotchkiss Detachment
Allen W Trooper Fourth Taranaki 1568 File not on Archway
Allen Walter Lance-Corporal Ninth Ashley 7730
Allen William Sergeant Tenth Taranaki 8916
Allen Edwin Thomas Trooper Tenth Ashley 9624 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Allen [Allan] John Kenneth Trooper Third Westland 800
Allport Joseph (Job) Trooper Sixth Waitotara 3464
Allsop Richard Coleman Trooper Eighth Waimea 5758
Almond Edwin (Edwin Dewer Almond) Trooper Tenth Clutha 9487
Ambrose Arthur Trooper Tenth Oroua 9253
Anderson Alexander Trooper Eighth Ashley 5622
Anderson Alexander Trooper Fifth Hutt 2212
Anderson Alexander Trooper Ninth Waimea 7993
Anderson Alexander Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4499
Anderson Andrew Trooper Eighth Westland 5759
Anderson Anthony Trooper Ninth Otamatea 7002
Anderson Charles August Trooper Eighth Akaroa 5619
Anderson Charles David Trooper Ninth Inangahua 7734
Anderson Clement Henry Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9485
Anderson Duncan Trooper Seventh Wellington 4603
Anderson Edward John Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8917
Anderson George Alfred Heath Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9138
Anderson George Robert Trooper Tenth Ashley 9256
Anderson Henry Trooper Sixth Oroua 3338
Anderson James Trooper Ninth Southland 7991
Anderson James Henry Trooper/Corporal Fifth Taieri Tenth 1604 9356
Anderson James Thompson Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 817
Anderson John Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9486
Anderson John Trooper Third Wanganui 721
Anderson John Thomas Trooper Seventh Inangahua 4257
Anderson Robert Trooper Ninth Ashley 7729
Anderson Thomas Lance-Corporal Tenth Vincent 9360
Anderson Thomas George Trooper Second Southland 522
Anderson Thomas Leonard Corporal Tenth Lakes 9474
Anderson Thomas Theodore Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9575
Anderson William Trooper Fifth Horowhenua 2413
Anderson William Trooper Third Oroua 720
Anderson William Charles Trooper Tenth Marlborough 9255
Andresen [Anderson] Martin Christian Trooper Fifth Taranaki 2573
Andrew Albert William Captain/Major Sixth - Tenth N/N
Andrew John Trooper/Farrier Sergeant Fifth Taieri Tenth 1605 9119
Andrews Charles Burness Trooper Ninth Auckland 7001
Andrews Hastings Corporal Seventh Christchurch 4260
Andrews Horatio George Trooper Fifth Ashburton 2571
Andrews John Richard Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5621
Andrews Percy George Trooper Eighth Pahiatua 5456
Andrews Robert Alexander Trooper Sixth Auckland 3202
Andrews Thomas Trooper Fifth Ashburton 2572
Andrews Valentine Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5623
Andrews William Trooper Seventh Levels 4380
Angle George (George Thomas) Trooper Tenth Stratford 8788
Angus Henry James Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9625 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Annett Charles McLure Trooper Fifth Maniototo 1606
Anning Wilfred James Trooper Ninth Waimate 7731
Anslow [Henslow] Robert Ernest Trooper Ninth Wellington 7992
Anthony Frederick William Trooper Tenth Wellington 8785
Anthony William Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4379
Appleton Ernest George Trooper Eighth Opotiki 5453
Appleton John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Opotiki 2717
Archer William Arthur Trooper Ninth Southland 7988
Archibald Robert Trooper Ninth Wellington 7400
Arden Leolin Hamar (Leslie Hamar)(Levlin Hamer) Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7263
Arlidge Arthur James Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4500
Armer Ernest Corporal Tenth Waipa 8653
Armer George William Day Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Waipa Eighth 2343 5454
Armstrong Francis John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3339
Armstrong Frederick Gordon Trooper Second Marlborough 1190 490
Armstrong George Wilson Trooper Seventh Wellington 4605
Armstrong John Robert Trooper Seventh Ashley 4378
Armstrong John William Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9254
Armstrong Leonard George Trooper Seventh Wellington 4604
Armstrong William Lincoln Trooper Fourth Akaroa Tenth 1250 9805 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Arnold George Trooper First Bruce 112
Arnold Henry Trooper Eighth Waipa 6310
Arnold John Trooper Eighth Waipa 5452
Arnold Thomas Naysmith Trooper Seventh Auckland 4000
Arnott Arthur Trooper Ninth Pohangina 7403
Arnst William Charles Trooper Seventh Selwyn 4261
Aroa Robert Trooper Seventh Piako 4259
Arthur Beckham Lieutenant Fourth Cook N/N 1383
Arthur James Trooper Eighth Auckland 5314
Ashby George Trooper Fifth Waipawa 2447
Ashdown Alfred Trooper Tenth Cook 8515
Ashdown Sydney John Trooper Tenth Cook 8516
Ashenden Claude Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7261
Ashmore Joseph William Trooper Seventh Clutha 4501
Ashmore Rupert William George Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7136
Ashton Herbert Trooper Tenth Ashley 9139
Ashton John Corporal Seventh Dunedin 4491
Ashworth Caldwell (Caldwell McMaster) Corporal Sixth Tauranga 3203 Discharged SA
Atkin [Aitken] William James Trooper Sixth Waitaki 3703
Atkins Arthur Albert Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Waitemata Seventh Ninth 2341 7000
Atkins Bernard Neil Trooper Ninth Waimea 6148 8173 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Atkins George Arabia Trooper Eighth Manukau 5316
Atkins Harry Sergeant Tenth Manukau 8654
Atkins Thomas Henry Trooper Sixth Horowhenua 3340
Atkins William Trooper Eighth Manukau 5315
Atkinson Arthur Trooper Eighth Waimea 6149 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Atkinson Harry Trooper Tenth Wellington 8787
Atkinson Herbert Swainson Trooper Fourth Auckland 1414
Atkinson James Hattersley (James Hattersby) Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2574
Atkinson Norman Farrier Ninth Southland 7990
Attwood Walter Newman Trooper Sixth Waipa 3201
Auckram Edward Henry Trooper Tenth Eden 8517
August Ernest (Ernest John) Trooper Eighth Hutt 5185
Aurelius David Sergeant Tenth Wellington 8786
Austen [Austin] Charles Harold Corporal Eighth Southland 6028
Austin Edgar Trooper Ninth Wellington 7431 7341
Autridge William James Trooper Tenth (Details) Thames 9034 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Avenell Henry Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9806 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Avery Bertram Richard Trooper First Waimea 81
Avery William Trooper Ninth Westland 7733
Ayers Herbert Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5620
Bacon Bertram Charles Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9491
Bacon Lewis John Trooper Second Taranaki 477
Baddiley Augustus George Sergeant Fifth Auckland Ninth 2326 7139
Badenock [Badenoch] Archibald Trooper Tenth Peninsula 9492
Baghurst Joseph Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1510
Baghurst William James Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1257
Bagley Alfred Corporal Seventh Southland 4496
Baguley Charles Henry Trooper Eighth Manukau 5318
Bai Edward Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7269
Baigent Ivanhoe Edward Trooper Sixth Pahiatua 3341
Baigent Owen Thomas Trooper Sixth Waimea 3469
Bailey Edwin Trooper Ninth Waipa 7138
Bailey Ernest Austin Trooper Fourth Waipa 1415
Bailey Frank Ernest Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3593
Bailey Geoffrey Lieutenant Fifth Levels N/N 5942
Bailey Harold Desmond Trooper Eighth Levels 5636
Bailey Joseph James Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8918
Bain Henry Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9371
Bain Maxwell Stewart Trooper Tenth Lake 9370
Baines Arthur Capel Valentine Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3348
Baird Hugh William Charles Orderly Room Sergeant Ninth Dunedin 7863
Baird Peter Trooper Tenth Bruce 9495
Baird Samuel Trooper Seventh Stratford 4145
Baird Stuart McDonald Trooper Eighth (Details) Masterton 6314
Bairstow Benjamin Trooper Fifth Wairarapa South 2218
Bakeman Harry George Trooper Seventh Dunedin 1873 Did not embark
Baker Alfred James Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Wellington Tenth 1258 9097
Baker Arthur Trooper Ninth Waipa 7265 7625
Baker Arthur John Trooper Eighth Auckland 5459
Baker Ernest Trooper Tenth Waipa 8660
Baker Frank George Trooper Fifth Taranaki 2220
Baker Frederick Trooper Tenth Waipa 8661
Baker Frederick Charles Trooper Tenth (Details) Cook 9035 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Baker Frederick John (John Frederick) Trooper Tenth (Details) Buller 9002 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Baker George Trooper Ninth Lake 7997
Baker Hector Trooper Ninth Lake 8001
Baker Horace Trooper Ninth Levels 7739
Baker John William Trooper Sixth Oroua 3472
Baker Joseph Walter (Joseph Walker) Sergeant Fifth (Reserves) Waipawa Eighth 2666 5159
Baker Thomas de Foe Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 820
Baker Valentine Henry Trooper Sixth Manukau 3208
Bakewell Robert Hall Surgeon Captain Ninth Auckland N/N
Ballantyne Price Trooper Sixth Selwyn Ninth 3828 8198
Ballantyne Thomas Anderson Lance-Corporal Ninth Christchurch 7612
Banks George Bertram Sergeant Sixth Auckland 3211
Banks Harry Cecil Lieutenant Second Auckland Sixth N/N
Banks Harry Ernest Samuel Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1551
Banks John Trooper Fourth Southland Eighth 1140 6036
Banks Joseph Henry Lieutenant-Colonel Sixth Auckland N/N
Banks William Alexander Trooper Ninth Ashley 7735
Bannin Neil Trooper Tenth (Details) Wairarapa South 9036 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Banton Clarence Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7608
Barber James Trooper Seventh Hutt 4608
Barclay Ernest Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9490
Barclay Thomas Hugh Farrier-Sergeant Third Waipawa 823
Barden Thomas Henry Bugler Eighth Ashley 6020
Bare Charles Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4504
Barker Archibald Henry Orderly Room Corporal Tenth Christchurch 9106
Barker Francis Llewellyn Trooper Fifth Geraldine 2575
Barker George Herbert Trooper Tenth South Africa 9599
Barker Thomas Alexander Trooper Eighth Piako 5462
Barker William John Trooper Eighth Wellington 5044
Barkwell [Barkwill] Walter Herbert Trooper Ninth Waipa 7140
Barlow Frederick Arthur James Trooper Seventh HMT Gulf of Taranto 4466
Barlow James Trooper Eighth Southland 6032
Barlow Maurice Fitzgerald Trooper Sixth Auckland 3205
Barnes Arthur George Trooper Second Waitotara 377
Barnes George Ernest Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6129
Barnes John Joseph Trooper Tenth Masterton 8801
Barnes Roland Arthur Wilford Trooper Seventh Ashley 4388
Barnes William Harcourt Trooper Ninth Auckland 7013
Barnett John Robinson - Tenth (Application) - 1965 May not have embarked
Barnott Tom Meredith Trooper/Corporal Fifth Wanganui Ninth 2219 7266
Barr David Masterton Trooper Seventh Levels 4385
Barraclough John William Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1612
Barrar Ernest Robert Trooper Fifth Levels 2576
Barrett Arthur Frank Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5760
Barrett William Trooper Sixth Taranaki 3342
Barrett [Bassett] Joseph Trooper Eighth (Details) Ekatahuna 9038 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Barron Frank Douglas Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7984
Barron James Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 5894
Barry David Philip War Correspondent (Chch Weekly Press) - Christchurch 7390
Barry Patrick Stephen Trooper Eighth (Details) Waipawa 9037 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Bartlett Albert Ernest Corporal Eighth Marlborough 5744
Bartlett Charles Nelson Trooper Fifth Rangitikei 2215
Barton Frank Arthur James Trooper Seventh South Africa 4668
Barton Frederick Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Cook 1384 N/N
Barton Iseline Ross Trooper Ninth Auckland 7009
Bartrop Arthur Leigh La Baste Trooper First Hawera 36
Barty John Henderson Trooper First Wellington 18
Barty [Bartz] Albert (Albert Herman) Trooper/Sergeant BARTZ Fifth (Reserves) Wanganui Tenth 2668 8928
Barwell Henry Charles Trooper Tenth Wallace 9489
Barwick Robert Saddler Ninth Cook 7415
Bassett Francis John Trooper Ninth Horowhenua 7411
Bassett William Thomas Trooper Ninth Ekatahuna 7270
Bastable Harold Charles Trooper Tenth Waikato 8662
Batchelar [Batchelor] Arthur Frederick Trooper First Oroua 67
Bate Percy Thomas Trooper Eighth Waimea 5764
Bateman George Trooper Sixth Waimate 3584
Bateman Harry George Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8131 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Bateman James Barrington Trooper Tenth (Details) Bruce 9631 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Bates Charles Trooper Fourth Southland 1119
Bates Daniel Cross (Rev.) Chaplain Captain Ninth Southland N/N
Bates Walter Norman Corporal Eighth Ashley 5609
Batger Harold William Sergeant Fifth Dunedin 1611
Bathgate John Henry Saddler Ninth Taieri 7862
Battes Ernest Allan Trooper Ninth Geraldine 7737
Bauchop Arthur Lieutenant Fourth Waikouaiti N/N
Bauchop William Forsaith Surgeon Captain Eighth Waikouaiti N/N
Baucke Frank Herman Trooper Tenth Westland 9263
Bax Thomas Butler Sergeant Ninth (Details) Wairoa 8130 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Baxter Ernest William Trooper Fourth Taieri Tenth 1152 9375
Baxter John Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8922
Baxter Walter Corporal Dispenser Eighth Christchurch 5989
Bayley [Bayly] Herbert Harris Trooper Sixth Auckland 3207
Baylis [Bayliss] Francis Henry (Francis Harry) Trooper Sixth Selwyn 3829
Bayly Frederick Trooper Fifth Waihemo Sixth 1613 3809
Bayly Henry Trooper Fourth Waihemo 1087
Bayly Percy Cameron Lance-Corporal Fifth Auckland 2334
Beagley Joseph Trooper Eighth Waihemo 5897
Beale James Bruce Captain and Adjutant Ninth Oroua N/N
Beamish Ernest Cecil Trooper Eighth Hawera 5189
Beamish Francis Evanson Trooper Sixth Wellington 3343
Beange Henry Greenshields Trooper Fifth Southland 1610
Beard Frederick Trooper Ninth Hutt 7412
Beardmore Ernest Sergeant Sixth Collingwood 3457
Beasley John Dennis Noble Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4144
Beasley Leopold Harry Lance-Corporal Ninth Waikouaiti 7865
Beath Albert Marr Trooper Second Dunedin 476
Beaton Duncan Trooper Seventh Auckland 4047
Beatson Henry Douglas Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Cook 2667
Beattie Douglas Sherwill Trooper Tenth Oroua 8798
Beattie John Thomas Trooper Sixth Maniototo 3704
Beattie Robert Trooper Seventh Waipa 4004
Beatty John Trooper Sixth Manukau 3212
Beatty William Trooper Tenth Manukau 8664
Bebbington Harry Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Levels 9235
Beck Albert Trooper Ninth Wellington 6235 8174 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Beck John Trooper Fifth Waipawa 2348
Beck William Arthur Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5632
Beckham Arthur Captain Ninth Cook N/N Unattached
Beckinsale [Beckingsale] Ernest Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7609
Beech John Trooper Second Pahiatua 374 No file on Archway
Beechye [Beecheye] Thomas Christopher Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7267
Belcher James Trooper Eighth Ashley 5761
Belk Henry Albert Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7276
Bell Allan Bugler Fifth Wellington 2209
Bell Allen (Allan) Corporal Ninth Opotiki 7148
Bell Arnold Edward Trooper Ninth Wellington 7406
Bell Arthur Hamilton Trooper Ninth Pahiatua 7408
Bell Francis Henry Trooper Ninth McKenzie 7602
Bell Herbert Henry Bugler Second Rangitikei 361
Bell Malcolm James Sergeant/Sergeant Major Fifth Rangitikei Eighth 2437 5431
Bell Richard Chambers Trooper/Sergeant Third Westland Ninth 798 8000
Bell Robert Trooper Eighth Whangarei 5322
Bell Robert McAdam Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9040 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Bell Robert William Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8919
Bell Walter Frederick Trooper Fourth Wellington 1252
Bell William Ernest Osborne Corporal Ninth Auckland 7004
Bell William John Trooper Eighth Whangarei 5320
Bellamy Harry Trooper Tenth Piako 8665 8655
Belski John Trooper Ninth Kiwitea 7407
Bemrose Frank Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7011 1059
Bendall Arthur Travers Trooper Eighth Wellington 5049
Bennett Albert Trooper Ninth Wellington 7416
Bennett Benjamin Trooper Tenth Piako 8523
Bennett Bruce Scott Trooper Eighth Cook 5193
Bennett Edward Charles Corporal Tenth Ashley 9127
Bennett Edward Joseph Trooper Eighth Manukau 5458
Bennett Ernest Trooper Second Ashley 511
Bennett Harold Trooper Third Geraldine 623
Bennett Henry Lance-Corporal Tenth Levels 9247
Bennett Leo Percy Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5767
Bennett William Hill Trooper Seventh South Africa 4661
Bennetts Royal Trooper Seventh Levels 4386
Benton Archibald Trooper Sixth Wairarapa South 3344
Bergman Frederick William Trooper Second Westland 526
Berland Prosper Raine QM Sergeant First Christchurch 101
Bermingham William Henry Sergeant Ninth Christchurch 7605
Berntsen John Christan Trooper Sixth Hutt 3345
Berry Albert Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4264
Berry Austin Trooper Tenth Marlborough 9264
Berry Christopher Charles Trooper Fourth Waipa 1416
Berry Edwin Thomas Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 6336 8175 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Berry William Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2577
Berry William John Lieutenant Third Hawkes Bay N/N 6830
Berryman Richard Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4611
Bertram Alfred Trooper Tenth Waipa 8665
Best Philip Coster Trooper Fourth Waimea 1163
Best Sidney Herbert (Sydney Herbert) Sergeant Eighth Auckland 5302
Betcke Frederick Trooper Seventh HMT Gulf of Taranto 4660
Bettjemann John Henry Trooper Ninth Buller 7743
Beuth Charles Trooper Ninth Auckland 7551
Bevege James Herbert Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8630
Bezar Albert Ernest Gunner Fifth South Africa 2424
Bezar Frederick William Trooper Fifth Auckland 2346
Bidwill John Trooper Tenth (Details) Oroua 9041 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Bieman Joseph Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7268
Bierre August Trooper/Corporal Second Waitotara Eighth 454 5170
Biggar George Trooper Ninth Southland 7866
Biggs Alfred Ernest Trooper Ninth Piako 7007
Bilby John Frederick Trooper Eighth Oroua 5628
Bing Alfred Edward Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9143
Bingley Arthur George Ellton Major Eighth Christchurch N/N
Birchley Malcolm Sidney (Malcolm Sydney) Trooper Tenth Palmerston North 8927
Bird Frank Trooper Third Buller 784
Bird John Trooper Ninth Waimate 7738
Birkett Arthur Benjamin Trooper Sixth Taranaki 3473
Birnie Alexander Trooper Eighth Wellington 5051
Birt Benjamin Thomas Trooper Eighth Otamatea 5321
Birtles Peter Trooper Tenth (Details) Taieri 9629 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Bishop Joseph Lance-Corporal Sixth Waitaki 3707 3709
Bissett Roderick Trooper/Corporal Fourth Southland Eighth 1113 6015
Bjermquist Charles Henry Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 6176 7581 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Black Allan Trooper Eighth Cook 5190
Black Frederick Ford Trooper Ninth Stratford 7273
Black George Alexander Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5890
Black George Corliss Corporal/Sergeant-Major Fifth Dunedin Eighth 1608 5872
Black James Trooper Eighth Southland 6033 6023
Black James Trooper Eighth Wellington 5047
Black William Trooper First Wellington 117
Blackburn Daniel Trooper Tenth Southland 9488
Blackburn John Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7606
Blackie Allan George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7861
Blackie Charles Dawson Trooper Ninth South Africa 7549
Blackler John Edwin Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7607
Blacklock James Pearson Corporal Tenth Wellington 8792
Blackwell Edwin West Trooper Eighth Auckland 5323
Blackwood Archibald George Rennie Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5892
Blair Adam Trooper Seventh Grey 4262
Blair Duncan Barrie Sergeant/Lieutenant Second Waitotara Eighth 343
Blair James Trooper Ninth Levels 7741
Blair John Trooper First Wellington 28
Blair Joseph Archibald Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7859
Blair William Whitehouse Trooper Eighth Taieri 5895
Blake Alfred John Trooper Seventh Stratford 4136
Blake Harold Rookwood Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5629
Blake Henry Walter Trooper/Lieutenant Fifth Hutt Ninth 2216 N/N
Blakely Thomas Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3588
Blakiston Charles Douglas Sergeant Major Eighth Waipawa 5163
Blanchett William Trooper Ninth Levels 7736
Bland Archibald Bugler Tenth Dunedin 9366
Bland George Arthur Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9145
Bland Harry Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 6312 8178 Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Blank Edward Trooper Eighth Ashley 5635
Blank Frederick William Trooper Sixth Ashley 3591
Blathwayte Charles James Trooper Sixth Ashley 3589
Blenkhorn Charles Trooper First Auckland Sixth 74
Blinkhorn Charles Wood Lieutenant Sixth - N/N
Bliss Alfred Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5043
Bliss Frederick Trooper Tenth Horowhenua 8793
Blissett Isaac Amos Shoeing Smith Eighth Christchurch 5756
Blissett William James Trooper Fourth Geraldine 1393
Blomfield Frederick Wilcox Trooper Eighth Auckland 5327
Blowes Oliver (Oliver Freeman) Trooper Tenth Cook 8667
Blucher Christian Frederick Edmond Trooper Ninth Auckland 7010
Bluett James Trooper Ninth Amuri 7604
Blundell Louis William (Lewis William) Trooper Sixth Wellington 3346
Blyde Albert Harry Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8923
Blyth Matthew Thomas Trooper Sixth Levels 3582
Blythe Girthon Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4268
Boakes Henry John Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2578
Boakes [Boake] Ernest Andrew Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4382
Bockett Charles Captain Ninth Opotiki N/N
Bockett [Brockett] Arthur Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 822
Boddington Adrian Reginald Trooper Sixth Masterton 3347 7563
Boddington Algernon Trooper Fourth Masterton 1256
Boddington Houston Mayor Trooper/Sergeant Major Fourth Masterton Seventh 1255 6311 6302
Bodle Donald William Corporal First Auckland 12
Bodley George Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Wellington 2660
Bodmin Norman Herbert Trooper Fifth Wellington 2220
Bollond Barton Robert Trooper Fourth Waipa 1417
Bolstad Alfred Trooper Sixth Horowhenua 3474
Bolton Henry Benjamin Trooper Fourth Waimea 1164
Bolton William Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9373
Bonar Archibald James Merle Trooper Third Westland 803
Bonar Hugh Gordon Trooper Seventh Westland Ninth 6150 8152 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Bond Charles Frederick Trooper Ninth Waikato 7142
Bond John Henry Purser Sergeant First Auckland 6
Bond Thomas Higginson Trooper Ninth Waipa 7141
Bone Edward Leonard Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1554
Bone Frederick William Trooper Fifth Kiwitea Ninth 2217 7271
Bonner William Ralph Trooper Third Stratford 788
Boone William Trooper Seventh Waimate 4389
Boot Alfred Trooper Eighth (Details) Auckland 9042 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Boot George Trooper Ninth Rodney 7008
Booth Amos Sergeant/QM Sergeant Fifth Waitaki Ninth 1607 7860
Booth Frederick Underwood Trooper/Sergeant Seventh Waitaki Tenth 4505 9345
Booth Harold Joseph Trooper First Waitaki 116
Borlase George Norton Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4139
Borlase John Arthur Gunner Second Waikouaiti 466 Hotchkiss Detachment
Borlase Walter John Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8772 8872
Borrell George Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7143
Boscawen Hugh Townshend Trooper Ninth Auckland 7275
Bosworth John Thomas Lieutenant Fifth Auckland N/N
Bosworth Percy William Trooper Seventh Auckland 4001 3566
Bottom Oscar Trooper Fourth Buller 1371
Bottom Robert Trooper Eighth Buller 5766
Bougen George Bruce Trooper Fourth Cook Seventh Tenth 1381 4677 9836 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Bougen William Trooper Tenth Cook 8666
Bougen [Bougan] Henry Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7613
Bould Charles William Hensman Corporal First Hutt 9
Boult Edgar Charles Trooper Seventh Pahiatua 4610
Bourke Leonard Humphries Trooper Eighth Hokianga 5326
Bourke Michael Thomas Trooper Eighth Hutt 5042
Bourke Peter Vincent Trooper Tenth Hokianga 8521
Bourke [Burke] John Trooper Eighth Pahiatua 6317 2 x 6317
Bourn [Bourne] Herbert Louis Lieutenant Third Levels N/N
Bourn [Brown] Frank Percy Trooper Second Levels 501
Bourne Arthur Uniacke Trooper Eighth Wellington 5192
Bourne Charles Spencer Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6042
Bourne Frederick Thomas Trooper Sixth Hutt 3475
Bovey William Steed (William Stud) Trooper Fourth Waimea 158
Bowcher Sydney Trooper First Patea 62
Bowden John Lance-Corporal Ninth Dunedin 7610
Bowen William Thomas Trooper Tenth Rangitikei 8929
Bower Frederick Trooper Ninth Auckland 7006
Bowers George Meurns Trooper Fourth Maniototo 1040
Bowers James Trooper Ninth Christchurch 6178 7580 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Bowers Percy Trooper Sixth Auckland 3306
Bowie Andrew James Farrier First Dunedin 20
Bowie David Trooper Fourth Bruce 1047
Bowie William Alexander Bugler First Levels 16
Bowker Charles Henry Sergeant Seventh Levels 4366
Bowler Charles Trooper Eighth (Details) Ohinemuri 9043 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Bowles Jesse Trooper Eighth (Details) Patangata 6313
Bowling Warren Allen Lance-Corporal Fourth Dunedin 1055
Boyce Frederick William Trooper Tenth (Details) Levels 9630 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Boyce George Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5768
Boyce Maurice Trooper Third Ashley 621
Boyce William Henry Trooper Ninth Christchurch 6177 8176 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Boyd Archibald Neil Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6031
Boyd Arthur Trooper Eighth (Details) Waiapu 6315
Boyd Charles William Trooper Fourth Oroua 1253
Boyd William Robert Trooper Second Hawkes Bay 450
Boyes Lionel Arthur Trooper Eighth Waimea 5763
Boyes Walter Frederick Trooper Sixth Waimea 3470
Boyle Thomas Trooper Eighth Southland 6037
Boyle Thomas Charles Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4140
Boys Frederick Arthur Trooper Ninth Auckland 7015 ex 2nd Victoria Contingent
Brabant Ernest Vernon Trooper Ninth Oroua 7272
Brace Frank Trooper Fifth Buller 2448
Bracey Frederick Trooper Tenth Hokianga 8520
Bradburn Edward Leonard Trooper Fifth Auckland 2350
Bradburne [Bradbourne] Henry Lieutenant Third Ashley N/N
Bradbury John Trooper Tenth Wellington 8794
Bradbury Robert Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9141
Braddock Alfred Edward Sergeant Fifth Vincent 1620
Bradford George Roland Farrier First Auckland 44
Bradford Henry Andrew Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9146
Bradford Thomas Fleming Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9147
Bradley Augustine (Augustine Francis) Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6040
Bradley Frederick Thomas Farrier Third Hawkes Bay 821
Bradley John Trooper Seventh Piako 4267
Bradley Paul Thomas Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6041
Bradshaw William Boyle Trooper Fourth Whangarei 1418
Brady Harry Trooper Ninth Tauranga 7144
Brady Patrick Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Cook 2612
Brady Reginald Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 9807 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Bragg Albert Edward Sergeant Tenth Dunedin 9466
Braithwaite Arthur (Arthur Holberton Miles) Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2344
Braithwaite Lionel Eric Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1565
Brand James Veterinary Captain Ninth Dunedin N/N 2068
Brandon Percy Eustace de Bathe Trooper Eighth Wellington 5050
Brandon Sydney Francis Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay 2669
Brasell Henry William Trooper Tenth Levels 9257
Brasell Robert Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hutt Eighth 2611 5045 2661
Braund Joseph Norman Trooper Eighth Auckland 5463
Bray Herbert Lance-Corporal Fifth Eden 2335
Brazier Thomas Trooper Ninth Wallace 7996
Breach Sydney (Sydney Frederic) Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9148
Brebner Charles Walter Trooper Fourth HMT Monowai 1040 Does not appear on embarkation roll for the 4ths
Breese Albert Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7864
Breingan Robert Stevenson Trooper Seventh Cook 4146 4166
Breingan Samuel George Trooper Fifth Cook 2451
Bremner Robert James Honorary Captain and Quartermaster Tenth Dunedin N/N
Bremner William Trooper Third Wanganui Eighth 722 5188
Brenchley Thomas Freeman Trooper Eighth Mauriceville 6337 8180 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Brennan Frederick Farrier Second Wellington 427 Hotchkiss Detachment
Brett Harris De Renzie Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5627
Brewer John Walter Simpson Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Taranaki 2663
Brewin Percy Trooper Eighth Auckland 5460
Bridson Corran Trooper Eighth Wellington 5040
Bridson Thomas Angus Trooper Eighth Ashburton 5633
Briggs Albert Edney Trooper Fifth Southland 1609
Briggs Arthur John Trooper Ninth Southland 7867
Briggs Franklin Thomas Trooper Sixth Waitemata 3471
Bright Henry William Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1161
Bright Thomas Trooper Tenth Hobson 8658
Brightwell Walter Edwin Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8799
Brine James Trooper Ninth Auckland 7005
Brinkley Walter Albert Trooper Ninth Piako 7145
Bristow George Henry Trooper Eighth (Details) Hawkes Bay 9808 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Brittenden Glenalvon Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3706
Broadbent Harry Trooper Ninth Masterton 7414
Broadbent Samuel George Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1261
Brock James Henry Alexander Trooper First Hawera 83
Brockway Charles Edward Trooper Ninth Whangarei 7253
Brodie Joseph Lance-Corporal Tenth Pahiatua 8789
Brooker Edgar David Trooper Ninth Waimea 7742
Brookes [Brooks] Alexander Trooper Tenth Akaroa 9144
Brookes [Brooks] John Trooper Fifth Akaroa 2579
Brookfield Frederick Charles Trooper Seventh Auckland 4008
Brooking George Edwin Trooper Seventh Hawera 4606
Brooks James Henry Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4263
Brooks Samuel Lewis Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Dunedin 2725
Broome Frederick Saville Trooper Second Wellington 314
Broomhall Frank Charles Sergeant Tenth Wellington 8796
Brotherton Charles Farrier QM Sergeant Eighth Wellington 5004
Brough Joseph Patrick Trooper Tenth Hawera 8637
Broughton Edward Renata Muhunga Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7277
Broun [Brown] James Scotter Trooper Fourth Auckland 1420
Brown Albert Evans Trooper Eighth Wellington 5457
Brown Albert George Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9260
Brown Albert Robert Trooper/Sergeant Seventh Auckland Ninth 4002 8148
Brown Alexander Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5893
Brown Augustus James Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4383
Brown Cecil Wallingford Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Geraldine Ninth 1254 7740
Brown Charles Frederick (Frank Charles)(Frederick Charles) Trooper Seventh Tauranga 4266
Brown David Trooper Ninth Westland 7999
Brown David Daniel Trooper Seventh Waihemo 4503
Brown Douglas Wilson Corporal Ninth Nelson 7998 2 x 7998
Brown Edward Trooper Sixth Wellington 3476
Brown Eric Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9259
Brown Frank Shoeing Smith Eighth Grey 5757
Brown Frederick Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9372
Brown Harry (Henry) Trooper Eighth Buller 6043
Brown Harry Charles Lance-Corporal Tenth Dunedin 9479
Brown Harry Percy Trooper Sixth Oroua 3466
Brown Henry Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Grey 2664
Brown Henry Fenton Trooper Eighth Wellington 5543
Brown James William Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Christchurch Seventh 2665 4696
Brown James William Masson Trooper Sixth Waitotara 3478
Brown John Trooper Tenth Westland 9262
Brown John Grey Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1019
Brown John Patrick Trooper Sixth Waihemo 3705
Brown Joseph Trooper Tenth Waimea 9261 May not have embarked
Brown Joseph Trooper Fifth Waikato 2345
Brown Joseph William Trooper Seventh Hutt 4609
Brown Leonard Wilfred William Trooper Third Selwyn 622
Brown Michael Trooper Seventh Waitemata Ninth 4005 8177
Brown Norman Harold Farrier Second Waimea 322
Brown Ralph Davis Bugler Eighth Auckland 5311
Brown Richard Trooper Sixth Wallace 3708
Brown Robert Trooper Second Selwyn 419
Brown Robert James Corporal Eighth Levels 5612
Brown Robert John Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9265
Brown Samuel Trooper Seventh Maniototo Ninth 4502 7582
Brown Thomas Trooper Sixth Wellington 3477
Brown Thomas Henry Trooper Sixth Ashburton 3586
Brown Thomas Watson Bugler First Wellington 15
Brown Tythe Joyce Trooper Ninth Wellington 7413
Brown Victor (Victo Hugo) Trooper Eighth Selwyn 6034 3034
Brown William Trooper Eighth (Details) Cook Ninth 6316 8179
Brown William Edmond Corporal Fifth Waimea 2441
Brown William James Trooper Tenth Westland 8795
Brown William John Trooper Fifth Cook 2452
Brown William Neill Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1068
Browne Charles Edward Sergeant Major/Lieutenant/Captain and Adjutant Fourth Auckland Seventh 1400 N/N Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Browne Henry Harwood Lieutenant Seventh Christchurch N/N
Browne Joseph Edward Johnstone Lance-Corporal Ninth Taieri 7614
Browne William Trooper Eighth Waimea 5324
Browne William Joseph Trooper Fifth Stratford 2351
Browne [Brown] Edmund George Trooper Seventh Piako Ninth 4003 5301
Browne [Brown] Samuel Trooper Simon Welton BROWNE Tenth Hobson 8659 8569 (8610)
Brownette Sidney (Sydney) Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4137
Browning Ernest James Trooper Eighth Southland 6038
Brownlee James Little Trooper Eighth Auckland 5325
Bruce David Trooper Seventh Ashburton 4387
Bruce David Small Trooper Fourth Waiapu 1385
Bruce Francis Ormond Trooper Fourth Waiapu 1382
Bruce George Trooper Eighth Southland 6039
Bruce James Trooper Eighth Waitaki 6035
Bruce Joseph Trooper Third Waitotara 769
Bruce Robert Hector Farrier Tenth Waikato 8663
Bruce Roy (Roy Thomas) Sergeant Eighth (Details) Taranaki Tenth 9044 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Brunton Thomas Trooper Eighth Wairarapa South 5048
Bryan John Albert Trooper Ninth Wellington 7550
Bryan John George Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5990
Bryant Herbert Henry Trooper Eighth Oroua 5187
Brydon John Trooper Sixth Ashley 3590
Bryers James Charles Trooper Sixth Hokianga 3210
Buchanan Alexander Trooper Ninth Whangarei 7146
Buchanan George Jauncey Trooper Fifth Waipawa 2450
Buchanan James Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8920
Buchanan John Trooper Seventh Taieri 4506
Buchanan Michael Trooper Tenth McKenzie 9374
Buckham James Robert Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Auckland 7014 Discharged SA
Buckingham Clarence Edward Trooper Seventh Hutt 4142
Buckland William Harold Trooper Fourth Taieri 1060
Buckley Alfred Trooper Ninth Amuri 7603
Buckley Daniel Dennis Trooper Seventh Cook 4143
Buckley Henry George Marshall Trooper Eighth Auckland 5461
Buckley Thomas Frederick Corporal Seventh Auckland 4006
Budge Albert William Mark Trooper Fifth Eden 2349
Budge Walter Thomas Trooper Eighth Ashley 5631
Buick James Trooper Eighth Oroua 5191
Buick William David Trooper Ninth Palmerston North 7274
Bull Alfred Henry Love Trooper Seventh Wellington 4147
Bull Clarence Federick Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2580
Bull Henry Trooper Ninth Manukau 7016
Buller James Martin Trooper Seventh Wellington 4607
Bullians Robert Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8656
Bullock George Gilbert Lieutenant Eighth Waitotara N/N
Bunn Norman Henry Trooper Tenth Oroua 8800
Bunten William Trooper First Clutha 115
Bunting William Edgar Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1017
Burch Adolphus Dodson (Adolphus Dobson) Sergeant Tenth Christchurch 9233
Burch Francis Charles Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1379
Burch Warren William Trooper Eighth Wairarapa South 5046
Burchell Arthur John Trooper Ninth Piako 7147
Burdett William Saddler Tenth Taranaki 8925
Burgess Charles Duff Trooper/Farrier Sergeant Fourth Clutha Tenth 1016 9352
Burgess Ernest Trooper Tenth Taieri 9493
Burgess Frederick Percy Sergeant Eighth Auckland 5301
Burgess George Trooper Fifth Patangata 2541
Burgess James Moulton Corporal Tenth Wellington 8790
Burgess Samuel Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9494
Burke Charles Frank Stanley Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7868
Burke James Francis Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7994
Burke Lionel Charles Trooper Sixth Levels 3583
Burke Rupert Egerton Corporal Tenth Levels 9241
Burke William Joseph Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5626
Burlinson George Vandergraaft (George Van Der Graff) Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7976
Burn Ernest Edward Trooper Eighth Wellington 5041
Burne-Murdock Archibald Arthur Trooper Third Stratford 773
Burnes Douglas Inglis Scott Trooper Sixth Wellington 3587
Burnett John Edward Thomas Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Waimea Tenth 2449 9228
Burnett Richard Evelyn Hayton Trooper/Corporal Fourth Hutt Seventh 1419 4131
Burnip George Thomas Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2581
Burns Alexander Trooper Sixth Levels 3581
Burns Francis Charles Trooper Seventh Waipa Ninth 4265 8167
Burns John Benjamin Trooper Tenth Stratford 8623
Burns Ritchie James Trooper Eighth Waitaki 5891
Burns Thomas Surgeon Captain/Major First Dunedin Seventh N/N 2349
Burns Walter Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7611
Burns William Sergeant Tenth Wellington 8791
Burns William Raymond Trooper Tenth (Details) Selwyn 9627 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Burr Charles James Trooper/Sergeant Major Sixth Hokianga Eighth 3209 5294
Burr William Thomas Colour-Sergeant First Hokianga 3
Burrell Frederick John Trooper Sixth Hutt 3465
Burrell George William Trooper Ninth Hutt 7528
Burroughs Henry Trooper First Marlborough 114
Burroughs John Day Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3468
Burrows James Frederick Trooper Tenth (Details) Dunedin 9628 9268 2 x 9268 (Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth)
Burt Frederick Godfrey Farrier Tenth Ashley 9368
Burton Charles Lance-Corporal Tenth Wairoa 8921
Burton Fred Trooper Eighth Oroua 5186
Burton Harry Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9574
Burtt Albert John - Tenth (Application) - 2339 May not have embarked
Bush George Arthur Trooper Ninth Thames 7012 7102
Bush Walter Stanley Trooper Ninth Wellington 7258
Bushell Reginald Arthur Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9142
Bushell William Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5896
Bushnell Herbert Trooper Sixth Cook 3467
Butcher William Trooper Second Waimate 503
Butchers Thomas Edward Trooper Sixth Levels 3592
Butler Arthur Trooper Eighth Buller 5765
Butler Clifford Saddler Second Christchurch 423 Discharged SA
Butler Harry Francis Trooper First Auckland 23
Butler John Trooper Third Waikouaiti 624
Butler John Francis Lieutenant Tenth Selwyn N/N
Butler Michael QM Sergeant Seventh Wellington 4658
Butler Thomas Trooper Seventh Hawera 4138
Butler Thomas Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4141
Butler William Trooper Sixth Ohinemuri 3206
Butt George Trooper Sixth Cheviot 3585
Butt Thomas James Trooper Seventh Cheviot 4384
Butt William Henry Trooper Tenth Cheviot 9258
Butt [Butts] James William Trooper Eighth Southland 6030
Buttars Thomas Robert Trooper Fifth Waikouaiti 1614
Butters Archibald Trooper First NZ Permanent Force 194 191
Butterworth William Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5762
Buxton Albert Ernest Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5630
Buzan Alfred William Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7995
Buzan James Stephen Trooper Eighth Waitaki 5634
Byford David Trooper Tenth (Details) Hawkes Bay 9039 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Byng John Anstruther Trooper Fifth Wellington 2582
Byrne Daniel Joseph Farrier-Sergeant Fifth Levels 2347
Byrne John Trooper Ninth Wellington 7410
Byrne William James Corporal Seventh Christchurch 4372
Byrne William James Trooper Seventh Waipa 4007
Byrne [Bryne] William Joseph Trooper Bryne First Levels 203
Cabot John Trooper/Corporal First Levels Sixth 121 3602
Cadogan Clifford Taylor Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9381
Cain [Kane] James Trooper Seventh Southland 4416
Caines Richard Trooper Seventh Auckland 4275
Cairney John Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4513
Cairns James Inglis Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7282
Cairns Robert Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9378
Cairns Stephen (Stephen John) Trooper Fourth Clutha 1050
Cairns [Cairn] William Edward (William Edwin) Sergeant Ninth Eden 7017
Calder James Sergeant Ninth Waitaki 8005
Calder William James Trooper Tenth (Details) Taieri 9632 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Caldwell James Trooper Third Waitotara 723
Caldwell William Trooper Fifth Wanganui 2226
Caldwell William Augustus Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 9266
Callaghan Alfred John Trooper Fifth Buller 2457
Callaghan Edward Trooper Ninth Vincent 8008
Callaghan Hugh Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8004
Callaghan William Charles Trooper Fourth Taranaki 1567
Callaghan William Henry Trooper Sixth Wellington 3349
Callagher Frank Colin Trooper Eighth Auckland 5468
Callagher Thomas Herbert (Thomas Henry) Trooper Tenth Auckland 8527
Callam Arthur Trooper Eighth Wellington 5057
Callaway [Calloway] John Walter Trooper/Sergeant Major/Lieutenant First Coromandel Seventh Ninth 54 363 54 or 74
Calnan Joseph Sergeant Seventh Wellington 4127
Calvert Edwin Te Ngaire Corporal Tenth Stratford 8625
Calvert George Gordon Trooper/QM Sergeant Fifth Stratford Eighth 2230 5167
Calvert Leo Trooper Eighth Auckland 5332
Cameron Allan (Allen) Trooper Sixth Wairarapa South 3350
Cameron Archibald Alan William Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9154
Cameron David Trooper Ninth (Details) Rangitikei 9811 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Cameron Donald Hugh Farrier Fourth Hawkes Bay 1561
Cameron Donald Matheson Trooper Fourth Southland 1141
Cameron Dugal Archibald (Dugald Archibald) Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 5898
Cameron Ewen Duncan Trooper Sixth Southland 3719
Cameron Frederick Trooper Tenth (Details) Oroua 9580 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Cameron George Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9273
Cameron Hector Trooper First Wanganui Seventh 26
Cameron James Farrier Sergeant Eighth Selwyn 5606
Cameron John Captain Third Waitotara Sixth Eighth N/N
Cameron John Trooper Fourth Southland 1117
Cameron John Donald Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Cook Ninth 2670 7284
Cameron Robert Alan Trooper Fourth Masterton 1302
Cameron Robert Gilbert Trooper Second Patea 465
Cameron William Trooper Eighth Oroua 5778
Cameron William Trooper Sixth Auckland 3222
Cameron William Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3480
Cameron William Francis Trooper/Lance Corporal Third Westland Eighth 805 6023
Cameron [Guilford] Henry Tracey Guilford Trooper/Sergeant Henry Tracey GUILFORD Fourth Auckland Tenth 1422 8681
Camp William George Trooper Ninth Auckland 7023
Campbell Alexander John Trooper Seventh Clutha Ninth 4509 7585
Campbell Allan Trooper Eighth (Details) Cook 8989 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Campbell Archibald Trooper Fifth Waikouaiti 1616
Campbell Arthur Stewart Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2583
Campbell Colin Gordon Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4390
Campbell Daniel Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7982
Campbell David Trooper Eighth Stratford Ninth 6318 8182 or Seventh (Details)
Campbell Donald Lance-Corporal Tenth Stratford 8933
Campbell Donald Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5638
Campbell George Rennie Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7618
Campbell Hector Trooper Fifth Coromandel 2354
Campbell Henry Samuel Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9498
Campbell Herbert William Trooper Fourth Southland 1121
Campbell Hugh Trooper Ninth Levels 7752
Campbell James Farrier Tenth Levels 9136
Campbell James Trooper Sixth Wanganui 3479
Campbell James Trooper/Corporal Fifth Ohinemuri Tenth 2355 8529 8539
Campbell James William Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8924
Campbell John Comrie Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7871
Campbell John James Thomas Trooper Seventh Auckland 4013
Campbell Kenneth Trooper Eighth (Details) Cook 6323 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Campbell Kenneth Oliver Trooper Tenth Ashley 9274
Campbell Murray Graham Lyon Lance-Corporal Fifth Waimate 2560
Campbell Peter Corporal Seventh Christchurch 4374
Campbell Richard Trooper Sixth (Reliefs) Christchurch Ninth 6181 8181 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Campbell Robert Trooper Fifth Wellington Eighth 2231 5055
Campbell Robert Woodward Trooper Tenth Masterton 8808
Campbell Sydney Arthur Trooper/Corporal Fifth Masterton Ninth 2232 7426
Campbell Thomas Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 6329 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Campbell Thomas James Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7748
Campbell Walter Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9130
Campbell William Trooper Seventh Taieri 4615
Campion Charles Dennis Trooper Ninth Horowhenua 7425
Canavan John William Trooper/Corporal Third Geraldine Eighth 629 5610
Canavan Michael Trooper Fourth Auckland 1423
Canavan William Scott Lieutenant First Marlborough N/N
Cann William Matthew Sergeant Ninth Collingwood 6145 7565 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Cannell Percy Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7150
Cannon James Trooper Tenth Cheviot 9152
Canty Michael Trooper Eighth Southland 6048
Capper James Adam Trooper Seventh Wellington 4613
Capper Joseph John Trooper Eighth (Details) Waikato 9045 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Capstick Leon Albert Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5905
Capstick Thomas Lieutenant Ninth Ashley N/N
Caradus Charles Alexander Corporal Tenth Auckland 8530
Carbery Charles Trooper Eighth Hutt 5054
Carbis William James Trooper Tenth Taranaki 9046
Card Arthur Blaymires (Arthur Blamires) Trooper Tenth Buller 9272
Cardale Digby Edward Garrow Colour-Sergeant First Christchurch 102
Carder Joshua Corporal Eighth Auckland 5331
Carew John Henry Trooper Tenth Buller 9271
Carey Cyril George Trooper Fourth Marlborough 1310
Cargo Vernon Trooper Ninth Manukau 7018
Carkeek Martin Trooper Ninth Horowhenua 7157
Carley Robert Trooper Sixth Hutt 3351
Carlyle John Thomas Trooper Fifth Akaroa 2584
Carlyle Thomas Fairfax Trooper Seventh Cook 4151
Carmichael Peter William Gray Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4507
Carnagy Edward Trooper Sixth Waihemo 3714
Carpenter Charles Thomas Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1023
Carpenter Frederick Corporal Eighth Wellington 5198
Carpenter Robert Byron Trooper Ninth Auckland 7024
Carr Robert Henry Corporal/Lieutenant Seventh Dunedin Tenth 4493 N/N
Carr Samuel Trooper Tenth Waipa 8679
Carr William Jesse Trooper Ninth South Africa 7587
Carr William Joshua Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5900
Carrington William Trooper Ninth Eketahuna 7287
Carson Arthur Andrew Trooper Eighth (Details) Oroua 9810 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Carson Harry Trooper Eighth Ashley 5640
Carter Edward Robert Trooper Seventh Manukau 4071
Carter Ernest Willis Essex Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4510
Carter George Brooke Trooper Fifth Cook Seventh 2461 4689
Carter George Ralph Trooper Tenth Vincent 9383
Carter Henry Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9150
Carter Henry James Trooper Fourth Wellington 1264
Carter Herbert Thompson Trooper Eighth Manukau 5472
Carter James Alison Corporal Tenth Waipa 8678
Carter James Henry Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4271
Carter Lionel Charles Trooper Ninth Wellington 7424
Carter William Albert Corporal Fifth Waipawa 2206
Cartwright Ebenezer (Ebenezer Henry) Trooper Tenth Otamatea 8676
Cartwright Henry Trooper Tenth Otamatea 8675
Carver Joshua Nicholas Trooper Fourth Rangitikei 1262
Casey Daniel Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8930
Casey Edward Trooper Fifth Marlborough 2454
Casey Theodore (Theodore Henry) Trooper First Auckland 55
Cash William Frederick Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9047 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Casley James Henry Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7151
Cassidy Albert William Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay 2672
Cassidy Daniel Arthur Trooper Sixth Ashley 3597
Cassidy Frederick David Trooper Seventh Ashley 4397
Cassidy James Robert Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8007
Cassidy John Trooper Sixth Levels 4132 3596
Cassidy Richard Trooper Tenth Southland 9688
Cassidy William Loftus Trooper/Sergeant Second Waimea Eighth 521 5307
Castle George Alfred Trooper Eighth Auckland 5330
Castle George Thomas Trooper Tenth Christchurch 8804
Castles John Albert Trooper Tenth Auckland 8525
Cates George Hunter Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashburton 9634 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Catherall Joseph Andrew Trooper/Sergeant First Hawkes Bay Ninth 118 7281 7218
Catherall Robert George Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 5199
Cato William Leonard Trooper Seventh Auckland 4150
Cator William Duncan Trooper Fifth Stratford 2435
Caulton Ernest Walter Oakley Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington Ninth 6322 8183 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Caulton Stapylton Cotton Lieutenant Seventh Auckland N/N
Cavanagh Patrick Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5642
Cavanagh Thomas Trooper Third Waipawa 826
Caverhill Francis John Scott Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9636 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Chadwick Joseph Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3595
Challis Arthur Henry Sergeant/Squadron Sergeant-Major Fourth Southland Tenth 1105 9343
Challis Christopher George Sergeant Tenth Cook 8671
Challis Jonas George Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7746
Chalmers George Trooper Ninth Manukau 7019
Chalmers [Amos] Arthur James (Arthur Amos) Lance-Corporal Arthur AMOS Ninth Manukau 7402
Chamberlain William James Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3601
Chambers Alexander Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Wellington Seventh Ninth 1316 4673 8315
Chambers Frederick John Trooper Seventh Ashley 4276
Chambers Richard Wellesley Benjamin Lieutenant and QM Ninth Wellington N/N
Chamman Albert Corporal Ninth Christchurch 7616
Chandler William Trooper Tenth Marlborough 9269
Chant Manson Waterson Trooper Sixth Wellington 3562
Chaplin [Chaplain] Peter Alfred Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2585
Chapman Alfred Trooper Third Amuri 626
Chapman Charles Alfred Monteith Gunner Second Hawkes Bay 426 Hotchkiss Detachment
Chapman Charles Lewis Rutter Corporal Ninth Ashburton 7745
Chapman Frank Lieutenant Tenth Opotiki N/N
Chapman William Garland Gunner Second Christchurch 412 Hotchkiss Detachment
Chappi-Hall Thomas Aubrey Sergeant Sixth Tauranga 3218
Charles Edmund (Edward) Trooper Seventh (Details) Oroua Ninth 6325 8185 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Charles Frederick Trooper Fifth Oroua 2223
Charles [Ayling] William Percy Trooper William Percy AYLING Ninth HMT Devon 7539
Charlton Alfred Stanley Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay Seventh 2673 4718
Charlton John Ernest Trooper Seventh Wellington 4153
Charteris Thomas Francis Lovegrove Trooper Ninth Levels 7750
Charters Alexander Burnett Sergeant Major Eighth Christchurch 5015
Chatfield Amos Trooper Third Akaroa 636
Chatfield Gordon Trooper Tenth South Africa 9598 Details 8th and 9th
Chaytor D'Arcy Lieutenant First Marlborough N/N 820
Chaytor Edward Walter Clervaux Captain Third Marlborough N/N
Cheeseman Walter Bugler Fourth Dunedin 1091
Cheesman Cecil Henslowe Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9153
Cheesman Walter Augustus Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5641
Cheffings Charles Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7290
Cheffings Frank Trooper Eighth (Details) Taranaki 8910 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Chegwin Frederick Charles Bugler Fifth Christchurch 2568
Chesney Robert Oswald Lieutenant Ninth NZ Permanent Force N/N 6928. Unattached
Chester William Trooper Eighth Auckland 5467
Chesterman Thomas Richard Trooper Second Westland 525
Cheyne John Shoeing Smith Eighth Lake 6027
Childe Harry Edgar Sergeant Eighth Christchurch 5740
Chinn Thomas Trooper Eighth Inangahua 5774
Chittock Frederick Charles Trooper Seventh Clutha 4514
Choat Walter Alfred Trooper Seventh Thames 4274
Cholmondeley Charles Edward Lance-Corporal Third Christchurch 612
Christensen Henry Alexander Trooper Seventh Patangata 4152
Christensen [Christiansen] Alfred Trooper Tenth Patangata 8931
Christian Arthur Harold Trooper Eighth Hobson 5469
Christian Edward Trooper Eighth Oroua 5334
Christian George Nathaniel Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5194 5197
Christie Thomas Adam Bugler Ninth Southland 7879
Christie William Ernest QM Sergeant Fourth Dunedin 1151
Christie [Christy] Thomas Walter Trooper Tenth Waikato 8535
Church Arthur Trooper Tenth Masterton 8809
Churchill George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7723
Churnside [Chirnside] Robert John Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7881
Churnside [Chirnside] William Trooper Seventh Wellington 4148
Cimino Charles Thomas Trooper Eighth Wellington 5544
Clague Robert Norman Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7020
Clancy Francis Morris Trooper Tenth Taieri 9499
Clapcott Alexander Allan (Alexandria Allan) Sergeant Major Ninth Dunedin 7873
Clark Albert Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5639
Clark Albert Victor Trooper Tenth Wallace 9497
Clark Alexander Trooper Sixth (Reliefs) Dunedin Ninth 6180 7586 (7180) Reliefs (6th and 7th) -sailed with 8th
Clark Alexander David Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9379
Clark Charles Gunner Second Waikouaiti 467 Hotchkiss Detachment
Clark Charles Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7747
Clark Frederick William Trooper Eighth Cook 5196
Clark James John QM Sergeant Second Wellington 330
Clark John Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7289
Clark John Archibald Trooper Third Amuri 628
Clark John McMillan Trooper Ninth Marlborough 7756
Clark Stanley Moris (Stanley Maris) Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7870
Clark Thomas Trooper Third Christchurch 627
Clark Thomas Lauder (Thomas Lander) Trooper Tenth Levels 9267
Clark William Mollison Farrier Seventh Clutha 4498
Clark Wyatt Matthew Trooper Sixth Southland Ninth 3718 8164
Clarke Alexander Trooper Fourth Tuapeka 1020
Clarke Alfred Samuel Trooper Sixth Auckland 3221
Clarke Daniel Trooper Fifth Geraldine 1617
Clarke Edward Churton Corporal/Lieutenant Fourth Auckland Tenth 1424 N/N
Clarke Harold Kennard Trooper Seventh Whangarei Ninth 4273 8309
Clarke James Llewellyn Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3709
Clarke James Neil Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7869
Clarke John Thomas Trooper Ninth Auckland 7537
Clarke William George Sergeant Fifth Ohinemuri 2329
Clarke [Clark] Harry Trooper Third Patangata 824
Clarke [Clark] Henry James William Trooper Sixth Wellington 3352
Clayton John Greenwood Veterinary Captain Eighth Wellington N/N
Cleary Maurice Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4612
Cleaver George Horace Trooper Tenth Stratford 8626
Cleaver Harry Herbert Trooper Ninth Stratford 7288
Clegg John James Trooper Tenth (Details) Waipawa 9048 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Clegg William James Corporal Eighth Buller 5746
Clements Sampson Davidson Dispenser Corporal Tenth Wellington 8802
Clevely James William Trooper First Oroua 68
Clews Charles Edmund Corporal Second Ohinemuri 457
Clifford Charles Edward Trooper Eighth Wellington 5200
Clifford Thomas William Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7286
Climie Percy Richmond Trooper Eighth Hutt 5058
Clinch Herbert Trooper Eighth (Details) Waikato 6327 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Clive John Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8673
Cloake Leonard Trooper Seventh Wellington 4277
Clode Alexander Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7152
Clough Edgar John Trooper/Lieutenant Fifth Chatham Islands Tenth 2586 N/N
Clouston John Peter Porteous Trooper Eighth Wellington 5056
Clouston William Trooper/Sergeant Second Geraldine Eighth 395 5603
Clout Norman Trooper Eighth Wellington 5061
Clunie William McDonald Trooper Fourth Wairoa Eighth 1558 5194
Clyma John Albert Cyril Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Dunedin Tenth 1066 9465
Clyma William James Nairne Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6047
Coates Ernest Sydney Trooper Second Waikato 460
Coates Frederick John Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7621
Coates Thomas Joseph Corporal Seventh Eden 4015
Coatman Harry Sergeant Sixth Waitaki 3712
Coburn Horace Trooper Fifth Whangarei 2353
Cochrane Arthur Hamilton Corporal Ninth Piako 7021
Cochrane James Trooper Sixth Southland 3717
Cock Edward Stephen Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Ohinemuri 8537
Coe Allan Edward Trooper Seventh Selwyn Ninth 6321 8186 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Coe Henry Caple Trooper Eighth Waipa 5465
Coelli Louis (Lewis) Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9500
Coffey Alfred Horace Trooper First Hawera 22
Coffey James Trooper/Lance-Corporal Fifth Hutt Ninth 2224 7154
Coghill George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7878
Coghlan Edward Ernest Trooper Tenth Auckland 8531
Cohen Percy Arthur Trooper Eighth HMT Cornwall 5996
Colbeck Frank Captain Eighth Otamatea N/N
Coldicutt Frederick Charles Trooper Ninth Eden 7055
Coldicutt William John Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7749
Cole George Herbert King Trooper Second Taranaki 353
Cole John Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4512
Colebrook Charles Sergeant Fourth Wellington 1263
Colebrook Herbert John Drew Trooper Ninth Coromandel 7025
Coleman Arthur George Corporal Seventh Marlborough 4252
Coleman Richard John Staff Sergeant Major Tenth Christchurch 9155
Coleman Roderick Newham Trooper Second Marlborough 513
Coleman Sydney Trooper Ninth Waimea 8002
Coleman William Richard Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7617
Coley Frederick Trooper Ninth Manawatu 7421
Colhoun Robert Sergeant Fifth Auckland Sixth 2328 3220 On embarkation roll for 5ths and 6ths
Colledge James Alexander Corporal/Lieutenant Fourth Auckland Seventh 1409 N/N
Collett Alfred Edward Corporal Ninth Waipawa 7278
Collett Henry Charles Lieutenant Eighth Waipawa N/N
Collier Edward Lance-Corporal Ninth Coromandel 7156
Collier John Jenkins Gunner Second Waikouaiti 494 Hotchkiss Detachment
Collinge Leslie Trooper/Sergeant Third Hawkes Bay Ninth 825 7280
Collins Albert Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8936
Collins Charles Clinton Trooper Fifth Tuapeka 1618
Collins Claude Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Christchurch 2671
Collins Dennis Trooper Tenth Tauranga 8805
Collins George Leonard Bugler Sixth Wellington 3721
Collins H Trooper Second Wellington 507 No file on Archway
Collins Harry Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4270
Collins Herbert Sergeant Eighth Christchurch 5605
Collins Herbert John Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5851
Collins Herbert Milford Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9149
Collins Maurice John Trooper Fifth Wellington 2229
Collins Michael Augustus Trooper Ninth Wellington 7427
Collins Robert Walter Gordon Lieutenant Fourth Wellington N/N
Collins Theodore Trooper Sixth Rotorua 3219
Collis Frederick Henry Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Waitaki Ninth 1080
Collison Hugh Edward Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashburton 9635 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Colman [Coleman] Arthur Thomas Trooper Tenth Wallace 9496
Colquhoun Ludovic Cliffe Trooper Eighth Whangarei 5464
Colthart Edward Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5771
Colthart Thomas Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5772
Columb Edward Joseph Trooper Tenth Taieri 9386
Colvin William Charles Farrier Third Buller 785
Comerford John Trooper Ninth Wellington 7418
Compton Henry Arthur William (Arthur William Henry) Brigade-Chaplain Eighth Wellington N/N
Compton Leonard William Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7285
Conchie Edgar Jonas Wilson (Edgar James Wilson) Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8934
Conchie John Trooper Third Wanganui 724
Condon David Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1529
Condon James Trooper Fourth Manukau 1425
Condon Patrick Joseph Trooper Seventh Ashley 4396
Condon Richard Trooper Fourth Waitaki Eighth 1074 6045
Cone Albert Charles Trooper Third Ashley 631
Congdon Alfred James Trooper/Trooper Second Marlborough Eighth 489 5777
Conlan Francis John Trooper Ninth Levels 7751
Conlan Owen Eugene Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9151
Conn James Sergeant/Lieutenant Seventh Whangarei 4490 N/N Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Conn Robert Trooper Fifth Auckland 2352
Connell Alexander Miller Trooper Eighth Wellington 5062
Connell Herbert Trooper Sixth Taranaki 3482
Connell Rodney Douglas Trooper Fifth Auckland 2357
Connell Walter Trooper Seventh Auckland 4272
Connelly John Patrick Trooper Tenth Waitotara 7417
Conner [Connor] William James Trooper Sixth Waipa 3215
Connery John Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8638
Connolly John James Trooper Second Geraldine 540
Connolly Martin James Trooper Tenth HMT Norfolk 9588
Connolly Wilfred Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Auckland Ninth 1314 7755
Connop Harold Lance-Corporal Sixth Hawkes Bay 3483
Connor John Trooper Tenth McKenzie 9384
Connor Roy Robert Trooper Tenth Auckland 8528
Connors [Connor] Henry Charles Trooper Fifth Westland Ninth 2460 7847
Conroy George Trooper Tenth (Details) Wellington 9809 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Considine John Trooper Seventh Auckland 4072
Considine Peter Trooper Eighth Grey 5775
Constable Edward Trooper Eighth Otamatea 5329
Constance Clemington Trooper Tenth Hobson 8672
Cook Alexander Trooper Tenth Masterton 8677
Cook Alfred Trooper Fifth Hutt 2222
Cook Ernest William Trooper Tenth Wairarapa South 9268
Cook Frederick Walter Trooper Second Hawkes Bay 451
Cook Henry Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7620
Cook John Dispenser Ninth Waikouaiti 7981
Cook John Trooper Tenth Tauranga 9604 8534 (Issued with two numbers)
Cook John Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8006
Cook John Godfrey Trooper First Christchurch 122
Cook Leonard William Corporal Eighth Wellington 5052
Cook Leslie George (Lewis George) Shoeing Smith Eighth Wallace 6026
Cook Otto Richard Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5770
Cook Richard Edward Trooper Ninth Cook 7283
Cook Robert Trooper Eighth Southland 6046
Cook Thomas Joseph Trooper Tenth Piako 9603 8532 (issued with 2 numbers)
Cook Thomas Uppadine Trooper Eighth Manawatu 5060
Cook Walter Lance-Corporal Sixth Southland 3716
Cook William Henry Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4392
Cooke John Gardiner Trooper Seventh Levels 4399
Cooke John George Trooper/Corporal Fifth Wellington Ninth 2227 7420
Cooke William Henry Trooper Third Christchurch 634
Cooke [Cook] Arthur Carwell Trooper Third Ashley 630
Cookson Reginald Overton Corporal Ninth Christchurch 7615 7665
Cooling Herbert Trooper Sixth Geraldine 3600
Cooling John Trooper Sixth Geraldine 3594
Coombridge Wilfred Arthur Trooper Ninth Christchurch 6328 8184 Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Cooper Alfred John (Arthur John) Trooper Seventh Auckland 4011
Cooper Arthur John Trooper Ninth Cook 7396 7369
Cooper Charles Henry Garrett Trooper Sixth Ashley 3830
Cooper John Gordon Gunn Trooper Third Waimate 632
Cooper John Henry Wakefield Trooper Tenth Waitaki 8806
Cooper John Joseph Trooper/Sergeant Third Westland Tenth 804 9346 8346
Cooper Lot Trooper Seventh Westland 4269
Cooper Robert Sinclair Lance-Corporal Ninth Tuapeka 7880
Cooper Sydney Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4391
Cooper Thomas Trooper Seventh Auckland 4012
Cooper Thomas Ernest Trooper Tenth Vincent 9380
Cooper William Henry Trooper Seventh Cook Ninth 6320 7584 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Cooper William Joseph Trooper Eighth Ashley 5643
Cootes [Coates] Frank Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5059
Cope Gerard Brentall Lance-Corporal Tenth (Details) Wellington 8913 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Copeland John Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Auckland Tenth 2356 8682
Corbett Harry Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9501
Corby Duncan Oram Trooper Ninth Waitotara 7757
Corfe Arthur Cecil Captain and Adjutant Tenth Christchurch N/N
Corkin Hugh Trooper Seventh Wallace 4508
Corlet George Valentine Trooper Fifth Hutt Ninth 2456 7423
Corlett Henry Robert Seymore Trooper/Lieutenant Fourth Rotorua Seventh Tenth 1487 4678 N/N 1426
Corliss Mortimer Patrick Lance-Corporal Tenth Wellington 9362
Cornes Harry Graham Trooper Seventh Piako Ninth 4009 7588
Cornford Edwin Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4614
Cornish Charles Neill Alhambra Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1021
Cornish Richard Alexander McGregor Trooper Eighth Taieri 5901
Cornwell [Cornwall] Frederick Farrier Tenth Masterton 8803
Corson David Robert Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1014
Corson Douglas Malcolm Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1062
Corson John George Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6044
Cory Donald Henry Sergeant Eighth Raglan 5444
Cosgrove [Cossgrove] Patrick (Patrick John) Corporal Ninth Wairoa 7149
Cossar David Henry Sergeant Tenth Selwyn 9122
Cossar Mark Trooper First Selwyn 123
Cossgrove David Major/Captain and Paymaster Sixth Ashley Tenth N/N
Cottee Charles William Trooper Ninth Thames 7155
Cotter Charles Trooper Second Waitotara 305
Cotter John Thomas Trooper Fifth Vincent Seventh 2459 4708
Cotterell [Cottrell] Cyril Crispe Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5644
Cotterill George Robert Lieutenant Eighth Hawkes Bay N/N
Cotterill Wilfred Maxwell Lance-Corporal Third Buller 786
Cottingham Richard John Trooper Fifth Auckland Seventh 2358 4697
Cotton Charles Kenneth Orderly Room Sergeant Ninth Christchurch 7543
Cotton Francis Richard Trooper Sixth Inangahua 3481
Cotton Patrick James Sergeant Seventh Christchurch 4367
Coubrough Alfred Trooper Sixth Piako 3216
Counihan [Connihan] John Trooper Seventh Levels 4400
Couper John Frederick Trooper Eighth (Details) Hawkes Bay Tenth 9049 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Couper Peter Joseph Corporal Tenth Wairoa 8932
Couper Samuel Mortimer Trooper Seventh Wellington 4149
Coupland Archibald Trooper Third Levels 633
Courtier [Coutier] Charles Walter Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7422
Courtney [Courtenay] Alfred Charles Shoeing Smith Eighth Whangarei 5308
Coutts Daniel Burrows Trooper Tenth Ohinemuri 8536
Coutts Henry Donald Trooper/Captain and QM First Stratford Seventh Ninth 96 Queens Scarf
Coventry Michael William Lieutenant Ninth Horowhenua N/N
Cowan Charles Allan Trooper Eighth Auckland 5466
Cowan Edward Corporal Ninth McKenzie 7622 7662
Cowan John Trooper Seventh Waikato 4014
Cowan William Henry Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7153
Cowell Henry Lennox Trooper/Sergeant Major Fifth Wairarapa Ninth Tenth 2221 9050 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Cowie Robert Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8132 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Cowie William James Trooper Sixth Southland 3720
Cox Cecil Cleve Lance-Corporal Fifth Christchurch 2587
Cox Charles Crossley Sergeant Sixth Waikato 3217
Cox Edwin - Eighth Auckland 293 Did not embark
Cox Francis Joseph Trooper Eighth Waikato 5471
Cox Frederick James Corporal Tenth Kaikoura 9240
Cox George Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9376
Cox Harry Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8937
Cox Hector William Percival Trooper Fifth Oroua Seventh 2225 4683
Cox James Trooper Sixth Waitaki Ninth 3713 8150
Cox John Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9377
Coxon Edward Anderson Trooper Ninth Tuapeka 7876
Coxon Henry Trooper Ninth Waimate 7753
Cradock Montagu (Montague) Major Second NZ Militia N/N
Crafar William Horace Trooper/Sergeant Second Marlborough Ninth 488 7754
Craig George Trooper Third Cook Islands 861
Craig Henry William (Harry William) Trooper Eighth Auckland 6319
Craig James Trooper First Wanganui 25
Craig William Lance-Corporal Ninth Wanganui 7291
Craig William Alfred Saddler Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Auckland Tenth 1407 N/N Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Craig William Westwood Trooper Eighth (Reliefs) Christchurch 6179 Reliefs for 6th and 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Crampton Philip Douglas Trooper Eighth Cheviot 5769
Cranwell Charles Trooper Tenth McKenzie 9385 Discharged SA
Crase [Craze] William Alfred Trooper Eighth Westland 5779
Craven Robert James Trooper Fifth Marlborough 2455
Crawford Charles Edward Trooper Fifth Westland 2463
Crawford George Thomas Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8940
Crawford George William Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7872
Crawford Oswald Trooper Seventh Levels 4393
Crawford Robert Francis Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1037
Crawford Sydney Herbert William Sergeant Major Sixth Hutt 3454
Crawford Thomas Trooper Seventh Waimate 4398
Crawford William James Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7279
Crawley Godfrey Avent Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8939
Crawley Robert William Trooper/Sergeant First Waitotara Eighth 24 5165
Crawshaw George Lieutenant Second Waitaki N/N
Crean Michael Trooper Fourth Taranaki 1569
Creemer Charles Barkley Trooper Seventh Levels 4394
Crespin Frederick Walter Orderly Regimental Corporal Seventh Wellington 4065
Cresswell George Nelson Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3598
Cresswell William Frederick Trooper Fourth Waimea 1159
Cribb Charles William Edward Sergeant Fourth Grey 1388
Crichton Robert James Sergeant Tenth Waipawa 8935
Crickett Robert Corporal Tenth Waipa 8680
Crilly Frederick Trooper Eighth Levels 9633 Not on embarkation rolls
Critchley John Herbert Trooper Fourth Grey 1394
Croft Alfred Trooper Fifth Westland Ninth 2228 7583 6326
Cromb John Hay Donaldson Trooper Tenth Maniototo 9382
Crombie James Saddler Sergeant Ninth Manukau 7022
Crombie John Richard Trooper Eighth Vincent 5902
Crombie William Dudley Stuart Trooper Eighth Grey 5776
Cromie Arthur Farrier First Ashley 21
Cromwell James Trooper Sixth Auckland 3213
Crook Charles Trooper Ninth Inangahua 7758
Crook Walter Trooper Eighth Auckland 9051 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Crooks George Trooper Sixth South Africa 3695
Crosby [Crosbie] Charles Edward Martin Colour-Sergeant Second Christchurch 328
Cross Charles Edward Trooper Third McKenzie 635
Cross Horace Montague Trooper Ninth Wellington 7419
Cross William Henry Trooper Tenth Auckland 8526
Croucher George Trooper Ninth Collingwood 7759
Crowe Patrick Trooper First Southland 120
Crozier William James Farrier-Sergeant Sixth Tuapeka 3710
Crump Reynold Trooper First Oroua 125
Crump Robert Nixon Signaller Eighth Oroua 6324 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th. Discharged SA
Cubitt Thomas William Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1615
Cudmore Henry Carrington Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5906
Cuff Albert Frank (Albert Frederick) Corporal Seventh Oroua 4132
Cuff Allan Devereaux Trooper Tenth Rangitikei 8807
Cuff Charles Bertrum Trooper Sixth Rangitikei 3353
Cuff Harold Trooper Seventh Rangitikei 4154
Cuff Percy Augustus Trooper Eighth Wellington 5333
Cull William Trooper Ninth Southland 8008
Cullen Edward James Trooper Tenth Tauranga 8533
Cullen Thomas William Sergeant Tenth Masterton 8912 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Cullen William Trooper Sixth Levels 3599
Cullen William Alfred Lance-Corporal Sixth Wellington 3354
Culley William Henry Trooper Tenth Bay of Islands 8674
Culling Alphonsus Corporal Ninth Southland 8003 2627
Culling Joseph Thomas Trooper First Waitaki 124
Cumming David Trooper Eighth Wellington 5053
Cummings [Cummins] John Nathaniel Trooper First Hutt 84
Cummock Allan Trooper Eighth Vincent 5904
Cundy Ernest Henry Trooper Tenth Marlborough 9270
Cundy Horace William Charles Trooper Sixth Wairarapa South 3355
Cunliffe Arthur Erasmus Trooper Eighth Wellington 9052 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Cunningham Adam Samuel Lieutenant Fourth Westland Eighth 4672
Cunningham Adam Samuel Trooper/Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Westland Seventh Tenth 1800 4672
Cunningham Charles Corporal Sixth Waimate 3715
Cunningham James Trooper Tenth Cook 8669
Cunningham John Dyer Trooper Seventh Clutha 4511
Cunningham John James Trooper Fourth Westland 1427
Cunningham Joseph Alexander Trooper Ninth Ashley 7744
Cunningham Norman Trooper Ninth Eden 7130
Cunningham Thomas Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 5195
Cunningham William Henry Farrier-Sergeant Eighth Grey 5849
Curle Torrance Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3711
Curran James Joseph Trooper Sixth Wellington 3356
Currie George Trooper Fourth Manukau 1491
Currie Robert Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7848
Currie Robert Hunt Trooper Ninth Westland 7720
Currie Samuel Decimus Lieutenant Fifth Manukau N/N 43
Currie William Hunt Trooper Fifth Westland 2458
Currie [Curry] John Lance-Corporal Eighth (Details) Wellington Tenth 9800 (8729) Details for regiments now serving in SA - sailed with 10th
Curtain Nathaniel (Nathaniel Gow) Trooper First Auckland 48
Curtin Michael Joseph Trooper Seventh Levels 4395
Curtin Thomas Joseph Trooper Tenth South Africa 9600
Curtis Alfred Trooper Eighth Ashburton 5773
Curtis Ernest Charles Trooper Eighth Auckland 5328
Curtis Herbert Stuart Corporal Second Waimea 349 Hotchkiss Detachment
Curtis James William Paymaster-Sergeant Tenth Ashley 9107
Curtis William Clarke Trooper Seventh Auckland 4010
Cushnie James Trooper Eighth Southland 5899
Cuthbert William George Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5637
Cuttle William James Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7875
Cuttriss George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7874
Cutts Edward Trooper Eighth Waihemo 5903
Dailey Stanley Archibald Trooper Sixth Auckland 3223
Dais William Saddler/Saddler Sergeant Third Rangitikei Eighth 728 5157
Dale Edward George Orderly Room Corporal Ninth Dunedin 7883
Dale Samuel Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3723
Dale William Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7882
Daley Francis (Frank) Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7625
Dalgliesh Charles Stewart Trooper Fourth Clutha 1083
Dalrymple John George Wemyss Honorary Captain and Quartermaster Tenth Masterton N/N
Dandy George Alfred Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4519
Darby Frederick James Trooper Sixth Levels 3603
D'Arcy Thomas Lambton Trooper Eighth Masterton 5204
Dare William Trooper Eighth (Details) Levels 9053 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Darling Albert James Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5913
Darling George Trooper Seventh Wellington 4159
Darling John Lance-Corporal Ninth Bruce 8015
Darlington James Carroll Trooper Fifth Waimea 2464
Darroch Harry Joseph Trooper Sixth Wairarapa South 3361
Darrow Reginald James Trooper Ninth Thames 7163
Dashwood Harry Trooper Third Selwyn 637
Daulton Thomas Miles Trooper Seventh Cook Ninth 6330 8188 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Davey William H Trooper Sixth Wellington 3357
Davidson Alfred James Trooper Sixth McKenzie 3831
Davidson Frederick Charles Trooper Eighth (Details) Patea 6303 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Davidson Frederick William Trooper Fifth Auckland 2359
Davidson Ivan Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Wellington 2674
Davidson James Trooper Tenth Taieri 9503
Davidson James Gibson Trooper Second Patea 367
Davidson John Trooper Fourth Clutha 1377
Davidson John Trooper Eighth Oroua 5203
Davidson Robert Gilbert Trooper Tenth (Details) Waimate 9641 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Davidson Stanley George Trooper Tenth Patea 8948
Davidson Thomas Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8941
Davidson Walter Trooper Tenth Clutha 9509
Davidson William Patrick Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8133 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Davidson William Phillip Trooper Eighth Stratford 5202
Davidson [Davison] Thomas Richard Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8683
Davies Charles Arthur Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9156
Davies Harry Frederick Trooper Sixth Ashley 3832
Davies John William QM Sergeant/QM Sergeant Fourth Selwyn Eighth 1362 5737 Does not appear on embarkation roll for the 4ths
Davies Maurice Llewellyn Trooper Fourth Selwyn 1428
Davies Richard Hutton Captain/Brevet-Colonel First Taranaki Fourth Eighth N/N 1221
Davies Samuel Trooper Fifth Opotiki 2236
Davies Thomas Gordon Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9157
Davies William Robertson (William Robson) Trooper Seventh Ashley 4282
Davies [Davis] Edward John Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5647
Davis Albert Benjamin Trooper Second Patea 448
Davis Charles Trooper Ninth Auckland 7029
Davis David Trooper Fifth Buller 2465
Davis Edward Trooper Fourth Auckland 1429
Davis George Corporal Tenth Waikato 8689
Davis Herbert Moss Lieutenant Seventh Auckland Eighth Ninth N/N
Davis John Burnet Trooper Tenth Wellington 9835
Davis Laurence Montgomery Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 829
Davis Nathaniel Hurst Trooper Sixth Waimate 3833
Davis Richard Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8949
Davis William Hartley Lieutenant Fifth Waimea Seventh Eighth 2675 4692
Davis William John Trooper Sixth Levels 2592 3722 Discharged SA
Davis [David] Cecil Harold Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5650
Davis [Davies] Cyril Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9637 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Davitt Alfred Trooper Tenth Cook 8942
Davy Edwin Captain Fourth Wellington Tenth N/N
Davy Llewllyn Trooper Third Ashley 828
Dawson Arthur John Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 6185 7590 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Dawson Charles (Charles Beal) Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9390
Dawson Charles McBeth (Charles McBeath) Surgeon Captain Seventh Masterton N/N 2542
Dawson Philip Trooper Fourth Southland 1103
Dawson Roger Trooper First Waikato 58
Dawson Thomas Henry Sergeant Major Fourth Auckland 1401
Dawson William Rowland Trooper Eighth (Details) Auckland 9054 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Day Arthur Edward Sergeant Ninth Auckland 7031
Day George Finch Herbert Trooper Fourth Southland 1138
Day John Frederick Trooper Seventh Wellington 4158
Day William Trooper Tenth Hutt 8811
Daysh Norman John Trooper Eighth Pahiatua 5910
De Bourbel Eustace Raoul Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7393
De Carteret Aubrey (Aubrey Carteret) Sergeant Major Second Auckland 459 Hotchkiss Detachment
De Labrosse Tyrell Lushington Trooper Eighth Otamatea 5498
De Launey Louis Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4617
De Lautour Cecil Andrew Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Peninsula Eighth 1622 5875 5845
De Lautour Edgar Frederick Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5912
De Lautour [De Latour] Bertrand Cecil Lance-Corporal Sixth Cook 3484
De Loree Peter Augustus Trooper/Sergeant Third Rangitikei Sixth 726 3456
De Malmanche William Trooper Tenth Christchurch 8839
De Montalk George Tancred Lance-Corporal Ninth Auckland 7032
De Renzi Arthur Castriot Surgeon Captain Fifth Wellington N/N
Deam [Deem] Frank Trooper Tenth Waihemo 9391
Dean David Trooper Eighth Hokianga 5336
Dean George Corporal Second Ohinemuri 434
Dean John Trooper Eighth Manukau 5335
Deans Francis Herbert Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9504
Debenham Frederick Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6132
Deck Henry O'Brien Surgeon Captain Ninth Waimea N/N 3739
Deck James George Massey Trooper Seventh Waimea 4278
Deighton Richard George Sergeant Eighth (Details) Wairoa 8908 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Delaney Francis Joseph Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Waikato 8686
Delaney Frederick John Trooper Second Auckland 404
Delaney James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3358
D'Emden George Trooper Ninth Wellington 7428
Dempsey William Trooper Tenth Grey 9392
Dempster Alexander (Alex) Trooper Tenth Wallace 9502
Dempster Maxwell Trooper Ninth Hobson 7158
Denby [Hurley] Walter Henry Trooper/Sergeant Walter Henry HURLEY Fifth Auckland Eighth 2259 5435
Denham Clarence Murray Trooper Tenth Waimea 9158
Denhard Henry Conrad Trooper Eighth Wellington 5065
Dennison George Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8684
Denniston James Trooper Seventh Southland 4520
Denny Charles John Trooper Seventh Cook 4156
Dent Richard Trooper Seventh Waimea 4280
Denyer Ernest Frederick Trooper Eighth Auckland 5338
Dermott John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3359
Derrett Clement Camm Trooper Sixth Selwyn 3834
Derrett George Cecil Trooper/Lieutenant Third Selwyn Tenth 638 N/N
Devane Thomas Michael Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7630
Devereux Clement Lawence Trooper Ninth Christchurch 6182 7589 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Devereux John Fitzpatrick Farrier Tenth Southland 9482
Devereux Rodney Talbot Corporal Second Auckland 435
Devery John Mangan Clifford Trooper Fourth Patea 1270
Devine Albert Henry Trooper Seventh Wellington 4616
Devon Walter Trooper Eighth Maniototo 6051
Dewar Arthur Robert Johnstone Lieutenant Fifth Waitotara N/N
Dewar Peter Robert Trooper/Sergeant Sixth Dunedin Tenth 3725 8541
Diamond Alexander Trooper Seventh Collingwood 4279
Dibble Frank Gordon Trooper Seventh Ohinemuri 4016
Dibble John James McDonald Sergeant Tenth Kaikoura 9232
Dick Albert James Lance Corporal Eighth Marlborough 5751
Dick Robert Trooper Eighth Auckland 5339
Dick William Trooper First Marlborough 126
Dickey William John Trooper Tenth Tauranga 8540
Dickinson Thomas Harry Trooper Tenth Stratford 8944
Dickinson [Dickenson] Harold Lissaman Trooper/Lieutenant First Christchurch Seventh 127 N/N
Dickson Archibald Trooper Fifth Southland 1623
Dickson David Trooper Fourth Southland 1139
Dickson Robert Trooper Eighth Ohinemuri 5340
Dignan Gordon Trooper/Sergeant Fifth (Reserves) Auckland Tenth 2676 8539
Dilks William Thomas Trooper Eighth Oroua 5201
Dillon Thomas Robert Trooper Ninth Southland 7628 7623
Dineen William Trooper Fourth Waikato 1259
Ditely Lytton Alphonse Trooper Seventh Akaroa 4401
Dixon Albert Leslie Corporal Tenth Wellington 8810
Dixon Christopher (George Herbert Christopher) Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8947
Dixon Edward Horace Eugene Trooper Tenth Masterton 8814
Dixon Frank Netherwood Trooper Tenth Stratford 8635
Dixon Frank Newman Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1267
Dixon Henry Michael Sergeant Ninth Christchurch 7623
Dixon Joseph Francis Surgeon Captain Tenth Waikato N/N 5487
Dixon Nathaniel Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1268
Dixon Oscar Clarence Trooper Eighth Masterton 5063
Dixon Wilfred Douglas Trooper Fifth Masterton 2235
Dobbon George Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Taranaki 2719
Dobbs Herbert Edward Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8945
Dobson John Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9505
Dobson Joseph Trooper Tenth Thames 8542
Dobson Robert Ambrose Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5723
Dobson William Sergeant Seventh Dunedin 4485
Dobson William Henry Trooper Eighth Wellington 5064
Docherty William Chapman Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8134 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Dodd Charles William Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6131
Dodunski John Mitchell Trooper Ninth Stratford 7292
Doel Benjamin Charles Trooper Sixth Bay of Islands 3305
Doggett William John Trooper Eighth South Africa 6136
Doherty Charles Walter Corporal Ninth Ashburton 7760
Doherty Peter Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3605
Doig George Fergusson - Eighth - 7555 May not have embarked
Doig John Rattray Trooper Seventh Waitaki Ninth 4515 6183 8162 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Don Angus Mitchell Bugler/Bugler/Trooper Fifth Dunedin Eighth Ninth 1619 5886 7985
Donald Harley Hodgson Sergeant Ninth Masterton 7395 7396
Donaldson Thomas Trooper Fifth Southland 1624
Donaughey Robert Thomas Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5645
Donehue [Donohue] Thomas Francis Lance-Corporal Ninth Wallace 8014
Donkin William Trooper Seventh Thames 4281 8281
Donnelly Peter Cooper Trooper Seventh Southland 4283
Donnelly Robert Trooper Fourth Southland 1146
Donnelly Thomas Andrew Trooper Ninth Southland 8013
Donnelly William Cooper Trooper Eighth Southland 5907 8017
Donohoe Charles Trooper Sixth Wellington 3360
Donovan William Henry Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9387
Doonan Matthew Trooper Tenth Inangahua 9275
Doreen [Dorreen] James Thomas Trooper Fourth Oroua Ninth 1532 8118
Dorizac Charles Frederick Corporal-Dispenser Eighth Wellington 5007
Dormer Ernest Walter Alfred Bugler Fifth Auckland Ninth 2338 7027
Dorn Thomas Charles Farrier Third Ashley 618
Dorset Frank Edward Trooper Fifth Masterton 2234
Dorward Alexander Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3604
Dougall George Arrundell Trooper Third Waitotara 770
Dougherty Benjamin Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9388
Douglas Alfred Trooper First Waimea 193
Douglas Hugh Trooper Sixth Tauranga 3226
Douglas James Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashburton 9639 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Douglas James Trooper Eighth Wairarapa South 5474
Douglas Mungo Trooper Fifth Thames 2360
Douglas [Douglass] John Robert Shoeing Smith Eighth Waitaki 5887
Dow Robert Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9506
Dowell Bartholomew Trooper Seventh Westland 4286
Dowle Henry James Trooper Fourth Maniototo 1043
Downes Peter Trooper Tenth Waikouaiti 8813
Dowson Egbert John Trooper Sixth Whangarei 3225
Doyle Henry Thomas Trooper Tenth Waipa 8687
Doyle James Trooper Eighth Ashley 5652
Drabble Robert William Trooper Ninth Tauranga 7159
Drake Francis Sergeant Sixth Manukau 3224
Draper Harry Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Auckland Ninth 1430 7026
Dray Herbert Alfred Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9507
Dreaver John Grant Sergeant Ninth Waihemo 7886
Dreaver Robert Thomas Trooper Tenth (Details) Dunedin 9638 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Dreaver William Leal Trooper Ninth Waihemo 7885
Drennan Thomas Henry McDougall Trooper Seventh Taieri 4516
Drever John Hastie Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8685
Drew John Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7160
Drewet Frank Trooper Eighth Hokianga 5337
Drewet Jesse Carr Trooper Ninth Hokianga 7255
Drinkwater Henry Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8946
Drinnan Robert Anderson Trooper Fourth Bruce 1155
Drinnan William Andrew Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7033
Driscoll Charles (Charles Arthur) Trooper Eighth Ashley 5646
Driscoll Frank Henry Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9508
Driscoll Henry Saddler Sergeant Ninth Ashley 7629
Driscoll Henry John Trooper Fifth Waitaki Seventh 2467 4716
Drower George Edmund Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9055 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Drower Harvey Buckland Trooper Eighth Auckland 5473
Drummond Charles Trooper Third Rangitikei 721 727
Drury James Lieutenant Seventh Auckland N/N
Dry James Dunbar McDougall Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4517
Dryden Alfred Ponsford Trooper Fifth Bruce 1621
Duckett John Edward Trooper Seventh Masterton 4157
Duckworth Robert Francis Trooper Ninth Bruce 8017
Dudley Arthur William Trooper Second Ashley 327
Dudley Charles Hector Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5648
Duff Cecil Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 5988
Duff Charles Sinclair Trooper Fourth Tuapeka 1048
Duff John Corporal Ninth Clutha 8016
Duff Oliver Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 5909
Duffey Frederick Trooper Eighth Waitaki 5911
Duffy William Robert Trooper Fourth Waitaki 1002
Duggan Matthew Trooper Third Taranaki 783
Duigan Henry Vaughan Trooper Third Waitotara 725
Duigan John Evelyn Lieutenant Tenth Waitotara N/N
Duigan William Joseph Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8943
Duimovitch Thomas Trooper Seventh Waikato 4073
Duke Ernest Edward Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5649
Duller John Henry (Harry John) Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7293
Dumarasque Robert Hare Fitzroy Sergeant Second Waipawa 323
Duncan Alexander Trooper Fourth Tuapeka 1012
Duncan Alexander Low Lance-Corporal Tenth Dunedin 8812
Duncan Archibald Campbell Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9389
Duncan Edgar Corporal Sixth Oroua 3724
Duncan Edmund Clarke Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Waimea 7429
Duncan George Albert Trooper Eighth Ashley 5651
Duncan James Malcolm Trooper Sixth Ashley 3835
Duncan Robert Nelson Sergeant Fourth Waipawa 1566
Dunford Charles Christopher Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4402
Dunford Claude Trooper/Lance Corporal Fourth Christchurch Eighth 1481 5750 1498
Dungan George Andrew Sergeant Seventh Christchurch 4365
Dungey John Trooper Fourth Lake 1072
Dunlop Adam Trooper Ninth Southland 8011
Dunlop Alexander Trooper Ninth Ashley 7624
Dunlop David Corporal Fifth Ashley 2561
Dunlop David Walter Lieutenant Tenth Thames N/N
Dunlop Thomas Albert (Thomas Robert) Trooper Tenth Thames 8688
Dunlop William Trooper Seventh Southland 4518
Dunn Christopher Blencowe Noble Trooper Ninth Mongonui 7162
Dunn Joseph Trooper Tenth Cook 8690
Dunn Robert Trooper Eighth Westland 9640 Not on embarkation rolls
Dunn Robert Mathew Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4287
Dunn Roy Hawthorne Trooper Ninth Christchurch 6186 8187 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Dunne Valentine Trooper Third Hawera 791
Dunne William Fenton Trooper Second Clutha 481
Dunnet William James Trooper Tenth South Africa 9601 Discharged SA
Dunphy [Dumphy] Charles Edward Trooper Ninth Auckland 7161
Durey George Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Christchurch 7627
Durham Joseph Walter Trooper/Regimental Sergeant Major Fifth Selwyn Tenth 2588 9101
Dutton Daniel (Rev.) Chaplain Captain Ninth Dunedin N/N 4134
Duvall Frederick Charles Dispenser Corporal Tenth Auckland 9109
Dwyer Matthew Trooper Tenth Rangitikei 8691
Dye Albert Trooper Ninth Auckland 7028 Did not embark
Dyer Alfred Andrew Trooper Fifth Masterton 2233
Dyer Joseph Henry Trooper Seventh Collingwood 4285
Dyer Thomas Trooper Eighth Vincent 5908
Dyer [Dyers] John Finley (John Finlay) Trooper Seventh Southland 4284
Dyke Charles Trooper Third Rangitikei 766
Dyke John Robert Corporal Ninth Southland 8012
Dysaski Frank Trooper Eighth Southland 6050
Eade Frederick Norman Trooper Fifth Horowhenua 2237
Eadie Peter Trooper Ninth Southland 8019
Eady William Niven Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Vincent Eighth 1625 5877
Eagleton Randolph Albert Alexander Trooper Ninth Auckland 7165
Earle William George Trooper Second Southland 379
Earley [Early] Edward John Trooper Ninth Stratford 7294
Early Nathan Sergeant/Lieutenant Fifth Wellington Seventh Tenth 2388 4700 N/N 2238 (1238)
East Herbert Edward Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6055
Eastgate Henry Sergeant Major Second Auckland 518
Easther Charles Bertram Trooper Fourth Oroua 1272
Easton Alfred Trooper Eighth Manukau 5341
Easton George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7761
Ebert [Walker] George Saddler George WALKER Eighth Auckland 5342
Eccles Charles Edward Sergeant Tenth Waipawa 8951 8591
Eccles Horace Dorset Surgeon Captain Eighth Mongonui N/N
Eden Albert Trooper Ninth Waimea 6153 8189 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Eden James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3362
Edgar Frederick Matthew Trooper Ninth Collingwood 8171 (6152) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Edgar James Trooper Ninth Inangahua 8170 (6151) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Edgar John Trooper Fourth Lake Eighth 1044 6052
Edgar Peter Maxwell Veterinary Surgeon Fourth Wanganui N/N
Edgecombe William Stenning Trooper Tenth Vincent 9395
Edkins William Henry Trooper Seventh Waipa 4017
Edwards Charles Alfred Trooper First Patea 65
Edwards Edward Trooper Ninth Amuri 7631
Edwards Fredrick Cutten Trooper Fifth Wellington 2469
Edwards George Frederick Saddler Eighth Patea 5178
Edwards Herbert Augustine Corporal Fifth Auckland 2330
Edwards Herbert John Bugler Tenth Southland 9480
Edwards James Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3726
Edwards James Henry Trooper Sixth Ashburton 3607
Edwards Mark Trooper First Selwyn 129
Edwards William Trooper Sixth (Reliefs) Waitaki Ninth 6190 7592 Sailed with 8ths
Edwards William Trooper Ninth Auckland 7037
Egan James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3363
Eggleston Edward Trooper Third Kaikoura 641
Eivers Edmond William (Edmund William) Trooper Eighth Whakatane 5475
Elder Malcolm Balfour Lieutenant/Captain Fourth Horowhenua Ninth N/N
Ellen Charles Trooper Sixth Waimate 3606
Elliot William Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 6331 8190 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Elliot [Elliott] Harold Trooper Ninth Auckland 7536
Elliott James Trooper Eighth Opotiki 5476
Ellis Alexander Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9511
Ellis Benjamin Trooper First Dunedin 131
Ellis John Lewis Spencer Trooper Second Patea 331
Ellis Leonard Richmond Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9396
Ellis Montague Trooper Tenth Collingwood 8950
Ellis Robert Gordon Trooper Ninth Auckland 7035
Ellis William Charles Trooper Sixth Taranaki 3486
Ellis William Henry Trooper Tenth McKenzie 9394
Ellis William Thomas Trooper Sixth Auckland 3227
Ellison William John Saddler Third Christchurch 639
Ellison William John Percy Trooper Ninth Auckland 7531
Elmslie James McGregor Trooper Second Patea 378
Elston Frederick John Goddard Squadron QM Sergeant Tenth Christchurch 9344
Elston Samuel George Trooper Eighth Waihemo 6053
Emerson Albert Leslie Trooper Eighth Waitaki 6054
Emerson Percy Tivey Trooper/Lieutenant First Hawkes Bay Ninth 128 N/N
Emms [Erms][Emmis] Ernest George Trooper Fifth Waimea 2589
Enderby Charles Henry Trooper First Wanganui 89
Engstrom Carl Gothrik Trooper Sixth Pahiatua 3364
Ennis Andrew Alfred Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9393
Ensor Charles Hedley Vickers Trooper Ninth Thames 7034
Ensor Edmond George (Edmund George) Trooper First Geraldine 130
Ensor William Charles Sergeant Third Ashley 609
Erickson Alfred Samuel Trooper Sixth Waitotara 3485
Erskine James Thomas Lance-Corporal Ninth Buller 6154 7578 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Erskine John Robert Trooper Fifth Buller Eighth 2468 5752
Esam Arthur Corporal Seventh Rangitikei 4251
Escott James Henry Trooper Second Waipawa 520
Espagne Leo Mylin Trooper Seventh Hawera 4160
Eugene Walter Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8815
Eustace Sidney William (Sydney William) Trooper Eighth Auckland 5343
Evans Dafydd Pugh Trooper Sixth Stratford 3487
Evans DeLacy Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9056 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Evans Edward Charles Trooper Third Geraldine 640
Evans Eyre Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4522
Evans Frederick Charles Trooper Eighth Levels 5992
Evans Frederick Charles Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4521
Evans George Alexander Trooper Eighth Oroua 5066
Evans George Watson Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7036
Evans Robert Francis Trooper Tenth Ekatahuna 8868
Evans Robert William Trooper Tenth Oroua 8816
Evans Wilfred George Trooper Tenth Cheviot 9159
Evatt Reginald Langdale Trooper Sixth Wellington 3365
Evatt Samuel Thomas Trooper Eighth (Reliefs) Wellington Ninth (Reliefs) 6187 7567 Reliefs for 6th and 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Everest Frank William Trooper Seventh Waihemo Ninth 6188 7591 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Eves Robert James Trooper Ninth Otamatea 7164
Evett Frank James Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8543
Evison Charles Corfe Halliday Trooper Tenth Southland 9512
Ewart Frederick Trooper Ninth Christchurch 8020
Ewart James Trooper Sixth Clutha 3727
Ewart William Trooper Seventh Clutha Ninth 6189 7593 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Excell Walter Alexander Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Clutha 9468
Eyre Albert George Saddler Sergeant Ninth Waimate 7762
Eyre Charles George Sergeant Major Fifth Auckland 2324
Fabian Alexander Gordon Trooper Sixth South Africa 3567
Fahey Edward Joseph Trooper/Corporal Fifth Manukau Ninth 2364 7038
Fahey James QM Sergeant Seventh Rangitikei Ninth (Details) 6305 7579
Fahey Michael Bernard Trooper Tenth (Details) Southland 9812 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Fahey Stephen Patrick Trooper Sixth Manukau 3228
Fahey [Fahery] James Vincent Trooper First Southland 133
Fairbrother Eustace Claude Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7439
Fairclough Walter Corporal Seventh Dunedin 4495
Fairley [Fairlie] John Trooper Seventh Dunedin Tenth 4528 9358
Falconer Alexander Robertson Surgeon Captain Ninth Dunedin N/N 7672
Falconer James Howden Trooper Sixth Waitaki 3731
Fallowfield Joseph Trooper Tenth Clutha 9516
Fallowfield William James Trooper Fourth Bruce 1034
Falvey John Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay Ninth 6335 8192 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Falvey William Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4163
Familton Robert Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7894
Farmer Daniel George Trooper Eighth Piako 5345
Farquhar Peter Trooper Sixth Bruce 3729
Farquharson William McGregor Trooper Second Dunedin 474
Farr Frederick Trooper Ninth Patea 7295
Farrell James Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Waipa 2716
Farrell William James Trooper Seventh Eden 4018 4081
Farrow Henry William McGregor Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5655 5635
Farrow Pressney John Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3608
Fauchelle [Fanchelle] Frank Clarence Trooper Tenth Collingwood 9283
Fear Arthur Robert Trooper/Sergeant Second Ashley Tenth 499 9113
Feasey Hiram Henry Trooper Ninth Wellington 7434
Feeney James John Trooper Second South Africa 3001 Hotchkiss Detachment
Feetham James Trooper Seventh Oroua 4619
Fenemor Charles Frederick Trooper Tenth Waimea 8952
Fenton Reginald John Trooper Eighth Auckland 5477
Fenwick Percival Clennell Surgeon Captain Second Christchurch N/N
Ferguson Alexander Farrier Fifth Maniototo 1630
Ferguson Alfred Trooper Eighth Waipawa 5205
Ferguson Alfred William (William Alfred) Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9162
Ferguson Archibald Edward Trooper Tenth Southland 9513
Ferguson Arnold Trooper Tenth (Details) HMT Drayton Grange 9838 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Ferguson Arthur Charles Trooper Ninth Taieri 7890
Ferguson David Trooper Seventh Southland 4527
Ferguson Donald James Alexander Trooper Ninth Levels 7763
Ferguson George Hepburn Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5916
Ferguson George Weir Lieutenant Eighth Christchurch N/N 1434
Ferguson James Trooper Tenth Waikato 8692
Ferguson Robert Stewart Trooper Tenth (Details) Southland 9642 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Ferguson Thomas Lance-Corporal Sixth Wellington 3366
Ferguson William Peter Trooper Ninth Collingwood 7764
Fernandos George Trooper/Saddler Fifth Wellington Ninth 2241 7433
Ferrar David Bassett Shoeing Smith Eighth Wallace 5888
Ferris Jack Sydney Trooper Fifth Cook 2472
Ferris James Herbert Trooper Fourth Cook 1490
Ferris John Smith Lance-Corporal Tenth Christchurch 9163
Fields Charles Trooper Fifth Horowhenua 2243
File Ernest Trooper Eighth Cook 5207
Finch Harry Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4622
Finch Jacob Trooper Sixth Hutt 3560
Finch John William Trooper Ninth Bruce 7889
Finch Samuel Trooper Eighth Auckland 5483
Finch Thomas Trooper Fifth Eden Eighth 2363 5482
Finch William John Trooper Eighth Auckland 5480
Findlater Gabriel Napier Forrester Trooper Fourth Clutha 1045
Findlay James Charles Armourer/Corporal Second Geraldine Eighth 538 5613 Hotchkiss Detachment
Findlay John Lieutenant Second Geraldine N/N
Findlay John Trooper/Lance-Corporal Fifth Taieri Eighth 1626 6022
Findlay [Finlay] Henry Alexander Trooper Second Rangitikei 402
Finlayson Robert Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9398
Finn Bertram Sibbald Trooper Fifth South Africa 1444
Finnagan Andrew Thomas Trooper Ninth Auckland 7039
Finnamore Walter Gordon Trooper Eighth Stratford 5206
Finnerty James Henry Trooper Ninth Southland 8021
Firmston Frank Trooper Eighth Wellington 5347
Firth Alfred Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4525
Firth Percy Clifton Trooper Fourth Auckland 1431
Fish Samuel Henry Trooper Eighth Auckland 5344
Fisher Charles Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5653
Fisher Francis Marion Bates Captain Tenth Christchurch N/N
Fisher Frederick Ferguson Trooper Eighth (Details) Ekatahuna 9057 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Fisher George Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9164
Fisher John Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9225
Fitch Walter Thomas Trooper Fifth Grey 2471
Fitzgerald Denis Trooper Fourth Marlborough 1309
Fitzgerald Edward Sergeant Second Wellington 304
Fitzgerald James Trooper Fifth Auckland 2361
Fitzgerald John Trooper Ninth Waikato 7040
Fitzgerald Maurice Edward Trooper Seventh Wellington 4621
Fitzgerald Percy John Trooper Nathaniel FITZGERALD Eighth Stratford 6333
Fitzgerald Thomas Trooper Ninth Wellington 7435
Fitzherbert Arthur Geoffrey Marshall (Arthur Godfrey) Trooper Eighth Rangitikei 5208
Fitzherbert Norman Lieutenant Third Waitotara N/N
Fitzroy James Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2590
Fitzsimmons Henry (Harry) Trooper Second Wairarapa South 439
Flatt Walter Henry Trooper Tenth Auckland 8544
Flavell Colin Herbert Trooper First Christchurch 136
Flavell Edwin Trooper Tenth Manukau 8546
Flavell Emanuel Trooper Seventh Manukau 4074
Flavell John Trooper Eighth Manukau 5478
Fleetwood William Swayne Trooper Eighth (Details) Stratford 6334 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Fleming John Stuart Trooper Fifth Wellington 2239
Fleming Thomas Trooper Tenth Clutha 9514
Fletcher Henry Hancock Saxon Trooper Fifth Wellington 2240
Fletcher James Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1275
Fletcher John Trooper Eighth Wellington 5067
Fletcher Peter Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4523
Fletcher Richard Trooper Eighth Lake 6056
Fletcher Samuel Green Sergeant Fifth Wellington 2201
Fletcher Walter Harold Sergeant Major Fifth Wellington 2438
Flint Thomas Trooper Seventh Wellington Ninth 4618 7954
Flood Archie Herbert Saddler Ninth Christchurch 7634
Flood Mark Joseph Trooper Fifth Whakatane 2362
Florence Thomas George Trooper Ninth Wellington 7436
Flower Robert Henry Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4288
Flower William Herbert Trooper Tenth Kaikoura 9285
Floyd Edward Arthur Trooper Ninth Waipa 7166
Flyger Claud Thain Trooper Sixth Oroua 3437
Flynn Maurice Alexander (Morrice Alexander) (Morris Alexander Francis) Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8953
Flynn Peter Trooper Tenth Waimate 9397
Flynn William James Trooper Fifth Waitotara 2242
Fogarty David Corporal Tenth Marlborough 9242
Fogden Ernest Harold Trooper Ninth Wellington 7765
Fogden William Francis Trooper Ninth Buller 8191 (6155) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Fookes George Talbot Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4620
Fooks Alfred Augustus Captain Eighth Ashburton N/N
Forbes Alexander Trooper Seventh Southland 4524
Forbes Donald Trooper Seventh Wallace 4526
Forbes Francis Courtney Sutherland Surgeon Captain Eighth Pahiatua N/N
Forbes Frederick William Duncan Trooper Fifth Thames 2365
Forbes George Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9160
Forbes John Trooper Tenth Wellington 9165
Forbes Robert Lance-Corporal Ninth Christchurch 7632
Forbes Robert Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9161
Forbes William Trooper/Sergeant Major Sixth Waitaki 3730 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Ford Alfred George Trooper Ninth Waimea 8024
Ford Alfred Leonard Trooper Tenth Auckland 9605 8545 (Deserted at Sydney - Did not see service)
Ford James Edwin Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Westland 2677
Ford John Tucker Trooper Sixth Ashley 3609
Ford Leonard (Leonard Johnson) Corporal Tenth Taranaki 8954
Ford Thomas Trooper Fourth Southland 1143
Forde [Ford] John Francis Trooper Fifth Southland 1627
Fordham Alfred George Trooper First Wellington 197
Fordham Percy John Richmond Trooper Seventh Wellington 4162
Fordyce Ebenezer Bruce Lance-Corporal Ninth Piako 7168
Foreman James Albert Trooper Third Hawera 792
Foreman Robert James Gunner Second Waikouaiti 468 Hotchkiss Detachment
Forgie Leonard Campbell Trooper Tenth Auckland 8548
Forman Marshall John Trooper Tenth (Details) Buller 9643 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Forster Francis Samuel Lance-Corporal Tenth Ohinemuri 8549
Forster Peregrin Henry Trooper Fourth HMT Gymeric 1482 (369) Discharged SA
Forsyth David Daniel Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7888
Forsythe Thomas Trooper Ninth Peninsula 7891
Forsythe William George Lieutenant Seventh Hawkes Bay N/N
Forsythe [Forsyth] Henry Trooper/Sergeant/Lieutenant First Peninsula Eighth 135 6012
Forsythe [Forsyth] John Trooper Sixth Ashley 3836
Forte James Chisman Trooper Eighth Auckland 5346
Foss Samuel James Beart Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7438
Foss [Lehrs] William Trooper Peter Edward William LEHRS Eighth Christchurch 6123
Foster Benjamin George Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4161
Foster Charles Nelson Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2591
Foster Edmond James (Edmund James]) Corporal Seventh Christchurch 4373
Foster John William Trooper Eighth Auckland 5479
Foster Trevor Hugh Corporal/Lieutenant First Christchurch Eighth 109 N/N
Foster Walter Trooper Fifth Westland 2473
Foulds Albert William Trooper Third Cook 807
Fowler Albert Charles Percy Corporal Seventh Westland 4254
Fowler Ernest Nathanial Trooper Ninth Waitotara 8193 (6332) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Fowler George Clarke Dunbar Trooper Ninth Collingwood 8025
Fowler Morton Trooper Sixth South Africa 3569
Fowler Sidney Herbert Trooper Seventh Wellington 4403
Fox Charles Frederick Dillworth Lance Corporal Eighth Ashley 5753
Fox Frederick Alfred Bugler First Christchurch 111
Fox Harry Trooper Tenth Auckland 8547 5847
Fox Jack Trooper Ninth Wellington 7297
Fox John (Jack) Trooper Eighth Inangahua 5481
Fox William George Trooper Tenth Clutha 9515
Frame Thomas John Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4404
Francis Arthur Corporal Fifth Wellington 2442
Francis Frederick Wyatt Lieutenant-Colonel Fourth Christchurch N/N
Francis James Sergeant Ninth Wellington 7432
Francis Martin Thomas Trooper Fifth Clutha 1631
Francis Reginald Alfred Percy Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9687 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Francis Thomas Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Whakatane 7167
Francois Percy James Trooper Ninth Waimea 7041
Frankham Harold Trooper Fourth Auckland 1480
Franklin William (William Edward) Trooper First Wanganui 200
Franklyn Charles Henry Trooper Tenth Collingwood 9284
Franklyn William Robert John Trooper Fourth Horowhenua 1273
Franks George William Trooper Third Selwyn 642
Franks William Thorley Veterinary Surgeon Lieutenant Ninth Selwyn N/N 8110
Fraser Charlton Leil Trooper Seventh Levels 4405
Fraser Daniel Trooper First Geraldine 134
Fraser Daniel Gordon Trooper Tenth Hutt 8817
Fraser David Henderson Lance-Corporal Tenth Waipawa 8955
Fraser Duncan Trooper/Farrier-Sergeant Third Rangitikei Seventh 729 4062
Fraser Edwin Gordon QM Sergeant Eighth Auckland 5432
Fraser Frederick Campbell Trooper Ninth Wellington 7525
Fraser George Alexander Trooper Sixth Wellington 3367
Fraser Hugh Sergeant Fourth Wellington 1274
Fraser James Alexander Trooper Seventh Oroua 4164
Fraser James Robert Sergeant Second Wellington 317 Hotchkiss Detachment
Fraser Patrick William Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Waitaki 8023
Fraser Peter Orr Trooper/Trooper Second Dunedin Eighth 484 5914
Fraser Robert Harold Trooper Fourth Cook 1376
Fraser Robert Henry Trooper Ninth Oroua 7296
Fraser Robert John Trooper Fifth Tuapeka Eighth 1628 5717
Fraser Roderick Trooper Tenth Lake 9399
Fraser Roderick McKay Trooper Ninth Taieri 7892
Fraser Simon Alexander Trooper Third Hawera 772
Fraser Thomas Trooper Eighth Cheviot 5781
Fraser Thomas Trooper Sixth Cook 3488
Fraser William Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Southland 7893
Fraser William Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7635
Frasi John George Trooper Ninth Auckland 7437
Frater Walter Trooper Sixth South Africa 3816
Free Albert Howard Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3610
Free Frank Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5654
Freeman Fredrick Wackell Sergeant Sixth Horowhenua 3330
Freeman Tom Molloy (Tom Murray) Trooper Second Waimate 307
Freeman William Knowles Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3489
Freeth Ernest John William Trooper/Sergeant Major First Marlborough Eighth 132 5736 5914
Freeth Joseph Cashmore Colour-Sergeant Second Wellington 321
French Fulke Beresford Corporal Fifth Oroua 2207
Frew Andrew Trooper Ninth Taieri 7887
Frisken John Thomas Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Southland Eighth 1629 6009
Frith Wilfred William Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1525
Frith William Lance-Corporal Tenth Waitaki 9361
Fuller Arthur Charles Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7633
Fulton Dynes Trooper Third Taranaki 782
Fulton Harry Townsend Captain Fourth Dunedin N/N
Fulton Norman McFarlane Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6059
Fulton Thomas Nicholas Trooper Seventh Waimate 4406
Furlong Henry O'Bernie Trooper Fifth Wairarapa South 2244
Fuszard George Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1536
Fyfe John Henry Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5915
Fyffe [Fyfe] William Trooper Ninth Bruce 6191 7595 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Gabites George Edward Surgeon Captain Seventh Levels N/N
Gabolinscy Herman Owen Trooper Seventh Manukau 4075
Gaby Ernest Alfred Trooper Eighth Auckland 5485
Gaffey [Gaffney] William Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9519
Gaffney Clifford Thomas Benjamin Trooper Tenth Thames 9606 8560 (Issued with two numbers)
Gaffney James Trooper Eighth Wellington 5070
Gainsford Walter Allan Trooper Tenth Ashley 9282
Galbraith William Ronald Trooper Tenth Thames 8524
Gale Leighton Samuel Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8029
Gallagher Alfred John Trooper Tenth Manukau 8559
Gallagher James Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5661
Gallagher James George Trooper Tenth Manukau 8558
Gallagher Michael Trooper Eighth Ashley 5657
Gallagher [Gallaher][Gallacher] William John Trooper Tenth Southland 9522
Gallaher [Gallagher] David Corporal Sixth Auckland 3229
Gallavin John Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9166
Galpin Edwin Richard (Edgar Richard) Trooper First Rangitikei 87
Galway Christopher Devergh Trooper Third Westland 801
Gandy [Gaudy] Norman William Trooper Seventh Wellington 4166
Gane Gilbert Henry Trooper/Lieutenant First Waipa Seventh Ninth 43 N/N
Gannon Arthur Te Waata Trooper Fourth Auckland Seventh 1518 4671
Garbutt John Trooper Sixth Ashburton 3837
Garcia Eric Marston Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5660
Gardiner James Stanley Trooper Seventh Hutt 4623
Gardiner Sidney Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5656
Gardiner Thomas John Trooper/Lieutenant Fourth Wellington Eighth 1360 N/N
Gardiner [Gardner] William Trooper Ninth Wairoa 7170
Gardner James McKinley Trooper Fifth Ashley 2592
Garland Jonathan William Sergeant/Lieutenant Second Waipa Tenth 533 N/N
Garmonsway Thomas Albert Trooper Ninth Waipa 7171
Garmonsway [Garmondsway] Francis (Frank) Trooper Third Wanganui 731
Garner Arthur Ernest (Arthur Edward) Trooper Sixth Thames 3230
Garnham Benjamin John Corporal Tenth Wairoa 8958
Garrett Herbert Edward Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 6193 7599 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Garrett James Arthur Trooper Seventh Wellington Eighth Tenth 4291 9813 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Garry Alfred James Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8621
Garry George Trooper Fifth Pahiatua 2246
Garry William James Harry Trooper Fifth Pahiatua 2247
Gathercole George Trooper Ninth Rodney 7047
Gaudin Thomas Joseph Holte Trooper First Auckland 85
Gauller [Gawler] Alfred William Trooper Sixth Oroua 3613
Gawler Herbert Trooper Ninth Pohangina 7636
Gawn Thomas Trooper Sixth Clutha 3733 Discharged SA
Gear William Joseph Trooper Ninth Otamatea 7046
Geary Charles Angus Trooper Eighth Taieri 5985
Geary Robert John Trooper Sixth Peninsula 3734
Gebbie David William Trooper Sixth Selwyn 3615
Gebbie John Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3614
Geddes George Trooper Sixth Waimate 3736
Geddes Guy Westland Trooper Fifth Geraldine 2593
Geddes Percy Mannering Trooper Tenth South Africa 9597 Discharged SA
Geddes William Trooper Eighth Taieri 5920
Geddes William (Wilson) Trooper Tenth Waihemo 9403
Gedge Charles Frederick Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 6337
Gee Ernest Bugler Sergeant Tenth Waitemata 8522 8552
Gefken Conrad Trooper Eighth Ashley 5662
Gellien [Gillien] John Frederick Trooper Ninth Wellington 7771
Gemmell [Gremmell] William Alexander Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2475
George James Trooper Tenth Pahiatua 8822
George Peter Trooper Seventh Tuapeka 4531
Georgetti John Trooper Eighth Waitotara 6336
Gernhoefer Richard Samuel Guttlieb Trooper Eighth (Details) Taranaki 9058 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Gestro Joseph Louis Trooper First Hutt 137
Gestro Leonard Lewis Trooper Seventh Hutt 4657
Ghezzi [Ghizzi] Alfred Peter John Trooper Tenth Manukau 8818
Gibb John Trooper Fourth Southland 1135
Gibb Robert Trooper Tenth Thames 8556
Gibbon Thomas Spencer Llewellyn Farrier Ninth Wallace 8027
Gibbons Charles Francis Trooper Eighth Thames 5348
Gibbons John Percy Trooper Sixth Collingwood 3493
Gibbons Patrick Trooper Eighth Masterton 5071
Gibbs George Herbert Trooper Tenth Waimea 9280
Gibbs Joseph Henry Trooper Ninth Waimea 8030
Gibbs William Archie (William Archer) Trooper Eighth Waimea 5784
Gibson Alexander David Trooper/Acting Corporal Seventh Waitaki Tenth 4408 9646 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Gibson Alfred Lewis Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7895
Gibson David Fairburn Trooper Fourth Taieri 1007
Gibson Douglas Charles Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5917
Gibson George Orrock Murdock Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7639
Gibson John Guest Trooper Third Westland 799
Gibson Walter Nettleham Trooper Seventh Waipa 4020
Gibson Walter Rees Trooper Fourth Coromandel 1432
Gibson William Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7640
Giesen Frank Byrne Lance-Corporal Tenth Oroua 8821
Gilbert Charles Orderly Regimental Sergeant Tenth Auckland 8504
Gilbert Henry George Trooper Seventh Ashley 4407
Gilbert Samuel Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3612
Gilchrist John Trooper Third Waitotara Tenth 733 9402
Giles Charles William Trooper Tenth Cook 8695
Gill Arthur Trooper Seventh Manukau 4019
Gill Carlin Trooper Second Taranaki 431
Gill Frederick Edwin Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9167
Gill Robert Oke Trooper Third Christchurch 644
Gill Thomas Trooper Ninth Southland 8028
Gillan Thomas Trooper Seventh Thames 4022
Gillanders Edward Charles Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3616
Gillanders [Gillander] Charles McRae Trooper Tenth Waipa 8557
Gillanders [Gillander] Vincent Francis Trooper Eighth Waipa 5486
Gillespie Arthur Richard Trooper Second Wellington 310
Gillespie Joseph Francis Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9276 9376
Gillies Henry William Trooper Sixth Hawkes Bay 3490
Gillies Hugh Cameron Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3732
Gilligan Thomas Trooper Seventh Taieri 4529
Gilmer Robert Trooper Tenth Grey 9281
Gilmer Samuel Trooper Ninth Grey 7769
Gilmour Andrew Kirke Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Hawkes Bay Ninth 1549 7178
Gilmour John Orr Corporal Seventh Waihemo 4492
Gilpin Edmond (Edmund) Trooper Eighth (Details) Hawkes Bay 6340 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Gilpin James Trooper Tenth Thames 8561
Gilpin Robert Henry Trooper Eighth Christchurch 9645 Not on embarkation rolls
Giraud Armyatt Byng Trooper Seventh Hawera 4171
Girdlestone Cyril Steed Bugler Sixth Wellington 3463
Gladding Frederick Ernest John Trooper Sixth Auckland 3231
Glasgow Duncan Stewart Trooper Third Rangitikei 732
Glasgow Grant Trooper First Wanganui 201
Glass Charles Trooper Sixth Cook 3492
Glass James Robert Trooper Fifth Westland 2477
Glass Walter William (Walter Thomas) Trooper Seventh Westland Ninth 6342 7573 (6432) Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Glasson Albert Josiah Lieutenant Tenth Manukau N/N
Glasson John Trooper Tenth Levels 9277
Gleeson James Thomas Trooper Sixth Waitemata 3233
Glen Robert James Trooper Sixth Grey 3494
Glen Thomas Shoeing Smith Eighth Christchurch 5663
Glendining Logan Sergeant Major Fifth Waimate 2562
Glengarry Thomas Trooper Ninth Waikouaiti 8108
Glennan John Trooper Tenth Masterton 8823
Glennie [Glenie] Herbert Austin Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5659
Gluyas Henry James Saddler Sergeant Eighth Waimate 5607
Glynes [Clynes] John Sydney Lance-Corporal CLYNES Third Taranaki 795
Goble Joe (Joseph) Trooper First Taranaki Fourth 88
Goddard William Wilson Trooper Fifth Waimea 2476
Godfray Sidney Charles Surgeon in Charge Third Waipawa N/N
Godfrey Richard Trooper Second Waitotara 376
Godwin Alfred Ernest Lance-Corporal Ninth Eden 7174
Goffin George Trooper Tenth Auckland 8551
Golder Quinten John Lance-Corporal/Trooper Third Kiwitea Sixth 765 3232
Goldie [Golding] Charles Leslie Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 830 803
Goldsmith Benjamin Dawson Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9278
Goldsmith Frank Ernest Farrier Ninth Ashburton 7767
Goldsmith Philip Horace Trooper Seventh Horowhenua 4168
Goldstone John Trooper Second Waimate 390
Goldstone Robert Trooper Second Waimate 504
Goldstone Thomas Farrier Fifth Waimate 1632
Gomez Frank (Francis) Trooper Eighth Raglan 5484
Good Frederick Herbert Trooper Tenth Southland 9521
Good [Goode] John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3368
Goodall Albert John Corporal Fifth Hawkes Bay 2440
Goodall Edward Trooper Eighth Kaikoura 5068
Goodall Edward Trooper Tenth Vincent 9401
Goode Frederick Trooper Sixth Wallace 3738
Gooding Raymond Bruce Trooper Tenth Stratford 8959
Goodland William Joseph Trooper Second Hawera 348
Goodlet Alexander Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5918
Goodman Albert Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1633
Goodman George Trooper Eighth Waimea 5785
Goodman Joseph Trooper Seventh Waimea Ninth 6156 7597 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Goodman Mark Newland James Trooper Ninth Waimea 6157 7596 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Goodman Thomas (Thomas Daniel) Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5919
Goodsir Herbert (Herbert Vivian) Trooper Tenth Auckland 9520
Goodwin Alexander Trooper/Lance Corporal Third Kiwitea Ninth 730 7302
Goodwin Erdington Trooper Fourth Auckland 1433
Goodwin Herbert Trooper Ninth Kiwitea 7303
Goodwin John William Trooper Ninth Waihemo 6194 (8194) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Gordon Edward Craig Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Waitotara 8911
Gordon George Trooper Eighth (Details) Waipawa 8781 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Gordon James Trooper Third Horowhenua 808
Gordon Lawrence Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7172
Gordon Peter Thomas Trooper Ninth Ashley 7766
Gordon William Trooper Ninth Auckland 7126 No file on Archway
Gordon William Trooper/Sergeant Major Fifth (Reserves) Auckland Tenth 2678 8513
Gordon William (William Middleton) Trooper Seventh (Details) Waitotara Ninth 6341 7598 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Gordon William Nelson Trooper Fifth Thames Ninth 2366 7173
Gorman Henry (Harry) Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 5069
Gorman Patrick Joseph Trooper Tenth Southland 9518
Gorrie Keith Gunion Trooper First Auckland 70
Gorrie William John Trooper Fourth Waimea 1160
Gosling William Charles Trooper Fifth Levels Eighth 2594 5353
Gosset William Montgomery Trooper Tenth Auckland 8555
Gottermeyer Charles (Karl) Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9168
Gouk John Corporal Fourth Southland 1149
Gould James William Trooper Fifth Levels Tenth 2595 9590
Goullet Felix Robert Trooper Fourth Wairoa 1563
Gourley John King Trooper Ninth Southland 7641
Gourley Samuel Walker Sergeant First Dunedin 104
Govan David Peter Trooper Tenth HMT Norfolk 9593
Gow James Thomson Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9400
Gower Alfred Robert Trooper Eighth (Details) Patea 6392 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Gowith [Gawith] H H Trooper Fifth Pahiatua 2245 No file on Archway
Grace Martin William Assistant QM-Sergeant Ninth Auckland 7544
Grace William Russell Lieutenant Ninth Wellington N/N 1515
Gracie Arthur Moore Trooper Seventh Auckland 4076
Graham Herbert Lewis Trooper Tenth Levels 9279
Graham James Trooper Tenth Southland 9517
Graham John Trooper Eighth Thames 5349
Graham John Henry Trooper Ninth Taranaki 8195 (6339) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Graham Myles John Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9692
Graham Percy Lance-Corporal Tenth Hutt 8819
Graham Reginald Arthur Wellesley Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8693
Graham Russell Bedford (Russell Bradford) Trooper Eighth East Taupo 6338
Graham William Trooper Eighth Whangarei Ninth 5487 8295 2 x files
Graham William Trooper Eighth Cook 5210
Graham [Grahame] Hugh Charles Trooper/Lieutenant Third Levels Ninth 643 N/N
Grant Andrew Johnston Sergeant Ninth Auckland 7043
Grant Archibald T Corporal Seventh Waitaki 4494
Grant Bartlett Corporal Eighth Waitaki 5882
Grant David Sergeant Eighth (Details) Waitaki 9033 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Grant Edward Marryatt Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Waipawa Ninth 1269
Grant James Ramsay Trooper Tenth (Details) Marlborough 9647 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Grant John Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4530
Grant John Bishop Trooper Fourth Taieri 1095
Grant Robert Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1635
Grant Samuel Alexander Lieutenant Seventh Auckland N/N 3056
Grant Sutherland Murray Donald (Sutherland Murrary McDonald) Trooper Tenth Masterton 8848
Grant William Corporal First Waitaki 108
Grant William Chisholm Trooper Eighth Taieri 6057
Grant William Robert Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5782
Gray Alexander Trooper Ninth Oroua 7301
Gray Alfred Trooper Ninth Christchurch 8251 (6192) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Gray Ernest John Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7045
Gray Frederick William David Trooper Fourth Marlborough 1307
Gray George Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1636
Gray Harry Trooper Eighth Wellington 5352
Gray James Trooper Fourth Tuapeka 1024
Gray Robert Johnston Trooper Ninth Oroua 7300
Grayson John Mallory Trooper Sixth Cook 3491
Greager Norman Victor Trooper Ninth Patea 7305
Green Andrew Trooper Seventh Auckland 4021
Green Arthur Trooper Fifth Christchurch Ninth 2596 7298
Green Edward Trooper Ninth Levels 7643
Green Frank Neville Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8956
Green Harry Trooper Eighth (Details) Stratford 6343 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Green Herbert Trooper Tenth Masterton 8824
Green Patrick Trooper Eighth Oroua 5351
Green Thomas Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5658
Green Walter Guy Trooper Ninth Masterton 7440
Green William Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3735
Green William Havelock Trooper Ninth Wellington 7441
Green William James Trooper Tenth Waimate 9404
Greenbank William Trooper Ninth Westland 7637
Greene Marcus John Saddler Tenth Hawkes Bay 8957
Greene Thomas Trooper Tenth Eden 8554
Greenfield Robert Henry Trooper Ninth Taieri 7896
Greenough Frederick Trooper Seventh Hutt 4172
Greenough William George Saddler Fourth Horowhenua 1392
Gregg William Lovell Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1634
Gregory Ambrose Trooper Seventh Horowhenua 4624
Greig Hunter McEwen Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4290
Greig James Trooper/Sergeant Second Levels Eighth 422 5602
Grenfell Alfred Fitchet Sergeant Eighth Southland 5874
Gresham Hugh Trooper Eighth Auckland 5488
Gresson John Vernon Trooper Seventh Ashburton 6158 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Grey [Guy] Walter William Trooper GUY Ninth Dunedin 7897
Gricourt Adolph Trooper Eighth Wellington 5209
Griffen Edgar Trooper Sixth South Africa 3564
Griffen Henry Featherston Trooper Details Auckland 9059 SA File missing on Archway
Griffin Guy Featherstone Farrier Tenth Auckland 8550 8850
Griffin Maurice Joseph Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7898
Griffin Michael Francis Trooper Second Selwyn 508
Griffin Robert Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2474
Griffin Thomas Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8694
Griffin [Griffiths] John Bell Trooper/Trooper Second Waimea Eighth 391 5008
Griffith William Drummond Trooper Ninth Waimea 8033
Griffiths Charles Ernest Lance-Corporal Sixth Southland 3737
Griffiths Charles Thomas Trooper Eighth Ohinemuri 5350
Griffiths George Trooper Tenth McKenzie 9405
Griffiths Richard Trooper Ninth Auckland 7044
Griffiths Thomas Trooper Tenth (Eighth) Wellington 8820
Griffiths William Mortimer Trooper Ninth Auckland 7048
Griffiths [Griffith] Allan Percival Lance-Corporal Ninth Waimea 8026
Grimes John William Trooper/Lieutenant Second Patea Eighth 371 N/N
Grimsdale Wilfred (Wilford) Lance-Corporal Ninth Wairoa 7169
Grimsey Edward James Trooper Ninth Geraldine 7768
Grimstone Arthur Trooper Ninth Wellington 7442
Grimstone Lionel Francis (Leonard) Bugler Second Wellington Eighth 543 5028
Grimwood Robert Henry Trooper Eighth Ashley 5783
Grinton David Saddler Second Wellington 483
Grofski Alexander Robert Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2597
Grofski Joseph (Joseph Alfonso) Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2598
Grogan James Stewart Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7642
Grogan John Lawrence Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4165
Grooby Roland Trooper Seventh Waimea 4289
Groom Bernard Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7175
Grove Edwin Ernest Trooper Fifth Oroua 2248
Groves John William Trooper Fourth Waipawa 1512
Growcott Enoch Trooper Ninth Grey 7770
Grubb Frederick Theodore Bugler Fifth Hawkes Bay Ninth 2444 7304
Grylls William Henry Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4170
Guest Thomas John Trooper Ninth Westland 8032
Guest William Trooper/Acting Corporal Fifth Christchurch Tenth 2599 9644 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Guilford Ernest Albert Trooper Seventh Cook 4167
Gumbley Ernest Arthur Trooper Third Waitotara 767
Gunn Charles Anderson Trooper Seventh Tuapeka 4532
Gunn Daniel Robert Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4169
Gunn Percy Theodore Trooper Ninth Waimea 8031
Gunn Vernon Robert Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9690
Gunn William Alexander Sergeant Tenth Waitotara 8960
Gussy Joseph Joshua Trooper Ninth Auckland 7042 7442
Guy Crosier (Crozier) Trooper Tenth Wellington 8900
Gwatkin Ernest Sergeant First Christchurch Sixth Ninth 103
Gwatkin Herbert Lance-Corporal Ninth Christchurch 7638
Haase James Herbert Corporal Ninth Waimea 6146 7571
Hackett John Trooper Sixth Cook 3501
Hadfield Alexander Charles Corporal Second Rangitikei 373 Hotchkiss Detachment
Hadfield Cecil Richard Trooper Seventh Tuapeka 4533
Hadfield Charles Alfred Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5792
Hadfield Stanley Richard Trooper Eighth Waimea 5791
Hagenson Charles Oscar Lance-Corporal Third Waipawa 837
Hagerty Daniel Washington Trooper Tenth Southland 9175
Hahn [Hahu] Albert James Trooper First Akaroa 140
Hailey Arthur Percy Trooper Seventh Whakatane 4177
Haines Daniel Trooper Fifth Southland 1641
Haines Herbert Trooper Seventh Grey 4294
Haldane Richard Trooper Seventh Inangahua 4297
Hall Charles Humphrey Trooper Sixth Peninsula 3739
Hall Frederick Corporal Fourth Horowhenua 1290
Hall Jack Trooper Ninth Rotorua 7184
Hall Jesse Bertie Trooper Fifth Christchurch Eighth 2270 5601
Hall John Edgar Trooper Second South Africa 3003 Hotchkiss Detachment
Hall John James Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3619
Hall Percy Richard Trooper Seventh Waimea 4298
Hall Robert Trooper Fifth Marlborough 2480
Hall Samuel Trooper Ninth Waimate 7782
Hall Walter Ernest Trooper Eighth Waimea 5796
Hall William Thomas Walsham Corporal Eighth Taranaki 5306
Hallam John Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9121 9120
Hallam Lawrence Trooper Ninth Cook 7905
Hallberg [Halburg] Victor Alexander Trooper Ninth Clutha 7910
Halpin Robert Lawrence Sergeant Seventh Wellington Ninth 4125 8314
Halpin Thomas Peter Captain Ninth Hawkes Bay N/N (1493) Unattached
Halpine Michael Trooper Second Southland 497
Hamer James Nathaniel Lieutenant Seventh Wellington N/N
Hamilton Henry John Trooper First Marlborough 192
Hamilton James Trooper Eighth Auckland 5492
Hamilton John Robert Trooper Eighth Southland 5921
Hamilton Thomas Shaw Trooper Tenth Cook 8698
Hamilton Walter Sergeant Ninth Christchurch 7647
Hamilton William Trooper Fifth Wellington 2260
Hamilton William Trooper/Sergeant Sixth South Africa Ninth 3816 8157
Hamilton William Vickery Corporal Tenth Bruce 9471
Hammer George Trooper Eighth (Details) Oroua 6350 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Hammill Thomas David Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7785
Hammon James Moses Trooper Ninth Ashley 7772
Hammond Alexander Malcolm Trooper Eighth Auckland 5356
Hammond Christopher Trooper Fifth Auckland 2370
Hammond Edward Trooper Eighth (Details) Ohinemuri 9816 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Hammond George Richard Trooper Ninth Geraldine 7776
Hammond John Archibald Lance-Corporal Ninth Geraldine 7774
Hammond Leonard James Bathurst Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4411
Hampton Christopher Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 8252 (6346) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Handyside William Lieutenant and Paymaster Ninth Akitio N/N
Hanlin William James Trooper Seventh Waipa 4081
Hanlon Frederick John Trooper Sixth Oroua 3684
Hanlon James Trooper Seventh Cook 4176
Hann Herbert Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7649
Hannah Andrew Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7983
Hannah Thomas Trooper Third South Africa 3011
Hannon Daniel Trooper Eighth (Details) Hawkes Bay 9815 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Hannon Joseph Trooper Tenth (Details) Waipawa 9814 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Hanson Charles Trooper First Wellington 90
Hanson Edward Trooper Ninth Auckland 7052
Hanson [Hansen] Joseph Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2600
Harcombe Frederick Alexander Trooper Fifth Masterton 2255
Harcourt Frederick Trooper Second Wellington 509
Harcus Robert Trooper Ninth Waihemo 7773
Hardgrave [Handgrave] Arthur Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4173
Hardham William James (V.C) Farrier-Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Wellington Ninth 1251 N/N SA File missing on Archway
Hardie Alexander Ninion Trooper Eighth Wellington 5072
Hardie Loftus Corporal Seventh Christchurch 4371
Hardie [Haudie] Robert Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4413
Harding Francis Trooper First Pahiatua 198
Harding Harry Corporal Eighth Hawkes Bay 5748
Harding R H - Eighth - 5545 Has file on Archway. No such person
Harding Reginald Neill Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Wellington 2681
Harding William Henry Trooper Eighth Christchurch Ninth 6355 8198
Hardman Samuel Henry Trooper Ninth Southland 7911
Hardy Edward Alexander Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2601
Hardy-Johnston Thomas Edward Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9653 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Hardy-Johnston [Johnston] Charles Augustus Masterman Trooper JOHNSTON Seventh Christchurch Ninth 4307 6144 7566 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Hargreaves William Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8961
Harkness Reginald Frank Sergeant Tenth Taranaki 8962
Harland Albert Edward (Albert Edward Brown) Trooper Eighth Christchurch 9648 Not on embarkation roll. File has 10th Detail - joined 8th, returned with 9th
Harland Samuel Saddler/Saddler Sergeant Fourth Wellington Eighth 1284 5017
Harley Frank Howard (Francis Howard) Corporal (Paymasters Clerk) Ninth Christchurch 7787
Harley Walter William Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3741 3471
Harney Patrick Edward Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3496
Harold George Phimester Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4295
Harper Albert Trooper Third Christchurch 649
Harper Archibald James Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4304
Harper Cuthbert Strachey Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5853
Harper Edmond (Edmund) Colour-Sergeant Third Christchurch 605
Harper Ernest Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2602
Harper Henry John Cracroft (John Henry Cracroft) Trooper Third Ashburton Eighth 645 N/N
Harper Leonard Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5993
Harper Philip Hamilton Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5668
Harraway [Harroway] Herbert Trooper Seventh Taieri 4534
Harrington Edmund Aylmer (Edmund Alma) Trooper Ninth Selwyn 8197 (6196) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Harris Albert Charles Trooper Sixth Waipa 3234
Harris Albert Manuel Trooper Ninth Tuapeka 7902
Harris Arnold Theodore Trooper Sixth Tauranga 3242 3342
Harris Edwin Arthur Trooper Ninth Wellington 7446
Harris Edwin John Trooper Third Waipawa 835
Harris Ernest Walter Trooper Fifth Auckland 2369
Harris Frederick Trooper Sixth Oroua 3495
Harris Henry John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Cook 2683
Harris James Trooper Eighth Southland 6126
Harris James Alfred Trooper Seventh Waimea Ninth 6159 8196 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Harris Thomas Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3618
Harris Walter Scott Trooper Fourth Manukau 1434
Harris William Trooper Eighth (Details) Piako 9060 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Harris William Trooper Fourth Waitaki 1076
Harris William Trooper First Wellington 40
Harris William Trooper/Lance Corporal Fourth Southland Eighth 1115 6024 Under WW1 file 7/59
Harris William Stephen (William Stevens) Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 8779 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Harrison Arthur Trooper Seventh Wanganui 4178
Harrison Arthur Henry Trooper Second Oroua 337
Harrison Henry Jackson Lance-Corporal Tenth Hobson 9061
Harrison John William Trooper Ninth Waimate 7780
Harrison Joseph William Trooper Third Cheviot 651
Harrison Michael Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3617
Harrison Robert Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9286
Harrison Walter Edwin Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7308
Harrison William George Trooper Eighth Wanganui 5219
Harrop Harold Beaumont Trooper Seventh Auckland 4026
Harrowell Edwin Sergeant/Captain First Auckland Seventh Eighth 5 573
Harsant Roger Cato Charles Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Raglan Tenth 2368 8566
Hart Ernest George Loveday Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3620 3629
Hart George William Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 8199 (6345) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Hart Herbert Ernest Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7449
Hart Walter Alfred Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1298
Hart Walter Francis Trooper Seventh Auckland 4293
Hartley Edward Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9169
Hartwell David Trooper Ninth Waitotara 7057
Harvey David Trooper Eighth McKenzie 5986 6986
Harvey Edward John Trooper Eighth Wellington 5073
Harvey Henry Trooper Sixth Bruce 3742
Harvey Henry Trooper Seventh Southland 4537
Harvey John Trooper Eighth Waitaki 6060
Harvey John Allen (John Allan) Captain Fourth Clutha N/N
Harvey John Charles Trooper Seventh Selwyn 4409
Harvey Moore William Trooper William Harvey MOORE Tenth Cook 8697
Harvey William Alfred Saddler Eighth Auckland 5449
Harvey William Edward Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7778
Harwood Albert Edward Farrier Tenth Christchurch 9135
Harwood John Henry Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2603
Haselar Henry Trooper First Waikato 147
Haselden Frederick Sergeant Eighth Rangitikei 5172
Haselden John Lane Lieutenant/Captain Fifth Wellington Eighth N/N
Haslet Samuel Trooper Sixth Wellington 3505
Haslock [Hastock] Ernest Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8828
Hassal George Herbert Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashley 9649 (May not have embarked) Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - Sailed with 10th
Hasse Charles Otto Trooper Ninth Oroua 7309
Hasse Harry Ralph Trooper Tenth Oroua 8826
Hastie Alexander James Trooper First Taieri 144
Hastie William Trooper Seventh Ashburton 4412
Hatch George Edward Trooper Eighth (Details) Westland 6308 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Hattaway Vincent Stephen Trooper Fourth Manukau 1439
Hawdon Kynard Lieutenant Ninth Christchurch N/N Sailed with 9th
Hawke Frank Trooper Fifth Wairarapa South 2251
Hawke Frederick (Fred) Farrier Seventh Hutt 4256
Hawke Herbert Charles Trooper Fifth Hawera 2250
Hawke [Hawk] Robert Trooper Eighth Ashburton 5666
Hawker Charles Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9171
Hawkes James Devonshire Gunner Second Dunedin 472 Hotchkiss Detachment
Hawkesby Joseph Gilbert Elliott Trooper/Lieutenant Fifth Ohinemuri Ninth 2372 N/N
Hawkins Albert Thomas Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Selwyn Ninth 2604 7786
Hawkins Charles Arthur Beauchamp Pickard Lance-Sergeant Third Rangitikei 735
Hawkins Edward Arthur Trooper First Christchurch 138
Hawkins Horatio Ivan Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1538
Hawksworth John Sergeant Tenth Waimea 4713 9578 Details for 7th, 8th and 9t, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with 10th
Hawthorne Sydney (Rev.) Honorary Captain Chaplain Tenth Auckland N/N
Hawthorne William Edward Trooper/QM Sergeant Third Hawkes Bay Ninth 831 7311
Hay Bruce Somerville Sergeant Second Auckland 406
Hay Lionel James Trooper Tenth Auckland 8507 8705
Hay William Charles Trooper Seventh Waihemo 4536
Haybittle Ralph Trooper Ninth Hutt 7448
Haydon Albert Edward Trooper Eighth Cook 5217
Haydon Edwin John Gunner Second Dunedin 471 Hotchkiss Detachment
Hayes John William Augustine Trooper Ninth Waipa 7182
Hayes Robert Trooper Sixth Grey 3503
Hayes William Hugh Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6061
Hayhurst John Turnbull Murray Captain Second Geraldine N/N
Hay-Mckenzie Ronald Charles Lieutenant and Paymaster Eighth Wellington N/N 2691
Hayward Albert Edward Trooper Fifth Hawera 2256
Hayward James Henry Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3506
Hazlett Edgar Sergeant/Lieutenant First Dunedin Ninth 105 N/N
Hazlett James Garvin Trooper Fourth Southland 1126
Hazlett Joseph Trooper Fourth Southland 1128
Head Harry Trooper Fifth Grey 2479
Head William Arthur Trooper Tenth Westland 9287
Headifen James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3374
Headifin William Edward Trooper Seventh Wellington 4625
Hean John Davis Trooper First Christchurch 139
Heard Robert Trooper Seventh Auckland 4077
Hearling James Alexander Trooper Sixth Auckland 3235 3224
Heasley John Joseph Trooper Third Ashburton 647
Heather Arthur Burgoyne Lieutenant Second Waikato N/N
Hebberd Arthur Milton Sergeant Seventh Waimea 4247
Hebberd George Stewart Trooper Sixth Waimea 3502
Hebley Walter Trooper Fourth Marlborough 1327
Heckler Henry Thackeray Corporal/Lieutenant Fourth Waikouaiti Tenth 1540 N/N
Hedges Alfred Ernest Trooper First Levels 60
Hedley Edward Trooper/Farrier-Sergeant Fifth Auckland Eighth 2374 5433
Hedley Joseph William Farrier Eighth Piako 5450
Hedley Thomas Thomson (Thomas Thompson) Trooper Seventh Piako 4024
Heenan George Lewis Trooper First Southland 145 135
Heenan James Patrick Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1015
Hefford William Bradley Sergeant Fifth Ohinemuri 2327
Hegglun Charles William Eric Trooper Fifth Marlborough 2478
Hegh Henry Trooper Seventh Waipa 4174
Heiford Walter Trooper Second Hawkes Bay 414
Heiford William John Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 832
Heighton Frank Trooper Seventh Ohinemuri 4023
Heley Herbert John Frederick Trooper Sixth Collingwood 3504
Helm James Trooper Ninth Maniototo 7909
Helm John Henry Trooper Seventh Southland 4302
Hemmings Cecil Trooper Eighth (Details) Rotorua 9062 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Hempel Herman Trooper Fifth Southland 1640
Hemphill Frank Trooper Sixth Whangarei 3236
Hemphill Harry Campbell Trooper Eighth Whangarei 5493
Hemphill John Malone Trooper Seventh Whangarei Ninth 4079 8201
Hempton Thomas Alexander Trooper Second Taranaki 430
Henderson Albert Alexander Trooper Eighth Westland 5800 5300
Henderson Alexander Douglas Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5923
Henderson Archer Kenneth Trooper Eighth Westland 5799
Henderson David Trooper Ninth Waipa 7051
Henderson Donald Henry Trooper Second Southland 445
Henderson George Farrier Fourth Whangarei 1435
Henderson George Trooper Ninth Ashley 7650
Henderson James Trooper Second Christchurch 339
Henderson James Trooper/Corporal Third Geraldine Eighth 646 5611
Henderson John Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5787
Henderson John Trooper Tenth Maniototo 9523
Henderson John Trooper Eighth Ohinemuri 5354
Henderson John Trooper Eighth Waikato 6347
Henderson Laurence Matthew Corporal Ninth Wellington 7443
Henderson Robert Trooper Tenth (Details) Dunedin 9650 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Henderson Robert Martin Trooper Ninth Waipa 7183
Henderson Robert McKenzie Trooper Sixth Taieri 3237
Henderson Ronald Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7907
Henderson Sidney James Sergeant Second Marlborough 358
Henderson William Trooper Tenth Waipa 8702 May not have embarked
Henderson William Francis Captain Ninth Hokianga N/N 2907
Henderson William Frank Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5801
Henderson William Gomans Trooper Fifth Dunedin 2371
Henderson William John Trooper Ninth Akitio 7451
Hendrick George Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8136 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Hendrick William George Trooper Tenth Stratford 8622
Hendry Frederick Trooper Eighth (Reliefs) Christchurch 6195 Reliefs for 6th and 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Hendry Herbert Trooper Ninth Waimate 7781
Hendry Percy Trooper Eighth (Details) Taranaki 6348 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Heney William John Trooper Tenth Ashley 9172
Henley Arthur Henry (Arthur William) Trooper Eighth Wellington 5215
Henley Benjamin Robert Trooper Sixth Oroua 3371
Henry Frederick Trooper Ninth Christchurch 8255 May not have embarked
Henry Hugo Frederick Corporal Fifth Waitotara 2208
Hepburn William Trooper Sixth Wellington 3370
Herbert Charles Edward Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8109
Herbert Lancelot Tuckwell Sergeant Major Ninth Wellington 7310
Herbert Marcus Reynolds Lance-Corporal Sixth Wellington Eighth 3372 5312
Herbison Robert Trooper Seventh Dunedin 1878 Did not embark
Heslop George Whitfield Trooper/Sergeant Third Hawkes Bay Eighth 836 5160
Hesp George Alfred Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4175
Hesp [Heap] Job Robinson Trooper/Regimental Sergeant Major Second Selwyn Ninth 302 7540
Hetherington Thomas Trooper Eighth Whangarei 5494
Hewitt Dudley Riddiford Corporal Fourth Oroua 1287
Hewitt George Douglas Trooper Sixth Wellington 3497
Hewitt Thomas Snowden Sergeant Major Ninth Wairoa 7179
Hewson Henry Samuel Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4414
Hewson William Alfred Trooper Sixth Waitaki 3745
Heywood Henry Godfrey (Harry Godfrey) Trooper/Lieutenant Second Wellington Ninth 510 N/N
Hibbs Arthur John Trooper Ninth Auckland 7535
Hichens Thomas Spencer Trooper Seventh South Africa 4714
Hickey Daniel Aloysius Sergeant Fourth Dunedin 1056
Hickey Denis Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay 2726
Hickey Thomas Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Manukau 2680
Hickling James Alfred (James Albert) Bugler Fourth Wellington Eighth 1285 5220
Hickson Walter Aitken Sergeant/Sergeant-Major/Lieutenant Fourth Auckland Eighth Tenth 1403 N/N
Higgie William Norman Trooper Fifth Wanganui 2249
Higgin [Higgins] Don (Donald) Trooper Eighth Oroua 5074
Higginson William Scott Trooper Second Taranaki 396 471
Higgs Frederick Trooper Eighth Cook 5216
Higham Mark Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5786
Hight Ernest Sergeant Fifth Selwyn 2564
Hildyard Sydney Harcourt Trooper Tenth (Details) Selwyn 9652 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Hill Alfred James Trooper Seventh Auckland 4025
Hill Charles David Trooper Tenth Auckland 8565
Hill Charles William Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Wellington Tenth 2605 9125
Hill Frederick Hugh QM Sergeant Fourth Waitotara Eighth 1281 5022
Hill John Trooper Tenth Auckland 8562 Not on embarkation roll
Hill John (Jack) Trooper/Corporal Fourth Horowhenua Eighth 1282 5033
Hill Justly Charles William Trooper Fourth Otamatea 1436
Hill Reginald Frederick Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5665
Hill Thomas Clifford Sergeant/Lieutenant Fifth Christchurch Tenth 2563 N/N
Hill Thomas John Trooper Eighth Auckland 5355
Hill Victor John Trooper Fifth Ashley 2606
Hill Walter Francis Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9174
Hill [Crosbie-Hill] Geoffrey (Geoffrey Crosby) Trooper Sixth Ashley 3838
Hille [Hill] Edric George Arthur Trooper Second Waitaki 398
Hilliar George Trooper Second Patea 370
Hills Walter Ernest Trooper/Corporal Fifth Oroua Seventh Ninth 2253 6344
Hinton Charles Henry Trooper Fifth Auckland Ninth 2367 7050
Hinton Henry Godfrey Trooper/Corporal Seventh Southland Tenth 4301 9473
Hirtzel Clement Arthur Trooper Fourth Waipawa 1535
Hirtzel [Hirtzell] Henry George (Harry George) Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3373
Hoare Edwin Trooper Tenth Waimate 9406
Hoare [Hoar] Alfred Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4535
Hobbs Albert Henry Trooper Second Waikato 433
Hobbs Herbert James Trooper Ninth Geraldine 7777
Hobbs John Burton Trooper Fifth Levels 2607
Hobbs Thomas Trooper Ninth Waimate 7779
Hobson John Trooper Third Waitemata 834
Hocking Edward Francis Lance-Corporal Tenth Selwyn 9132
Hodder Harold Trooper Fifth Wairarapa South 2254
Hodge Francis Victor Sergeant Ninth Waikouaiti 6160 7574 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Hodge William (Willie) Gunner Second Tuapeka 493 Hotchkiss Detachment
Hodgen Edward Trooper First Selwyn 142
Hodges William Henry Trooper Seventh Oroua 4292
Hodgetts Francis Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7645 7654
Hodgkins Percy Trooper Ninth Wellington 7450
Hodgkinson Alfred Ernest Trooper Ninth Grey 7784 7184
Hodgkinson Augustus Trooper Seventh Grey 4300
Hodgkinson Ernest John Trooper Ninth Southland 8034
Hodgson Arthur Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7899
Hodgson Bertie Leonard Lance-Sergeant Third Southland Sixth 648 3839
Hodgson Edward Gray Trooper Sixth Waitaki 3744
Hodgson John Joseph Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1643
Hodgson Stanley Anthony Trooper Fifth Southland 2608
Hodson Harry Edmund Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5795
Hogg Arthur Joseph Trooper Eighth Waimea 5790
Hogg Edward Trooper Eighth Waimea 5789
Hogg Ernest Henry Trooper Fifth Hutt 2252
Hogg Harry (Henry) Trooper Ninth Waimea 8036
Hogg James Trooper Ninth Wellington 7447
Hogg John Trooper Third Wanganui 742
Hogg John Martin Corporal First Wellington 14
Hogg Robert Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5922
Hogg Thomas Trooper Fourth Bay of Islands 1079
Holden George Trooper Second Waipa Sixth 524 3240
Holden Grey Trooper Fourth Waipa 1437
Holden Richard Trooper Seventh Waipa Ninth 4080 8202
Holden Thomas Wilson Trooper Fourth Vincent 1067
Hole William Bruton Lance-Corporal Tenth Levels 9245
Holford Harry Trooper Ninth South Africa 8254
Holland Ernest Lionel Sergeant Tenth Waimea 9229
Holland Frederick George Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7648
Holland James Edward Lance-Corporal Tenth Ashley 9173
Hollibone John Francis Trooper Tenth Stratford 9607 8636 (Issued with two numbers)
Hollis Charles Trooper Tenth Ohinemuri 8567
Holloway George Enos Trooper Tenth Waikato 8703
Holloway Walter Henry Trooper Tenth Waikato 8704
Holmes Andrew Arkle Trooper Ninth Manukau 7049
Holmes Charles Raven Lance-Corporal Tenth Whangarei 9612 8699 (Issued with two numbers)
Holmes Edgar Thomas Trooper Eighth Wellington 9584 Not on embarkation rolls
Holmes James Corporal Tenth Buller 9239
Holmes Joseph Edward Trooper Eighth Wellington 5489
Holmwood Bernard Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Masterton Eighth 2257 5166
Holroyd Thornton Charles Littlewood Trooper First Hawkes Bay 141
Hone Albert John Trooper Sixth Manukau 3238
Hood Charles Stewart (Charles Stuart) Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8035
Hood Francis Shaw Trooper Eighth Masterton 5218
Hood Frederick Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5852
Hook [Hooke] Leonard Richard Trooper/Sergeant Sixth Hokianga Tenth 3243 8700
Hooker Percy Frederick Lewis Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7306
Hooper Charles Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1553
Hooper Henry Trooper Eighth (Details) Horowhenua 8903 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Hope Walter Trooper Fifth Waikato 2373
Hopkins Henry Church Lance-Corporal Tenth Ashburton 9133
Hopkins Robert Charles Trooper Fourth Waipawa 1559
Horan George Henry Trooper Sixth Wallace 3746
Horley Lewis Trooper Eighth Waimate 5667
Hormann Francis Frederick Trooper Fifth Southland 1639
Horne Frederick Charles Ring Corporal Seventh Coromandel 4069
Horne George William Trooper Eighth (Details) Waipawa 8780 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Horne James Alexander Corporal First Hutt 10
Horne Leonard Trooper Second Marlborough 312
Horne Robert Trooper Eighth Tauranga 5491
Horne Thomas Robert Trooper/Lance-Corporal Fifth Ashburton Ninth 1638 7646
Horne William John Trooper Sixth Hutt 3375
Horne [Horn] William John Stevens Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay Eighth 2682 5214
Horner Albert Trooper Ninth Grey 8037
Hornig John Gainsborough Corporal Eighth Waimea 5747
Hornig William Francis Trooper Sixth Wellington 3376
Horrobin Thomas Trooper Fourth Southland Tenth 1118 8135 8815
Horsfall James Sergeant Major Ninth Wellington 7445
Horspool Alfred Outram Trooper Eighth Auckland 5490
Horton John Pearson Trooper Tenth Inangahua 9289
Hoskin George Albert Trooper Fifth Masterton 2258
Hoskin George Lewis Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5788
Hoskin John Alexander (John Alexander McKain) Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8964
Hoskin John William Trooper Ninth Mongonui 7185
Houchen Henry Trooper Seventh Waimate 4078
Houghton Edward George Sergeant Ninth Thames 7053
Houghton Roland Paul Trooper Fourth Horowhenua 1286
Houston Andrew Stewart Trooper Seventh Wellington 4626
Howard Henry Charles Trooper Ninth Waikouaiti 7906
Howard John Hooton Trooper Tenth Thames 8827
Howatson David Trooper Fifth Taieri 1637
Howe Onesimus Trooper Sixth Auckland 3241
Howell Ernest Alexander Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1533 1553
Howell James Leslie Theodore Trooper Seventh Wallace 4303
Howell Thomas Trooper Tenth Cook 8696 8697
Howell William Trooper Ninth Kiwitea 7312
Howie James Trooper Fifth (Reserves) - 2791 Did not appear to have served in SA
Hubbard Percy (Percy Richard) Trooper First Ohinemuri 45
Hubbard Walter Trooper Fourth Ohinemuri 1438
Huddlestone Henry Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5797
Hudson Frederick Trooper Eighth Waimea 5794
Hudson Henry Trooper Seventh Buller 4299
Huff Lancelot Francis Ellison Trooper Second Westland 473
Hughes Andrew Patrick Trooper Eighth Hawera 5212
Hughes Charles Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7786 7788
Hughes Frederick Ernest Trooper Ninth Piako 7186
Hughes James Cecil Sergeant Third Waipawa Eighth 838 5168
Hughes John Trooper Tenth Wellington 8825
Hughes John Gethin (D.S.O) Trooper/Captain and Adjutant First Waipawa Tenth 148 N/N
Hughes William James Graham Trooper Ninth Cheviot 7644
Hugonin Robert Sinclair Trooper Third Southland 650
Hulme Claude Hayward Trooper Sixth Wellington 3377
Hulme Hedley Russell Trooper Seventh Wellington Eighth 4662 5075 Wounded
Hulme Percy Grocott Trooper Eighth HMT Cornwall 5997
Hume Harold Clive Lance-Corporal Ninth Auckland 7444
Hume John Edward Captain Second NZ Permanent Force N/N To join Imperial Force
Hume Peter Gullard (Peter Gulland) Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9691
Hume William Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hutt 2679
Humfrey Henry Fulford Trooper Seventh Cook Ninth 6349 8253 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Humfrey [Humphrey] Guy Trooper Sixth Cook 3500
Humphrey Arthur Thomas Corporal Seventh Oroua 4253
Humphrey James Trooper Eighth Lake 5798
Humphries Ernest Albert Farrier Third Hawkes Bay 833
Humphries Stanley Larwell QM Sergeant Tenth Taranaki 9032
Hunt Henry George Trooper Sixth Ohinemuri 3239
Hunt James Slater Corporal Tenth Wellington 8564
Hunt John Trooper Tenth Southland 9407
Hunt John Richard Trooper Tenth Kiwitea 8963
Hunt Philip Norman Trooper First Christchurch 146
Hunt William Edward Trooper Sixth Waimate 3743
Hunter Alexander Saddler Ninth Collingwood 7783
Hunter Charles Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4410
Hunter Edwin John Daniel Trooper Eighth Southland 5995 5994
Hunter Ernest (Ernest George) Sergeant Fourth Southland Eighth 1101 6017
Hunter Gilbert Lance-Corporal/Sergeant-Major Fifth Eden Ninth 2337 7181
Hunter John Trooper Seventh Eden 4027
Hunter Joseph Trooper Sixth Southland 3747
Hunter William Henry Trooper Eighth Akaroa 5664
Hurford John Henry Trooper First Selwyn 143
Hurley John Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7054
Hurley William Alexander Trooper Ninth Patea 7313
Hurndell Thomas Henry Trooper Ninth Waikouaiti 7903
Hurren John Trooper Tenth (Details) Westland 9651 (May not have embarked) Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - Sailed with 10th
Hurrey Ernest Charles Trooper Sixth Cook 3499
Hurrey Irving Stanley Trooper Sixth Cook 3498
Hurrey John Alexander Trooper Third Wanganui 736
Hurse Leonard Grenville Trooper Tenth Ashley 9170
Hursthouse Calvert Fearon Trooper Eighth Waimea 5793
Hussey William James Assistant Regimental QM Sergeant Tenth Christchurch 9104
Hutchings William Ernest Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Dunedin 9583
Hutchinson David Trooper Tenth Westland 9288
Hutchinson Frank Hughtry (Frank Haugthy) Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6133
Hutchinson Frank William Trooper Eighth Waipawa 5213
Hutchinson Louis Edward Bugler Ninth Dunedin 7908
Hutchinson Thomas Holmes Sergeant/Saddler Sergeant Fifth Southland Tenth 1642 9496
Hutchinson [Hutchison] Thomas Allan Trooper Ninth Hawera 7307
Hutson Alfred Captain Second Wellington N/N
Hutt John Trooper Seventh Buller 4296
Hutton Archibald Craig Trooper/Farrier Sergeant Third South Africa Ninth 910 7775 (7755) Not on Embarkation List
Hutton Robert Hogg Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7900
Hutton Stimson Patrick Trooper Tenth Hobson 8701
Hutton Vernon Montgomerie Trooper Sixth Ashburton 3840
Hutton Wyndham John Trooper Ninth Hobson 7056
Hyde George Trooper Third Rangitikei 734
Hyne Arthur Trooper Tenth Collingwood 9290
Hynes Thomas Trooper Sixth Tuapeka 3740
Ibbotson Herbert Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4538
Ikin John Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1644
Iles Leland Harry Bertram Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9176
Inder Robert Walter Norman Lance-Corporal Tenth Coromandel 8568
Ingle Claude Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5924
Ingram Walter Herbert Trooper Seventh Wellington 4179
Innes Edward Scott Trooper Fifth Auckland 2375
Innes George White Trooper Tenth Akaroa 8966
Innes Henry Edmund (Harry Edmund) Trooper Ninth Waihemo 8203 (6198) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Instone Thomas Henry Trooper Eighth (Details) Hutt 9094 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Iorns William Augustus Trooper Eighth Masterton 5076
Ireland Arthur James Trooper Third Selwyn 652
Ireland Frederick William Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7314
Ireland Herbert Denton Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8965
Ireland John Trooper Eighth Auckland 5357
Ireland Richard Horner Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4305
Irvine William Trooper Ninth Taieri 8256 (6197) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Irvine William James Trooper Tenth Patea 8967
Irving Joseph Faulder Trooper Ninth Inangahua 7789
Irwin Joseph QM Sergeant/Sergeant Fourth Hawera Sixth 2685 3332 Fifth (Reserves)
Irwin Percy Stuart Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7651
Irwin Thomas John Trooper Second Patea 346
Isbister [Isbester] John Tait Trooper Seventh Taieri 4415
Isherwood Arthur Cecil Ramsbottom Trooper Fourth Hutt 1292
Israelson Oliver Edward Trooper Ninth Clutha 7912
Ivimey Sidney Septimus Trooper Tenth (Details) Dunedin 9817 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Ivimey Frederick Elder Birbeck (Fred) Sergeant Ninth Dunedin 7913 SA File missing on Archway
Jack Alexander Trooper Seventh Westland 4306
Jack Archibald Lieutenant and Paymaster Ninth Ashley N/N
Jack David Mickie Trooper Fourth Waitaki 1003
Jack James McKendrick Trooper Sixth South Africa 3817
Jack Robert Trooper Second Marlborough 359
Jackson Albert Edward Trooper Third Christchurch 655
Jackson Alfred Exley Trooper Fourth Eden 1440
Jackson Arthur Edwin Trooper Ninth Waihemo 7916
Jackson Cranworth Franklin Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Wellington Eighth 1336 5019
Jackson Daniel Trooper Tenth Rangitikei 8829
Jackson Daniel Alfred Bugler Seventh Waimea 4255
Jackson George Kail Trooper/Sergeant Second Dunedin Sixth 477 3621
Jackson Henry Drummond Captain Fifth Dunedin Ninth N/N
Jackson Herbert Lionel Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7060
Jackson James Trooper Tenth Eden 8709
Jackson John Frederick Trooper/QM Sergeant Fourth Waitemata Seventh Ninth 1441 7059
Jackson John Keith Trooper Eighth Hutt 6351
Jackson Ralph Henry Trooper Sixth Kawhia 3245
Jackson Samuel Trooper Tenth Eden 8708
Jackson William Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9408
Jackson William (William Robert) Trooper Eighth Waimate 5670
Jackson William Alfred Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7452
Jacobs Leonard Noly Bugler Fifth Waimea 2445
Jacobs Samuel Henry George Farrier Ninth Christchurch 7652
Jacobson Horace Joseph Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9177
Jacquiery Bernard Edward Trooper Fifth Southland 1645
Jaffray William Johnstone Lance-Corporal Sixth Wellington 3378
Jago Harry Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 839
James Charles Trooper Tenth Levels 9291
James Frederick William Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5927
James George Ellis Trooper Eighth Waitotara 5081
James Gordon Stuart Trooper Seventh Wellington 4628
James Ralph Vincent Trooper Fifth Collingwood 2483
James William Trooper Eighth Wellington 5077
James William Henry Trooper Eighth Clutha 5932
Jamieson George Williamson Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9585 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Jansen George Frederick Trooper Ninth South Africa 8257
Jarrett Frederick Trooper Eighth Southland 6062
Jeffery Lawrence Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 5929
Jeffrey William Dispenser Seventh Wellington 4066
Jeffreys Charles Alfred Trooper/Squadron Sergeant Major Third Buller Tenth 689 9226
Jeffries William Richard Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2609
Jelley [Jelly] George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7915
Jenkins Alexander Trooper Eighth Wellington 5079
Jenkins Frederick Trooper Ninth Waitotara 8205 (6353) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Jenkins James Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4180
Jenkins James Arthur Bugler Second Wellington 316
Jenkins John Trooper Seventh Southland 4539
Jenkins Peter Trooper Tenth Waikouaiti 9524
Jenks James Trooper First Auckland 53
Jennings Albert Charles Sergeant Seventh Waimea 4246
Jennings John Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5928
Jennings Martin Andrew Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5802
Jennings William Aubrey Trooper Second Wanganui 394
Jensen August William Trooper Sixth Grey 3508
Jenson Harry Saddler Tenth Waipawa 9483
Jessep [Jessop] James Simon Regimental Sergeant Major Eighth Waitaki 5715
Jesser William Thomas Lance-Corporal Tenth Hobson 8707
Jewell Claude Lockhart Trooper First Auckland 149
Jewiss Frank Trooper Ninth (Details) Waikouaiti 8137 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
Jickell John Corporal Sixth Waimea 3460
Jickell William Sergeant Major Fourth Waimea 1157
Jillett Joseph Frederick Farrier Eighth Hutt 5039
Johns Douglas Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7187
Johns Ernest Newton Farrier Ninth Hawera 7390
Johns John Walter Sergeant Major Sixth Manukau 3244
Johns Richard Walter QM Sergeant Tenth Manukau 8710
Johnson Albert Sven Saddler Sergeant Ninth Waimea 7453 7452
Johnson Charles Trooper Sixth Wellington 3688
Johnson George Alexander Trooper Eighth Wellington 5078
Johnson George Richardson Trooper Eighth Coromandel 5495
Johnson Matthew Trooper Fourth Grey 1502
Johnson Norman Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7316
Johnson Walter John Pengelley Trooper Sixth Wellington 3379
Johnson William Sergeant Seventh Wellington 4067
Johnson [Butterworth] Leonard Alonzo (Johnson Leonard Alfonso)(Leonard Alexander) Trooper Leonard Alexander BUTTERWORTH Sixth Waipawa 3507
Johnson [Johnston] Ernest Victor Saddler Sergeant Tenth Waimea 9236
Johnston Albert Kenmore Trooper Eighth Waipa 5080
Johnston Alfred Charles Trooper Tenth Piako 8572
Johnston Charles Frederick Trooper Eighth Wellington 5991
Johnston Daniel Trooper First Waitaki Tenth 150 8522
Johnston David Neilson Trooper Eighth Christchurch 9657 Not on embarkation rolls
Johnston Frederick Trooper Eighth Wellington 5221
Johnston George Robert Captain and Adjutant Seventh Waitotara N/N
Johnston Guy Featherston Lieutenant Fourth Wellington N/N 1363
Johnston John Edward Trooper/Saddler Sergeant Fourth Hawkes Bay Eighth 1526 5296
Johnston Oswald Goring Trooper Fourth Manawatu 1556
Johnston Robert Corporal Fifth Ashley 2565
Johnston Robert Trooper Tenth (Details) Dunedin 9655 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Johnston Robert Trooper Eighth (Details) Cook 9818 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Johnston Walter Trooper First Clutha 151
Johnston William Trooper Tenth Waitemata 8569
Johnston William Aitken Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5925
Johnston [Johnson] Alfred Charles Trooper Eighth Buller 5803
Johnston [Johnson] Herbert Lance-Corporal Tenth Waitaki 9365
Johnston [Johnstone] Arthur William Trooper Tenth Taranaki 2687 Reserves - sailed with 5th
Johnston [Johnstone] Gilbert John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Taranaki 2688
Johnston [Johnstone] William Eli Lieutenant Ninth Westland N/N
Johnstone Andrew Charles Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2610
Johnstone Arthur Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7653
Johnstone Edward Hodges (Edwin Hodges) Trooper Seventh Manukau 4629
Johnstone Frederick Thomas Alexander Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3622
Johnstone Gordon White Trooper Ninth Maniototo 8038
Johnstone Graham Trooper Third Cook 809
Johnstone John Hall Trooper Ninth Cook 7317
Johnstone Robert Whitson Trooper Second South Africa 3000
Johnstone [Johnston] Arthur James Trooper Seventh (Details) Christchurch Ninth 6199 8258 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Johnstone [Johnston] David Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9178
Johnstone [Johnston] Gordon Carrick Trooper/Sergeant Major Third Cook Tenth 810 9063
Joines Harold Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7654 7654
Joll William Torrie Trooper Fourth Taranaki 1570
Jolly Ernest Sergeant Fourth Vincent 1061
Jolly James Henry Trooper Ninth Westland 8040
Jolly John (Jack) Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5926
Jolly Sydney Herbert Corporal Eighth Oroua 5171
Jones Albert Henry Sergeant Sixth Southland 3748
Jones Alfred Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5931
Jones Alfred Austin Trooper Tenth Ohinemuri 8571
Jones Alfred Harold (Alfred Allen) Trooper Tenth (Details) Cook 9656 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Jones Arthur Henry Corporal/Sergeant-Major Second Wellington Sixth 334 3686
Jones Charles Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6064
Jones Charles Booth Trooper Eighth Ashley 5671
Jones Charles Edward Trooper Fifth Buller 2482
Jones Edward Joseph Trooper Ninth Westland 8039
Jones Edwin Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3380
Jones Ernest James Trooper Seventh Cook Ninth 4182 8304
Jones Frederick Cleave Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5669
Jones Frederick Reginald Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9525
Jones Frederick Richard Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9654 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Jones Frederick William Trooper Fifth Waitotara 2261
Jones Harold Lancelot Trooper Eighth Pahiatua 6352
Jones James Lance-Corporal Fourth Waikouaiti 1082 1028
Jones James Trooper Tenth (Details) Westland 9658 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Jones James Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8968
Jones John Henry Trooper Eighth Southland 6063 6038
Jones John Thomas Trooper Seventh Wellington 4627
Jones John William Corporal/Sergeant Fifth Christchurch Eighth 2611 5738
Jones Jonathan Russell Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5721
Jones Joshua Alexander Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7914
Jones Mostyn Humphrey Innes Lieutenant/Captain Sixth Waimate Tenth N/N 3193
Jones Richmond Herbert Trooper Tenth Cook 8711
Jones Robert Aleck Trooper Ninth Selwyn 8204 (6200) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Jones Sidney Leslie (Sydney Leslie) Lance Corporal/Lieutenant Tenth Dunedin 1028 2 x files
Jones Thomas Patrick Trooper Tenth Westland 9292
Jones Walter Trooper Seventh Hawera 4181
Jones Walter Edward Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9179
Jones Walter Hardy Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Westland 2686
Jones William Henry Trooper Ninth Coromandel 7058
Jones William Herbert Corporal Tenth Auckland 8570
Jones William Wallace Sainsbury Trooper Ninth Hawera 7454
Jones [Acheson-Jones] John Trooper Acheson J JONES Second Auckland 487
Jonson Arthur Sylvester Sergeant Sixth Horowhenua 3334
Jordan Alexander St Patrick Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9293
Jordan Benjamin Stevens Trooper Eighth Ashley 6066
Jordan James Stewart Trooper Ninth Stratford 7315
Joseph Arthur Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 816
Joseph Arthur Henry Trooper/Sergeant Third Christchurch Eighth 654 5604
Josephson Carl Otto Trooper Sixth Wellington 3381
Joss William Saddler Tenth Lake 9369
Joughlin [Joughin] Robert Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7188
Jowsey Hugh Trooper Third Levels 653
Jowsey Thomas Major Commanding Third Levels N/N 1563
Joyce George Trooper Tenth Waimate 9409
Joyce Michael Disraeli Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6065
Joyce Selwyn Trooper/Lieutenant First Christchurch Fifth Seventh Eighth 152 N/N
Jude William Henry Trooper Fourth Southland 1107
Jupp Edward Frederick Trooper Seventh Wellington 4183
Jury Henry Trooper Tenth Hawera 8634
Kain Wolsey Corporal Fifth Selwyn 2612
Kane Hugh Leslie Trooper Tenth Wellington 9801
Kavanagh Laurence Trooper Tenth (Details) Whangarei 9064 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Kavanagh Vivian Claude Lance-Corporal Tenth Manukau 8770
Kay Robert (Robert Joseph) Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9410
Keady John Trooper Ninth Southland 8042
Keating James Trooper Ninth Buller 7792
Keating James Henry Trooper Eighth Thames 8915 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Keating Roland Howard Trooper Eighth Thames 5360
Keddell Charles Septimus Acting Sergeant Tenth (Details) Vincent 9660 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Keddell John Henry Lieutenant Fourth NZ Permanent Staff N/N
Keddell Philip Arthur Corporal/Lieutenant Seventh Waimea Tenth 4249
Keefe [O'Keefe] John Patrick Trooper Tenth Auckland 8574
Keeling Robert Morgan Trooper Fourth Oroua 1296
Keetley Henry Joseph Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashley 9686 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Keith Peter Trooper Fourth Auckland 1442
Kelcher Thomas William Trooper Third Waimate 657
Kelland Charles Cornish Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4418
Kelling Alfred Trooper Ninth Waimea 8207 (6161) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Kells George Kells Trooper First Oroua 32
Kells Patrick William Trooper Tenth Southland 9528
Kelly Arthur Trooper Eighth Amuri 5672
Kelly Harold William Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7659
Kelly John Morrison Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9414
Kelly John Neil Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3623
Kelly Percy John Corporal Ninth Auckland 7190
Kelly Richard Joseph Trooper Fourth Southland 1148
Kelly Robert Maurice (Robert Morris) Trooper Sixth Waitemata 3246
Kelly Samuel William Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4417
Kelly Thomas Trooper Tenth Amuri 9294
Kelly Thomas Patrick Trooper Tenth (Details) Lake 9662 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Kelsall Victor Albert Sergeant/Lieutenant Second Marlborough Eighth 356 N/N
Kempsell John Trooper Eighth Taranaki 5358
Kendall Arthur William Trooper Fifth Hokianga 2378
Kendall Edwin John Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4184
Kendall Francis James Trooper Second Oroua 530
Kendall Gordon Harding Trooper Seventh Raglan 4082
Kennard James Trooper Sixth Southland 3751
Kennard Thomas John Trooper Ninth Southland 8041
Kennedy Alexander Trooper Ninth Clutha 7917
Kennedy David Trooper Eighth Patangata 5082
Kennedy Donald Trooper Tenth Wairarapa South 8830
Kennedy Frederick Chafe Trooper Ninth Oroua 8259 (6354) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Kennedy Isaac Campbell Trooper Tenth (Details) Oroua 8905 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Kennedy John Sergeant Ninth Taieri 7657
Kennedy John Trooper Third Christchurch 658
Kennedy John Robert Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7656
Kennedy Robert Alexander Trooper Eighth Southland 6067
Kennedy William John Trooper Ninth Waihemo 7919
Kennington Jacob Trooper Third Marlborough 862
Kennington Joseph Trooper Tenth Marlborough 9412
Kenny Edmond (Edmund) Trooper Sixth Cook 3382
Kenny Stephen Trooper Eighth Taieri 5933
Kensett Harold Watham Trooper Sixth South Africa 3694
Kent Capel Hamilton Trooper Fifth Taieri Seventh 1647 4682
Kent-Johnston Joseph Stuart Sergeant Fifth Wairarapa South 2204
Kenyon Arthur Alexander Trooper Ninth Waimea 7791
Kenyon Frederick Bedford Trooper Tenth (Details) Southland 9661 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Keogh John Lawence Trooper Eighth Bruce 5934
Keogh [Smith] Joseph - SMITH Ninth HMT Devon 5431
Keown Alexander Allen Trooper Fourth Southland 1114
Keown Hugh Stewart Sergeant Ninth Southland 7920
Keppel Leicester Walpole Trooper Ninth Auckland 7061
Ker [Kerr] Thomas Henry Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7538
Kerr Alfred Buttars Trooper Eighth Bay of Islands 5222
Kerr David Alexander Trooper Fourth Waimea 1295
Kerr Ernest Trooper Second Waimea 392
Kerr Herbert Trooper Fourth Horowhenua 1297
Kerr James Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7918
Kerr John Trooper Tenth Waipa 8714
Kerr Percy Trooper Tenth (Details) Inangahua 9659 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Kerr Robert Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9351
Kettle Herbert Leslie Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7658
Kewish John William Trooper Tenth Waipa 9804 8713
Key John Andrew Trooper Sixth Southland 3752
Kidd Gavin (Gavin Cooper) Trooper Fifth Waihemo 1646
Kidd John Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9411
Kidd Kenneth Harold Trooper Tenth Thames 8538
Kidd Robert William Corporal Second Taranaki 382
Kidd Thomas Trooper Eighth McKenzie 6068
Kidd William Trooper Third Levels 660
Kiernan [Parker] William Frederick Trooper Stephen Leonard PARKER Tenth Wanganui 8712 Did not embark
Kilminster [Kilmister] Winford Robert Trooper Details Hutt 8904 (May not have embarked) Details for regiments serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Kilpatrick John Johnston Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9416
Kimber Robert George Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7655
King Alexander James Trooper Eighth Westland 5083
King Alfred Ernest Trooper Eighth Auckland 5359
King Edward Charles Trooper Eighth Taranaki 6355
King Ernest Rudolph Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9526
King Francis Joseph Trooper Eighth Waitaki 5935
King Frederick William Trooper/Trooper Sixth Waimate Eighth 3750 5936
King Frederick William Robert John Surgeon Captain Ninth Auckland N/N
King Horace Corporal Fifth (Reserves) Wellington 2689
King James Edward Trooper Tenth Auckland 8573
King John Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7189
King John Duncan Trooper Second Levels 417
King John Edward Trooper Ninth Auckland 7192
King John Worthy Corporal Ninth Levels 7790
King Thomas Trooper Tenth Taupo 8969
King William John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3690
King William John Carr Trooper Ninth Auckland 7062
Kinsey William Henry Scott Lieutenant Ninth Wellington N/N
Kinzett Leonard (Leonard John) - Ninth Waimea 7457 Did not embark
Kirk Albert Trooper Ninth Cook 7318
Kirk Percy Milawa Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9527
Kirk William Henry Trooper Eighth Taieri 6070
Kirkbride Matthew Bruce Trooper First Auckland 49
Kirkham Arthur James (Arthur James Hartley) Shoeing Smith Eighth Hawkes Bay 5180
Kirkwood James Trooper Seventh Waihemo 4540
Kirwin John Charles Trooper Fifth Waimea 2485
Kitchen Douglas Trooper Ninth Mongonui 7191
Kitchen Thomas Alexander Trooper Tenth Waihemo 9413
Kitchener Frederick William Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8971
Kitching Thomas Mercer Trooper Tenth Waimea 9295
Kite James Walter Trooper Tenth Waipa 8579
Kitney Alfred Thomas Gunner/Corporal Second Rangitikei Sixth 442 3461 Hotchkiss Detachment
Kitto James Trooper Ninth Tuapeka 8112
Klee George Trooper Seventh Waikouaiti 4309
Klee Louis Trooper Seventh Patangata 4630
Klee Victor Trooper Seventh Wellington 4631
Klee William Henry Trooper Fifth Waipawa 2484
Knapp Edward Nairn Trooper Second Waipawa 375
Knapp Kempster Trooper Seventh Waimea Ninth 6162 8206 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Knight Arthur Trooper Tenth Christchurch 8970
Knight Frank Harvey Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5937
Knight Leonard Trooper Ninth Hutt 7456
Knight Louis Dale Trooper Tenth Kiwitea 8831
Knight Melville Portal Trooper Third Akaroa 659
Knight Walter Trooper Ninth Auckland 7534
Knowles Francis Trooper Eighth (Details) HMT Drayton Grange 9837 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Knowles Thomas Frederick Trooper Tenth Wallace 9415
Knowles William Gibson Trooper Seventh Waimea 4308
Knox Frederick Trooper Fifth Ashburton 2613
Knubley Francis Clissold Trooper Second Levels 400
Knudson Andrew Trooper Third Akaroa 656
Kobler Frederick Trooper Eighth Wellington 5496
Koller George Thurston Trooper Fifth Rodney 2403
Koppert Harry Corporal Sixth Waitaki 3749
Kracke Frederick William Ernest Trooper Eighth Southland 6069
Krogh Edward Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 840
Krull Fritz Sergeant Third Waitotara 719
Kyle Seth Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1088
Labes Albert Trooper Sixth Tuapeka 3755
Lacey Richard Charles Trooper Fourth Southland 1145
Lacey Walter Thomas Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 6201 8263 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Ladbrook Herbert Trooper Eighth Auckland 5500
Lagerstrom John Trooper Tenth Oroua 8836
Lahman Edward William Trooper Sixth Westland 3512
Laing Robert Trooper Ninth Clutha 8043
Laird Samuel Trooper Tenth Waimate 9418
Lake Albert Edward Corporal Tenth Tauranga 8719
Lake Walter Charles Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5673
Lally Patrick Trooper Eighth Grey 5807
Lamb Herbert Arthur Trooper Tenth Levels 9299
Lambele Ernest Allison Trooper Eighth Ashburton 5805
Lambert Frank George Trooper Second Westland 336
Lambert William Frederick Byrne Trooper Ninth Westland 8044
Lambert William Harold Trooper Second Auckland 515
Lambess Thomas Robert Trooper Third Rangitikei 743
Lammas John Oscar Trooper Tenth Waimea 9297
Lammas William George Trooper Seventh Waimea 4310
Lamond James Trooper Ninth Clutha 7196
Lamont John Robert Trooper Fourth Waitaki 1077
Lanauze Edgar Trooper Ninth Chatham Islands 7663
Lang William Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9529
Lange Albert Frederick Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2614
Lange William Francis Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2615
Langford George Neil Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4421
Langford William Eustace Trooper/Lieutenant Third Cook Eighth 806 N/N
Langham James Trooper Fourth Waipawa Eighth 1386 5161
Lankshear Sidney Warner Trooper Fifth Oroua Ninth 2265 8149
Larkin Alfred Lance-Corporal Ninth Wellington 7461
Larkins Edward Trooper Eighth South Africa 5998
Larkins Taylor Trooper Eighth Mangonui 5509 Not on embarkation rolls
Larner Edward Trooper Ninth Auckland 7066
Larsen Gus Alfred Trooper Tenth Oroua 8722
Larsen Hans Trooper/Sergeant Second Waipawa Eighth 368 5018 463
Larsen John Theodore Trooper Eighth Manukau 5363
Lascelles Edward Ward Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2545
Lash Arthur Knight Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7320
Lash Ralph Harry Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8628
Laskey Frederick William Trooper Ninth Stratford 7526
Latimer Walter Hamilton Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9530
Latta Robert Sanderson Regimental Orderly Sergeant Eighth Wellington 5001
Latto James Trooper Ninth Ashley 7794
Laughton John Trooper Eighth Clutha 6075
Laurie Redman Trooper Tenth Taranaki 9007
Laurie [Lawrie] William Christian Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3757 3557
Laverty [Lavery] Edward Trooper Ninth Bruce 7921
Law Albert Trooper Sixth Cook 3509
Law Leonard John Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3383
Law Norman Trooper Seventh Cook 4188
Lawrence Bertram Woodforde Sergeant Tenth Wellington 8834
Lawrence Francis Joseph Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3625
Lawrence Frank Hamilton (Frederick Hamilton) Trooper Sixth Cook 3384
Lawrence Frederick William Trooper Tenth Eden 8718
Lawrence Robert Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4543
Lawrence William Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5726
Lawrence William Joseph Farrier Fourth Wallace 1099
Lawry Wiliam Foster Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8972
Lawson George Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Hawkes Bay Tenth 1537 9349
Lawson Thomas Trooper Eighth Taranaki 5225
Le Comte John Trooper Tenth Hutt 8832
Le Grange Hugh Count Trooper Fifth Ashburton 2616
Le Gros James Phillip Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3624
Le Roi Frank Leopold Trooper Eighth Ashley 5085
Le Sueur Clarence Adolphus Trooper Fourth Wellington 1291
Le Vaillant Thomas Joseph Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8975
Leach Ernest Trooper Tenth Ekatahuna 8833
Leach William Henry Trooper Tenth Rangitikei 8837
Lean Henry Edmond Lance-Corporal Tenth Waitotara 8977
Lean Richard Edward Alexander Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Hawkes Bay Ninth 1547 7322
Lear Ernest Trooper Fifth Dunedin Eighth Tenth 1648 9834 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Leary Percy Charles - Ninth Wellington 7458 7478
Leask William Trooper Tenth Ashley 9417
Leckie Alexander Sergeant Seventh Dunedin 4488
Leckie James Gunn Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3754
Ledingham Alexander Trooper Fifth Waitaki Seventh 1649 4684
Ledingham Alexander Robert Trooper Seventh Clutha 4544
Lee Ernest Albert Trooper Seventh Wellington 4189
Lee Patrick William Trooper Eighth Southland 6077
Lee William Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8261 (6202) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Lee William Jason Trooper Ninth Bay of Islands 7194
Leece George Corporal Fifth Auckland 2331
Leech Edward William Horatio Trooper Fifth Hawera 2268
Leech John Dunstan Lawley Trooper Fifth Hawera 2262
Leech Leonard Frederick Corporal Sixth Taranaki 3513
Leeden Walter John Trooper Eighth Taieri 6074
Lees Harry Trooper Seventh Auckland 4083
Lees Roger Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 4420 8298
Legg Thomas Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4419
Leighton Thomas Sergeant Seventh Waimea 4248
Leitch Thomas Douglas Farrier Tenth Dunedin 9481
Leith John Moore Trooper Ninth Southland 8045
Lenehan John Ernest Trooper Tenth Oroua 8838
Lennard Alfred Harold Trooper Eighth Auckland 5497
Lennard Arthur Ernest Trooper Sixth Manukau 3247
Lennon William Trooper Eighth Masterton 5361
Lennox Henry Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5804
Lenon Albert Thomas Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7793
Leonard Charles Thaxter Trooper Second Auckland 368
Leslie Alexander Forbes Trooper Lionel FORBES Fifth (Reserves) Geraldine 2715
Leslie John Norman Sergeant Sixth Cook 3459
Leslie Norman Stewart Corporal Eighth (Details) Waipawa 9065 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Leslie Thomas Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4541
Leslie William Alexander Trooper/Trooper Second Westland Eighth 478 5808 5818
Lester Thomas Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7660
Lester [Lister] Norman Trooper LISTER Ninth Dunedin 7664 2 x 7664
L'Estrange Endo Walter Trooper/Regimental Sergeant Major First Wellington Eighth 110 5000
Lett John McLaren Trooper Sixth Horowhenua 3386
Letts Ralph M Trooper Sixth Auckland 3248
Lewin Charles Montague Trooper/Corporal/Lieutenant First Christchurch Sixth 59 3756 N/N Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Lewin Kindersley Camillo Montague Supernumerary Officer Third Christchurch N/N
Lewis Charles Norman Trooper Sixth Waitotara 3510
Lewis Harold George Lieutenant Ninth Wellington N/N
Lewis Henry Jones (Henry John) Regimental Orderly Corporal Eighth Christchurch 5809
Lewis Samuel Lees Eldridge Trooper Tenth Pahiatua 8974 No SA File
Lewis Tom (Tom Eldridge) Lance-Corporal Tenth Waimea 9243
Leydon John Edward Trooper Ninth Stratford 7321
Leyland [Leylands] Alfred Trooper Seventh Patangata 4185
Liggins John Henry Trooper Fifth Oroua 2487
Lilburne Herbert Thomas Trooper Eighth Bruce 6072
Lilburne John Robert Trooper Second Bruce 506
Lilburne [Lillburne] William Aubrey Trooper Tenth Bruce 9531
Lile [Lisle] Adam Trooper Eighth (Details) Taranaki 9820 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Lilewall John Wellesley Trooper Eighth Auckland 5366
Lilico Thomas Gordon Veterinary Surgeon Fifth Levels N/N
Lilley William Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7662
Lilly James Osbourne Lieutenant Tenth Hutt N/N
Limmer Lewis Charles Corporal Fifth Waipa 2332
Lindon Isaac Trooper Eighth Ashley 5810
Lindop Alexander John Hulme (Alec John Hulme) Trooper Seventh Wairarapa South Ninth 6380 8262 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Lindop Charles Mountford Trooper Sixth Wellington 3387
Lindsay Charles Elesmere (Charles Ellesmere) Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9180
Lindsay James Douglas Trooper/QM Sergeant Fifth Selwyn Ninth 2617 7761 7661
Lindsay James Ferguson Trooper Fifth Waimate 2618
Lindsay Patrick Bugler Fifth Levels 2569
Lindsay Thomas Archibald Trooper Sixth Southland 3758
Lines Thomas Percival Trooper Fourth Buller 1380
Linkhorn Walter Edward Sergeant Fifth Auckland Eighth 2376 5437
Linklater Hugh Corporal Seventh Thames Ninth 4068 7572
Linklater Joseph Trooper Sixth Westland 3511
List Otto Corporal Eighth Hawkes Bay 5173
Lister Arthur Poole Trooper Fifth Taranaki 2488
Litchfield [Leitchfield] Herbert Younger Trooper Fifth Oroua Eighth 2264 5223
Little Charles John Trooper Eighth Coromandel 5364
Little Cuthbert Lance-Corporal Sixth Auckland 3251
Little James William (William James) Trooper Tenth Cook 8721
Little John Corporal Eighth Dunedin 5881
Livingstone David Benjamin Farrier Tenth Waipa 8720
Livingstone Herbert Trooper Tenth McKenzie 9419
Lloyd Henry William Lance-Corporal Tenth Thames 8575
Lloyd John Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2622
Lloyd Richard Trooper Third Hawera 793
Lloyd [Lloyd-Brown] Henry (Brown Henry) Trooper Second Rangitikei 352
Loach Albert Edward Trooper Second Cook 389
Lock Frederick William Trooper Ninth Wanganui 7319
Lock Herbert James Hoddinott Trooper Fifth Rangitikei Eighth 2269 5224
Lockett Ernest Barnett Trooper/Sergeant Major First Wanganui Seventh 93 4121
Lockett Patrick Robert Barnett (Patrick Burnett) Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8976
Lockhead William Stewart Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4542
Lockie Noel John Trooper Ninth Waipa 7195
Lockley Gordon Lance-Corporal Ninth Auckland 7067
Lodder John Muir Douglas Trooper Seventh Piako 4028
Logan Alexander Trooper Tenth Southland 9532
Logan John William Trooper Fourth Southland 1106
Long Arthur Feltham Corporal Ninth Whangarei 7193
Long Frederick Christopher Trooper Fifth Oroua 2266
Long Joseph Lawrence Sergeant Fourth Waipa 1402
Long Richard John Trooper Seventh Waitotara 4186
Long Robert Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7795
Lopdell James Stapleton Trooper Sixth Whakatane 3249
L'orange [Lorange] William John Joseph Trooper Eighth Auckland 5365
Lorigan William Farrier/Sergeant Fourth Hawkes Bay Sixth 1098 3759
Lorimer John Trooper Fifth Ashley 2619
Lorrett Frank Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9296
Louden George Trooper Second Invercargill 388
Lourie [Lowrie] Donald George Trooper Fifth Rangitikei 2267
Lourie [Lowrie] Frederick Trooper Eighth (Details) Rangitikei 9819 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Lousley Silas Trooper Fourth Waitaki Seventh 1073 4679
Love Daniel Joseph Sergeant Major Seventh Wellington 4242
Love William Charles Trooper Ninth Waitotara 7064
Lovegrove Ernest Victor Trooper Sixth Piako 3250
Lovell James Thomas Andrew Trooper Ninth Marlborough 7460
Low George (Charles) Saddler Sergeant Ninth Clutha 8047
Low James Ireland Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1018
Low John Gibson Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2620
Lowden Robert Bowman Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7718
Lowe Christopher Trooper Tenth Buller 9298
Lowe Edward John Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4187
Lowe William Thomas Trooper Third Ashburton 662
Lowe [Low] Francis David Trooper Eighth Selwyn 6071
Lubbock George Walter Trooper Ninth Auckland 7063
Lucas Frank Usher Trooper Eighth (Details) Taranaki 8778 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Lucas Frank Willett Trooper Eighth (Details) Auckland 9067 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Lucas Frederick William Trooper Tenth (Details) Manukau 9066 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Lucas John William Trooper Ninth Oroua 8260 (6357) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Lucas Robert Ernest Trooper Eighth Wairarapa South 5084
Lucas Thomas Freeman Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Buller 2690
Lucy Thomas Martyn Trooper Sixth Wellington 3388
Lukis Charles William Francis Trooper Sixth Amuri 3841
Lumley Herbert Richard Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7459
Lummas George Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Marlborough 9234
Lumsden David Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2486
Lund John (John Vigo)(Viggo John) Trooper Tenth Levels 9300
Lund John Edward Trooper Eighth Waipawa 5362
Lundon David Frederick Trooper Second Auckland 405
Lunn Herbert Guthrie Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2621
Lunn John Neighoff Trooper Eighth Collingwood 5806
Lusk Charles Trooper Third Ashburton 661
Luther William John Trooper Sixth Auckland 3252
Luxford John Aldred (Rev.) Honorary Captain and Chaplain Tenth Selwyn N/N
Luxford Percy Trooper Sixth Wellington 3389
Luxford Stanley Fairhall Lance-Corporal Tenth Wellington 8835 8535
Luxton William Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8973
Lyall John Petrie Trooper Sixth Bruce 3753
Lyell Stuart Trooper Ninth Auckland 7065
Lyes George Trooper Seventh Westland Ninth (Reliefs) 6164 8264 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Lyford Albert Edward Trooper Ninth Waimea 8048
Lynch Thomas Squadron Sergeant Major Seventh South Africa Ninth 8144
Lynch William Trooper Tenth Hobson 8716
Lyness Robert Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6076
Lynn William Allan Trooper Tenth Peninsula 9533
Lynskey Edward Trooper Tenth Ashley 9182
Lyon Robert Trooper Fourth Bruce 1299
Lyons Herbert Trooper Ninth Lake 8046
Lyons John (John Mitchell) Corporal Tenth Akaroa 9126
Lyons Michael Joseph Trooper Seventh Horowhenua 4632
Lyons Thomas Walter Trooper/Squadron Sergeant Major Fifth Ohinemuri Tenth 2377 9112
Lysaght George Trooper Eighth Auckland 5499
Lyttleton James John Trooper Tenth Waipa 9608 8717 (Issued with two numbers)
Mabin Frederick Burton Honorary Captain and Paymaster Tenth Christchurch N/N
MacAlister Albert Trooper Ninth Wellington 7474
MacAlister Robert Trooper Ninth Wairarapa 7473 Does not appear on embarkation roll
MacAlpine Joseph Bates Trooper Ninth Waikouaiti 8119
MacAulay [MacAuley] Charles Haddon Spurgeon Trooper Eighth Wellington 5086
MacDonald Donald Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7206
MacDonald Henry John Trooper Fifth Manukau Seventh Ninth 2391 4694 N/N
MacDonald John Christopher Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 9824 (9814) Details for regiments serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
MacDonald John Parker Trooper Fifth Manukau Seventh 2390 4702
MacDonald Peter Trooper Ninth Waimate 7802
MacDonald [McDonald] Douglas McLean Trooper/Corporal Fifth Oroua Seventh Ninth (Details) 2271 6362 8153
MacDonald [McDonald] George Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8979 May not have embarked
MacDonald [McDonald] James Bugler Fifth Dunedin 1657
MacDonald [McDonald] John Samuel Trooper Seventh Rodney 4036
MacDonald [McDonald] Ronald Trooper Third Ashley 671
MacDonald [McDonald] Thomas Thompson Trooper Eighth Southland 6083
MacDougall [McDougall] William Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1317
MacDougall [McDougall] William Hossack Trooper Fifth Waihemo 1658
MacFarlane Thomas Murdock Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2489
MacFarlane [McFarlane] Arthur Christian Trooper Seventh Auckland 4090
MacGregor [McGregor] James B Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5946
Machirus Frederick Henry Theodore Trooper/Trooper Second Sounds Eighth 446 5816
MacIndoe Charles Griersen Bugler Fourth Auckland 1412
MacIntosh Archibald Morton Trooper/Corporal Third Levels Sixth 673 3639
MacKay [McKay] John Trooper Third Amuri 665
Mackay [McKay] John Thomas Trooper/Saddler/QM Sergeant Fourth Buller Ninth 1511 8105
Mackay [McKay] John Tod Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7323
MacKay [McKay] William John Trooper/Saddler Sergeant Fifth Amuri Eighth 2625 6014
MacKelvie Alexander Gunner Fifth South Africa 13
MacKenzie Frederick Ellis Trooper Third South Africa 2735
Mackenzie [McKenzie] Francis Wallace Surgeon Major Tenth Wellington N/N
MacKenzie [McKenzie] Henry Trooper/Lance Corporal Fourth Wallace Tenth 1110 9478
MacKenzie [McKenzie] John Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3628
MacKenzie [McKenzie] John Cleland Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4425
Mackin [McKin] Richard Henry Farrier-Sergeant Ninth Lake 8053
MacLaine Alexander James Trooper Fourth Marlborough Seventh 1437 1803
MacLaine Winsbury Archibald John Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4317
MacLean Alfred Hubert Trooper Seventh Oroua Ninth 6360 8215 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
MacLean John Clark Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1013
MacLean Lachlan Moray Corporal Fifth Dunedin 1650
MacLean Thomas Longland Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7936
MacLure [McLure] Valentine Murray Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9539
MacPherson William Brodie Trooper First Southland Seventh 156
MacPherson [McPherson] Norman Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9311
MacTavish Alexander Henry Gunner Second Wellington 311 Hotchkiss Detachment
Madden Charles Henry Corporal Seventh Auckland 4034
Madden Joseph Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9189
Maddock William Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3528
Maddren Richard Henry Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8724
Maden Percy Trooper Sixth Auckland 3304
Madill James Trooper Sixth Manukau 3263
Madocks William (William Robert Napier) Captain First Royal Horse And Royal Field Artillery N/N
Magee Robert Burton Trooper Ninth Wellington 7468
Maguire [McGuire] William Fromes Trooper Tenth (Details) Hutt 8782 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Mahan Adam George Trooper Tenth Ashley 9301
Mahan Richard Edward Corporal Ninth Christchurch 7674
Maher Edward Joseph Farrier Ninth Marlborough 7804
Mahon James Trooper Eighth Manukau 5511
Mahood William Edward Sergeant First Piako 7
Mair Harold Gilbert Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7073
Mair Norman William Lyndoch Lance-Sergeant/Lieutenant Third Waipawa Ninth 843 N/N
Major Thomas Charles Captain Fifth Auckland N/N
Malcolm Alexander Winham Trooper Eighth Tauranga 5368
Malcolm John Joseph Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6080
Malcolm John William Gunner/Sergeant-Major Second Wellington Sixth 433 3327 4539 Hotchkiss Detachment
Malcolm Kenneth Gordon Sergeant Seventh Auckland 4369
Malcolm Neil Campbell Trooper Eighth Auckland 5505
Maling Thomas James Lieutenant Tenth Geraldine N/N
Maller Thomas John Trooper Sixth South Africa 3813
Maloney John Trooper Eighth Akaroa 6085
Maloney [Malone] John (John Patrick) Trooper Sixth Auckland 3253
Malthus Percy (Percival) Lance-Corporal Tenth Levels 9248
Malthus Samuel Trooper Tenth Levels 9196
Mandeno Herbert Trooper Eighth Waipa 5232
Mandeno William Percy Trooper Fourth Waipa 1444
Manktelow Grove Kenneth George Trooper Fifth Waikato 2387
Manley John Charles Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1670
Mann George Herbert Trooper First Patea 97
Mann Michael Farrier Second Wellington 333
Mann Raymond Fairfax Trooper Seventh Selwyn 4314
Manning Edward Fox Saddler Second Wellington 531
Manning Ernest Herbert Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 841
Manning Lionel Walter (Lionel Walker) Corporal Sixth Wellington 3435
Manning Robert Trooper Eighth Waitemata 5370
Manning Rudolph John Thompson Trooper Tenth Manukau 8587 6587
Mansfield Harold Goldsmith Trooper Third Ashley 667
Manson Andrew Mouat (Andrew Mowat) Lance-Corporal Tenth Lake 9364
Manson Charles Andrew Trooper Ninth Vincent 8049
Manson George Gray Trooper Tenth Ashley 9305
Manson John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3398
Manson John de Putron Trooper/Lieutenant MAUSON Fifth Selwyn Eighth 2628 N/N
Manson John Hugh Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5677
Manson Vivian Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5680
Marcks Lewis Hewson Trooper Eighth Wellington 5091
Mardon Cecil Norman Trooper Ninth Hokianga 7072
Marisco Frank Sergeant Tenth Southland 9464
Mark William Henry Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4312
Markham Nigel Ivan Captain Sixth Auckland N/N
Markmann Carl Molchine Trooper Eighth Wellington 5092
Marks William George Trooper Ninth Eden 7455
Marsh Alfred Hayes Trooper/Lance-Corporal Fifth Masterton Ninth 2275 7331
Marsh Charles Trooper Ninth Christchurch 8267 (6203) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Marsh Eric Everett Swayne Trooper Sixth Hawkes Bay 3524
Marsh Frank Trooper Tenth Masterton 8844
Marsh Herbert Trooper Tenth (Details) Southland 9666 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Marsh John Nicholas Trooper Seventh Lake 4551
Marsh Norris Charles Trooper Ninth Oroua 7325
Marsh William Edward Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Masterton Sixth 2693 3640
Marshall Alfred Joseph Trooper Tenth (Details) HMT Drayton Grange 9839 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Marshall E Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay 2694 No file on Archway
Marshall Edward Trooper Sixth Wallace 3777
Marshall Henry Frederick (Frank) Trooper Sixth Auckland 3254
Marshall Herbert Sydney Trooper Seventh Auckland 4084
Marshall John Alfred Trooper Tenth Levels 9423
Marshall Thomas Lance-Corporal Tenth Wellington 8582
Marshall William Lieutenant/Captain Fifth Waitaki Ninth N/N 1150
Marshall William Griffiths Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Buller Tenth 2490 9231
Marshall [Marshal] Walter Trooper Sixth Ashley 3633
Martin Alfred Ernest Farrier Eighth Opotiki 5451
Martin Arthur Francis Trooper Seventh Southland 4547
Martin Charles Trooper Sixth Levels 3632
Martin Henry (Harry) Trooper Tenth Cook 8734
Martin Henry Rose Saddler Ninth Southland 7940
Martin James Robert Trooper Second Clutha 387
Martin John Lance-Corporal/Lieutenant Third Westland Eighth 796 N/N
Martin John Thomas Lance-Corporal Sixth Southland 3776 Discharged SA
Martin Russell Trooper Ninth Waimea 8271 (6166) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Martin Thomas Trooper Tenth Ashley 9188 May not have embarked
Martin Thomas Orema (Thomas Croma) Trooper Fourth Grey 1709
Martin William Trooper Ninth Bay of Islands 7200
Martin William James Trooper Sixth Dunedin Ninth 3641 7977
Martin [Luoni] James Trooper Martin LUONI Eighth (Details) Christchurch 8209 6209 (Reliefs for 6th and 7th Contingents - sailed with 8th)
Martindale John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3400
Martyn William Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7675
Maskew Gerald Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4550
Mason Charles Henry Trooper Seventh Waikato 4197
Mason Colin Trooper Eighth Waipawa 5371
Mason Ernest Trooper Sixth Auckland Ninth 3259 8151
Mason Frank Trooper/Corporal Fifth Vincent Ninth 1660 7719
Mason George Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7978 No file on Archway
Mason John Walter Trooper Ninth Whangarei 7070
Mason Michael Bertie Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9190
Mason William John* QM Sergeant/Lieutenant Fourth Horowhenua Eighth 1315
Mason William Leslie Trooper Fifth Waimea 2504
Mason William Thomas Trooper Tenth (Details) Dunedin 9670 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Mason William Walter Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6078
Massey Edward John Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Waitaki Eighth 1662 6010
Masson George John Trooper Seventh Otamatea 4085
Masters Sydney Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8978
Mather Alfred Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7935
Mather James Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8620
Mather William Squadron QM Sergeant Tenth Christchurch 9115
Matheson Alister Hugh Trooper Sixth Tauranga 3262
Matheson Angus Trooper Fifth Waitaki 1668
Matheson Donald Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7666
Matheson John (John Cameron) Farrier-Sergeant Fifth Southland 1669
Matheson William Trooper Tenth Southland 9536
Mathews [Matthews] William Trooper MATTHEWS Sixth Levels 3631
Mathewson William Malcolmson Trooper Fourth Maniototo 1058
Mathie John Alexander Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1153
Mathie William Edward Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5944
Mathieson Lewis Trooper Sixth Taieri 3766
Mathieson William Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8107
Matson James Lance-Corporal Tenth (Details) Wellington 9068 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Matson John Trooper First Waipa 41
Matthews Charles Henry Corporal Seventh Wellington 4130
Matthews Frank Carle Veterinary Surgeon Lieutenant Ninth Hutt N/N
Matthews George Trooper Tenth Hawera 8631
Matthews Henry Trooper Second Raglan 505
Matthews Leo Sam Trooper Fourth Hutt 1280
Matthews Robert Saxton Captain Eighth Taranaki N/N
Mattson Barndt Henry Trooper Ninth Auckland 7069
Maud Roland Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1370
Maude Henry Francis (Henry Fairfax) Trooper Eighth Waitaki 5940
Maunder George Henry Trooper Tenth Waipa 8729
Maunder Thomas Trooper First Waipa 42
Maunsell [Mannsell] Ernest Henry Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1508
Maxwell Kerr Andrew (Ken Andrew) Provost-Sergeant Eighth Stratford 5002
Maxwell William Corporal Eighth Cook 5169
May William Henry Trooper Tenth Thames 8586
Mayhew Ambrose Trooper Eighth Manawatu 5229
Mayn [Mayne] George Henry Trooper Eighth Southland 6082
Mayne Frederick Trooper Seventh Coromandel 4030
Mays John Beard (John Peard) Trooper Fifth Auckland 2389
Mazzolene Nathaniel Trooper Sixth Auckland 3260
McAllister Peter Gray Trooper Eighth Lake 5954
McAlpine Angus Trooper Eighth Wellington 5100
McAnally Samuel Cleary Corporal Eighth Wallace 6019
McArley Oliver Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9192
McArthur Archibald Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 8777 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McArtney Angus Trooper Fourth Wellington 1323
McArtney Henry Regimental QM Sergeant Ninth Ashburton 7797
McAuley David Trooper Seventh Peninsula 4554 Wounded
McAuley David John Trooper Fifth Tuapeka 1656
McAuley John James Trooper Fourth Southland 1112
McAuley [McCauley] William Robert Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Wallace Eighth 1109 6011
McBain Alexander Lance-Corporal Ninth Taieri 7941
McBeth Arthur Trooper First Marlborough 157
McBride Andrew Lindsay Saddler/Trooper Second Waitaki Eighth 532 6130
McBride John Trooper Eighth Maniototo 5949
McBride Robert Trooper Eighth Vincent 5952 5942
McBurney Stanley Herbert Trooper Eighth Waipa 5504
McBurney William Trooper Eighth Cook 5228
McCabe Francis Trooper Ninth Cook 7328
McCabe John Trooper First Selwyn 195
McCallum Donald Trooper Eighth Wellington 5087
McCallum Malcolm Trooper First Wellington 27
McCallum Robert Thomas Trooper Sixth Hawkes Bay Ninth 3515 8270
McCarthy Donald Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7208
McCarthy John Farrier Tenth Piako 9095 May not have embarked
McCarthy Percy Trooper Tenth Grey 9310
McCartney Thomas Trooper Eighth Rangitikei 5375
McCauley James Thomas Trooper First Auckland 69
McCauley John Richard Lance-Corporal Ninth Tauranga 7207
McChesney Thomas Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 8216 (6361) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
McCleary Joseph Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5687
McCleary William Malcolm Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3627
McColl William Davey Trooper Sixth Wellington 3642
McComish James Doran Trooper Seventh Southland 4320
McConaghey John Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5686
McConkey Arthur Edgar Trooper Ninth Waipa 7211
McConnel Henry Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9195
McConnell James Trooper Ninth Tuapeka 7924
McConnell John George Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9194
McConnell William Nevin Corporal Eighth (Details) Auckland 9069 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McConway John Trooper First Marlborough 153
McCormick Bernard Charles Trooper Third Waipawa 847
McCormick James Trooper Seventh Westland 4316
McCracken John Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4561
McCracken Robert Trooper Sixth Raglan Ninth 3268 8165
McCulloch Douglas Trooper Eighth (Details) Waipawa 6359 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
McCullock Robert Trooper Third Waipawa 845
McCullough Edward Cuthbert Trooper Sixth Akaroa 3630
McCully [McCally] Charles Samuel Trooper Ninth Waimate 8052
McCutchen James Fraser Trooper Sixth Rangitikei 3514
McDiarmid David Hugh Trooper Seventh Westland 4426
McDonald Alexander Lance-Sergeant Third Hawkes Bay 846
McDonald Alexander Edward Trooper Fourth Southland 1124
McDonald Allan Joseph Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8138 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
McDonald Andrew Trooper Tenth Southland 9312
McDonald Angus Trooper Fifth Southland 1653
McDonald Charles Hilary Trooper Seventh Thames 4091
McDonald Colin Trooper Second Waipa 461
McDonald Duncan Buchanan Trooper Eighth Patea 5227
McDonald Edward Trooper Ninth Lake 8054
McDonald Hugh (Hugh Huchison) Trooper Eighth Wellington 5376
McDonald James Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5987
McDonald John Honorary Sergeant Sixth Wallace Tenth 3779
McDonald John Lieutenant Sixth Dunedin - No file on Archway
McDonald John Trooper First Dunedin Sixth 162 N/N
McDonald John Conrad (George Conrad) Trooper Seventh (Reliefs) Waimea Ninth 6168 8154 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
McDonald John Thomas Trooper/QM Sergeant Fourth Kaikoura Tenth 1010 9460
McDonald Norman Corporal First Waipa 11
McDonald Patrick Trooper Seventh Buller 4315
McDonald Peter Trooper/QM Sergeant Fourth Wairarapa South Ninth 1311 7326
McDonald Robert John Trooper First Patea 76
McDonald Ronald Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3773
McDonald William Trooper Sixth Bruce 3760
McDonald William Charles Trooper Seventh Wellington 4636
McDonald William George Trooper Eighth Grey 5818
McDonald [MacDonald] Archibald Hutchinson Trooper Eighth Waitaki 6084
McDonald [MacDonald] Colin Telfer Trooper Tenth Patea 8991
McDonald [MacDonald] Donald Sergeant Second Waikouaiti 469 Hotchkiss Detachment
McDonald [MacDonald] Henry John Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1086
McDonald [MacDonald] John Russell Lieutenant Fourth Dunedin Ninth N/N
McDonnell Michael Regiment QM Sergeant Eighth Marlborough 5131
McDougall [MacDougall] Septimus Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1305
McEachen John Allen Trooper Ninth Vincent 7922
McEachran John Fraser Veterinary Surgeon Sixth Wellington N/N
McEvoy George Edward Trooper Seventh Wellington 4635
McEwan Archibald Trooper Fourth Southland 1129
McEwin George William Trooper Fourth Manukau 1445
McFadyen [McFadzen] Malcolm Trooper Third Westland 802
McFarlane Herbert Milne Trooper Ninth (Details) Dunedin 8139 Details for 7th - sailed with 9ths
McFarlane John Trooper Tenth Levels 9313
McFarlane Joseph Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7933
McFarlane Norman Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7934
McFarlane Robert Trooper Third Levels 674
McFarlane William Trooper Eighth Waikato 5508
McFarlane William John Trooper Ninth Tuapeka 7932
McFarlane [MacFarlane] Andrew John Hugh Trooper Fourth Buller 1802
McFarlane [MacFarlane] William Humbolt Stephen Lance-Corporal Eighth (Reliefs) Westland 6169
McGavin Alfred David Trooper Seventh Waimea 4318
McGee John Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashburton 9669 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
McGee Timothy Trooper Fifth Collingwood 2501
McGill Andrew Trooper Tenth Taieri 9537
McGill Daniel Trooper Fifth Hutt 2277
McGill Henry Trooper Eighth (Details) Hutt 8906 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McGilp Clyde Trooper Ninth Waipa 7475
McGivern Henry Felix Trooper Eighth Waipa 5374
McGlashan Douglas Roy Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7209
McGoldrick James Farrier Ninth Wellington 7527 7547
McGoldrick John Sergeant Sixth Hawkes Bay 3458
McGoldrick Robert Patrick Sergeant Ninth Wellington 7476
McGonagle Arthur Norton Crawford Trooper Third Rangitikei 738
McGough Robert Henry Trooper Ninth Manukau 7327
McGoun John Tod Corporal Eighth Waitaki 5883
McGoverin Martin Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5688
McGovern Matthew Michael Trooper Tenth Westland 8733
McGowan Cyril John Trooper Eighth Wellington 5088
McGowan Ernest James Trooper Fifth Ashley 2623
McGrail George Trooper Third Waitotara 740
McGrath Edward Trooper Ninth Horowhenua 7478
McGrath Frank Trooper Tenth (Details) Southland 9668 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
McGrath John Joseph Trooper Fifth Levels 1652
McGregor Claud Ernest Buchanan Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Southland Tenth 1123 9463
McGregor David Corporal Eighth Oroua 5032
McGregor David Strachan Trooper Fourth Oroua 1279
McGregor Duncan St Clair Trooper Seventh Southland 4564
McGregor Francis Farrier-Sergeant Second Westland 452
McGregor James Trooper Eighth Waihemo 5947
McGregor James Alexander Trooper Eighth Hobson 5502
McGregor John Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4562
McGregor Malcolm Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9426
McGregor Robert Trooper Seventh Waihemo 4558
McGruer Norman Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Cook Tenth 2381 8583 7583
McHardy Gerald Stuart Saddler Fourth Whangarei 1446
McIlvride William John Corporal Tenth Hutt 8847
McInnes Donald Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3763
McInnes Duncan Blair Trooper Tenth Wellington 8992
McIntosh Donald (David) Trooper Fourth Bruce 1125
McIntosh Edmond Saddler Tenth South Africa 9596
McIntosh Harry Beveridge (Henry Beveridge) Lance-Corporal Ninth Dunedin 7929
McIntosh [MacIntosh] William Scobie Trooper/Farrier Sergeant Fifth Southland Eighth 1651 5878
McIntyre Donald McCaskill Trooper Fourth Wellington 1289
McIntyre Malcolm McDonald Trooper Fourth Wellington 1312
McIntyre Robert Trooper Third Akaroa 672
McIver George Henry Trooper Ninth Southland 7480
McIver Robert Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8732
McIver [McIvor] Lewis Daniel Trooper Seventh Southland 4555
McKain Argyle Farrier Eighth Hutt 5038
McKain John Ward Saddler Eighth Hutt 5036
McKandry James Joseph Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9070 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McKay Alexander Henry (Alexander Hendry) Trooper Sixth McKenzie 3842
McKay Daniel Trooper Fifth Geraldine 2624
McKay Donald Sergeant Ninth Ashley 7667
McKay John - Fourth Southland 1134 No file on Archway. Embarkation roll has him as 1511 see Mackay
McKay John Trooper Fifth Clutha 1659
McKay John Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3767
McKay John Trooper Sixth Rangitikei 3643
McKay John Trooper Seventh Wallace 4560
McKay John Johnson (John Johnston) Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7800
McKay John Paterson Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4198
McKay Robert Trooper Sixth Tuapeka 3772
McKay Thomas Mclean Lance-Corporal Tenth Clutha 9477
McKay William Veterinary Corporal Tenth Waihemo 9110 May not have embarked
McKay [Mackay] Percy Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9424
McKeague William John Trooper Eighth (Details) Oroua 9823 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McKechnie Graham Dawson Trooper Fifth Southland 1655
McKechnie Louis John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Hawkes Bay 2692
McKee Archibald Trooper Tenth Piako 8581 Discharged SA
McKee James Alexander Trooper/Saddler Sergeant Fifth Cook Ninth 2385 7078
McKee John Sergeant Tenth Piako 8584
McKegg Amos Trooper First Taieri 161
McKeich Robert Lieutenant Ninth Tuapeka N/N
McKeich Walter Ernest Trooper Tenth Tuapeka 9538
McKellar Gerald Forbes Corporal Ninth Taieri 7930
McKellor [McKellar] Archibald Duncan Trooper Fourth Southland 1132
McKelvie John Thomas Trooper Seventh Southland 4559
McKenzie Alexander Trooper Eighth Otamatea 5501
McKenzie Alexander Trooper Sixth Wellington 3264
McKenzie Alexander Frederick Trooper Ninth Kiwitea 7324
McKenzie David Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4428
McKenzie Hugh Trooper Tenth Levels 9314
McKenzie John Murdock (John Murdoch) Lance-Corporal Ninth Masterton 7330
McKenzie Kenneth Duncan Trooper Fourth Masterton 1304
McKenzie Robert Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3768
McKenzie Robert Forrest Trooper Sixth Tuapeka 3761
McKenzie Stanley Trooper Tenth Masterton 8852
McKenzie Thomas Trooper Fourth Southland 1130
McKenzie William Trooper Fifth Grey Seventh 2502 4701
McKenzie William Trooper Fourth Vincent Seventh Tenth 1009 4680
McKenzie William Alexander Trooper Eighth Hutt 5097
McKenzie William Sommerville (William Sutherland) Trooper Sixth Auckland 3266
McKeown Arthur Trooper Sixth Stratford 3519
McKeown Herbert Trooper Tenth Stratford 8984
McKerchar Donald Trooper Fifth Southland 1654
McKerchar John Trooper Eighth Southland 5953
McKerrow James Trooper Seventh Auckland 4089
McKerrow William Trooper Eighth Wellington 5098
McKerrow William Porteous Trooper Fourth Waitaki 1001
McKillop John Charles Lieutenant Tenth Masterton N/N
McKinder [Mackinder] Charles Henry Trooper Third Taranaki 776
McKinley James Trooper Sixth Cook 3518
McKinley William Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7669
McKinley [McKinlay] John Trooper Sixth Clutha 3770
McKinney Mathew (Matthew) Farrier-Sergeant Second Hutt 308
McKinnon Frank Trooper Tenth Wellington 8851 8551
McKley [Mackley] James Forester Trooper Fourth Grey 1543
McKnight David Farrier Fourth Vincent 1156
McKnight Robert Trooper Eighth Vincent 5948
McKnight Robert Reid Trooper Sixth Akaroa Ninth 3629 7568
McLachlan Colin Trooper Tenth Wairarapa South 8853
McLachlan Robert Clephane Surgeon Captain Tenth Selwyn N/N
McLaren Charlie Douglas Corporal Eighth Wairarapa South 5035
McLaren Donald Lance-Corporal Ninth Ashburton 7799
McLaren Donald Alexander Trooper Fifth Ashburton 2626
McLaren Duncan Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9193
McLaren Duncan Trooper Seventh Taieri 4429
McLaren James Trooper Sixth Waihemo 3769
McLaren James Robertson Trooper/Lieutenant Fourth Tuapeka Ninth 1142 N/N
McLaren [MacLaren] William Trooper Ninth Lake 8055
McLaughlin Andrew John Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5684
McLaughlin David Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7673
McLaughlin John Trooper Eighth Wellington 5093
McLaughlin William Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5685
McLay Thomas Benjamin Trooper Ninth Waikouaiti 7665
McLean Alexander Hugh Trooper Ninth Lake 8056
McLean Alfred Trooper Eighth Southland 6086
McLean Allan Hugh Bugler Third Hawkes Bay 844
McLean Archibald Trooper Seventh Waikato 4563 SA File missing on Archway
McLean Charles Edward Trooper First Piako 57
McLean Charles James Corporal Ninth Wanganui 7335
McLean Donald David Trooper Fifth Rangitikei 2272
McLean James Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9540
McLean John Lance-Corporal Tenth Cook 8585
McLean Nigel Alexander Bugler Sixth Hawkes Bay 3337
McLean Peter James Trooper Fifth Marlborough 2379
McLean Robert (Robert Orlando Kennedy) Trooper Seventh Southland 4321
McLean Robert James Saddler Sergeant Eighth McKenzie 5743
McLean William Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8985
McLean William Trooper Tenth Waimea 9308
McLean [Maclean] Frederick John Trooper Third Wanganui 741
McLellan James Carrick Trooper Seventh Selwyn 4427
McLelland Alexander Coulter Trooper Eighth Bruce 5951
McLennan Donald John Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7391
McLennan James Trooper Seventh Waitaki 4556
McLennan Murdock Trooper Tenth (Details) Whangarei 9071 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McLennan W Trooper Third Wanganui 739 No file on Archway
McLennan [McClennan] Alexander Trooper Sixth Waitaki 3775
McLennan [McLellan] Alexander Lieutenant Fifth Maniototo N/N 1069
McLeod George Frank Farrier Tenth Westland 9251
McLeod Henry Graham Trooper Fifth Auckland 2383
McLeod John Arthur Howard Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Eden Eighth 2384
McLeod Murdoch Trooper Eighth Waikouaiti 6087
McLeod Murdock John Trooper Eighth Auckland 5506
McLeod Neil Gloster Sergeant/Lieutenant Seventh Auckland Ninth 4037 N/N
McLeod Percy Rona Trooper Ninth Auckland 7079
McLeod Roderick Trooper Sixth Piako 3265
McLeod William James Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8214 (6208) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
McLew [McLow] Thomas Trooper Seventh Waihemo 4557
McLiesh William Trooper Fifth Waikato 2386
McLiver John Lachlan Corporal Tenth Buller 9238
McMahon Donald Trooper Tenth (Details) Grey 9664 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
McMahon George Hamilton Trooper Ninth Ohinemuri 7077
McMaster Hugh Corporal Ninth Buller 7806
McMaster [McMasters] Archibald Corporal Tenth Wairarapa South 8850
McMath Andrew Corporal Tenth Hobson 8726
McMeeken James Trooper Sixth Southland 3778
McMillan Alexander William Trooper Sixth Hawkes Bay 3516
McMillan B Lieutenant Fifth - N/N No file on Archway
McMillan Harry Gordon Trooper Sixth Whangarei 3267
McMillan James Watson Captain Ninth Dunedin N/N
McMillan John Henry Trooper Fourth Grey 1493 1531 (1477)
McMillan Joseph Richard Trooper Seventh Opotiki 4092
McMillan Samuel Thomas Trooper Eighth (Details) Auckland 9822 (9322) Details for regiments serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
McMillan William George Trooper Ninth Auckland 7076
McMorrin John Sergeant Fifth Marlborough 2439
McMorrin William Stewart Trooper Ninth Marlborough 7803
McMullan [McMullen] Michael Trooper Third Wanganui 737
McMurray Alfred James Trooper Fifth Waimea 2500
McNab Alexander Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8217 (6334) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
McNab Alexander Lieutenant Eighth Southland N/N
McNab Thomas Trooper Eighth Auckland 5373
McNally Robert Henry Trooper Eighth Manukau 5372
McNarn Alfred Ernest Trooper Seventh Buller 4319
McNaught John Bedford Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7927
McNaught William John Trooper Seventh Ashburton 4038
McNaughton John Trooper Eighth Vincent 5950
McNeill John Boyne (John Boyce) Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Southland 9467
McNeish James Alfred Trooper Ninth Waipa 7210
McNickel [McNichol] Alexander William Trooper McNICHOL Eighth Christchurch 5817
McNiven David Trooper Sixth Hawkes Bay 3517
McPhail Charles E Trooper Ninth Wellington 7479
McPhedran Colin Campbell Shoeing Smith Eighth Levels 5618
McPhedran Donald Cunningham Farrier Tenth Levels 9250
McPhee Alexander Trooper Fourth Wairarapa South 1308
McPhee Archibald Trooper Fourth Wairarapa 1340
McPhee Duncan Trooper Ninth Lake 8058
McPhee William John Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7670
McPherson Arthur Ferguson (Arthur Fergus) Trooper Tenth Vincent 9427
McPherson John Lance-Corporal Tenth Clutha 9475
McPherson William Trooper/Sergeant First Manukau Seventh 155 4039
McQueen Alexander Lance-Corporal Ninth Southland 7942
McQuillen [McQuillan] Archibald Trooper Seventh Geraldine Ninth 6207 8265 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
McRae James Hector Trooper Eighth Auckland 5507
McRae John Trooper Fourth Masterton 1301
McRae [McCrae] John Lieutenant Fourth Masterton Tenth 1301 N/N
McSweeney John Trooper Tenth (Details) Grey 9665 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
McTaggart Duncan Trooper Fifth Waimate 2627
McTaggart Robert Trooper Ninth Peninsula 7931 7937
McTavish Samuel Trooper Tenth Pahiatua 8986
McWhirter Thomas Trooper Third Taranaki 780
McWilliams Henry Mayne Trooper Eighth Bruce 9673 Not on embarkation rolls
McWilliams James Trooper Tenth Inangahua 9309
McWilliams [McWilliam] Lavington Trooper Fifth Wellington Eighth 2279 5095
Mead George Lewis Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3529
Mead Joseph Farrier-Sergeant Fourth Collingwood 1162
Meadows William Trooper Tenth Vincent 9421
Meads Claude (Claude Victor Adrian Meads) Trooper Tenth Bay of Islands 8987
Mearns William James Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5942
Mears James Francis Trooper Ninth Taieri 7928
Mee John Alexander Trooper Seventh Tuapeka 4552
Mee Thomas Hinkson Trooper Fourth Maniototo 1071
Meech Henry (Harry) Trooper Ninth Wellington 7472
Meek James (James Arthur) Trooper Second Waitaki 384
Meek Peter Sergeant Ninth Dunedin 7925
Meffen Robert MacIntosh Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8210 (6205) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Meffen [Meffin] David Trooper Ninth Southland 8059
Meharry James Gilchrist Trooper Eighth Westland 5815
Mehrtens Charles William Trooper Eighth Ashley 6089
Mehrtens Dedrick Sergeant Sixth Ashley 3636
Mehrtens George Trooper Sixth Ashley 3843
Mellers [Mellars] Francis Joseph Trooper Ninth Waikato 7074
Mellor Percy Trooper Eighth Ashley 5675
Melton John James Trooper Sixth Levels 3638
Melville James Ramsey Trooper Fourth Clutha 1059
Melvin David Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1661
Mence Herbert Lance-Corporal Sixth Buller 3530
Mends Alfred James Trooper Tenth Oroua 8843
Menhennet Samuel Henry Trooper Eighth Piako 5369
Menzies Charles James Trooper Tenth Auckland 8577
Menzies Hugh Bruce Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8725
Menzies James Murray Trooper Ninth Vincent 8051
Mercer Edward Walter Trooper Tenth (Details) Waimea 9072 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Meredith Ernest Alfred Trooper Ninth Waipa 7203
Meredith John Thomas Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9302
Meredith Richard Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5811
Meredith Richmond Trooper Fourth Waipa 1479
Meredith [Butcher] John Trooper John Meredith BUTCHER Ninth Wellington 7463
Merritt Ernest William Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4194
Merritt [Merrett] William Charles Trooper Ninth Grey 8269 (6167) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Merry Charles Donald Trooper Sixth South Africa 3565
Merson Thomas Farrier/Farrier-Sergeant Fourth Wairarapa South Ninth 1300 7464
Messenger George Lawton Trooper Eighth Wellington 5094
Messenger William Bizare Lieutenant Colonel Tenth Taranaki N/N (4478) Not on embarkation rolls
Messent David Trooper Ninth Maniototo 8050
Metcalf [Metcalfe] Christopher John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3520
Metcalfe Herbert Vivian Trooper Ninth Otamatea 7198
Metcalfe [Metcalf] Septimus John Trooper Tenth Oroua 9191
Metrick [Meyrick] Herbert Henry Trooper Eighth Hutt 5233
Metzger Joseph Arthur Trooper Tenth (Details) Southland 9667 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Meuli [Menli] George Trooper Fifth Waitotara 2273
Mewburn Joseph Trooper First Auckland 154
Meyer John Herman Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9429
Michie Donald Trooper Fifth Hutt 2274
Mickle Ernest Arthur Gladstone Trooper Sixth Wellington 3390
Mickle George Edward Benson Lieutenant Ninth Wellington N/N
Middleton Charles Trooper Ninth Wairoa 7329
Mikkelsen Arthur Ethelbert Trooper Fifth Piako 2380
Mikkelson William Trooper Ninth Auckland 7075
Miles Alfred James Trooper Tenth Ashley 9187
Miles Phillip Charles Kent Farrier-Major Ninth Christchurch 7677 7767
Miles Richard George Saddler Tenth Ashburton 9137
Miles William Howard (William) Trooper Ninth Buller 8208 (6165) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Millar Adam Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9534
Millar Allan (Allen) Trooper Sixth Stratford 3521
Millar David Trooper Eighth Waikouaiti 5943
Millar David Trooper Ninth Waimea 8057
Millar Harry Trooper Fifth Taieri 1663
Millar John Armit Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1664
Millar Joseph Edward Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7681
Millar Robert Trooper Seventh Raglan 4086
Millar William Trooper Fourth Auckland 1447
Miller Albert Francis Trooper/QM Sergeant Fourth Auckland Eighth 1449 5295
Miller Alexander Trooper Eighth Levels 5681
Miller Frederick Alfred Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3391
Miller George Ralph Trooper First Waitaki 77
Miller Henry Assistant QM-Sergeant Tenth Auckland 8502 7502
Miller Herbert John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3392
Miller Hubert Francis Trooper Seventh Waimea 4311
Miller John Farrier-Sergeant First Selwyn 106
Miller John Trooper Sixth Waihemo 3762
Miller John Thomas Trooper Seventh Selwyn 4422
Miller Lewis Peter Trooper Sixth Oroua 3393
Miller Oliver Allen (Oliver Allan) Trooper Tenth Masterton 8845
Miller Walter Trooper Seventh Hutt 4192
Miller Walter McNairn (Walter McNair) Sergeant Seventh Wellington 4633
Miller William McBeth Farrier Second Selwyn 397
Mills Edward Oakley Trooper Tenth Stratford 8990
Mills Ernest Trooper Tenth Selwyn 8982
Mills John Clarence Trooper Seventh Southland 4549
Mills John Daniel Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7926
Mills Percy Michael Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7676
Mills Robert James Trooper Eighth Wellington 5090
Milne Francis Trooper Tenth Southland 9425
Milne James Green Trooper Eighth Otamatea 5503
Milne William Trooper Fourth Southland 1147
Milne-Thomson Alexander Surgeon Major Ninth Wairoa N/N
Milroy Charles Gunner Second Waimea 399 Hotchkiss Detachment
Milton Albert Edward Trooper Sixth Wellington 3394
Minifie Charles Frederick Normanby Sergeant Seventh Geraldine 4364
Minifie Ernest Henry Trooper/Lance Corporal Fifth (Reserves) Wellington Ninth 2727 7467
Minifie Percy Bugler Seventh Wellington 4134
Minns John Trooper Sixth Auckland 3255
Mintrom Wilfred Trooper Eighth Ashburton 5682
Mitchell Albert William Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7796
Mitchell Alexander Trooper Seventh Levels 4423
Mitchell Charles Osborne Trooper Ninth Ashley 7680
Mitchell George Trooper Seventh Hawera 4196
Mitchell George Trooper/QM Sergeant First Clutha Eighth 160 5873
Mitchell Herbert Trooper Ninth Wellington 7462
Mitchell James Lieutenant Sixth Hawera - No file on Archway
Mitchell James Trooper Tenth Waihemo 9422
Mitchell James Trooper/Captain First Hawera Sixth Tenth 75 N/N
Mitchell James Alexander Trooper Sixth Auckland Ninth 3256 8311
Mitchell James Henry Lance-Corporal Ninth Ashburton 7798
Mitchell John Harvey Trooper Seventh Waitotara Ninth 4035 8212
Mitchell John Layman QM Sergeant Sixth Wellington 3326
Mitchell Robert Hercules Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9535
Mitchell Robert Spencer Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8983
Mitchell William Trooper Sixth Clutha 3764
Mitchell William John Trooper Tenth Levels 9303
Mitchell [Michell] William Trooper Tenth Ashley 8842
Mitchinson Charles Tennant Dispenser Corporal Tenth Wellington 9802
Moar Daniel Henry Trooper Ninth Auckland 7202
Mobray [Mowbray] John Craster (John Crasto) Trooper Seventh Hutt 4191
Mockford Thomas Henry Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4545
Moeller Albert Gordon Trooper Tenth Manukau 8731
Moeller John Isaac Gunner Second Wellington 363 Hotchkiss Detachment
Moeller Robert Trooper Fifth Wellington 2319
Moffatt William Nelthorpe Saddler Third Levels 666
Moffett [Moffatt] William Albert Corporal Fifth Southland 1673
Moffitt George Sutton Trooper Seventh Southland 4548
Moffitt William Trooper Ninth Southland 7939
Mohr Henry Trooper Tenth Waipa 8727
Moir John Young Trooper Fifth Clutha 1665
Moir Law (Lawrence) Trooper Tenth Waikato 8730
Mold Arthur Trooper Seventh Raglan 4087
Moller Carl William Auckland Trooper/Corporal Fifth Manukau Ninth 2388 7068
Molloumby [Mullumby][Molloumbie] Michael John Trooper/Regimental Sergeant Major/Lieutenant Second Waimea Tenth 324 8500
Molloy Thomas Trooper Eighth Auckland 5512
Moloney [Maloney] James Dennis Trooper Fourth Southland 1137
Monaghan Arthur Albert Thomas Trooper Fourth Wellington 1306
Monaghan James Trooper Fifth Southland 1666
Monaghan [Monahan][Monihan] William Gibb Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4424
Monds William John Trooper Ninth Auckland 7201
Monk Berther Charles (Bertha Charles) Trooper Tenth Kaikoura 8846
Monk George Frederick Trooper Ninth South Africa 8300
Monk Herbert William Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3765
Monk Laurence Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1667
Monkley Thomas Trooper Fourth Rangitikei 1506
Monnock Thomas Joseph Trooper/Lance-Corporal Fifth Hutt Ninth 2278 7465
Monstedt Edward Charles Trooper Tenth Whangarei 9073 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Monteith Herbert James (Hubert James) Trooper Ninth Oroua 7334
Monteith William Henry (Henry Edward William) Trooper Tenth Kiwitea 8841
Montgomerie John (John Sommerville) (Jock) Trooper First Auckland 47
Montgomerie John Eglington Lieutenant/Captain Second Waitotara Eighth N/N
Montgomerie [Montgomery] Robert Trooper MONTGOMERY Third Stratford 774
Montgomery John Regimental QM Sergeant Tenth Dunedin 9102
Moody Arthur Thomas Bugler/Sergeant Fifth Wellington Ninth 2211 7671
Moody Charles Trooper Second Ashley 500
Moody Robert Trooper Eighth Wellington 5096
Moody William Trooper Tenth Ashley 9129 May not have embarked
Mooney Alfred Trooper Sixth Waitotara 3523
Mooney Charles (William Charles) Trooper Tenth Waitotara 8988
Mooney Thomas Trooper Seventh (Details) Waikouaiti Ninth 6204 8266 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Moonlight John Fairweather Trooper Fourth Kawhia 1443
Moore Edward Wilmot (Edward Amyas Wilmot) Trooper First Marlborough 158
Moore Frederick Edwin Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 8909 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Moore Frederick Ernest Trooper Third Kiwitea 744
Moore George Birnie Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9185
Moore George Vivian Thomas Trooper Second Waipawa 425
Moore Harold Frederick Lance-Corporal Tenth Ashley 9186
Moore Isaac Webb Trooper Sixth Whangarei 3261
Moore James Alfred Trooper Eighth Auckland 5513
Moore James Arthur Trooper Sixth Cook 3526
Moore James Gerald Harle Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1052
Moore John Thomas Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9306
Moore Lionel Woodford Trooper Ninth Ashley 7678
Moore Louis Vivian Farrier Tenth Cook 8576 May not have embarked
Moore Walter Hugh Trooper Sixth Geraldine 3634
Moore William (William John) Trooper Tenth Geraldine 9304
Moore William (William Lionel Ernest) Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3635 3765
Moore William John Trooper Sixth Ashley 3844
Moore William John Trooper Ninth Waimate 7197
Moore William John Dennerley Trooper Eighth Ohinemuri 5367
Moorhouse Thomas Edward Trooper Second South Africa 3004 Hotchkiss Detachment
Moreton Thomas John Trooper Fourth Dunedin 1026
Morgan Albert Sergeant Fifth Hutt 2203
Morgan Arthur William Trooper Seventh Geraldine 4190
Morgan Charles Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 5226
Morgan Charles Frederick Trooper/Sergeant Second Westland Eighth 527 5741
Morgan David Gibson Trooper Tenth Hutt 8840
Morgan Edward Stanley Trooper Ninth Hutt 7470
Morgan Francis (Frank) Trooper Tenth Westland 9307
Morgan Frederick George Trooper Ninth Horowhenua 7471
Morgan George Trooper Fifth Westland Ninth 2503 7530
Morgan Henry Lance-Corporal Ninth Hutt 7469
Morgan John Trooper Eighth Westland 5814
Morgan John Glynn Parry Trooper Sixth Hawkes Bay 3525
Morgan Thomas Lewis Trooper Ninth (Details) Waitotara 9074 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Morgan William Arthur Sergeant/Lieutenant First Taranaki Eighth 8
Morine John Pierre Regimental Sergeant-Major First South Africa Sixth 2732 Did not embark with 1sts
Morris Albert Trooper Sixth Hutt 3395
Morris Alfred James Trooper Seventh Thames 4088
Morris Arthur Trooper Second Ashley 420
Morris Arthur John Trooper Sixth South Africa Tenth 3818
Morris Charles Frederick Trooper Seventh Auckland 4033
Morris Charles Webster Trooper Sixth Auckland 3257
Morris Cyril Russell Lieutenant Eighth Wellington N/N
Morris George Albert Trooper Tenth (Details) Westland 9671 (May not have embarked) Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - Sailed with 10th
Morris Robert Leonard Trooper Tenth (Details) Westland 9672 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Morris Thomas Trooper Seventh Southland 4313
Morris William Trooper Seventh Cook Ninth 6381 8211 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Morrish William James Lance-Corporal Sixth Marlborough 3527
Morrison Alexander Henry Trooper Ninth Amuri 7668
Morrison Alfred Trooper Fourth Southland 1102
Morrison Edward James Trooper Tenth Thames 8588
Morrison Francis Edward Trooper First Marlborough 159
Morrison James Henry Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3637
Morrison John Haughton Sergeant Ninth Marlborough 7805
Morrison John Walter Trooper Sixth Taranaki 3522
Morrison Joseph Marie Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5812
Morrison Lauchlan Calder Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9420
Morrison Robert Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7679
Morrison Walter George Trooper Fourth Tuapeka 1090
Morrison William Henry Alfred Trooper Eighth Hutt 5099
Morrison Wilson Cameron Trooper First Hawera Sixth Tenth 37
Morriss [Morris] Robert William Trooper Third Ashley 668
Morrissey David Farran Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 842
Mortland Alexander Trooper Eighth Ashley 5674
Morton Alexander Scott Trooper Seventh Waitaki Ninth 4553 8213
Morton Alfred Bishop Trooper Sixth Auckland 3258
Morton George Trooper Ninth Taranaki 7333
Morton Walter Edward Trooper Seventh Eden 4029
Morton William Crawford Gunner Second Dunedin 479 Hotchkiss Detachment
Morvan Charles Trooper Eighth Grey 5813
Moses Mostyn Jacob (Moss) Trooper Ninth Auckland 7071
Moses Thomas Trooper Sixth Waimate 3771
Moss Austin Trooper Second Wellington 519
Moss Thomas Richard Trooper Third Geraldine 663
Mould Thomas Trooper Tenth Akaroa 9184
Mould William Trooper Tenth Akaroa 9183
Mounsey [Mountsey] Richard Trooper Third Rangitikei 745
Mowat Alexander Neil Trooper Ninth Taieri 7923
Mowlem Percy Bugler Sixth Oroua 3396
Moyle William Stephen Edward Regimental Sergeant-Major Ninth Christchurch 7672
Moyles Ernest James Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9428
Muir John Corporal First Waikouaiti 107
Muir John Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5678
Muir John Trooper Tenth HMT Drayton Grange 9821 (9321) Details for regiments serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Muir John Hay Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5938
Muir William Trooper First Manukau 30
Mulcahy James Trooper Eighth Wellington 5089
Mulford Alfred James Trooper Eighth Maniototo 6081
Mulhearn [Mulhern] Thomas (aka Michael J.) Trooper Eighth Akaroa 5683
Mulhern Patrick Joseph Trooper Seventh Wellington 4032
Mulinder Arthur Albert Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8980
Mullen Francis William Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4195
Mullins Herbert Frederick Lance-Corporal Tenth Waipa 8728
Mundell Frederick Trooper Fifth Waitotara Eighth 2280 5230
Munn Charles John Victor Trooper Ninth Oroua 7336
Munn [Mann] Samuel David Trooper Seventh Rangitikei 4634
Munro Benjamin Sergeant Ninth Rotorua 7205
Munro Charles Crawford Trooper Fourth Manukau 1448
Munro Charles Thomas Sergeant Seventh Dunedin 4487
Munro Donald Alexander Trooper Ninth Waihemo 7937
Munro Hector Sergeant Ninth Masterton 7466
Munro Hugh Trooper Ninth Amuri 7682
Munro Hugh Trooper Third Waimate 669
Munro John Trooper First Kiwitea 61
Munro William Kenneth Trooper Tenth Auckland 8578
Murdoch Howard James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3397
Murdoch John Trooper Ninth Waimate 7801
Murdoch Thomas Trooper/Corporal Fifth Cook Ninth 2382 7199
Murphy Arthur Trooper Eighth Chatham Islands 5679
Murphy Arthur Trooper Eighth Taranaki 5231
Murphy Edward Trooper Seventh Wellington 4193
Murphy George Farrier Tenth Maniototo 9367
Murphy James Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Dunedin Tenth 1700 9462
Murphy John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Marlborough 2695
Murphy Joseph Michael Francis Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2629
Murphy Leslie Lindsay Corporal Fourth Southland 1108
Murphy Martin Joseph Trooper Eighth Selwyn 5676
Murphy Mathew Lance-Corporal Tenth Wellington 8981
Murphy William Trooper Fifth Cheviot 2630
Murray Andrew Robert Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4546
Murray Arthur Howard (Arthur Hayward) Trooper Sixth Southland 3780
Murray Daniel Trooper Sixth Wairarapa South 3399
Murray Donald Colin Trooper Eighth Auckland 5510
Murray Frank Leslie Trooper/Sergeant Major Third Kaikoura Eighth 670 5600
Murray J Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Auckland 2721 No file on Archway
Murray James Dingwall Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5939
Murray James George Trooper Seventh Auckland 4031
Murray John James Trooper Third Christchurch 664
Murray John Oswald Bugler Second Oroua 362
Murray Maurice Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6088
Murray Thomas Trooper Fourth Buller 1801
Murray Thomas Trooper Sixth Southland 3774
Murray William George Trooper Eighth (Reliefs) Westland 6175 Reliefs for 6th and 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Murray [Merry] John Duncan Trooper John Buttle MERRY Tenth Southland 9541
Murton Ernest William Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2505
Myers Mark Corporal Seventh Dunedin Ninth 6206 7577 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Nabb William Henry Trooper Seventh Eden 4040
Nairn James Walter (James Walker) Trooper First Wellington Eighth 165 5024
Nalder Edward Ernest Trooper Second Christchurch 309
Nalder Horace Trooper Eighth Waimea 5820
Napper Sidney Frederick (Sydney Frederick) Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9581 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Nash John Trooper Seventh Hutt 4638
Nathan William Anthony Trooper Sixth Waitotara 3333
Nation Percy (Percy William) Trooper Seventh Horowhenua 4637
Naylor James Henry Trooper Second Hutt 366
Nazer John Buffett Trooper Ninth Auckland 7080
Neale Charles Raymond Veterinary Surgeon Tenth Auckland N/N
Neale Frank Frederick Corporal/Lieutenant Second Buller Ninth 438 N/N
Neave Alfred Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5725
Neave Arthur Cormack Lieutenant First Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment N/N
Neave Henry Lance-Sergeant Third Christchurch 613
Needham Harry Trooper Seventh South Africa Ninth 8272
Neil David Trooper Eighth Waikato 5514
Neil James Hardie Surgeon Captain Fourth Auckland N/N
Neil John Cavan Trooper Seventh Auckland Ninth 4042 8299
Neil William Trooper Sixth Opotiki 3270
Neill Alfred Augustus Trooper Ninth Auckland 7083
Neill Harry Trooper/Saddler Sergeant Third Ashley Tenth 675 9124
Neill Robert Christopher Garnet Trooper Sixth South Africa 3693
Neill William (William Merrilees) Bugler Tenth Wairoa 8856
Neilson Albert Ernest Farrier-Sergeant Second Wellington Eighth 429 5016 Hotchkiss Detachment
Neilson Andrew Trooper Eighth Pahiatua 6091
Neilson Charles Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Pahiatua Eighth 2696 5235
Neilson Morris George (Maurice George) Trooper Eighth Waipawa 5236
Neilson Oscar Trooper Second Waipawa 401
Nelson Arthur Farrier Ninth Cook 7337
Nelson Charles Trooper Tenth Collingwood 9316
Nelson David Trooper Tenth Grey 9315
Nelson Edgar Warren Lance-Sergeant Third Bay of Islands 611
Nelson George Frederick Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3401
Nelson Henry Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5234
Nelson James Trooper Eighth Bruce 5956
Nelson James Henry Trooper Seventh Wellington 4430
Nelson Peter Trooper Fifth Southland 1671
Nelson Sidney Trooper Tenth Horowhenua 8857
Nesbitt Henry Trooper Fifth Coromandel 2392
Newall Stewart (Stuart) Lieutenant-Colonel Fifth NZ Permanent Force N/N
Newcombe Alfred Trooper Third Rangitikei 746
Newcombe Frank Guyon Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3531
Newcombe Herbert Farrier/Farrier-Sergeant Second Grey Eighth Ninth 537 6307
Newdick Alfred Trooper First Thames 163
Newdick Herbert Gilmour Corporal Tenth Thames 8590
Newdick William Henry Corporal/Lieutenant Fourth Ohinemuri Ninth 1410
Newell [Newall] William James Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Taranaki 2697
Newman Charles Corporal/Sergeant Major/Lieutenant Fourth Wanganui Ninth 1085 N/N
Newman Charles Trooper First Hutt 79
Newman Ernest Percy Trooper Fifth Wellington 2282
Newsham George Hursthouse Trooper Tenth Taranaki 8632 8623
Newsham Lewis Oscar (John) Trooper Eighth (Details) Wairarapa South 6379 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Newsome Mark Farrier Fourth Grey 1496
Newth Winfield Morris Trooper Eighth Waimea 5819
Newton George Trooper Ninth Wallace 8061
Newton William Trooper Eighth Geraldine 5821
Nias George William Trooper Seventh South Africa Ninth 4718 8273
Nicholas Joseph Trooper Fifth Auckland Ninth 2394 7087
Nicholl [Nichol] Cecil Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 9825 (9625) Details for regiments serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Nicholls Harold Trooper Fifth Akaroa 2631
Nicholls Howard Moncur Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1526
Nicholls Jesse Charles Trooper Eighth Bruce 5955
Nicholls John Trooper Fifth Marlborough Tenth 2506 9237
Nicholson Francis Edward Trooper Tenth Auckland 9803
Nicholson George Trooper Tenth Wellington 8854
Nicholson James Edward Trooper Tenth Stratford 8993
Nicholson James William - Details N/N No file on Archway
Nicholson Victor Herbert Trooper Eighth (Details) Wellington 6363 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Nicholson Wallace Trooper Eighth Ashley 5689
Nicholson William Seegar Trooper Tenth Auckland 8589 May not have embarked
Nicholson [Nicolson] James Trooper Tenth Dunedin 8996
Nicholson [Nicolson] James Millar Lieutenant/Captain and Adjutant NICOLSON Fourth Dunedin Ninth N/N 5146
Nicol Frank Wilfred Trooper Tenth (Details) Waitaki 9674 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Nicol George Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3781
Nicol George Dent Trooper Tenth Waimate 9430
Nicol Robert Trooper Tenth Cook 8735
Nicolls [Nicholls] John Corporal Tenth Marlborough 9237
Nielson Peter Trooper Tenth Mauriceville 8855
Nightingale Frank McAndrew Trooper Fourth Auckland 1450
Nightingale Henry Trooper Fifth Manukau 2393
Nilson George Oscar Trooper Ninth Otamatea 7082
Nilson Gustaf Lance-Corporal Ninth Otamatea 7081 ex SALH 2275
Niven William Alexander Trooper Eighth Selwyn 6090
Noble Edward Trooper Eighth Auckland 5377
Noedl Ernest Grant Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8995
Nolan Percy Martin Trooper Ninth Auckland 7084
Noonan Arthur Robert Corporal Seventh Akaroa 4370
Nops [Nopps] Edwin Hotspur Trooper First Wellington 39
Norris Arthur Hugh Corporal Second Christchurch 329
Norris George Trooper Sixth Manukau 3269
North Albert Thomas Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7683
North William James Farrier-Sergeant Tenth Christchurch 9120
North [Northe] [Northie] Sidney [Sydney Theodore NORTHE] Trooper First Wellington 164
Northcroft Cyril Arthur Trooper Fifth Westland 2507
Northcroft Ernest Trooper Seventh Westland 4322
Northcroft Stanley St Leonard Trooper Seventh Westland 4323
Noton Francis Stevens (Frank Stevens) Trooper Ninth Rodney 7085
Noton John Trooper Seventh Auckland 4041
Nurse Charles Edward Trooper Third Christchurch 676
Nuttall Horace Henry Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8994
O'Brien Charles James Trooper Ninth Southland 7944
O'Brien Daniel Christopher Trooper Eighth HMT Cornwall 5994
O'Brien Edward Albert Trooper Eighth Westland 6093
O'Brien Lucius Major Ninth Auckland N/N
O'Brien Patrick Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8997
O'Callaghan [O'Gallaghan] Leslie George Trooper/Lieutenant Second Christchurch Eighth 428 N/N 2 x files
O'Connor Charles Trooper Tenth Levels 9317
O'Connor John Trooper Tenth Hobson 8736
O'Connor Patrick Martin Trooper Ninth Levels 7685
O'Connor Terence Patrick Lance-Corporal Ninth Waitaki 8063
Odey George Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8218 (6211) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
O'Donnell Hugh Trooper Eighth Canterbury North 5690 Did not embark
O'Donnell Joseph Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5691
O'Donnell Mathew (Matthew) Trooper Ninth Ashley 8275 (6210) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
O'Donnell William Edward Trooper Sixth Hawera 3532
O'Dowd William John Trooper/Lieutenant Fourth Auckland Eighth 1451 N/N
O'Dwyer James (James Francis) Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4324
O'Dwyer James Joseph Corporal Second Marlborough 351 Hotchkiss Detachment
O'Farrell Vincent William Sergeant Third Waimate 607
Ogg John Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8274 (6212) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
O'Hagan Charles Trooper Ninth Oroua 7338
O'Hagan John Trooper Tenth Waipawa 8998
O'Hagan [O'Haghan] Peter Joseph Trooper Sixth Southland 3782
O'Halloran George Edward Trooper Tenth Oroua 8592
O'Kane Henry Trooper Tenth South Africa 9602
O'Kane Patrick James Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5958
O'Keefe Alexander Trooper Sixth Southland 3783
O'Keefe Daniel Joseph Trooper Ninth Auckland 7213
Olive William Trooper Fourth Waitemata 1452
Oliver Robert James Corporal Seventh Manukau 4250
Oliver William Annut Hill Paymaster Sergeant Eighth Wellington 5719
Oliver [Olliver] Arthur Hawdon Trooper Tenth Ashley 9318
O'Neil Leonard Trooper Sixth Cook 3533
O'Neil [O'Neill] Bertram Oscar (Bertie) Trooper Tenth Manukau 9075 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
O'Neil [O'Neill] Francis Herbert Trooper Eighth Waipa 5516
O'Neil [O'Neill] James Corporal Sixth Waipa 3271
O'Neill Allan Philip Trooper Eighth Waipa 5515
O'Neill Arthur John Trooper Second Waitotara 449
O'Neill Clarence Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 7088
O'Neill Eugene Joseph Surgeon Captain Sixth Dunedin N/N
O'Neill John Trooper Eighth (Details) Hawera 9826 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
O'Neill John Joseph Trooper Ninth McKenzie 7684
Onion Joseph Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay Tenth (Details) 9076 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Onyon Frederick Trooper Sixth Wellington 3402
Opie Harold Lance-Corporal Tenth Geraldine 9244
Oppenheim Harry Ernest Trooper Second South Africa 3006 Hotchkiss Detachment
Orange George Alfred Farrier/Farrier-Sergeant Fourth Taieri Eighth 1100 6013
Orbell Elliston Scott Lance-Corporal/Lieutenant Fourth Waikouaiti Ninth 1025 N/N
Orbell Henry Scott Trooper/Lieutenant First Waikouaiti Eighth 166 N/N
Orchard Edward Cephas Trooper Tenth Southland 9542
Orchard George Corporal Eighth Ashley 5608
O'Reilly Eugene Philip Lance-Corporal Ninth Opotiki 7089
O'Reilly John Ernest Trooper Seventh Waipa 4639
O'Reilly John Joseph Trooper Second Oroua 347
Orford Joseph Robinson Corporal Fourth Waitotara 1288
Orlowski John Andrew Trooper Eighth Taieri 5957
Orme Harold Trooper Second Auckland 403
Ormrod Alfred Britain Trooper Ninth Eden 7532
Orr James Bugler/Bugler-Corporal Fifth (Reserves) Hutt Ninth 2723 7943
Orr John Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1557
Orr Matthew Gilmour Trooper Eighth Manukau 5378
Orr Robert Charles Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8062
Orr Thomas Harry Trooper Eighth Wellington 5102
Osborne Ernest Nelson Trooper Fourth Wellington 1266
Osborne George Philip Trooper Sixth Thames 3272
Osborne Robert Trooper Eighth Taieri 6092
O'Shea Francis Trooper First Waimea 167
Osmond James Ingham (James Ingram) Sergeant Tenth Auckland 8591
Otterson Geoffrey David Trooper Ninth Wellington 7523
Otton [Otten] Thomas Alfred Saddler Third Hawkes Bay 848
Ouston William Edgar Trooper Tenth Southland 9431
Overton George Percy Corporal Second Christchurch 300
Overton Percy John Lieutenant Seventh Christchurch N/N
Overton Thomas Henry Sergeant Second Selwyn 301
Owen Albert Charles Trooper Eighth Southland 6094
Owen Robert Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7481
Owen Robert Bruce Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7212
Owen Walter Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9576
Pace Robert Andrew Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7945
Page Harry Trooper Seventh Levels 4431
Page John Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7686
Page John Robert Trooper Sixth Hokianga 3276
Page Thomas Malcolm Paymaster-Sergeant Eighth Wellington 5003
Page Walter Sydney Trooper Ninth Oroua 7492
Page Walter Vernon Trooper Eighth Hokianga 5381
Page William George Lance-Corporal Third Wanganui 718
Paget Martin Trooper Fifth Vincent 1674
Pahl Arthur William Trooper Eighth Waimea 5824 5821
Pahl Francis Edward Trooper Sixth Waimea 3536
Palmer Cecil Watson Trooper Ninth Wellington 7491
Palmer Charles Robert Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7216
Palmer Edwin Henry Trooper First Taieri 171
Palmer James Trooper Ninth Patea 7341
Palmer James Amos Trooper Fourth Bruce 1035
Palmer Sydney Robert Trooper/Lieutenant First Taranaki Eighth 33 N/N
Palmer William Henry Farrier Tenth Hobson 8593
Palmerston Norman Adam Trooper Eighth Oroua 5105
Papesch Joseph Trooper Fifth Waipa 2395
Parfitt Isaac John Trooper Ninth Marlborough 7808
Park Alexander Dallas Paymasters Clerk Corporal Tenth Wellington 8858
Park Oswald Gavin McIntyre Trooper Ninth Wellington 7487
Park Richard Gavin McIntyre Trooper Tenth Wellington 8859
Parker Albert Edward Sergeant Seventh Taranaki 4043
Parker Charles Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4328
Parker Charles (Charles Endley Wilmot) Trooper Tenth Cook 8769
Parker Edward George Wilmot Trooper Seventh Cook 4200
Parker Frank Trooper Eighth Wellington 5103 ex Kaff Rifles 9208
Parker Frank Trooper Fifth Cook 2508
Parker Frank Ernest Trooper Tenth Bruce 9547
Parker George Chetwyn Trooper Seventh Auckland 4044
Parker James Rollo Trooper Seventh Cook 4203
Parker John Henry Trooper Eighth Bruce 6095
Parker John Henry Trooper Second - 385 May not have embarked
Parker John William Trooper Ninth Bruce 8067
Parker Joseph Wylie Farrier Ninth Cook 7344
Parker Walter James Colour Sergeant/Lieutenant Fifth Auckland Eighth 2200
Parker William Charles Trooper Ninth Auckland 7094
Parker William George Trooper Fifth Amuri 2632
Parker William John Trooper Tenth Cook 8740
Parkes William James Trooper First Oroua 17
Parkinson Campbell Trooper Third Akaroa 679
Parkinson Frederick Charles Trooper Eighth Opotiki 5518
Parkinson John Trooper Sixth Opotiki 3274
Parkinson Robert Trooper Sixth Wellington 3403
Parlane William Trooper Ninth Bruce 8276 (6215) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Parnell George Thomas Trooper Ninth Auckland 7096
Parr George Jones Trooper Tenth (Details) Christchurch 9675 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Parrant James Lewis Trooper Ninth Hutt 7484
Parrish Alfred Trooper Tenth Waitemata 8594
Parry George Trooper Sixth Southland 3786
Parsonage Henry John Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5823
Parsons Alfred John Trooper Ninth Waitotara 7339
Parsons Forrest Gale Corporal Second South Africa 3010 Hotchkiss Detachment
Parsons George Alfred Corporal Eighth Pahiatua 5305
Parsons George Frederick Regimental QM Sergeant Ninth Wellington 7482
Parsons Henry Norman Trooper/Corporal Fourth Waipawa Eighth 1555 5385 5305
Parsons Ivor Daniel Trooper Eighth Ekatahuna 5238
Parsons John Athelstan Trooper Second South Africa 3009 Hotchkiss Detachment
Parsons Leonard Trooper Sixth Wellington 3404
Parsons William Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Wellington 2698
Partridge Elias Trooper Seventh Manukau Ninth 4202 8302
Partridge George Arthur Corporal Ninth Waitaki 8066
Partridge William Bertram Trooper Ninth Auckland 7090
Partridge William Charles Edward Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3646
Partridge William Henry Trooper Ninth Christchurch 8278 (6216) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Pascoe Richard Owen Trooper Eighth (Details) Poverty Bay 6368 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Pashley John Trooper Tenth Wellington 8860
Pask William Trooper Tenth Waitotara 9004
Passell James Trooper Tenth Hobson 8737
Paterson George Duncan Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9202 Discharged SA
Paterson Nathaniel Laidlaw (Nathaniel Laidlow) Trooper Seventh South Africa 4713
Paterson [Patterson] John Trooper Tenth Bruce 9546
Paton Henry Blair Trooper Fourth Hobson 1453
Paton James Cregdala Trooper Fourth Hobson 1454
Paton John Beckett Mewburn Sergeant Third Hawkes Bay 850
Paton [Patten] Edward Henry Trooper Fourth Buller 1390
Patterson James Trooper Tenth (Details) Auckland 9077 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Patterson James McIntosh Trooper First Taranaki 31 Recorded as John McIntosh
Patterson John Sutherland Gunner Second Southland 498 Hotchkiss Detachment
Patterson William Trooper Seventh Auckland 4093
Patterson William Henry Trooper Tenth Manukau 8596 8595
Patterson [Paterson] George Anthony Trooper Eighth Waitaki 5959
Patterson [Paterson] James Dunlop Sergeant Fifth Lake 1672
Patterson [Paterson] Trafford Trooper Sixth Wellington 3649
Pattison Joshua Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2509
Pattison Roderick John Trooper Tenth Waipa 8738
Pattrick Hedley Vicars Bugler Ninth Christchurch 7252
Paul Gerald Adam Sergeant/Lieutenant Fifth (Reserves) Waimea Tenth 2699 N/N
Paul James QM Sergeant Ninth Christchurch 6213 8145 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Paul Robert Trooper Eighth Taranaki 5382
Paul William Trooper Second Kawhia 516
Paulin John Thomas William Farrier Ninth Lake 8064
Pawson Ambrose Charles Trooper First Wellington 168
Payne Frederick William Sergeant Ninth Ashburton 7809
Payne George Meares Trooper First Hawera 34 May not have embarked
Payne Thomas George Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9203
Payne Walter Trooper Sixth Ashley 3647
Payne William Trooper Ninth Taieri 8113
Paynter Samuel Arthur John Corporal Fourth Waipa 1455
Peacocke [Peacock] Gerald Beresford Trooper/Lieutenant Fourth Auckland Eighth 1456 N/N
Peake Charles Ernest Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6121
Peakman Frederick Charles Trooper Fourth Hawkes Bay 1387 1291
Pearce Frank Trooper Fourth Waitotara 1319
Pearce George Edward Nelson Bugler Ninth Hutt 7485
Pearce Mark Allen Trooper Eighth Auckland 5386
Pearce Richard Trooper Fourth Auckland 1457
Pearce Thomas Trooper Tenth Stratford 9609 8627 (Issued with two numbers)
Pearless Walter Relf Brigade Surgeon-Major Eighth Waimea N/N
Pearson Alfred Edward Trooper Eighth Ashburton 6122
Pearson Andrew Trooper Tenth HMT Norfolk 9589
Pearson Edwin Trooper Eighth Pahiatua 6366
Pearson Ernest Herbert Trooper Ninth Auckland 7217
Pearson Herbert Allen Campbell Trooper Sixth Auckland 3273
Pearson Herbert William Sergeant Tenth Waikato 8739
Pearson Thomas Louis Trooper Eighth Buller 6096
Pedesta [Podesta] Louis Trooper Fifth Wellington Ninth 2284 8222
Pedler John William Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9689
Peebles James William Trooper/Farrier-Sergeant First Waipawa Eighth 199 5158
Peebles Robert Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9543
Pelham Herbert John Trooper Ninth Wellington 7489
Pellett Frederick Walter Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1675
Pender Alexander Gordon Sergeant Eighth Wellington 5020
Pendlebury Frank Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4326
Pennefather Alfred Armstrong Edward Trooper Tenth Pohangina 8862
Penney [Penny] William Trooper Tenth Taranaki 9031
Penny Bertram Trooper Fourth Marlborough 1265
Pennycook William Scott Major Tenth Clutha N/N
Pepper George Henry Trooper Eighth Horowhenua 5106
Pepper John Trooper First Christchurch 170
Pepper Joseph Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7688
Pepper William Henry Sergeant Seventh Wellington 4244
Percy Ernest Roger Sergeant Fifth Selwyn 2633
Percy Henry Clarence Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7687
Perham Charles Arthur Saxon Trooper Sixth Wellington 3438
Perham Frank Trooper Fifth Akaroa 2634
Perham Luke Trooper Third Akaroa 678
Perks Benjamin Trooper Tenth South Africa 9545
Perreau Robert Griffiths Trooper Third Manawatu 747
Perry John Francis Trooper Eighth Oroua 5237
Perry William Stewart Trooper Ninth Auckland 7097
Pescini Justin Alfred Trooper Sixth Hutt 3405
Petchell Francis John Trooper/Corporal Fifth Manukau Eighth 2398 5443
Peters Andrew Trooper Ninth Thames 7093
Peters Paul Corliss Trooper Second Wellington 325
Petersen Andrew Gearheart Trooper/Sergeant Arthur PETERSON Third Hawkes Bay Seventh 849 4122
Petersen August Adolph Julius Saddler Fifth Wellington Eighth 2700 5448
Peterson Alfred Trooper Eighth (Details) Waipawa 9098 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Peterson William Alfred Corporal Ninth Hawkes Bay 7343
Petherick Albert Trooper Tenth Hawkes Bay 8999 6999
Petherick [Pethrick] Percival Ernest Trooper Sixth Wellington 3644
Pettingill Frank Trooper Fifth Waitaki Seventh Ninth 1676 4691 8306
Pettit Alfred Ernest Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3785
Pettit Ernest Stanley Trooper Fourth Waipawa 1548
Pevreal Evan Trooper Eighth Piako 6365 1265
Pevreal Richard Andrew Trooper Eighth Piako 5519
Pfahlert Joseph Trooper Tenth Westland 9320
Phair Charles Oakshot Corporal Fourth Coromandel 1411
Phair Samuel Trooper Eighth Waitemata 5383
Phelps William Barnett (William Burnett) Trooper Ninth Wellington 7488
Philip James Arthur Brocas Trooper Third Cook 812
Phillips Charles Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8219 (6214) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Phillips Harry Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9198
Phillips James Trooper Seventh Hawkes Bay 4201
Phillips John Trooper Ninth Ashley 7691
Phillips John Henry Trooper Seventh Raglan Ninth 4094 8221
Phillips John James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3534
Phillips Robert Augustus Trooper Tenth Vincent 9432
Phillips Thomas Henry Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4199
Phillips William Stephen Trooper Sixth Raglan Ninth 3275 8166
Philp Daniel Charles Trooper Tenth Wellington 8849
Philp John Trooper Sixth Wellington 3406
Philpot Frederick Alfred Trooper Ninth Wellington 7486
Philpot [Phillpotts] Ernest Alfred Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4325
Philpott Thomas Herbert Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2635
Philpott [Phillpott] Victor George Trooper Tenth Selwyn 9197
Pickett Mark Trooper Third Cook 811
Piehard Edward Sergeant Tenth South Africa 9594
Piercy Ewan Charles Trooper Tenth Oroua 8864
Piercy John Donald Farrier Ninth Oroua 7346
Pike Cyril Seldon Trooper Eighth Wellington 5104
Pike Reginald Trooper Eighth Waikato 5517
Pike William Henry Trooper Sixth Oroua 3407
Pilcher Alfred George William Lance Corporal Eighth Amuri 5616
Pile John Corporal Fourth Opotiki Eighth 1458 5520
Pillinger Alfred George Trooper Fifth Auckland 2399
Pilmer William Claymore Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7218
Pinkerton Robert Trooper Eighth McKenzie 6099
Pippard Albert Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4566
Pirie George Carey Shoeing Smith Fifth Christchurch 2636
Pitt William (William Tutepuaki) Trooper/Lieutenant First Cook Eighth 98 N/N
Platz Joseph Trooper Tenth Waitotara 9005
Pleasants Frank Colour-Sergeant Third Oroua 748
Pleydell Ernest (Ernest Millington) Trooper Tenth Ohinemuri 9096 Discharged SA
Plumridge Harry Redrup Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6100
Pocock Reginald Victor Trooper Eighth Ashburton 6098
Pointon Edward Arthur (Edwin Arthur) Corporal/Sergeant Seventh Hawkes Bay Tenth 4128 9001
Pollock William James Trooper Ninth Christchurch 7690
Polson Donald (D.S.O) Lieutenant/Captain Fifth Marlborough Eighth N/N
Polson George McLeod Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5822
Poole Thomas William Trooper Second Southland 380
Pope Francis Ernest Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7689
Pope Francis Richard Trooper First Waipa 52
Popham Henry Trooper Seventh Taieri 4565
Popham Herbert Leslie Trooper Sixth Wallace 3787
Popham Thomas Trooper Fourth Taieri 1038
Popple William Terrington Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7692
Porritt Harold Elliot Trooper Eighth Wairarapa South 5107
Porteous Alexander William Trooper Fourth Waikouaiti 1150
Porter Andrew John Trooper Tenth Ashburton 9204
Porter Augustus Trooper Third Akaroa 677
Porter Ernest Corporal Tenth Waimate 9354
Porter John William Trooper Fifth Stratford 2396
Porter Raymond George Lance-Corporal Sixth Cook Seventh 3648 4698 1031
Porter Robert Hugh Trooper Sixth Cook 3537
Porter Thomas Richard Sergeant Seventh Cook 4124
Porter Thomas William Brevet-Colonel Ninth NZ Permanent Force N/N 4224
Porter Walter James Trooper Tenth Eden 8633
Porter William Trooper Fourth Southland 1530
Potier Albert James Trooper Tenth Oroua 8863
Potier Charles Francis Trooper Ninth Oroua 7345
Potter Edwin Farrier Tenth Hawkes Bay 9003
Potter Eric Arthur Augustus Trooper Fifth Auckland Seventh 2400 4704
Potter Harry Rowland (Harry Roland) Lieutenant/Captain Fifth Auckland Seventh N/N 1465
Potter Henry John Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5961
Potter John Joseph Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9579
Potter Leslie William Trooper Sixth South Africa 3308
Potter Vivian Harold Trooper Seventh Auckland 4045
Potts John Kirker Trooper Tenth Thames 8597 8592
Poulton Edward Templer Trooper Third Hawkes Bay 850
Pow James Trooper Eighth Southland 6097
Powell Albert Trooper Sixth Waipawa 3535
Powell Albert Ernest Saddler Sergeant Ninth Auckland 7214
Powell Charles William Trooper Fifth Grey 2511
Powell George Trooper First Wanganui 92
Powell John Trooper Tenth Ashley 9319
Powell William Trooper Tenth Auckland 8595 8585
Power Charles Wilson Trooper Fourth Auckland 1459
Power Henry Wilson Paymasters Clerk Ninth Auckland 7545
Power Richard Milgrew Trooper Tenth Ohinemuri 8598
Powick Joseph Jesse Trooper Fifth Buller 2510
Powles Charles Guy Sergeant Major Fourth Horowhenua 1318
Pownall David Trooper Ninth Hawkes Bay 8220 (6367) Details for 7th contingent - sailed with 8th
Powrie Malcolm Angus Lieutenant Tenth Christchurch N/N
Poynter James Benjamin Trooper Third Cook 813
Pratt Alfred Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9544
Prentice James Isaac Trooper Fifth Waipa 2397
Prestney Arthur Trooper Tenth Ashley 9201
Preston David Trooper Tenth Taranaki 9000
Prettyjohn William Francis Norman Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9200
Price Arthur Charles Trooper Third Waitotara 771
Price Ernest Henry Trooper Third Stratford 781
Price Frederick Gordon Corporal/Regimental Sergeant-Major First Marlborough Seventh 13 4060
Price John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Masterton Eighth 2714 5239
Price Leonard Corporal Second Hutt 303
Price Thomas Trooper Tenth Tuapeka 9433
Price William Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5960
Price William Charles Trooper Tenth Wellington 9582
Price William James Sergeant Seventh Marlborough 4243
Priest Thomas Trooper Ninth Wellington 7490
Primmer Percy Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9199
Prince Albert Edward Trooper Ninth Waipa 7091
Pringle John Captain Fourth Horowhenua N/N
Pritchard Edward Trooper Fifth Oroua 2283
Proctor John MacFarlane Orderly Room Sergeant Tenth Christchurch 9105
Prosser David William Trooper First Selwyn 169 May not have embarked
Prouse James Trooper Ninth Patea 7340
Prussing James Trooper Ninth Collingwood 8104
Puflet George Harper Trooper Eighth Hawkes Bay 5177
Pugh George Trooper Eighth (Details) Christchurch 6364 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Pugh John Trooper Seventh Christchurch Ninth 6338 8277 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Pulford George Joseph Trooper Eighth Rangitikei 5379
Pulford William Francis Trooper Ninth Rangitikei 7483
Pullar William Trooper Sixth Waikouaiti 3784
Pullen David Herbert Trooper Eighth Whangarei 5380
Pullenger James Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8065
Pulley Cecil William Trooper Tenth Ashley 8861
Pulley Francis Trooper Tenth Ashley 9224
Purdues [Purves] James Trooper Eighth Ashley 5692
Purdy John Smith Surgeon Captain Sixth Hutt N/N
Pycroft William Trooper Ninth Ashburton 7807
Pye George Trooper Eighth Ohinemuri 5384
Pye John Trooper Ninth Piako 7215
Pye Samuel James Trooper Sixth Geraldine 3645
Pye William Trooper Seventh Auckland 4046
Quack Charles Frederick Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5825
Quain John Trooper Ninth Wairarapa South 7693
Quarterman Henry James Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4568
Quarterman Thomas Henry Farrier Ninth Auckland 7099
Quelch Ernest Michael Trooper Seventh Dunedin 4567
Quidley Ernest Joseph Trooper Ninth Waitemata 7219
Quill Edward Trooper Sixth Ashley 3650
Quill Patrick Trooper Ninth Ashley 7810
Quin [Quinn] Charles Trooper Sixth Wellington 3689
Quin [Quinn] Thomas Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 6101
Quinlan Andrew Trooper Tenth (Details) Pahiatua 9078 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Quinlan John (Edward John) Farrier-Sergeant Sixth Wellington 3455
Quinlan William John Trooper Ninth Levels 7811
Quinn James William Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Grey 2701
Quinn John Farrier Seventh Rangitikei 4135
Quinn Terence Trooper Fourth Buller 1067
Quinn [Quin] Thomas Trooper Ninth Waitaki 7946
Quinney Henry William Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9006
Ractliffe [sic] Charles Trooper Ninth Auckland 7229
Radcliff James Fraser Trooper Seventh Wellington 4334
Radd John William Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4329
Radford Gervis Henry Isaac Trooper Seventh Wellington 4641
Rae Charles Alfred Trooper Fifth Selwyn 2637
Rae Henry Bruce Sommerville Trooper Tenth Waipa 8744
Rae [Rea] Alexander Richmond Trooper Tenth Waitotara 9010
Raikes Frank Campbell Trooper Eighth Hawera 5270
Rainbow Charles Henry Trooper Fourth Marlborough 1322
Raine Lachlan McPherson Trooper Third Christchurch 684
Ralph Frederick Hill Trooper Seventh Tauranga 4434
Ralph William Anthony Trooper Eighth (Details) Waikato 9080 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Ramsay James Whitelaw Trooper Second Dunedin 496
Ramsay [Ramsbottom] Louis Trooper RAMSBOTTOM Eighth (Details) Taranaki 6370 Details for 7th Contingent - sailed with 8th
Ramsay [Ramsey] John Edmund Orderly Room Corporal Ninth Auckland 7546
Ranger Robert Franklin Trooper Fifth HMT Waimate 2660
Rankin John Sergeant Eighth Waitotara Ninth 6304 8155
Rankin William Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5966
Raper Francis Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3789
Rasmussen Henry Neil Trooper Eighth Wellington 5009
Ratcliffe John Trooper Tenth Bruce 9438
Rathbun Edward Arthur Dudley Trooper Third Buller 787
Rattray Alexander Trooper Eighth Waimate 5695
Rawlings Thomas William Trooper Ninth Hutt 7494
Rawlinson Philip Corporal Tenth Wellington 8902 Discharged SA
Rayne Henry Trooper/Lieutenant Fifth Dunedin Seventh Ninth 1699 4720 N/N
Rayner Harold Hesper Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7949
Rayner [Raynor] Charles Alfred Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7226
Raynes John James Trooper First Waikato 63
Raynes William Frederick Trooper Sixth Waikato 3277
Rea Edward Henry Trooper Eighth (Details) Thames 9079 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Read Alexander Sergeant Fourth Waipawa Eighth 1550 5298
Read James Earl Trooper Ninth Wellington 7259
Read [Moutray-Read] [Moutray-Reid] Hugh Arthur Trooper Second Auckland 529
Reade John Fielder Trooper Tenth HMT Norfolk 9592
Reay Robert Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7225
Reay William Trooper Eighth Christchurch 6102
Rebay Alfred Trooper Eighth Westland 5826
Redman Laurie Lance-Corporal Tenth Taranaki 9007
Redwood Henry Francis Trooper Tenth Marlborough 9321
Redwood Wilfred Henry Corporal Veterinary Dispenser Eighth Marlborough 5831
Reed Bernard Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Wairoa Eighth 2702 5243
Reed Frederick Charles Trooper Tenth Masterton 8870
Reed Kingsford Frederick Trooper Eighth Oroua 5110
Reed William Henry Trooper Fifth Masterton Ninth 2638 7347 2628
Reed [Reid] William Anson Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4205
Reeder [Reader] Frank (Francis Graham Pogson) Trooper Tenth Wellington 8866
Reekie Christopher Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8279 (6218) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Rees Edward Alfred Lieutenant Second South Africa Ninth 3002
Rees Hugh Trooper Seventh Buller 4332
Reeve Frank Trooper Sixth Wellington 3408
Reeves Alfred Robert Trooper Tenth (Details) Waikouaiti 9586 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Reeves Charles Trooper Eighth (Details) Taranaki 9081 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Reeves Henry Charles Trooper Tenth Waikouaiti 9550
Reeves William Henry QM Sergeant Fifth Selwyn 2639
Reeves William James Trooper Ninth Waimea 8069
Regan John Trooper Fifth Auckland 2401
Reid Alexander McGregor (Alec McGregor) Sergeant Second Dunedin 386 Hotchkiss Detachment
Reid Charles Francis Trooper Ninth Bruce 7953
Reid David William Trooper Fifth Manawatu 2286
Reid James Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7948
Reid John Trooper Sixth Buller 3539
Reid John Edwin Trooper Tenth Levels 9323
Reid Robert Samuel Saddler Fifth Dunedin 1678
Reid William Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8075
Reid [Read] Samuel Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4330
Reilly Alphonso Trooper Eighth Collingwood 5832
Reilly William Trooper Eighth Wellington 5109
Reinhardt Harry Trooper Ninth Whangarei 7223
Relling Thorsten Frederick Trooper Tenth Taranaki 9011
Renall Alfred William Corporal Fourth Masterton 1369
Renall [Rennall] Joseph Alfred Trooper Fifth Masterton 2290
Rendle William Henry Trooper Tenth Waipawa 9008
Renment James Trooper Seventh Marlborough 4331
Rennie Kenneth John Trooper Eighth Rotorua 5522
Renton William Trooper First Bruce 172
Rentoul James Trooper Fourth Cheviot 1260
Renwick Albert Gordon Trooper Eighth Auckland 5387
Renz [Renze] Robert Trooper Ninth Taieri 7954
Retter Arthur Trooper Fifth Horowhenua 2288
Retter Darcy Harold (Davey Harold) Trooper Seventh Hutt 4644
Retter Frederick Arthur Trooper Ninth Waipawa 7224
Retter Hector Claude Farrier Fourth Hutt 1294
Retter Leonard Greenwood Trooper Seventh Hutt 4645
Revell Douglas Rollo Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4432
Revell Lewis John Trooper Eighth Ashley 5693
Reynolds Geoffrey Trooper Fifth Akaroa 2640
Reynolds George Henry Trooper Tenth Ekatahuna 8871
Reynolds Gordon Trooper Seventh Waipawa 4437
Rhodes Norman Vernon Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Taranaki 2704
Rhodes Robert Heaton Captain Eighth Selwyn N/N
Rich Robert Francis Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9206
Richards Arthur Sergeant Major/Lieutenant Seventh Christchurch Tenth 4484 N/N
Richards Benjamin John Trooper Ninth Horowhenua 7493
Richards Edward Lloyd Trooper Sixth Horowhenua 3410
Richards Frank Harold Trooper Eighth Waimea 5830
Richards James Trooper Sixth Auckland 3278
Richards John Walter Trooper Fifth Waimea 2513
Richards Joseph Foote Trooper Sixth Marlborough 3538
Richards Ralph Corporal Tenth Waipawa 9009
Richards Robert Riley Lance-Corporal/Lieutenant Third Ashley Ninth 680 N/N
Richards William Trooper Seventh Horowhenua 4206
Richardson Edward Malcott Trooper Tenth Bruce 9434
Richardson Henry McKellar Whyte Lieutenant Seventh Wellington N/N 1099
Richardson Herbert Thornton Trooper Second Wellington 315
Richardson Robert Sharman Hughes Trooper Ninth Eden 7227
Richardson Rudolphus Trooper Third Cook 814
Richardson Thomas Trooper Third Taranaki 852
Richardson Thomas George Airey Lance-Corporal/Lieutenant Third Hawkes Bay 794 N/N
Ridd William Thomas Trooper Tenth Tuapeka 9436
Riddell Andrew Gabriel Trooper/Sergeant Fifth Wallace Ninth 1683 8073
Riddell Mark Trooper Tenth Wallace 9548
Riddell Robert Trooper Fifth Dunedin 1682
Riddell William Oliver Trooper First Patea 94
Riddick Harry Sergeant Fourth Wellington 1283
Rider Colin William Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7947
Ridley Charles Wilson Farrier Fourth Hutt 1324
Ridley John William Trooper Fifth Ashley 2641
Rigby James Carr Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7950
Righton Herbert Castle Trooper Eighth Christchurch 5834
Riley James Lance-Corporal Eighth (Details) Vincent 9099 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Ring Percy (Percy Arthur) Trooper Tenth Ashley 9322
Ripley William Trooper Ninth Thames 7220
Rippingdale William Henry Trooper Sixth Waimate 3651
Rippingdale [Rippingale] John Blanchard Trooper Sixth Waimate 3653
Rippingdale [Rippingale] Joseph Woodhead Trooper Sixth Geraldine 3652
Risden Alfred James Trooper Fifth Hawkes Bay 2514
Ritchfield [Richfield] Samuel James Corporal Tenth Akaroa 9118
Ritson Joseph Thomas Trooper Ninth Westland 7228
Robb Hamilton Trooper Ninth Waitaki 8074 8071
Robbie Alexander Bertram Trooper/Lieutenant Fifth Taranaki Seventh Tenth 2289 4685 N/N
Robbie Charles Edward Trooper/Lieutenant Second Taranaki Tenth 458 N/N
Robbie David Barker Trooper Seventh Taranaki Ninth 6371 8281 Details for 7th - sailed with 8th
Roberts Alexander William Corporal/Sergeant Major/Lieutenant Fourth Patangata Eighth 1053
Roberts Alfred James Trooper Fourth Waitaki 1075
Roberts Carl Clarendon Trooper Third Ashburton 681
Roberts Charles Trooper Eighth Dunedin 6127
Roberts Joseph Preecy (Joseph Precey)(Joseph Percy) Trooper Third South Africa 2734
Roberts Percy Coleman Trooper Eighth Ashburton 5694
Roberts Thomas Edmund Corporal Fifth Waimea 2333
Robertshaw Alfred Percy Trooper Ninth HMT Devon 7553
Robertshaw Leonard Trooper Eighth Marlborough 5833
Robertson Allan David Trooper Seventh Southland 4333
Robertson Charles Trooper Seventh Hutt 4207
Robertson Daniel Lance-Corporal Fifth Auckland 2336
Robertson Frederick William Trooper Fifth Christchurch 2642
Robertson Graham Cunninghame Trooper Ninth Tuapeka 8107
Robertson Henry Sergeant Major Seventh Auckland 4048
Robertson James Trooper Ninth Christchurch 8282 (6217) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Robertson James Trooper Sixth Wellington 3411 No file on Archway
Robertson James Trooper Tenth Bruce 9552
Robertson James Trooper Fourth Southland 1127
Robertson James Alexander Trooper Eighth Wellington 5521
Robertson James Stevenson Trooper Fifth Tuapeka 1680
Robertson John Trooper Eighth Hawera 5242
Robertson Noel Douglas Trooper/Lance-Corporal Third Waitotara Sixth 762 3655
Robertson Robert McKay (Robert Mackay) Trooper Sixth Waihemo 3788
Robertson William Phillips Trooper Ninth Waipa 7221
Robertson [Robinson] John Trooper ROBINSON Eighth Ashburton 5720
Robins John Francis Trooper Tenth Lake 9437
Robins William Edward Trooper Tenth Masterton 8873
Robinson Arthur Lindsay Bugler Tenth HMT Norfolk 9587
Robinson Bob Trooper Tenth Wellington 8869
Robinson Edward Milligan Corporal Ninth Auckland 7222
Robinson Ernest Edward Corporal Second Marlborough 354
Robinson Frederick Trooper Seventh Taranaki 4204
Robinson Harry Trooper Ninth Amuri 7698
Robinson Henry Stuart Norman (Harry Stuart Norton) Sergeant Seventh Wellington 4123
Robinson Herbert Trooper Fourth Manukau 1460 1200
Robinson John Trooper Seventh Hutt 4643
Robinson Joseph Lawson Trooper Eighth Wellington 5112
Robinson Walter Maitland Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9205
Robinson William Trooper Eighth Akaroa 5835
Robson Charles Saddler Tenth Cook 8743
Robson Herbert Cecil Corporal Eighth Auckland 5445
Robson Robert Lance-Corporal Ninth Bruce 8070
Robson Thomas Trooper Tenth Waitaki 9435
Rochester Charles Henry Trooper/Sergeant First Wellington Tenth 109 8865
Rockstrow Frederick John Trooper First Taranaki 100
Rockstrow William Caspari Trooper Eighth Wellington 5108
Rodda James Stephen Trooper Tenth (Details) Ashburton 9676 Details for 7th, 8th and 9th contingents, afterwards formed into I squadron of 10th - sailed with tenth
Roddick William (David William Langmuir) Trooper Seventh Levels 4439
Roderick Emanuel Trooper Tenth Auckland 8599
Rodgers [Rogers] Henry Taylor (Harry Taylor) Saddler Seventh (Details) Waitaki Ninth 6221 8172 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Roebuck Thomas John Trooper Seventh Ashley 4335
Roger James Trooper Fifth Peninsula 1679
Roger John Walker Trooper Ninth Dunedin 7951
Rogers Charles Phillip Sergeant Major First Taranaki Eighth 1
Rogers David Trooper Tenth Southland 9549
Rogers Frederick Montague Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4438
Rogers Harold Cummins Corporal Eighth Wellington 5034
Rogers Harry Josiah (Josiah Henry) Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9207
Rogers John Aston Trooper Fourth Cook 1504 1482
Rogers Joseph Ernest Surgeon Captain Eighth Southland N/N 4356/4536
Rogers Percy Trooper Eighth Tuapeka 6104
Rogers Robert Ferguson Trooper Tenth Waitotara 9012
Rogers Walter Trooper Ninth Selwyn 7696
Rogers [Roberts] Ambrose John Trooper Ninth Oroua 7348
Rolleston George Hector Fitzgerald Corporal Fourth Wellington 1325
Rollinson Harold James Trooper Seventh Ohinemuri 4095
Ronalds Guy Fosbery Trooper Sixth Christchurch 3654
Ronan Michael Trooper Eighth Southland 6105
Rooney William John Trooper Sixth Auckland 3279
Rosanowski Albert Trooper Seventh Christchurch 4433
Rose Alfred Barnes Lieutenant Sixth Wellington N/N 17
Rose Donald Henry Trooper Eighth (Details) Waipawa 9082 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Rose John Captain Third Akaroa 4412
Rose John Garencieres Lieutenant Fifth Wellington N/N 13
Rose William John Trooper Fifth (Reserves) Taranaki 2703
Rosenbrock Frederick Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5962
Rosewarne Rudolph Huntly Trooper Seventh Waikouaiti 4049
Ross Alexander Don Regiment QM Sergeant Third Christchurch 608
Ross Archibald Hugh Trooper Ninth Waitotara 7350
Ross Arthur Leslie Trooper Third South Africa 2733
Ross Daniel Corporal Second Waitotara Eighth 432 5240 Hotchkiss Detachment
Ross David Strachan Trooper Third Waitotara 749
Ross Donald Trooper Eighth Southland 6103
Ross George Alexander Sergeant Fourth Waihemo 1065
Ross Hugh Trooper First Wellington 202
Ross James Farrier Eighth Wellington 5037
Ross James Horatio Lieutenant/Captain Fourth Hawkes Bay Seventh N/N 6915
Ross John Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Clutha Tenth 1032 9350 Discharged SA
Ross John Donald Trooper Sixth Taranaki 3540
Ross John Joseph Corporal Ninth Southland 7956
Ross Joseph Trooper Third Patea 750
Ross Kennedy Trooper Fourth Opotiki 1461
Ross Robert James Trooper Sixth Southland 3791
Ross William Farrier Seventh Ashley 4377
Ross William Henry Lieutenant Fifth Waitaki N/N
Ross William James Frederick Lieutenant Fourth Hutt N/N
Ross William Johnston McAra Trooper Fourth Waihemo 1022
Rossiter Samuel James Trooper Ninth Ashley 7697
Rossiter William Henry Trooper Ninth Waipawa 8072
Rouffe Charles William Trooper Sixth Dunedin 3790
Rountree James Leonard Trooper Tenth Waipa 8745
Rountree [Rowntree] George Arthur Trooper/Sergeant ROWNTREE Second Wellington Eighth 306 5021
Rouse William George Farrier-Sergeant/Farrier QM Sergeant Sixth Wellington 3656 N/N Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Rout George Abraham Trooper Tenth Christchurch 9208
Rowberry Frederick Trooper Tenth (Details) Hawera 9083 Details for regiments now serving in South Africa - sailed with 10th
Rowell Henry Corporal Eighth Wellington 5027
Rowland Charles Edwin Trooper Ninth Geraldine 7812
Rowlands Horace Trooper Tenth Whangarei 8741
Rowlatt Edmund Pycroft Trooper Eighth Dunedin 5965
Rowling Fletcher (Fletcher Christian) Trooper Ninth Waimea 8223 (6170) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Roxburgh Charles Hugh Trooper Tenth Dunedin 9551
Roy Peter Trooper Eighth Waihemo 5964
Roydhouse Francis William Trooper Fifth Wairarapa South 2285 1285
Rubick Edward Farrier Second Masterton 537 Hotchkiss Detachment
Ruddell Donald Trooper Tenth Eden 8742
Ruddell William (William James Watts) Trooper Fourth Whangarei 1462
Ruddy Joseph Patrick Trooper Ninth Waikouaiti 7955
Rule Harry Robert Trooper Third Ashley 683
Rule William Trooper Seventh Waitaki Ninth 6220 8280 Reliefs (6th and 7th) - sailed with 8th
Rumble Joseph Trooper Fourth Tuapeka 1064
Runciman John Leslie Trooper Fourth Auckland 1463
Runciman William McKenzie Trooper Eighth Taranaki 5241
Rusden Albert James Trooper/Sergeant Fourth Waitotara Ninth 1328 7349
Russell Albert Henry Trooper Seventh Wellington 4659
Russell Andrew Matthew Trooper Seventh Ashley 4436
Russell Frederick Murray Sergeant Third Waitotara 717
Russell James Trooper Ninth Dunedin 8284 (6219) Reliefs for 6th and 7th contingents -sailed with 8th
Russell Robert Trooper Eighth Ashley 5244
Russell William Trooper/Corporal Fifth Dunedin Eighth 1681 5885
Rutherford Andrew Donald Lance-Corporal Tenth Amuri 9246
Rutherford James McJarrow Trooper Fifth Wairarapa South 2287 1287
Rutherford Leslie Askin Trooper Eighth Amuri 5724
Rutherford Percy Charles Captain Seventh Wairarapa South N/N 6853
Rutherford William Trooper Seventh Levels 4435
Ryan Charles Philip Corporal Fifth Taranaki 2443
Ryan Charles William Trooper Ninth Tauranga 7100
Ryan Daniel Trooper Ninth McKenzie <