List of persons qualified to vote at the election of members of the House of Representatives for the Electoral District of Waikato - August 1887.

Also see KIRIKIRIROA RATES BOOKS - 1877-1905.

ABBEY William Residential Waihou Storekeeper -
ABBOTT John Freehold Parnell, Auckland Moneybroker Sect 6, Komokarau
ADAMS James Arthur Freehold Waiuku Storekeeper Lot 250 Hamilton East
ADAMS John Residential Cambridge West Farmer -
ADAMSON John (Jnr) Residential Netherton Settler -
AHIER Charles Freehold Te Aroha Agent Lot 34 Hamilton East
AICKIN George Gordon Residential Cambridge West Station master -
AITKEN Thomas Freehold Thames Postal clerk Lt 3,8 Taupiri
AITKEN William Freehold Auckland Land agent Sec 11,45,61,75,80 Kirikiriroa
ALEXANDER Robert Residential Lichfield Labourer -
ALFORD Samuel Freehold Cambridge West Commission agent Lot 104,105 Cambridge town
ALLAN Andrew T W Residential Waitoa Stockman -
ALLEN Arthur Residential Hamilton Labourer -
ALLEN George Residential Horotiu Labourer -
ALLEN William Ward Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
ALLRIGHT George Frederick Residential Tamahere Farmer -
ALLRIGHT Henry Freehold Auckland Civil engineer Lot 26 Tamahere, 250 acres
ALLRIGHT Thomas Nicholson Residential Tamahere Farmer -
ALLWILL Jared Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lots 27,28,89,91 Hautapu
ALLWOOD John Residential Waitoa Butcher -
ANDERSON Abraham Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
ANDERSON David Freehold Walton Farmer Sec 5 Richmond estate
ANDERSON John Culbertson Freehold Auckland Estate agent Lot 381 and others Whangamarino
ANDERTON Noah Freehold Parnell, Auckland Labourer Sec 53 Komokorau
ANGERSTEIN John B W Freehold England Farmer Lots 43 to 54 Koharoa
ANGUS John Clym Residential Cambridge Draper -
ANNETT James Residential Hamilton East Farm labourer -
ANSELL John Residential Cambridge Painter -
ARMER Henry Freehold Cambridge Labourer Pt lot 107 Cambridge
ARMER John Henry Residential Cambridge West Carpenter -
ARMISHAW Arthur Residential Cambridge Book-keeper -
ARMSTRONG William Residential Tamahere Gardener -
ARNABALDI John Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Pt Lot 94 Cambridge town
ARNOLD John Freehold Cambridge Butcher Lots 1,2,3,7,8,60,159 Hautapu
ASHBY Alfred Residential Waotu Contractor -
ASHBY George Residential Waotu Bushman -
ASHBY James Residential Waotu Bush contractor -
ASHLEY Alfred Residential Waotu Contractor -
ATKINSON John Freehold near Hamilton Farmer Lot 348 Hamilton East
ATKINSON William G Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
BACH Arthur Freehold Cambridge Hotel keeper Lot 369 Cambridge
BACHLEY Charles Frederic Residential Ohinewai Labourer -
BADLEY James Freehold Otahuhu Farmer Lot 85 Komokorau
BADLEY Robert Dawson Freehold Otahuhu Farmer Lots 228, 235 Cambridge West
BAGGOT James Freehold Te Aroha West Sharebroker Block 64 Te Aroha West 101 acres
BAGNALL Albert Edward Residential Turua, Thames Settler -
BAGNALL George Residential Turua, Thames Settler -
BAGNALL Horatio Nelson Residential Turua, Thames Settler -
BAGNALL Lemuel John Freehold Turua, Thames Sawmill owner Turua sawmill property
BAGNALL Richard Wellington Residential Turua, Thames Settler -
BAGNALL William Henry Residential Turua, Thames Settler -
BAILEY Alexander Residential Tamahere Farmer -
BAILEY George Freehold Pukekura Fencer Lots 245, 248 Cambridge West
BAILEY Isaac Residential Huntly Labourer -
BAILEY James Residential Fencourt Gentleman -
BAILEY John Powell Residential Huntly Farmer -
BAILEY William Residential Matamata Labourer -
BALDWIN Samuel Residential Cambridge Engineer -
BALLINGER Thomas W Residential Cambridge Labourer -
BAMFORD William Residential Waharoa Baker -
BARBER John Residential Morrinsville Shoemaker -
BARCLAY Adam Freehold Kaipara Farmer Lot 133 Komokorau
BARKER John Residential Tamahere Farmer -
BARKER Thomas C Residential Tamahere Farmer -
BARNETT Harry Residential Waotu Contractor -
BARNETT William George Residential Waotu Bushman -
BARRY Snowden Residential Morrinsville Hotel keeper -
BARTLETT Henry Residential Morrinsville Groom -
BARTLETT Walter Freehold Wintercote, Cambridge Fencer Lot 269 Cambridge town
BARUGH Joseph Residential near Hamilton Farmer -
BARUGH Joseph Johnston Freehold Tamahere Farmer Lots 54,55 and others Tamahere
BARWELL Charles Freehold Tamahere Farmer Lot 2 Tamahere estate
BARWELL Thomas Herbert Freehold Tamahere Farmer Lot 3 Tamahere estate
BASTABLE James Freehold Hamilton Labourer Lot 49 Hamilton East
BATES Isaac Freehold Cambridge Saddler Pt lot 587 Cambridge East Lot 177 Cambridge West
BATES William Residential Matamata Farmer -
BATKIN John Residential Tamahere Farmer -
BATTEN Robert Residential Huntly Miner -
BATTON Thomas Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
BAXTER James Residential Cambridge Stockman -
BEATON Niel Residential Komokorau Shipwright -
BEDLINGTON P Residential Lichfield Settler -
BEER Elijah Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lots 19,20,30,31,34 Tamahere
BEGG James Freehold Cambridge Blacksmith Pt lot 110 Cambridge town
BELL Alexander Residential Huntly Labourer -
BELL Andrew Freehold Grafton Rd, Auckland Corn factor Lot 98 Whangamarino
BELL Andrew Freehold Auckland Merchant 50 acres Matahura
BELL Charles Freehold Churchill Storekeeper 42ac Taupiri
BELL David Residential Waikuku Farmer -
BELL Henry Residential Cambridge Blacksmith -
BELL Isaac Charles Fraser Freehold Hautapu Saddler Lot 9 Gwynnlands
BELL James Freehold Wairoa South Farmer 1800ac Waitoa
BELL John (Jnr) Freehold Cambridge West Sawyer Lot 529 Cambridge West
BELL William Frederick Residential Hamilton East Baker -
BELLAMY Thomas Residential Waitoa Labourer -
BENNER Albert Freehold Coromandel Telegraphist Lot 252, 495 Cambridge
BENNETT William Freehold Parnell, Auckland Labourer Sec 1, 2 BO, Claudelands
BERN Joseph Residential Tamahere Farmer -
BERRENS John Freehold Auckland Agent Lot 34 Kirikiriroa
BEW John Residential Piako Labourer -
BINDON John F V Residential Hamilton East Teacher -
BIRSS William Freehold Kawita Farmer Lots 475, 476 Whangamarino
BISHOP Richard Residential Cambridge Gardener -
BLACKWELL William Henry Residential Cambridge West Contractor -
BLEASDALE George Henry Residential Walton Settler -
BOLTON Henry Residential Ruakura Platelayer -
BOLTON Patrick Residential Morrinsville Contractor -
BOLTON Thomas Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
BOND James Residential opposite Huntly Blacksmith -
BOND James Residential opposite Huntly Coal miner -
BOND James Shiner Freehold Cambridge Printer Pt lot 296, pt 587 Cambridge town
BOND Michael Residential Cambridge Labourer -
BOOTH Benjamin B Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lot 79, Tamahere 150ac
BOOTH Edward Residential Woodlands Farm labourer -
BOOTH George Residential Cambridge Butcher -
BORETHER Joseph (Jnr) Residential Cambridge Settler -
BORRIE John Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
BOSWELL John Residential Huntly Railway official -
BOURNE William Henry Residential Huntly Draper -
BOWEN Henry Residential Kirikiriroa Fishmonger -
BOWLER Alfred Allan Residential Waitoa Farmer -
BOWLER Edward Residential Waihou Settler -
BOWLEY William Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lot 535 Cambridge East
BOWMAN William Freehold Cambridge West Settler Lt 510,511 Cambridge West
BOX Charles Residential Hamilton East Carpenter -
BOYCE Charles Residential Cambridge Baker -
BOYD John Freehold Auckland Settler Lot 2, Waimutoto 39ac
BRADLEY John A Residential Hamilton East Agent WSNCo -
BREAKELL William C Residential Cambridge Civil engineer -
BREMNER Alexander Freehold Waitoa Schoolmaster Pt Lot 3 Waikuku Blk Piako
BRENNAN William Freehold Cambridge Constable Pt Lot 41 Cambridge East
BRIDGMAN William Residential Fencourt Shepherd -
BRIDLE James C Residential Morrinsville Carpenter -
BRIGHT Andrew G Residential Hamilton East Hotel keeper -
BRIGHT John Residential Cambridge Gardener -
BRINDLE Croardale Residential Cambridge Baker -
BRINDLE Henry Freehold Cambridge Settler Lot 543 Cambridge town
BRINKLEY Thomas Residential Waitoa Farmer -
BROCKELSBY Joseph Residential Cambridge Carter -
BROKENSHIRE Elijah Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
BROOKS Frank Jeffcoat Freehold Cambridge Bank agent Pt lot 23, lot 57 Cambridge East
BROOKS James Residential Matamata Ploughman -
BROPHY Thomas Residential Woodlands Ploughman -
BROWN Alfred Residential Taupiri Labourer -
BROWN Benjamin Residential Walton Labourer -
BROWN Benjamin Freehold Taupiri Settler Lot 37, 38 Taupiri
BROWN Edward W Residential Taotaoroa Teacher -
BROWN John Freehold Cambridge Farmer pt lot 94 Cambridge
BROWN John Residential Tamahere Farmer -
BROWN John Residential Waotu mill Contractor -
BROWN Thomas Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lot 29 Tamahere
BROWN Thomas Residential Fencourt Gardener -
BROWN Thomas Henry Freehold Cambridge Cabinet maker Lot 291 Hautapu
BROWN William Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lot 64, 65 Tamahere
BROWNE John Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lot 37 Hautapu
BROWNE John Stewart Residential Putaruru Settler -
BROWNE Thomas Residential Cambridge Labourer -
BROWNING Andrew Residential Hamilton East Baker -
BROWNING Francis Wise Freehold Tahuroa Farmer 451ac Tahuroa
BRUCE Daniel Residential Wairangi Farmer -
BRUCE David Residential Waotu Contractor -
BRUCE Donald Freehold Wairangi Farmer 160ac Whangamarino
BRUCE Thomas (Jnr) Freehold Cambridge Farmer 234ac Taotaoroa
BRUCE Thomas (Snr) Freehold Cambridge Farmer 114ac Taotaoroa
BRUCE William J R Residential Wairangi Farmer -
BRUNN Charles Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
BRUNSKILL Charles M Freehold Taotaoroa Farmer Part Hinuera blk 1375ac
BRUNSKILL Henry Freehold Taotaoroa Farmer 114ac Taotaoroa
BRUNSKILL William S Freehold Taotaoroa Farmer 506ac Taotaoroa
BRYAN Luke Residential Huntly Labourer -
BRYANT George Freehold Auckland Gentleman Lot 471 Cambridge
BRYANT William Residential Morrinsville Railway ganger -
BUCHANAN Henry Residential Wairangi Carpenter -
BUCHANAN William Freehold North Shore, Auckland Gentleman Lot 52 Hautapu
BUCKLAND Alfred Freehold Newmarket Auctioneer Lots 5,6,7 of subdivision blk Okaurei
BUCKLAND Harry Residential Cambridge Fruiterer -
BUCKLAND James Freehold Mangere Farmer Lot 221 Cambridge, 290, 343 Taupiri
BUCKLAND William Francis Freehold Remuera Gentleman 905ac Hinuera No 2 near Cambridge
BUDDLE Thomas Freehold Auckland Solicitor Lot 553 Cambridge West
BULL Henry Freehold Auckland Wesleyan minister Sec 219,631,327 Cambridge East
BULL John Residential Cambridge Postmaster -
BURBRIDGE Henry Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
BURDGE Samuel Residential Waihou Labourer -
BURGESS William Alexander Residential Oxford Settler -
BURKE Edward Residential Huntly Miner -
BURNETT Frederick Freehold Cambridge Cadet 596ac Te Pu-o-tu Rawaru
BURNETT Herbert Freehold Cambridge Cadet 596ac Te Pu-o-tu Rawaru
BURT Henry Freehold Cambridge Native agent Pt lot 27 Cambridge town
BURTON Charles B Residential Lichfield Settler -
BURTON William Freehold Thames Hotel keeper Sec 11 Blk 12 Te Aroha West
BUSHBY Joseph Freehold Maramarua Farmer 105ac Maramarua
BUTLER James E Freehold Hamilton East Farmer Lot 17 Kirikiriroa 136ac
BUTLER John Wesley Residential Cambridge Ironmonger -
BUTLER Martyn Residential Cambridge Grocer -
BUTTLE Henry Residential Piako Station manager -
BYCROFT John Freehold Auckland Miller Lot 8 Komokorau
BYGRAVE George Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
BYRNE Patrick Residential Whangamarino Labourer -
CADMAN William Residential Huntly Miner -
CAISLEY Thomas Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
CALDICUT Thomas Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
CALLAGHAN John Residential Bruntwood Farm labourer -
CALLIGHAN Patrick Residential Whangamarino Labourer -
CALVERT John Residential Cambridge Clerk -
CAMERON Alexander Residential Cranston Shepherd -
CAMERON James Residential Oxford Storekeeper -
CAMP Jame Thomas Freehold Auckland Tailor Lot 373 Cambridge West
CAMPBELL Angus Freehold Hamilton Timber merchant Pt Lot 23 Hamilton East
CAMPBELL Duncan Residential Taotaoroa Contractor -
CAMPBELL George Residential Cambridge Platelayer -
CAMPBELL Henry Elmes Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
CAMPBELL Hugh Freehold Auckland Solicitor 634ac Whiwhero block
CAMPBELL Hugh Residential Taotaoroa Contractor -
CAMPBELL James Palmer Freehold Auckland Solicitor Lot 92 Cambridge East
CAMPBELL John Freehold Napier Clergyman 391ac Kapara
CAMPBELL John Residential Cambridge Farmer -
CAMPBELL John Logan Freehold Auckland Merchant Lot 79,79a, 83 Taupiri
CAMPBELL Philip Residential Cambridge Farmer -
CAMPBELL Robert Henry Residential Taupiri Bricklayer -
CAPPER Edward Henry Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
CARDWELL Samuel Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
CARE George Residential Tamahere Farm labourer -
CARLIN Lawrence Residential Whangamarino Settler -
CARLYON David Residential Huntly Miner -
CARMICHAEL William Residential Cambridge Storeman -
CARNACHAN David Freehold Cambridge Settler Lots 398,400,405,406 Cambridge East
CARPENTER Charles Benjamin Residential Cambridge Clerk -
CARR William Thomas Residential Cambridge Clerk -
CARTER Frederick John Residential Shaftesbury Labourer -
CARTER Henry Residential Cambridge Contractor -
CARTER William Henry Residential Lichfield Surgeon -
CARTER William Kennedy Freehold Cambridge Coach proprietor Lots 426, 428 Cambridge
CARTHY Christopher Freehold Hamilton Labourer Lt 119 Hamilton East 38 Kirikiriri
CASEY Daniel Residential near Cambridge Farm labourer -
CASEY Martin Residential Broadmeadows Labourer -
CASH Thomas Richard Freehold Marton Solicitor Lt 460 Cambridge West
CASSIDY Thomas Freehold Hamilton East Settler Lt 54, pt 63, 154,155 Hamilton East
CAUDWELL Heber Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
CHALTON Frank Residential Te Kapara Farmer -
CHALTON George Residential Te Kapara Farmer -
CHALTON Henry Residential Te Kapara Farmer -
CHALTON Samuel Freehold Te Kapara Farmer 99ac Te Kapara West bank Thames river
CHALTON Thomas Residential Te Kapara Farmer -
CHAMBERS Joseph Residential Cambridge West Gardener -
CHANDLER John Freehold Mahurangi Heads Farmer Lt 76,77 Taupiri
CHANTALOUP Francis Freehold Tauwhare Settler -
CHAPMAN Thomas Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lot 332 Cambridge town
CHEPMELL William Philip Residential Waitoa Gentleman -
CHITTY Charles Freehold Cambridge West Settler Lot 69 Cambridge West
CHITTY Walter Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 148 Kirikiriroa, 150, 151 Korkorau
CHOLMONDELEY Hugh Heber Freehold Piako Farmer Land at Piako in occupation
CHRISTIAN Daniel Residential Woodlands Blacksmith -
CHUBB James Residential Cambridge West Settler -
CHUBB William Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
CHUDLEIGH Edward Reginald Freehold Chatham Islands Farmer 3332 ac Orongmairoa
CHURCHES Frederick Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 84,85,86 Kirikiriroa
CLARK Charles William Residential Tauwhare School teacher -
CLARK George Edward Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 115, 124, 131, 132 Hautapu
CLARK Patrick Residential Waotu Contractor -
CLARK Solomon Residential Hukunui Sawyer -
CLARKE Ebenezer Residential Komokorau Mill manager -
CLARKE James Residential Wairangi Farmer -
CLARKE John Freehold Mauku Farmer Lt 189 Cambridge West
CLARKE John Phillips Residential Woodlands Farmer -
CLARKE William Hill Freehold Huntly Civil engineer Sec 1 Subdivision BFO Claudelands
CLARKIN Peter Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
CLARKIN Thomas Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 168 pt180 Kirikiriroa
CLAUDE Francis Richard Freehold Papatoitoi Farmer Lt 215,222 Kirikiriroa
CLAYTON Joseph Residential Newcastle North Bricklayer -
CLEMENTS Archibald Freehold near Cambridge Gentleman Lt 127 and others Cambridge
CLEMENTS Henry Residential Woodlands Contractor -
CLEMENTS James Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
CLIFFIN Edwin Residential Cambridge Labourer -
CLIFFORD Henry John Residential Morrinsville Storekeeper -
CLIFFORD William Residential Cambridge Labourer -
COATE Charles Residential Lichfield Contractor -
COATES Isaac Freehold Hamilton Farmer Lt 137,193,197 Kirikiriroa
COCHRANE John Archibald Residential Kirikiriroa Coach builder -
COCHRANE Joseph Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
COCKHEAD David Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
COCKHEAD William Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
CODLIN George Freehold Onehunga Hotel keeper Lt 328 Hamilton East, 240 Cambridge
COLLETT William Residential Waihou Labourer -
COLLIE Adam L Residential Waihou Ploughman -
COLLIE James Laurie Residential Woodlands Ploughman -
COLLINS Alfred Residential Rangiriri Carpenter -
COLLINS Charles Residential Waitoa Contractor -
COLLINS James Residential Waharoa Farmer -
COLLINS James Residential Wairangi Labourer -
COLLINS Patrick Residential Waitoa Labourer -
COLLINS William Residential Huntly Miner -
COLLINS William Godfrey Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 215,217 Cambridge East
COLLWILL John Pearce Freehold Pukerimu Ploughman Lt 233 Cambridge West
COLWALL John Residential Cambridge Labourer -
COMBES Frank H Freehold Auckland Merchant Lt 311 Taupiri 50ac
CONDELL William Residential Waitoa Platelayer -
CONNELLY Arthur Residential Hamilton East Horse trainer -
CONNELLY Arthur (Jnr) Residential Hamilton East Cabinet maker -
CONROY Patrick Residential Waihou Labourer -
COOK Samuel Residential Waotu Bushman -
COOK Thomas Residential Waotu Contractor -
COOK William Residential Lichfield Engine driver -
COOKE Frederick William Residential Cambridge Bank clerk -
COOKSON Harry Residential Oxford Groom -
COOMBES James Residential Hamilton East Contractor -
COOMBES Samuel George Residential Hamilton East Contractor -
COOMBES Simon Residential Rangiriri Farm servant -
COOP Harold Residential Piako Road Farmer -
COOP Walter Residential Piako Road Farmer -
COOPER Philip Residential Cambridge West Carpenter -
COPELAND John Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Lt 55 Cambridge
CORCORAN James Residential Cambridge Labourer -
CORCORAN Patrick Residential Cambridge Labourer -
CORCORAN William Residential Oxford Labourer -
COSSEY Thomas Freehold Drury Farmer Lt 305 Cambridge West
COULTAS John Freehold Pukekohe Sharebroker Lt 11 Whangamarino 10ac
COWBROUGH Malcolm Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
COWING George Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
COWLEY Robert Residential Hautapu Farmer -
COWLEY Walter Residential Tamahere Farmer -
COWLEY William Residential Tamahere Farmer -
COWLING Samuel Residential Hautapu Farmer -
COX Edmund Residential Hamilton East Gardener -
COX Edmund B Residential Taupiri Station manager -
COX Edward Y Freehold Shaftesbury Farmer 1420ac Waitoa
COX Thomas L Residential Cambridge Bootmaker -
COXON Edward W Residential Huntly Miner -
CRACKNELL James Residential Morrinsville PW Inspector -
CRAIG Charles Freehold Cambridge Tailor Lt 354 Cambridge
CRAIG David Residential Cambridge Tailor -
CRANSWICK Thomas Residential Cambridge Storeman -
CRAVEN Thomas Residential Waitoa Carpenter -
CRAWFORD John Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
CRAWFORD John Residential Komokorau Labourer -
CRAWFORD William Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
CRIBB Charles Residential Waihou Labourer -
CRICKETT Robert Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 44 Hautapu 50ac
CRICKETT Samuel Residential Cambridge Porter -
CROSBY John Freehold near Hamilton Farmer Lt 127,128,149 Kirikiriroa
CROSBY Thomas Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
CROUCH Charles Freehold Hautapu Labourer Lt 46 Hautapu 50ac
CUDWORTH Charles W Freehold Cambridge West Storekeeper Lts 232,233,250 Hautapu
CURRIE Edwin Freehold Cambridge Baker Pt Lt 61 Cambridge town
CURRY John Residential Oxford Cook -
CUSHNEY William Alexander Residential Cambridge Medical practitioner -
CUSSEN Edward Residential Cambridge Brewer -
DALEY Michael Residential Hamilton East Shoemaker -
DALY Edward D H Residential Woodside, Hautapu Apiarist -
DARE Thomas Residential Hauraki sawmill Bushman -
DAVEY Edwin T Freehold Claudelands Storekeeper Lt 7 BO part BO Claudelands
DAVIDSON William Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Sec 126 Komokorau
DAVIES Robert Freehold Cambridge West Painter Lt 251 Cambridge West
DAVIES Thomas Woodwall Freehold Ngaruawahia Storekeeper Sec 1, 4 Lt 99 Newcastle North
DAVIES Walter Residential Huntly Miner -
DAVIS Henry Samuel Freehold Hamilton Settler Lt 142 Kirikiriroa
DAVIS John Freehold near Hamilton Settler Pt lt 181 Kirikiriroa
DAVIS John Brees Residential Kirikiriroa Settler -
DAVIS Richard Residential Cambridge Saddler -
DAVIS Richard Residential near Hamilton Settler -
DAVIS Thomas Residential Okete, near Mercer Farmer -
DAVIS Thomas Silvester Residential Hamilton Platelayer -
DAY Cornelius Residential Tamahere Farmer -
DAY Cornelius G S Residential Hautapu Farmer -
DAY Harry Stephen Residential Tamahere Farmer -
DE CENT Thomas Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
DE THIERRY George Freehold Rangiriri Carpenter Lt 4 Rangiriri
DELANEY Patrick Freehold Kirikiriroa Labourer Lt 282 Kirikiriroa
DENTON Charles Freehold Cambridge West Fencer Lt 298 Cambridge West
DEVINE William Residential Tamahere Settler -
DEVITT John (Jnr) Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
DEVITT John (Snr) Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
DEVITT Michael Residential Cambridge Labourer -
DEVITT Michael Residential Oxford Stockman -
DEW James Bennett Residential Fencourt Herdsman -
DEY William Residential Hamilton East Storekeeper -
DIBBLE Francis Residential Matamata Farmer -
DICKINSON George Residential Cambridge Stationer -
DICKSON John Residential Woodlands Farm servant -
DILLON Daniel Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 195, Cambridge West
DILLON Michael Residential Cambridge West Carter -
DILWORTH James Freehold Remuera Gentleman Lt 7 Maramarua 172, 495 Taupiri
DIPROSE Thomas N Freehold Tauwhare Farmer 226ac pt Eureka Block
DIVER Frank Freehold Cambridge East Labourer Lt 461 Cambridge East
DIXON John Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lt 165 Hamilton East
DODD Thomas Edward Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
DODD William Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
DODS John Residential Cambridge Clerk -
DOUGHERTY James Residential Cambridge Labourer -
DOUGHERTY Neal Freehold near Cambridge Farmer Lt 237, 238 and others near Cambridge
DOUGLAS John Andrew Freehold Tamahere Farmer Farm in his occupation at Tamahere
DOUGLAS William Muir Freehold Tamahere Farmer Farm in his occupation at Tamahere
DOWNING John Residential Hamilton Painter -
DOYLE John Residential Hamilton Labourer -
DRAYSON Albert Ernest Residential Cambridge Billiard marker -
DRAYTON Alfred Residential Cambridge Settler -
DRINKWATER Samuel Residential Tamahere Farmer -
DUFAUR Edmund T Freehold Auckland Solicitor Lt 26 town of Rangiriri
DUNCAN Charles Residential Piako Carpenter -
DUNCAN John Residential Meremere Farmer -
DUNN Charles Freehold Cambridge West Gardener Lts 493, 497 Cambridge West
DUNN Henry Freehold Hamilton Labourer Lt 288 Hamilton East
DUNN William Freehold Coal Mines Farmer Lt 306 Taupiri 41ac
DWYER John Residential Cambridge Groom -
DWYER John Residential Fencourt Waggoner -
DYER Robert William Residential Cambridge Solicitor -
DYKES James Residential Cambridge Teamster -
EARL William Freehold Oronga Farmer Lts 103, 112, 200 Otanga block
EARLE Percival R Residential Lichfield Surveyor -
EDE William Residential Woodlands Settler -
EDGECUMBE Francis H Freehold Ngaruawahia Surveyor Lts 193,112,200 NS Newcastle
EDGECUMBE John Sloper Freehold Hamilton Agent Lt 7 Taupiri 50 ac
EDMONDS George Residential Claudelands Farmer -
EDMUNDS George Freehold Thames Settler Lt 29 Taupiri
EDNEY James Residential Taupiri Farmer -
EDSON John Freehold Grey St, Auckland Chemist Lts 237-239, 277-280 Hautapu
EDWARDS Arthur Residential Tamahere School teacher -
EDWARDS Charles Burge Residential Waihou Farmer -
EDWARDS Charles Burge (Jnr) Residential Waitoa Farmer -
EDWARDS James Thomas Freehold Ohaupo Storekeeper Lt 16 Whangamarino 50ac
EHRENFRIED Louis Freehold Shortland Brewer Lt 322 Taupiri 50ac
ELLIOTT Robert Freehold Taranaki Constable, AC Lt 92 Cambridge West
ELLIS George C Freehold Taotaoroa Farmer 910ac Taotaoroa
ELLIS John Residential Wairangi Farmer -
ELLSTON Thomas W Residential Tamahere Farmer -
ENGLAND Richard Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 250 Cambridge
ENGLISH James Residential Rangiriri Carpenter -
EVANS Thomas Freehold Hamilton East Carpenter Lt 125 Hamilton East
EVANS William Residential Cambridge Clergyman -
EWEN Chapman Residential Hautapu Farmer -
EWEN Charles Freehold Tamahere Farmer 300ac Tamahere
EWEN Lewis Benjamin Residential Tamahere Farmer -
EXETER William Residential Morrinsville Platelayer -
EXTER William Residential Meremere Platelayer -
FALLON Daniel Freehold Putaruru Railway contractor Land and house Oxford
FALVEY John Residential Waihou Labourer -
FARMER James Residential Te Aroha West Miner -
FARQUHAR Thomas Wyllie Residential Taupiri Saddler -
FARRELL Michael Residential Matamata Platelayer -
FARROW Edward Residential Waihou Shepherd -
FAULDER Thomas Freehold Auckland Contractor Lt 102 Cambridge West
FAWCETT Robert Residential The Pah, Cambridge Overseer -
FEEHAN Malachi Residential Cambridge Groom -
FENTON William Henry Freehold Auckland Hat manufacturer Lt 507 Cambridge West
FERGUSON Hugh Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lts 35,38,45 near Cambridge
FERGUSON John Residential Cambridge Farmer -
FERGUSSON John Campbell Freehold Hastings Settler Lt 396 Cambridge West
FERRIER James Residential Komokorau Gardener -
FERRIS Isaac Residential opposite Churchill Labourer -
FINDLAY John Residential Maramarua Labourer -
FINDLEY Robert Freehold Maramarua Farmer 111ac Maramarua
FINDLEY William Freehold Maramarua Farmer Lts 68,70,71,72 Pukurokoro
FINLAYSON Thomas Freehold Auckland Traveller Lt prt 24 Hamilton East 619,622 Cambridge
FINNERTY James Freehold Auckland Constable Lt prt 403 Cambridge
FINNERTY John Residential Waharoa Farmer -
FINNERTY Joseph Freehold Panmure Cattle dealer Lt 118 Cambridge West
FINNIS John Residential Tamahere Cook -
FIRTH Josiah Clifton Freehold Mount Eden Farmer Land at Matamata in his occupation
FIRTH William Thornton Residential Matamata Station manager -
FISHER Thomas Residential Huntly Miner -
FITZGERALD Hugh Robert Freehold Taupiri Labourer Lt 286 Cambridge West
FITZGERALD John A Residential Cambridge West Settler -
FITZPATRICK Edmund Freehold Ngaruawahia Farmer Sec 11 Taupiri
FLEMING Charles Colville Freehold Onehunga Merchant Lt 279 Hamilton East
FLETCHER Henry Thomas Residential near Cambridge Farmer -
FLETCHER Samuel Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 553 Cambridge West
FLOYD George Residential Lichfield Farmer -
FOGARTY Patrick Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 301 Cambridge West
FOGARTY William Residential Cambridge Labourer -
FORBES John Watson Freehold Kawhia Constable AC Pt lt 41 Cambridge
FORREST Archibald J Residential Cambridge Farmer -
FORREST Arthur Henry Residential Cambridge Farmer -
FORREST Frederick Freehold Epsom Gardener Pt lt 272 Kirikiriroa
FORREST James Freehold near Cambridge Farmer Lts 11,12,12a,13,39,40 Hautapu
FOSTER Joshua Freehold Wellington Sergeant AC Force Lt 58 Hamilton East
FOX Anselem J Residential Hamilton East Clergyman -
FRADGLEY William Residential Hamilton East Clerk -
FRANKLIN John Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lts 66,67 pt141 Hamilton East
FRASER John Residential Woodlands Waggoner -
FREAR Joseph Freehold Hamilton West Carpenter Lts 67,125,128 Komokarau
FREEMAN Thomas Residential Lichfield Carrier -
FRENCH George Residential Hamilton East Storekeeper -
FRETWELL Albert Charles Freehold Cambridge Blacksmith Pt lt 93 pt 162 Cambridge
FRIAR Matthew Freehold Huntly Storekeeper Lt 132 Huntly
FRISSELL James Residential Waitoa Contractor -
FRODSHAM Calvert Residential Hautapu Labourer -
FROST Thomas Residential Fencourt Waggoner -
FRY Leonard Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
FURZE Arthur Residential Tamahere Farmer -
GABOLINCY Albert Residential Waihou Hotel keeper -
GALL Adam Residential Huntly Engineer -
GALL James (Jnr) Residential Komokorau Engineer -
GANE Joseph Freehold Pukerimu Farmer Lts 62,65 Cambridge
GANT Harry Residential Piako Farm labourer -
GARDINER David Freehold Hamilton East Saddler Lots 401, 440 Hamilton East
GARDINER Singleton Residential Komokorau Labourer -
GARLAND Benjamin Residential Cambridge West Butcher -
GARLAND John Freehold Awitu Storekeeper Lot 13a Kirikiriroa
GARLAND Owen Residential Cambridge West Dairyman -
GARLICK Charles Residential Newstead Butcher -
GAUDIN Frederick Residential Hamilton East Accountant -
GEAKE William H Residential Taupiri Farm labourer -
GEANY Michael Residential Matamata Contractor -
GELLING James Mansfield Freehold Hamilton Clerk 3ac Claudelands 2BF
GEMMELL Thomas Freehold Cambridge Blacksmith Pt lot 380 Cambridge
GEORGE Frederick Nelson Freehold Auckland Gentleman Lot 572 Cambridge
GERRAND James Freehold Rangiriri Storekeeper Lts 239, 241 Rangiriri
GERRING Robert B Residential Cambridge Native interpreter -
GERRISH Samuel Residential Cambridge Labourer -
GIBB Henry Freehold Rangiriri Farmer Lt 311 Whangamarino
GIBB Robert (Jnr) Freehold Rangiriri Farmer Lt 208 Whangamarino
GILES George Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 192,193,556,557 Cambridge West
GILFOYLE John Residential Komokorau Labourer -
GILL Michael Residential Tamahere Labourer -
GILLETT Henry Residential Cambridge Hotel keeper -
GILLETT Richard Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 190,191,192,195 Kirikiriroa
GILLEY William Residential Komokorau Blacksmith -
GILLIES Hugh Residential Morrinsville Platelayer -
GILLIES Robert Freehold Dunedin Solicitor Lts 135,136 Komokorau
GILLIES Samuel Residential Morrinsville Platelayer -
GIVEN George Freehold Waitoa Farmer Farm in his occupation at Waitoa
GLADDING Henry Freehold Papakura Settler Lt 16 Komokorau
GLASSFORD Clement C W G Residential Walton Settler -
GLASSFORD Henry Gordon Residential Walton Farmer -
GOLDER James Residential Cambridge Watchmaker -
GOLDSMITH Frederick William Residential Cambridge Horse trainer -
GOODFELLOW John Residential Cambridge Storekeeper -
GOODSON Thomas Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
GOODWIN David Residential Hora Hora near Oxford Station overseer -
GOODWIN William Residential Lichfield Shepherd -
GORDON Donald Residential Lichfield Butcher -
GORDON James Residential Woodlands Stockman -
GORDON John Residential Woodlands Station manager -
GORMAN James Residential Woodlands Farm labourer -
GOULD Charles Freehold Waitoa Farmer Tekaiha estate, Waitoa
GRACE William Henry Freehold Kihikihi Native interpreter Lts 139,143 Hamilton East
GRADY Daniel Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
GRAHAM James William Residential Cambridge Clerk -
GRAHAM John Hawkins Freehold Churchill Storekeeper Lt 3 Rangiriri
GRAHAM John Henry Freehold Whangamarino Farmer 236ac Whangamarino
GRAHAM John James Residential Cambridge Waggoner -
GRAHAM Samuel Sargeant Freehold Tamahere Farmer Farm in his occupation at Tamahere
GRAHAM William Australia Freehold Hamilton Farmer Lt 1,2,3,4, Tamahere
GRANT George Lindsay Residential Waitoa Station manager -
GRANT Thomas Freehold Cambridge Bushman Lt 247 Cambridge town
GRAY Ernest Charles Freehold Canterbury Settler Lts 229,230 and others Komokorau
GRAYTON Arthur W Residential Cambridge Cook -
GREEN William Residential Morrinsville Teacher -
GREENWOOD Daniel Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lt 47,61 Hautapu
GREGORY Matthew Residential Meremere Farmer -
GREY Edward H Residential Mangatapu Farmer -
GRIBBLE William Residential Huntly Miner -
GRIFFITHS Griffith Owen Residential Cambridge Baptist minister -
GRIGSBY George Residential Tauwhare Labourer -
GUBBINS Arthur Winthorp Freehold Piako Farmer 1730ac Kiwitahi
GUNTHORP John Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
GWYNNETH John Freehold Cambridge Civil engineer Lt N, 2F Waotu North 300ac
HACKETT James Freehold Taupiri Labourer Lt 63 Taupiri
HADDEN Andrew Residential Taupiri Labourer -
HADDEN Louis James Freehold Taupiri Farmer Lt 373 Taupiri 50ac
HALCROW Malcolm Residential Hautapu Settler -
HALL Charles Residential Hamilton East Blacksmith -
HALL George Residential Hautapu Labourer -
HALL Henry Joseph Freehold Christchurch Farmer Sec 18 Kirikiriroa
HALL Jeffrey Freehold Taupiri Farmer Lt 208 Komokorau, 350 Cambridge
HALL Samuel Freehold Hautapu Settler Lt 32 Hautapu
HALL Thomas Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 227 Cambridge West
HALL William Henry Residential Oxford Ploughman -
HALLORAN Frank Residential Woodlands Ploughman -
HALLY George Jacque Freehold Cambridge Brewer 351ac Taotaoroa lt 373 Cambridge
HALLY James Freehold Cambridge Law student Lt 390 prt 389 Cambridge
HALLY John McRobbie Freehold Cambridge Miller Lt pt 50, 51 Cambridge
HALPIN Andrew Residential Komokorau Labourer -
HALPIN James Residential Cambridge Labourer -
HAM John Thomas Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
HAM Philip Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
HAMBLYN George Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 515 Cambridge East
HAMILTON James Freehold Tamahere Farmer Lts 55,128,129 Hautapu
HAMMOND David Residential Hamilton East Painter -
HAMMOND Frederick H Residential Hamilton East Baker -
HAMMOND Thomas C Residential Hamilton East Accountant -
HAMPTON Thomas Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
HANCOX Walter Residential Lichfield Settler -
HANDYSIDE Alexander F Residential Lichfield Assistant surveyor -
HANKS John Residential Waihou Contractor -
HANLIN Michael Freehold Cambridge Settler Lt 2 Bellairs survey near Cambridge
HANMER Edward W Residential Te Aroha West Agent -
HANNON John Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
HANNON Thomas Residential Cambridge Farmer -
HANSFORD William Barton Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
HARRAY William Residential Lichfield Butcher -
HARRIS James Bassiere Residential Huntly Butcher -
HARRIS Lewis Bassiere Residential Huntly Farmer -
HARRIS Lewis Bassiere (Jnr) Residential Huntly Barman -
HARRIS Thomas Residential Matamata Blacksmith -
HARRIS William Residential Huntly Engineer -
HARRIS William James Residential Oxford Waggoner -
HARRISON Joseph Residential Cambridge Plumber -
HARRISON Mark Residential Morrinsville Station manager -
HARRISON Samuel Residential Lichfield Stationmaster -
HART George Residential Waihou Labourer -
HARTLEY Frank Residential Cambridge Law clerk -
HARTLEY Henry Residential Huntly Engineer -
HARTLEY Joshua Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
HARTLEY Thomas Residential Cambridge Reporter -
HARTNETT Timothy Residential Mangawhara Platelayer -
HASTIE David Residential Hukanui Farmer -
HASTIE James Freehold Hukanui Farmer Lt 145 Hukanui
HAVILL George Residential Newcastle North Carpenter -
HAWKINS Henry J Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
HAWSON George Coultman Residential Whangamarino Farmer -
HAY James Baird Freehold Papakura Farmer Lts 42,43, Rawhiti, Rangiriri
HAY William Macgregor Freehold Hamilton Solicitor 190ac Kiwitahi No 3 Waitoa
HAYES William Residential Hamilton East Carpenter -
HAYTON Robert Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 116 Hautapu 50ac
HEAD Michael Residential Rangiriri Platelayer -
HEALE Theophilus Freehold Great Barrier Surveyor Lt 305 Piako, 222 Komokorau
HEANEY Alexander Freehold Lichfield Hotel keeper Lts pt 27, 496-498 Cambridge
HEANEY William Residential Matamata Farmer -
HEASLIP Robert H Residential Cambridge Carter -
HEATH Edward John Residential Middle Park, Cambridge Ploughman -
HEATH Thomas Residential Cambridge Stockman -
HEATH William Residential Middle Park, Cambridge Ploughman -
HEDGCOCK Edwin T Residential Cambridge Cabinet maker -
HEMMING William Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
HENDERSON David Freehold Komokorau Carpenter Pt lt 99 NS Newcastle
HENRY David Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 182 Kirikiriroa
HENRY James Freehold Rahuipokeko Farmer Lt 51 Rahuipokeko 50ac
HENRY Robert Freehold Hamilton Farmer Lt 166 Kirikiriroa
HENSON George Freehold Cambridge Gardener Lt 342,343, 590 Cambridge East
HERTNAN Dennis Freehold Rangiriri Labourer Lt 106 Rangiriri
HESKETH Edwin Freehold Epsom Solicitor Lt 55 Oxford
HEWITT Edward Freehold Cambridge Settler Lts 115-117 pt lt 372 Cambridge
HICKEY Dennis Residential Cambridge East Labourer -
HICKEY William Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lts 409,448 Cambridge West
HICKS James Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 257 Cambridge West
HICKSON Richard J Residential Lichfield Settler -
HIGDEN John Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
HIGGINS Samuel Residential Matamata Farm hand -
HILL Alfred Septimus Residential Cambridge Accountant -
HILL Andrew James Residential Rangiriri Ploughman -
HILL Frederick Eldon Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
HILL George Residential Huntly Farmer -
HILL George Residential Matahura Farmer -
HILL George (Jnr) Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
HILL John Residential Cambridge Farmer -
HILL John Residential Waharoa Farmer -
HILL Jonathan Residential Cambridge West Carrier -
HILL Josiah Freehold Cambridge West Gardener Lt 353,354 and others Cambridge West
HILL William Residential Taumangi Platelayer -
HINES Robert Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
HINTON Charles Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
HINTON Henry (Snr) Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 250 Kirikiriroa
HINTON Jasper Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
HINTON Jesse Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
HINTON Job Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
HINTON Thomas Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
HITCHMAN Charles Residential Cambridge Stock driver -
HJORTH William Residential Cambridge Labourer -
HOBBS Arthur E Residential Cambridge Apiarist -
HOCKEN Hugh Residential Newstead Labourer -
HOCKEN Hugh Bawden Residential Newstead Stockman -
HODGSON John Henry Residential Meremere Settler -
HODGSON William Residential Waitoa Station hand -
HOGAN William Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Lts 25,28 Cambridge West
HOGAN William Residential Taupiri Platelayer -
HOLDEN George Residential Waitoa Farmer -
HOLDEN Isaac Residential Waitoa Plumber -
HOLDEN William Residential Waitoa Engineer -
HOLLOWAY George Residential Waotu Baker -
HOLT John Residential Kirikiriroa Labourer -
HOLTBY William Residential Waihou Settler -
HOLTPER William Residential Waihou Station hand -
HONEYBUN James Freehold near Hamilton Farmer Pt lt 304 Kirikiriroa
HONEYBUN William Residential Woodlands Farm labourer -
HOOPER Henry Lewis Residential Hamilton East Printer -
HOOTEN John Freehold Auckland Silk importer Pt owner lts 103,104 Whangamarino
HOOTON William Freehold Rangiriri Farmer Lts 191, 224-226 Whangamarino
HOPE Adam Residential Ruakura Platelayer -
HOPE Joseph Residential Ruakura Platelayer -
HOPKINS Isaac Residential Matamata Apiarist -
HORNE James Freehold Tauranga Merchant Lt 229 Cambridge West
HORRELL Frederick George Residential Morrinsville Farm assistant -
HORRELL John Freehold Morrinsville Farmer 3312 ac Te Mimi
HOSKING John Treglown Residential Tapapa Schoolmaster -
HOUGHTON Frederick Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lts 131-134 Cambridge East
HOUGHTON John (Jnr) Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lts 141, 347,547 Cambridge East
HOUGHTON John (Snr) Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lts 374,375 Cambridge East
HOUGHTON Robert Wallis Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lts 128 Cambridge East
HUBBARD Frank Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
HUGHES Alfred George Freehold Auckland Chemist Lt 530 Cambridge
HUGHES John Residential Cambridge West Farmer -
HUGHES Thomas Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
HULL Albert B Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
HUME James Freehold Hamilton Banker Lt 458 Cambridge, 83 Kirikiriroa
HUNT Edward William Residential Taupiri Storekeeper -
HUNT Frederick Freehold Hamilton Printer Lt pt 288 Kirikiriroa
HUNT John Freehold Richmond Farmer 854ac Te Pue O Tu Rawari
HUNT John Residential Piako Farm labourer -
HUNT Nicholas Irwin Residential Gorton Farmer -
HUNT Thomas Joseph Freehold Hukanui Farmer Lts 142-144 Komokorau
HUNTER Charles Residential Cambridge Auctioneer -
HUNTER Peter Residential Miranda Settler -
HUNTER William Freehold Ohaupo Auctioneer Pt lt 411 Camridge town
HUTCHINGS John Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lt 215, 217 Hautapu
HUTCHINGS William A Residential Lichfield Settler -
HUTCHINSON David Residential Turua, Thames Bushman -
HUTCHINSON Robert Freehold Thames Miner Lt 280 Cambridge town
HUTT James Freehold Komokorau Labourer Lt 175,176 NS Newcastle
HUTT William James Residential Newcastle North Shopman -
HUVALL Harry Whitaker Residential Morrinsville Butcher -
HYATT H Rushton Residential Cambridge West Teacher -
HYATT Henry Residential Cambridge West Settler -
INGLIS James Residential Rangiriri Carpenter -
INNES Charles R Residential Waotu Carter -
INNES James Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
IRWIN Foster Residential Waitoa Shepherd -
JACKSON George Freehold Taupiri Labourer Pt sec 209 Komokorau
JACKSON Howard Residential Lichfield Surveyor -
JACKSON James Residential Te Aroha West Labourer -
JACKSON James (Jnr) Residential Te Aroha West Labourer -
JACKSON John Joseph Residential Te Aroha West Labourer -
JACKSON Samuel Freehold Auckland Solicitor Lt 193 Komokorau, 371 Cambridge West
JAGGER Samuel Freehold Newmarket Brewer Lts 129-132, 144-147 Kirikiriroa
JAKEMAN David Residential Huntly Platelayer -
JAMES Joseph Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
JAMES Robert Residential Komokorau Farmer -
JAMIESON Michael Residential Turua, Thames Bushman -
JARRETT Charles Residential Cambridge West Carpenter -
JARRETT John Residential Cambridge West Carpenter -
JARRETT John (Snr) Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 311-314 Cambridge West
JARRETT Thomas Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
JEFFRIES John Residential Wairangi Farmer -
JENKINS Thomas Residential Cambridge Clerk -
JENKINS Thomas Residential Motumaoho Sheep farmer -
JOHNS Daniel Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
JOHNS David Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lts 464-465 Cambridge West
JOHNS Thomas Residential Cambridge West Farm servant -
JOHNSON Andrew Residential Huntly Miner -
JOHNSON Edwin Freehold Cambridge Labourer Pt lt 70 Hamilton East
JOHNSON Francis John Freehold Wairangi Farmer Lts 73,73a,166,170 Wairangi
JOHNSON James Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Pt lt 93 Cambridge
JOHNSON John Hill Residential Cambridge Clerk -
JOHNSON Neil Residential Waharoa Farmer -
JOHNSON Robert Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
JOHNSON Robert Residential Huntly Miner -
JOHNSON Thomas Residential Huntly Miner -
JOHNSON Walter Peter Residential Waitoa Labourer -
JOHNSTON Samuel Residential Matamata Contractor -
JOHNSTONE Robert Residential Matamata Labourer -
JOHNSTONE William Freehold Raglan Farmer Lts 91,92 Kirikiriroa
JONES George Freehold Cambridge Settler Lt 100 Cambridge
JONES Isaac Freehold Huntly Labourer Lt 58 Taupiri
JONES John Residential Annandale Blacksmith -
JONES Thomas Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 333,335,336 Cambridge West
JONES Thomas Residential Cambridge West Settler -
JOY Samuel Residential Taupiri Carpenter -
JOYCE William Freehold Tauranga Constable Lt 132 Cambridge West
KALLENDER Henry James Residential Fencourt Gentleman -
KAREIAMA Tawhera Ratepayer Matamata -
KARL Charles Residential Waotu Bushman -
KEAT Leonard Ivey Residential Cambridge Engine driver -
KEELEY Giles Freehold Cambridge West Farmer Lts 240,339 Cambridge West
KEELEY James Freehold Cambridge West Farmer Lts 325,320,321 Cambridge West
KEELEY Joseph Freehold Cambridge West Farmer Lts 323, 325,326 Cambridge West
KEELEY William Residential Lichfield Coach driver -
KEELEY William F Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
KEEP Thomas Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lt 262 Hamilton East
KEESING Ralph Freehold Auckland Merchant Pt lt 533 Cambridge East
KELAHER Matthew Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
KELEGHER Patrick Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
KELLY Archibald Oswald Residential Hamilton East Cabinet maker -
KELLY George Residential Hautapu Platelayer -
KELLY Hugh Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
KELLY Thomas Henry Residential Hukanui Labourer -
KELLY William Henry Freehold Hamilton East Carter Lt 44 Hamilton East
KENNEDY John Residential Waotu Bullock driver -
KENNEDY Thomas Residential Matamata Apiarist -
KENNY John Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 35-41 Kirikiriroa
KENSINGTON Norreys Denham Residential Rangiriri Chief nurseryman -
KERR Henry Freehold Cambridge Coach driver Pt lt 312 Cambridge
KERR Robert Freehold Cambridge Settler Lt 137 Cambridge
KERSHAW Amos Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
KIELEY Maurice Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
KILGOUR George Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
KINCAID William Freehold Cambridge Draper Pt Lt 61 with dwelling, Cambridge
KING Horace S W Residential Taupiri Farmer -
KINGDON James (Jnr) Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
KINGDON James (Snr) Freehold Cambridge West Blacksmith Lts 220,225,357 Cambridge West
KINGDON Jonathan Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lts 136,138 Cambridge West
KIRKWOOD John Freehold Auckland Merchant Lts 147-153 Cambridge, 559 Cambridge West
KIRKWOOD Robert Residential Cambridge Settler -
KISSLING George Schwartze Freehold Parnell, Auckland Banker Lt 235 Whangamarino
KITE Samuel Residential Fencourt Labourer -
KITE Thomas Residential Cambridge Porter -
KNIGHT William Residential Waihou Labourer -
KNOTT Frederick Residential Morrinsville Farmer -
KNOX John Freehold Hamilton Auctioneer 5ac Tauwhare
KOHLEIS John George (Jnr) Residential Oxford Stockman -
KRIPPNER Rudolph Residential Hamilton East Draper -
KRULL Frederick A Freehold Wellington Merchant Sec 95 Taupiri
LAIDLAW George Anderson Residential Huntly Storekeeper -
LAING Hugh Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lts 123, 123a Bellairs Survey, Cambridge
LAIRD William Freehold Auckland Engineer Lts 246,266 Cambridge
LAKE Charles Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 488 Cambridge
LAMB George Residential Cambridge Engineer -
LAMB Henry Residential Cambridge Ploughman -
LAMB John Alexander Freehold Ngaruawahia Butcher Lt 127 Huntly
LAMB Joseph R Freehold Cambridge Engineer Pt Lt 97 Cambridge
LAMB Robert Freehold Auckland Miller Pt lt 24 Hamilton East
LAMB Thomas Freehold Te Aroha Miner Lt 542 Cambridge town
LAND Richard Freehold Hamilton East Settler Lt 2 Kirikiriroa
LANEY James Residential Cambridge Labourer -
LARKINS William Residential Waotu Bushman -
LARNEY Nicholas A Residential Waitoa Shepherd -
LATIMER John Residential Waharoa Farmer -
LAURIE William Swinter Freehold Auckland Merchant Lt 91-94 Komokorau
LAVERS George H Freehold Auckland Seedsman Lts 194-199 NS Newcastle
LAVERY James Freehold near Ohinemuri Builder Land at Kaingatukuku
LAWLOR William Residential Taupiri Labourer -
LAWSON Edwin Residential Cambridge Groom -
LAWSON Samuel Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
LAWSON William Batty Residential Rangiriri Cattle dealer -
LE QUESNE Charles Newton Residential Hamilton East Clerk -
LE QUESNE Philip Freehold Hamilton East Storekeeper Lt 37 and others, Hamilton East
LEANING George Freehold Cambridge Labourer Pt lt 478 Cambridge
LEES Denis Residential Hamilton East Ranger -
LEES Thomas Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lts 133-138 Hamilton East
LENNOX James M Freehold Auckland Land agent Lts 188, 245 Kirikiriroa 391 Taupiri
LEVIS Richard Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 270,271 Kirikiriroa
LEWIS Thomas Bernard Residential Cambridge Auctioneer -
LINDSAY James Freehold Ngaruawahia Settler Lts 93, 146-150 NS, Newcastle
LINDSAY Robert Residential Wairangi Farmer -
LINDSAY William Residential Waitoa Labourer -
LINNETT James Residential Komokorau Railway porter -
LITTEN Randal Pedley Residential Motumaoho Gentleman -
LITTLEWOOD Frederick Residential Taupiri Labourer -
LIVINGSTONE John Freehold Hamilton Farmer Pt lt 219 Hautapu
LOCK Albert James Freehold Wairangi Farmer Lts 66,69 Whangamarino
LOCK Bendry Freehold Wairangi Farmer Lts 70a, 167 Whangamarino
LOCKE David Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
LOCKIE Alexander Freehold Komokorau Farmer Lts 187,188 NS, Newcastle
LOCKLEY William Residential Cambridge Sawyer -
LODDER Stephen Freehold Cambridge Wheelwright Pt Lt 383 Cambridge
LONGBOTTOM Richard Residential Cambridge Settler -
LOOKER Isaac Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
LOOKER John Residential Cambridge West Farm labourer -
LOOKER Joseph Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
LOOKER William Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lts 264,267 Cambridge West
LOVELL William Henry M Freehold Taupiri Farmer Lts 76,77 Taupiri
LOVETT William Freehold Auckland Contractor Lt 50 Hamilton East
LOWE Alexander Francis Residential Taupiri Farmer -
LOWELL Frederick Percival Residential Taupiri Settler -
LOWTHER Edward Freehold Hamilton East Constable Pt lt 53 Cambridge
LUCAS Charles Residential Kiwitahi Platelayer -
LUNIE George Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
LUSBEY George Residential Waitoa Settler -
LUSBEY William Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
LUSK Hugh Hart Freehold Auckland Solicitor Lt 6 Komokorau
LYNDS Philip Freehold Cambridge Labourer Pt lt 110 Cambridge
MACARA Andrew Grierson Residential Cambridge Bank manager -
MACE John Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
MACKAY James Residential Cambridge Land agent -
MACKINNON John L Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
MACKINTOSH Charles Dane Freehold Wellington Music teacher Lt 12 Cambridge
MACLEAN Alexander Henry Freehold Christchurch Clerk Lts 72,73,78,80 Taupiri
MACLEAN Benjamin John Residential Taupiri Farmer -
MACLEAN Charles Residential Waihou School teacher -
MACLEAN Every Residential Fencourt Gentleman -
MACLEAN Geoffrey Residential Paeroa Station manager -
MACLEAN Robert Freehold East Tamaki Gentleman Pt Fencourt Estate
MADIGAN William Residential Cambridge Builder -
MAGNER John Residential Komokorau Labourer -
MAGUIRE James F Residential Oxford Farmer -
MAGUIRE Sylvester Residential Hamilton East Coach proprietor -
MAHON John Freehold Hamilton Labourer 80ac Komokorau
MAIN Alfred Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MAIN Ambrose Freehold Hautapu Farmer 512ac Hautapu
MAIN Arthur Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MAIN John Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MAIN William Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MALLINDINE William Residential Newcastle North Village settler -
MALONEY William Residential Waharoa Farmer -
MANKTELLOW William Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lts 208,209 Hamilton East
MANKTELLOW William J Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
MANN George Residential Cambridge Labourer -
MANNING William Residential Hamilton East Fencer -
MARSHALL Francis Residential Morrinsville Shepherd -
MARSHALL George Freehold Auckland Clerk Lts 236, 437 Taupiri
MARSHALL Henry Residential Cambridge East Labourer -
MARSHALL Thomas Residential Cambridge Saddler -
MARSHALL William Freehold Devonport Sergeant AC Force Lts 258,260 Cambridge
MARTELLI Horatio de Courcy Freehold Auckland Gentleman Lt 569 Cambridge
MARTIN Edward Residential Matamata Labourer -
MARTIN Edwin Charles Freehold Komokorau Labourer Lts 155,156 NS, Newcastle
MARTIN John Freehold near Ngaruawahia Farmer Lt 235 NS, Newcastle
MARTYN John (Jnr) Freehold Hautapu Farmer 950ac Hautapu
MARTYN John (Snr) Freehold Hautapu Farmer 168ac Hautapu
MARTYN Thomas Freehold Surrey Hills, Auckland Farmer Lts 84,85 Taupiri
MASEFIELD Thomas T Freehold Auckland Engineer Lt 117 Komokorau
MASON George Residential Hamilton East Nurseryman -
MASON Nathaniel Residential Cambridge Stockman -
MASTERS James S Residential Cambridge Native interpreter -
MATTRAVERS William Freehold Tauranga Clerk of Court Lt 404 Cambridge town
MAUNDER Thomas Wells Freehold Hamilton Farmer Lts 10,10a Hinuera
MAWHINNEY William Residential Piako Farm labourer -
MAXWELL William Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
MAYS Richard Residential Oxford Groom -
MAYS Thomas C Residential Hamilton East Farmer -
McCABE Bernard Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
McCABE John Freehold Opotiki Constable Lts 222,264,353 Hamilton East
McCABE Owen Residential Waihou Farmer -
McCABE Thomas Residential Cambridge East Contractor -
McCALL John Robert Residential Matamata Contractor -
McCALL Thomas Alexander Residential Cambridge Farmer -
McCANN George (Jnr) Residential Cambridge East Butcher -
McCANN John Residential Cambridge Butcher -
McCARTHY Daniel Residential Waharoa Farmer -
McCLELLAND Henry Residential Putaruru Storeman -
McCLELLEN James Residential Huntly Coal miner -
McCONAT William Residential near Turua Labourer -
McCORMICK William Residential Waitoa Farmer -
McCORMISH James Freehold Cambridge Farm servant Lt 346 Cambridge
McCREA Hugh Gamble Residential Komokorau Storeman -
McCREA Hugh Gamble (Jnr) Residential Cambridge Letter carrier -
McCREA Hugh J Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 1 pt 381 Cambridge town
McDONALD Charles Residential Piako Farmer -
McDONALD James Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
McDONALD John Freehold Waitoa Farmer Farm in his occupation
McDONALD John Freehold Wairoa Farmer Lt 60 Kokokorau
McDONALD John Kinnear Freehold Raglan Farmer Lt 113 Hamilton East
McDONALD Thomas Residential Komokorau Farmer -
McDONEGH Henry Fraser Residential Lichfield Labourer -
McDONNELL James Residential Matamata Station hand -
McDONNELL John Residential Matamata Labourer -
McDUFF Patrick Residential Turua, Thames Blacksmith -
McELWAIN John Freehold New North Rd Carter Lts 433,434 Waikare Lake
McEWING James Residential Taupiri Labourer -
McFARLAND William Residential Cambridge Farmer -
McFARLANE Andy Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 110 Cambridge town
McFARLANE James Freehold Cambridge Shoemaker Pt lt 94 Cambridge East
McFARLANE John Clark Residential Huntly Farmer -
McFARLANE William Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
McFARLANE William Residential Cambridge Labourer -
McGARRY Felix Residential Cambridge Labourer -
McGARRY Jeremiah Residential Cambridge Labourer -
McGEARY John Freehold Cambridge Labourer Pt lt 294 Cambridge East
McGEE Joseph Residential Taupiri Farm labourer -
McGIM Patrick Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
McGLASHAN John Freehold Waitoa Farmer Farm in Waitoa highway district
McGLUIN William Residential Meremere Settler -
McGLYNN Arthur Residential Huntly Mine manager -
McGONNELL James Residential Woodlands Labourer -
McGONNELL John Residential Woodlands Labourer -
McGRATH Christopher Residential Eureka Platelayer -
McGREGOR John Freehold Aratapu Carpenter Lt 89 Cambridge East
McGUIRE Charles Residential Waitoa Labourer -
McGUIRE John Residential Kikiriroa Farmer -
McILROY William Residential Komokorau Railway porter -
McILWRAITH William Residential Putaruru Platelayer -
McINTOSH James Residential Huntly Miner -
McKAY Alexander Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
McKAY John Freehold Waipu Storekeeper Lt 117 Cambridge
McKEARNEY James Residential Cambridge Labourer -
McKEARNEY John Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 478 Cambridge
McKEARNEY Peter Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 534 Cambridge
McKEE Robert Residential Waihou Carpenter -
McKENZIE Charles Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
McKENZIE Charles Grey Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lt 19 Hamilton East
McKENZIE Henry Residential Hamilton East Saddler -
McKERNAN Bernard Residential Cambridge Butcher -
McKINLEY Charles Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
McKINNON Donald Freehold Cambridge West Farmer Lts 297-299 Hautapu 262 Cambridge
McKINNON Hugh Alexander Residential Cambridge West Bootmaker -
McLAUGHLIN John William Residential Waotu Bushman -
McLENNAN Daniel Freehold Auckland Wheelwright Lt 32 nr Cambridge
McLEOD James Residential Woodlands Gardener -
McLERNON Samuel Freehold Hamilton Jeweller Lts 1A, 5 BC, Claudelands
McMAHON Patrick Residential Taupiri Swamper -
McMILLAN Joseph Residential Cambridge Blacksmith -
McMILLAN William Residential Cambridge Blacksmith -
McNEIL Alexander Residential Huntly Coal miner -
McNEIL Robert Residential Huntly Coal miner -
McNEISH James Freehold Cambridge Billiard marker Lt 52, pt lt 587 Cambridge
McNICHOL John Residential Cambridge Auctioneer -
McNICKLE Moses Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 143,144 Kirikiriroa
McNICOL David A Residential Hamilton East Gardener -
McPHERSON James Freehold near Hamilton Farmer Land at Kirikiriroa in his occupation
McPHERSON James (Jnr) Freehold Pokeno Farmer Lt 123 Komokorau
McSWEENY John Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
McSWEENY Patrick Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
McSWINEY John Residential Cambridge Labourer -
McVEAGH Robert Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lt 379 Cambridge
MEACHAM Samuel Residential Hamilton East Wheelwright -
MEARS John Thomas Residential Wairangi Farmer -
MEDHURST John Residential Cambridge Settler -
MEDHURST Samuel Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 228 Cambridge district
MEDHURST Thomas G Residential near Cambridge Settler -
MEDHURST William Freehold Cambridge Dairyman Lt 467 Cambridge
MEIKLEJOHN John Residential Wairangi Farm labourer -
MELLES William Residential Lichfield Fireman -
MELLING Peter William Residential Taupiri Farmer -
MELLON John Residential Waitoa Farmer -
MELVILLE James Dougal Residential Ruakura Farm manager -
MEREDITH James Freehold Cambridge Carter Lt 499 Cambridge
MERRICK John William Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lt 208 Cambridge
METCALF Henry H Freehold Hamilton Civil engineer Pottery works, Taupiri
MEYER Elliott Freehold Auckland Lawyer Lt 114 Komokoray, 287 Cambridge
MICHELWAY Alexander Freehold Komokorau Settler House and land Komokorau
MIKKLESEN Neil Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
MILLEN William Residential Cambridge Labourer -
MILLER James Residential Waotu Contractor -
MILLER John Napier Residential Cambridge West Builder -
MILLER William Residential Taupiri Platelayer -
MILLET Bertrand Residential Waotu Timber merchant -
MILLET Humphrey D Residential Waotu Timber merchant -
MILLET Ralph Residential Waotu Timber merchant -
MINETTI Thomas Freehold Hobson St, Auckland Baker Lt 239 Taupiri
MINNITT Charles Residential Huntly Gentleman -
MISEN Percy J Freehold Hamilton West Draper Lt 128 Huntly
MITCHELL Charles Joseph Residential Cambridge West Bricklayer -
MITCHELL James Residential Lichfield Shepherd -
MITCHELL Richard Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
MITCHELL Walter Residential Cambridge West Accountant -
MOIR Thomas Residential Huntly Engineer -
MOISLEY William Freehold Cambridge Shoemaker Lt 337 Cambridge West
MOLESWORTH David Residential Huntly Miner -
MONTGOMERY William Swinter Residential Huntly Brakesman -
MOODY George H Residential Waotu Bush contractor -
MOON Henry Residential Cambridge MRCS -
MOON William Freehold Cambridge Native agent Lt 556-569 Cambridge East
MOON William More Residential Waotu Farmer -
MOONEY William Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
MOORE John Freehold Cambridge Salesman Pt lt 86 Cambridge
MOORE John Residential Broadmeadows Labourer -
MOORE William Freehold Hotungaro Farmer 185ac Hotungaro, west bank Thames river
MOORHEAD Edward Residential Wairangi Labourer -
MOORHEAD Thomas Residential Wairangi Platelayer -
MORAN James Freehold Onehunga Surveyor Lt 156, 157 Whangamarino
MOREN Joseph Matthew Residential Huntly Butcher -
MORGAN George Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MORGAN George Henry Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MORGAN Richard Freehold Auckland Labourer Lt 524 Cambridge West
MORGAN Thomas Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 41,43 Hautapu
MORGAN William Bowman Freehold near Cambridge Farmer Lts 133,134,136 Cambridge district
MORGAN William Chapman Residential Hautapu Farmer -
MORRIN Thomas Freehold Auckland Merchant Land at Piako
MORRIS Mark Residential Tamahere Settler -
MORRISON Charles M Residential near Rangiriri Platelayer -
MORRISON David Residential Hukanui Gardener -
MORRISON William Residential Waitoa Farmer -
MORRISSEY John Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
MORRISSEY Thomas Residential Matamata Platelayer -
MORSE Robert Freehold Cambridge Settler Lt 296,344 Cambridge East
MOUNIER Benjamin Chapman Freehold Hamilton Bank manager 1a,6 B.F Claudelands
MOYNIHAN Timothy Residential Oxford Platelayer -
MUIR George Freehold Taupiri Farmer Lts 60,61, 62 Taupiri
MUIR James Freehold Wairangi Farmer 200ac Whangamarino
MUIR Robert Freehold Rawhitu Farmer Lt 41-43 Rangiriri
MULCAHY Bartholomew Residential Claudelands Labourer -
MULCAHY Michael Residential Putaruru Platelayer -
MULLINS John Residential Tamahere Gardener -
MULLIONS Henry Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
MULLIONS Joseph Residential Hamilton East Farmer -
MURLESS William Residential Hamilton East Librarian -
MURPHY Cornelius Residential Te Aroha West Ferryman -
MURPHY Dennis Residential Te Aroha West Labourer -
MURPHY John Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
MURPHY Patrick Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Lt 371 Cambridge
MURPHY Patrick Residential Waitoa Labourer -
MURRAY Bernard Residential Hamilton East Contractor -
MURRAY Charles Nathaniel Residential Walton Farmer -
MURRAY Edward D Freehold Waihou Farmer Moiety of 822ac Matamata
MURRAY Hugh Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
MURRAY William Residential Hamilton East Constable -
MURRAY William Residential Hauraki sawmill Bushman -
MURTAGH Gerald Freehold Hamilton East Painter 60ac Komokorau
MYERS Frederick William Residential Turua, Thames Bushman -
MYNOTT Jabez Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 539 Cambridge
NASH Joseph Residential Komokorau Labourer -
NEAL George Jesse Residential Cambridge Seedsman -
NEELS John Robert Residential Waitoa Platelayer -
NEIL Arthur Residential Huntly Miner -
NEILAND Thomas Residential Cambridge Settler -
NEILL William McCullough Residential Rangiriri Hotel keeper -
NEILSON William Freehold Hamilton East Bootmaker Lt 260, 300 Hamilton East
NEVILLE James Residential Mongonui Railway ganger -
NEWRICK Frederick Charles Residential Cambridge Photographer -
NEWSBY Frank Residential Taupiri Labourer -
NGAHIWI Hohaia Freehold Hukanui Lt 219,221 Komokorau
NICHOL Samuel Residential Cambridge Farmer -
NICHOL William Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 290 Hautapu
NICHOLLS Alexander Freehold Komokorau Carpenter Lts 119,119a,120,121 Komokorau
NICHOLSON Alexander Residential Huntly Miner -
NICHOLSON Henry Residential Huntly Miner -
NICOL Alexander Freehold Komokorau Settler Lt 120,121 Komokorau
NILAND James Residential Putaruru Labourer -
NINKY Ralph Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
NIXON Thomas Freehold Cambridge Coach builder Lt 143, pt 91 Cambridge
NORGROVE Charles Freehold Cambridge Settler Lt 40 Cambridge West
NORMAN James Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
NORRIS Charles Residential Waitoa Labourer -
NORRIS George Thomas Residential Hautapu Farmer -
NORRIS William Ernest Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
NORTHCROFT Henry William Freehold Hamilton Resident magistrate 420ac Mangapouri No2A
NORTON Thomas Residential Turua, Thames Bushman -
NORWOOD Samuel P Residential Hamilton East Constable -
NUNN Edwin Residential Waotu Carpenter -
NUTTER Silvester Freehold Cambridge Ploughman Lt 513 Cambridge West
O'BRIEN James Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
O'BRIEN John Residential Shaftesbury West Labourer -
O'BRIEN Patrick K Residential Rangiriri Settler -
O'BRYAN James Residential Piako Labourer -
O'BRYAN John Residential Waihou Labourer -
O'CALLAGHAN Timothy Residential Huntly Miner -
O'DONOGHUE Michael Residential Waitoa Farmer -
O'LEARY Denis Residential Rangiriri Platelayer -
OLIVE Samuel Thomas Residential Ruakura Railway ganger -
OLIVER Joseph Residential Cambridge Farmer -
O'LOUGHLAN Denis Residential Cambridge Barman -
OMICHAM George Freehold Komokorau Settler House and land Komokorau
O'NEILL Charles Freehold Cambridge West Carpenter Lt 2, 5 Cambridge West
O'NEILL Charles (Jnr) Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
O'NEILL Lewis Freehold Claudelands Solicitor House and land Claudelands
O'NEILL William Francis Freehold Pukerimu Farmer Lt 389 Cambridge West
O'NEILL William Henry Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
ONIONS George Stanton Freehold Cambridge Draper Pt lot 136 Cambridge
ORMSBY Robert Residential Hautapu Teacher -
ORR James Freehold Waiorongomai Labourer Lts 343,344 Cambridge West
ORR William Longmuir Freehold Tahuroa Farmer 4060ac Tahuroa No 2
OSMOND Francis Residential Morrinsville Storekeeper -
OWEN George Burgoyne Freehold Epsom Merchant Lt 20 Kirikiriroa, 107 Komokorau
OWEN Henry T Freehold Cambridge Gentleman Lt 204,207 Cambridge West
OWEN Zenas Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 159,160 Kirikiriroa
OZANNE William J Residential Piako Farmer -
PAIN John Henry Residential Meremere Labourer -
PALTRIDGE William Residential Cambridge Saddler -
PANTON Robert Residential Cambridge Gardener -
PARFITT John William Residential Puketapapa Carpenter -
PARIS Benjamin Thomas (Jnr) Residential Cambridge Labourer -
PARK James Residential Waihou Farm manager -
PARKER James Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 51 Hautapu
PARKER William Residential Hautapu Farmer -
PARR James Residential Waitoa Settler -
PARR John Freehold Hamilton Farmer Lt 33,36 Hautapu
PARR Reuben Freehold Waitoa Farmer 1200ac Waitoa
PARR Robert Residential Cambridge Baker -
PARRY Robert James Residential Cambridge School teacher -
PASCOE Edward Residential Paeroa Farm overseer -
PASCOE John Freehold Cambridge West Groom Lt 183,184 Cambridge West
PASCOE Samuel Residential Hamilton East Brewer -
PASSMORE James Freehold Cambridge Settler Lt 311, pt 53 Cambridge
PATON Charles James Residential Tahuroa Farmer -
PATON Henry John Residential Tahuroa Farmer -
PATON Thomas Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lt 153, 154 and others, Hautapu
PATTERSON James Residential Horotiu Settler -
PATTERSON Thomas Freehold Auckland Grain dealer Lt 241 NS Newcastle
PATTERSON William Freehold Paterangi Grain dealer Lt 113 Komokorau
PATTERSON William Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
PAVREAL William Residential Waharoa Farmer -
PEACOCKE Gerald Leigh Freehold Auckland Barrister Lt 24 Kirikiriroa
PEACOCKE John Fitzroy Freehold Auckland Farmer Lt 184-187 Kirikiriroa
PEACOCKE Reginald Freehold Queensland Gentleman Lt 87 Komokorau
PEACOCKE William Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lt 15, 16 Hamilton East
PEARCE Samuel Residential Huntly Miner -
PEARSE Herbert Residential Huntly Railway porter -
PEARSON Alfred William Freehold Hautapu Farmer Farm in his occupation
PEARSON Charles Edward Freehold Hautapu Farmer Farm in his occupation
PEARSON Edward Residential Hamilton East Carpenter -
PEARSON George Samuel Residential Hamilton East Blacksmith -
PEARSON Herbert J Residential Hautapu Settler -
PEARSON William Residential Horahora Stockman -
PEARSON William J Residential Hamilton East Carpenter -
PEAT Robert Freehold Hamilton Saddler Lt 82 Morrinsville
PENNELL Thomas Residential Tamahere Farmer -
PERCIVAL William Freehold Auckland Clerk Lt 17,18 Pukete
PERKINS William Thomas Residential Lichfield Coach driver -
PERRITT Leopold Residential Hautapu Apiarist -
PERROTT Alfred R Residential Lichfield Farmer -
PERRY John Residential Hautapu Labourer -
PETTIGREW William Residential Wairangi Carpenter -
PETTY Joseph Residential Fencourt Platelayer -
PHILLIPS Coleman Freehold Wairarapa Solicitor Lt 269 Taupiri
PHILLIPSON William George Freehold Remuera Land agent Lt 398 Whangamarino
PICKERING George Residential Lichfield Ganger -
PICKERING Martin Herbert Residential Hautapu Farmer -
PICKETT William Residential Morrinsville Railway overseer -
PICKETT William Charles Residential Putaruru Labourer -
PICKUP James Residential Waharoa Ganger -
PIERCE George Patrick Freehold Auckland Insurance manager Pt lt 51 Cambridge
PIERCE James King Residential Cambridge Butcher -
PIKE Henry Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lt 223 Cambridge West
PILLING Edward H Residential Tamahere Drover -
PLACE Herbert Ashworth Residential Meremere Farm labourer -
PLAW Sydney Walter Residential Cambridge Printer -
POAD Abraham Residential Woodlands Blacksmith -
POLTON Alfred Residential Waihou Blacksmith -
POLWART John L Freehold Whangamarino Farmer Lts 113,473 Whangamarino
POPE Frederick Residential Oxford Station master -
POPPLE Frederick Residential Cambridge Storeman -
PORTER David Edmund Residential Cambridge Bank clerk -
POTTER Harry Freehold Auckland Clerk Pt owner lts 225,226 Whangamarino
POTTER Joseph Freehold Auckland Merchant Pt owner lts 103,225 Whangamarino
POTTERTON Charles Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
POTTS Joseph Residential Waitoa Farm servant -
POUDRELL (POWDRELL ?) Thomas Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
POWELL George Freehold Taupiri Carpenter Lt 149 Komokorau
POWELL Joseph Residential Woodlands Farm labourer -
POWELL Whiston Walsh Residential Komokorau Farmer -
POWELL Whiston Woodfall Freehold Komokorau Farmer Lt 72, 79 Komokorau
POWELL William Freehold Auckland Book-keeper Lt 170 Taupiri
POWER John Residential Cambridge Engine cleaner -
PREECE Henry Residential Cambridge Labourer -
PRENDERGAST John Residential Komokorau Labourer -
PRENTIS Edward Crowther Residential Rangiriri Fencer -
PRIESTLEY John Henry Residential Cambridge Gentleman -
PRIMROSE Andrew Freehold near Hamilton Farmer Lt 167 Kirikiriroa
PRIMROSE James Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 146A Komokorau
PRIMROSE John Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Pt lt 223 Komokorau
PROCTER George Freehold Wairangi Farmer Lt 265, 286,291 Taupiri
PROCTER James Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
PROCTER John Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 188,189 Kirikiriroa
PROCTER William Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lt 243 Hamilton East
PROUDE Robert Freehold Bombay Farmer Lt 296 Cambridge West
PURDOM Henry Residential Turua, Thames Bushman -
QUINN James Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
QUINN Joseph Freehold Hamilton East Settler Lt 212 Hamilton East
RADFORD John Thomas Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
RADFORD Joseph Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
RAE Hugh Residential Cambridge Farm labourer -
RAINER Henry Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 77,78 Kirikiriroa
RALPH Robert Residential Huntly Farmer -
RALPH William Joseph Residential Taupiri Storekeeper -
RAMSAY John Residential Waotu Postmaster -
READ James Residential Cambridge Draper -
READDING Isaac Residential Waharoa Platelayer -
REDGRIEVE John Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 329 Cambridge East
REED George Freehold Claudelands Bridge contractor Lt 3 BP, Claudelands
REED George Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
REED John Freehold Kirikiriroa Labourer Lt 3 Pt 1 BP, Claudelands
REID James Residential Cambridge Shoemaker -
REID James Residential Hamilton East Saddler -
RENSHAW James Freehold Thames Ironmonger Lt 60 Komokorau, pt 23 Hamilton
REYNOLDS Edward Brown Freehold Auckland Commission agent Lt 42, 588 Cambridge
REYNOLDS Henry Residential Newstead Farmer -
REYNOLDS Henry W (Jnr) Residential Te Aroha West Farm labourer -
REYNOLDS Henry William Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
REYNOLDS Richard Freehold Pukekura Farmer Lt 305, 325 Cambridge
RHODES Charles Freehold Paeroa Bank clerk Lt 550 Cambridge West
RHODES Edward Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 271 Cambridge
RHODES Edward Freehold Kakaramea Farmer Lt 63,66,67 Hautapu
RHODES Harry Residential Tamahere Farmer -
RICE Edward Residential Kirikiriroa Labourer -
RICE Peter Freehold Hamilton Contractor Lt 81,82,82A Taupiri
RICH Francis Dyer Residential Lichfield Sheep Farmer (See also Francis Dyer Rich SMALE)
RICHARDSON David Freehold Cambridge Cabinet maker Pt lt 409 Cambridge
RICHARDSON John R S Residential Cambridge East Farmer -
RICHARDSON Sidney C Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
RICHARDSON William John Residential Tahuroa Ploughman -
RICKARD Edward Residential Kiwitahi Platelayer -
RICKARDS William Henry Residential Waharoa Platelayer -
RIDDELL Thomas Residential Waitoa Settler -
RILEY Charles Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
RILEY James Residential Cambridge Gardener -
RILEY William Residential Cambridge Tailor -
RING Charles Freehold Auckland Commission agent Lt 257 Taupiri
RING William Charles Residential Mangawhara Farmer -
RIPLEY William Freehold Te Awamutu Watchmaker Pt lt 587 Cambridge
RIPPON Edward H Residential Huntly Miner -
RISHWORTH John Shiers Residential Cambridge Wesleyan minister -
RITCHIE Denis Residential Waotu Driver -
RIVERS James Residential Lichfield Gardener -
ROACH Bartholomew Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
ROBERTS Abraham Residential Whangamarino Platelayer -
ROBERTS Charles Residential Cambridge Butcher -
ROBERTS Edwin Residential Woodlands Stockman -
ROBERTSON John Freehold Rangiriri Farmer Lt 46 Taupiri
ROBERTSON John Freehold Cambridge Boarding house keeper Pt lot 91 Cambridge
ROBINSON John Willis Residential Cambridge Baker -
ROBINSON Thomas Residential Hamilton East Farmer -
ROBINSON William Residential Waotu Farmer -
ROBINSON William Henry Residential Waharoa Farmer -
ROBSON James McGimpsey Freehold Auckland Settler Lt 206 Cambridge West
ROBSON Robert Residential Huntly Miner -
ROCKLIFFE Reuben Residential Maungatapu Farmer -
RODDA Edward Freehold Whangamarino Farmer -
ROGERS Charles A Residential Morrinsville Baker -
ROLLANDS Albert J Residential Turua, Thames Bushman -
ROLLO Alexander Residential Huntly Mariner -
ROLTON Thomas Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
ROSE Frank Residential Oxford Hotel keeper -
ROSE George Freehold Taotaoroa Farmer 105ac Hinuera Blk 2
ROSE George (Jnr) Residential Cambridge Labourer -
ROSE Robert Freehold Auckland Agent Lt 341 Hamilton East
ROSS Hugh Residential Waihou Nurseryman -
ROSS James Residential Waharoa Farmer -
ROSS James Residential Wairangi Farmer -
ROSS William Freehold Wairangi Farmer 100ac Wairangi
ROWE Alexander Residential Lichfield Settler -
ROWE Alfred James Residential Morrinsville Shepherd -
ROWE Henry Goulstone Residential Cambridge Storeman -
ROWE James Residential Morrinsville Carrier -
ROWE Thomas Freehold Morrinsville Storekeeper Land and house Waihou
ROWE Thomas Henry Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
ROWELL Edwin Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
RUCK William Residential Matamata Shepherd -
RUMNEY Nathan Freehold Komokorau Farmer Lt 159-161 163,164 Komokorau
RUNCIMAN George A Residential Tamahere Farmer -
RUNCIMAN James Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 275-281 Kirikiriroa
RUNCIMAN John Residential Cambridge Farmer -
RUNCIMAN Thomas Shepherd Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 274,301 Kirikiriroa
RUSSELL George Warren Residential Cambridge Newspaper proprietor -
RUSSELL James Freehold Auckland Solicitor Lt 14, 15 Komokorau
RUSSELL James Residential Cambridge Carter -
RUSSELL James Residential Huntly Miner -
RUSSELL James S Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
RUSSELL Thomas Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
RUSSELL William Freehold Huntly Miner 28ac Taupiri
RUSSELL William Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lts 126,127 and 130 Hautapu
RUSSELL William S Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
RYAN George Residential Turua, Thames Farm hand -
RYAN John Residential Fencourt Farmer -
RYAN John Residential Waihou Labourer -
RYAN Roderick Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
RYAN Thomas Residential Cambridge Contractor -
RYAN Timothy Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
SALMON Henry Thomas Freehold Taranaki Constable AC Force Lt 7 Komokorau
SALMON Robert Freehold Tamahere Farmer Pt Lt 62 Tamahere
SAMPSON George Residential Wairangi Farmer -
SAMPSON Gerard Freehold Whangamarino Farmer Lt 141,142,143 Whangamarino
SAMPSON John Residential Huntly Miner -
SARGENT Harry Residential Cambridge Loco fireman -
SARGENT Roger W Residential Cambridge Watchmaker -
SAUNDERS Frederick James Freehold Cambridge East Ironmonger Pt lt 110 Cambridge
SAUNDERS Thomas Freehold Wairangi Farmer 5ac Wairangi in his occupation
SCELLY Daniel Residential Waharoa Farmer -
SCHERFF Franz Freehold Auckland Merchant Pt lt 219 Kirikiriroa
SCHOFIELD James Walter Residential Taupiri Telegraphist -
SCOTT Alexander Freehold Rangiriri Carpenter Lt 9, 10 Rangiriri
SCOTT Andrew Manfred Freehold Cambridge Shepherd Lt 420 Cambridge West
SCOTT John Residential Huntly Miner -
SCOTT Samuel Francis Residential Waitoa Farmer -
SCOTT Thomas Freehold Waimate Farmer 600ac Waihongi
SEDCOLE Alfred Henry Residential Waotu Bushman -
SEDDON Samuel Residential Waitoa Farmer -
SEDDON Samuel Thomas Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 225-231 Kirikiriroa
SEDGMAN John Residential Huntly Miner -
SELBY William Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lts 47,52 and others Hautapu
SELBY William Davis Residential Hautapu Farmer -
SELLWOOD Alfred Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
SELLWOOD George J (Jnr) Residential Rangiriri Carpenter -
SELLWOOD George J (Snr) Freehold Rangiriri Farmer Lt 217 Whangamarino
SELLWOOD William Residential Whangamarino Farmer -
SEMMENS Thomas Freehold Taotaoroa Contractor -
SEMMENS William Freehold Taotaoroa Settler 55ac Taotaoroa
SERGEANT John Residential Cambridge Butcher -
SHANAGHAN John Freehold Devonport Constable AC Force Pt lt 58 Cambridge
SHANAGHAN Michael Freehold Hamilton Labourer Lt 270 Cambridge East
SHARKEY John Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 345 Cambridge East
SHARP John Freehold Cambridge Nurseryman Lt 51 near Cambridge, 50ac
SHAW Charles Residential Scotchman's Valley Farmer -
SHAW James Freehold Tahuroa Farmer 350ac Tahuroa
SHAW John Residential Huntly Miner -
SHAW Robert Residential Hautapu Labourer -
SHAW Samuel Residential Waharoa Farmer -
SHAW Thomas Residential Tauwhare Farmer -
SHAW William M Residential Fencourt Farmer -
SHEET James Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
SHERA William Freehold Auckland Merchant Lt 111 Cambridge West
SHERRIFF David (Jnr) Residential Lichfield Station overseer -
SHERRIFF David (Snr) Residential Cambridge Gardener -
SHINE James Freehold Hamilton Labourer Lt 164 Taupiri 50ac
SHINE James Residential Waihou Labourer -
SHIRLEY George Residential Cambridge Accountant -
SHORT John Freehold Invercargill Clerk Lt 56 Cambridge East
SIMM Richard Residential Cambridge Grocer -
SIMPSON George Residential West Bank, Thames Settler -
SIMPSON John Residential Matamata Farm labourer -
SIMPSON John Residential Morrinsville Hotel keeper -
SIMPSON Joseph Residential Hautapu Engineer -
SINCLAIR Andrew Freehold Symonds St, Auckland Gentleman Pt lt 41, Hamilton East
SINGER Robert Residential Huntly Miner -
SKAIFE Robert James Residential Waotu Farmer -
SLADE Thomas Residential Hamilton East Blacksmith -
SLADE Thomas Residential Kiwitahi Platelayer -
SLEIGH James Residential Komokorau Bootmaker -
SLOAN William Residential Komokorau Labourer -
SLYDE Henry Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
SLYFIELD John Residential Rangiriri Settler -
SMALE Francis Dyer Rich Freehold Richmond Farmer 344ac Te Paekukawaru (See also Francis Dyer RICH)
SMERDON George Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Lts 520, 538 Cambridge
SMITH Alexander Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 249 Kirikiriroa
SMITH Andrew Residential Netherton Farmer -
SMITH Charles Residential Huntly Miner -
SMITH Charles Henry Freehold Kirikiriroa Labourer Pt 8, 10 BO Claudelands
SMITH Edward Lewis Freehold Hamilton East Hotel keeper Lt 74 Hamilton East
SMITH George Residential Morrinsville Blacksmith -
SMITH George Residential Taupiri Farmer -
SMITH Henry Residential Hamilton East Carpenter -
SMITH John Freehold Wairangi Farmer 106ac Wairangi
SMITH John Residential Morrinsville Hotel keeper -
SMITH John Bealey Freehold Waitoa Farmer Farm in his occupation Waitoa
SMITH Jonathan W Freehold Tamahere Farmer Pt lt 1 Tamahere
SMITH Joseph Hill Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lt 99 Hautapu
SMITH Joseph John Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lt 62 Hautapu
SMITH Joseph Rowan Freehold Wairangi Farmer Lts 96,97 Wairangi
SMITH Payson Residential Cambridge Storeman -
SMITH Sydney E Greville Freehold Hamilton Journalist Lt 34 7ac Tauwhare
SMITH Thomas J Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lt 56 Hautapu
SMITH William Residential Newstead Labourer -
SMITH William Jones Residential Hamilton East Insurance agent -
SMITHE Thomas Henry Residential Hamilton East Clerk -
SMYTHE Samuel Residential Morrinsville Ganger -
SOMERSET John B Freehold Mercer Settler Lt 192 Whangamarino
SOUTER William Burns Residential Cambridge Agent -
SPEAKE Robert G Residential Tauwhare Cheese maker -
SPEIK Robert Residential Oxford Railway ganger -
SPICER John Edward Residential Huntly Clerk -
SPILSBURY Louis Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
SPILSBURY Richard Residential Rangiriri Mail carrier -
SPONG Wiliam Residential Cambridge Labourer -
STANLEY James Residential Piako Labourer -
STANLEY Thomas Freehold Te Aroha West Farmer Sec 49,50 Blk 1 Te Aroha West
STANLEY Thomas Residential Te Aroha West Farmer -
STAPLES Samuel Residential Motumaoho Shepherd -
STARR Charles Freehold Komokorau Labourer Lts 151,153,154,164 NS Newcastle
STARR William Residential Huntly Bootmaker -
STEADMAN John Freehold Hamilton Bricklayer Lt 336 Hamilton East
STEELE Henry Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 19, 245-248 and others Kirikiriroa
STEELE William Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 254, 255 Kirikiriroa
STEVENS Percy Edward Residential Hamilton East Teacher -
STEVENSON James Residential Waitoa Labourer -
STEWART Alfred J Residential Waotu Carpenter -
STEWART David Freehold Taupiri Farmer Pt lt 215 Komokorau
STEWART David Residential Cambridge Labourer -
STEWART Edwin Residential Cambridge Carpenter -
STEWART Edwin W Residential Cambridge Painter -
STEWART George Residential Komokorau Contractor -
STEWART John Anderson Residential Lichfield Civil engineer -
STEWART Robert Residential Cambridge Labourer -
STEWART Samuel Residential Piako Labourer -
STEWART Washington Smith Residential Cambridge Schoolmaster -
STOCKTON George Residential Komokorau Labourer -
STOKES George Residential Huntly Miner -
STONE Charles James Freehold Auckland Merchant Lt 160 Cambridge
STOREY Frank Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
STOREY John Richard Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
STRANGE Frederick Freehold Parawai, Thames Settler Land in occupation Waitoa district
STREAHEARN John Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 54 Cambridge
STRETTON Arthur Residential Matamata Surveyor -
STUBBING Arthur Freehold Cambridge Surveyor Pt lt 409 Cambridge
STUBBING Donald Residential Cambridge Surveyor -
STUBBING Malcolm Residential Cambridge Surveyor -
SUTHERLAND Hugh Freehold opposite Ohinewai Farmer Lt 348 Whangamarino
SUTHERLAND Hugh Residential Rangiriri Farmer -
SUTTOR Albert Bruce Freehold Eureka Station Farmer 1500ac Eureka Station, Kirikiriroa
SWANSON George Freehold Whata Whata Farmer Lt 217,219,220 Matahina
SWARBRICK Arthur Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 154,155,165,209 Kirikiriroa
SWARBRICK Henry H Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 153,161,162 Kirikiriroa
SWAYNE Robert Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lt 200,201 Hautapu
SWINDLE William Freehold Thames Hotel keeper Lt 344 Cambridge West
SYVRETT Francis Residential Cambridge Jockey -
TALBOT Daniel Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
TALBOT Richard T Residential Huntly Teacher -
TARAWHITI Heta Freehold Kaipiha Aboriginal clergyman Farm at Taupiri
TAYLOR David Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
TAYLOR Frederick Residential Taotaoroa Sawyer -
TAYLOR James Residential Cambridge Farmer -
TAYLOR John Residential Hamilton Labourer -
TAYLOR Nicholas Freehold Thames Miner (No land listed)
TAYLOR Thomas Residential Huntly Miner -
TAYLOR Thomas Residential Waihou Farmer -
TAYLOR William Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Pt lt 219 Komokorau
TAYLOR William Innis Freehold Tamaki Farmer Lt 229,235,237 Cambridge
TEAGUE John Residential Matamata Stockman -
TEAS Samuel Freehold Hamilton East Farmer Lt 157,158 Kirikiriroa
TEE Alber Residential Huntly Coal miner -
TERNAHAN Denis Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
THAXTER Charles Residential Waihou Farmer -
THAXTER Tom Residential Waihou Contractor -
THOM George Edward Freehold Taupiri West Storekeeper Lt 2, 30 Taupiri
THOMAS Alexander Residential Woodlands Butcher -
THOMAS Benjamin Freehold Cambridge Constable AC Force Lts 480,490,521 Cambridge
THOMAS Frank Residential Waharoa Settler -
THOMAS George Frederick Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 137-141 Kirikiriroa
THOMAS Richard Residential Cambridge West Ploughman -
THOMAS Richard (Jnr) Freehold Cambridge West Farm labourer Lts 484-488 Cambridge
THOMAS Richard F Residential Cambridge Farmer -
THOMAS William Residential Hautapu Farm labourer -
THOMAS William Henry Residential Cambridge Farmer -
THOMPSON Herbert Residential Meremere Labourer -
THOMPSON John Residential Komokorau Labourer -
THOMPSON Peter Freehold Cambridge Carter Lt 230,232,303 Cambridge
THOMSON Daniel Residential Newcastle North Miller -
THOMSON James Paton Freehold Cambridge Clerk Pt lot 390 Cambridge
THORLEY William Freehold Coromandel Miner Lt 362 Cambridge West
THORPE Alfred J Freehold Ohinemuri Settler 10ac Kohamu
THORPE George Residential Fencourt Stockman -
THORPE George Bower Residential Fencourt Seed sower -
THORPE John W Residential Opukeke Farmer -
TICKELPENNY Samuel Freehold Kuranui Farmer Lt 5 Morrinsville
TICKELPENNY Samuel James Residential Tauwhare Farm labourer -
TILLOTSON William Shillingford Freehold Tahuroa Farmer 391ac Tahuroa
TILSLEY George Residential near Rangiriri Farmer -
TILSLEY George (Jnr) Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
TILSLEY William David Residential near Rangiriri Settler -
TIMMINS John Freehold Taupiri Platelayer Lt 18 Taupiri village
TINDALL Alfred Residential Waitoa Ploughman -
TINNE Herman W Freehold England Farmer Lt 43,44 Tamahere
TIPPEN Charles Freehold Hamilton East Carter Lt 151 Kirikiriroa
TONKS Benjamin Digby Freehold Auckland Auctioneer Pt 5, 6 lot 44 Hamilton East
TOONAN Samuel Residential Woodlands Farm labourer -
TOSLAND Samuel Residential Putaruru Labourer -
TRAYNER Christopher Residential Huntly Labourer -
TRETHEWAY John James Residential Hautapu Farmer -
TREWHEELLER Thomas Freehold Hamilton West Baker 5,6, BG, Claudelands
TRIBE Daniel Residential Cambridge Farmer -
TRIPP Edward H Residential Cambridge West Farm servant -
TRISTRAM Henry E Residential Hamilton East Butcher -
TROUGHTON William Residential Waipuriri Settler -
TRUST John Residential Cambridge West Stockman -
TUCK Charles Residential Cambridge West Accountant -
TURNBULL James Residential Maungakawa Stockman -
TURNBULL John Residential Piako Farmer -
TURNER Thomas Residential Huntly Miner -
TWIDLE Edmund S Residential Broadmeadows Labourer -
TWIDLE William Residential Waihou Farm labourer -
TYER Frederick Residential Cambridge Grocer -
TYSON John Residential Oxford Shepherd -
UNDERWOOD William Edward Residential Cambridge Settler -
UZZLE James Freehold Hamilton East Settler Pt lts 251,253 Kirikiriroa
VANT William Freehold Komokorau Carpenter Pt lt 99 NS, Newcastle
VAUGHAN Herbert Residential Morrinsville Cattle dealer -
VAUGHAN Matthew Freehold Thames Hotel keeper Lt 2 Blk 2 Waihou
VERRELL Walter Residential Cambridge Gardener -
VICKERS Harry Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
VICKERS Joseph Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
VICKERS Samuel G Freehold Auckland Commission agent Lt 409 Cambridge
VICKERS Thomas Residential Cambridge West Labourer -
VINCENT Augustus Freehold Hamilton East Painter Lt 156 Hamilton East
VINCENT Charles Residential Cambridge Saddler -
VINCENT Charles Residential Maramarua Miner -
VON STURMER Frederick J Freehold Hamilton East Journalist Lt 219,228,229 Hamilton East
VON STURMER William Norris Residential Hamilton East Bank clerk -
VOSPER Augustus Henry Freehold Cambridge Farmer Lts 309 Cambridge, 64 Cambridge West
VOSPER William Freehold Pukekura Farmer Pt lt 231 Cambridge
VOWLESS Grove Residential Hamilton East Platelayer -
VOWLESS Thomas Freehold Thames Labourer Lt 83A, Taupiri 60ac
VOWLESS William Residential Hamilton East Carpenter -
VOYSEY Edwin Residential Waitoa Labourer -
WADDINGTON Edward Freehold Cambridge Surgeon Pt lt 409 Cambridge
WADE John Residential Whangamarino Labourer -
WADE Thomas Freehold Whangamarino Labourer Lts 291, 293 Whangamarino
WADE Thomas Residential Okete, near Mercer Farmer -
WADE William Freehold Whangamarino Labourer Lt 94 Whangamarino
WAINWRIGHT Charles Freehold Hokitika Miner Lt 225 Cambridge
WALDRON John Residential Morrinsville Blacksmith -
WALFORD Albert Irons Residential Taupiri Farmer -
WALKER George (Jnr) Residential Matamata Farmer -
WALKER George (Snr) Residential Matamata Farmer -
WALKER Hugh M De V Freehold Rangiriri Farmer Lt 287,288,289 Whangamarino
WALKER James Residential Matamata Farmer -
WALKER William Freehold Drury Constable Land at Whangamarino
WALKINSHAW George Residential Meremere Labourer -
WALLACE Andrew A Residential Newcastle North Miller -
WALLACE Archibald Freehold Ngaruawahia Baker Lt 124 Komokorau
WALLACE Charles Freehold Huntly Engineer Lt 118 Komokorau
WALLACE David Brown Residential Waotu Sawmill manager -
WALLACE Hugh Freehold Wairangi Farmer Lt 78 Whangamarino
WALSH Henry Freehold Taupiri Farmer 50ac Taupiri
WALTER Otto Freehold Huntly Farmer Lt 25 Taupiri
WALTON George Residential Cambridge Jockey -
WALWORTH George Residential Tauwhare Storekeeper -
WARD Benjamin Residential Oxford Settler -
WARD Edgar Residential Cambridge Chemist -
WARD Edward Residential Rangiriri Settler -
WARR Henry Residential Claudelands Labourer -
WARREN Albert Residential Morrinsville Platelayer -
WARREN John Residential Piako Farm labourer -
WARREN Lewis Residential Morrinsville Labourer -
WATSON Andrew Residential Rangiriri Labourer -
WATSON John Residential Cambridge Labourer -
WATT John Residential Waihou Farmer -
WATT James Residential Cambridge Contractor -
WATTAM George Residential Taotaoroa Farmer -
WATTAM John Residential Taotaoroa Labourer -
WATTAM Richard Residential Taotaoroa Farmer -
WATTAM Robert Residential Hautapu Farmer -
WATTAM Thomas (Snr) Residential Hautapu Farmer -
WATTS George Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lts 283,284, 291 near Cambridge
WATTS Thomas Residential Netherton Labourer -
WAUGH George Residential Huntly Platelayer -
WAYMAN George Freehold Cambridge Labourer Pt lt 163 Cambridge
WEBB Mark Residential Cambridge Labourer -
WEBBER Harry Residential Cambridge Blacksmith -
WEBBER Henry Residential Cambridge Gunsmith -
WEBBER James Freehold Cambridge Blacksmith Pt lot 371 Cambridge
WEEKS William Freehold Auckland Carter Lt 11 Komokorau
WEETMAN Sidney Freehold Auckland Surveyor Lt 591, 592 Cambridge
WEIR Thomas Residential Oxford Ploughman -
WELLS Thomas Freehold Cambridge Storekeeper Lts 393-396 Cambridge
WELSH Henry Freehold Taupiri Farmer Lt 150,157 Taupiri
WELTIE George Residential Woodlands Gardener -
WEST John Residential Waotu Bushman -
WEST William Robert Residential Cambridge Labourer -
WESTBY Henry William Residential Cambridge Clerk -
WESTON George Residential Huntly Coal miner -
WESTON Thomas S Freehold Parnell, Auckland Solicitor Lt 550 Cambridge West
WHEELAN William Residential Hamilton East Bootmaker -
WHEELER Arthur B Residential Tamahere Farmer -
WHEELER Aston T F Freehold Tamahere Farmer Pt lts 57,58 Tamahere
WHITAKER Charles Residential Kirikiriroa Farm assistant -
WHITAKER Frederick Freehold Auckland Solicitor 2560ac Maukaro, Piako
WHITBURN Daniel Residential Morrinsville Platelayer -
WHITE Alexander Freehold Onehunga Settler Lt 85 Komokorau
WHITE Charles Henry Residential Cambridge Draper -
WHITE Edwin Residential Hamilton East Cabinet maker -
WHITE George E Residential Hamilton Butcher -
WHITE James Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Lt 63 Hamilton East
WHITE Joseph S Freehold Ohaka, Canterbury Farmer Lt 57 Taupiri
WHITE Thomas Henry Freehold Taupiri Architect Pt lt 210 Komokorau, 468 Taupiri
WHITE William Freehold Taranaki Sergeant Major AC Force Lot 2 Komokorau
WHITE William Residential Cambridge West Carpenter -
WHITE William James Residential Cambridge Draper -
WHITEHOUSE Samuel Thomas Residential Turua, Thames Accountant -
WHITMORE Cornelius Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
WHYMAN Walter Freehold Newmarket Builder Lt 75 Kirikiriroa
WHYTE John Blair Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lts 170,172,174-177 Kirikiriroa
WHYTE William (Jnr) Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Pt lot 286 Cambridge
WHYTE William (Snr) Freehold Cambridge Carpenter (No land listed)
WILD Frederick Residential Hamilton East Mounted constable -
WILD Samuel Freehold Cambridge West Labourer Lts 251,253 Cambridge West
WILKINSON Thomas Freehold Hautapu Farmer Lot 60 Hautapu
WILKINSON Thomas Henry Residential Whangamarino Settler -
WILKINSON William Residential Lichfield Carpenter -
WILLAN Thomas Henry Residential Kirikiriroa Farmer -
WILLEY George Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Sec 1, 4 BP, Claudelands
WILLIAMS James Freehold Auckland Gentleman Lts 316,317 Hautapu
WILLIAMS James Residential Woodlands Labourer -
WILLIAMS John Freehold Hamilton East Labourer Pt lot 41 Hamilton East
WILLIAMS Thomas H Residential Turua, Thames Mill hand -
WILLIAMS William Herbert Residential Waharoa Labourer -
WILLIAMS William L C Freehold Cambridge Land agent Lt 297-300 Cambridge
WILLIAMSON John Freehold Auckland Clerk Lt 89,90 NS, Newcastle
WILLIS Alfred Residential Waihou Swamper -
WILLIS John Residential near Woodstock Labourer -
WILLIS Robert Bruce Baker Freehold Waihou Farmer 238ac Waihekau No 2
WILLIS Samuel Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Lt 103 Kirikiriroa
WILLIS William Newcombe S L Residential Cambridge East Clergyman -
WILLS Turner Wilfrid Residential Cambridge Journalist -
WILSON George Giles Residential Waihou Labourer -
WILSON Jacob Residential Huntly Miner -
WILSON John Freehold Cambridge Gentleman Lt 35-39, 59 Cambridge
WILSON John Freehold Cambridge Labourer Lt 569 Cambridge
WILSON John Residential Huntly Miner -
WILSON Thomas Residential Waotu Bush contractor -
WILSON Thomas Miller Freehold Whangamarino Farmer 297ac Whangamarino
WILSON Walter Residential Waharoa Wheelwright -
WILSON William Residential Cambridge West Carter -
WINDER Charles Robert Residential Waotu Bushman -
WINDSOR Henry Freehold Kirikiriroa Farmer Pt lt 257 Kirikiriroa
WINDSOR William Henry Residential Tamahere Stock driver -
WISE Thomas Residential Tauwhare Labourer -
WISEMAN James Residential Waihou Contractor -
WOOD Browne Freehold Tamahere Gentleman Lt 12,27,30-41 Tamahere
WOOD John Freehold Te Aroha Settler Lt 5,88,89 Kirikiriroa
WOOD Thomas Freehold Waiorongomai Commission agent Lts 102,104,105 Kirikiriroa
WOOLF James C Residential Waotu Book-keeper -
WOOLSLEY Amos Residential Hautapu Farm labourer -
WORTHINGTON George Talbot Residential Taupiri Contractor -
WRIGHT David Residential Tamahere Farm servant -
WRIGHT John Residential Hamilton East Labourer -
WRIGHT Richard Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Pt lts 154, 390 Cambridge East
WRIGHT William Charles (Jnr) Residential Richmond Farmer -
YATE Thomas H W Freehold Waiorongomai Grocer Lot 292 Cambridge
YOUNG Henry Charles Freehold Auckland Agent 985ac Te Awaiti, 452ac Teramoarati
YOUNG James Freehold Cambridge Coach builder Sec 7,8,9 of lots 110,111 Cambridge East
YOUNG William John Freehold Cambridge Carpenter Pt lot 315 Cambridge East

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