APRIL 1852

New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian, Volume VIII, Issue 696, 3 April 1852, Page 3


To His Excellence Sir George Grey, &c, &c, &c.
We, the undersigned Settlers and Landowners of Wellington, in the colony of New Zealand, beg respectfully to express to your Excellency our strong sense of the serious evils to our interests, and injury to the colony, arising from the Act to regulate the affairs of certain of the New Zealand Company's settlements, passed during the last session of Parliament.

Under the New Zealand Company's Land Claimants Ordinance, passed by the General Legislature of the colony, the different questions arising out of these claims were arranged on a liberal and equitable basis, and Crown Grants were offered to the land purchasers and holders of land under the Company's Compensation Scrip, which gave them a valid and unquestionable title; whereas, the Grants offered to them, under the Act of Parliament referred to, are of so qualified a nature, that no land purchasers will agree to accept them, while serious doubts are entertained whether any titles can be issued under the Act of Parliament to the owners of land selected under the Company's Compensation Scrip.

The Act of Parliament revives the Terms of Purchase and Pasturage of Land, issued by the New Zealand Company in Wellington, and in force at the date of the surrender by the Company of its charters to the Government, which fix the pxice of rural land in this settlement, in blocks of 25 acres, at ?per acre: the effect of these terms, when in force under the Company, was such that no rural land was sold in this settlement. But since that period so much additional land has been granted in compensation to resident and absentee land purchasers as to reduce the price of rural land, except in particular situations, considerably below 20s per acre. The attempt to fix the price of land, therefore, at ?per acre would, we believe, be absolutely to stop any sales of land by the Government, while the Terms of Pasturage are such, and the tenure of the land so precarious (being annual leases terminable at any time by six months' notice, and no allowance being made for improvements,) as altogether to prevent any settler from investing his capital in pastoral pursuits under them; and these terms appear in a still more unfavourable light when contrasted with the liberal pastoral regulations issued by your Excellency, and which were superseded by the present Act of Parliament.

For, these and other weighty reasons, we respectfully beg your Excellency will, by suspending the Act referred to (except such of its provisions as relate to the Trust Funds at Nelson), relieve the settlers from the serious evils which would result from its operation; and that you will cause the arrangements under the Land Claimants Ordinance to be immediately revived, and the Pastoral Regulations issued by your Excellency to be again put in force, and a uniformity of management to be established of the Crown Lands of the Colony under the Australian Land Sales Act, and the Charter and Royal Instructions.

We strongly protest against the Imperial Parliament legislating upon matters affecting the daily transactions of the settlers, except upon the petition of the colonists. From the distance, the imperfect means of information, and the rapid changes which arise in colonies, it is impossible that the Home Government should be able to adapt its measures to the state of things existing at the time of their coming into operation. As far as we have been able to observe, the general tendency of such interference has been either useless or injurious.

In determining the amount to be paid to the New Zealand Company, we hope her Majesty's Government will take care that the amount of lands granted in compensation to its purchasers, and otherwise alienated by the Company, together with such other expenses since necessarily incurred by the Local Government as may be equitably charged to the debit of the Company, will be deducted from the gross amount said to be due to it; and we protest against any attempt to charge the settlers with the payment of interest on the debt alleged to be due to the Company, as they were in no way consenting parties to such an arrangement, while any attempt to charge this amount on the Colonial revenue would, in our opinion, be in the highest degree unconstitutional and unjust.

(The names without any address are for the most part settlers in Wellington.)- Presumably the X means ex as in ex-settler. The names have been checked against the 1852 NZ Gazette where possible.

ALLEN Eli Landowner -
ALLEN George Boatbuilder and landowner -
ALLEN William Land and stockholder -
ALLEN William Land and stockholder -
ALLINGTON Thomas Landowner Karori
ANDERSON David Landholder -
ANGELL Joseph Settler Porirua
ASHBOLT Thomas Settler -
ASHDOWN George Land and stockowner -
BAGGERLEY James Settler -
BAKER Richard J.P, landowner -
BANNATYNE William McLeod J.P, stockholder -
BANNISTER Edwin Settler -
BANNISTER Roger Elijah Landowner -
BANNISTER William Landowner -
BANNISTER William (Jnr) Landholder -
BARB John Labourer River Hutt
BARBER John Settler Wairarapa
BARHAM David Settler Wairarapa
BARNETT John X landowner -
BARNETT William Settler River Hutt
BARRAUD Charles Decimus Settler -
BARROW James X landowner Porirua Road
BARRY Richard Settler -
BARRY Thomas X settler Wairarapa
BARTLETT Nathaniel Landowner -
BARTON Richard Stock and landowner River Hutt
BASSETT William Landowner -
BAULF James X settler Wairarapa
BEAMISH Nathaniel Evanson Settler -
BEE Francis Settler -
BELL William Landowner Porirua Road
BENGE John Landowner -
BENKENSTEIN Frederick Augustus Landowner -
BENNET George Landholder -
BENNETT Thomas Settler River Hutt
BENNETT William Settler -
BEST William Land and stockowner Porirua
BICKNELL Joseph X settler Wairarapa
BIDWELL C H (Charles Robert ?) Stockowner Wairarapa
BILLS Frederick Settler -
BIRCH Edward Settler Wairarapa
BISHOP Joseph Land and stockholder -
BLAKE Richard X settler Wairarapa
BLAKER George Settler -
BODDINGTON Edward Settler Porirua
BODEN Anthony Settler Porirua
BOLT Thomas X stockowner -
BOLTON Frederick Stockholder -
BOOTH James Landowner Karori
BOULTON Edward Stockholder Pawatahanui
BOWDEN William X settler Wairarapa
BOWLER Joseph Landholder Porirua
BOWLER Joseph Settler -
BOWLER William (Jnr) Landowner -
BOYTON Henry Landowner -
BRADEY Francis Stock and landowner -
BRADEY Francis (Jnr) Landholder -
BRADEY Francis Henry Settler -
BRADEY Frederick Landholder -
BRADSHAW John Edward Settler Wairarapa
BRICHT (?) Henry X settler Wairarapa
BRIGHAM William Settler -
BRIGHTWELL Thomas Settler River Hutt
BROADBENT William Settler -
BROGDEN Joseph Settler Wairarapa
BROWN E Settler -
BROWN James Landowner Upper Hutt
BROWN John Landholder -
BRUCE Charles Settler -
BRYANT James Gardener River Hutt
BRYCE John Landowner Wairarapa
BUCK William Landowner River Hutt
BURCHAM James N Landowner River Hutt
BURKE James Settler and stockowner -
BURNES John X stock and landowner Porirua Road
BURRELL Joseph Stockholder Paikakariki
BURT Thomas Settler Wairarapa
BUTLER Thomas X settler Wairarapa
BUTLER Thomas Charles Carpenter and landowner -
CAIL J (John) Landholder -
CAMERON Archibald X stockholder Porirua
CAMERON Dugald Landowner -
CAMERON George Ropemaker -
CAMERON Robert Miller -
CAMOREY Thomas Settler Porirua Road
CAMPBELL John Landowner Karori
CANNING Charles Stockholder -
CANNING John Davis Stockholder -
CARPENTER Robert Holt Bookbinder -
CASPER George Storekeeper and settler -
CASTLE John Settler -
CATCHPOOL Edward Landowner -
CHANDLER William George Settler Wairarapa
CHAPPELL James Carpenter, landowner -
CHEESMAN Robert Suckling Solicitor, sheep and landowner -
CHEW Edward Stockholder -
CHRISTISON Peter Settler -
CLANTEN H Boatman -
CLARK Hugh Landowner -
CLARKE John Settler Wairarapa
CLIFTON Richard (Jnr) Settler Wairarapa
CLIFTON Richard (Snr) X settler Wairarapa
COCKCROFT Adin Land and stockowner -
COLE John Landowner River Hutt
COLLIER Joseph Stockholder -
COLLINS James Land and stockowner -
COLLINS John Power Settler -
COLLINS R Stockowner Wairarapa
COMPTE David Settler -
COMPTON Alfred Landowner River Hutt
CONACHER Daniel Bootmaker -
COOK James Baker -
COOK John - -
COPELAND George Landowner River Hutt
CORBETT William Settler River Hutt
CORDING Edward Landholder -
CORKING James Settler -
CORNER William Settler -
CORY John Landowner River Hutt
COTTER Pierce Builder and landowner -
COULTER R Settler -
COUPER Donald X stockholder Porirua Road
COUPER Peter Stockholder Porirua
COUPER William Stock and landowner Porirua
COURT (A'COURT) James A Landholder Wairarapa
COX James George Assistant -
COX W Settler -
CRAIG James X settler -
CRAIG Robert Landowner -
CRAIGHEAD William Farmer Wairarapa
CRAWFORD George Merchant and landowner -
CREED Thomas Settler -
CROOKE George Settler -
CROSBIE Thomas Land and stockholder -
CROWTHER Thomas Landholder -
CULLEN P Settler -
CUNDEY C Landowner River Hutt
CURTIS George Settler -
DALGITY David Settler Wairarapa
DALY John X settler -
DAVIES James Landowner -
DAVISON James Landowner -
DAYSH John Landowner River Hutt
DEAN Jabez Plumber -
DEIGHTON Richard John Landowner -
DELF Thomas X settler Wairarapa
DEW William Landowner Karori
DICK Davy Landowner River Hutt
DIXON Charles Stockowner -
DIXON Joseph Settler -
DODGE William Settler River Hutt
DONALD Robert Settler Karori
DONALD W H Settler Wairarapa
DONALDSON Robert Bookkeeper -
DORREEN Peter (Jnr) Settler River Hutt
DORREEN Peter (Snr) Settler River Hutt
DOWNEY Edward Settler Wairarapa
DOWNEY John Landowner Wairarapa
DRAKE Thomas J Landowner Porirua Road
DUNCAN Andrew Landowner -
DUNCAN Frederick Abbott Storekeeper -
DUNCAN Richard John Merchant and stockholder -
DUNN William Dyer -
DUNSTER Samuel Settler River Hutt
EARP William Settler River Hutt
EBDON George X settler Wairarapa
EDMONDS G Settler -
EDWARDS Giles Settler River Hutt
EDWARDS John X landowner Porirua Road
EDWARDS John Settler Wairarapa
EDWARDS John Settler -
EGLINTON Benjamin Settler -
ELLERM Edward John Cooper, landholder -
EVERETT William Landowner and stockholder -
FAGAN Stephen Landholder Wairarapa
FAGG William Settler -
FARMER Alexander Stock and landholder -
FARRANT John Settler -
FELGATE Benjamin Settler -
FELL John Settler Wairarapa
FELL William Settler River Hutt
FERRANT Edward John A Settler -
FERRERS Bernard Settler -
FILPOT Daniel X settler Wairarapa
FIRTH James Landholder -
FISHER William Settler -
FITCHETT John Landholder -
FITZGERALD John Patrick J.P, landowner -
FLETCHER Colin Settler River Hutt
FLOYD Thomas Landowner Porirua
FOSTER George X settler -
FRANCES John X settler Wairarapa
FRASER Alexander Sheepholder -
FRASER Thomas Stockholder -
FRETHEY Thomas Landowner River Hutt
FRY Joseph Landowner -
FUDGER William Settler -
FURNASS Smith Settler and landowner -
GALAVIN Daniel X settler Wairarapa
GALPIN William Land and stockowner Porirua Road
GASKEN Samuel X landholder Wairarapa
GASKIN Matthew Settler River Hutt
GAWITH Samuel Cabinetmaker -
GELL John Landowner -
GIBSON John Landholder -
GILLARD Joseph Henry Landowner -
GILLESPIE Charles Haggerty Landowner -
GILLIES O Land and stockowner Wairarapa
GILLIGAN James Settler River Hutt
GILLMAN John Settler Wairarapa
GLASGOW John Landowner -
GLASGOW Robert Stock and landholder -
GOLLAN Donald Settler Ahuriri
GOOD O G O Settler -
GOODEN Leonard X settler -
GOODEN Philip X settler Wairarapa
GOODER John Landholder -
GOODGE Alfred Stockholder Porirua
GORDON B (Bernard) Landowner -
GRAHAM P Settler -
GRANT Alexander Storekeeper Turakina
GRANT Alexander Shepherd Wairarapa
GRAY George Landholder -
GREEN Harrison Settler Wairarapa
GREEN James X landowner -
GRIGG Robert Settler -
GRIMSEY T Leman Settler -
GUNN John Stockholder -
GUTHRIE D Stockholder -
HALBERT William Settler -
HALE William Henry Settler -
HALES Charles F Landowner River Hutt
HALL John Carpenter -
HAMMOND Matthew Landowner Porirua Road
HAMMOND Richard Landowner Porirua Road
HAMMOND William Settler -
HARDING John Land and sheepowner -
HARDWICK William Labourer Porirua Road
HARGREAVES Edward Allen Settler -
HARLOW James Settler Wairarapa
HARRIS A Settler Wairarapa
HARRIS David X landowner Porirua
HARRIS George X settler -
HARRISON Henry Shafto Land and stockowner -
HART George Land and stockowner -
HART Robert Solicitor, sheep and landowner -
HEDLEY George Settler -
HEESE Albert August Adolph Landowner -
HEINEN Freidrick Settler -
HEMMINGS John Landowner -
HENRYSON Francis Henry Landowner Nelson
HERBERT Joseph Settler River Hutt
HERVEY Peter Morrison Merchant -
HEYNAN D Landholder Wairarapa
HICKSON William J.P, merchant, land and stockowner -
HILL George Settler River Hutt
HILL John Settler Wairarapa
HIRST Sidney Landowner -
HOBBS George Landholder Porirua Road
HODDER Walter X land and stockowner -
HOLES Peter X landholder Wairarapa
HOLMES John Cabinetmaker -
HOLMES William Settler -
HOOPER John X settler Wairarapa
HOWE Charles Landholder -
HUGHEY David Landowner River Hutt
HUGHEY John Settler Wairarapa
HUGHEY William (Snr) Landowner Wairarapa
HUME Peter Land and stockowner -
HUMPHRIES William Settler Wairarapa
HUNT Charles Landowner River Hutt
HUNT William Settler River Hutt
HUNT Henry Carpenter -
HUNT John Settler Porirua Road
HUNTER George J.P, land and stockowner -
HUTCHINGS Edward Landholder -
ILLMAN William Settler -
INGLIS William Settler -
INGRAM Archibald Blacksmith -
INKERSALL Charles X stockowner -
IRONS Kendrick Settler Wairarapa
IRVING Thomas Settler -
ISAACS David Settler -
JACKSON Henry Settler Wairarapa
JACKSON J Tailor -
JACKSON Walter Landowner -
JARVIS John X settler Porirua
JEFFERIES Thomas Settler -
JEFFERSON Benjamin Landowner Porirua Road
JEFFS George X settler -
JENKINS W Landowner -
JOHNSON John Landowner -
JOHNSON Richard Settler Porirua
JOHNSTON D Landowner -
JONES William X landowner Upper Hutt
JONES William Settler -
JOYCE Thomas Settler -
JUDD John X settler Wairarapa
JUDD William Landowner River Hutt
JUDD William Landowner Stokes' Valley
KEMP Henry Tacy J.P -
KEMP John Settler -
KENNEDY Henry Settler Porirua Road
KERNS Catherine Settler -
KEYS C (Charles William) Settler River Hutt
KING John Solicitor, landowner -
KING William Landowner River Hutt
KINTON William Minister of the Scotch Church -
KITSON John Landowner -
KNIGHT James Settler Wairarapa
KNIGHT William Settler River Hutt
KNOWLES Henry Samuel Landowner -
LAING Peter Settler -
LAMBERT Robert Clerk and landowner -
LANDSDALE James Landowner River Hutt
LANGDON Robert Stockholder -
LATHAM W P Stockholder -
LAWSON Joseph X settler Wairarapa
LEACH John Settler -
LEMMINGTON Thomas George Engineer -
LEVERTON John Landholder Wairarapa
LEVIN Nathaniel Stock and landowner, merchant -
LEVY Lipman Settler -
LEWIS Edward Settler -
LING Benjamin Stockholder -
LISMORE George Settler Wairarapa
LOCKYER Thomas Land and stockowner -
LOGAN Francis Landowner -
LONDON Charles Stockowner Porirua
LONDON Henry Landowner Porirua
LOVELOCK Isaac Landholder -
LOWE Edward Landholder -
LOXLEY William Smart Merchant and stockowner -
LUDLAM A J.P, landowner River Hutt
LUDWELL William Settler -
LUMSDEN William Nurseryman -
LUXFORD George Henry Land and sheepowner -
LUXFORD William Stock and landowner -
LUXFORD William Nicholas Landowner -
LYALL William Bootmaker -
LYLE Robert Carpenter -
LYNCH Henry Landowner River Hutt
MABEY Charles Landowner Wairarapa
MABEY Job X settler Wairarapa
MACE George Walter Storekeeper -
MACKAY Alexander Settler -
MAGINITY James Landholder -
MANNING Jonathan Settler Wairarapa
MARSHALL William Schoolmaster -
MARTIN John Landholder -
MASON William Land and stockowner -
MASON William Landholder -
MASON William Frederick Storekeeper -
MASTERS A Landowner Wairarapa
MASTERS Arthur Landowner River Hutt
MASTERS John Settler Wairarapa
MASTERS Joseph Settler -
MATTINGLEY Charles Landowner -
MAXTON Samuel Baker -
MAY John Settler -
McBETH James Storekeeper and landowner -
McDONALD J C Land and stockowner -
McDONOGH Thomas Landholder -
McDOWALL William Settler River Hutt
McGREGOR Gregor Stockholder -
McHARDIE A Settler Wairarapa
McHARDIE Alexander Landowner Wairarapa
McHARDIE David (Jnr) Landowner Wairarapa
McHARDIE John X landowner Wairarapa
McIVER Francis Stockholder Porirua
McKAIN John Landowner Porirua Road
McKAY Thomas Settler Wairarapa
McKEEVER James Stockholder Porirua
McLACHLAN Dugald Landholder -
McLAREN A Settler Wairarapa
McLEAN Donald J.P, settler and landowner -
McMANAWAY J D Surveyor -
McMASTER Angus Stockowner Wairarapa
MEADS John Labourer River Hutt
MEADS William Settler Wairarapa
MEECH Henry Shipbuilder -
MEECH William Settler -
MEMBRAY William X landowner Porirua Road
MEREDITH Richard Carpenter and landowner -
MILLER William Settler -
MILLNER Richard Landowner -
MILLS Charles Builder -
MILLS T M Settler -
MILLS Thomas Settler Wairarapa
MILNE Alexander Landowner Wairarapa
MINIFIE William Landholder -
MITCHELL Henry X stockholder Porirua
MITCHELL J Landowner Porirua
MITCHELL James Stock and landholder Porirua
MITCHELL James Stock and landowner Porirua
MITCHELL John Stock and landholder Porirua
MITCHELL Joseph Stock and landowner Porirua
MONAGHAN Patrick Settler -
MONK J (John George?) Farmer Porirua
MONTEITH George Dalrymple Surgeon, stock and landowner -
MOODY W Settler River Hutt
MOORE George J.P, merchant, landowner -
MORGAN Thomas Landowner Porirua Road
MORGAN William Land and stockowner Porirua Road
MORRISON D Stockowner Wairarapa
MORRISON Daniel Landowner Porirua Road
MORRISON H Stock and landholder -
MUDFORD John Sailmaker -
MUNN Daniel Land and stockholder -
MURCH Philip Landholder -
MURDOCH Alexander Settler -
MURRAY Thomas Settler -
NAIRN Charles James Settler -
NATTRASS William Tailor and stockowner -
NEAL William Watchmaker -
NICHOLLS Arthur Settler -
NICOLS William Stock and landowner -
NORTHWOOD Caroline E Land and stockowner -
NORTHWOOD James H Stockowner Wairarapa
NOTT William Landowner Porirua Road
O'NEAL William Landholder -
O'REILLY J J P Catholic pastor -
ORMSBY F Stockholder -
OSMOND James Settler Wairarapa
OXENHAM Nicholas Settler River Hutt
PACK Daniel Landowner River Hutt
PACKMAN George Settler -
PAGON Francis Joseph Cabinetmaker -
PARKEN Thomas X settler Wairarapa
PARNELL Samuel Duncan Landowner Karori
PATTEN Richard William Settler -
PEACOCK J J Master mariner and landowner -
PEARCE John Settler -
PEGLER George X settler Wairarapa
PERCY Joseph Landowner River Hutt
PERCY Joseph Hewlet Landowner River Hutt
PEREIRA Benjamin Mendez Dealer -
PERRIN Edmund Stockholder -
PERRY Bennett Pascoe Landholder -
PETHERICK A Plasterer -
PETHERICK A Carpenter -
PETHERICK George Landowner -
PETHERICK James Land and stockholder -
PHILIP Francis L - Wairarapa
PHILLIPS George X settler Wairarapa
PHILLIPS Henry John Surgeon, settler -
PHILLIPS Thomas X landowner Wairarapa
PHILPS John Landowner Wairarapa
PICKERING William Phelps Settler -
PICKETT Gilbert Storekeeper -
PIKE William X settler -
PILCHER George Stockholder -
PIMBLE John Landholder -
PIPER Charles H Settler -
PLIMMER John Landholder -
PLOWMAN H G Settler River Hutt
POAD Thomas Landowner River Hutt
POPE T G Landholder -
PORTER David X settler Wairarapa
POTTS Christopher Landowner Wairarapa
POULTER Samuel Landowner -
POWELL W D Settler Wairarapa
PRINCE Edward Carpenter -
PROUSE Richard (Jnr) Landowner River Hutt
PROWSE Richard Land and stockowner Wainui-o-mata
PUCK Henry Blacksmith -
QUIN Michael Landholder -
RAWLINGSON James X settler -
READ Henry Settler -
READ James Settler -
READ John Landowner Porirua Road
REDBY John Settler River Hutt
REED James Landholder -
REEVES William Landowner Porirua Road
REID Thomas Settler River Hutt
RENALL A R Settler River Hutt
RETTER Samuel Landowner -
RICHARDS Daniel X stockholder Porirua
RICHARDS Thomas X stockholder Porirua
RICHARDSON George Landholder -
RICHARDSON Thomas Landholder -
RICHARDSON Thomas Landowner -
ROBERTS Edward Landowner -
ROBERTSON Duncan Settler Wairarapa
ROBINSON Thomas J.P, land and stockowner -
ROBISON Thomas X settler Wairarapa
ROE Samuel Landowner River Hutt
ROSS Hugh Solicitor, landowner -
ROTERMUND Henry William Landholder -
ROWETT William Stockholder -
ROWLANDS William Stockholder -
ROY F D Settler -
RUDD T S Settler Wairarapa
RUMBLE James Settler Wairarapa
RUSS Richard Settler -
RUSSELL Edward Landowner River Hutt
RUSSELL Henry Landowner River Hutt
RUSSELL J P Land and stockholder -
RUSSELL John Landowner River Hutt
SALTER J D Settler -
SANCTE (sic) John Settler -
SANSOM Robert Settler Wairarapa
SARGENT Henry Settler -
SAUNDERS Thomas Land and stockholder -
SAUNDERS William Settler River Hutt
SAXBY William Settler River Hutt
SAYER Burgess Settler -
SAYWELL Charles Settler River Hutt
SAYWELL George Landowner River Hutt
SAYWELL William Settler River Hutt
SCOTT Isaac Settler -
SCOTT Walter Douglas - -
SCRIMSHAW George Settler River Hutt
SEED Richard Landowner Porirua Road
SEED William Landowner -
SHALLESS John Landholder -
SHARLEY Henry Landowner Wairarapa
SHARLEY Matthew Landowner River Hutt
SHARP Charles Stock and landowner -
SHARP Robert Settler Upper Hutt
SHAW John Settler -
SHEARER William Landowner Porirua
SHIELDS Thomas Settler -
SHIRLEY Thomas Settler River Hutt
SHIRLEY Thomas X landowner Wairarapa
SHORT James Settler -
SHORT Job X settler -
SILVEN Joseph X landholder Wairarapa
SIMPSON William Stockholder -
SKIPWITH Francis Robert Estotville Land and stockholder -
SLEATH William Settler River Hutt
SMITH James X settler Upper Hutt
SMITH John Elisha Landowner -
SMITH John Sidney Storekeeper -
SMITH John Valentine Stock and landowner -
SNODGRASS William James Settler and landholder -
SOUTHEE John Settler River Hutt
SPACKMAN G Landowner Stokes' Valley
SPAIN William Settler River Hutt
SPEEDY John Settler Wairarapa
SPEEDY William Settler -
SPICER Richard X stockholder Porirua Road
SPINKS William Land and stockholder -
ST HILL Ashton Stockowner -
ST HILL Henry R.M, landowner -
ST LEIGHT T Settler Wairarapa
STEPHENSON Timothy Settler Wairarapa
STEVEN John Settler Wairarapa
STEVENS Charles Stock and landholder -
STEVENS John Landowner Porirua
STOCKBRIDGE Stephen Landowner -
STODDART James Landowner -
STOKES Robert Printer and landowner -
STRANG Robert Rodger J.P, landowner -
STRATFORD James Landowner River Hutt
STRETTON George Settler -
STRONG Henry Stephen Settler -
STUTFIELD Charles Handyside Landholder -
SUTHERLAND Alexander Stock and landowner -
SUTHERLAND Alexander Landowner -
SUTHERLAND John Stockholder -
SUTHERLAND John Storekeeper -
SUTHERLAND Nathaniel Land and stockowner -
SYKES George Farmer Upper Hutt
SYKES George X landowner Wairarapa
SYKES William Landowner River Hutt
SYMONS James Settler -
SYMONS Jane Landowner -
SYMONS William Settler -
TAINE James Merchant and landowner -
TANDY Levy Stockholder Porirua
TANDY William Landholder Wairarapa
TANKERSLEY J W (Thomas William ?) Landholder -
TANNAHILL William Settler Wairarapa
TAVENER James Settler Wairarapa
TAYLOR Henry Stock and landholder -
TAYLOR Mary Landowner -
TAYLOR William X stockowner Porirua Road
TAYLOR William Waring Landholder -
TELFORD John Stockholder -
THOMAS J J.P, stockowner -
THOMAS William Landowner River Hutt
TIFFEN Henry Stokes Stockowner Ahuriri
TOCKER Jonas Settler River Hutt
TOLLEMACHE Algernon Landholder -
TOMLIN John - -
TOMPKINS William Bootmaker -
TONKS William Stock and landholder -
TORR Joseph Storekeeper -
TOWNSEND Chauncey Henry Settler -
TROTTER Patrick Settler -
TROTTER William Settler River Hutt
TUTCHEN Peter X stockholder -
TUTTY John Landowner Porirua Road
TYLER Robert Settler, stock and landowner Porirua Road
UDY Hart Landowner River Hutt
VALLANCE Charles Augustus Stockholder -
VARNHAM John Stock and landowner, merchant -
VAUGHAN James Settler -
VON ALZDORF Charles Ernest Land agent -
WAITT Robert Stock and landowner, merchant -
WAKEHAM William X settler Wairarapa
WAKELIN J Settler -
WAKELIN Thomas Builder -
WALKER James Stockholder Porirua
WALKER James Stock and landowner -
WALKER Robert Settler Porirua
WALL George Stockholder Porirua
WALL Anthony Landowner Porirua
WALLACE James Settler Wairarapa
WALLACE James Landowner -
WALLACE Robert Douglas Settler -
WALLACE William Ellerslie Settler -
WATERS Thomas Settler -
WATKIN J E Storekeeper -
WATKIN James Wesleyan Minister Manners Street
WATSON James Settler -
WATSON John Land and stockowner -
WATT William X stockholder -
WEATHERHEAD Robert Settler -
WEBB George Landholder -
WELCH William Landowner Hutt
WEMYSS James Balfour Landowner -
WESTON Samuel Landowner River Hutt
WHEELER Edwin Clerk -
WHITE Samuel X settler -
WHITEHOUSE John Settler, stock and landowner Porirua Road
WHITEHOUSE Joseph Stockholder Porirua Road
WHITEWOOD William Matson Settler River Hutt
WILKIE George Landholder Wairarapa
WILKINS John X stock and landowner -
WILKINSON David Norman Land and stockholder -
WILKINSON James Landowner -
WILLHELM D Stockholder -
WILLIAMS James Landowner River Hutt
WILLIAMSON Thomas Settler River Hutt
WILLS Edward C Settler -
WILLS James Fabian Settler -
WILSON James Land and stockowner -
WILSON John Clerk -
WILSON Thomas Stockholder Pawatahanui
WILTON Charles Stockholder -
WILTON Robert Stockholder -
WINTERINGHAM Henry Stockholder -
WOODMAN John X stock and landowner Porirua
WOODWARD J (Jonas) Land and stockholder -
WOODWARD Samuek Stockholder -
WRIGHT George Settler Porirua
WRIGHT George Settler -
WRIGLEY Thomas Gillian Carpenter, landowner River Hutt
YOUNG Arthur S Landowner -
YOUNG Charles Settler River Hutt
YOUNG George Landholder -
YULE John Merchant and landowner -

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