The Southern Cross began as a weekly paper in Auckland on 22 April 1843. In 1862 it became the first daily newspaper in Auckland, changing its name to the Daily Southern Cross. The Southern Cross was merged with the New Zealand Herald, which is still published today, in 1876.

These have been kindly indexed by Jacqueline Walles. If you think any of these entries belong to you, they can be researched in greater detail through the Papers Past website. There are sometimes follow-ups at later dates.

02 January 1868 - Frank JOHNSON, seaman on the cutter Cornstalk drowned at Kawau.

02 January 1868 - Body of William HOPWOOD, steward on the Water Nymph, found drowned.

02 January 1868 - Inquest on the body of George Crofts MASSINGHAM, drowned.

02 January 1868 - William WILLING or WALLING, seaman on the Alabama, drowned on passage from the Thames.

02 January 1868 - Inquest at Shortland Town on John WILLIS who died from the effects of a kick from a horse.

06 January 1868 - Captain IRVINE of the Clyde and Mr WINTER, Mate, washed overboard in a hurricane off Rarotonga.

11 January 1868 - William MILLER died suddenly t the Mt Eden Stockade. 13 January 1868 - Inquest on William MILLER, a prisoner.

11 January 1868 - A child named PURDIE, aged 3, died after a fall down a flight of stairs.

11 January 1868 - Two men named SANSOM and CONWAY were upset in a boat. SANSOM was rescued by the Maoris but he other [CONWAY] was drowned.

11 January 1868 - A woman named Mary TOWNSEND, aged 42, taken ill and died suddenly.

14 January 1868 - William JOHNSON of the Wanganui Military Settlers died at Waitotara, Province of Wellington.

20 January 1868 - Inquest at Mt Eden Stockade on Hohapata WHARERU, a Maori prisoner.

27 January 1868 - Inquest on James MUNRO, aged 38.

28 January 1868 - Mrs PIERCE of the Tramway Station Hotel, St Kilda, Nelson, badly injured in a fire and her 3 year old son burnt to death.

01 February 1868 - Woman named GEDDES found murdered near the mouth of the Tuapeka. Her husband is charged with the murder.

01 February 1868 - Discharged artilleryman named HORNE drowned in the Whanganui River.

02 February 1868 - J Watson BAIN Esq, J.P., died at his residence Upper Queen-street.

02 February 1868 - Death of old settler Mr Alexander Knowles CHURTON of St George's Bay, Parnell

05 February 1868 - Matakana - Death of Mr Alexander MEIKLEJOHN, of the firm Messrs Meiklejohn, shipbuilders.

05 February 1868 - Death of a son of Mr TOOKEY, aged about 5 years.

05 February 1868 - Two men of the 18th Royal Irish died last month: Private Thomas GODFREY in Albert Barracks, Auckland, and Private Robert BROWN in the Colonial Hospital, Whanganui, on 19th ult.

05 & 07 February 1868 - Son of Mr B E TURNER, died after a fall.

13 February 1868 - Murder of German Charlie and suicide of the murderer, Ivanhoe Stanley AUGARDE.

14 February 1868 - Death of Miss Emma NEVILLE (Mrs George LODER)

18 February 1868 - Settler John BLAIR, gum digger at Kahikatea Point, Riverhead, body found much decomposed. 19 February 1868 - Inquest on John BLAIR.

21 February 1868 - Inquest at the Stockade (debtor's prison) on Charles CLAYTON, formerly a brig master at the Whau and lately a timber merchant in Auckland. Also 22nd, 25th, 27th & 29 February 1868

24 February 1868 - Mr A C ROSS, of Invercargill formerly of Melbourne, died after fall from horse.

25 February 1868 - Alexander COLLINS died at Porirua Bay, Wellington.

2 March 1868 - The body of Joseph BLAYMIRES of Picton, found apparently drowned.

3rd & 4th March 1868 - Charles Henry DUCKINFIELD, aged 6 or 7, son of Charles Duckinfield, drowned at Shelly Beach.

13 March 1868 - James Hunter ALLEN, shepherd for Mr Scarrott, Wairoa, Kaipara District, drowned in a lake on the station.

18 March 1868 - Alexander MONRO, about 20, and Jonas GILBERT, 16, found drowned in Mauku Creek.

20 March 1868 - Captain PETLEY of Sydney, Master; James SMITH, Chief Officer, formerly master of the brig Drover, Sydney; John McGREGOR, James PYE, Reynold LUMBERG, David MAC, John JONES and the cook and steward, names unknown. Seamen of the wrecked brig Fortune were washed ashore on the beach southward of Hokianga and interred by the natives who occupied the locality.

08 April 1868 - Inquest on a child named Margaret McKENZIE, Onehunga, who swallowed Lucifer matches.

09 April 1868 - Mr Edward MALCOLM, sail-maker, Lower Queen-street, died after falling down stairs. Also 10th & 11th April 1868

11 April 1868 - William RICE died at the boarding-house of George Taylor, Albert-street. [Further details]

13th April 1868 - Inquest on Samuel GALBRAITH, seaman, of Dundee. Also 02 May 1868

13 April 1868 - John NOLAN, proprietor of the Orpheus Hotel, Queen-street, has been drowned in the creek at Shortland Town.

14 April 1868 - Inquest on John NOLAN

29th April 1868 - Inquest on William PECK at Shortland, presumed drowned.

02 May 1868 - Inquest at Karaka on William MATHER, found drowned.

02 May 1868 - Two drowned when Thistle wrecked near Whangarei Heads - Mr A McLEOD, settler Waipu and a girl aged about 15, daughter of Mr MITCHELSON, an old settler in Auckland

09 May 1868 - Seaman named Christian PETERSEN on Ethan Allen died of consumption.

11 May 1868 - The body of Mr John GRAHAM has not yet been recovered after the upsetting of his boat. Also 12th, 15th, 18th, 20th May & 02nd June.

11 May 1868 - Thomas HAYES (Long Tom) found drowned at the Thames. Also inquest -12 May 1868

14 May 1868 - Inquest on Elizabeth BOND of Chapel-street, found dead in bed.

14 May 1868 - WHEELAN, warder at Hokianga gaol died suddenly. Also 21st May 1868.

16 May 1868 - Inquest at Official Bay on John NEWA, drowned.

18 May 1868 - Daughter, aged 14 mths, of Mr S Y COLLINS, scalded to death.

19 May 1868 - Thomas CADMAN, Manager of Karaka Saw Mill, drowned in dam at Coromandel. Also 02nd June 1868]

29 May 1868 - Inquest on Peter HILLOM, died at the fair, Royal Hotel.

29 May 1868 - Wellington - Captain DAVIS died after falling into the water.

08 June 1868 - William FIELD, clerk, Cambridge, died suddenly.

10 June 1868 - Inquest at Provincial Hospital on William JOHNSON, died while under treatment.

11 June 1868 - Mr J WILSON, late of Garibaldi Store, Shortland, died on Tuesday after a brief illness of two days. Also 12th June 1868

12 June 1868 - The eldest son of Solomon COSSEY, a shoe-maker, was suddenly ceased with a fit. Died before Dr RAYNER arrived.

13 June 1868 - The member for Oamaru, Mr H A JULIUS, died in Dunedin rather suddenly of inflammation of the lungs brought on by a severe cold.

15 June 1868 - William COSSEY died suddenly at Drury on Wednesday last, disease of the heart.

15 June 1868 - John FOX, Paihia boatman, one of the first settlers to NZ, died very suddenly. Resident at the Bay upwards of 40 years.

15 June 1868 — A gunner of the Royal Artillery named MOON died in hospital in Albert Barracks. Interred with military honours.

16 June 1868 - A man named LIDDLE has died from exposure to the weather on Mr Charles’ run on the Hurunui.

23 June 1868 - A man named MORRISON fell overboard from the Tauranga on Saturday and in all probability has met a watery grave. Also 04 July 1868 — Body found off Kohimarama: 06 July 1868- Inquest Also 01st August 1868

23 June 1868 - Inquest at Hokitika on three men drowned in the Louisa — one named KING had been a sailor on board the steamer London.

29 June 1868 - Inquest on Major TIGHE - from natural causes. Also 27 June & 03 July 1868

29 June 1868 - Fatal drowning of two at Kaipara — Mr Jesse DAVIS of Paparoa, leaving a wife and three children: and George KIRK, aged 16. Also 03 July 1868.

29 June 1868 - Death of General TAYLOR Also 01 July — Funeral and 03 July 1868.

30 June 1868 - James WESTON, died after leg amputated due to fall from Mauku Bridge.

01 July 1868 - James ADAMS, farmer, Southbridge, Canterbury, died after falling on plough irons.

03 July 1868 - William JOHNSON, Onehunga, while on the old Government Road, was seized with a fit and fell over into the water. Expired a few hours after admission to hospital.

03 July 1868 - A child named Andrew LYONS, aged 4 yrs 4 mths, was drowned at Kerikeri near Papakura on 13 June by falling into a well.

08 July 1868 - James ROSS, farmer, Eyreton, Canterbury, drowned in attempting to cross the Waimakariri River in that province.

08 July 1868 - Thomas SMITH died suddenly at Kaikora (sic). He was an old 65th man. He had been drinking for some time.

08 July 1868 - A man named MURRAY perished in the snow at Tapanui. Also Peter PATON, bullock-team driver of Invercargill, drowned while crossing the Mataura at Jackson's Flat.

09 July 1868 - Two miners, Stephen J MACKLAY and James GREEN, drowned in a collapsed race. [From the Grey River Argus, 27 June]

09 July 1868 - Instantaneous death of miner Garrett BARRY from Co. Cork while working in a shaft. [From the Westport Times 27 June]

10 July 1868 - Adolphus BECKMAN, a Swede, seaman on the Argo, fell overboard during passage to Whangarei. Dead upon being rescued.

13 July 1868 - Pte William ARMSTRONG, 18th Royal Irish, died in the afternoon of the 11th inst. The deceased was a native of Co. Cavan and joined the 2nd Battalion on its first formation at Enniskillen in the summer of 1858.

14 July 1868 - William WILSON, solicitor of Auckland, drowned in the Tapu Creek. Also 16 July, and Funeral & inquest 17 July 1868

16 July 1868 - Inquest on Arthur BUCKLAND, died at Onehunga 14 July, after a few months' illness, aged 32. Also 01 Aug 1868.

20 July 1868 - The body of Mr Henry WHITE, an old and well known resident in Auckland, was found in the harbour yesterday. Also 21 July - Inquest and 01 August 1868.

24 July 1868 - In yesterday's paper we gave an account of the supposed death by drowning of the master of the cutter Maid of the Mill. We withheld the name at the request of a friend and relatives but as there is now no reason for doing so, we may state that it was Mr John RATTRAY, son of Captain Rattray of this city. Also 23 July 1868.

25 July 1868 - Inquest on Marianne KIBBLEWHITE, Drake-street, death caused by excessive drinking. Also 1st August 1868.

29 July 1868 - Arthur GUNDRY, artist, son of the late W R Gundry.

31 July 1868 - Inquest on William TURNER, aged 2.9 yrs, Diggers' Camp, accidentally drowned. Also 31st July & 1st August 1868.

01 August 1868 - John LITTLE, Mate on the Lady Don, knocked overboard during a gale between Cape Runaway and Hicks Bay.

4 August 1868 - William Robins DICKSON, died without gaining consciousness after a wall fell on him at a fire.

06 August 1868 - The corpse of Mrs SCHAPPE, wife of Mr Schappe, timber merchant, brought up from Mercury Bay. Two days after arriving at Mercury Bay, Mrs Schappe gave birth to a son but the violent weather experienced after her confinement resulted in her death in the short space of four hours.

12 August 1868 - Inquest on Patrick GORMAN, died suddenly from apoplexy caused by excessive drinking. Pensioner of the 58th Regt. Also 02nd September 1868.

12 August 1868 - On 20th July a child named Joseph Phillips MEYER was drowned in Lyttelton by falling down a well.

12 August 1868 - Arthur WATTS a miller, was found drowned in the Avon near Lyttelton on 21st July. The circumstances showed that he had fallen in accidentally.

13 August 1868 - Mrs Woods, landlady o the Golden Age Hotel, Waikato, committed suicide by swallowing a quantity of the essential oil of almonds on 23 July 1868.

20 August 1868 - Inquest at Tookey's Flat, on Charles BRAY, drowned. Also 02 Sept 1868

20 August 1868 - Inquest re George JOHNSTON.

21 August 1868 - Mr Norcott ATKINS, Hicks Bay, Thames, Manager of the Hicks Bay Boiling Down Co. died suddenly. Also 26th August 1868.

21 August 1868 - Mr DAWSON, farmer, of Tokomairiro, was killed whilst felling timber in the bush. He leaves a wife and family.

21 August 1868 - Mr Nathan YOUNG, settler near Otepopo, has been shot dead. He had gone with others to shoot ducks on the beach when the gun of a man named SPERRING was accidentally discharged with the contents lodging in the shoulder blade of the deceased. He fell dead in the arms of his son. Deceased leaves a wife and seven small children.

22 August 1868 - Death of Mr ELLIOT, brother to Col Elliot of the 18th Royal Irish who died today in the hospital at 2.30 p.m from inflammation of the trachea. Also Whanganui Evening Herald 15th August

26 August 1868 - The body of Mr W D PURDON, manager of the Hokitika and Kaniere Tramway, found in the lagoon at the south side of the island at Hokitika.

26 August 1868 - Robert O'BERY, part owner of the Alexandra, died while the vessel was lying off the Rattray Street shed, Dunedin. He was seen to leave the store and jump upon the wharf and it was found that he was choking, a piece of meat having stuck in his throat. Death ensued in a few minutes.

29 August 1868 - Mr WHEELER, an old settler died after a few days illness at the age of 77. He was better known as a Papakura settler where he held a farm of 900 acres.

31 August 1868 - Mr William HANCOCK, aged 70, builder, Auckland, was interred yesterday afternoon.

04 September 1868 - Mr Sanford ROWE, a member of the theatrical company of George Fawcett, died suddenly at Hokitika on 25 August.... a kindly, generous hearted man ..

04 September 1868 - A little girl named WAITE was drowned on 21 August at Hokitika by falling into the Waimea Creek while crossing on a log.

08 September 1868 - A child belonging to Mr BOYD of the Whau was so severely burned during the absence of its mother that it expired the next morning.

11 September 1868 - Mr W A HUNT whose name has become so well known as the discoverer of the famous reef on the Thames goldfield, was married yesterday to Miss J F RUSSELL, daughter of an old and respected settler of this province, Mr John Russell of Upper Queen-street. After the marriage ceremony, which was performed by the Rev D Bruce, Mr Hunt and his bride left town for Remuera where Mr Hunt has purchased the beautiful residence and grounds known as Mount Orchard. Also 05 Oct 1868 - Breach of Promise action against W A HUNT

11 September 1868 - Eugene CARROL, 18th Royal Irish, died in the hospital, Albert Barracks, of disease of the chest and lungs which was first contracted during General Chute's campaign on the West Coast in 1865. He leaves a widow and child. >>

11 September 1868 - John POYNTER, Resident Magistrate of Nelson, died at home at "The Haven" on Sunday 30 August, aged 68. He leaves a widow and four children.

11 September 1868 - Henry GODFREY of Woodbourne, died from diphtheria the same day as his son passed away, two daughters having previously died from the same disease.

12 September 1868 - Inquest on Patrick BURKE, found dead the previous day. Adjourned for post mortem examination. Also inquest 14 Sept 1868 & 02 October 1868.

16 September 1868 - LACY, the soldier who was wounded when the Maoris took the redoubt of Turoturomokau, has died at Patea from the effects of the wound.

16 September 1868 - Mr DOUGLAS, storekeeper at Harimoimoi, near Kopu, has, it is believed, met his death by drowning. Also 18th, 29th, 30th (inquest) & 02nd October 1868.

16 September 1868 - A young girl named Elizabeth Ann MOULD, aged 2 yrs 4 mths, lost her life when she fell into a tub full of water.

16 September 1868 - Inquest on infant child of Jane ALIMAN owing to the neglect of her mother occasioned by excessive drinking.

16 September 1868 - Officers killed at Patea - Captain BUCK, Lieut HASTINGS, Major Von TEMPSKY, Lieut HUNTER. Also 19 Sept 1868, P.7, C.3 - Subscription approved for the widow and children of the late Major Von TEMPSKY.

16 September 1868 - A diver named BURTON drowned while working on the wreck of s.s. Taranaki from the s.s. Ladybird (Capt Renner), Bowden Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound. Also 18 September 1858 - Inquest.

18 September 1868 - John GEORGE, butcher, Parnell, died suddenly. Also 18 Sept 1868 - inquest; 21 Sept 1868 - Funeral.

23 September 1868 - Inquest on Murdoch McRAE. Also 02nd October 1868.

28 September 1868 - Edward McCLUSKEY, digger from Nelson, died suddenly.

30 September 1868 - Old colonists, Dr EVANS, died at Wellington. Also 02nd Oct 1868 - Funeral.

02 October 1868 - John HAYWARD (Cheap John) died from falling from Queen-street Wharf and grazing his head against the cross beam pile.

03 October 1868 - A lad named Frederick RENNER lost his life by drowning yesterday off Rangitoto. He was making his first trip on the fishing boat Pet. Also 06 Oct 1868 - Inquest.

12 October 1868 - Article from the Melbourne Argus - Major Von TEMPSKY

16 October 1868 - Death of Richard RIDINGS. Also 19 Oct 1868 - Funeral.

23 October 1868 - Inquest on John Bramah FRAZI/FRASI, Civil Engineer, Butts Hotel, Shortland. Also 24 Oct 1868 - Inquest: 29 Oct 1868 - RODGERS arrested: 30th, 31st and 02nd Nov 1868.

23 October 1868 - James STEVENS drowned in the Waikato River - inquest.

26 October 1868 - A man named COLLINS, brother to Mr H Collins, settler at the Wairoa, was murdered by Hauhaus.

28 October 1868 - Arthur KINSEY, son of an English clergyman, drowned in the Wairau River. Body not yet recovered.

28 October 1868 - Inquest on Henry VANT, drowned in the Wairau River.

29 October 1868 - Funeral of Mr William COURTNEY

04 November 1868 - William DICKSON, aged 15, rescued from fire in Durham Street, badly injured, not expected to survive.

07 November 1868 - Richard JENNINGS, aged 3, drowned at Dunedin.

07 November 1868 - Edward RICE, Litchfield-street, Christchurch, hung himself.

09 November 1868 - A son of Mr CRAIG, aged 5, died after being kicked in the abdomen by a horse.

13 November 1868 - Funeral of George LEECH from Swan Inn, Mechanic's Bay, to St Francis de Sales Church, Symonds-street at 4 o'clock.

13 November 1868 - Mr BAKER, dairyman, Lyttelton. The cause of death was reported to be a fracture of the base of the skull.

14 November 1868 - An account of the massacre at the Poverty Bay settlement - 35 killed, 20 missing. Also 16th & 19th November 1868.

17 November 1868 - Henry PAGE has died from injuries received by a falling tree. Also 20th Nov 1868 and 02 Dec 1868.

20 November 1868 - Inquest on William Henry GREEN aged 26 who died rather suddenly early on Wednesday morning. Also 02nd Dec 1868.

07 December 1868 - Charles Steele ROSE, aged 8, drowned in the Mt Eden water reserve after falling from a raft. Also 08 December 1868 - Inquest at Queen's Hotel, Symonds-street, re ROSE.

07 December 1868 - Inquest on William Hamilton DAVIS, 23 months - accidental death. Run over by a cart carrying sand.

10 December 1868 - J W KEMPTHORNE and J L PIDWELL drowned off Black Jack's point, Dunedin. Also 10th December 1868 - Inquest of Mr PIDWELL.

10 December 1868 - TAYLOR drowned by the capsizing of a dinghy. Also 18 Dec 1868.

11 December1868 - Daughter of Mr BUTTERWORTH, Parnell, aged 3, died as a result of ingesting phosphorous off Lucifer matches. Also 12th Dec 1868 - Inquest, and 15 Dec 1868.

12 December 1868 - Inquest on Spiritiani SPALATRIONI, an Austrian, who was found at the bottom of a shaft 63ft deep on the White Squall claim.

15 December 1868 - Inquest re William FLOWERS - Found dead near the Mt Eden Stockade.

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