RESERVISTS - TE PUKE - 1916 -1917

Reservists were lists of men resident in an area during the First World War who could be called on for military service. This is the closest that New Zealand has to a census for this period.

The First Division of Reserve was compiled in September 1916. It consists of men, natural-born British subjects, not less that twenty and under forty-six years of age who are unmarried, or who have married since the 1st May 1915, and have no child under sixteen by a previous marriage, or who are widowers with no children under sixteen, or who are divorced or judicially seperated from their wives and have no children under sixteen years of age.

The Second Division Roll of the New Zealand Expeditionay Force Reserve was created by the NZ Government in August-October 1917.

Classification is based on the number of children of a reservist.

Class A - Reservists who have no children or who failed to provide adequate maintenance for their children.
Class B - Reservists who have one child.
Class C - Reservists who have two children.
Class D - Reservists who have three children.
Class E - Reservists who have four children.
Class F - Reservists who have more than four children.

ABBOTT Archibald William John 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
AITKEN John 2nd Oxford St, Te Puke Jeweller A
ALEXANDER Albert Edwin 2nd Te Puke Motor Mechanic C
ALEXANDER Thomas William Reginald 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Farmer B
ANDERSON William Lindsay 2nd Paengaroa Creamery Manager A
ANDREWS Albert Thomas 1st Papamoa Farmer -
ANSELL Enoch 2nd Te Puke Painter F
ANSELL William James 2nd Matata Baker B
ARKLE Francis Taynbee 2nd No 3 Road, Te Puke Carpenter E
ARMER George William 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
AWCOCK Ernest 1st Te Puke Labourer -
AWCOCK Sydney George 1st Oxford St, Te Puke - -
BAILEY Harry George 1st Ngawaro Labourer -
BAKER Arthur Phillip 2nd Puata, Te Puke Dairy Farmer A
BAKER Ernest Hastings 1st Puata, Te Puke Dairy Farmer -
BALL John Alois 2nd Pongakawa Farmer C
BARKER William 2nd Te Puke Farmer D
BARNEY James 1st Te Puke Carpenter C
BARROW Angus 2nd Te Puke Farmer and Contractor -
BARROW Graham 2nd Te Puke Farmer -
BARROW Walter Harold 1st Te Puke Saddler -
BASSETT William James 1st Te Puke Carpenter -
BAYLISS Harold Bertram 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
BAYLISS Leonard Carle 2nd Te Puke Farmer -
BEAR Harold 2nd Pongakawa Farmer B
BEAVIS Arthur John 2nd Papamoa Farmer B
BEAZLEY Albert 2nd No 1 Road, Te Puke Farmer D
BELL Robert 2nd Te Puke - B
BENNER Trevor Arthur Usborne 2nd Glenworrell, Pongakawa Milker C
BENNETT Arthur Riley 1st Te Puke Mokai Labourer C
BERRIDGE Cyril Probyn 1st C/- J Collins, Te Puke Engineer -
BHANA Unka (Jimi) 2nd Te Puke Labourer A
BILLING R P V V Rudolph 1st Pongakawa Farmer and Contractor C
BIRD William 1st Te Puke - C
BISHOPRICK George Herbert 1st Te Puke Famer and Dairyman F
BISS Reginald Onslow Holm 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Book Keeper E
BLACKIE Leslie Gipson 2nd Te Puke Dental Assistant A
BLACKMORE William 2nd Maketu Labourer F
BLAIR Harry 1st Paengaroa Platelayer -
BLAYMIRES Joseph Neale 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
BLAYMIRES William John 1st Paengaroa Farmer B
BLYTHE Thomas 2nd Rangiuru, Te Puke Farmer F
BODHA Keshav Lala 2nd Atuaroa, Te Puke Flax washer C
BOSTOCK Frank 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
BOWLES George Edwin 2nd Te Puke Locomotive Driver C
BOWLES Harold Edward 2nd Te Puke Carter B
BRADFORD Robert Moore 2nd Oxford St, Te Puke Chaffcutter -
BRAGG Henry 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Engine Driver NZR A
BRIGHTWELL Earl Ferguson 1st Rangiuru Road, Te Puke Farming -
BRIGHTWELL Earl Ferguson 2nd Rangiuru Road, Te Puke Road Surfaceman E
BROWN Burton John 1st Paengaroa Dairy-Farmer -
BROWN Cyril 1st Ngawaro Farmer -
BROWN Jonathan 2nd Te Puke Auctioneer B
BROWN Roland Cargill 2nd Pongakawa Farmer F
BROWNLEE Robert 1st Te Puke Tailor and Farmer -
BRYAN Henry Peto 2nd Te Puke Dairy Farmer A
BUTCHER Cecil Leslie 2nd Stewart St, Te Puke Butcher B
BUTCHER Harry Ernest 2nd Te Puke Butcher C
BUTLAND Charles Harold 1st Public Works Dept, Te Puke Fettler -
CALLERY Charles 1st No 3 Road, Te Puke Farmer -
CALLISTER Norman 1st Te Puke Farmer C
CAMPBELL Alexander 1st Main Street, Te Puke Labourer -
CAMPBELL David 1st Paengaroa Cattle Raiser, Contractor and Labourer -
CAMPBELL Herbert 1st Paengaroa Stripper Keeper -
CAMPBELL Peter 2nd Maketu Hotel, Maketu Hotelkeeper A
CAPON Percy Edward 2nd Te Puke Bootmaker B
CARPENTER Jabez Henry 2nd Te Puke Store Manager E
CARRUTH John 2nd Te Puke Farmer A
CARTER Albert George 1st Te Puke Storeman and Barman -
CARTER Lambton Chilton 2nd Papamoa Farm Manager -
CASHMORE Henry Thomas 2nd Te Puke Builders Assistant A
CAWTE James Bernard Houghton 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
CHAYTOR Brian 2nd Matata Carpenter -
CHESTER Charles 1st Te Puke Carpenter -
CHRISTOPHERS Charles Bernard 1st Te Puke Farmer -
CHYNOWETH William John 2nd Te Puke Farmer F
CLARK Clarence 1st Te Puke Farming -
CLARK George Titus 2nd Te Puke Bar Tender D
CLARKE Harry 1st Te Puke Labourer -
COLEBROOK John Mangan 1st Paengaroa Dredge Master -
COLLINS Alfred James 2nd Te Puke Farmer F
COLLINS Theodore 2nd Paengaroa Groom -
COOK Thomas John 1st Te Puke Groom -
COOPER Thomas William 2nd Papamoa Farmer C
CRAMPTON William 1st Paengaroa Labourer -
CRUICKSHANK Edward George 1st Te Puke Farmer -
CRUICKSHANK Milford George 1st Te Puke Farming -
CURRAN Daniel 1st Public Works Dept, Te Puke Quarryman -
CURRIE James 2nd Te Puke Tailor B
DARE John 1st Paengaroa Share Milking -
DEACON Ernest Wade 1st Te Puke Book Keeper -
DICK Archie Allan 1st Ohinepanea Farmer -
DICKEY George 1st Te Puke Farming -
DICKEY Joseph William 1st Te Matai, Te Puke Farmer -
DICKSON James 1st Papamoa Farmer -
DIMBERLINE Gilbert 1st Papamoa Farmer -
DINSDALE George 2nd Paengaroa Labourer A
DIPROSE Allan Lewis 2nd No 3 Road, Te Puke Farmer -
DIPROSE Hedley Morris 2nd Paengaroa Farmer -
DIXON John 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Farmer F
DIXON Samuel 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Farmer B
DOUGLAS Charles William 1st Te Puke Farmer -
DOUGLAS Hugh 2nd Te Puke Storeman D
DOUGLAS Samuel 2nd Whataroa, Te Puke Farmer F
DRABBLE Robert William 2nd Pongakawa Labourer -
DUNCAN Charles 1st Public Works Dept, Te Puke Storeman -
DUNCAN Oswald Peter 2nd Te Puke Farmer F
DUNLOP Oliver 2nd Te Puke Butcher D
DYKES James Semple 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
EAGLESON David 2nd Te Puke Labourer E
EBBETT John Harris 1st Maketu Fisherman -
EDKINS John Meredith 2nd Paengaroa Farmer C
EDMONDS Josiah John 2nd Te Puke Labourer A
EDMONDSON John Henry 1st Te Ranga, Te Puke Teacher -
EDWARD Harold Stewart 2nd Te Puke Farmer C
EDWARDS Garrett John 2nd Paengaroa Labourer D
EDWARDS Richard Alleyn 2nd C/- G Mends Paengaroa Jockey B
EGAN Edward 1st Meads Flax Mill, Paengaroa Labourer -
ELLIOTT Nelson Albert 2nd Pongakawa Farmer C
ELLIS John William 1st No 3 Road, Te Puke Sheep-farmer -
ELLIS Samuel Jamieson 1st Paengaroa Builder and Contractor -
ELWIN James Jeken 2nd Te Puke Farmer E
FENTON Anthony Henry 1st Te Puke Farming -
FENTON John Gilmore 1st Te Puke Dairy-Farmer -
FENTON Robert James 2nd Papamoa Farmer -
FERGUSON William 2nd Papamoa Farmer C
FINN Jack Ferguson 1st Club Private Hotel, Te Puke Clerk -
FISHER Percy 1st Te Puke Farm Labourer -
FLYNN Patrick 1st Te Puke Saddler -
FORD George Pinckney 2nd Otaiperia, Maketu Farmer C
FRANCIS Frederick 1st Paengaroa Junction Labourer -
FROST Edward 1st Paengaroa Assistant of Farm -
FYNN Thomas 1st Te Puke Driver -
GALBRAITH David 2nd Pongakawa Farmer B
GALLAGHER John 1st Te Puke Labourer -
GARFORTH Charles 2nd Post Office, Te Puke Labourer C
GARRETT Arthur Ernest 2nd Papamoa Dairy-Farmer F
GARSTIN Horace 2nd Maketu Hotelkeeper B
GEORGE Alfred Edward 2nd Te Puke Agent Steamship Company C
GILLHAM Henry 2nd Maketu Railway Navvy B
GILMORE Robert James 2nd Te Puke Farmer -
GILMORE William John 2nd Te Puke Farmer and Drover -
GOBBIE Robert Harrington 1st Otamarakau, Matata Farmer -
GODWIN Horace 2nd Te Puke Teacher C
GORDON Alexander 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
GORDON James Paterson 2nd Te Matai, Te Puke Farmer -
GOURLAY Thomas Andrew 2nd Paengaroa Labourer C
GRAHAM James Aubrey 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Carpenter B
GRANT Peter 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Driver B
GRAY William Robert 2nd King St, Te Puke Carpenter C
GREIG James Boyd 1st Bank of Australasia, Te Puke Bank Clerk -
GREY Leonard 1st Te Puke Farmer -
GRIFFIN Mapson Webb 1st Ridge Farm, Te Puke Farmer -
GUILDFORD Ernest Albert 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Farm Labourer F
GUTHRIE William 1st Te Puke Shop Assistant -
HAIGH Ernest 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Foreman C
HAMPSHIRE Arthur Josiah 1st Te Puke Farmer -
HANDLEY Frederick Samuel 1st Paengaroa Clerk of Scales -
HANSON William Alexander 2nd No 3 Road, Te Puke Farmer F
HARDS Sidney George 2nd Rangiuru Rd, Te Puke Carpenter E
HARDWICK William 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
HARRAY John 2nd No 1 Road, Te Puke Farmer C
HARRIS George Gregory 1st Papamoa Farmer -
HARRIS Herbert Aubrey 1st Wharekaahu, Maketu Gardener -
HARRIS Leslie Gilbert 2nd Otamarakau, Matata Farmer B
HEARNE Edward Francis Borgia 2nd Te Puke Bank Manager A
HEATHERINGTON John Thomas 1st No 2 Road, Te Puke Farmer -
HEATHERINGTON Joseph Alfred 1st No 2 Road, Te Puke Farmer -
HEATHERINGTON Percy Ridley 1st Te Puke Surgeon Dentist A
HEGGIE David 2nd Te Puke Home Missionary -
HEMSLEY Albert Henry 1st Te Puke Share Milker -
HENDERSON James 1st Te Puke Farmer -
HEWITT Ernest Bertie 1st Paengaroa Dairy-Farmer -
HEWITT William Henry 1st Paengaroa Dairy-Farmer -
HICKSON Annesley Martin 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
HIGGINBOTHAM Joseph Elton 1st Te Puke Flax-mill Hand C
HIGGINS Augustus 1st Post Office, Te Puke Labourer -
HIGGINS Nathaniel Newman 1st Te Puke Flax Miller -
HIGGINSON Albert Edward 1st Te Puke Farmer -
HIGGINSON Frank Cave 1st Te Puke Stockman F
HILL Alexander 1st Ohinepanea Labourer -
HILL Harry 1st Te Puke Blacksmith -
HILL John Lionel Coendoz 1st Te Puke Solicitor -
HILLIER Nehemiah Edward 2nd Papamoa Farmer B
HINE Alfred Charles 1st Te Puke Farmer -
HINE George Thomas 2nd Maketu Farmer A
HINGSTON Frederick Ernest 1st Te Puke Farmer A
HODGE John Martin 2nd Maungarangi, Paengaroa Farmer F
HODGE Richard Turipuku 2nd Maungarangi, Paengaroa Farmer A
HOLDSWORTH John Scrutton 2nd Te Puke Lineman A
HOLLAND William Anthony 2nd Pongakawa Farmer A
HORTON William Henry 2nd Te Puke Farmer E
HOSKING Frederick Albert 2nd Ohinepanea Farmer F
HOYES James 1st Paengaroa Farm Labourer -
HUGHES Edward Richard 2nd Paengaroa Dairy-Farmer F
JAMIESON Lawrence 2nd C/o Broad & Ingrams Flax Mill, Te Puke Scutcher D
JENKINS Harold Llewellyn 1st Pongakawa Farmer F
JENKINS Thomas Randall 2nd Te Puke Farmer A
JOHANSEN Ole 2nd Te Puke Farm Labourer C
JOHNSTONE Gordon Carrick 2nd Te Puke Carrier F
JONES Charles Robert 2nd Paengaroa Farmer B
JONES Frederick Wallace 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
JONES Harry 2nd Papamoa Farmer F
KEAM Peter Thomas 2nd Papamoa Dairyman B
KEITH Anslow Leopold 2nd Te Puke Farmer D
KELLEY Percy 1st Te Puke Farm Hand -
KELLY Richard John 1st Maketu Farmer -
KELLY William Roger 1st Te Puke Flax Mill Hand -
KEMP George 2nd Te Puke Carpenter B
KERR Ernest Johnson 1st Te Puke Coachbuilder -
KERR Leonard 2nd Te Puke Blacksmith D
KOOPS Walter William 2nd Paengaroa Farmer C
LAING Edgar Nolton 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
LAWSON John Ramsay 1st Te Puke Farmer -
LEES Daniel Ambrose 2nd Manoeka, Te Puke Dairy Farmer C
LEES Frederick 2nd Papamoa Farmer E
LENEHAN Anthony 1st Te Puke Farm Labourer -
LEVIS Richard Clarence 1st Paengaroa Farmer F
LOWE Bernard James 1st Paengaroa Share Milker -
LUKE Charles Lewis 2nd Te Puke Butter Factory Manager B
MACFARLANE Alexander Armstrong 2nd Te Puke Medical Practioner B
MACLEAN Joseph Brooks 1st C/o Mr Sanders, Te Puke Station Hand -
MALYON David Stewart 1st Te Puke Farmer -
MARSHALL James Benjamin 2nd Paengaroa Farmer C
MARTIN James Edward 1st Paengaroa Foreman Platelayer -
MAYHEW George 1st C/o Mrs Barnett, No 2 Rd, Te Puke Labourer -
McCARTHY Eugene Francis 1st Paengaroa Labourer -
McCARTHY John Patrick 1st Paengaroa Public Works Labourer -
McCAULEY John Richard 1st Te Puke Farmer F
McCAULEY Robert William 1st Main St, Te Puke Blacksmith E
McCAULEY William Henry 2nd Te Puke Labourer B
McCRACKEN Alfred Henry 1st Te Puke Farmer A
McCRACKEN George Isaac 1st Te Puke Farmer -
McCULLOUGH William 2nd Te Puke Farmer D
McDOWELL Thomas 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
McEWEN William Stuart 1st Te Puke Dairy Farmer -
McGEE Thoams Rogers 2nd Te Matai, Te Puke Farmer C
McGHIE Charles Henry 1st No 2 Road, Te Puke Farmer D
McGUIRE Charles Valentine 2nd Pongakawa Carpenter A
McKAY John 1st Te Puke Farmer -
McKENZIE Alexander 1st Papamoa Sheep-farmer -
McLAUGHLIN Cornelius Patrick 1st Paengaroa Farm Labourer -
McLAUGHLIN John 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
McLEAN Angus 1st Paengaroa Flax Cutter -
McMEEKIN Alexander 1st Te Puke Hotel, Te Puke Barman -
McMULLEN George 2nd Te Puke Guard NZR D
McNAUGHTON Colin Peter Campbell 2nd Papamoa Farmer D
McNEICE Samuel 2nd Pongakawa Farmer D
McPHEE Albert Prider 2nd Te Puke Flax Miller D
McPHERSON James Barr 2nd C/o Mr A Abbott, Te Puke Milkman E
McRAE John 1st The Club Boardinghouse, Te Puke Tailor -
MENDS George Herbert 2nd Paengaroa Flax-miller C
MESSHAM Arthur 1st Paengaroa Labourer -
MILLER Charles Bell 1st Te Puke Farmer A
MITCHELL Stewart Wilson 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
MITCHELL Thomas 2nd Mei St, Te Puke Plumber F
MITCHELL Thomas 2nd Te Puke Plumber F
MOKO John 1st Papamoa Labourer -
MOLES Robert 2nd Paengaroa Labourer A
MONTGOMERY Adolphus 2nd Te Puke Hotelkeeper E
MORRISON Edward James 1st No 3 Road, Te Puke Road Contractor -
MUIR William 1st Te Puke Labourer -
MUNDT William Frederick 2nd Paengaroa Farmer -
MUNRO Donald George 2nd Papamoa Labourer C
MUNRO William Douglas 1st Raroa Flax Mill, Te Puke Flax Mill Hand -
MURPHY William Edward 2nd Pongakawa Labourer D
MURRAY Ernest 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
MURRAY Louis Allan 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Farmer E
MURRAY Wilfred 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Farmer A
MUTTON Robert T 2nd Te Puke Farmer -
NEAL Walter Henry 2nd Pongakawa Farmer C
NELSON William Thomas 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Farmer B
NICHOLLS William Thomas 2nd Te Puke Foreman C
O'CALLAGHAN Michael G L 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
ODEN Alexis Schiller 2nd Te Puke Farmer A
OGRAM Eric George 1st Te Puke Motor Driver -
O'HALLORAN William Augustus 2nd Te Puke Stock Agent C
ORR Oswald 2nd Paengaroa Sheep-farmer D
O'SULLIVAN Daniel Ambrose 1st Paengaroa Dredge Hand -
OVERALL Arthur 2nd Pongakawa Farmer D
OXLEY Allan Randolph 2nd Te Puke Accountant B
PALMER Thomas Ernest 2nd Te Puke Builder F
PAMPLIN Walter Edward 2nd Ngawaro Farmer C
PATEL William 2nd Paengaroa Flax Mill Hand A
PATERSON John Hepburn 1st Te Puke Farmer -
PATERSON William 1st Paengaroa Scutcher -
PATERSON William Latto 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
PEMBERTON John Thomas 1st Paengaroa Engine-driver C
PENKETH James 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Farmer F
PERSEY John 2nd Te Puke Storekeeper C
PHARE Francis Tucker 2nd Manoeha, Te Puke Farmer A
PHILLIPS Alfred Mark 1st Ngawaro Farmer -
PHILLIPS John 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
PINKER Benjamin George 2nd Paengaroa Farmer F
PRIDDLE Charles Frank 1st Te Puke Farmer -
PUGH William 1st Paengaroa Drainer -
PURSER Cruwys Dee 2nd Te Puke Coachbuilder D
PURSLEY James Edward 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
RAVINE Alfred 1st Te Puke Labourer -
RAVINE George 1st Te Puke Labourer -
RAYMOND Arthur Henry 2nd Te Puke Flax-cutter -
RAYMOND John 2nd Te Puke Farmer -
REA Samuel 2nd Paengaroa Butcher D
REDSHAW George 1st Paengaroa Farm Labourer -
REDSHAW Richard John 1st Otaiparia, Paengaroa Farmer -
REEKIE George 1st Te Puke Labourer -
REEKIE Robert 1st Te Puke Labourer -
REID Allan Lorraine 1st Mangatai Rd, Ngawaro Station Hand -
REID William 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
REIDY Dan 1st Public Works, Te Puke Guard -
RENDALL Arthur 2nd Manawahe, Matata Farmer F
RIDDELL Cecil Osborne 2nd Pongakawa Farmer E
RIDDELL John Wylie 2nd Te Puke Companys Agent D
ROBERTS Cecil Claude 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
ROBERTS Richard Julian 2nd Paengaroa Fruit & Vegetable Grower B
ROGERS Egbert 1st Maketu Engine Driver -
ROSS Robert Scott 1st Paengaroa Dairy-farmer -
ROWELL Arthur Thomas 2nd Fenwick Estate, Paengaroa Sawmill Employee C
RYAN Edward Michael 1st Papamoa Telegraph Lineman A
RYAN John Patrick 1st Te Puke Stable Proprietor C
RYBURN Allan McNair 2nd Papamoa Stock Agent C
RYBURN Stewart 2nd Te Puke Farmer B
SANDERS Leslie Kingdon 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Printer C
SCANLON John Joseph 1st Te Puke Public Works Timekeeper -
SCHOLLUM Joseph 2nd Te Puke Farmer F
SCOTT William 1st Ngawaro Labourer -
SENIOR Benjamin Buxton 2nd Te Matai, Te Puke Dairy-farmer -
SHARP Edwin Valentine 1st Te Puke Buttermaker -
SHEPHERD James 2nd No 4 Road, Te Puke Farmer B
SHERMAN Charles Henry 2nd Te Puke Dining Room Proprietor B
SIMPSON William 1st Paengaroa Labourer -
SIMS Frederick William 2nd Papamoa Labourer D
SMITH Alexander 1st Te Puke Stud Farmer C
SMITH Harold McDowell 1st Te Puke Engine Cleaner -
SMITH James Roy 1st Te Puke Farmer -
SMITH John David 1st Te Puke Farmer -
STAPLES Reginald Phipps 2nd No 3 Road, Te Puke Dairy Farmer A
STEEL William Gillies 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
STEWART Andrew 2nd Te Puke Civil Engineer F
STOKES Frederick James 2nd Paengaroa Farmer A
STOREY Frank 1st Paengaroa Labourer -
SUTTON Thomas George Fletcher 1st Paengaroa Dairy Farmer -
SWAYNE Robert Leonard 2nd Te Matai Rd, Te Puke Farmer B
TAIT James Robert 1st Te Puke Flax Miller -
TANNER Thomas Henry 2nd Rangiuru, Te Puke Farmer E
TANNER Thomas Hingston 2nd No 2 Road, Te Puke Dairy-Farmer -
TAYLOR Fred John Woolford 2nd C/o Mrs Dunlop, Te Puke Carpenter A
TAYLOR Frederick 1st Paengaroa Scrutcher -
TEES Robert 2nd Oroua St, Te Puke Factory Assistant B
THORBURN David Samuel 2nd Te Puke Stationmaster A
TIPLER Walter Robert 2nd Te Puke Farm Hand E
TIPLER William Edwin Ernest 1st The Club, Te Puke Gardener -
TOD John Esilman 2nd No 3 Road, Te Puke Farmer E
TUCKEY Arthur 2nd Papamoa Flax Cutter C
TURNER Albert 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
VAGG Charles 2nd Pongakawa Farmer F
VALLANCE William 2nd Te Puke Miner C
VAN ASCH Arthur 2nd Paengaroa Farmer F
VERCOE James Martyn 2nd Paengaroa Farmer B
VERCOE Joseph Lawry 2nd Rangiuru, Te Puke Farmer F
VERCOE Philip Walter 1st Te Puke Farmer -
VERCOE Stafford Henry 1st Te Puke Farmer -
VEYSEY Lawrence Oliver 1st Pongakawa Farm Hand D
VICKERS William 1st Te Puke Farm Hand -
VOICE William Albert 2nd Paengaroa Farm Labourer C
VOWLES Charles James 1st Pongakawa Dairy-farmer -
WAKELIN Thomas Ernest 2nd Te Puke Hairdresser D
WALDRON Thomas Alexander 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
WALKER Francis Thomas 1st Paengaroa Farmer -
WALSH Robert 2nd Te Puke Carpenter B
WARD Henry Percy 2nd Te Puke Milker D
WARMINGTON George 1st Paengaroa Labourer -
WASHER Alfred Hawkings 1st Paengaroa Butcher -
WASHER Benjamin Hawkings 2nd Te Puke Farmer A
WATSON Alexander Richardson 2nd Te Puke - -
WATSON Thomas Arthur Spencer 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
WEBBER Preston Hulton 1st Te Puke Farmer -
WESTON Ernest Edward 2nd Te Puke Lineman C
WHITE Stanley 1st Te Puke - -
WHITEHEAD William 1st C/o J Collins, Te Puke Baker -
WHITWORTH Samuel 1st C/o F Lees, Papamoa Farmdhand -
WICKHAM Digby Frederick Deacon 1st Pongakawa Farmer -
WICKHAM Harry 1st Pongakawa Dairy-Farmer -
WICKHAM Wilfred Edmund 1st Pongakawa Dairy-farmer -
WILKINS Hugh Benjamin 1st Warwick Farm, Paengaroa Farmer -
WILKINS Thomas Owen 2nd Paengaroa Farmer D
WILLCOCKS James 1st Te Puke Railway Labourer -
WILLIAMS Alfred 2nd Paengaroa Farmer B
WILLIAMS Wallace 2nd Maketu Dairy-farmer D
WILLIS Samuel 1st C/o R J Gilmore, Papamoa Farmhand -
WILSON Alexander 2nd Te Puke Labourer A
WILSON Thomas Arthur 2nd C/o A M Hickson, Clonmet, Paengaroa Farmer A
WINDLE Thomas 2nd Te Puke Hotel, Te Puke Auctioneer C
WOOD Robert Gabriel 2nd No 3 Road, Te Puke Labourer D
WRIGHT John 1st Te Puke Blacksmith -
WRIGHT Thomas Pope 2nd Pongakawa Farmer A
WRIGLEY Thomas Dale 2nd Te Puke Draper A
YOUNG David Edwin 2nd Te Puke Draper C

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