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These names have been taken from the New Zealand Nominal Rolls from 1914 - 1918 and do not include Scottish born soldiers with a New Zealand next-of-kin address. It is by no means exhaustive.

From Alistair McEwen
In 1910, James Hamilton who owned a Greengrocer shop in Gullane, East Lothian decided to emigrate with his wife, Mary, son Robert and daughter Mary Euphemia (Effie) to New Zealand. He had ambition to grow the fruit that he had seen coming into his shop in Scotland. The family sailed on 11 December 1910 on RMS Iconic and arrived in Dunedin on 31 December 1910.
A year later they went up country, lived in tents, built their own house and established an apricot orchard in Ettrick, Otago. They were joined in Ettrick by David Sibbald who had been their delivery boy in Gullane, Scotland. He had emigrated to Canada at the same time as they went to New Zealand but a very harsh winter in Canada made him change his plans. He returned to Scotland on ss Hesperian from Montreal to Glasgow, arriving on 25 September 1910 and move on to New Zealand.
Both David Sibbald and Robert Hamilton enlisted and both were killed in France. Effie, the daughter, never married and the farm was bequeathed to their neighbours in Ettrick. The house "Gullane" that they built still stands in Ettrick beside the apricot orchard.
Lance Corporal Robert Marshall Hamilton, NZ Rifle Brigade, born on 20 November 1897 in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland, he was the son of James Hamilton, a Greengrocer, and Mary Hamilton, of 1 Main Street, Dirleton. The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1908 and set up home in Ettrick, South Island. He joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force on 27 February 1917. He embarked from Wellington on board ss Athenie on 16 July 1917 arriving in Liverpool on 16 September 1917. He left for France on 20 February 1918 and joined his battalion in the field on 1 April 1918. On 28 July 1918 he was assigned to the division Lewis Gun school and rejoined his unit on 10 August 1918.
On 24 August he was wounded in action but stayed on duty. On 28 August he was killed in action, age 21, in the advance on Bapaume and is buried in the Grevilliers British Cemetery near Bapaume. Surviving sibling was Effie.

The Scotsman 4 November 1916
Second Lieutenant William HOWDEN, 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, died 30/09/1916, was the eldest son of James Howden, 286 Ettrick Street, Invercargill, New Zealand, formerly of Camelon, Falkirk. Prior to emigrating with his parents about 1911, he was employed as a Moulder in the Scottish Central Iron Works, Falkirk, and he continued to follow that occupation on settling in Invercargill. He enlisted as a private in the New Zealand Infantry in October 1914, and embarked with the first contingent that left for Gallipoli, fighting through the whole of the campaign, with the exception of a month when he was off slightly wounded. His abilities as a soldier were noted by his officers, and promotion came rapidly. Before leaving the Dardanelles he was raised to the rank of Sergeant Major. He received his commission on 16th July 1916.

F = Father, M = Mother, Br = Brother, S = Sister, U = Uncle, A = Aunt, C = Cousin etc.

ADAM David Norrie L/Corporal 47296 Samuel ADAM (F) Murthiel Mains Tamadice Forfarshire Scotland
ADAM John Private 42451 William ADAM (F) Braco Perthshire Scotland
ADAMS John Private 8/2829 T ADAMS (F) 48 Lumley St Grangemouth Stirlingshire Scotland
ADAMS Robert Private 12/1538 Alexander ADAMS (Br) Glasgow Scotland
AIR George Private 63085 W AIR (F) 14 Belmore St Dundee Scotland
AITCHISON Thomas Private 23773 J AITCHISON (Br) Yesteo Mains Haddingtonshire Scotland
AITKEN Henry Private 6/2522 A AITKEN (F) Tithie-Brechen Forfarshire Scotland
AITKEN James Rifleman 55888 Miss A AITKEN (S) 23 Princes St Pollockshiells Glasgow Scotland
AITKEN Walter Sneddon Private 6/2056 Miss Jeanie AITKEN (S) 13 Glencoe Rd Stirling Scotland
ALEXANDER John Rifleman 44434 Miss E ALEXANDER (S) 94 High St Dysart Fifeshire Scotland
ALEXANDER William Driver 5/643 William ALEXANDER (F) South Coldstream Dumoak Aberdeenshire Scotland
ALISON James Private 63706 Miss Nellie ALISON (S) Black Moss Strathaven Scotland
ALLAN Archibald Private 27416 James ALLAN (Br) 10 Glasgow St Willport Buteshire Scotland
ALLAN James Bombardier 2/1125 Robert ALLAN Belhaven Cottage Lambash Isle of Arran Scotland
ALLAN Robert Rifleman 40859 Mrs L ALLAN (M) Allenbank Bridge of Allen Stirlingshire Scotland
ALLAN William Private 38925 William ALLAN (F) Dunphail Morayshire Scotland
ALLISON Samuel Private 18743 Thomas ALLISON (F) Rosmure Cottage William St Dunoon Scotland
ANDERSON Alexander William Trooper 9/1148 James PAUL (U) Dainaway Forres Scotland
ANDERSON Andrew Sergeant 7/156 Robert ANDERSON (F) 48 Canning St Glasgow Scotland
ANDERSON David Vass Private 33799 David ANDERSON (F) Sunny Brae Moffat Scotland
ANDERSON Forbes Herbert Sergeant 5/01 Mrs ANDERSON Fancellen Elgin Scotland
ANDERSON George Sergeant 44925 R ANDERSON (F) Ardiquish Forhabers Scotland
ANDERSON James Rifleman 23/2539 Mrs J CLARKE (S) 6 Stanmore Rd Mt Florida Glasgow Scotland
ANDERSON James Craig Private 23776 Mrs H ANDERSON (M) East Cluden Dumfries Scotland
ANDERSON James Wallace Trooper 9/1149 Alexander ANDERSON (F) 26 Argyle St Paisley Scotland
ANDERSON John Rifleman 24/1584 A ANDERSON (Br) Carnbo Kinross Scotland
ANDERSON Lawrie Rifleman 26/1182 Mrs C SHARPE (S) 7 Rosebank Tce Edinburgh Scotland
ANDERSON Thomas Rifleman 22912 Mrs ANDERSON (M) 15 Bell St Andrie Lanarkshire Scotland
ANDERSON William Private 23943 David ANDERSON (F) 136 East Berland Denny Stirlingshire Scotland
ANDERSON William Private 31202 William ANDERSON (F) East Kilbryde Glasgow Scotland
ANGUS Alexander Private 21636 Mrs E ANGUS (M) 46 Somerville Tce Aberdeen Scotland
ANGUS John Private 48151 Mrs F REID (M) HaIdon Rickarton Stonehaven Kincardinshire Scotland
ANGUS Thomas Private 48425 Mrs Robert WAUGH (S) Palace Knowe Beatock Scotland
ANNAND Frank Private 11595 George ANNAND (F) Auchenblac Kincardinshire Scotland
ANNANDALE Charles James Driver 2/655 J T ANNANDALE (Br) Stonehaven Scotland
ANNANDALE David Private 40278 A ANNANDALE (F) Burn Head St St Cyrus Kincardineshire Scotland
ARCHIBALD Alfred Driver 2/448 Mrs DANKS (M) 48 Cemetery Rd Dumfries Scotland
ARCHIBALD James Francis Corporal 21638 R ARCHIBALD (Br) c/- Miss Archibald Ellerlie Milnatrort Kinross-shire Scotland
ARGO George Private 61981 James ARGO (F) Udiny Aberdeen Scotland
ARNOTT Robert Private 11193 James ARNOTT (F) 788 New City Rd Glasgow Scotland
ARNOTT William Nisbet Private 10/2061 J ARNOTT (F) 39 Webeck Crescent Troon Ayrshire Scotland
ARTHUR Andrew Duncan Private 45970 Mrs U ARTHUR (M) Shetland Islands Scotland
ARTHUR James Private 6/3610 Miss A ARTHUR (S) Abernethy Perthshire Scotland
ASHER William Private 46258 J ASHER (Br) Forres Morayshire Scotland
ATKINSON Andrew Private 13858 James ATKINSON (F) Dumbarton Scotland
AULD William Private 6/1453 J AULD (F) Stirling Bridge Newmains Lanarkshire Scotland
AYTON John Private 6/8 Jessie AYTON 136 South St St Andrews Fifeshire Scotland
BAIKIE Andrew Private 43938 A BAIKIE (F) Erie Orkney Scotland
BAILEY William Percy Gunner 2/2960 Mrs J YOUND (S) 7 Cambusnethan St Abbey Hill Edinburgh Scotland
BAIRD William Private 70217 Mrs R BAIRD (M) 7 Aberfoyle St Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
BALLANEY Alexander Murdock Sapper 50444 Mrs J B COSSER (S) Speanbridge Inverness-shire Scotland
BALLANTYNE David Private 8/3473 Samuel BALLANTYNE (F) Whitham Wigtownshire Scotland
BALLANTYNE James Private 8/3474 Samuel BALLANTYNE (F) Whitham Wigtownshire Scotland
BALLANTYNE Thomas Private 28852 Miss Isabella BALLANTYNE (S) 10 Academy St Stranraer Wigtonshire Scotland
BANKS William Sergeant 10521 Mrs A BARNETSON (S) Scarfskerry Caithness Scotland
BARBOUR James Private 12/996 Mrs Mary MCWHINNEY (S) 22 Maryland St Govan Glasgow Scotland
BARBOUR John Private 3/1684 J BARBOUR (F) 121 Finlay Drive Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
BARR John Trooper 7/1589 Robert BARR (F) Barloan Cres Dumbarton Scotland
BARRIE Matthew Private 68927 Mrs E BARRIE (M) Falkirk Scotland
BARRIE Peter Private 6/4199 Mrs J BARRIE (M) Beck Rd Linotherwell Lanarkshire Scotland
BARRIE-PANTON John Driver 2/644 Mrs BARRIE-PANTON Morningside Park Edinburgh Scotland
BATTY Walter Private 10/2067 Mrs Elizabeth BATTY (M) Paxton Villa Helensburgh Scotland
BEATON Robert Rifleman 14217 John BEATON (F) Aultben Rossshire Scotland
BEAUCHAMP William Rifleman 35477 Mrs J BROWN (S) 44 Somerville St Burnt Island Fife Scotland
BEEDIE John Stott Captain 3/824 Mrs Jane M BEEDIE Pitgair Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
BEGG Isaac Williamson Davie Private 3/1144 Mrs Jane Gibson BEGG (M) Canleith Farm Kirriemuir Scotland
BELL John Rifleman 24/688 Mrs A COCHRAN (S) 10 Rolston Cottage Paisley Scotland
BELL John Private 63256 Miss J H BELL (S) Blackgrange Cambus Stirling Scotland
BELL Robert Irvine Private 10/1414 Robert BELL (F) Rosekirk Cottages Low Monkland Rd Coatbridge Scotland
BELL Thomas 2/Lieutenant 6/1464 Mrs Marjorie BELL (W) Woodend Cottage Ceres Fifeshire Scotland
BELL William Trooper 9/462 Mrs BELL (M) Whithorn Wigtownshire Scotland
BELL William Andrew Private 10/1181 Mrs E H MARSHALL (S) Abichencrow Scotland
BENSON Frank L/Corporal 26980 Mrs BENSON (M) 3 James Watt St Glasgow Scotland
BERRY Alexander Private 61192 Moses BERRY (F) Aberdeenshire Scotland
BERRY John Rifleman 24/973 Sergeant S BERRY (F) Ayrshire Constabulary Ardrossen Ayrshire Scotland
BETHUNE Roderick Private 10/1417 Mrs C FRASER (S) Booth Alness Scotland
BEVERIDGE Arthur Sapper 23667 Dr R BEVERIDGE (B) 9 James Pl Leith Scotland
BEVERIDGE Robert Private 6/193 William BEVERIDGE (F) Campsie Glen, Stirlingshire, Scotland
BIGGAR Thomas Private 3/233 Mrs M BIGGAR (M) Celsa House Giffnock Glasgow Scotland
BINNY David Douglas Rifleman 20086 David BINNY (F) Rose Hill Forfar Scotland
BIRD William Patrick Trooper 11/857 N BIRD (F) New Club Glasgow Scotland
BIRNIE George Private 12/1555 J BIRNIE (F) Bankhead Brockburns Aberdeenshire Scotland
BIRRELL Andrew Rifleman 22921 Andrew BIRRELL (F) Longforgan Perthshire Scotland
BIRRELL Robert Private 11207 Andrew BIRRELL (F) Longforgan Dundee Scotland
BISSETT Robert Wilson Private 44688 Mrs R BISSETT (M) Wallace St Falkirk Scotland
BLACK George Private 42021 George BLACK (F) Greystone Carmyille Arbroath Forfarshire Scotland
BLACK James Alexander Private 10/3834 Robert BLACK (F) High St Laurence Kirk Kincardineshire Scotland
BLACK John George Driver 5/657 Mrs A BLACK (M) 396 Morningside Rd Edinburgh Scotland
BLACKLOCK George Rifleman 23/681 Mrs J BLACKLOCK (M) Waverley Place Galashiels Scotland
BLAKE Adam Rifleman 23/1561 Mrs T BLAKE (M) Clinto Stow, Scotland
BLUES James Forbes Private 6/859 Alexander T BLUES 18 Newmouthhill Forfar Scotland
BOATH George Anderson Rifleman 39013 W BOATH (F) Corry Farm Finavon via Forfar Scotland
BOLTON William Bugler 24/54 William BOLTON (F) 7 Willisons Lane Port Glasgow Scotland
BOOMER Neil Driver 5/11 J BOOMER (F) 37 Hyde Park St Anderson Glasgow Scotland
BORWICK James Rifleman 28962 Peter BORWICK (F) Linnetts Harray Orkney Scotland
BOULD William Private 3/3483 Miss Kate BOULD (S) Main Street Lochgelly Scotland
BOWIE Alexander Private 8/1200 Mrs F BOWIE (M) 5 Forbeck St Bella Housten Glasgow Scotland
BOWIE Charles Private 45985 C BOWIE (F) Wyndermere House Union Place Leithwalk Edinburgh Scotland
BOYD Alexander Private 79816 D BOYD (Br) Police-station Slamannan Stirlingshire Scotland
BOYD Archibald Rifleman 24/1942 Mrs Jean BOYD (M) Glasgow Scotland
BOYD Edward Rifleman 14054 James BOYD (F) Kirkliston Scotland
BOYLE John Driver 43542 J BOYLE (F) Aberdeenshire Scotland
BOYLE William Trooper 11/1121 John BOYLE (F) Gateside Feltercairn Scotland
BRADFORD Alexander Private 28267 Alexander BRADFORD (F) 594 Eglington Street Glasgow Scotland
BRAID Andrew Private 12/1566 A BRAID (F) Laurieston Falkirk Scotland
BRASS William L/Corporal 6/807 James BRASS, Kirkwell Orkney Scotland
BROCKETT Thomas Trooper 50345 Mrs Janet BROCKETT (M) East Side Wood Carnworth Lanark Scotland
BROCKIE Adam Private 11617 William BROCKIE (F) Sprott Farm Dunbar Scotland
BROCKIE Andrew Private 82037 Mrs C BROCKIE (M) Kilduff Mains Drem East Lothian Scotland
BRODIE John McClure Private 3/2154 Mrs Jessie McFarlan BRODIE (M) C/- McClure Naismith Brodie and Co Solicitors Glasgow Scotland
BROUGH Alexander Private 8/1413 C BROUGH (F) Shield Building Bridge of Earn Perthshire Scotland
BROWN Alexander Smith Corporal 8/167 James M BROWN (F) 3 Dean Bank Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
BROWN Andrew Private 6/2077 Mrs E BROWN (M) Auchinbegg Lesmahagow Lanarkshire Scotland
BROWN David Private 72314 David BROWN (F) Culdees Lodge Methil Perthshire Scotland
BROWN Edward Rifleman 23/2548 R BROWN (B) Harelow Chernside Berwickshire Scotland
BROWN George Private 3/191 G BROWN Logies Buildings Durrie St Methel Fyfeshire Scotland
BROWN James Sapper 37555 Mrs Annie SHEARER (S) Police-station Longcroft via Glasgow Scotland
BROWN James Scott Private 3/1688 Miss Agnes BROWN (Aunt) Dalswinton Lodge Kirkmahoe Dumfries Scotland
BROWN John Corporal 12/1118 (25/1118) Mrs Jeannie BROWN (M) Station House Muirkirk Scotland
BROWN John Private 12/313 Mrs Mary BROWN (M) 12 Campbell St Glasgow Scotland
BROWN William Gillerty Private 61522 Mrs D WILSON (S) 353 Easter Road Leith Scotland
BROWNHILL George William Rifleman 32122 George BROWNHILL (F) Pollockshields Glasgow Scotland
BROWNLIE George Corporal 23/969 Mrs Henrietta BROWNLIE (W) 31 Carmuncock Rd Mount Florida Glasgow Scotland
BRUCE David Private 10/1426 Mrs P BRUCE (M) Conon Bridge Ross-shire Scotland
BRUCE George Farquhar Private 10769 W BRUCE (F) Lochside Skene Aberdeenshire Scotland
BRUCE George Robert Rifleman 47976 John Pickard BRUCE (F) Dundee Scotland
BRUCE John McQueen Trooper 16067 J BRUCE (F) Banchory Farm Kircaldy Scotland
BRUCE Robert Graham Private 6/2555 John BRUCE (F) Inverurie Aberdeenshire Scotland
BRUCE William Private 28082 R BRUCE (F) Hove Haroldswick Unst Shetland Islands Scotland
BRUCE William Smith Private 6/2080 John BRUCE (F) Woodlands Cottage Inverurie Aberdeenshire Scotland
BRYCE William George Gordon Private 10/282 Mrs E BRYCE Southwick Rd Dalbeattie Scotland
BRYDONE Thomas Gunner 2/850 Thomas BRYDONE (F) Tonnauld Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland
BUCHAN Robert Allan Private 28667 Mrs C BUCHAN (M) 39 Menzies Road Torry Aberdeen Scotland
BUCHANAN Andrew Alexander Private 8/643 Miss A BUCHANAN Rockingham Hotel Kinghorn Fife Scotland
BUCHANAN George Rifleman 26/1570 George BUCHANAN (F) C/- Phillips 9 Clelland Street Glasgow Scotland
BUCHANAN John Trooper 9/1527 John BUCHANAN (F) Reupell Scotland
BUCHANAN John James Private 9/1527 John BUCHANAN (F) Renfrew Scotland
BUCHANAN Robert Private 19/28 Mrs Mary BUCHANAN (M) Lyndhurst Lenzie Scotland
BUDGE James Trooper 18391 J BUDGE (F) Fish-curer St Marys Holme Orkney Islands Scotland
BUNTAIN John Rifleman 38486 William BUNTAIN (F) Pomillan Bridge of Weir Scotland
BURGESS James Private 8/3876 Mrs D BURGESS (M) Orkney Scotland
BURNS Dominick Rifleman 12126 Miss Syra BURNS (S) Helensburgh Scotland
BURNS Francis L/Corporal 35705 F BURNS (F) Rhonehouse Castle Douglas Kirkcudbright Scotland
BURNS Robert Private 25455 Mrs W BURNS (M) Temperance Hotel Forfar Scotland
BURNSIDE John Trooper 9/1267 Mrs M BURNSIDE (M) Newtown Lesmahagow Lanarkshire Scotland
BURR Charles Willox Private 51553 Mrs G BURR (M) Headrooms Normay Aberdeenshire Scotland
BURR James Rifleman 23/87 Alexander BURR (F) Dovehills Wartle Aberdeenshire Scotland
BUTCHART William Thomson Private 72868 Mrs M BUTCHART (W) C/- A Burns Petrie Solicitor 84 Commercial Street Dundee Scotland
BUTTERS John Alexander Trooper 13310 Mrs M J JAMIESON (S) 16 Chancelot Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
BYERS James Private 27444 Mrs C BYERS (M) Gateside Dumfries Scotland
CAIRD David Murdock Trooper 24870 Mrs J CAIRD (M) King Street East Newport Fife Scotland
CAIRD James Scott Private 65053 Mrs A CAIRD (M) Burnside Place Monifield Scotland
CAIRNS George Private 1/34 Alexander CAIRNS Ayton Berwickshire Scotland
CALDER Arthur George Rifleman 25/97 Mrs CALDER (M) 3 McLaren Road Edinburgh Scotland
CALDER John Rifleman 24/989 Mrs Grace CALDER (M) South Birbiston Lennoxtown Stirlingshire Scotland
CALDER Joseph Rifleman 25/725 Mrs J CALDER (M) Mains of Coyusch Migre Tarland Aberdeenshire Scotland
CAMERON Alexander Private 75462 Mrs A CAMERON (M) Glen Nig Portree Scotland
CAMERON Allan Sapper 4/1606 Donald CAMERON (Uncle) C/- Mrs Gillies Breadalbane St Glasgow Scotland
CAMERON Allan L/Corporal 4/662 Mrs A H CAMERON (M) 42 Alexander St Alexandria Dumbartonshire Scotland
CAMERON Allan Private 8/2550 Mrs Mary CAMERON (M) Kilschoan Ardnamurchan Scotland
CAMERON Angus Private 3/2456 Peter CAMERON (F) 42 High Street Crieff Scotland
CAMERON Daniel Corporal 6/4006 Mrs A CAMERON (M) Freeland Terrace Johnston Scotland
CAMERON Donald Rifleman 45589 D CAMERON (F) 9 Lorne Place Glebe Street Campbelltown Argyllshire Scotland
CAMERON Duncan Trooper 11/280 Mrs CARRIGAN Stepmother Denny Scotland
CAMERON George Trooper 7/1976 John CAMERON (Br) Dyke Forres Scotland
CAMERON Gregor QMS 7/1542 Mrs M CAMERON (M) Altchairn Lovat Rd Inverness Scotland
CAMERON Hector Private 12/331 Duncan CAMERON (F) Birnie Elgin Scotland
CAMERON John Rifleman 26/958 Mrs Margaret CAMERON (M) 12 Shaftesbury Street Anderson Glasgow Scotland
CAMERON John Stewart Trooper 13/567 Mrs J CAMERON 136 Gilmore Place Edinburgh Scotland
CAMERON Robert Rifleman 44252 Mrs A CAMERON (M) Upper Stromaba Speanbridge Inverness-shire Scotland
CAMERON Samuel Rifleman 26/1578 Mrs A W GRAHAM (Fr) 4 Hanover Street Aberdeen Scotland
CAMERON Thomas Rifleman 25/1698 Mrs CAMERON (M) 24 St Michael Street Greenock Scotland
CAMPBELL Alexander Private 10313 A CAMPBELL (F) Tarvis Aberdeenshire Scotland
CAMPBELL Alexander Cumming Sapper 4/695 D CAMPBELL (F) 5 Copeland St Govan Scotland
CAMPBELL Donald Gunn Private 8/1715 F CAMPBELL (Br) Ardgay Ross-shire Scotland
CAMPBELL Duncan L/Corporal 17/404 John CAMPBELL (F) Gruinart Islay Scotland
CAMPBELL Edward Rifleman 12951 Miss A C CAMPBELL (S) 37 Elgin Terrace Dowan Hill Glasgow Scotland
CAMPBELL George Sapper 4/1749 R G CAMPBELL (F) 10 Merloun Place Polwark Gardens Edinburgh Scotland
CAMPBELL Herbert Bruce Johnstone Gunner 2/976 M C CAMPBELL 229 Argyle St Glasgow Scotland
CAMPBELL James Private 12/3276 Mrs D CAMERON (S) Hardgate Duntocher Scotland
CAMPBELL James L/Corporal 13652 Mrs J CAMPBELL (M) New Cumnock Scotland
CAMPBELL James Rifleman 36410 James CAMPBELL (F) Lockaber Inverlair Inverness-shire Scotland
CAMPBELL John Trooper 24869 Wilson CAMPBELL (F) Blackhills Dalles Forest Scotland
CAMPBELL John Trooper 25334 Colin CAMPBELL (F) C/- Mr Cunningham 80 Graham Street Glasgow Scotland
CAMPBELL John Private 8/22 H CAMPBELL (F) Achrickill Sutherlandshire Scotland
CAMPBELL John Private 8/3521 Lachlan CAMPBELL (F) Northton Obbe South Harris Scotland
CAMPBELL John Duncan Rifleman 23/1946 D CAMPBELL (F) 60 East Hamilton Street Greenock Scotland
CAMPBELL Malcolm Rifleman 27782 Malcolm CAMPBELL (F) Harris Scotland
CAMPBELL Malcolm Archie Private 11823 John CAMPBELL (F) Rhatug Skye Scotland
CAMPBELL Robert Corporal 8/2867 W G ROSS Cousin 9 Burdshaugh Fowes Morayshire Scotland
CAMPBELL William Alexander Trooper 13/3011 Mrs T CAMPBELL (M) Smithton Culloden Inverness-shire Scotland
CARDWELL John Rifleman 23/379 George CARDWELL (F) Motherwell Scotland
CARNEGIE John Private 61535 Mrs J CARNEGIE (M) Billochsy Scotland
CARR Alexander Private 21207 Mrs E CARR (M) Park Hill Road Old Rattray by Blairgowrie Perthshire Scotland
CARRICK William Gunner 2/1393 Joseph CARRICK (F) 5 Caledonian Terrace Cambuslang Glasgow Rd Scotland
CARSON William Trooper 17/268 W CARSON Crossford Dumfrieshire Scotland
CARSTAIRS David Private 17/299 William CARSTAIRS (F) Cults Farm Ladybank Fifeshire Scotland
CARSWELL Robert Corporal 45072 Mrs E CARSWELL (M) Chapel Hall Airdrie Scotland
CASSELLS James Charles Private 8/816 James CASSELLS (F) 52 St Enoch Square Glasgow Scotland
CASSIDY John Glen Sapper 37551 Patrick CASSIDY (Br) Dyke Head Sholts Lanarkshire Scotland
CAVEN David Sincair Sergeant 22207 J CAVEN (F) Garliestown Wigtownshire Scotland
CAWTHORN Thomas Private 8/351 Samuel CAWTHORN (F) 79 Canongate Edinburgh Scotland
CHALMERS George Private 71383 W CHALMERS (F) Overton Kincardineshire Scotland
CHALMERS Peter Rifleman 22936 R S CHALMERS (F) Huntingdon Park Dumfries Scotland
CHALMERS Thomas Copland Private 12/900 Mrs G TURNER (M) 137 High St Kirkcaldy Scotland
CHILDS Tom William James Captain 3/2856 Mrs Martha Baskerville Whyte CHILDS (W) C/- British Linen Bank Edinburgh Scotland
CHISHOLM James Rifleman 25/1693 Walter CHISHOLM (F) Stirling House Biggar Scotland
CHISHOLM Robert Rifleman 41124 Mrs S CHISHOLM (M) 7 Midton Road Ayr Scotland
CHISHOLM Roderick Rifleman 15111 Mrs G CHISHOLM (M) Aultbea Ross-shire Scotland
CHRISTIE David Private 11228 J CHRISTIE (F) 60 Comiston Road Edinburgh Scotland
CHRISTIE George L/Corporal 10791 G CHRISTIE (F) Stirling Scotland
CHRISTIE William Rifleman 25808 C CHRISTIE (F) 73 Plantation Street Glasgow Scotland
CLAPPERTON Thomas Ebenezer Private 6/599 Thomas CLAPPERTON Loch Maben Dumfriesshire Scotland
CLARK John Rifleman 24/398 J CLARK (F) Longmanhill Banffshire Scotland
CLARK John Charles Private 23974 J CLARK (F) Forres Morayshire Scotland
CLARK Simon Private 6/1263 Simon CLARK (F) 10 Bush St Fisher Row Musselburgh Scotland
CLARK Stuart Rifleman 36418 Mrs CLARK (M) Lyne-of-Urchany Cawdor Nairnshire Scotland
CLARK Thomas Gow Rifleman 25/1073 James CLARK (F) Caputh Perthshire Scotland
CLARK William Rogerson Trooper 11/1304 Mrs Elizabeth CLARK (S) 5 Langlands Rd Dumfries Scotland
CLARKE Herbert William Private 51689 Miss Helen Douglas CLARKE (S) 15 Archibald Street Edinburgh Scotland
CLARKE Magnus Burns Private 41487 Mrs J SINCLAIR (M) Haroldswich Shetland Scotland
CLARKE William Private 22501 Miss H D CLARKE (S) C/- Mr Stephenson 6 Scotland Street Edinburgh Scotland
CLEGG Robert Slater Private 41745 W CLEGG (U) 1177 Dumbarton Road Whiteinch Glasgow Scotland
CLELAND Charles Thomson Private 8/2415 Mrs M CLELAND (M) 1 Holyrood Quadrant Glasgow Scotland
CLIFF-MCCULLOGH Walter Alexander Trooper 11/221 E A CLIFF-MCCULLOGH (F) Nethewood Bank Dumfries Scotland
CLIMIE Angus Mathieson Private 3/2836 Miss Rena CLIMIE (S) 83 Westmoreland Street Glasgow Scotland
CLOUSTON John Dearness Trooper 9/1026 John CLOUSTON (F) Juaholmslie Stromness Orkney Scotland
CLYNE Alexander Trooper 11/2063 J CLYNE (F) Latheron Caithness Scotland
COCHRAN Richard David Rifleman 20099 Henry COCHRAN (F) 99 Millbrae Road Glasgow Scotland
COCKBURN Alexander Rifleman 21785 George COCKBURN (F)Bridge Street Keith Banffshire Scotland
COCKS Frank Walter Private 70444 Mrs C COCKS (M) Catherine Street Motherwell Scotland
COLLINS Alexander Private 29221 Mrs Annie COLLINS (M) Stobo Peeblesshire Scotland
COLLINS Daniel Rifleman 40190 Mrs Annie COLLINS (M) Peebles Peebles-shire Scotland
COMBE Robert Rifleman 58650 Miss Jane COMBE (S) Musselburgh Scotland
CONNELL William Duncan Driver 2/665 Andrew CONNELL (F) Hill View West Kilbride Ayrshire Scotland
COOPER James Trooper 11/224 A COOPER (F) Parkview West Cults Aberdeenshire Scotland
COOPER John Private 6/4014 R COOPER (F) South Balmoor Peterhead Scotland
COOPER John Henderson Private 12/2673 Mrs Margaret COOPER (M) 185 Crown St Aberdeen Scotland
COOPER Robert Private 8/4109 Mrs R COOPER (M) South Balmore Peterhead Scotland
CORMACK Donald Private 63301 Mrs Elizabeth CORMACK (M) Roadside Smerlie Lybster Scotland
CORMACK John Trooper 11/2073 J CORMACK (F) Forse Latheron Caithness Scotland
CORMACK William Trooper 7/1345 J CORMACK (F) Forge Latherton Scotland
CORSAR Charles Skelton Rifleman Francis CORSAR (F) London Head Forfarshire Scotland
COSGROVE Joseph Private 8/1441 Mrs B LOMING (M) 12 Greareston Argyle St Motherwell Scotland
COSS Thomas L/Corporal 75177 Mrs E COSS (M) Tayport Fifeshire Scotland
COUBROUGH David Watson Private 21661 Mrs M COUBROUGH (M) 5 Livingstone Terrace Ibrox Glasgow Scotland
COULL John Private 6/1821 Mrs Isabella SUTHERLAND (M) Huntly Aberdeenshire Scotland
COUTTS Arthur Private 10/1456 D COUTTS (F) North Newton Corse Lumphamana Aberdeenshire Scotland
COUTTS Gilbert Henry Rifleman 62512 Mrs E COUTTS (M) Aith Fetlam Shetlands Scotland
COWAN James Easson Private 709323 A COWAN (F) Walkerburn Peeblesshire Scotland
COWAN Samuel Henderson Private 3/122a Mrs G COWAN (M) 18 Campbell St Maryhill Glasgow Scotland
CRABB Alexander Private 22314 James CRABB (F) Maitland Street Leven Scotland
CRAIG George Private 10/2108 Miss Beatrice CRAIG (S) Abdic Cottage Methyl Fifeshire Scotland
CRAIG James Private 10186 John CRAIG (F) 12 Dalkeith Road Edinburgh Scotland
CRAIG John 2/Lieutenant 13499 Mrs MCINNES (S) 200 Union Grove Aberdeen Scotland
CRAIG John Rifleman 39679 Mrs William CRAIG (M) Langland House East Kilbride Lanarkshire Scotland
CRAIG Richard Private 3/661 Mrs M CRAIG (M) Danevale Park Cross Michael Castle Douglas Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
CRAIG Thomas Pearson Rifleman 59098 Mrs Ellen Pearson CRAIG (M) Head-of-Muir Denny Stirlingshire Scotland
CRAN James Private 41499 J CRAN (F) Mains of Lesmore via Rhynie Aberdeenshire Scotland
CRAN William George Rifleman 24/390 John CRAN (F) Mains of Lesmoir Rhynie Aberdeen Scotland
CRANSTON Hardy Private 53577 Mrs Bella CRANSTON (M) 59 McDonald Road Edinburgh Scotland
CRAWFORD James Private 29742 N CRAWFORD (F) 79 Back Street Renton Dumbartonshire Scotland
CRESSER David Craig Corporal 12/2548 Robert CRESSER (F) 40 Victoria St Edinburgh Scotland
CRICHTON James Driver 14/131 R CRICHTON (Br) Craig Terrace Blackridge West Lothian Scotland
CROSBIE George Private 3/938 T S CROSBIE (F) 3 Armadale St Denniston Glasgow Scotland
CROSBY Andrew Private 14589 T S CROSBY (F) 3 Armadale Street Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
CROSBY Michael Rifleman 20973 Mrs Christina CROSBY (M) Falkirk Stirlingshire Scotland
CROSS Robert Private 11417 Mrs Jenny CROSS (M) 28 Stanley Street Galashiels Scotland
CROSSAN Alexander Calder Sergeant 6/4189 Miss Norah CROSSAN (Dau) C/- David Wallace 208 Aitkenhead Road Glasgow Scotland
CROW Gavin Rifleman 51472 John CROW (F) Stewarton Ayrshire Scotland
CROY William Private 28859 Mrs R CROY (M) Holmafgumbister Orkney Islands Scotland
CRUDEN James Trooper 12589 J S CRUDEN (F) 63 Woodville Gardens Langside Glasgow Scotland
CRUICKSHANK Allan George Private 62929 A CRUICKSHANK (F) Boddam Aberdeenshire Scotland
CRUICKSHANK William Private 40903 Mrs M CRUICKSHANK (M) 18 Kirk Street Old Meldrum Aberdeenshire Scotland
CUMMING James Watson Sapper 43366 John CUMMING (F) Bath House Trinity Crescent Edinburgh Scotland
CUNNINGHAM Adam Jack Rifleman 23/399 R CUNNINGHAM (F) Woodend Park Kelty Fife Scotland
CURRAN Daniel Sapper 37642 Mrs Mary Jane CURRAN (M) Cleland Lanarkshire Scotland
CURRIE George McBeth Gunner 2/2395 Mrs W CHAMBERS (S) Union Rd Broxburn Scotland
CURRIE Jack Private 38355 Mrs Agnes CURRIE (M) Rothesay Isle of Bute Scotland
CURRIE John Trooper 16075 Mrs J CURRIE (M) 16 Broad Street Campbelltown Argyleshire Scotland
CURRIE William Galt Private 10125 James CURRIE (F) 153 Queen Street Glasgow Scotland
DAGGER Robert Howard Private 8/2572 Mrs Elizabeth DAGGER (M) 10 Dean Path Edinburgh Scotland
DAILLY Patrick Joseph Rifleman 24/2520 Mrs A BREADIE (S) 22 Weynhart Street Dundee Scotland
DALE Alexander Kirk L/Corporal 70041 Miss Agnes DALE (S) 6 Grahamfield Place Beith Ayrshire Scotland
DALGARNO Alexander Low Sergeant 18928 Mrs A DALGARNO (M) 5 Rosemount Terrace Aberdeen Scotland
DALL Andrew David Sapper 26392 Mrs A HUGH (S) 30 Viewforth Street Kirkcaldy Scotland
DALTON John Private 8/1446 G DALTON (F) Rutherglen Glasgow Scotland
DALZIEL John Dudley Trooper 9/917 John DALZIEL (F) Marama Bridge of Weir Scotland
DAVIDSON Frank S/Major 24349 J DAVIDSON (F) Darnside House Friockheim Scotland
DAVIDSON James Private 16848 G DAVIDSON (F) Quilquox Elbon Aberdeenshire Scotland
DAVIDSON James Private 3/843 Miss Mary DAVIDSON (S) Auldfield Pollokshaws Glasgow Scotland
DAVIDSON John Private 8/1446 G DAVIDSON (F) Rutherglen Glasgow Scotland
DAVIDSON Samuel Private 10/1461 Rev F KENNEDY (Fr) Manish Harris Inverness-shire Scotland
DAVIDSON Thomas Private 3/3138 Mrs Jessie DAVIDSON (M) High Street Anstruther Scotland
DAVIDSON William Rifleman 26/755 William DAVIDSON (F) Dailly Station Ayrshire Scotland
DAWSON Douglas Private 55443 J DAWSON (F) Brown Hills New Machar Aberdeenshire Scotland
DAWSON George Sapper 26393 James DAWSON (F) Dysart Fifeshire Scotland
DE JARDINE Edmund Private 37990 Mrs H DE JARDINE (M) 62 Dalry Road Edinburgh Scotland
DEANS William Maxwell Private 30765 A L DEANS (F) Daviot by Inverurie Aberdeenshire Scotland
DENOON Robert Trooper 9/1669 Mrs Jessie DENOON (M) Kellas Morayshire Scotland
DEWAR James Lindsay Rifleman 24/738 Robert DEWAR (Br) Ardenlea Houston Renfrewshire Scotland
DEWAR Robert Sergeant 3/1222 Miss Mary DEWAR (S) 21 Townhead Auchterarder Perthshire Scotland
DEWAR William Rifleman 24/739 Robert DEWAR (Br) Ardenlea Houston Renfrewshire Scotland
DEWAR William Rifleman 26067 W DEWAR (F) Cairn Lodge Fifeshire Scotland
DICK Hugh Private 49877 Mrs Agnes DICK (M) 70 Green Street Ayr Scotland
DICK James Rifleman 25/618 Mrs A DICK (M) 70 Green Street Ayrshire Scotland
DICK James Reid Sapper 30686 Mrs DICK (M) Helenslea Cottage New Cunnock Ayrshire Scotland
DICK William Private 8/2575 Mrs Agnes DICK (M) C/- David Dick 70 Green St Ayr West Scotland
DICKSON Alexander McFarlane Private 61563 Mrs H MCFARLANE (M) Trossacks Road Perthshire Scotland
DICKSON Andrew Private 8/3558 James DICKSON (F) Stemness Orkney Scotland
DICKSON John George Firth Trooper 9/1277 James DICKSON (F) Upper Bigswell Shenners Orkney Scotland
DICKSON Neil Trooper 9/1822 D J DICKSON (Br) Balnagowan Skilmorlie Ayrshire Scotland
DICKSON Robert Private 30561 Mrs J DICKSON (M) Cathaway Street Meryhill Glasgow Scotland
DICKSON Robert Rutherford Private 8/1727 Robert DICKSON (F) Jedburgh Scotland
DINNING Andrew Private 15152 Miss B DINNING (S) Ayr Scotland
DODDS Archibald Private 12/3297 Mrs J DODDS (M) 217 Halliburton Place Galashiels Scotland
DOLEMAN Kenneth Private 67588 F DOLEMAN (F) 12 Viewforth Edinburgh Scotland
DONALD Alexander Private 8/3891 W DONALD (F) Hillhead Cowie Stonehaven Kincardineshire Scotland
DOUGLAS David Private 6/1512 David DOUGLAS (F) 94 Institution St Kirkcaldy Scotland
DOUGLAS James Private 72401 R DOUGLAS (Br) Station Road Garmouth Morayshire Scotland
DOUGLAS John Private 6/1513 Alick DOUGLAS (F) 6 Abercorn Place Winchburgh Linlithgowshire Scotland
DOUGLAS Kenneth Rifleman 47127 K DOUGLAS (F) Swordale Ross-shire Scotland
DOULL James Rifleman 53330 David DOULL (Br) Ulbster Caithness Scotland
DRUMMOND James Private 6/1068 James DRUMMOND Mill Rd Earlston Berwickshire Scotland
DRUMMOND John Rifleman 22955 Mrs Annie DRUMMOND (M) Dunoon Scotland
DRYBURGH Alexander Private 6/3302 Mrs J DRYBURGH (M) Strathmiglo Fife Scotland
DRYBURGH Walter L/Corporal 6/2120 Mrs W DRYBURGH (M) Coaltown of Wemyss Fifeshire Scotland
DUDGEON Archibald Private 41759 Mrs DUDGEON (M) 3 Abbey Street Edinburgh Scotland
DUFF Alexander Petrie Trooper 11/1427 John DUFF (F) Nether Handwick by Glamis Forfarshire Scotland
DUFF John Private 36578 Mrs DUFF (M) Craighead Dunlop Ayrshire Scotland
DUFFY Joseph Reverend 66591 J DUFFY (F) 59 Dock Street Dundee Scotland
DUKE Arthur Driver 5/679 D DUKE (F) Burnside Duntroon Dundee Scotland
DUNBAR Alexander Cobb Private 10/1802 Mrs M DUNBAR (M) Talkahouse Laurencekirk Scotland
DUNCAN Allan Trooper 9/1284 R DUNCAN (F) Kilkenzie Dairy Maybole Ayrshire Scotland
DUNCAN Charles Mollison Corporal 8/191 James DUNCAN (F) Panbride Farm Carnoustie Forfarshire Scotland
DUNCAN James Private 49612 J DUNCAN (F) Station Road Earle Perthshire Scotland
DUNCAN James Scott Private 10/3246 Miss A DUNCAN (S) Martin Place Gavin St Motherwell Scotland
DUNCAN John Private 3/126 Jessie BEDDIE Stirling Hill Aberdeenshire Scotland
DUNCAN William Earl Private 10/228 A DUNCAN 8 Grange Rd Edinburgh Scotland
DUNN Robert Corporal 18778 George DUNN (F) Newton Stuart Scotland
DURWARD Frederick Charles Trooper 11/871 J DURWARD (F) Stonehaven Scotland
DUTCH William Rifleman 35496 Mrs W DUTCH (M) Ogilvie Street Tayforth Fifeshire Scotland
DUTHIE George Sutherland Private 70743 Mrs W SCOTT (S) 63 Fonthill Road Aberdeen Scotland
EASTON David Rifleman 45676 D EASTON (F) Luthermore Kincardineshire Scotland
EDGAR Matthew L/Corporal 3/1241 Matthew sen EDGAR (F) 364 Dumbarton Rd Partick Glasgow Scotland
EDGAR Peter Gunner 2/870 Miss J EDGAR 54A Earl Gray St Edinburgh Scotland
EDGAR Robert Private 64890 A EDGAR (F) Berwickshire Scotland
EGLINTON William Private 10/811 Hugh EGLINTON 52 Core St Gourock Scotland
ELDER John James Private 32833 Mrs M ELDER (M) Reay Caithness-shire Scotland
ELLEN Isaac Main Rifleman 25/1076 Robert Main ELLEN (Br) Nairn Scotland
ELLIS Gardner Trooper 11/952 G ELLIS (F) Stonehaven Scotland
ELLIS John Martin Trooper 11/268 John ELLIS Rubislawden South Aberdeen Scotland
ELLSON John Dove L/Corporal 48327 Mrs A D ELLSON (M) Drumgley Forfar Forfarshire Scotland
ELRICK James Webster Private 64046 James Webster ELRICK (F) Gardenshillock Newmachar Aberdeenshire Scotland
EMSLIE William Rifleman 24/132 Mrs Elsie EMSLIE (M) Melmore Cottage Turiff Aberdeenshire Scotland
EUNSON George Rifleman 42644 Mrs I EUNSON (M) Verkie Shetland Islands Scotland
EUNSON William John Rifleman 25/621 Thomas EUNSON (F) 3 Sinclair Road Aberdeen Scotland
EWART David Private 11258 Mrs Elizabeth EWART (M) Kirkton Melton Bridge Midlothian Scotland
EWART George Cowan Private 6/4031 Robert EWART (F) Ash Vale Ayton Berwickshire Scotland
EWEN George Taylor Rifleman 22960 Mrs Georgina EWEN (M) 756 Great Northern Road Aberdeen Scotland
EWING Alexander Private 10/3875 Mrs W EWING (M) Tillynaught Cottages by Portsoy Banffshire Scotland
FAIRWEATHER Francis Chas Private 54241 D FAIRWEATHER (F) Cairnie Glen Carse Scotland
FAIRWEATHER John Private 32836 James FAIRWEATHER (F) Monaltril Buildings Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
FALCONER David George Private 8/4062 Mrs Whilemina FALCONER (M) 239 Great Western Road Aberdeen Scotland
FARMER Henry Roger Trooper 11/762 Mrs M FARMER 8 Park Avenue Portobello Edinburgh Scotland
FARMES Erskine Sapper 37645 Adam FARMES (Br) Dunfermline Fifeshire Scotland
FARQUHAR George Private 68522 Mrs Elizabeth FARQUHAR (M) Rerneggy Lybster Wick Caithness Scotland
FARQUHAR James Ross Sapper 4/726 D T FARQUHAR (F) 221 Morningside Rd Edinburgh Scotland
FARQUHARSON John Rifleman 23/1382 Mrs W FARQUHARSON (M) Patrick St Greenock Scotland
FENTON Samuel Sapper 4/2082 Mrs FENTON (M) 43 Peddie Street Dundee Scotland
FENWICK Henry Grubb Rifleman 15099 H FENWICK (F) 42 Gellatly Street Dundee Scotland
FERGUSON Alexander Sergeant 25/1644 Mrs F MCKINNON (M) Portree Inverness Scotland
FERGUSON Duncan Private 12/2524 Mrs D FERGUSON (M) Glen Devon Dollar Perthshire Scotland
FERGUSON Ewan Cameron Sergeant 23/972 Mrs Marion S FERGUSON (M) 152 Craig Park Denniston Glasgow Scotland
FERGUSON James Private 22001 Miss E FERGUSON (S) Ferry House Forth Street Allo Scotland
FERGUSON Neil Driver 5/48 Mrs M FERGUSON (M) 57 Calion Rd Edinburgh Scotland
FERGUSON Neil Private 59346 Mrs J FRASER (S) 288 West Scotland Street Glasgow Scotland
FERGUSON Norman William Trooper 9/814 A FERGUSON (F) Herebost Dunwegan Skye Scotland
FERGUSON William Webster Private 11642 John FERGUSON (Br) C/- Sir Tom Bullogh Isle of Ruon Scotland
FIELDS John Private 73977 P FIELDS (F) John Street Lambhill Glasgow Scotland
FINDLAY David Private 69451 D FINDLAY (F) Muchalls Kincardineshire Scotland
FINDLAY Edward Miles Rifleman 41079 Mrs J FINDLAY (M) Carmyllies Forfarshire Scotland|ro=Roll 57
FINDLAY John Cassie Rifleman 55941 Mrs J C FINDLAY (M) Nethermuir New Dear Aberdeenshire Scotland
FINDLAY Matthew L/Corporal 10/344 James FINDLAY 86 St Andrews Drive Glasgow Scotland
FINDLAY Robert Private 15512 Mrs Robert FINDLAY (M) 91 Radnor Street Clyde Bank Scotland
FINLAY Alexander Driver 2/2818 Mrs F FINLAY (M) Shaws Hill Cardenden Fifeshire Scotland
FINLAYSON Malcolm Private 49148 Mrs A FINLAYSON (M) The Braes Portere Inverness Scotland
FINNIE John Sapper 21435 Mrs J FINNIE (M) 2 Magdalen Place Aberdeen Scotland
FINNIE Thomas Sapper 47523 Samuel FINNIE (F) Canderdyke Head Lanarkshire Scotland
FISHER James Conway Trooper 3/3784 Mrs J FISHER (M) Dumfries Scotland
FISHER John Private 68419 D FISHER (Br) 110 Bonnyton Road Kilmarnock Scotland
FISHER William Ormsby Corporal 26/444 Mrs FISHER (M) 483 St Georges Road Glasgow Scotland
FITCHET James Driver 5/770 Mrs A FITCHET (M) 35 North Street Derry Dundee Scotland
FITCHET William Driver 5/771 Mrs A FITCHET (M) 35 North Street Derry Dundee Scotland
FITCHETT David Private 8/1977 W FITCHETT (F) Marywell Village by Arbroath Forfarshire Scotland
FLEMING Alexander Rifleman 26083 Mrs FINDLAY (Cousin) High Street New Rattray Blairgourie Perthshire Scotland
FLETT Alfred Rifleman 26/556 Mrs J FLETT (M) Orkney Scotland
FLETT John Sapper 4/161 William FLETT (F) Myea Sound Unst Shetland Scotland
FLETT William Private 44362 William FLETT (F) Hayfield Cottage Lerwick Shetland Islands Scotland
FLOCKHART William Arnot Private 8/3584 W ARNOT (F) Blado Bridge Kinross Scotland
FORBES Charles Private 8/3586 Charles FORBES (F) Queens Road Ballater Aberdeenshire Scotland
FORBES Donald Private 8/206 K FORBES Lybster Caithnesshire Scotland
FORBES William Private 45847 C FORBES (F) 13 Nellfield Place Aberdeen Scotland
FORBES William Private 8/3587 Charles FORBES (F) Queens Road Ballater Aberdeenshire Scotland
FORBES William Private 8/3800 Mrs Jessie PARR (S) Inveray Aberdeenshire Scotland
FORD Edward Ernest Sergeant 2/262 Mrs E R FORD (W) 5 Steels Place Morningside Edinburgh Scotland
FORDYCE Francis William Private 48483 John Robert FORDYCE (Br) Gardenstoon Banffshire Scotland
FORREST George Harry Trooper 7/1466 J FORREST (F) 20 Trinity Rd Brechin Forfarshire Scotland
FORREST John Private 8/1047 David FORREST (F) Dunback Farm Bowling Scotland
FORREST Thomas Private 58502 Mrs J FORREST (M) Polmont Stirlingshire Scotland
FORRESTER James Private 8/1115 Mrs W GLEN (M) Woodview House Callander Perthshire Scotland
FORRESTER John Private 8/1114 Mrs W GLEN (M) Woodview House Callender Perthshire Scotland
FORSYTH John Sapper 26400 Mrs M FORSYTH (M) 6 Buchanan Street Dalmuir Scotland
FORSYTH William Stewart Private 57820 Mrs A FORSYTH (M) Inverurie Aberdeen Scotland
FOSTER James Private 12/3990 Mrs M FOSTER (M) 16 Bakers Lane Buckshaven Fife Scotland
FOTHERGILL John Stewart Rifleman 26/1090 Mrs Mabyn FOTHERGILL 52 Leamington Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
FOTHERINGHAM William Private 61249 W FOTHERINGHAM (F) Blueknowes Law via Carluke Lanarkshire Scotland
FOULIS James George Private 12/3641 Mrs D FOULIS (M) Eskbank Scotland
FOWLIE George Private 3/3564 Mrs I FOWLIE (M) Inverurie Scotland
FOX David Smith Trooper 9/818 James FOX (F) 15 East Abbey St Arbroath Scotland
FRAME David Private 6/1534 Charles FRAME (F) Rowncebank Kirkliston Linlithgow Scotland
FRAME George Private 6/2621 Charles FRAME (F) Rowncebank Kirkliston Linlithgow Scotland
FRASER Alexander Corporal 24/651 Mrs FRASER (M) Fort Augustus Inverness-shire Scotland
FRASER Alexander Busfield Sergeant 38805 S FRASER (F) Lakeside Cortes Lormay Aberdeenshire Scotland
FRASER Donald Private 8/2594 Kenneth FRASER (Br) Dingwall Ross-shire Scotland
FRASER George Trooper 74173 J FRASER (F) Gallowcairn Torphins Aberdeenshire Scotland
FRASER James Dunlop Driver 5/767 Mrs S FRASER (M) 18 Rose Street Dunfermline Scotland
FRASER James Watt Corporal 7/1230 Hugh FRASER (F) Manse Alvah Banffshire Scotland
FRASER John Private 10/366 Mrs John FRASER (M) 6 Ushers Wind Peebles Scotland
FRASER John Sergeant 24004 John FRASER (F) Daviot Inverness Scotland
FRASER John Private 8/1471 M FRASER (F) 8 Clyde St Dumbarton Scotland
FRASER John Stephen Rifleman 26086 Mrs Elsie FRASER (M) Bridge Road Kintore Aberdeen Scotland
FRASER Leslie Private 12/3642 G FRASER (F) Merkle Wartle Aberdeenshire Scotland
FRASER Peter McCombie Private 59881 Mrs I FRASER (M) Bandora Aberdeenshire Scotland
FRASER William Private 30570 Mrs R FRASER (M) Englishton Bunchrew Inverness Scotland
FRASER William Trooper 9/1680 Mrs Isabella FRASER (M) Cairnlath St Alyth Perthshire Scotland
FRASER William Gordon Private 80132 Mrs P FRASER (M) 15 Lochrin Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
FRASER William Mann Private 14408 Mrs Margaret FRASER (M) C/- Mrs J Simpson Craigievar Orchard Street Motherwell Scotland
FREEBAIRN John Rifleman 24/141 J G FREEBAIRN (F) 36 Walters St Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
FROOD John Private 65211 Mrs E FROOD (M) 13 Dick Street Glasgow Scotland
FULLARTON Robert Private 63592 Mrs Barbara MCCONNACHIE (S) Mosgiel Edward Street Dunoon Scotland
FULTON William Maxwell Sapper 37466 Mrs FULTON (M) Camelon Stirlingshire Scotland
FYFE James Corporal 8/1987 J FYFE (F) 17 Princes St Pollokshields Glasgow Scotland
FYFE William George Trooper 13/2567 J FYFE (F) Hillhead Warehouse Hillhead Glasgow Scotland
GAFFNEY Edward Joseph L/Corporal 3/1868 Edward GAFFNEY (F) 1 Ferrier Street Leith Scotland
GALBRAITH William Gibson Rifleman 26/1181 Mrs Flora THOMPSON (S) Glasgow Scotland
GALLAGHER Hugh Rifleman 24/1661 Mrs Agnes GALLAGHER (M) Stonefield Blantrye Scotland
GALLOCHER Alexander Private 19139 A GALLOCHER (F) Ayrshire New Cumnock Scotland
GANDY William Francis Corporal 29387 W H H GANDY (F) Inverglas Ralston Paisley Scotland
GARDINER Andrew Private 6/459 Andrew GARDINER (F) Carluke Lanarkshire Scotland
GARDINER Peter Barnet L/Corporal 29000 Mrs G GARDINER (M) Pittodrie Gardens Pitcapel Aberdeenshire Scotland
GARDINER Robert Rifleman 38150 D GARDINER (F) Commercial Inn Wishaw Scotland
GARDNER William Private 12/550 William GARDNER Cornley Place Falkirk Scotland
GARRAWAY Richard Trooper 7/844 Mrs A SIMPSON (S) Harbeck Dumfriesshire Scotland
GARRETT John Hamilton L/Corporal 55049 Mrs M GARRETT (M) Redmayne Troon Scotland
GEDDED Alexander Rifleman 44970 R GEDDES (F) Hillocks Keig by Alford Aberdeenshire Scotland
GEMMELL David Yuill Trooper 13/573 W GEMMELL 113 Denmuir St Pollokshields Glasgow Scotland
GEORGESON Robert Private 80415 M GEORGESON (F) Veensgate Tinwall Shetland Islands Scotland
GERRIE Andrew Rifleman 12379 Mrs Alexander GERRIE (M) Old Mill Schivis By Ellon Aberdeenshire Scotland
GIBB John Private 48331 Mrs E H GIBB (M) Dumbarton Road Glasgow Scotland
GIBSON Benjamin Private 12/997 William GIBSON 2 Victoria Rd Kirkcaldy Scotland
GIBSON James Private 3/404 Mrs J GIBSON (M) 682 Argyle St Anderson Glasgow Scotland
GIBSON James Private 68953 Mrs J GIBSON (M) Fyvie Aberdeenshire Scotland
GIBSON James Burton Private 12/1957 Robert GIBSON (F) 39 Pratt St Kirkcaldy Scotland
GIFFORD Robert Private 10/1822 Alexander GIFFORD (F) James St Dunfermline Scotland
GILBERT Duncan Private 6/233 James GILBERT (F) 4 Wardlon Drive Rutherglen by Glasgow Scotland
GILL George Private 6/3022 George GILL (F) West Turnalie Port Errol Aberdeenshire Scotland
GILLANDERS John Rifleman 35113 Mrs GILLANDERS (M) Arina Ross-shire Scotland
GILLON James Private 27271 John GILLON (F) Kilnhill Farm Quanter Lanarkshire Scotland
GILMOUR James Montgomery Private 80768 Miss J M GILMOUR (S) Well Brae Strathaven Scotland
GLAISTER Thomas Derrick Gunner 50546 A GLAISTER (F) Gowenbrae Lanark Scotland
GLASS Thomas Rifleman 54488 Miss L GLASS (S) Aucxen Gree Glengarnock Ayrshire Scotland
GLEN John Private 10/3564 R GLEN (F) Kilsythe Scotland
GLEN Robert Trooper 35962 David GLEN (F) Aberdelgae Perthshire Scotland
GLENDINNING James Jackson Trooper 11/804a Mrs Esther CAMPBELL (M )Girvan Scotland
GOLDIE John Kennedy Private 8/3596 John GOLDIE (F) Old Cumnock Ayrshire Scotland
GORDON David Private 30787 Mrs W GORDON (W) 43 Grand Street Helensburgh Dumbartonshire Scotland
GORDON George Private 51564 James GORDON (F) View Bank Cullen Banffshire Scotland
GORDON James Rifleman 25/629 William GORDON (F) Netherton Glenlivet Banffshire Scotland
GORDON James Fowler Private 39797 Mrs M GORDON (M) Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland
GORDON John Rifleman 26/562 William GORDON (F) Banffshire Scotland
GORDON William Hutchinson L/Corporal 23/152 G GORDON (F) Ardachie Kirkcowan Wigtonshire Scotland
GOURLAY Thomas Rifleman 25/1745 Mrs Nellie GOURLAY (M) St Andrews Fifeshire Scotland
GOW John Murray Private 6/1543 George GOW (Br) Harbour Rd Wigtown Scotland
GOW William Private 40545 Mrs Joan GOW (SiL) 15 Hawith Terrace Annisland Glasgow Scotland
GRAHAM Colin L/Corporal 39987 H GRAHAM (F) Achahoish Ardishraig Argyllshire Scotland
GRAHAM George Private 8/81 R GRAHAM (Br) 230 Calder St Cross Hill Glasgow Scotland
GRAHAM Hugh Rifleman 53350 Mrs Christian GRAHAM (M) Ardi Shaig Argyle Scotland
GRAHAM John Private 10/1829 W GRAHAM (F) Banff Scotland
GRAHAME Monteith Private 23541 Mrs M GRAHAME (M) Artony Monteith Perthshire Scotland
GRANT Alexander Private 62964 A GRANT (F) Dulnain Bridge Granton-on-Spey Inverness-shire Scotland
GRANT Gordon Stewart Private 61608 Mrs G GRANT (M) 48 Cornwall Street Dufftown Banffshire Scotland
GRANT James Private 8/3597 Mrs M FERGUSON (GrdM) Carrbridge Inverness Scotland
GRANT James Roger Private 41792 Miss J GRANT (S) Mondine Nethybridge Strathspey Inverness Scotland
GRANT John Private 40803 William D GRANT (F) Hoggbridge Peebles Scotland
GRANT William L/Corporal 51037 A GRANT (F) Burnside Cottage Dalmain Bridge Granton Onspey Scotland
GRANT William Ross Rifleman 25/497 Mrs G GRANT (M) 60 Newhaven Road Bonnington Leith Scotland
GRAVILL Charles Duncan Private 71743 Mrs A D GRAVILL (M) 16 Lynwood Place Dundee Scotland
GRAY Alexander Richardson Private 46988 G J GRAY (F) Academy Street Hereford Ayrshire Scotland
GRAY David Hutchison Private 19/382 Mrs D GRAY (W) Hutchinson Dumfermline Scotland
GRAY James Private 6/238 Mrs Margaret GRAY (M) Strathsteven Brora Sutherland Scotland
GRAY John Private 17921 William GRAY (Br) Brora Sutherland Scotland
GRAY John Rifleman 24/1992 Mrs BAIN (S) Calder Thurso Caithness Scotland
GRAY Theodore Grant Captain 3/2522 Mrs Catherine GRAY (W) 3 Queens Road Aberdeen Scotland
GRAY William Alexander Gunner 2/881 William GRAY 524 Baltic St Glasgow Scotland
GREENAWAY William Boyle Private 8/3599 Mrs M GRAY 3 Albion Place Cassell Street Broughty Ferry near Dundee Scotland
GREGOR George William Rifleman 41779 Mrs E F GREGOR (M) 22 High Street New Aberdour Aberdeenshire Scotland
GREIG William Private 10/2626 A GREIG (F) Ratho Station Midlothian Scotland
GREINER George Trooper 7/1622 Mrs K GREINER (M) 43 Macdonald Rd Edinburgh Scotland
GRIBBIN Robert Davidson Sapper 4/613 Mrs J GRIBBIN (M) 134 Bothwell St Glasgow Scotland
GRIERSON Robert Private 10/3272 Mrs R GRIERSON (M) Railway Cottage Closeburn via Thornhill Dumfriesshire, Scotland
GRIEVE Adam Private 59637 A GRIEVE (F) Carrington Edinburgh Scotland
GRIEVE Edwin Rifleman 24/435 John GRIEVE (F) 39 Westfern Rd Aberdeen Scotland
GRIFFITHS R R Private 3/2025 Mrs M GRIFFITHS (M) 8 Lorne Street Hamilton Scotland
GRIGOR James Williamson Private 28276 Archibald GRIGOR (F) 301 Caledonian Road Glasgow Scotland
GRIGOR Mary Nurse 22/75 J GRIGOR (F) Altglander Glenlivet Banffshire Scotland
GRUBB David L/Corporal 29775 Mrs D GRUBB (W) C/- G Reed Bondfield Villa Bonvil Road Cupar Fife Scotland
GUNN Alexander Rifleman 11275 William GUNN (F) Barriedale Caithness Scotland
GUNN Donald Private 65260 Miss Catherine GUNN (S) 6 Laide Aultbea Ross-shire Scotland
GUNN Kenneth McKenzie Sapper 12035 William GUNN (F) The Schoolhouse Ramscraigs Berridale Caithness Scotland
GUNN William Private 9/538 William GUNN (F) 112 King St Glasgow South Scotland
GUTHRIE James Lindsay Crawford Corporal 9/930 Mrs M GUTHRIE (M) Altair Lennox Rd Crookston Renfrewshire Scotland
GUTHRIE John Alexander Private 8/213 Mrs M GUTHRIE (M) Altair Lennox Rd Crookston Renfrewshire Scotland
HADDOW Robert Wallace S/Major 24/942 Mrs PHILIP Croft Hillock Inverurie Aberdeenshire Scotland
HAGGART William Carr Rifleman 25/1747 James HAGGART (Br) Stanley Perthshire Scotland
HAGGO John More Private 12/2719 John HAGGO (F) Kilmarnock Scotland
HAIG John Private 10/3277 James HAIG (F) Churnside Berwick Scotland
HAIR William Muir Campbell Rifleman 24/452 Miss Martha M W HAIR (S) c/- MacKinnon and Bannatyne Solicitors St Vincent St Glasgow Scotland
HALDANE John Crawford Private 10/2628 Mrs M HALDANE (M) 112 Camperdown Rd Scotstoun Scotland
HALIBURTON Borthwick Private 10/1247 Mrs L HALIBURTON (M) Dunoon Argyleshire Scotland
HALL James Eglinton Private 71490 Miss K HALL (S) C/- Mrs John Cairns 2 Coburg Avenue Stirling Scotland
HALLIBURTON George William Private 14617 J HALLIBURTON (F) Berwickshire Scotland
HALLIDAY Robert Rifleman 25/640 Mrs M HALLIDAY (M) Ulva Place Port Bannatyne Bute Scotland
HAMILTON Andrew Rifleman 23/2196 G HAMILTON (Br) Haughlade Lanarkshire Scotland
HAMILTON Andrew Mason Sergeant 8/1997 Mrs I PARK (M) 16 Hanover St Fraserburgh Scotland
HAMILTON Daniel Trooper 17405 Mrs B H HAMILTON (M) Hamilton Street Carluke Scotland
HAMILTON Daniel Gunner 55484 Mrs Flora HAMILTON (M) 17 Queen Street Dalintober Campbelltown Argyleshire Scotland
HAMILTON Gavin Private 12/176 Gavin HAMILTON (F) Dunara Lennoxtown Stirlingshire Scotland
HAMILTON George Private 23544 Samuel HAMILTON (F) 46 Greenside Kilwinning Ayrshire Scotland
HAMILTON Hugh Rifleman 25/433 Alexander HAMILTON (Br) Hawkhead Bakery Broomlands Street Paisley Scotland
HAMILTON James Rifleman 23/160 William HAMILTON Whiting Bay Arran Scotland
HAMILTON John Private 62980 Mrs A HAMILTON (M) Bonnyside Bonnybridge Stirlingshire Scotland
HAMILTON John Private 8/586 Mrs M REID (S) 92 Dalmarnock Rd Glasgow Scotland
HAMILTON John Wilson Private 63147 Mrs B HAMILTON (M) 346 Main Street Bellshill Lanarkshire Scotland
HAMILTON Matthew Rifleman 24/1066 Mrs William HAMILTON (M) 65 Greenhill Rd Rutherglen Glasgow Scotland
HAMILTON Richard Private 14619 J HAMILTON (Br) West Calder Midlothian Scotland
HAMILTON Richard Private 19/102 James HAMILTON (Br) Annan St West Calder Midlothian Scotland
HAMILTON William Private 8/1139 W HAMILTON (F) Ligh-au-inut Whiting Bay Scotland
HAMILTON William Sergeant 8/1139 W HAMILTON (F) St Quivox Whiting Bay Arran Scotland
HAMILTON William Private 8/1490 James HAMILTON (F) 141 Shields Rd Glasgow Scotland
HANNAH David Private 6/1556 David HANNAH (F) 17 Alma St Glasgow Scotland
HANTON Alexander Sapper 37559 Alexander HANTON (F) Rossie Monhose Forfarshire Scotland
HARCUS Robert Rifleman 55954 G HARCUS (F) East Road Kirkwall Scotland
HARDIE Robert Private 10/3281 Mrs Elizabeth HARDIE (M) 11 Carnarvon St Hawick Scotland
HARDING George Trooper 11/1806 G HARDING (F) 39 Smith St Kinning Park Glasgow Scotland
HARRIS John Private 19/106 Thomas HARRIS (Br) Sunnyside Waskaw Scotland
HARROWER Peter Private 10/1836 George HARROWER (Br) 9 Lyndhurst Gardens Glasgow Scotland
HART Frederick George Private 12/3352 George Frederick HART (F) Stewarts Place Perth Scotland
HARVEY Moore William Trooper 24895 Thomas HARVEY (F) Mauchline Ayrshire Scotland
HARVEY William Driver 10605 William HARVEY (F) Knowhead Farm Denny Stirling-shire Scotland
HASTINGS David Private 60936 Mrs G HASTINGS (M) Maxwelltown Scotland
HATTON John Thompson Trooper 11/1000a Mrs J T YOUNG (M) 38 Leslie St Motherwell Scotland
HAUGHTON William Mitchell McIntosh Private 6/2168 A M HAUGHTON (F) 39 Balfour St Kirkcaldy Fife Scotland
HAVERN Robert Private 59371 J HAVERN (F) Milton Tce Jamestown Dumbartonshire Scotland
HAXTON Alexander Private 68960 T HAXTON (F) Blackford Perthshire Scotland
HAY George Private 3/3902 William HAY (F) Clifton Road Aberdeen Scotland
HAY Gilbert Private 6/58 Thomas HAY Fiblister Lerwick Scotland
HAY James Trooper 72749 Mrs J HAY (M) Aviemore Inverness-shire Scotland
HAY John Reid William Private 54245 Mrs J HAY (M) Newfold Monymusk Aberdeenshire Scotland
HECTOR Ian Private 31499 Mrs Agnes Porteous HECTOR (M) Mills Buckie Banffshire Scotland
HENDERSON George Williamson Trooper 11/291 J HENDERSON (F) 61 Main St Lochgelly Scotland
HENDERSON James Private 30806 R HENDERSON (Br) 23 Farmeloan Road Rutherglen Scotland
HENDERSON James L/Corporal 45208 Miss Janet HENDERSON (S) Gordon Berwickshire Scotland
HENDERSON James Ogg Rifleman 25/1166 Mrs MCNAUGHTON (M) Plant Street Glasgow Scotland
HENDERSON John Rifleman 26/567 Mrs E HENDERSON (M) 16 Somerfield Terrace Aberdeen Scotland
HENDERSON John Private 35078 R HENDERSON (F) 23 Farmeloan Road Rutherglen Scotland
HENDERSON John Corporal 39996 Mrs E SOMERVILLE-WIGLEY (M) Woodend Place Elderslie Scotland
HENDERSON John Rifleman 55596 James HENDERSON (F) Queens Crescent Edinburgh Scotland
HENDERSON John Robert Captain 15/9 Mrs Mary HENDERSON (W) C/- A Dunlop Paisley Rd West Glasgow Scotland
HENDERSON Peter Bain Captain 6/1198 Mrs Annie Gordon HENDERSON (W) Lilac Cottage Crossroads Grange Keith Scotland
HENDERSON Thomas Private 23831 Mrs M HENDERSON (M) Linlithgow Scotland
HENDERSON William Rifleman 38530 John HENDERSON (F) Heroldswick Shetland Islands Scotland
HENDRY Alexander Rifleman 26/1770 James HENDRY (F) Auchinblae Kincardineshire Scotland
HENDRY Arthur Bowman Rifleman 20527 James HENDRY Snr (F) Auchenblae Scotland
HENDRY James Private 21265 Alexander HENDRY (F) Meikle Wartle Aberdeenshire Scotland
HENDRY John Private 71994 Mrs M HENDRY (M) Brechin Forfarshire Scotland
HENDRY William Private 64927 W HENDRY (F) 3 St Andrews Lane Brechin Forfarshire Scotland
HERMISTON William Private 19/116 Mrs B HERMISTON 2 Seafield Villa Leith Scotland
HESLIN Patrick Sapper 37518 Bernard HESLIN (F) 78 Slateford Road Edinburgh Scotland
HEWIT William Private 6/476 William HEWIT Kineham Lodge Coldstream Scotland
HEWITSON David Private 79331 Miss B HEWITSON (S) 15 Carman Street Glasgow Scotland
HIGHET Samuel Mills Private 39633 Mrs HIGHET (M) Ulva Place Port Bannatyne Scotland
HILL Gavin Watson Captain 3/826 Mrs Watson HILL (W) Eastbourne Hamilton Scotland
HILL William Rifleman 23/2514 AlexanderHILL (F) Balgarthris Invergowrie Dundee Scotland
HILLHOUSE Charles Rifleman 44476 Mrs A HILLHOUSE (M) 192 Lochee Road Dundee Scotland
HILLOCK Thomas Private 47331 Miss I HILLOCK (S) Townhead Kinghorn Fifeshire Scotland
HINDERWELL Gilbert Corporal 18666 Mrs W P HINDERWELL (M) 51 West Graham Street Glasgow Scotland
HODGSON John Ernest Private 12/375 J HALLIDAY (Uncle) Nursery Moffat Scotland
HOGG Peter Private 52210 Mrs A HOGG (M) Todsahaugh Roxburghshire Scotland
HOGG Thomas Walter Driver 5/884 A HOGG (F) The Eildous Leven Fifeshire Scotland
HOGG William L/Sergeant 30363 Miss C B HOGG (S) Lanark Scotland
HOLMES Alexander Private 69766 Miss M DROY (Cousin) Stormy Land Street Bar Head Renfrewshire Scotland
HOLMES Samuel Private 3/3785 Miss Isabella RIGG (Aunt) 6 Lowndes Street Barhead Renfrewshire Scotland
HOLMES Walter Pollock Trooper 13/3035 Mrs E HOLMES (M) Donald Fiel Renfrewshire Bridge of Weir Scotland
HOOD Robert Sergeant 10/3163 John HOOD (F) Cambuslang Glasgow Scotland
HOPE George Private 8/1510 H HOPE (Br) C/- A Wilson 12 Edinburgh Rd Benicuik Midlothian Scotland
HORNER Thomas Private 49708 Mrs Agnes Couper HORNER (M) 10 Smith Terrace Ferme Rutherglen Scotland
HORNSBY William Macmahon Private 1/90 John MCMAHON 12 Huntly St Inverness Scotland
HORNSBY William McMahon Sergeant 1/90 Miss Norah McMahon HORNSBY (S) 51 King Street Inverness Scotland
HORSBURGH James Rifleman 46522 R HORSBURGH (F) Collinsburgh Fifeshire Scotland
HORSBURGH William Private 63163 W HORSBURGH (F) Buskin Brae Coldingham Berwickshire Scotland
HOURSTON Archibald Private 12/2741 Robert HOUSTON (F) Quoybirstane St Ola Orkney Islands Scotland
HOUSTON Charles James Rifleman 35205 Mrs A HOUSTON (M) 28 Newton Street Paisley Scotland
HOUSTON John Private 36622 Mrs John HOUSTON (W) C/- McIlroy Newarthill Lanarkshire Scotland
HOUSTON William Private 72325 Mrs Agnes HOUSTON (M) 39 Mein Street Cleland Scotland
HOWDEN David Young Private 12/3688 A HOWDEN (F) 70 Poolworth Gardens Edinburgh Scotland
HOWIE William L/Corporal 55497 Miss Bella WHYTE Aunt 7 Mill Street Alyth Scotland
HUDSON George Corporal 6/2671 William HUDSON (Br) Broxburn Linlithgow Scotland
HUGHISON Henry Rifleman 45697 A HUGHISON (Br) Shetland Islands Scotland
HUME James Rifleman 23/2007 Mrs J BUCHANAN (S) Ingleston Collington Scotland
HUNTER Andrew Private 10/4463 Andrew HUNTER (F) Pathbrae Kirkliston Westlothian Scotland
HUNTER Arthur Private 12/1675 Arthur HUNTER (F) Stuartfield Mintlaw Aberdeenshire Scotland
HUNTER Charles Allan Sapper 43269 Mrs S HUNTER (M) Hill Street Tillicoultry Scotland
HUNTER Eddie Private 12/1676 Arthur HUNTER (F) Stuartfield Mintlaw Aberdeenshire Scotland
HUNTER Edwin McGregor Private 3/549 Mrs HUNTER (M) 7 William St Dundee Scotland
HUNTER George Private 34368 A HUNTER (F) Stuart Field Mintlow Aberdeen Scotland
HUNTER George Hall Private 6/1576 Andrew HUNTER (F) Kirkleston West Lothian Scotland
HUNTER John Arthur Corporal 25/1705 John HUNTER (F) Barnack Auchnagott Aberdeenshire Scotland
HUNTER John Robert Private 34858 Mrs J HUNTER (M) 22 Buchanan Street Leith Scotland
HUNTER Robert Trooper 23/176 Mrs A WHITE (M) 22 Maitland Buildings Helensburgh Scotland
HUNTER Robert Dawson Trooper 11/1330 Mrs Susan HUNTER (M) Hill St Tillicoultry Scotland
HUNTER Thomas Sapper 4/1659 Mrs J HUNTER Biggar Lanarkshire Scotland
HUTCHEON John Rifleman 25880 Archibald HUTCHEON (F) Suttie Fintray Aberdeen Scotland
HUTCHEON William Private 24171 Mrs J HUTCHEON (M) 5 West Mount Street Aberdeen Scotland
HUTCHESON Alexander Private 42109 Alexander HUTCHESON (F) Balloan Inverness Scotland
HUTCHESON David William Gunner 50147 Alexander HUTCHESON (F) Inverness Scotland
HUTCHISON Albert Private 8/2279 Mrs W B HUTCHISON Beechwood Lenzie Glasgow Scotland
HUTCHISON Gavin Sapper 62891 Mrs G HUTCHISON (M) 28 North Park Street Glasgow Scotland
HUTCHISON George Sapper 37656 George HUTCHISON (F) 30 Boghall Street Stonehouse Lanarkshire Scotland
HUTCHISON William Baird L/Corporal 8/2280 Mrs W B HUTCHISON Beechwood Lenzie Glasgow Scotland
HUTTON Alexander Murray Trooper 11/294 Mrs Margaret HUTTON Church St Woodside Aberdeen Scotland
HUTTON George Joshua Lindsay Private 34779 David HUTTON (F) Rydie Mill Gardbridge Fifeshire Scotland
HUTTON Gilbert Corporal 9/559 John HUTTON (F) 39 Falcon Avenue Edinburgh Scotland
INGLIS Archibald Corporal 6/132 Mrs Adam PEDER Walkerburn Peebleshire Scotland
INGLIS Walter Scott Private 24173 Miss Winifred INGLIS (S) 111 Kerse Road Grangemouth Scotland
INGRAM Henry Stewart Trooper 7/351 Charles Yeates INGRAM (Br) Wood Cottage Kemstead Scotland
INGRAM Peter Forbes Private 8/587 John INGRAM Dumpston Mintcord Aberdeen Scotland
INNES George Private 8/928 M W INNES (F) 102 Overton Rd Sinclair Town Kirkcaldy Scotland
INNES James Sergeant 52614 Mrs M INNES (M) 6 Cromwell Square Queens Park Glasgow Scotland
IRELAND John Private 34376 I IRELAND (F) Greenlaw Scotland
IRELAND Joseph Private 10/1534 W IRELAND (F) Queens Hill Ringford Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
IRELAND Peter Rifleman 45213 John IRELAND (F) West Ferry Dundee Scotland
IRELAND William Rifleman 23/462 William IRELAND (F) Queens Hill Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
IRONS David Private 41937 J IRONS (F) 5 Leuriston Park Edinburgh Scotland
IRONSIDE Wilson Richard Private 28886 Mrs William CHEYNE (M) Monttalby Cottage Beildside Aberdeenshire Scotland
IRVINE Gilbert Private 27299 Mrs Margaret IRVINE (M) West Part Scallaway Shetland Scotland
IRVINE James Private 14642 Mrs W IRVINE (M) Tronafirth Tringwall Scotland
IRVINE John Sapper 21391 J IRVINE (F) 87 New Street Dalry Ayrshire Scotland
ISBISTER David James Private 69089 Mrs E ISBISTER (M) Midyell Shetland Scotland
JACK Andrew Private 23835 Miss Maggie JACK (S) 104 Anne Street Dundee Scotland
JACK James Donald Private 11481 James JACK Helensburgh Scotland
JAFFRAY Charles Private 12/3694 Mrs ALEXANDER (M) Northsunside Merkle Wartle Aberdeenshire Scotland
JAMIE Thomas Rifleman 24/2536 291 High Street Kirkcaldy Scotland
JAMIESON Andrew Private 8/3299 Mrs JAMIESON (M) Gordon House Landsting Scotland
JAMIESON Andrew Dingwall Corporal 45520 Mrs E JAMIESON (M) 37 St Andrew Street Dundee Scotland
JAMIESON Daniell McCall Private 10/1536 Mrs Elizabeth JAMIESON (M) 37 St Andrew St Dundee Scotland
JAMIESON William Robert Private 48215 Mrs L M JAMIESON (M) Mossbanks Shetland Isles Scotland
JAMIESON William Watson Trooper 11/1012 William Watson JAMIESON (F) 81 Duke St Leith Edinburgh Scotland
JEFFERY John Rifleman 25/642 Mrs E JEFFERY (M) 44 Millhaugh Larkhall Lanarkshire Scotland
JOBSON William Blair Private 13447 T H SMITH (Uncle) Aystoll Broughty Ferry Scotland
JOHNS Andrew Robertston Gunner 2/2326 Mrs J JOHNS (M) Auchencairn Castle Douglas Scotland
JOHNSON George Sergeant 5/597 Mrs Margaret JOHNSON (M) 100 Dundrennan Rd Langside Grasgow Scotland
JOHNSTON Charles Trooper 7/2052 Mrs Isabella JOHNSTON (M) Westhills Skene Aberdeenshire Scotland
JOHNSTON David Private 12/2749 William JOHNSTON (F) 13 Nelson St Bellshill Lanarkshire Scotland
JOHNSTON George Rifleman 23185 Mrs Joan JOHNSTON (M) Bridge of Walls Shetland Scotland
JOHNSTON George Private 6/1888 James JOHNSTON (F) 21 Stlatefield St Glasgow Scotland
JOHNSTON Harry Mitchell Private 14995 Mrs I JOHNSTON (M) Aquavilla Croft West Hill Skene Aberdeenshire Scotland
JOHNSTON James Private 64075 Mangus JOHNSTON (F) Bridge-of-Wales Shetland Islands Scotland
JOHNSTON James Private 8/3301 G JOHNSTON Albert House Bucksburn Aberdeen Scotland
JOHNSTON James William Private 47628 Mrs A JOHNSTON (M) Tiptown Shetland Isles Scotland
JOHNSTON John Rifleman 23186 Mrs J JOHNSTON (M) Turiff Aberdeenshire Scotland
JOHNSTON John Wallace Rifleman 25/986 Thomas JOHNSTON (F) 12 Gorgie Road Edinburgh Scotland
JOHNSTON John Young Corporal 17137 William JOHNSTON (F) Bairnshole Huntly Aberdeenshire Scotland
JOHNSTON Peter Linskill Private 8/231 Thomas JOHNSTON (F) Sandwick Orkney Scotland
JOHNSTON Robert Private 12/2349 Samuel JOHNSTON (F) 24 Woodhead Dunfermline Scotland
JOHNSTON Robert Trooper 17/362 R JOHNSTON (F) March St Peebles Scotland
JOHNSTON Thomas L/Corporal 32183 J JOHNSTON (F) 21 Angle Park Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
JOHNSTON William Trooper 35419 Mrs C JOHNSTON (M) 75 Balgreen Road Murrayfield Edinburgh Scotland
JOHNSTONE Alex McConachie Trooper 7/72 James A M JOHNSTONE 57 Forest Avenue Aberdeen Scotland
JOHNSTONE Archibald Sapper 21399 Mrs A JOHNSTONE (M) 23 Bute Crescent Wishaw Scotland
JOHNSTONE Donald Private 63888 Mrs J JOHNSTONE (M) Inverness Scotland
JOHNSTONE James Private 12/2351 Robert JOHNSTONE (Br) High St Peebles Scotland
JOHNSTONE John Gunner 25012 Mrs M JOHNSTONE (M) Wheat Park Cottage St Quivox Ayrshire Scotland
JOHNSTONE John L/Corporal 4/1510 W JOHNSTONE (F) c/- G Davie Masonic Temple Hamilton Lanarchshire Scotland
JOHNSTONE John Richard Rifleman 33378 Mrs Mary JOHNSTONE (W) Wheatpark Cottage St Quinox Ayr Scotland
JOHNSTONE John Tomlinson Kerr Private 8/1523 S L JOHNSTONE (F) 1 Victoria St Paisley Scotland
JOHNSTONE Robert Private 10/4467 N JOHNSTONE (F) 13 Nelson Street Bells Hill Lanarkshire Scotland
JOHNSTONE Robert Sapper 26416 Mrs JOHNSTONE (M) 23 Bute Crescent Belhaven Road Wishaw Scotland
JOHNSTONE Thomas Private 6/1584 William JOHNSTONE (F) 13 Nelson St Bellshill Lanarkshire Scotland
JOHNSTONE William Trooper 9/1311 Mrs E JOHNSTONE (M) 11 Primrose St Leith Scotland
JOINER John Rifleman 14109 George JOINER (F) White Hills Banffshire Scotland
JOLLIE David Alexander L/Corporal 11782 William JOLLIE (F) 9 Esk Place Dalkeith Scotland
JOLLY John Jamieson Private 6/2174 John JOLLY (F) Newarthill Lanarkshire Scotland
JONES Alfred Charles L/Corporal 12/4206 Mrs A E JONES (M) Midstocket Street Aberdeen Scotland
JONES Edward Private 6/1587 William JONES (F) 38 Carper St Gowan Hill Glasgow Scotland
JONES Llewellyn Private 8/3645 Mrs M JONES (M) 18 Pertson Street Edinburgh Scotland
KAY George Mathieson Sapper 4/767 Robert KAY (F) 29 Aitken St Kirkcaldy Scotland
KAY John Trooper 11/1018 Mrs A KAY (M) Main St Carnworth Lanarkshire Scotland
KEAN Thomas Private 59014 T KEAN (F) Balannan Ringford Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
KEDDIE Adam Private 61669 W KEDDIE (F) 10 Shandin Crescent Edinburgh Scotland
KEITH George Private 8/2025 Mrs A KEITH Cowie Wells Kenarff Stonehaven Kincardineshire Scotland
KEITH James Private 58543 Mrs James KEITH (M) Thurso Caithness-shire Scotland
KEITH James George Private 49715 A KEITH (F) North Haven Aberdeenshire Scotland
KEITH John Private 10/1543 George KEITH (F) Cowie Wells Kenarff Stonehaven Kincardineshire Scotland
KEITH William James Private 8/3654 David KEITH (F) Hillside Muchalls Stonehaven Scotland
KELLOW John Private 12/1690 John KELLOW (F) Conon Bridge Ross-shire Scotland
KELLY John Private 28157 J KELLY (F) Wester Queenslie House via Shettleston Glasgow Scotland
KELLY Thomas Private 6/1894 Miss Barbara KELLY (S) 137 High St Dumbarton Scotland
KELMAN William Rifleman 19008 Mrs A KELMAN (M) 19 Elmbank Terrace Aberdeen Scotland
KEMP John Private 65108 Mrs J KEMP (M) Drumoak Aberdeenshire Scotland
KENNEDY Adam Graham Rifleman 23/1709 William KENNEDY (F) Troon Ayrshire Scotland
KENNEDY Andrew Driver 5/699 Mrs W KENNEDY (M) 252 Hollybrook St Glasgow Scotland
KENNEDY Angus Private 13934 John KENNEDY (Br) Mull Argyleshire Scotland
KENNEDY Charles Private 8/3305 Mrs M KENNEDY (M) Main St Dailly Ayrshire Scotland
KENNEDY Henry Private 28735 Mrs Jane KENNEDY (M) 3 Southburn Road Airdrie Lanarkshire Scotland
KENNEDY Hugh Private 73417 Mrs E KENNEDY (M) Ledaig Argyleshire Scotland
KENNEDY John Private 69496 Mrs L MCCREATH (S) 20 Milton Road Kilbirnie Ayrshire Scotland
KENNEDY John McMorland Rifleman 20169 W C KENNEDY (F) Troon Ayrshire Scotland
KERR John Watson Rifleman 39572 D KERR (F) Lochrenza Arran Scotland
KIDD Robert Gunner 2/1801 Mrs Elizabeth KIDD (M) 52 High St Blairgowrie Scotland
KILPATRICK William Corporal 40968 A GARROW (Stepbr) Glasgow Scotland
KING Maxwell Alexander Gunner 2/2175 Miss B KING (S) c/- Allen Buckley and Allen 21 Bridge St Aberdeen Scotland
KING William Alexander Private 3/2224 Mrs E KING (M) 71 Melbourne Place Edinburgh Scotland
KINGHORN David Trooper 7/1860 Mrs S KINGHORN (M) Path Head Ford Dalkeith Scotland
KINMOND James Private 10/1547 Andrew KINMOND (F) Myrtle Cottage Brook St Monifieth Forfarshire Scotland
KINNEAR James Gordon Private 27302 James KINNEAR (F) 18 Buccleugh Place Edinburgh Scotland
KINNEAR William Dickson L/Corporal 13/2048 Mrs J KINNEAR (M) 132 East High St Forfar Scotland
KIRK Archibald John Private 71120 Mrs M KIRK (M) 23 Princes Street Ardrossan Scotland
KIRKLAND John Corporal 20362 Mrs M KIRKLAND (M) Netherton Newton Mearns Glasgow Scotland
KIRKNESS John Guthrie Brass Trooper 7/1373 W B KIRKNESS (F) Orkney Scotland
KIRKPATRICK Charles Hallay Private 23649 Mrs Margaret Hunter KIRKPATRICK (M) 5 Sandringham Terrace Greenock Scotland
KIRKWOOD Alfred Robert Sapper 38892 Mrs J KIRKWOOD (M) 72 Kirkcaldy Road Glasgow Scotland
KIRKWOOD John Sapper 4/994 Mrs A KIRKWOOD (M) 1 Main Road Beith Ayrshire Scotland
KNIGHT William Private 52262 Miss M KNIGHT (S) 4 Clyde Street Glasgow Scotland
KNOX Alexander Rifleman 26/1630 Mrs H KNOX (M) 56 Preston Street Govan Hill Glasgow Scotland
KNOX John Rifleman 51852 R KNOX (Br) 150 Taylor Street Townhead Glasgow Scotland
LAING James Simpson Trooper 7/1631 C B LAING (F) Caldham Forfar Scotland
LAING John Rifleman 59209 J LAING (F) Ordhead Jillyfowrie Aberdeenshire Scotland
LAING John Forret Private 6/3377 T LAING (F) New Mills Upai Fifeshire Scotland
LAING Thomas Private 8/3308 C LAING (Br) 82 High St Inverurie Aberdeen Scotland
LAIRD Eric Rifleman 38550 Alexander LAIRD (F) Burray Orkney Scotland
LAIRD William Private 12/3072 Mrs W LAIRD (M) 21 Richmond St Aberdeen Scotland
LAMB Alexander Ewen Private 28163 E LAMB (F) Thorn Hill Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
LAMB James McGibbon L/Corporal 8/2641 Thomas LAMB 41 Jerviston St Holytown Lanark Scotland
LAMB James McGibbon Sergeant 8/2641 Mrs Thomas LAMB (M) Kew Stevenson Holeytown Lanarkshire Scotland
LAMB Norman John Rifleman 23/803 Edward LAMB (F) Cuminestown Aberdeenshire Scotland
LAMBIE Archie Private 23840 Mrs J LAMBIE (M) Bunnyton Aboor Renfrewshire Scotland
LAMONT Archibald Private 25548 Robert LAMONT (F) Brackley Cottage Ardrisheig Argyle Scotland
LAMONT Moses Private 11302 Mrs L J LAMONT (M) 55 Castle Terrace Linlinshire Scotland
LATIMER John Private 10/397 Miss LATIMER 34 Main St Inverness Scotland
LAUCHLAN John Wyllie CSM 6/667 Mrs J RANKIN (S) 21 Underwood Lane Paisley Scotland
LAUDER Arthur Private 12/2755 Mrs E FOSTER (S) 31 Barogill St Wick Scotland
LAUDER Arthur 2/Lieutenant 12/2755 Mrs E FOSTER (S) 1 Barogill Street Wick Scotland
LAUGHTON William Gunner 13199 John LAUGHTON (F) Orkney Islands Scotland
LAURISTON David Private 8/3667 D LAURISTON (F) Lesmahagow Scotland
LAWSON James Gunner 42924 Mrs Mary STEWART (S) 137 Brunsfield Place Edinburgh Scotland
LAWTON Norman Alexander Rifleman 21031 Mrs Mary LAWTON (M)Union Cottage Friockheim Forfarshire Scotland
LEASK Peter Fraser Private 64645 Mrs Jane LEASK (M) Leith Scotland
LEDLEY George Victor Private 8/2966 Mrs S PATERSON (M) 29 Copland Rd Glasgow Scotland
LEE David Chisholm Captain 3/1221 William LEE (F) Granby Rd Edinburgh Scotland
LEISHMAN Robert Private 8/1091 Mrs STEVENSON (M) 12 Hill St Gallogate East Glasgow Scotland
LEITCH William Private 10/1560 John LEITCH (Br) 40 Black Scraft Dundee Scotland
LEITCH William Gunner 2/1931 Miss Kate LEITCH (S) Pine Cottage Tayport Fifeshire Scotland
LESLIE William Arthur Sapper 12051 Mrs Mary LESLIE (M) 5 School Street New Pit Sligo Aberdeenshire Scotland
LESSELS David Private 12/2015 Mrs Margaret LESSELS (M) Tallan Stirling Scotland
LETHAM John Private 31515 Mrs LETHAM (M) Hermiston Midlothian Scotland
LINDLEY George Henry Private 6/2187 Thomas LINDLEY (F) 104 Kirkland St Glasgow Scotland
LINDSAY Alexander Milne Rifleman 39835 Mrs M LINDSAY (M) Aberdeen Scotland
LINDSAY James Pollock Private 3/1051 Thomas LINDSAY (F) 69A Hill St Wishaw Lanarkshire Scotland
LINDSAY John Cameron Private 66107 Mrs A LINDSAY (M) 6 Morn Street Alyth Scotland
LINKLATER George Private 8/4166 William LINKLATER (F) Scapa Kirkwall Orkney Scotland
LINTON John Keddie Private 32686 Mrs M LINTON (M) Heathview Selkirk Scotland
LINTON Walter Trooper 7/1864 Mrs J LINTON (M) Mill Knowe Duns Scotland
LITTLE George Private 12/580 William LITTLE Kippielan Preston Kirk Scotland
LIVINGSTONE Alexander Private 34475 M LIVINGSTONE (F) Side Farm Braco Perthshire Scotland
LIVINGSTONE John Rifleman 23/1096 A LIVINGSTONE (F) Arrina Shieldaig Ross-shire Scotland
LIVINGSTONE William Trooper 2/2183 J LIVINGSTONE (F) Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
LIVSEY Rothwell Private 12/3709 Mrs M LIVSEY (M) 1 Liven Street Alexandria Dumbartonshire Scotland
LOAN Samuel Gunner 12805 Samuel LOAN Jun (Son) C/- Mrs James Allen Pask Head Glasgow Scotland
LOBBAN Peter Private 10/2678 Mrs J LOBBAN (M) Stranmore Cottage Nethybridge Inverness-shire Scotland
LOCKHART Robert Millar Sapper 4/1292 Miss M F LOCKHART (S) 37 Cartha Langside Glasgow Scotland
LOGIE Thomas Private 25551 Mrs H LOGIE (M) 4 Sandwell Street Denbeath Scotland
LONG David Main Private 8/3125 D M LONG (F) 26a King St Nairn Scotland
LONGMORE Leith Anderson Trooper 13/3046 L E LONGMORE (F) 20 Strathpath Banff Scotland
LONGMUIR Archibald Private 22254 Mrs Margaret LONGMUIR (M) 2 Ferguslie Paisley Scotland
LORIMER James Ramsay Trooper 7/1093 Mrs Charlotte MCAULEY (S) 45 Storet St Paisley Scotland
LOTHIAN Edward Bannerman Private 47346 John LOTHIAN (F) 1 West Tolleross Edinburgh Scotland
LOUTTIT George Rifleman 24/492 Mrs H SMITH Keith St Kincardine-on-Forth Fifeshire Scotland
LOVE James Robertson Private 49195 James LOVE (F) Beith Ayrshire Scotland
LOW David Private 31307 James LOW (F) Forfar Road Kirriemuir Scotland
LOW David Basson Rifleman 39070 G LOW (F) Murrayfield Edinburgh Scotland
LOW Stewart Dawson Private 12/3081 Mrs J LOW (M) The Willows Monifieth Forfarshire Scotland
LOWE Donald Gow Trooper 9/1453 H LOWE (F) Burnside Reisgill Lybster Caithness Scotland
LOWE William Taylor Rifleman 23/1425 H LOWE (F) Burnside Reisgill Lybster Caithness Scotland
LUMSDEN James Private 53217 Mrs MCINTOSH Cousin Galabank Midlothian Scotland
LUMSDEN John Mathieson Private 31308 Mrs Martha Lumsden GREIG (S) 4 Holland Street Aberdeen Scotland
LUMSDEN Robert David Private 6/2195 Mrs MCGEAHEN (S) Merry St Falkirk Scotland
LUNAN John Rifleman 52847 James LUNAN (F) Ellon Aberdeen Scotland
LUNDIE John Private 6/1611 William LUNDIE (F) 103 Causeneyend St Couper Angus Scotland
LYLE Quentin Private 34393 Mrs LYLE (M) Cromwell Street Edinburgh Scotland

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