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These names have been taken from the New Zealand Nominal Rolls from 1914 - 1918 and do not include Scottish born soldiers with a New Zealand next-of-kin address. It is by no means exhaustive.

The Scotsman 27 December 1917
Lieutenant John Alexander McQUEEN, MC, New Zealand Force (killed), belonged to Appleby, Invercargill, New Zealand, and was managing director of the Southland Frozen Meat Company. He was a nephew of the Reverend Andrew McQueen, senior minister of Holburn United Free Church, Aberdeen.

From Alistair McEwen
Sergeant David Sibbald, Otago Regiment. (seated), born on 14 May 1884 in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland, was the son of William Sibbald, a Jobbing Gardener, and Margaret Sibbald, of 4 Eastfield, Dirleton. He emigrated to Canada on ss Grampian from Glasgow to Montreal, arriving on 8 May 1911, served in the Canadian militia, then emigrated to New Zealand in 1912, and went to live in Ettrick with the Hamilton family. He had worked for them as a delivery boy in Scotland and he gave as his next of kin in his army records. He joined the New Zealand Expeditionary Force on 16 April 1915.
He was posted abroad on 14 August 1915, travelling to Gallipoli, Egypt and then France. He was promoted to Corporal and then Lance Sergeant, three promotions were relinquished and reinstated as the people he took over from became casualties and then returned.
He was killed at the first battle of Messines Ridge on 7 June 1917. age 33 and was, according to family records, buried at a little place called Birthday Farm (Holtís Guide says the 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade advanced broadly from the direction of Nieuwkerke and bunkers were taken in the first hour of the action on 7 June). This had been confirmed by one of his friends who was in the burial party. The farm was possibly Petite Douve Farm?).
Fierce fighting ensued as both sides tried to hold the ridge and with the shelling the farms and graves were obliterated. His name is recorded on the New Zealand memorial to those missing in action. Surviving siblings were John, James and Margaret.

F = Father, M = Mother, Br = Brother, S = Sister, U = Uncle, A = Aunt, C = Cousin etc.

MABEN William John 8/3699 Private Mrs M MABEN (M) Dariot Mains Inverness-shire Scotland
MACALISTER John 45717 Rifleman Ronald MACALISTER (Br) Argyllshire Scotland
MACALPINE Alexander 25/1058 Rifleman Mrs I MACALPINE (M) 56 India Street Edinburgh Scotland
MACASKILL Murdoch 10/1282 Private Alexander MACASKILL (F) North Uist Scotland
MACCONNACHIE Donald 43443 Gunner Mrs M MACCONNACHIE (M) Carradale Scotland
MACDONALD Alasdair 23/491 Rifleman Mrs J R MACDONALD (M) Murlagga Roy Bridge Scotland
MACDONALD Alexander 8/596 Private Mrs John MACDONALD (S) Sponish Loch Maddy Inverness-shire Scotland
MACDONALD Alexander 9/1906 Trooper Miss D C MACDONALD (S) District Asylum Inverness Scotland
MACDONALD Andrew 25/998 Rifleman Mrs James MACDONALD (M) 3 Abbey Street Elgin Scotland
MACDONALD Archibald 11/906 Trooper J MACDONALD (F) 8 Finneston St Glasgow Scotland
MACDONALD Coll 4/2107 Sapper Mrs M MACDONALD (M) 12 Jackson Street Coatbridge Scotland
MACDONALD David Aitchison 12/810 2/Lieutenant Donald MACDONALD (F) 14 Armour Street Kilmarnock Scotland
MACDONALD Donald Ewan 62112 Private W MACDONALD (F) North Uist Inverness-shire Scotland
MACDONALD Hugh 23/1748 Rifleman Malcolm MACDONALD (U) Dumoegan Isle of Skye Scotland
MACDONALD Joey Alexander 6/497 Private Mrs Catherine MACDONALD (M) Kilvasiter Kilmuir Portree Skye Scotland
MACDONALD Neil 2/1247 Gunner Mrs STEEL (S) 2 Drummond Place Shettleston Glasgow Scotland
MACDOUGALL Archibald Brown 6/2698 L/Corporal Henry MACDOUGALL (F) 4 St Vincent Place Lanarkshire Scotland
MACFIE Charles 29813 Private Miss B MACFIE (S) 193 Copeland Road Glasgow Scotland
MACGREGOR Angus 25/132 Rifleman Mrs G MACGREGOR (M) Queens Buildings Oban Scotland
MACGREGOR Frederick Henry 53220 Private Daniel E MACGREGOR (Br) Electricity Works Brechin Forfarshire Scotland
MACGREGOR John 2/1037 Sergeant Mrs Euphemia FIFE (S) 20 Aba St Kirkcaldy Scotland
MACGREGOR John 6/92 Private Mrs C MCGREGOR 12 Golstadig Stornoway Lewis Scotland
MACGREGOR William George 8/672 Private L MACGREGOR Caithness Scotland
MACINNES Archibald 22430 Private Donald MACINNES (F) Isle of Skye Scotland
MACINTOSH Charles Stewart 48524 Private F MACINTOSH (F) 307 Hilltown Dundee Scotland
MACINTYRE Alexander 73236 Private O MACINTYRE (Br) Loch Boisdale Scotland
MACKAY Alexander Sutherland 68543 Private Neil MACKAY (F) Dunbeath Caithness Scotland
MACKAY Alick John 8/2988 Private Mrs E MACKAY (M) Cairns Beatha Cottage Ardincaskan Loch Carron Scotland
MACKAY Donald 11/1192 Trooper Mrs Alexander MACKAY (M) Tongue Sutherlandshire Scotland
MACKAY Donald 2/1866 Driver Mrs Charlotte MACKAY (M) 36 Commissioner St Crieff Scotland
MACKAY Donald Munro 7/2295 Trooper W MACKAY (F) Lochsideover Spaig Lairg Sutherlandshire Scotland
MACKAY Dugald 71123 Private Mrs C MACKAY (M) Kyle-akin Skye Inverness-shire Scotland
MACKAY Duncan 11710 Private Donald MACKAY (F) Kershader Lochs Stornaway Scotland
MACKAY George 25906 Rifleman William MACKAY (F) Lothside Overscait Sutherlandshire Scotland
MACKAY James 41265 Private Mrs J JEFFRIES (S) 18 Surrey Place Haymarket Edinburgh Scotland
MACKAY John 8/1564 Private D MACKAY (F) Ardineaskain Loch Carron Ross-shire Scotland
MACKAY Neil 11703 Private Mrs A MACKAY (M) Little Bogart Bogart Sutherlandshire Scotland
MACKENZIE Charles 8/665 Private Alexander MACKENZIE 10 Bank St Ballintire by Fearn Ross-shire Scotland
MACKENZIE Charles Duncan 3/1811 SMWO Mrs J MACKENZIE (M) 60 Melville Street Edinburgh Scotland
MACKENZIE Donald 10/3141 Private Mrs H MACKENZIE (M) Corry Kinlock Lairg Sutherlandshire Scotland
MACKENZIE Donald 40607 Rifleman A MACKENZIE (Br) 4 Bleas Inversdale Poolewe Ross-shire Scotland
MACKENZIE James 10/589 Private Mrs Henrietta MACKENZIE Corrickin Loch Laing Scotland
MACKENZIE John 10637 Gunner Mrs R A MACKENZIE (M) Torridon Ross-shire Scotland
MACKENZIE John Menzies 2/647 Gunner M B MACKENZIE Bank House Fort William Scotland
MACKENZIE Joseph 57108 Private Mrs Henrietta MACKENZIE (M) Lairg Sutherlandshire Scotland
MACKENZIE Murdock 9/1454 Trooper John MACKENZIE (F) 35 Harbour St Lockhalsh Ross-shire Scotland
MACKENZIE William Alexander 12235 Rifleman J A MACKENZIE (F) St Enoch Station Glasgow Scotland
MACKENZIE William Stewart 21869 Rifleman C MACKENZIE (F) Wyvis Ross-shire Scotland
MACKIE Robert Charles 6/499 Corporal James MACKIE Main St Strathpinness Fifeshire Scotland
MACKINNON Alexander 45221 Rifleman Mrs J BROWN (S) 198 Auchenairn Road Bishopbriggs Scotland
MACKINNON Duncan 4/1959 Corporal Mrs J MACKINNON (M) 1 Royster Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
MACKINNON Ewan 37936 Private Mrs M MACKINNON (M) West Tarbert Harris Invernessshire Scotland
MACKINNON John 19017 Rifleman Mrs C MACKINNON (M) 4 Sasaig Sleat Isle of Skye Scotland
MACKINNON John 64089 Private H MACKINNON (F) Gometra Aros Isle of Mull Scotland
MACKLAM Alexander 22262 L/Corporal Mrs M MACKLAM (M) Katrine Scotland
MACLACHLAN Douglas Harold 13695 Sergeant Mrs B G MACLACHLAN (M) Lockerbie Scotland
MACLACHLAN John Nesbit 39846 Rifleman Alexander MACLACHLAN (F) 16 Forbes Road Edinburgh Scotland
MACLEAN Archibald John 61732 Private A MACLEAN (F) Miller Cornaigshire Tirce Scotland
MACLEAN John 80082 Private Mrs A MACLEAN (M) Lekmeln Garve Ross-shire Scotland
MACLEAN Kenneth 12/3714 Private Mrs D BETHUNE (S) 18 Balfour Street Leith Scotland
MACLEAY James 26/859 Rifleman Murdo MACLEAY (F) Aultbea Ross-shire Scotland
MACLENNAN William Duncan 25/513 Rifleman Duncan MACLENNAN (F) Carnoch Ross-shire Scotland
MACLEOD Roderick 10/432 Private Ronald MCLEOD Iris Villa Montague Rd Inverness Scotland
MACLEOD William 6/500 Private Murdo MACLEOD (F) Ross-shire Scotland
MACMILLAN Andrew 48980 L/Corporal Mrs John MACMILLAN (M) 19 Forsyth Street Greenock Scotland
MACMILLAN Donald 12450 Rifleman D MACMILLAN (F) Dalgrambrick Croy Gollonfield Inverness Scotland
MACMILLAN Dougall 25/449 Rifleman Donald MACMILLAN (F) Dalgrambitch Croy Gollanfield Inverness Scotland
MACMILLAN John 12/992 Private John MACMILLAN (F) 238 High St Dumbarton Scotland
MACMILLAN John 15756 Private John MACMILLAN (F) No 1 Shadderpoint Stornaway Scotland
MACNEILL Malcolm 12061 Sapper William MACNEILL (F) Caristader Uig Stornaway Isle of Lewis Scotland
MACPHERSON Angus 24/1722 Rifleman J B MACPHERSON (Br) Kilmamo Ayrshire Scotland
MACPHERSON William James 43315 Trooper D MACPHERSON (F) Belle Isle Saltcoats Scotland
MACRAE Alexander 10369 Private Duncan MACRAE (F) West End Averanish Kyle of Loch Alsh Scotland
MACRAE Alick 51286 Private Mrs D MACRAE (M) Avernish Nostie Kiyle Lochalsh Rosshire Scotland
MACRAE James 23/1265 Rifleman Roderick MACRAE (F) Kildonan House Ullapool Ross-shire Scotland
MACRAE John 40831 Private Mrs K MACRAE (M) Kayle of Lochalch Ross-shire Scotland
MACRAE Murdo 19023 Rifleman Mrs A MACRAE (M) Inglewood Crown Drive Inverness Scotland
MACRAE Roderick 41340 Rifleman Mrs Farquhar MACRAE (M) Sallachy Ardelve Rossshire Scotland
MACRAE Roderick Donald 25/280 Rifleman Duncan MACRAE (F) Fort Augustus Scotland
MACRAE William 6/3810 Private William MACRAE Burns Cottage New Deer Aberdeenshire Scotland
MACSWEEN Allan 71636 Private Mrs I MACSWEEN (M) 115 High Street Forres Morayshire Scotland
MAIN James 10/1901 Private Mrs Jane MAIN (M) Portsoy Scotland
MAIN James 23205 Rifleman A MAIN (F) 60 Forteath Street Buryhead Scotland
MAIR James 28898 Private Mrs J KEITH (M) C/- Patterson Son and Mills Storres Byalyone Scotland
MAITLAND Henry Daniel 24/2034 Rifleman Miss L MAITLAND (A) Dargavil St Andrews Fifeshire Scotland
MAITLAND James 2/1841 Gunner James MAITLAND (F) 25 West End Park St Glasgow Scotland
MAITLAND James 14453 Private J MAITLAND (F) Dumbarton Road Glasgow
MAITLAND John Mackie 10/3639 Private Mrs E MAITLAND (M) 19 Stanley Street Aberdeen Scotland
MAITLAND Robert 26643 Rifleman Mrs Helen MAITLAND (M) 102 Osborne Place Aberdeen Scotland
MALCOLM Thomas Wilson 69258 Private Miss I MALCOLM (S) Beith Ayrshire Scotland
MANN James 6/1923 Private J MANN (F) Boswell Rd Hamilton Scotland
MANSON William 10860 Private A MANSON (F) Wick Caithness Scotland
MARR Walter Cunningham 24910 Driver Mrs E C MARR (M) 4 Lamer Street Dunbar Scotland
MARR William 53592 Private Mrs M MCCABE (M) Mauchline Scotland
MARSHALL Adam 26288 Private J MARSHALL (F) 87 High Street Rothes Morayshire Scotland
MARSHALL Alexander 47277 Private Mrs Annabella MARSHALL (W) Dunburk-by-Bowling Scotland
MARSHALL David Burns 24203 Private William MARSHALL (F) Coul Maius Markinch Fifeshire Scotland
MARSHALL John 9/1206 Trooper Mrs J MARSHALL (M) 5 Lawrence Hill Bruck Glasgow Scotland
MARSHALL William 4/1180 Sapper W MARSHALL (F) Coulmains Markinch Fifeshire Scotland
MARTIN Alexander 11307 Private John MARTIN (Br) 3 Northcote Street Dalry Road Edinburgh Scotland
MARTIN Finlay Kerr 60961 Private Miss M MARTIN (S) 7 Sterling Road Leith Scotland
MARTIN James 70514 L/Corporal Robert MARTIN (F) Monieve Dumfrieshire Scotland
MARTIN Murray Watt 32277 Private Mrs Mary MARTIN (M) Lennox Road Cardonald Glasgow Scotland
MARTIN Robert Witherall 6/1929 Private John MARTIN (Br) 30 Charlotte St Gallowgate Glasgow Scotland
MARWICK John Robert 46753 Private D N MARWICK (Br) South Ronaldsay Orkney Islands Scotland
MASSEY Robert 24/1113 Rifleman Mrs J MASSEY (M) Union St Aberdeen Scotland
MASSIE James Fowlie 8/1285 Private Mrs M MASSIE Strichen Aberdeenshire Scotland
MASSON James 63364 Corporal Mrs Mary MASSON (M) Hearthills Kintore Aberdeenshire Scotland
MASTERSON John Love 21157 Sergeant John A MASTERSON (F) Bellevue Hamilton Scotland
MASTERTON George 27026 Private A M MASTERTON (F) Leven Fifeshire Scotland
MATCHES George Simpson 70877 Private J MATCHES (Br) Osquoy Farm St Margarets Hope Orkney Islands Scotland
MATHER Thomas 12/1460 Private W MATHER (F) 1 Low Port Linlithgow Scotland
MATHESON Alexander Donald 7/1098 Trooper Mrs Annie MATHESON (M) Booth Alness Post-office Ross-shire Scotland
MATHESON Angus 44132 Rifleman Mrs Ann MATHESON (M) Boath Ross-shire Scotland
MATHESON John 12/2782 Private Duncan MATHESON (Br) Balmacara Lochalsh Scotland
MATHESON William 27544 Private Mrs Donald MATHESON (M) Balblair Invergerden Ross-shire Scotland
MATHESON William McPherson 1/122 Sergeant Mrs D MATHESON 67 Rosha Drive Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
MATTHEWS Charles Hardie 7/374 Trooper Charles MATTHEWS Edman Kelso Roxburghshire Scotland
MAXWELL James 41864 Private Mrs M MAXWELL (M) 46 Main Street Maryhill Glasgow Scotland
MAXWELL Peter Wilson 38558 Rifleman James MAXWELL (F) 8 Olaf Place Kirkwell Orkney Scotland
MAXWELL Thomas 12/1714 Sergeant John MAXWELL (F) Dalwinston Mill Kirkmahoe Dumfries-shire Scotland
MAY Donald 23/823 Rifleman Robert KAY (Br) 6 Lorne St Campbelltown Scotland
MAY George Edward 12/668 Sergeant Miss Betty MAY Lauder Berwickshire Scotland
MAYLEN William 49638 Private Mrs Jane MAYLEN (M) Latheron Wheel Latheron Caithness Scotland
MCADAM James 21704 Private Gilbert MCADAM (F) Ayr Street Monivive Dumfries Scotland
MCALISTER James 21874 Rifleman Mrs Ann MCALISTER (M) 41 George Street Edinburgh Scotland
MCALISTER William Hamilton 68833 Private D MCALISTER (Br) Auchingallan Scotland
MCALLAN John 26/314 Corporal A MCALLAN (F) Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
MCALLUM William 17/125 Trooper M MCALLUM (Br) 37 Hunter St Glasgow Scotland
MCALPINE John 10/3664 Private Miss B MCALPINE (S) Kilberry Tarbert Scotland
MCARTHUR Peter 24/533 Rifleman Mrs MCARTHUR (M) Crieff Perthshire Scotland
MCAULAY Charles 17/223 Trooper J MCAULAY (F) South Uist Inverness-shire Scotland
MCBAIN John 17/365 Trooper William MCBAIN (F) Stenach Strathspey Scotland
MCBEATH John 34889 Private J MCBEATH (F) Dunbith Caithness Scotland
MCBETH Donald 16568 Private Mrs C MCBETH (M) 57 Kinnen Wick Caithness Scotland
MCBLAIN James McPherson 8/1774 Private A MCBLAIN (F) Linlithgow Scotland
MCBRIDE William Andrew 8/2066 Private P C MCBRIDE (F) 345 Crown St Glasgow Scotland
MCBURNEY David 12/420 Private Mrs CHRISTIE 23 Lillies Wynd Arbroath Scotland
MCCABE Peter 8/4459 Private Mrs Margaret MCCABE (M) Pattison Street Leith Scotland
MCCALL John 10/2383 Private Mrs J MCCALL (M) 20 West Newton St Thornhill Dumfries Scotland
MCCALL Walter Douglas 8/1777 Private W MCCALL (F) Kirkland Glencairn Dumfriesshire Scotland
MCCALLION Charles 55995 Rifleman Mrs E MCCALLION (M) Doune Cottage Dumbarton Scotland
MCCALLUM William 26/867 Rifleman Mrs Mary MCCALLUM (M) 8 Alma Street Falkirk Scotland
MCCARTHY Andrew 29804 Private Mrs A MCCARTHY (M) 3 Regent Street Kilmarnock Scotland
MCCAW James 3/1277 Trooper J MCCAW (F) Co-operative Buildings Lochgelly Fifeshire Scotland
MCCLAFFERTY James 12062 Sapper Mrs M MCCLAFFERTY (M) Carstairs Lanarkshire Scotland
MCCLUNG James 2/2495 Gunner Mrs J MCCLUNG (M) Birds Farm Mossdale Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
MCCOLGAN William 15012 Private Mrs Catherine MCCOLGAN (M) Old Kilpatrick Scotland
MCCOLL Hugh 12/1467 Private Mrs J SKINNING (S) 21 Bruce St Greenock Scotland
MCCOLL James 55777 Private D MCCOLL (F) Homekowe Aberfoyle Perthshire Scotland
MCCOMBE Thomas 4/1527 Sapper William MCCOMBE (F) 106 St John St Glasgow Scotland
MCCOMBIE James 24/1724 Rifleman Alec MCCOMBIE (F) Dowmin Huntly Aberdeenshire Scotland
MCCONACHY Walter 69619 Private Mrs M MCCONACHY (M) Carradale Scotland
MCCONACHY Walter 26/462 Corporal James MCCONACHY (F) Smerbymill Campbelltown Scotland
MCCONNACH Alexander 36470 Rifleman John MCCONNACH (Br) 53 Irvine Place Aberdeen Scotland
MCCONVILLE James 11711 Private Mrs Margaret MCCONVILLE (W) Clyde Street Carluke Lanarkshire Scotland
MCCONVILLE Joseph 71941 Private Mrs C MCCONVILLE (M) 5 Brown Street Wishaw Lanarkshire Scotland
MCCORD Campbell 15220 Private Mrs I C MCCORD (M) Rothesay Bute Scotland
MCCORMICK David 2/2212 Gunner Mrs J MCCORMICK (M) 38 Milburn St Kirkcudbright Scotland
MCCORMICK William 10/2216 Private Mrs G W WATSON (S) 10 Union St Kirkcudbright Scotland
MCCRACKEN George 10/428 Private S MCCRACKEN (F) 14 Ardgowan St Port Glasgow Scotland
MCCRORIE Robert Watson 9/1913 Trooper J MCCRORIE (F) Wheatsheaf Inn Monkton Scotland
MCCULLEY William 41834 Private S MCCULLEY (F) Bothwell Haugh near Glasgow Scotland
MCCULLOCH Andrew 23/842 Rifleman A MCCULLOCH (F) 60 Connel Park New Cumnock Ayrshire Scotland
MCDIARMID Duncan Robertson 9/382 Trooper Archibald MCDIARMID (F) Morningside Newmans Scotland
MCDONALD Archibald 6/1908 Private Miss M MCDONALD (S) 60 Fernie St Maryhill Glasgow Scotland
MCDONALD David 8/937 Private Mrs J MCDONALD (M) Kingussie Inverness-shire Scotland
MCDONALD Donald James 13672 Trooper Mrs K MCDONALD (M) Rosskeen Manse Invergordon Ross-shire Scotland
MCDONALD Dugald 56819 Rifleman Neil MCDONALD (Br) Kilmoluagh Tiree Scotland
MCDONALD Ebenezer Bannatine 8/2672 Corporal J MCDONALD North Uist Loch Maddy Inverness Scotland
MCDONALD Harry 10/3667 Private A MCDONALD (F) Springbank Fordoun Kincardine Scotland
MCDONALD Hugh 8/2071 Private Mrs J MCDONALD (M) 727 Cumberland St Glasgow Scotland
MCDONALD James 23025 Rifleman Arthur MCDONALD (F) 153 Waddell Street Glasgow Scotland
MCDONALD James Edward 23/1447 L/Corporal Mrs Mary MCDONALD (M) 174 Cumberland St South Side Glasgow Scotland
MCDONALD John 32364 Rifleman Mrs M MCDONALD (M) 15 Shader Street Stornoway Scotland
MCDONALD John 28286 Private Murdoch MCDONALD (U) 28 Lower Shader Stornoway Scotland
MCDONALD John 24/2048 Rifleman Mrs G MCDONALD (M) 12 Campbell Street Mary Hill Glasgow Scotland
MCDONALD John 29452 Rifleman J MCDONALD (F) Invers Alligin Forridon Ross-shire Scotland
MCDONALD John 30687 Private C MCDONALD (F) Culnakark Inverness Scotland
MCDONALD Kenneth 10/1891 Private D MCDONALD (F) Dundonald Via Ullapool Ross-shire Scotland
MCDONALD Murdo 23/2053 Rifleman Mrs G MCDONALD (M) 6 Post Nees Stornaway Scotland
MCDONALD Neil 8/2519 Corporal J MCDONALD North Uist Loch Maddy Inverness Scotland
MCDOUGALL Archibald 3/853 Private D MCDOUGALL (F) Inverness near Uist Scotland
MCDOUGALL Charles 24/1726 L/Corporal Mrs M MCDOUGALL (W) 3 Pointfield Terrace Dumbarton Scotland
MCDOUGALL Duncan 56945 Private Miss G MCDOUGALL (S) 7 Airds Place Oban Argyleshire Scotland
MCDOUGALL James 10/886 Private William MCDOUGALL 2 Eastblack Hall St Greenock Scotland
MCDOUGALL James 10/886 Private Miss J MCIVER (Fr) 5 Bellville Street Greenock Scotland
MCDOUGALL Neil 58782 Rifleman Alexander MCDOUGALL (F) 170 Woodlands Road Glasgow Scotland
MCDOUGALL Peter 12440 Rifleman Mrs I MCDOUGALL (M) Lyndholm Helensburg Scotland
MCEWEN Donald 3/3813 Private Mrs Mary MCEWEN (M) Catrine Ayrshire Scotland
MCEWEN John 72329 Private James MCEWEN (U) Settie Farm Kippen Stirlingshire Scotland
MCFADYEN Angus 22843 Rifleman Allen MCFADYEN (F) Greishpool Isle of Coll Argyleshire Scotland
MCFARLANE George Ballantyne 9/1516 Sergeant P MCFARLANE (F) Rigghead Farm Strathaven Lanarkshire Scotland
MCGAVIN Alec 3/2802 Private Mrs Bessie COLE (S) Griginish House Newlands Langside Glasgow Scotland
MCGIBBON Donald 6/2216 Private Miss Mary MCGIBBON (S) Tirie Argyleshire Scotland
MCGIBBON James John Edward 67714 Private Mrs J A L MCGIBBON (M) Ardnahein Carrick Castle Argyleshire Scotland
MCGILLIVRAY Hugh 12441 Rifleman Mrs Anne MCGILLIVRAY (M) Beauly Inverness-shire Scotland
MCGILLIVRAY James 7/757 Trooper William MCGILLIVRAY (F) Cambridge Inverness Scotland
MCGILLIVRAY John 16326 L/Corporal Mrs E M MCGILLIVRAY (M) Easter Ellister Islay Scotland
MCGINLEY John McNaught 47918 Private Mrs M GRIERSON (M) Waught Bridge Ruthwell Dumfreishire Scotland
MCGRATH Patrick 12242 Rifleman Miss Mary MCGRATH (S) 42 King Street Port Glasgow Scotland
MCGREGOR James 6/2217 Private Gregor MCGREGOR (F) West Balmier by Arbroath Scotland
MCGREGOR James 40604 L/Corporal T B MCGREGOR (Br) Lisserlimn Lanark Scotland
MCGREGOR John 46767 Rifleman J MCGREGOR (F) Latheron Wheel Caithness Scotland
MCGREGOR William 8/1551 Private Mrs J DRUMMOND (M) Broomknowe Ruthven St Auchterarder Perthshire Scotland
MCHUGH James 28764 Private J MCHUGH (Br) 49 High Street Rutherglen Glasgow Scotland
MCHUGH William Rutherford 27558 Private P MCHUGH (F) Kings Park Cottage Dalkeith Scotland
MCILHATTON Francis 12/4230 Private Mrs A MCILHATTON (M) 29 Harbour Street Ardrossan Scotland
MCINNES Alexander 12/2768 Private A MCINNES (F) Post-office Hartwood Lanarkshire Scotland
MCINNES Archibald 13/3060 Trooper A MCINNES (F) Lanarkshire Scotland
MCINNES Donald 3/608 L/Sergeant Miss A MCINNES (S) Private Nursing-home Melville St Edinburgh Scotland
MCINNES Donald John 8/4461 Private Angus MCINNES (F) South Borsdale South Nist Scotland
MCINNES Lachlan 58575 Private Angus MCINNES (F) 4 Calligarry Ardvasar Sleat Skye Inverness-shire Scotland
MCINNES Ronald 8/3691 Private James MCINNES (Br) Applecross Ross-shire Scotland
MCINROY James 26/611 Rifleman Grace MCINROY (A) Lowton Cottage Couperangus Scotland
MCINTOSH Alexander 9/1923 Trooper Mrs E MCINTOSH (M) 8 Crown Street Inverness Scotland
MCINTOSH Charles 12/3110 Private John MCINTOSH (F) School Croft Garvock Laurencekirk Scotland
MCINTOSH Donald McQueen 7/1876 Trooper Mrs C MCINTOSH (M) 50 Garriock Mill Rd Glasgow Scotland
MCINTOSH Hugh 73270 Private Mrs A MCINTOSH (M) Beanly Inverness Scotland
MCINTOSH John 31156 Sapper Mrs Jemima HINDSHAW (S) Largs Ayreshire Scotland
MCINTOSH Joseph 33929 Private Mrs J MCINTOSH (M) Laurence Kirk Kincardineshire Scotland
MCINTOSH William 2/705 Driver Hugh MCINTOSH Kinlochberrie Scotland
MCINTYRE Alexander 15754 Private Mrs A MCINTYRE (M) 12 Weir Street Glasgow Scotland
MCINTYRE Duncan 25/512 Rifleman Duncan MCINTYRE (F) Kindochat Comrie Perthshire Scotland
MCINTYRE John 74052 Private Miss Jessie MCINTYRE (S) Grace Street Glasgow Scotland
MCINTYRE Lewis 68126 Private Mrs L MCINTYRE (M) 2 Wilson Place Dollar Clackmannan Scotland
MCIVOR James 10/3010 Private Mrs MCDAID (S) 15 Holybank St Pownhead Glasgow Scotland
MCKAY Alexander Gillanders 24195 Private Miss Nina Anne G MCKAY (S) East Doll Brora Sutherland Scotland
MCKAY George 7/1877 Trooper T MCKAY (Br) Truro Caithness Scotland
MCKAY John 10/3012 Private Mrs M MCKAY (M) Resaurie Culloden Inverness Scotland
MCKAY John 23224 Rifleman Mrs MCKERLIE (A) New Abbey Dumfries Scotland
MCKAY John 62210 Private Donald MCKAY (F) 8 Front Street Embo Sutherlandshire Scotland
MCKECHIE James 10/4482 Private Mrs DUFFEY (S) Montgomerie Street Kilmarnock Scotland
MCKENDRICK John 11/2347 Trooper Robert MCKENDRICK (F) Maurieston Crescent Edinburgh Scotland
MCKENZIE Alexander 6/687 Private Miss M MCKENZIE Loanes of Fearn by Fearn Ross-shire Scotland
MCKENZIE Alexander 24037 Private Mrs May MCKENZIE (M) 41 Main Street Aberchairdie Scotland
MCKENZIE Alexander 38572 Rifleman Mrs Jessie M MCKENZIE (M) Paisley Road Glasgow Scotland
MCKENZIE Daniel 8/1786 Private Miss MCKENZIE (S) Langanfour Daviot Inverness Scotland
MCKENZIE Donald 12/2771 Private Allan MCKENZIE (F) 22 Luirbost Losch Stornoway Island of Lewis Scotland
MCKENZIE Donald Alexander 19/359 Private Alexander MCKENZIE (F) Bog Cottage Aterflon Munlochy Inverness Scotland
MCKENZIE Donald Alexander 19/359 Private A MCKENZIE (F) Bog Cottage Afterflow Munlochy Inverness Scotland
MCKENZIE Duncan 55523 Private Mrs L MCKENZIE (M) 1 Laide Aulba Ross-shire Scotland
MCKENZIE James 56005 Rifleman Mrs E GRACE (S) 56 Holmea Road Cathcart Glasgow Scotland
MCKENZIE James Henry 23021 Rifleman Robert MCKENZIE (F) Ramscreigs Dunbeath Caithness Scotland
MCKENZIE John 13791 Rifleman Miss Annie MCKENZIE (S) Dumbarton Scotland
MCKENZIE John 12448 Rifleman Miss Janet MCKENZIE (S) Royal Infirmary Edinburgh
MCKENZIE John 11912 Private William MCKENZIE (Br) Roolewe Rosshire Scotland
MCKENZIE John 10046 Private J MCKENZIE (F) Westerton Pette Dalcross Station Inverness-shire Scotland
MCKENZIE John 37002 Rifleman Mrs MCKENZIE (M) 65 Eastgate Inverness Scotland
MCKENZIE John 61730 Private J MCKENZIE (F) 12 Beaumont Place Edinburgh Scotland
MCKENZIE John McMillan 8/2677 Private J S MCKENZIE (F) 7 Church Crescent Dumfries Scotland
MCKENZIE Kenneth Charleston 11705 Private Mrs Jessie MCKENZIE (M) Reelich Wood Kirkhill Invernesshire Scotland
MCKERCHAR John Hugh 54146 Private Rev D MCKERCHAR (F) 37 Chalmers Street Edinburgh Scotland
MCKERCHER Duncan 7/983 Trooper Mrs Sarah MCKERCHER (M) 75 Montgomery St Edinburgh Scotland
MCKICHAN Allan McLean 24/242 Rifleman Mrs J MCKICHAN (M) Trossacks Rd Aberfoyle Perthshire Scotland
MCKILLOP Alexander Cameron 3/43 Major Donald MCKILLOP Greyvall Nairn Scotland
MCKINLEY John 6/2221 Private John MCKINLEY (F) 103 Middleton St Ibrox Glasgow Scotland
MCKINNON Archibald 12/1739 Private Peter MCKINNON Tomylinn Kilmorie Arran Scotland
MCKINNON Ewen 23016 Rifleman Mrs MCLEAN (S) Police-station Mallaig Scotland
MCKINNON James 54147 Private Miss K MCKINNON (S) Tayinloan Kintyre Argyle Scotland
MCKINNON John 25/1788 Rifleman P MCKINNON (F) Arran Buteshire Scotland
MCKINNON Lachlan 39085 Rifleman Mrs Kursi MCKINNON (M) Scullmus Broadford Isle of Skye Scotland
MCLACHLAN Peter 8/1556 Private P MCLACHLAN (F) Strathlachland Argyleshire Scotland
MCLAREN Peter Charles 3/609 Private J MCLAREN (F) Fern Bank Dunblane Perthshire Scotland
MCLAUGHLIN Hugh 15402 Rifleman Mrs William MURPHY (S) 27 Gilbert Street Kelbinhaugh Glasgow Scotland
MCLAY James Forrester 22268 Private Mrs Andrew MCLAY (M) 27 Princes St Gevan Glasgow Scotland
MCLEAN Alexander John 8/1875 Private A J MCLEAN (F) Nairn Scotland
MCLEAN Charles 8/3696 Private Mrs Mc MCLEAN (M) Plockton Ross-shire Scotland
MCLEAN Donald 6/1661 Private Mrs R H SHAW 17 Williamsburgh Paisley Scotland
MCLEAN Donald 23/1105 L/Corporal Mrs Margaret MCLEAN (M) 116 Pollock St Glasgow Scotland
MCLEAN Donald 8/2082 Private C MCLEAN (F) Salen Scotland
MCLEAN Donald 30624 Private D MCLEAN (F) Lochinvar Scotland
MCLEAN Donald 14730 Sergeant George MCLEAN (F) Burnesan Argyleshire Scotland
MCLEAN Donald 63180 Private Mrs B MCLEAN (M) 20 Gordon Park Kirriemuir Forfarshire Scotland
MCLEAN Duncan 9/383 Trooper Donald MCLEAN Killearnan Ross-shire Scotland
MCLEAN Duncan 12/605 Private Mrs Jessie MCLEAN (M) 78 Princes St Govan Glasgow Scotland
MCLEAN Duncan 68612 Private Mrs Mary MCLEAN (M) Rannagulzion Perthshire Scotland
MCLEAN Finlay 23/1104 Rifleman Roderick MCLEAN (F) Inveralligan Ross-shire Scotland
MCLEAN Finlay 38200 L/Corporal Murdo MCLEAN (F) Glenelg Kyle Scotland
MCLEAN George Stronach 59032 Private Mrs H MCLEAN (M) Grange Scotland
MCLEAN John 8/1301 Private John MCLEAN (F) 61 Pollock St Southside Glasgow Scotland
MCLEAN John 14669 L/Corporal John MCLEAN (F) West Lodge Munsey Crieff Perthshire Scotland
MCLEAN John 53386 Rifleman Mrs Ellen MCLEAN (M) Braco Brae Grenge via Keith Banffshire Scotland
MCLEAN John 55782 Private C MCLEAN (F) Callinash Stornoway Scotland
MCLEAN Kenneth Bruce 4/1376 Sapper Miss Bella SMITH (F) North St Montrose Scotland
MCLEAN Peter 2/774 Driver Mrs C MCLEAN (M) 19 Skey of Curr Dulmain Bridge Inverness-shire Scotland
MCLEAN Simon 8/3981 Private Mrs MCLEAN (M) Balnakyle Munlochy Scotland
MCLELLAN John 23/2243 Rifleman Mrs N MCLELLAN (M) Gateside Newton Mearns Glasgow Scotland
MCLENNAN Alexander 9/863 Trooper Alexander GORDON (C) 403 Gairbraid St Maryhill Glasgow Scotland
MCLENNAN David 8/661 Private Mrs MCLENNAN (M) Greenhill Rd Rutherglen Glasgow Scotland
MCLENNAN Ewen 17897 Driver Mrs Annie MCLENNAN (M) Camusluinic Kyle of Lochalsh Ross-shire Scotland
MCLENNAN Finlay 3/1060 Corporal D MCLENNAN (F) Gollomfield Inverness Scotland
MCLENNAN Hugh Kenneth 32214 Rifleman Mrs MCLENNAN (M) Strathcona Ross-shire Scotland
MCLENNAN Roderick 46608 Private Mrs M MCLENNAN (M) Harris Inverness-shire Scotland
MCLENNON (S/be MACLENNAN) John 6/3807 Private Mrs Ellen ROY (M) 3 Tezivies Lane (s/be 6 Lazarus Lane!) Elgin Scotland
MCLEOD Alfred Stephen 34714 Private Mrs J MCLEOD (M) Newdur Aberdeenshire Scotland
MCLEOD Cowan 6/1918 Private Mrs M MCLEOD (M) 7 Balcarres St Edinburgh Scotland
MCLEOD Donald 7/2097 Trooper Mrs MCLEOD (M) Galder Glenelg Inverness-shire Scotland
MCLEOD Frederick James 12/1746 Private H MCLEOD (F) 78 Harcourt Rd Kirkcaldy Scotland
MCLEOD Herbert David Smellie 24/856 Rifleman Mrs M MCLEOD (M) C/- Mrs Watson Constable Place West Ferry Dundee Scotland
MCLEOD Neil 30625 Private Miss F MCLEOD (S) Nairn Scotland
MCLEOD Norman 46769 Corporal A MCLEOD (F) Aird South Dell Ness Isle of Lewis Scotland
MCLEOD Roderick 8/1557 Private D MCLEOD (F) 51 Lurlburst Stonewall North of Scotland
MCLUCKIE Ian Linton 23017 Rifleman Miss Jeannie Scott MCLUCKIE (S) Braeside Falkirk Scotland
MCLUSKEY Peter 48550 Private Miss Agnes BROOKS (C) Porter Road Hamilton Scotland
MCLYMONT Dugald 43193 Trooper T MCLYMONT (Br) Kirkcudbright Scotland
MCMAHON James 12/1478 Private Mrs E A MCMAHON (M) 43 Sword St Glasgow Scotland
MCMEEKING Gilbert Hamilton 4/804 Sapper Thomas GARDINER (Fr) Main St Glenluce Wigtown Scotland
MCMEEKING Gilbert John 9/450 Trooper Thomas GARDINER (Fr) Main St Glenluce Wigtown Scotland
MCMEIKAN Joseph 26876 Private Mrs J MCMEIKAN (M) 17 Anne Street Greenock Scotland
MCMILLAN Charles 11/1188 Trooper Mrs I MCMILLAN (M) Campbelltown Oatfield Southend Argyleshire Scotland
MCMILLAN Donald 49218 Trooper Mrs Jane MCMILLAN (M) 6 Alexander Street Coatbridge Scotland
MCMILLAN Robert 71224 Private Mrs M MCMILLAN (A) 82 Blackburn Street Glasgow Scotland
MCMILNE George Turriff 6/2228 Private G T MCMILNE Snr (F) Duff Banffshire Scotland
MCMINN Andrew 56640 Private W MCMINN (F) 3 Alpine Terrace Dalbraith Scotland
MCMINN Archibald Huie 11/80 Trooper Mrs MCMINN Heathfield Campbelltown Argyllshire Scotland
MCMURRAY James Ramsay 58146 Trooper Mrs M SLOAN (M) Newpark Drongan Ayrshire Scotland
MCMURRAY Thomas 8/1560 Private Mrs MCMURRAY (M) Nether Linkens Castle Douglas Scotland
MCNAIR Alexander 2/1061 Gunner Mrs McC MCNAIR (M) 156 Kelvinhaugh St Glasgow Scotland
MCNEILAGE Alexander 10/4156 Private Mrs J C MCNEILAGE (M) The Clock Greenock Renfrewshire Scotland
MCNEILL John 8/2684 Private John MCNEILL (F) Greendykes Rd Broxburn Scotland
MCNEILL Martin 63761 Private D MCNEILL (F) Gartnagrenach Loch Gilphead Scotland
MCPHEE Archibald 28287 Private J MCPHEE (F) Ardnamurchan Argyllshire Scotland
MCPHEE Dougall 6/2229 Private Mrs Catherine MCPHEE (M) Istornsay Skye Scotland
MCPHEE Kenneth McKenzie 26/864 Rifleman Donald MCPHEE (Br) 17 Shields Road Southside Glasgow Scotland
MCPHERSON Alexander 33752 Private William MCPHERSON (F) Meikle Burn Clunas Nairnshire Scotland
MCPHERSON John 6/1362 Private John MCPHERSON (F) Old Kilpatrick Dumbartonshire Scotland
MCPHERSON John 62369 Private Mrs J WOTHERSPOON (S) Drumyeonbeg Gigha Argyleshire Scotland
MCPHERSON Murdo 30963 Rifleman Mrs A MCPHERSON (M) Arina Ross-shire Scotland
MCPHIE Donald 69028 Private Mrs MCPHIE (M) Campbelltown Argyleshire Scotland
MCQUEEN William McDonald 38433 Private D MCQUEEN (F) Muchalls Station via Stonehaven Kincardineshire Scotland
MCQUILTON Ivie 23/1758 Rifleman Mrs S M MCQUILTON (M) 5 Alexander Terrace Troon Ayrshire Scotland
MCRAE Alexander 17432 Trooper Mrs K MCRAE (M) Apple Cross Scotland
MCRAE Alexander 38199 Rifleman Duncan MCRAE (F) Toornie Tain Kintail Scotland
MCRAE Donald 2/1248 Gunner Roderick MCRAE (F) Jamestown Streathpeffer Scotland
MCRAE Finlay 13069 Rifleman Mrs M MCRAE (M) Kintail Ross-shire Scotland
MCRAE John 28520 Rifleman Roderick MCRAE (F) Little Mill Counties Wales Aberdeen Scotland
MCRAE John 81594 Private Mrs K MCRAE (M) Cuaig Loch Carron Scotland
MCRAE Thomas McKenzie 12/3411 Private Mrs I MCRAE (M) Camusnellan Skieldaeg Lock Carron Ross-shire Scotland
MCRAE Willliam John 24197 Private Neil MCRAE (F) 32 Lower Breakish Bay Broadford Isle of Skye Scotland
MCSHANE John 70017 Private Mrs M B MCSHANE (M) 33 Park Drive South Whiteinch Glasgow Scotland
MCSPORRAN Duncan 23863 Private M MCSPORRAN (F) Campbelltown Argyleshire Scotland
MCVEY Robert 15070 Rifleman Miss Agnes MCVEY (Niece) Glasgow Scotland
MCVICAR Donald 3/1058 Private Arch MCVICAR (F) Loch Maddy Northuist Scotland
MCWHIRTER Andrew 4/658 Corporal James MCWHIRTER (F) Daisybank Dailley Ayrshire Scotland
MCWHIRTER James 12/1747 Private James MCWHIRTER (F) Daisybank Dailly Ayrshire Scotland
MCWILLIAM James 8/1562 Private James MCWILLIAM (F) Black Park Banffshire Scotland
MEAGHER Theobald Mathew 74021 Private William MEAGHER (Br) 7 Union Street Edinburgh Scotland
MEARNS James 49829 Private A MEARNS (F) Backmains Skene Dunecht Aberdeenshire Scotland
MEEK James Gray 4/659 Corporal Marshall MEEK (F) Auchtermuchty Fifeshire Scotland
MEIKLE Thomas 8/3005 Private W MEIKLE (Br) Waterhead Kirkmuirhill Lanarkshire Scotland
MELLON James 2/1183 Gunner John MELLON (F) 53 Auchinstarey Ross Croy Glasgow Scotland
MELLON Owen 6/1621 Private John MELLON (F) 53 Auchinstarey Ross Croy Glasgow Scotland
MELVILLE John 12/934 Private Miss Marion MELVILLE (S) Norris Cottage Kelly Fifeshire Scotland
MELVILLE Stanley 12/930 Private George MELVILLE 7 Lower Granton Rd Edinburgh Scotland
MELVILLE William 5/802 Driver David MELVILLE (F) East Adler Farm Forfarshire Scotland
METHVEN John 29443 Rifleman W METHVEN (F) Hillock Dunfermline Scotland
MICHIE David 19155 Private A MICHIE (F) Loch Cannon Ross-shire Scotland
MIDDLETON Frank 24/1424 Rifleman Mrs J MIDDLETON (M) 26 Kirk St Peterhead Aberdeenshire Scotland
MIDDLETON William 15395 Rifleman William MIDDLETON (F) Logie Montrose Forfarshire Scotland
MILL James 25727 Rifleman Mrs M MILL (M) 51 Panmure Street Arbroath Scotland
MILL Joseph 37649 Sapper Mrs Williamina MILL (W) Kirk Antru Dundee Scotland
MILLAR Hugh 16475 Private Rev W G DAVIS (U) St Marys Parish Port Glasgow Scotland
MILLAR John 24/1426 Rifleman Mrs J MACPHERSON (M) 16 Linbrane Terrace Alexandria Dumbartonshire Scotland
MILLER Alexander 13782 Rifleman Mrs Catherine MILLER (M) 9 Wellington Street Wick Scotland
MILLER John 69773 Corporal Mrs I RAMSAY (M) 34 Victoria Street Rosewell Midlothian Scotland
MILLER John Brown 8/2518 Corporal J MILLER 13 Castle St Dumbarton Scotland
MILLER Neil 8/3708 Private Mrs H MILLER (M) 198 Brandon Street Brigston Glasgow Scotland
MILLER William 45014 Private John MILLER (F) Bower Caithness Scotland
MILLIGAN David 25/207 Rifleman D MILLIGAN (F) 98 Queen Street Dumfries Scotland
MILLIGAN John 27541 Private Mrs Janet MILLIGAN (M) 32 Brian Hill Road Prestwick Ayrshire Scotland
MILNE Alexander 12/2584 Private James MILNE (Br) 6 Market St Perth Scotland
MILNE Alexander 26884 Private Mrs W GEDDIS (M) 54 Esslemont Avenue Aberdeen Scotland
MILNE Alexander 61345 Private Miss E MILNE (S) Denside Durris Kincardineshire Scotland
MILNE David 2/904 Gunner A MILNE (F) Aberdeen Scotland
MILNE Douglas 29442 Rifleman Mrs G FLORENCE (S) South Camaloun Fyvie Aberdeen Scotland
MILNE James 10/1921 Private Mrs J MILNE (M) 10 Roods St Kerrie Mein Scotland
MILNE James 8/3710 Private Mrs A MILNE (M) Perth Scotland
MILNE John 24/2538 Rifleman Mrs FERGUSON (S) 160 High Street Forres Morayshire Scotland
MILNE John James 8/1054 Private Miss MACKINTOSH 16 Douglas Rd Inverness Scotland
MILNE Laughlan 18829 Private Mrs G FLORANCE (S) South Camaloun Fyvie Aberdeenshire Scotland
MILNE Robert 38300 Private Miss Margaret MILNE (S) Chanoryknap Porteroll Aberdeenshire Scotland
MILNE Tom 55526 Private Mrs MILNE (M) Victoria Cottage Rothney Insch Aberdeenshire Scotland
MILROY Robert 10/1922 Private Miss Mary MILROY (S) Burnbrae Cottage Bridge of Weir Renfrews Scotland
MITCHELL Alexander 11500 Private Norman MITCHELL (Br) High Street Inverness Scotland
MITCHELL Alexander Davis 5/892 Driver Mrs M AITKEN (S) Balmalloch Villa Kilsyth Scotland
MITCHELL Andrew 8/2058 Private R MITCHELL (F) 71 Grieve St Dunfermline Scotland
MITCHELL David Couser 21302 Private Thomas MITCHELL (F) Balmallock Kilsyth Stirlingshire Scotland
MITCHELL Frederick Brown 13/598 L/Corporal L MITCHELL (F) Rutherglen Scotland
MITCHELL John 2/1651 Gunner Miss Mary MITCHELL (S) 37 St Andrew St Galashields Scotland
MITCHELL John 10/3958 Private Miss E MITCHELL (Aun) Fernhill Gilmerton Midlothian Scotland
MITCHELL John 43274 Trooper Mrs N MITCHELL (M) Appam Crescent Dunfermline Scotland
MITCHELL John William 13/207 Trooper John MITCHELL 32 Belgrave St Glasgow Scotland
MITCHELL Joseph 31317 Private Mrs MITCHELL (M) 1 Brinder Street Lossiemouth Scotland
MITCHELL Thomas Findlay 23/1118 Rifleman Matthew MITCHELL (F) Elmbank Newmilns Ayrshire Scotland
MITCHELL William 60964 Private Mrs W MITCHELL (M) St Cyrus Montrose Scotland
MOFFAT Alexander Jamieson 78766 Private Mrs J R MOFFAT (M) Drummore Wigtownshire Scotland
MOFFATT Laurence 35499 L/Corporal Mrs L MOFFATT (M) Lerwick Shetland Isles Scotland
MOIR Adam 69256 L/Corporal Mrs M MOIR (M) Taylor Place Brook Street Monifieth Dundee Scotland
MOLES John 72185 Private Robert MOLES (F) 4 Carfin Street Govan Hill Glasgow Scotland
MONCRIEFF Henry 13296 Corporal Mrs D MILLER (S) Hemprigs Farm Wick Scotland
MONROE Charles Archibald 9/64 Trooper Mrs A MONROE (M) 23 Orernewton Square Glasgow Scotland
MONTEITH Alexander 16424 Sergeant Mrs E MONTEITH (M) Ireland Farm Bothkennar near Falkirk Scotland
MOODIE David Sinclair 24/2253 Rifleman Benjamin MOODIE (F) View Forts Birsay Orkney Scotland
MOODIE John Skethaway 8/2665 Private Benjamin MOODIE (F) Biellforth Birsey Orkney Scotland
MOODIE William Andrews 39620 Private W MOODIE (F) Rothesay Scotland
MOORE Benjamin 70109 Private Mrs A SALLINS (S) 270 Castle Street Glasgow Scotland
MORE James 15748 Private William MORE (F) 67 Forteath Street Burghead Scotland
MORE William 66001 Private Mrs Janet MORE (GrdM) 31A Calder Street Coatbridge Scotland
MORRISON Alexander Lumsden 23/215 Rifleman W MORRISON (F) Wester Corskie Banffshire Scotland
MORRISON Angus 8/1876 Private M MORRISON (Br) 41 Balallon St Stornoway Scotland
MORRISON David Patterson 10/2246 Private Mrs SINCLAIR (S) Gower St Brora Sutherlandshire Scotland
MORRISON Donald 12/1724 Private C MORRISON (Br) Beldall Scourie Scotland
MORRISON George 13605 Private Mrs R MORRISON (M) Sharrock Street Dunfermline Scotland
MORRISON John 19/362 Private James MORRISON (Br) GPO Glasgow Scotland
MORRISON John 12/2789 Private William MORRISON (F) Waster Corskie Marnoch Banffshire Scotland
MORRISON John 8/1806 Private H MORRISON (F) Stornoway Scotland
MORRISON John 19/362 Private James MORRISON (Br) GPO Glasgow Scotland
MORRISON John 63643 Corporal J MORRISON (F) 385 Eglinton Street Glasgow Scotland
MORRISON John McDonald 12/3093 Private George MORRISON (F) Old Inn Pitcaple Aberdeenshire Scotland
MORTIMER George 4/961 Sapper John MORTIMER (F) 344 Great West Rd Aberdeen Scotland
MORTON Adam 6/2711 Private Mrs W A MORTON (StpM) 9 Blackhouse Crescent Whitletts-by-Ayr Scotland
MORTON Guy 3/906 Private Guy MORTON (F) 17 East Donington St Darvel Ayrshire Scotland
MORTON Henry 9/853 Trooper Henry MORTON (F) Glasgow Scotland
MORTON James 7/743 Trooper William MORTON 2 Rose Cottages Leven Fifeshire Scotland
MORTON Richard 26289 Private Mrs R ROBB (S) 179 Crown Street Glasgow Scotland
MOSS Charles Somerville 17/98 Trooper L B MOSS York Place Edinburgh Scotland
MOTHERWELL James Pattison 38419 Corporal Mrs Jean MOTHERWELL (M) Cairnsmoore Dumbruck Scotland
MUIR Alexander Walker 65432 Private Mrs R RITCHIE (S) 37 Low Barhan Kilburchan Renfrewshire Scotland
MUIR Donald 8/1808 Private J MUIR (F) Campbelltown Argyle Scotland
MUIRHEAD William 77014 Private W MUIRHEAD (F) Bonnybridge Stirlingshire Scotland
MUNDELL Frederick 10/1369 Private Robert MUNDELL 49 Stirling Rd Trinity Edinburgh Scotland
MUNN Allan 24032 Private John MUNN (F) 76 Queen Margaret Drive Glasgow Scotland
MUNNOCH John 8/4182 Private William MUNNOCH (F) 25 Cowan Street Stirling Scotland
MUNRO Alexander 23853 Private Mrs MUNRO (M) Tongue Sutherlandshire Scotland
MUNRO Angus 29284 Private William MUNRO (F) Dornoch Sutherlandshire Scotland
MUNRO James 15214 Private D MUNRO (F) Birichen Dornoch Sutherlandshire Scotland
MUNRO John 15009 Private Mrs Catherine MUNRO (M) Nedd Lochinvar Scotland
MUNRO Kenneth 3/426 Corporal Kenneth MUNRO (F) Dalneigh Farm Inverness Scotland
MUNRO Murdo 33014 Rifleman William MUNRO (F) Broadford Isle of Skye Scotland
MUNRO Peter 3/709 Private Mrs Helen MUNRO (M) Skinnet Melmes Tongue Sutherlandshire Scotland
MUNRO Ross Thomson 13/140 Trooper Mrs MCLAREN C/- Stewart Parliamentary Rd Glasgow Scotland
MUNRO William 26/1011 Driver Mrs C MUNRO Drumbeg Sutherlandshire Scotland
MURDOCH James 28899 Private James D MURDOCH (F) Stricken Aberdeenshire Scotland
MURRAY Alexander Anderson 8/2668 Private William MURRAY (F) Auchindon Rhynie Aberdeenshire Scotland
MURRAY Andrew Shaw 64559 Private Mrs Mary Shaw MURRAY (M) Ardrossan Scotland
MURRAY George Robertson 20200 Rifleman Miss Jamime Reid MURRAY (S) 14 Frederick Street Edinburgh Scotland
MURRAY James 6/1938 Private Robert MURRAY (F) Dunbeath Caithness-shire Scotland
MURRAY James 63203 Private Mrs C ROSS (A) Fearn Ross-shire Scotland
MURRAY Patrick 11698 Private John MURRAY (C) Kilsyth Scotland
MURRAY William 7/2291 Trooper James MURRAY (F) 23 Restabrig Road Leith Scotland
MUSTARD James 26/845 Rifleman Mrs M WALDIE (S) 139 Roxburgh Street Kelso Scotland
MUSTARDE William James 6/1347 Private Mrs C MUSTARDE (M) Aberfor Villa Dunbar Haddingtonshire Scotland
MYLES James McLellan 21310 Private James C MYLES (F) C/- W G Brown 14 William Street Edinburgh Scotland
NAIRN Nelson 10/1526 Private Alexander NAIRN (Br) East End Exhibition Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
NAPIER James 15587 Private J NAPIER (F) Burnton Kippen Stirlingshire Scotland
NEILL William Duncan 23/1764 Rifleman Mrs John NEILL (M) High Street Pitlassie Fifeshire Scotland
NEISH Alexander 53515 Private Mrs Annie NEISH (M) Messide Aberlour Banffshire Scotland
NELSON Robert Brown 27943 L/Corporal Mrs E MCKENZIE (M) 80 High Street Rothesay Bute Scotland
NESS Robert Strathern 32711 Private William NESS (F) West Kilbride Ayrshire Scotland
NICHOLSON Alexander 24042 Private D NICHOLSON (F) Carrable Argyleshire Scotland
NICHOLSON George 10/913 Private George NICHOLSON 33 Mertoun Place Edinburgh Scotland
NICHOLSON George Frederick 42951 Gunner Miss B NICHOLSON (S) Morningside Edinburgh Scotland
NICHOLSON John 31531 Private John NICHOLSON (F) Glasgow Scotland
NICHOLSON Niven Alexander 9/1936 Trooper N NICHOLSON (F) Preston Mill Kells Dumfries Scotland
NICHOLSON William 10/391 Private A NICHOLSON Jnr Anderson St Leven Fifeshire Scotland
NICOL John 21393 Sapper Mrs E NICOL (M) Dingwall Ross-shire Scotland
NICOL Peter 9/2388 Sergeant J NICOL (F) 20 Nasmyth Place Kelty Fifeshire Scotland
NIVEN Alexander Morton 41105 Rifleman A K NIVEN (F) Maybank Fyfe Scotland
NOBLE Charles Gordon 45895 Private Mrs M NOBLE (M) 50 Charlotte Street Fraserburgh Scotland
NOBLE George Christie 24/1150 Rifleman Mrs James RAE (M) 302 Polmadie Rd Polmadie Glasgow Scotland
NOBLE Robert 41867 Private R NOBLE (F) 4 Ardmillan Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
NOBLE Stewart 9/2100 Trooper Mrs Joan NOBLE (M) 79 Main Street Cambaslong Scotland
NOTMAN Alexander Hamilton 23/859 Rifleman Alexander H NOTMAN (F) 76 Bonaly Rd Edinburgh Scotland
NUTTALL William McLeod 10879 Private J NUTTALL (F) 13 Maxwell Street Paisley Scotland
OAG William Tait 71458 Private Mrs Johan OAG (M) Bruen Wick Caithness Scotland
OFFICER Gordon 8/4465 Private J OFFICER (F) Windyedge Forfarshire Scotland
OLLIVER Arthur 23/541 Rifleman Mrs C OLLIVER (M) Craighdarroch Arms Hotel Moniwe Dumfriesshire Scotland
O'MARA William Henry 17/328 Private Mrs E O'MARA (W) 4 Houstin Street Greenock Scotland
O'NEILL Bernard 51187 Private M O'NEILL (F) Kilsyth Stirlingshire Scotland
O'NEILL James 7/2409 Trooper M O'NEILL (F) 59 William Street Duncocher Glasgow Scotland
O'NEILL John 19/207 Private Michael O'NEILL (F) Kingston Rows Stirlingshire Scotland
O'NEILL John 19/207 Private Michael O'NEILL (F) Kingston Rows Stirlingshire Scotland
ORBELL Roland Graeme Scott 3/827 Captain Mrs Mary Gledhill ORBELL (W) Woodville Falkirk Scotland
O'REILLY Bernard 25/1794 Rifleman Mrs J O'REILLY (W) 22 Kent Street Glasgow Scotland
ORMISTON William 4/1576 Sapper Walter ORMISTON (Br) Hawick Scotland
ORR John 10/1308 Private Mrs M ORR (M) 42 Argyle St Glasgow Scotland
OSBORNE David 5/278 Driver J OSBORNE (Br) C/- J Calville Alloa Scotland
OSWALD John 44204 Private James Gardner OSWALD (F) C/- City Corporation Glasgow Scotland
OWENS Robert Albert 23/544 Rifleman Mrs C OWENS (M) 51 Roslea Drive Dennistoun Glasgow Scotland
PARK Alexander 12464 Rifleman Mrs M PATTERSON (M) Bridgend Aberdeenshire Scotland
PATERSON Alexander 10/2732 Private J PATERSON (F) St Andrews Orkney Islands Scotland
PATERSON Alexander 25305 Private W B PATERSON (F) 278 Keumme Street Pollokshields Glasgow Scotland
PATERSON Charles 51873 Private Miss PATERSON (S) Balhousie Street Perth Scotland
PATERSON David Francis 22852 Rifleman Mrs JaneANDERSON (M) 2 Elm Road Edinburgh Scotland
PATERSON Frank 59252 Sapper J PATERSON (F) Broomhill Road Aberdeen Scotland
PATERSON Hugh 3/3350 Captain Mrs M PATERSON (W) Fairfield East Thornlie Street Wishaw Scotland
PATERSON James 41107 Rifleman J PATERSON (F) Kempston Orkney Orkney Islands Scotland
PATERSON James Donaldson 10464 Driver Mrs James PATERSON (M) 26 Hamilton Street Carluke Scotland
PATERSON John 23723 Sapper G PATERSON (Br) 25 High Street New Aberdom Scotland
PATERSON Matthew John 23/1778 Rifleman Nurse PATERSON (S) Edinburgh War Hospital Scotland
PATERSON Peter 24/549 Rifleman James PATERSON (F) Ness of Campston Kirkwall Orkney Islands Scotland
PATERSON Robert 43452 Gunner Mrs Marion PATERSON (M) Kilbrannon Villa Carradale Argyllshire Scotland
PATERSON Robert Cotton 11/139 Trooper Miss Ethel Mary PATERSON (S) 20 Royal Crescent Edinburgh Scotland
PATERSON Telfer Ritchie 45906 Private Mrs G PATERSON (M) 1 Rowellan Gardens Broomhill Glasgow Scotland
PATERSON William Campbell 44409 Private G W PATERSON (F) Miller Crescent Morningside Scotland
PATON Alexander 7/1647 Trooper Andrew PATON (F) Stairaird Mauchline Ayrshire Scotland
PATTERSON David 31184 Private Mrs A PATTERSON (M) Lochee Scotland
PATTERSON George 18847 Private Mrs Elizabeth PATTERSON (M) East Blanerne Churnside Berwickshire Scotland
PATTERSON John 5/173 Driver James PATTERSON (F) Cottage Row Moniawe Dumfriesshire Scotland
PATTERSON William 6/3126 Private Mrs STEWART (S) 120 Dumfrochard Rd Greenock Scotland
PATTERSON William 3/1716 Private W PATTERSON (F) Midlem Selkirk Scotland
PATTISON John Laird 28915 Private Mrs BARBOUR (A) High Street Paisley Scotland
PEACOCK John 68747 Private James PEACOCK (F) 30 Phillips Street Bairnsford Falkirk Scotland
PEAT Nathaniel 42569 Private J PEAT (F) Brae Lesmahagow Lanarkshire Scotland
PEDDIE Tom 10/1314 Private Mrs M PEDDIE (M) 85 Belville St Greenock Scotland
PEDDIE William George 17531 Trooper A PEDDIE (U) Canal Street Woodside Aberdeen Scotland
PENMAN Thomas Pitcairn 35068 Gunner R PENMAN (F) Kingseathill Dumfermline Scotland
PERRY John 9/192 Trooper John PERRY Snr (F) Straenaer Scotland
PETRIE Charles Stuart 12/839 Private Mrs E PETRIE 46 Holborn Rd Aberdeen Scotland
PETTINGER Sinclair Inkster 49458 Private Peter PETTINGER (F) North House Burreisle Shetland Scotland
PHEELEY Robert 4/962 Sapper Mrs M J CATTERSON (S) Paisley Scotland
PHILIP James 2/1897 Driver David PHILP (F) Stobcross St Glasgow Scotland
PHILLIPS David 51771 Private A PHILLIPS (F) 26 Reids Buildings Newstenston Lanarkshire Scotland
PHILLIPS William Lamb 43873 Gunner Alex PHILLIPS (F) 6 Elderslie Street Anderson Glasgow Scotland
PIRIE Alexander James 39888 Private J PIRIE (F) 6 Holborn Road Aberdeen Scotland
PIRIE Roy Spears 12/3785 Private G PIRIE (F) Townsend Crescent Kirkcaldie Scotland
PIRRET William 4/1192 Sapper John PIRRET (F) 37 East Side Kirkintilloch Scotland
POLLOCK George 12/407 Private Miss E POLLOCK (S) Craighead Barrhead near Glasgow Scotland
POLLOCK George MacDonald 14322 Rifleman Miss Hannah POLLOCK (S) 16 North Bute Street Whifflet Coatbridge Scotland
POLLOCK William 8/263 Sergeant Arthur POLLOCK (F) Dunoon Scotland
POLLOCK William 17818 Rifleman Miss H POLLOCK (S) C/- H Pollock Coatbridge Scotland
PORTER John 24/2075 Rifleman Mrs Ann PORTER (M) 35 Balfour Street Kirkcaldy Scotland
POTTER Edward 12469 Rifleman Henry POTTER (Br) Prestonpans Scotland
POTTER William 26/1099 Rifleman Mrs A POTTER (M) Society Hopetoun South Queensferry Scotland
POTTINGER James 9/1387 Trooper Thomas POTTINGER (F) Stenness Orkney Scotland
POTTS William 7/1127 Trooper Hugh POTTS (F) Tingland Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
PRATT George 34141 Private Mrs MORRISON (S) Stewart Field by Mintlaw Aberdeen Scotland
PRESTON John 10/2738 Private Miss A PRESTON (S) Dundee Scotland
PRIEST John Peter 40049 Rifleman Mrs M PRIEST (M) Haroldswick Uist Shetland Scotland
PRINGLE Alexander 2/1994 Bombardier Mrs A PRINGLE (M) 3 Rosina Place Lunden Links Largo Fifeshire Scotland
PRINGLE David Mark 6/124 Private Mrs James PRINGLE 19 Inveresk Rd Russelburgh Scotland
PROCTOR William 44777 Private Mrs A DOUGLAS (S) New Duffus Elgin Scotland
PURVIS Robert Scott 26/1115 Rifleman G PURVIS (F) Colombo Hotel Gourock Renfrewshire Scotland
QUARTON John 9/965 Trooper Frank QUARTON (F) Fairfield Burnt Island Fifeshire Scotland
QUEENAN John 6/1696 Private John QUEENAN (F) 59 North Church St Dundee Scotland
QUIN Benjamin 7/104 Trooper Mrs Isabella QUIN (M) Mayfield Terrace Boness Scotland
SAMSON John 21424 Sapper Mrs H SAMSON (S-i-L) Tanyard Street Old Cumnock Ayrshire Scotland
SANGSTER James Garden 45618 Rifleman Mrs I SANGSTER (M) 11 Ferryside Terrace Aberdeen Scotland
SAWERS Graham 44237 Private Mrs C C SAWERS (M) 515 New City Road Glasgow Scotland
SCOBIE Robert 23049 Corporal Andrew SCOBIE (F) Cogan Street Pollokshaws Scotland
SCOTT Albert Edward 25/1015 Rifleman Miss A SCOTT (S) Bangor Hospital Midlothian Scotland
SCOTT Alexander 23/1174 Rifleman Mrs J SCOTT (M) 3 Arundel Drive Longside Glasgow Scotland
SCOTT Alexander Pollock 9/1106 Trooper Mrs SCOTT (M) Killcarn Lodge Dungoyne Scotland
SCOTT Francis 6/720 Private Thomas SCOTT 2 Victoria St Tranent Scotland
SCOTT George 20572 Rifleman David SCOTT (F) Home Farm Balmakewar Kincardineshire Scotland
SCOTT George Mailer 32584 Private J SCOTT (F) 6 Bishopsgate Cupar Fife Scotland
SCOTT Hugh Barr 24/1814 Rifleman Mrs I SCOTT (M) Hillhead Boar Hill Fifeshire Scotland
SCOTT Hugh James 47507 Private A SCOTT (F) 295 Wellington Street Motherwell Lanarkshire Scotland
SCOTT James 8/3066 Private J F SCOTT (F) Anstruther Fife Scotland
SCOTT James 17228 Gunner William SCOTT (F) Loan Head of Mury Hill Alvah Banffshire Scotland
SCOTT John 25039 Gunner Mrs J SCOTT (M) 15 Curror Street Selkirk Scotland
SCOTT John William 6/1397 Private J F SCOTT (F) Inveramsay Mills Pitcaple Aberdeen Scotland
SCOTT Robert 9/1353 Trooper Mrs Mary SCOTT (M) Ochiltree Mill Linlithgow Scotland
SCOTT Robert 15978 Rifleman W SCOTT (F) Loan Head Muiry Hill Alrah Banffshire Scotland
SCOTT Samuel 8/4015 Private Mrs T SCOTT (M) Chapel Wells Cupar Fyfe Scotland
SCOTT Thomas 10/2761 Private S SCOTT (F) 17 Ardgowan Place Glasgow Scotland
SCOTT Walter 10/3729 Private Mrs W SCOTT (W) 26 Miller Street Milport Scotland
SCOTT William 26695 Rifleman Mrs D SIMPSON (S) 12 Randle Street East Wemyss Fifeshire Scotland
SCOTT William 12/1497 Private Mrs Hugh ADAMS (S) 45 Glover St Leith Scotland
SEATTER John Irwin 12/3151 Private Mrs J SEATTER (M) 31 St Clair St Aberdeen Scotland
SELBY Robert Ephraim 13365 Trooper Mrs Christian F SELBY (M) 9 Saxe Coburg Place Edinburgh Scotland
SHANAGHAN John 23/595 Rifleman W SHANAGHAN (F) Seedhill Rd Paisley Renfrewshire Scotland
SHAND James Taylor 12280 Rifleman Mrs W SHAND (M) Quarry Kaig Whitehouse Aberdeenshire Scotland
SHANKS Robert Smith 5/178 Driver Alexander SHANKS (F) Hollyards Meigle Perthshire Scotland
SHARP James Halliday 23897 L/Corporal William SHARP (F) 15 Sanders Street Edinburgh Scotland
SHARP William 13/952 Trooper John SHARP (F) Forr Crieff Perthshire Scotland
SHAW Alexander 10/1980 Private Donald SHAW (F) Newton Gray Inchture Perthshire Scotland
SHAW William 6/2752 Private Hugh SHAW (F) Musselburgh Scotland
SHEARER James 41027 Private Miss Margaret SHEARER (S) Clunyvilla Grantown-on-Spey Scotland
SHEARER John Robert 11/1599 Trooper Mrs H M SHEARER (M) 10 Lomond Rd Trinity Edinburgh Scotland
SHEARER William 34533 Gunner William SHEARER (F) 29 High Street Montrose Scotland
SHEARER William 81877 Private W SHEARER (F) Dunlop Street Strathavon Scotland
SHEDDEN Samuel Campbell 27641 Private Mrs Helen SHEDDEN (M) Wilsontown Lanarkshire Scotland
SHEPHERD Alexander 24/1191 Driver William SHEPHERD (F) 27 Wellington St Aberdeen Scotland
SHIELDS Philip Fullerton 10/89 Private Philip F SHIELDS (F) Western Infirmary Glasgow Scotland
SHIELLS William 4/1843 Sapper A SHIELLS (F) 41 Withsdale Road Strathbungo Glasgow Scotland
SHIELS William 10/4005 Private Adam SHIELS (F) Eastmains Coulter Biggar Lanarkshire Scotland
SHINNIE Norman Taylor 69432 Private Mrs A SHINNIE (M) 150 Bon Accord Street Aberdeen Scotland
SIBBALD John 10189 Private David SIBBALD (F) Hardhill Farm Bathgate Linlithgowshire Scotland
SIM James 2/358 Driver John SIM (F) Dalmore Buhram or Boharm Scotland
SIMPSON Arthur Young 9/204 Trooper Mrs Marion White SIMPSON (M) Kellishmount Keith Scotland
SIMPSON James 75292 Private R SIMPSON (F) 6 Tarvit Street Edinburgh Scotland
SIMPSON James Gibson Craig 56860 Rifleman J C SIMPSON (F) Blackhall Midlothian Scotland
SIMPSON John 8/1835 Private H SIMPSON (F) 43 Garthland Drive Glasgow Scotland
SIMPSON John Cormack 3/445 Captain D R SIMPSON Fernbank Wick Scotland
SIMPSON Richard 10674 Gunner James SIMPSON (F) Kilkbank Cottage Kirkfield Bank Lanark Scotland
SIMPSON Robert 12/2470 Private Mrs P SIMPSON (M) 19 Earl St Scotstown Glasgow Scotland
SIMPSON Robert Wilson 19/251 Private Mrs Ellen SIMPSON (W) 17 Salisbury St Kirkcaldy Scotland
SIMPSON William 26927 Private Mrs James SIMPSON (M) 135 Sinclair Town Kircaldy Scotland
SINCLAIR Adam Gemmell 39700 Private J SINCLAIR (Br) 46 Miller Street Glasgow Scotland
SINCLAIR Alexander Grant 6/3157 Private Mrs SINCLAIR (M) Midclyth Wick Caithness Scotland
SINCLAIR David 11349 Private Mrs Margaret SINCLAIR (M) Modelyth via Wick Caithness Scotland
SINCLAIR William 45963 Corporal Mrs Peter SINCLAIR (M) Linksquoy Strousay Orkney Scotland
SINCLAIR William 70085 Private Mrs A SINCLAIR (M) Acharole Wapten Caithnesshire Scotland
SINCLAIR William Kinnaird 20252 Rifleman Mrs D SINCLAIR (M) Drumlimble Campbelltown Argyllshire Scotland
SLATER James 74411 Corporal Mrs T SLATER (M) Gara Orphir Orkney Islands Scotland
SLATER Matthew 25/687 Driver Peter SLATER Longriggevd Lanarkshire Scotland
SMART George 19/252 Private J C SMART (F) 40 Braid St Edinburgh Scotland
SMART Robert 13116 Rifleman Mrs GILLESPIE (S) Forwood Cottage Gartrose Glasgow Scotland
SMART Robert 15619 Private D SMART (Br) 56 George Street Perth Scotland
SMART William 25/1813 Rifleman Miss M K STEWART (S) Montplur Park Edinburgh Scotland
SMILLIE Andrew Kennedy 25328 Private Mrs Mary Waddell SMILLIE (M) 21 Princess Street Stranraer Wigtonshire Scotland
SMITH Alexander Donald 78868 Private Mrs A E MELVIN (M-i-L) Taits Cottage Kintore Aberdeenshire Scotland
SMITH Alexander Taylor 23/2287 Rifleman D SMITH (F) Bramble Bank Leven Fifeshire Scotland
SMITH Archibald John 10/2765 L/Corporal William SMITH (F) Damside Galashiels Scotland
SMITH David Alexander 2/493 Gunner G S SMITH (F) Prestonpans Scotland
SMITH David James 8/3073 L/Corporal Mrs M LONGSTAFF (M) 719 Great Western Rd Kelvinside Glasgow Scotland
SMITH James 12491 Rifleman Andrew SMITH (F) Miltonlea Kilmalcolm Scotland
SMITH James Wright 62462 Private Miss E SMITH (S) C/- Mrs Macaldowie 157 Forest Avenue Aberdeen Scotland
SMITH John 6/3162 Private G SMITH (F) Seggieden Kennethmont Aberdeenshire Scotland
SMITH John 37558 L/Corporal William SMITH (F) Baillieston via Glasgow Scotland
SMITH John Bremner 11/429 Trooper Robert SMITH (F) 34 Park Drive South White Inch Glasgow Scotland
SMITH John Hogg 10/534 Private W SMITH Todshauhaugh Hawick Scotland
SMITH Peter Conway 70599 Private Alexander SMITH (F) 12 Carriage Hill Drive Paisley Scotland
SMITH Robert 3/875 Private Mrs MILLER (S) The Cross Herbert Stirlingshire Scotland
SMITH Robert 31729 Private Mrs S SMITH (M) Melville Place Blairgowrie Scotland
SMITH Robert 12493 Rifleman William SMITH (F) Matock Hill Bowling Scotland
SMITH Stewart 14/134 Driver Charles SMITH (F) Old Struther Farm Park Hall Lanarkshire Scotland
SMITH Thomas Bannerman 3/2498 Private Mrs M ADAMSON (S) 121 Overton Road Kirkcaldy Scotland
SMITH William 2/1673 Driver Mrs J SMITH (M) South Biggar Rd Airdrie Scotland
SMITH William 52334 Sergeant Andrew Watson SMITH (F) Newtown of Pitcairns Danning Scotland
SMITH William Craik 13477 Private Mrs A M SMITH (M) 89 Bucksburn Aberdeenshire Scotland
SMITH William Ogilvie 10/1370 Private Peter SMITH (F) The Lodge Cairnley Hill Arbroath Scotland
SMITH William Wallace 19061 Rifleman Mrs A SMITH (W) Greenbank Arrochar Scotland
SORBIE John 24/2294 Rifleman Thomas SORBIE (F) 60 Causeway Street Paisley Scotland
SOUTAR George Ewan 7/1525 Trooper W K SOUTAR (F) Dubton Stracathro Brechin Scotland
SPENCE George Garson 36889 Rifleman Mrs M SPENCE (M) Dale Innerton Sturmness Scotland
SPENCER Gordon 12/252 Private Gordon SPENCER Princess St Helensburgh Scotland
SPIERS Robert Stirling 6/1985 Private James SPIERS (F) Crofthead House Uddington Glasgow Scotland
SPOWART John 24/1821 Rifleman D SPOWART (F) Municipal Buildings Alloa Scotland
SPRATT Alexander Dalgety 9/1241 Trooper John SPRATT (F) Norham Berwick Scotland
STARK James 3/2486 Trooper John STARK (F) Maxwell Terrace Netherton Wishaw Scotland
STEDWARD Alexander 8/1643 Private J STEDWARD (F) 452 Springburn Rd Springburn Glasgow Scotland
STEEDMAN Andrew Black 3/447 Private Mrs S STEEDMAN (M) Lochend Farm Lassodie Dunfermline Scotland
STEEL Alexander Neil 2/2268 Gunner Miss E STEEL (S) 13 Bath St off London Rd Bridgeton Glasgow Scotland
STEELE Andrew 12/2853 Private Mrs Agnes MCGREGOR (S) Paper-mills Greenock Scotland
STEELE Andrew 12278 Rifleman Miss R STEELE (S) Baldovic Toll Dundee Scotland
STEELE Hugh Muir 73810 Private Mrs E STEELE (M) 67 East Main Street Daniel Ayrshire Scotland
STEPHEN Walter 32736 L/Corporal Miss Christina STEPHEN (S) Howford Oyne Aberdeenshire Scotland
STEPHENSON Adam 12/3160 Private William STEPHENSON (F) 32 Constitution St Inverurie Aberdeenshire Scotland
STEVENSON Alexander 23/2589 Rifleman J STEVENSON (F) Albert Cottage Burns Street Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland
STEVENSON Alexander 12080 L/Corporal Mrs ABERCROMBIE (C) Kilmarnock Scotland
STEVENSON James Scott 23/918 Rifleman William STEVENSON (F) Barrhill Ayrshire Scotland
STEVENSON Walter Birrell 39908 Private Mrs J W STEVENSON (M) Bencorrum Tower Dunoon Argyllshire Scotland
STEVENSON William Louis 10/491 Private Rev A W (MA) STEVENSON 6 Broomhill Gardens Partick Scotland
STEWART Alexander 8/1845 Private J STEWART (F) Sandy Flat Ecre Rd Maryhill Glasgow Scotland
STEWART Alexander 58931 Private Mrs STEWART (M) Gair Carluke Scotland
STEWART Alexander Mitchell 10/3396 Sergeant James A STEWART (F) West Port Dundee Scotland
STEWART Andrew 64158 Private Mrs Mary Ann STEWART (M) 16 Alexander Terrace Lenzie Scotland
STEWART Andrew Donald 8/3079 Private Miss M B STEWART (S) C/- Mrs W C Crowe Kirkbank Burnt Island Scotland
STEWART Arthur 12/4279 Private Mrs Isabella STEWAR Balleter Aberdeen Scotland
STEWART Bruce Gray 59749 Private J STEWART (F) Bervie Kincardineshire Scotland
STEWART Daniel 17233 Gunner J B STEWART (F) Bankley Farm Neilston Renfrew Scotland
STEWART David 24/1202 Corporal Miss Agnes STEWART (S) Patrick Croft Hamilton Scotland
STEWART David 8/3410 Private Mrs A STEWART (M) Conveners St New Elgin Scotland
STEWART David 17903 Driver Peter STEWART (F) Wester Finglassic Leslie Fifeshire Scotland
STEWART Frank 13/234 Trooper F STEWART 26 Union St Aberdeen Scotland
STEWART Hugh 6/982 Lieutenant Mrs STEWART 60 East Claremont St Edinburgh Scotland
STEWART James 4/2141 Sapper Mrs M STEWART (M) Corriecrarie Lamkash Arran Scotland
STEWART John Milburn 38855 Sergeant William STEWART (F) Woodhall Cambusnethan Street Wishaw Lanarkshire Scotland
STEWART Malcolm Wallace 35047 Rifleman Mrs E STEWART (M) Post-office Carluke Scotland
STEWART Peter 23891 Private J STEWART (F) 16 Alexander Terrace Penzee near Glasgow Scotland
STEWART Robert James 2/1680 Driver James STEWART (F) Hall Farm Auchencairn Castle Douglas Scotland
STEWART Robert Johnson 52024 L/Corporal Mrs J STEWART (M) 3 Thompson Street Dundee Scotland
STEWART William 6/3883 Private Miss A STEWART (S) Milton Farm Duntocher Clyde Bank Scotland
STEWART William 37530 Sapper Norman STEWART (Br) Aberdeen Scotland
STEWART William 16001 Private Mrs Janet STEWART (M) Glebe Street Innians Stirling Scotland
STEWART William 26/1719 Rifleman William STEWART (F) West Side Carnousie Forglin-by-Turiff Scotland
STORIE Charles 8/287 Private Thomas S STORIE (F) 90 Lintburn St Galashiels Scotland
STORIE Robert 6/2765 L/Corporal Mrs T STORIE (M) 5 Sterling Place Galashiels Scotland
STRACHAN Andrew 3/2757 Private Mrs Janet STRACHAN (M) 15 Smith Street Govan Hill Glasgow Scotland
STRONACH George Clark 9/1979 Corporal W STRONACH (F) 34 Balfour Street Leith Edinburgh Scotland
STRUTHERS Andrew 10/947 Private Mrs J STRUTHERS (M) Cloverhill Cottage Straven Glassgow Scotland
STRUTHERS Samuel 32741 Private Samuel STRUTHERS (F) 72 Eaglesham Street Glasgow Scotland
STRUTHERS William Wright 23/293 Rifleman James STRUTHERS (F) 221 Langlands Rd Govan Scotland
STUART Alfred 30310 Private John STUART (F) North Middlemuir Methrick Aberdeenshire Scotland
STUART James 8/947 Private Isaac STUART (F) Mains of Pitfour Aberdeenshire Scotland
STUART James 13999 Private Robert STUART (F) Banffshire Scotland
STUART James Alfred 28556 Rifleman George STUART (F) New Deer Aberdeenshire Scotland
STUART John 11/1063 Trooper John STUART (F) Middlemuir Methlick Aberdeenshire Scotland
STUART Robert 23/1829 Rifleman Thomas STUART (F) 149 High Street Forres Morayshire Scotland
STUART William 23/1830 Rifleman Thomas STUART (F) 149 High Street Forres Morayshire Scotland
STURROCK James 7/1788 Trooper Mrs D GRAY (M) Gaulday Wormit Fifeshire Scotland
SUNTER George 12/2128 Private G SUNTER (F) 96 Caneyside St Paisley Renfrewshire Scotland
SUTHERLAND Anderson 45571 Private Mrs E SUTHERLAND (M) Orkney Islands Scotland
SUTHERLAND David 61832 Private Mrs C DUNBAR (S) Shantry Latheron Caithness Scotland
SUTHERLAND James Ross 8/4229 Private John SUTHERLAND (F) Braemar Scotland
SUTHERLAND John Shand 12/2129 Private James SUTHERLAND (F) Newdeer Aberdeen Scotland
SUTHERLAND Robert Robertson 33626 Private Mrs I SUTHERLAND (M) Vidlin Shetland Islands Scotland
SUTTIE William Mitchell 6/4156 Private Miss Jennie SUTTIE (S) 1 Carrington Crescent Barnhill Broty Ferry Dundee Scotland
SWADEL George 4/850 Corporal George SWADEL (F) 35 Victoria St Dundee Scotland
SWADEL James Robertson 6/2770 Private S R SWADEL (F) 9 Forest Park Rd Dundee Scotland
SWAN Walter Sneddon 10/3399 Private George SWAN (F) 16 Davison St Bellshill Lanarkshire Scotland
SYME Alexander Hughes 5/733 Driver Mrs John WATSON (S) 44 Union St Kirkcaldy Scotland
TAINSH Duncan 18716 Rifleman John TAINSH (F) Blackford Perthshire Scotland
TAIT James William Smith 18501 Rifleman John W TAIT (F) Clestron Ophir Orkney Scotland
TAIT Thomas 69380 Private J TAIT (F) Charlestown Bixter Shetland Islands Scotland
TAWSE Adam 12/885 Private Adam TAWSE Kintore Aberdeenshire Scotland
TAYLOR Alexander Carmichael 10/223 Private Mrs J H TAYLOR Carluth Cathcart Glasgow Scotland
TAYLOR Harry 60226 Private Mrs J TAYLOR (W) 10 Duntroon Street Denniston Glasgow Scotland
TAYLOR James 14166 Rifleman Mrs Magdalane TAYLOR (M) South Public School Eday Orkney Islands Scotland
TAYLOR James Moir 6/1415 Private Mrs Mary TAYLOR 84 Whitehall Rd Aberdeen Scotland
TAYLOR John 10063 Private F LAMONT (B-in-L) 152 Butter Buggins Road Glasgow Scotland
TAYLOR John 17836 Private Mrs Hugh MCKENZIE (S) 22 Nanson Street Glasgow Scotland
TAYLOR John 58618 Private John TAYLOR (F) Kirkinch Meigle Perthshire Scotland
TAYLOR John Yarworth 13/2929 Trooper R TAYLOR (Br) 19 Raglan Street Glasgow Scotland
TAYLOR Thomas 36894 Rifleman T TAYLOR (F) Kilmichael Loch Gilphead Glasgow Scotland
TAYLOR William 37547 Sapper Miss Amelia DRUMMOND (C) 3 Main Street Bridgend Perth Scotland
TELFER Alexander 14698 Private Mrs Agnes TELFER (M) Auchencairn Castle Douglas Scotland
TELFER John 21751 Private J TELFER (F) Paisley Scotland
TELFORD Richard 23/2140 Sergeant Mrs A B TELFORD (W) Schoolhouse Stoneykirk Wigtownshire Scotland
TEMPLETON Alexander 46151 Sapper J TEMPLETON (Br) Auchinleck Ayrshire Scotland
TENNYSON James Doherty 3/1428 Private James TENNYSON (F) Port Glasgow Scotland
THIRD William 55814 Private W THIRD (F) Longside Aberdeenshire Scotland
THOMAS Christopher Patrick 22136 Private Patrick THOMAS (F) 15 Scotland Street Dunedin
THOMPSON Gordon 19070 Rifleman Robert THOMPSON (Br) Petenden Marnock Banffshire Scotland
THOMPSON James Sutherland 9/400 Trooper James THOMPSON (F) Berridale Caithness Scotland
THOMPSON John Anderson 26717 L/Corporal W THOMPSON (F) Ladywell Inch Aberdeenshire Scotland
THOMPSON Robert John 9/399 Trooper James THOMPSON (F) Berridale Caithness Scotland
THOMPSON William 2/2733 Gunner Mrs Margaret THOMPSON (M) Charcimiable Street Dundee Scotland
THOMSON Alexander 2/3106 Driver Alexander THOMSON (F) Fourden Kincardinshire Scotland
THOMSON Charles Cook 36169 Driver Mrs C C THOMSON (M) 29 Park Road Glasgow Scotland
THOMSON George 1/786 Private Mrs Isabella THOMSON (M) 18 West Campbell St Paisley Scotland
THOMSON George 17145 Corporal Mrs FRASER (M) Lothian Crimond Aberdeenshire Scotland
THOMSON Henry 69039 Trooper Mrs J THOMSON (M) Alloa Scotland
THOMSON James Allan 12/1805 Private Mrs A THOMPSON (M) Dunkeld Scotland
THOMSON John 12/2490 Private Mrs Agnes THOMSON (M) Ceres Fifeshire Scotland
THOMSON John Robertson 3/1134 Private Mrs E R THOMSON (M) 29 Park Rd Glasgow Scotland
THOMSON Robert 9/218 Trooper Mrs Janet THOMSON (M) Myrehead Linlithgow Scotland
THOMSON Robert 11/1497 Trooper Mrs W THOMSON (M) Thorn Rd Bearsden Scotland
THOMSON Thomas More 24/2110 Rifleman Mrs S THOMSON (M) Douglaslea Bothwellhaugh Bothwell Lanarkshire Scotland
THOMSON William 12/1806 Private Alexander THOMSON (F) 150 Queen St Castle Douglas Scotland
TOCHER Ogilvie Innes 35825 Sergeant J TOCHER (Br) 26 Springfield Terrace Edinburgh Scotland
TODD James 36138 Trooper Mrs Jane TODD (M) Loch Winnock Renfrewshire Scotland
TODD John Thomas 13/2087 Sergeant George TODD (F) 15 Forrest Rd Edinburgh Scotland
TORRIE Robert 8/1109 Private John TORRIE Calton Cottage Selkirk Scotland
TOSH William McKenzie Longmuir 23/936 Rifleman Mrs Mary TOSH (M) 18 Morn St Alyth Perthshire Scotland
TOSHACK William 19/279 Private Mrs R TOSHACK (M) 23 St Annes Drive Giffnock Glasgow Scotland
TROTTER Joseph 2/747 Driver Samuel TROTTER (F) Dumfries Scotland
TRUSSELL George 14506 Private Miss Emily TRUSSELL (S) 173 Eldon Street Greenock Scotland
TURNBULL John 23059 Rifleman C G T TURNBULL (F) Mayfield House Neidpath Road Peebles Scotland
TURNER Alexander 6/3904 Private Mrs C TURNER 118 Restalrig Road Piers Hill Edinburgh Scotland
TURNER Daniel 19/284 Private Dr E R TURNER (Br) Ashfield Kaintore Aberdeenshire Scotland
TURNER James Wilkie 7/1913 Trooper Mrs M TURNER (M) Mill Bank Cottage Bucksburn Aberdeenshire Scotland
TURPIE Peter Malcolm 7/1423 Trooper Mrs A TURPIE Kelty Fifeshire Scotland
TWEEDIE Alex Nelson 2/1909 Bombardier Mrs Margaret TWEEDIE (M) 21 University St Glasgow Scotland
TWEEDIE Thomas 49945 Rifleman John TWEEDIE (F) New Prestwick Ayrshire Scotland
TYRIE Alexander 12/1815 Private James TYRIE (Br) Kayle Ayr Scotland
TYRIE Alexander 12/1815 Rifleman James TYRIE (Br) 178 High Street Ayr Scotland
URQUHART Adam 64597 Private A URQUHART (F) 66 Ashvale Place Aberdeen Scotland
URQUHART Alexander 5/822 Driver Mrs C URQUHART (M) Radfearn Aultbra Gairlock Scotland
URQUHART Murdo 60590 Private Duncan URQUHART (F) Dundonald Ross-shire Scotland
VALENTINE Alexander 4/1318 2/Corporal W H VALENTINE (Br) 70 Smiths Buildings Montrose Scotland
VALENTINE Gilbert 12/3497 Private S VALENTINE (Br) 25 Nursery Rd Montrose Scotland
VIRTUE William Edward 10/2014 Private P VIRTUE (Br) c/- William Newton 12 Quality Lane Leith Scotland
WALDIE Roberts Broomfield 10/78 Private Robert WALDIE (F) Jedburgh Scotland
WALKER Archibald 29564 Rifleman Alexander WALKER (F) Roadside New Abbey via Dumfries Scotland
WALKER Colin Spalding 13839 Rifleman James WALKER (Br) Glebe Street Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland
WALKER James 36194 Private E WALKER (F) 16 Portland Place Leith Scotland
WALKER James 46503 Rifleman Mrs G WALKER (M) Sinclair Street Hellensburgh Scotland
WALKER John 5/737 Driver Mrs J WALKER (M) Invertay Cottage Broughty Ferry Scotland
WALKER Samuel 4/967 Sapper Mrs P GEDDES (M) Blackhillock Kininnie near Dufftown Banffshire Scotland
WALKER William 49131 Private Mrs M WALKER (M) 206 Main Street Cambuslange Scotland
WALLACE James 17114 Private James WALLACE (F) Bridge House Lenchais Fifeshire Scotland
WALLACE James Findlay 24/1220 Rifleman Mrs Jane DINGWALL (M) 36 High St Methil Fifeshire Scotland
WALTON Charles Digby Seymour 47045 Rifleman Mrs M WALTON (M) 16 Baffin Street Dundee Scotland
WALTON Charles Nicholas 13615 Private C WALTON (F) Castle Hill Carluke Lanarkshire Scotland
WARDEN Andrew Lyall 23459 Rifleman Mrs Jessie WARDEN (M) 2 Kinaird Street Dundee Scotland
WARDEN David Air 42603 Private Mrs Agnes WARDEN (M) Cowie Hill Forfar Scotland
WARES Donald 9/1247 Trooper Mrs D WARES (W) Methil Fifeshire Scotland
WATERSON Duncan Currie 12/1006 Private Mrs May WATERSON (M) 23 Ruthven St Hillhead Glasgow Scotland
WATSON Archibald 72601 Private Mrs J KIRKLAND (S) Mayfield Farm Lesmahagow Lanark Scotland
WATSON David Henry 8/2172 Private Mrs M WATSON (M) Strathaden Troon Ayrshire Scotland
WATSON James 49037 Rifleman Mrs W WATSON (M) Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
WATSON James 51237 Private W WATSON (F) 117 Sutherland Street Kirkcaldy Scotland
WATSON James Martin 9/1368 Trooper Mrs James WATSON (M) Stonehaven Kincardineshire Scotland
WATSON John 3/933 Private George WATSON (F) Montgomery St Kinross Scotland
WATTERS John 21128 Corporal Mrs Ellen WATTERS (M) Browns Buildings Marine Road Port Bannatyne Isle Of Bute Scotland
WATTERS Peter Smith 55122 Rifleman Mrs E S WATTERS (M) 42 Marine Road Port Bannatyne Isle of Bute Scotland
WAUGH Charles 12/3187 Private John WAUGH (Br) 174 Montgomery St Edinburgh Scotland
WAUGH Robert 37492 Sergeant Mrs Margaret WAUGH (M) Gibbdun Cottage Glasgow Road Denny Scotland
WEBSTER James 12/4292 Private Mrs J WEBSTER (M) Mintlaw Aberdeenshire Scotland
WEBSTER John Hamilton 41230 Rifleman Mrs Helen WEBSTER (W) Gartcows Road Falkirk Scotland
WEIR Frank Renwick 26/645 Rifleman Mrs David WEIR (M) 12 Lady Helen Street Kirkcaldie Scotland
WEIR Harry George 6/3917 Private John M WEIR (F) Home Farm Fetter near Kenny Aberdeenshire Scotland
WEIR Harry Smith 13/3099 F/Sergeant Mrs Agnes Law WEIR (W) 3 Plant Street Dennistown Glasgow Scotland
WEIR John Ker 3/2474 Private Miss M J WEIR (S) c/- Matron District Asylum Ayrshire Scotland
WESTWATER Peter Kennedy 18517 Rifleman Mrs G RAMSAY (S) 6 Commercial Street Kirkcaldy Scotland
WHEELANS John Phippen 3/632 Private Miss A P WHEELANS (S) 1 Wilton Hall Hawick Scotland
WHITE George 14013 Private James WHITE (Br) 550 Mein Street Shettleston Glasgow Scotland
WHITE George Towry 18353 Trooper Miss E D L WHITE (S) Glenesk Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland
WHITE Ralph 14518 Corporal Mrs J WHITE (M) 5 Ludgate Belmont Terrace Kirkintillock Scotland
WHITE Richard 10119 Private A WHITE (Br) Broomhill Dailly Scotland
WHITTLE Robert Horace 21756 Private Mrs J WHITTLE (M) Abington Villa Moffatt Dumfriesshire Scotland
WHYTE Ernest Edwin 3/1567 Private Miss H B BURNSIDE (F) 9 Walker Street Paisley Scotland
WHYTE John 47786 Private Mrs Jessie WHYTE (M) Loch Alsh Road Inverness Scotland
WHYTE Randolph Douglas 48307 Private William WHYTE (Br) 7 Gardyne Street Friockheim Forfarshire Scotland
WHYTE William Benge 10/3124 Private J WHYTE (F) 3 Drive Rd Govan Glasgow Scotland
WIGHT Donald 8/3788 Private Hugh WIGHT (F) Cawdor Nairnshire Scotland
WILKINSON Douglas 4/2160 Sapper Mrs C LOGAN (S) 23 Shields Road Glasgow Scotland
WILL David Stormont 18208 Corporal C C WILL (F) Arbroath Scotland
WILSON Alexander Henderson 13/868 Trooper J WILSON (F) Cothill Duns Scotland
WILSON Allan William 5/527 Driver Allan WILSON (F) C/- Ogston and Tennant 92 Loch St Aberdeen Scotland
WILSON George 17/214 Trooper G W WILSON (F) Strachan Kincardine Scotland
WILSON George Archibald McPhee 6/3513 Private Samuel McPhee WILSON (Br) 471 Sauchiehall St Glasgow Scotland
WILSON James 43468 Gunner Mrs W S CRAWFORD (S) Moffat Scotland
WILSON James 61877 L/Corporal Mrs J WILSON (M) Little Frenchie Frenchie Fifeshire Scotland
WILSON Robert 63465 Private Robert WILSON (F) Drumoak Aberdeenshire Scotland
WILSON Thomas 57845 Private Mrs Grace Harrison WILSON (M) Glencourse Farm Park Gate Dumfriesshire Scotland
WILSON Thomas Stark 34956 Private John WILSON (F) New House Farm Ridgend Airdrie Scotland
WILSON William Brunton 10/3435 Private J S WILSON (F) 3 Strathfillen Rd Edinburgh Scotland
WILSON William McDonald 12/1837 Private G WILSON (F) Strachan Banchory Kincardineshire Scotland
WILSON William Smith 24769 Rifleman Mrs JOHNSTON (S) 10 Downing Street Edinburgh Scotland
WINKLER Edward Russ 2/1700 S/Major Richard WINKLER (F) Edinburgh Scotland
WOOD Adam John 21759 Private G WOOD (Br) Edderlick Bremnay Aberdeenshire Scotland
WOOD Charles 13/581 Trooper B J WOOD Montrose St Brechin Forfarshire Scotland
WOOD George 3/2536 Private Mrs Elizabeth WOOD (M) 6 Market Square Duns Berwickshire Scotland
WOOD Thomas 10/3132 Private Mrs J WOOD (M) 10 New Rd Tranent Scotland
WRIGHT James 63703 Private Mrs Marjorie WRIGHT (M) 90 Nether Street Kirkcaldy Scotland
WRIGHT John 69161 Private Mrs M WRIGHT (M) 23 High Street Banff Scotland
WYLIE James Caldwell 6/2816 Private J WYLIE (F) 9 Tannoch Place Milngavie Scotland
WYLLIE James 4/2018 Sapper J WYLLIE (F) Blackbyre Fenwicks Ayrshire Scotland
WYLLIE James Bullock 12/2162 Private A WYLLIE (F) Belmont Rd Juniper Green Midlothian Scotland
WYNESS Joseph Smith 10/1712 Private Miss Maggie WYNESS (S) Ordhill Cluny Aberdeenshire Scotland
YOUNG Alexander 62193 Private J YOUNG (F) Lybster Caithness Scotland
YOUNG Alfred 20592 Rifleman James YOUNG (F) Canada Cottage Luthernuir Scotland
YOUNG Andrew 6/749 Private Mrs A YOUNG Crawick Mill Sanquhar Dumfriesshire Scotland
YOUNG Archibald Wallace 46422 Private Mrs G W YOUNG (M) 49 Dudley Avenue Ferry Road Leith Scotland
YOUNG George Buchanan 43142 Sergeant H S B YOUNG (Br) Uddingston Glasgow Scotland
YOUNG George Mair 6/1765 Private J YOUNG (F) 36 East Main St Darvel Ayrshire Scotland
YOUNG James 22905 Rifleman E YOUNG (F) Johnshaven Kincardineshire Scotland
YOUNG James 37585 Sapper Thomas YOUNG (F) 5 High Street Moffat Scotland
YOUNG James Alexander 10/2476 Private J A YOUNG (F) 27 Gayfield Square Edinburgh Scotland
YOUNG John 47837 Private Mrs SIMPSON (S) 2 McDonald Square Halbeath Dunfermline Fife Scotland
YOUNG John 42611 Private J YOUNG (F) Braidwood Carluke Scotland
YOUNG John Thomas 10/2046 Private Robert YOUNG (F) Windylass Eddleston Peeblesshire Scotland
YOUNG John Thompson 10/2046 Private R YOUNG (F) Windylaws Eddleston Peebleshire Scotland
YOUNG Reginald Stanley 3/515 Private James YOUNG (F) 26 East Main St Darvel Ayrshire Scotland
YOUNG Thomas Crawford 8/2771 Private Mrs M YOUNG (M) London Road Bridgeton Glasgow Scotland
YOUNG William Inglis 23/656 Rifleman Mrs W I YOUNG (W) 12 Balmoral Crescent Queens Park Glasgow Scotland
YOUNIE Lewis 33994 L/Corporal Mrs Annie YOUNIE (M) Gowan Lee Institution Road Fochavers Morayshire Scotland
YULE George 4/874 Sapper T YULE (F) 27 Clarence St Aberdeen Scotland

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